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2011 November - The Towneley / Wakefield Cycle

Production photos
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Any text accompanying pictures is taken from the script used in this production and is © Olive Stubbs.
The Resurrection
1 - The Three MarysTop of page
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The Glovers Play of The Killing of Abel
1 - PrologueTop of page
2 - The BrothersTop of page
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3 - The TithingTop of page
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4 - The MurderTop of page
5 - The SentenceTop of page
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The Annunciation
1 - God's ResolveTop of page
2 - Gabriel's ErrandTop of page
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The Second Shepherds' Play
1 - The HillTop of page
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2 - A VisitorTop of page
3 - The TheftTop of page
PB256994.png PB256996.png PB256899.png PB257001.png
4 - RetributionTop of page
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5 - The GloriaTop of page
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The Offering of the Shepherds
1 - BethlehemTop of page
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The Fishermen's Play of The Pilgrims
1 - The RoadTop of page
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2 - The InnTop of page
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