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The 2011 production
November 21 to November 25 at 6.30 and 8.30pm

Director previews the Wakefield Plays

Photo of Olive Stubbs Olive Stubbs

The Players of St Peter are pleased to present their annual performances of scenes from the medieval mystery plays, which in their entirety illustrate the biblical story from Creation to Doomsday. This year the scenes are taken from the Wakefield play text preserved in the Towneley family manuscript of the fifteenth century.

Our chosen scenes from these pageants this year fall into three groups. We start with the pantomimic play of Cain and Abel, which shows the first murderer challenging God's ordered creation. Our second focus is on the Christmas theme – the sending of Christ to reconcile man with God. This includes the famous Shepherds Play with the sheep stealing scene: one of the best of medieval plays.

We then have two scenes in which the adult Christ reveals his triumph over death to a loving Mary Magdalene and to two faithful followers on the road to Emmaus.

We hope that you will enjoy these plays as much as we do, and that they will provide a happy start to your Christmas season.

Here is the selection we shall be presenting

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