The Creation of Heaven and Fall of Lucifer (GT)

Ego sum Alpha et O, principium et finis.1
My name is known, God and King.2
My work for to make, now will I wend.
In myself resteth my reigning:
It hath no beginning nor no end.
And all that ever shall have being,
It is closed in my mind.
When it is made at my liking,8
I may it save; I may it shend
After my pleasure.
So great of might is my power,11
All things shall be wrought be me.
I am one God, in persons three
Knit in one substance.
I am the true Trinity
Here walking in this place.
Three Persons myself I see17
Locked in me, God alone.
I am the Father of power;19
My Son with me goes along
My Ghost is grace in majesty,
Wields wealth up in Heaven’s throne
O God in throne I call:
I am Father of might
My Son keepeth right;25
My Ghost hath light
And grace withal.
Myself beginning never did take,28
And endless I am through mine own might
Now might I begin my work to make.
First, I make heaven with stars of light,
In mirth and joy evermore to wake.
In Heaven I build angels full bright,33
My servants to be, and for my sake
With mirth and melody to worship my might.
I build them in my bliss,
Angels in heaven evermore shall be.
In light full clear, and colours bright,
With mirth and song to worship me,39
Of joy they may not miss. God retires

Angels sing “Sanctus, sanctus, sanctus, Dominus Deus Sabaoth”

To whose worship sing ye this song?41
To worship God or reverence me?
Lest you me worship you do me wrong,
For I am the worthiest that ever may be!
Good Angels
We worship God of might most strong45
Which hath formed both us and thee!
We may never worship him too long,
For he is most worthy of majesty!
On knees to God we fall,
Our Lord God worship we,
And in no wise honour we thee!51
A greater lord may never none be
Than he that made us all!
A worthier Lord forsooth am I54
And worthier than he ever will I be!
In evidence that I am more worthy,
I will go sit on God’s seat
Above sun and moon and stars in sky. He sits on the throne
I am now set as ye may see!59
Now worship me for most mighty,
And for your lord honour now me,
Sitting in my seat.
Bad Angels
God’s might we forsake,63
And for more worthy we thee take.
Thee to worship honour we make
And fall down at thy feet. God reappears
Thou, Lucifer, for thy mickle pride —67
I bid thee fall from heaven to hell.
And all they that held on thy side,
In my bliss nevermore to dwell.
At my commandment anon down thou slide
With mirth and joy nevermore to mingle!
In mischief and menace ever shalt thou abide73
In bitter burning and fire so fell,
In pain ever to be put.
At thy bidding, thy will I work76
And pass from joy to pain’s smart.
Now I am a devil full dark
That was an angel bright.
Now to hell the way I take,80
In endless pain there to be put.
For fear of fire a fart I crack
In hell’s dungeon, my den is made!

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