Herod the Great

Moste myghty mahowne / meng you with myrth!
Both of burgh and of towne / by fellys and by fyrth,
Both kyng with crowne / and barons of brith,
That radly wyll rowne / many greatt grith
Shall be happ.
Take tenderly intent
what sondys ar sent,
Els harmes shall ye hent,
And lothes you to lap.
Herode, the heynd, kyng / by grace of mahowne,
Of Iury, Iourmontyng / sternly with crowne,
On lyfe that ar lyfyng / in towre and, in towne,
Gracyus you gretyng / commaundys you be bowne
At his bydyng;
luf hym with lewte,
drede hym, that doughty!
he chargys you be redy
lowly at his lykyng.
What man apon mold, / menys hym agane,
Tytt teyn shall be told, knyght, sqwyere, or swayn;
Be he neuer so bold, / byes he that bargan,
Twelf thowsand fold, / more then I sayn
May ye trast;
he is worthy wonderly,
Selcouthly sory;
ffor a boy that is borne her by
Standys he abast.
A kyng thay hym call / and that we deny;
how shuld, it so fall / greatt meruell haue I;
Therfor ouer all / Shall I make a cry,
That ye busk not to brall / nor lyke not to ly
This tyde;
Carpys of no kyng
Bot herode, that lordyng,
Or busk to youre beyldyng,
youre heedys for to hyde.
He is Kyng of Kyngys / Kyndly I Knowe,
Chefe lord of lordyngys / chefe leder of law,
Ther watys on his wyngys / that bold, bost wyll blaw,
Greatt dukys downe dyngys / ffor his greatt aw,
And hym lowtys.
Tuskane and turky,
All Inde and Italy,
Cecyll and surry,
Drede hym and dowtys.
ffrom paradyse to padwa / to mownt flascon;
ffrom egyp to mantua / vnto kemp towne;
ffrom sarceny to susa / to grece it abowne;
Both normondy and norwa / lowtys to his crowne;
his renowne
Can no tong tell,
ffrom heuen vnto hell;
Of hym can none spell
Bot his cosyn mahowne.
he is the worthyest of all / barnes that are borne;
ffree men ar his thrall / full teynfully torne;
Begyn he to brall / many men cach skorne;
Obey must we all / or els be ye lorne
Att onys.
Downe dyng of youre knees,
All that hym seys,
Dysplesyd he beys,
And byrkyn many bonys.
here he commys now, I cry / that lord, I of spake;
ffast afore wyll I hy / radly on a rake,
And welcom hym worshipfully / laghyng with lake,
As he is most worthy / and knele for his sake
So low;
Downe dernly to fall,
as renk most ryall:
hayll, the worthyest of all!
to the must I bow!
hayll, luf lord! lo / thi letters haue I layde;
I haue done I couth do / and peasse haue I prayd,
Mekyll more therto / opynly dysplayd;
Bot romoure is rasyd so / that boldly thay brade
Emangis thame;
Thay carp of a kyng,
thay seasse not sich chateryng.
Bot I shall tame thare talkyng,
And let thame go hang thame:
Stynt, brodels, youre dyn / yei, euerychon!
I red that ye harkyn / to I be gone,
ffor if I begyn / I breke ilka bone,
And pull fro the skyn / the carcas anone,
yei, perde!
Sesse all this wonder,
and make vs no blonder,
ffor I ryfe you in sonder,
Be ye so hardy.
Peasse both yong and old / at my bydyng, I red,
ffor I haue all in wold, / in me standys lyfe and dede;
who that is so bold / I brane hym thrugh the hede;
Speke not or I haue told, / what I will in this stede;
ye wote nott
All that I will mefe;
Styr not bot ye haue lefe,
ffor if ye do, I clefe
you small as flesh to pott.
My myrthes ar turned to teyn / my mekenes into Ire,
And all for oone I weyn / with-in I fare as fyre.
May I se hym with eyn / I shall gyf hym his hyre;
Bot I do as I meyn / I were a full lewde syre
In wonys;
had I that lad in hand,
As I am kyng in land,
I shuld with this steyll brand
Byrkyn all his bonys.
