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… are an amateur-dramatic group that presents medieval mystery plays annually in London.


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The Birth of Christ, Corpus Christi (2014)

Welcome to the Players of St Peter

We are an amateur-drama group founded in 1946 and specialising in medieval drama, specifically the cycles of mystery plays based on stories from the Bible. These were performed annually by the trade guilds at the midsummer festival of Corpus Christi until they fell into disfavour, casualties of the Reformation some 500 years ago.

The Birth of Christ, Corpus Christi (2014)

Only four texts survive substantially intact, plus fragments from other cycles, and it is from those four – Wakefield, York, Chester and Corpus Christi itself – that we draw the bulk of our material, presenting a selection from each in turn, year by year. Recently we have added a fifth element to the pattern, dubbed The Director's Choice, in which the director is given licence to mix-and-match the plays, which gives us the opportunity to perform some of the rarer scenes.

Our next production

... is back on track after the uncertainty caused by the loss of our venue at St George in the East. We are happy to report that the Rev Paul Nicholson has warmly welcomed us into the Church of St Saviour, South Hampstead (Chalk Farm), for 2016 at least, and that we will be celebrating the seventieth anniversary of the founding of the Players with a selection from the Wakefield Cycle, as originally planned. Dates have not been absolutely finalised, and at the moment we are looking at a run from either Tuesday November 29 or Wednesday November 30 to Saturday December 3; but in that week anyway. Note that this breaks for various reasons with our traditional Monday-Friday performance pattern.