4. The Fullers' Play: Adam and Eve in Eden

Adam and Eve, this is the place
That I have given you of my grace
To have your dwelling in.
Herbs, spices, fruit on tree,
Beasts, birds, all that you see
Shall bow to you herein.
This place is Paradise.
Your joys shall here begin.
And if that you are wise,
You shall remain within.

All your will you here shall have,
As you please, to eat or save
Fish, fowl, or meat,
And to take at your own will
All the things that herein dwell.
Your subjects they shall be.
Adam, of more and less,
The lord I grant you be.
This place, that worthy is,
Keep it in honesty.

Look that you tend it skillfully.
All other creatures shall multiply,
Each one in tender hour.
Look that you both save and set
The herbs and trees.  For nothing let,
So that you may survive,
Sustaining beast and man
And all the birds alive.
Remain here if you can;
For this you both shall strive.

Ah, Lord, belovėd be your name,
For this is here a joyful home
That you have brought us to,
Full of mirth, of solace, joy-
Herbs and trees, fruit on high,
With spices manifold, too.
Lo, Eve, now are we brought
To rest and peace, we two.
We need to take no thought,
But always good to do.

Loving be to such a lord!
To us is given great reward:
To govern great and small,
And made by his own great advice
Among these pleasures all.
Here is a joyful sight!
In this place we shall dwell.
We love you, most of might,
Great God, on whom we call.

Then love me, with intentions clear.
To my commandments, give good ear,
And do, obediently.
Of all the fruit in Paradise,
Take you thereof in every wise,
And eat it happily.
But the tree of good and ill-
The day you eat of this,
Yourselves you surely kill.
And you shall lose your bliss.

Man, for your need all things are made.
To you all homage shall be paid
By all beneath the sky.
On Earth I make you lord of all.
All beasts to you shall be as thrall.
Your kind shall multiply.
Therefore this tree alone,
Adam, this prohibit I.
No nearer to it come;
If you do, then you shall die.

Alas, Lord, that we should do so ill.
Your blessed bidding we shall fulfil
Both in thought and deed.
We shall not touch this tree nor bough
Nor yet the fruit that there does grow,
That we our flesh might feed.

We do as you command;
We have no other need.
This fruit still shall there stand,
O Lord, which you forbid.

Look that you do as you have said.
With all you have, now hold you paid.
For here is wealth at will.
This tree that bears the fruit of life,
Look neither you nor Eve your wife
Should touch, but leave it still.
Because this is the tree
Of knowing good and ill,
This fruit you must let be,
Or speed yourself to kill.

Therefore, this tree that I outtake,
Now guard it truly for my sake,
That nothing shall come near.
For all things at your will shall be;
I outtake nothing but this tree
To feed your flesh.  Now hear!
Here shall you lead your life
With pleasures that are dear.
Adam, and Eve your wife,
My blessing have you here.

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