My name spryngys far and nere / the doughtyest, men me call,
That euer ran with spere / A lord and kyng ryall;
what ioy is me to here / A lad to sesse my stall!
If I this crowne may bere / that boy shall by for all.
I anger;
I wote not what dewill me alys,
Thay teyn me so with talys,
That by gottys dere nalys,
I wyll peasse no langer.
what dewill! me thynk I brast / ffor anger and for teyn;
I trow thyse kyngys be past / that here with me has beyn;
Thay promysed me full fast / or now here to be seyn,
ffor els I shuld, haue cast / an othere sleght, I weyn;
I tell you,
A boy thay sayd thay soght,
with offeryng that thay broght;
It mefys my hart right noght
To breke his nek in two.
Bot be thay past me by / by mahowne in heuen,
I shall, and that in hy / set all on sex and seuen;
Trow ye a kyng as I / will suffre thaym to neuen
Any to haue mastry / bot my self full euen?
Nay, leyfe!
The dewill me hang and draw,
If I that losell knaw,
Bot I gyf hym a blaw,
That lyfe I shall hym reyfe.
ffor parels yit I wold, / wyst if thay were gone;
And ye therof her told / I pray you say anone,
ffor and thay be so bold, / by god that syttys in trone,
The payn can not be told, / that thay shall haue ilkon,
ffor Ire;
Sich panys hard, neuer man tell,
ffor vgly and for fell,
That lucyfere in hell
Thare bonys shall all to-tyre.
Primus Miles
Lord, thynk not ill if I / tell you how thay ar past;
I kepe not layn, truly / Syn thay cam by you last,
An othere way in hy / thay soght, & that full fast.
why, and ar thay past me by? / we! outt! for teyn I brast!
we! fy!
ffy on the dewill! where may I byde?
Bot fyght for teyn and al to-chyde!
Thefys, I say ye shuld, haue spyde
And told, when thay went by;
ye ar knyghtys to trast! / nay, losels ye ar, and thefys;
I wote I yelde my gast / so sore my hart it grefys.
Secundus Miles
what nede you be abast? / ther ar no greatt myschefys
ffor these maters to gnast. /
Tercius Miles
why put ye sich reprefys
withoutt cause?
Thus shuld ye not thrett vs,
vngaynly to bete vs,
ye shuld not rehett vs,
withoutt othere sawes.
ffy, losels and lyars! / lurdans ilkon!
Tratoures and well wars! / knafys, bot knyghtys none!
had ye bene woth youre eres / thus had thay not gone;
Gett I those land lepars / I breke ilka bone;
ffyrst vengeance
Shall I se on thare bonys;
If ye byde in these wonys
I shall dyng you with stonys,
yei, ditizance doutance.
I wote not where I may sytt / for anger & for teyn;
we haue not done all yit / if it be as I weyn;
ffy! dewill! now how is it? / as long as I haue eyn
I think not for to flytt / bot kyng I will be seyn
ffor euer.
Bot stand I to quart,
I tell you my hart,
I shall gar thaym start,
Or els trust me neuer.
Primus Miles
Syr, thay went sodanly / or any man wyst,
Els had mett we, yei, perdy / and may ye tryst.
Secundus Miles
So bold, nor so hardy / agans oure lyst,
was none of that company / durst mete me with fyst
ffor ferd.
Tercius Miles
Ill durst thay abyde,
Bot ran thame to hyde;
Might I thaym haue spyde,
I had made thaym a berd.
what couth we more do / to saue youre honoure?
Primus Miles
we were redy therto / and shal be ilk howre.
Now syn it is so / ye shall haue fauoure;
Go where ye wyll, go / by towne and by towre,
Goys hens!
I haue maters to mell
with my preuey counsell;
Clerkys, ye bere the bell,
ye must me encense.
Oone spake in myne eere / A wonderfull talkyng,
And sayde a madyn shuld, bere / anothere to be kyng;
Syrs, I pray you inquere / in all wrytyng,
In vyrgyll, in homere / And all other thyng
Bot legende;
Sekys poece tayllys;
lefe pystyls and grales;
Mes, matyns, noght avalys,
All these I defende;
I pray you tell heyndly / now what ye fynde.
