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2013 December - The Chester Plays

Production photos
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The Barbers Play of Prologue
1 - Prologue OneTop of page
2 - Prologue TwoTop of page
The Wrights Play of Salutation and Birth
1 - The AnnunciationTop of page
2 - Joseph's TroubleTop of page
PB307909.jpg PB307914.jpg
3 - Octavian's CourtTop of page
PB307917.jpg PB307922.jpg
4 - Census and TributeTop of page
5 - Birth of ChristTop of page
PB307931.jpg PB308043.jpg
6 - Octavian's VisionTop of page
PB307942.jpg PB308046.jpg
The Painters Play of Shepherds
1 - Shepherds on the HillTop of page
PB307950.jpg PB307955.jpg PB307961.jpg PB307966.jpg PB307971.jpg PB308054.jpg PB308075.jpg
The Vintners Play of The Three Kings from the East
1 - The Kings MeetTop of page
PB307976.jpg PB307981.jpg PB308082.jpg
The Vintners Play of King Herod's Court
1 - Herod's CourtTop of page
PB307984.jpg PB307990.jpg PB307995.jpg PB308001.jpg PB308006.jpg PB308011.jpg PB308017.jpg PB308083.jpg PB308094.jpg PB308099.jpg PB308104.jpg PB308109.jpg

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