The Towneley plays

Items without an Hist link are substantially the same as
these texts at the University of Michigan.
Items with an Hist link have been derived with various
degrees of modification from the Michigan texts.
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The Creation9907
The Killing of Abel18780
Noah and the Ark22370
The Prophets8389
Caesar Augustus9010
HistThe Annunciation1970 Jan 01  01:00:00
The Annunciation13171
The Salutation of Elizabeth3126
The First Shepherds' Play21024
The Second Shepherds’ Play1970 Jan 01  01:00:00
The Second Shepherds' Play32233
The Offering of the Magi23680
The Flight into Egypt1970 Jan 01  01:00:00
The Flight into Egypt5421
HistHerod the Great1970 Jan 01  01:00:00
Herod the Great20945
The Purification of Mary4962
The Play of the Doctors11361
John the Baptist11507
The Conspiracy29110
The Buffeting19852
The Scourging19969
The Crucifixion26914
The Talents18354
The Deliverance of Souls15925
The Resurrection of the Lord23187
The Pilgrims13596
Thomas of India21242
The Lord's Ascension16670
HistEpilogue1970 Jan 01  01:00:00
The Judgement26408
The Hanging of Judas3073
SrcAll the plays in one big lump4966852016 Nov 11  15:38:41
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