Primus Consultus
Truly, sir, prophecy / It is not blynd;
we rede thus by Isay / he shalbe so kynde,
That a madyn, sothely / which neuer synde,
Shall hym bere:
"virgo concipiet,
Natumque pariet;"
"Emanuell" is hete,
his name for to lere,
"God is with vs," that is forto say.
Secundus Consultus
And othere says thus / tryst me ye may:
"Of bedlem a gracyus / lord shall spray,
That of Iury myghtyus / kyng shalbe ay,
lord myghty;
And hym shall honoure
both kyng and emperoure."
why, and shuld I to hym cowre?
Nay, ther thou lyys lyghtly!
ffy! the dewill the spede / and me, bot I drynk onys!
This has thou done in dede / to anger me for the nonys:
And thou, knafe, thou thy mede / shall haue, by cokys dere bonys!
Thou can not half thi crede! / outt, thefys, fro my wonys!
ffy, knafys!
ffy, dotty-pols, with youre bookys!
Go kast thaym in the brookys!
with sich wylys and crokys
My wytt away rafys!
hard I neuer sich a trant / that a knafe so sleght
Shuld, com lyke a sant / and refe me my right;
Nay, he shall on slant / I shall kyll hym downe stryght;
war! I say, lett me pant / now thynk I to fyght
ffor anger;
My guttys will outt thryng
Bot I this lad hyng;
withoutt I haue a vengyng,
I may lyf no langer.
Shuld a carll in a kafe / bot of oone yere age,
Thus make me to rafe? /
Primus Consultus
Syr, peasse this outrage!
A-way let ye wafe / all sich langage,
youre worship to safe / is he oght bot a page
Of a yere?
we two shall hym teyn
with oure wyttys betweyn,
That, if ye do as I meyn,
he shall dy on a spere.
Secundus Consultus
ffor drede that he reyn / do as we red;
Thrug outt bedlem / and ilk othere stede,
Make knyghtys ordeyn / and put vnto dede
All knaue chyldren / of two yerys brede,
And with-in;
This chyld, may ye spyll
Thus at youre awne will.
Now thou says here tyll
A right nobyll gyn!
If I lyf in land / good lyfe, as I hope,
This dar I the warand / to make the Pope.
O, my hart is rysand / now in a glope!
ffor this nobyll tythand / thou shall haue a drope
Of my good grace;
Markys, rentys, and powndys,
Greatt castels & groundys;
Thrugh all sees and sandys
I gyf the the chace.
Now wyll I procede / and take veniance;
All the flowre of knyghthede / call to legeance;
Bewshere, I the byd / it may the avance.
lord, I shall me spede / and bryng, perchaunce,
To thy syght.
hark, knyghtys, I you bryng
here new tythyng;
vnto herode kyng
hast with all youre myght!
In all the hast that ye may / in armowre full bright,
In youre best aray / looke that ye be dight.
Primus Miles
why shuld we fray? /
Secundus Miles
this is not all right.
Tercius Miles
Syrs, withoutten delay I drede that we fight.
I pray you,
As fast as ye may,
com to hym this day.
Primus Miles
what, in oure best aray?
yei, syrs, I say you.
Secundus Miles
Somwhat is in hand / what euer it meyn.
Tercius Miles
Tarry not for to stand / ther or we haue beyn.
kyng herode all weldand / well be ye seyn!
youre knyghtys ar comand / in armoure full sheyn,
At youre wyll.
Primus Miles
hayll, dughtyest of all!
we are comen at youre call
ffor to do what we shall,
youre lust to fullfyll.
welcom, lordyngys, Iwys / both greatt and small!
The cause now is this / that I send for you all:
A lad, a knafe, borne is / that shuld, be kyng ryall;
Bot I kyll hym and his / I wote I brast my gall;
Therfor, Syrs,
Veniance shall ye take,
All for that lad, sake,
And men I shall you make
where ye com ay where, syrs.
To bedlem loke ye go / And all the coste aboute,
All knaue chyldren ye slo / and lordys, ye shalbe stoute;
Of yeres if they be two / and within, of all that rowte
On lyfe lyefe none of tho / that lygys in swedyll clowte,
I red you;
Spare no kyns bloode,
lett all ryn on floode,
If women wax woode;
I warn you, syrs, to spede you;
hens! now go youre way / that ye were thore.
