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2012 December - The York Plays

Production photos
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The Barkers Play of The Fall of the Angels
1 - Fall of the AngelsTop of page
PC017057-C.jpg PC017062-C.jpg PC017067-C.jpg PC017072-C.jpg PC017078-C.jpg
The Cardmakers Play of The Creation of Adam and Eve
1 - Creation of ManTop of page
PC017080-C.jpg PC017085-C.jpg
2 - Fall of ManTop of page
The Hosiers Play of Moses and Pharoah
1 - Pharoah at HomeTop of page
2 - Moses and GodTop of page
PC017095-C.jpg PC017104-C.jpg
3 - Moses at CourtTop of page
4 - The Plagues StrikeTop of page
PC017106-C.jpg PC017244-C.jpg
5 - The Departure of the JewsTop of page
The Spicers Play of The Annunciation and Visitation
1 - The Annunciation and VisitationTop of page
PC017112-C.jpg PC017117-C.jpg PC017251-C.jpg
The Tilethatchers Play of The Nativity
1 - The NativityTop of page
PC017121-C.jpg PC017126-C.jpg PC017259-C.jpg
The Chandlers Play of The Shepherds
1 - The HillTop of page
PC017131-C.jpg PC017136-C.jpg
2 - The StableTop of page
PC017143-C.jpg PC017148-C.jpg PC017153-C.jpg
The Smiths Play of The Temptation
1 - TemptationTop of page
PC017175-C.jpg PC017182-C.jpg
The Mercers Play of The Last Judgement
1 - Last JudgementTop of page
PC017184-C.jpg PC017189-C.jpg PC017197-C.jpg PC017208-C.jpg PC017216-C.jpg PC017222-C.jpg PC017228-C.jpg PC017233-C.jpg
The Barbers Play of The Baptism of Christ
1 - The BaptismTop of page
PC017157-C.jpg PC017162-C.jpg PC017169-C.jpg

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