Secundus Miles
I wote we make a fray / bot I wyll go before.
Tercius Miles
A, thynk, syrs, I say / I mon whett lyke a bore.
Primus Miles
Sett me before ay / good enogh for a skore;
hayll heyndly!
we shall for youre sake
make a dulfull lake.
Now if ye me well wrake
ye shall fynd me freyndly.
Secundus Miles
Go ye now tyll oure noytt / and handyll thaym weyll.
Tercius Miles
I shall pay thaym on the cote / begyn I to reyll.
Primus Miles
hark, felose, ye dote / yonder commys vnceyll;
I hold, here a grote / she lykys me not weyll
Be we parte;
Dame, thynk it not yll,
thy knafe if I kyll.
Prima Mulier
what, thefe! agans my wyll?
lord, kepe hym in qwarte!
Primus Miles
Abyde now, abyde / no farther thou gose.
Prima Mulier
Peasse, thefe! shall I chyde / and make here a nose?
Primus Miles
I shall reyfe the thy pryde / kyll we these boyse!
Prima Mulier
Tyd may betyde / kepe well thy nose,
ffals thefe!
haue on loft on thy hode.
Primus Miles
what, hoore, art thou woode?
Prima Mulier
Outt, alas, my chyldys bloode!
Outt, for reprefe!
Alas for shame and syn / alas that I was borne!
Of wepyng who may blyn / to se hir chylde forlorne?
My comforth and my kyn / my son thus alto torne!
veniance for this syn / I cry, both euyn and morne.
Secundus Miles
well done!
Com hedyr, thou old stry!
that lad of thyne shall dy.
Secunda Mulier
Mercy, lord, I cry!
It is myn awne dere son.
Secundus Miles
No mercy thou mefe / it mendys the not, mawd!
Secunda Mulier
Then thi skalp shall I clefe! / lyst thou be clawd?
lefe, lefe, now by lefe! /
Secundus Miles
peasse, byd I, bawd!
Secunda Mulier
ffy, fy, for reprefe! fy, full of frawde!
No man!
haue at thy tabard,
harlot and holard!
Thou shall not be sparde!
I cry and I ban!
Outt! morder! man, I say / strang tratoure & thefe!
Out! alas! and waloway! / my child that was me lefe!
My luf, my blood, my play / that neuer dyd man grefe!
Alas, alas, this day! / I wold, my hart shuld, clefe
In sonder!
veniance I cry and call,
on herode and his knyghtys all!
veniance, lord, apon thaym fall,
And mekyll warldys wonder!
Tercius Miles
This is well wroght gere / that euer may be;
Comys hederward here! / ye nede not to fle!
Tercia Mulier
wyll ye do any dere / to my chyld, and me?
Tercius Miles
he shall dy, I the swere / his hart blood shall thou se.
Tercia Mulier
God for-bede!
Thefe! thou shedys my chyldys blood!
Out, I cry! I go near wood!
Alas! my hart is all on flood,
To se my chyld, thus blede!
By god, thou shall aby this dede that thou has done.
Tercius Miles
I red the not stry / by son and by moyn.
Tercia Mulier
haue at the, say I! / take the ther a foyn!
Out on the I cry / haue at thi groyn
An othere!
This kepe I in store.
Tercius Miles
Peasse now, no more!
Tercia Mulier
I cry and I rore,
Out on the, mans mordere!
Alas! my bab, myn Innocent / my fleshly get! for sorow
That god me derly sent / of bales who may me borow?
Thy body is all to-rent / I cry both euen and morow,
veniance for thi blod, thus spent / out! I cry, and horow!
Primus Miles
Go lightly!
Gett out of thise wonys!
ye trattys, all at onys,-
Or by cokys dere bonys
I make you go wyghtly!
Thay ar flayd now, I wote, thay will not abyde.
Secundus Miles
lett vs ryn fote hote / now wold, I we hyde,
And tell of this lott / how we haue betyde.
Tercius Miles
Thou can do thi note / that haue I aspyde;
Go furth now,
Tell thou herode oure tayll!
ffor all oure avayll,
I tell you, saunce fayll,
he wyll vs alow.
Primus Miles
I am best of you all / and euer has bene;
The deuyll haue my saull / bot I be fyrst sene;
It fyttys me to call / my lord, as I wene.
Secundus Miles
what nedys the to brall? / be not so kene
In this anger;
I shall say thou dyd best,
saue myself, as I gest.
Primus Miles
we! that is most honest.
Tercius Miles
go, tary no langer!
Primus Miles
hayll herode, oure kyng / full glad may ye be!
Good tythyng we bryng / harkyn now to me;
we haue mayde rydyng / thrugh outt Iure:
well wyt ye oone thyng / that morderd, haue we
Many thowsandys.
Secundus Miles
I held, thaym full hote,
I payd them on the cote;
Thare dammys, I wote,
Neuer bynde them in bandys.
Tercius Miles
had ye sene how I fard / when I cam emang them!
Ther was none that I spard / bot lade on and dang them.
I am worthy a rewarde / where I was emangys them.
I stud and I stard / no pyte to hang them
had I.
Now, by myghty mahowne,
That is good of renowne!
If I bere this crowne
ye shall haue a lady
Ilkon to hym layd, and wed at his wyll.
Primus Miles
So haue ye lang sayde / do somwhat thertyll!
Secundus Miles
And I was neuer flayde / for good ne for yll.
Tercius Miles
ye might hold, you well payde / oure lust to fulfyll,
Thus thynk me,
with tresure vntold,
If it lyke that ye wold,
Both syluer and gold,
To gyf vs greatt plente.
As I am kyng crownde / I thynk it good right!
Ther goys none on grownde / that has sich a wyght;
A hundreth thowsand pownde / is good wage for a knyght,
Of pennys good and rownde / now may ye go light
with store;
And ye knyghtys of oures
Shall haue castels and towres,
Both to you and to youres,
ffor now and euer more.
Primus Miles
was neuer none borne / by downes ne by dalys,
Nor yit vs beforne / that had sich avalys.
Secundus Miles
we haue castels and corne / mych gold in oure malys.
Tercius Miles
It wyll neuer be worne / withoutt any talys;
hayll heyndly!
hayll lord! hayll kyng!
we ar furth foundyng!
Now mahowne he you bryng
where he is lord freyndly;
Now in peasse may I stand / I thank the, mahowne!
And gyf of my lande / that longys to my crowne;
Draw therfor nerehande / both of burgh and of towne;
Markys ilkon a thowsande / when I am bowne,
Shall ye haue.
I shalbe full fayn
To gyf that I sayn!
wate when I com agayn,
And then may ye craue.
I sett by no good, / now my hart is at easse,
That I shed so mekyll blode / pes all my ryches!
ffor to se this flode / from the fote to the nese
Mefys nothing my mode / I lagh that I whese;
A, mahowne!
So light is my saull,
that all of Sugar is my gall;
I may do what I shall,
And bere vp my crowne.
I was castyn in care / so frightly afrayd,
Bot I thar not dyspare / for low is he layd
That I most dred are / so haue I hym flayd;
And els wonder ware / and so many strayd
In the strete,
That oone shuld be harmeles,
and skape away hafles,
where so many chyldes
Thare balys can not bete.
A hundreth thowsand, I watt / and fourty ar slayn,
And four thowsand; ther-at / me aght to be fayn;
Sich a morder on a flat / shall neuer be agayn.
had I had bot oone bat / at that lurdan
So yong,
It shuld, haue bene spokyn
how I had me wrokyn,
were I dede and rotyn,
with many a tong.
Thus shall I tech knauys / ensampyll to take,
In thare wyttys that rauys / sich mastre to make;
All wantones wafys / no langage ye crak!
No sufferan you sauys / youre nekkys shall I shak
In sonder;
No kyng ye on call
Bot on herode the ryall,
Or els many oone shall
Apon youre bodys wonder.
ffor if I here it spokyn / when I com agayn,
youre branys bese brokyn / therfor be ye bayn;
Nothyng bese vnlokyn / it shalbe so playn;
Begyn I to rekyn / I thynk all dysdayn
ffor daunche.
Syrs, this is my counsell-
Bese not to cruell,
Bot adew!-to the deuyll!
I can nomore fraunch!

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