Purification proper (Weav)

[Mary and Joseph continue in the front part of the pageant as if making a journey. An angel appears in the temple.]

II. Angell
Awake, Semeon, and drede the noght!585
In all the hast thatt eyuer ma be.
And reyseyve that Lord thatt all hathe wroght,
With hym his modur Mare.588
Make spede, Semeon, that thow were dyght
To reyseyve thatt chyld with all thy myght
Now schalt thow see the blessidist syght
Thatt eyuer thow didist see.592
O Lord of lordis! this solam noyse593
From the Maker of heyvin and hell.
My hart therewith soo dide reyjoise,
Thatt the myrthe theroff can noo tong tell,
Nor hand with pen subscrybe.
I thanke that Lorde and Kyng of myght,
Thogh all my lust throgh age be worne,599
Thatt I schall see this gloreose syght
Blessid be the owre thatt thow wast borne,
This dey that eyuer I do abide.602
Now to reyseve this Kyng of pes603
Thatt owt of dangyr schall hus reles.
Owre hy merrettis schall he incres
In joiye abundantly;606
For here kepe I no more blis,
But thatt he marke me for won of his,
And then whan his swete wyll ys,
Am I evyn redde to dy.610
Now, Clarkis, cum forth and do your offes,611
And this awter hastely that ye aray;
For here schal be the solamyst sacrefyce
Thatt eyuer wasse seyne in Juda.614
Make sure, fryndis, and all thatt ye may615
Thatt ordur be hade in eyuere place.
Now that Lord of lordis thatt best may617
To do oure devties he grant vs grace!
And for to plese hym to his paye
Sey al you Deo gracias,620
Loo! mastur, bothe man and place621
Be all redde at your byddyng.
Then, surs, cum forthe apase623
And myrrele the bellis ryng.624
Ane, systur, goo ye with me625
For to reyseyve that prince of onowre
And hym to welcum reuerently,
Ase of this world lorde and gouernowre.628
Now, fathur Semeon, I am obeydentt,629
Youre graceose pleysure for to obbey.
To serve thatt Lorde wyche ys omnipotent,
Lett vs goo mete hym on the wey. 632
Mastur, now ar the bellis rong633
And redde att hond ys eyuere thyng.
Then lett me see with hart and tonge.635
How myrrely thatt ye can syng. Cantant.636

Here the cum downe with pressession to mete them:

Heyle, suffurent Semeon so good!637
My semely sun here I bryng to the
To offur hym vp in flesche and blode,
Ase be the law he oght to be.640
Now, wholle Mare and Josofif also,641
Ye be ryght welcum vnto this place;
For off God ar ye blessid bothe to
Thatt hath you grondid in soche grace:
And ye, Josoff, of soo grett age645
Thatt soche a babe forth can bryng,
In whom all owre reydemcion dothe hyug,
And off this worlde ys lorde and kyng;
This wase a graceose mareage.649
Now gentill bysschope, I the pray,650
Evyn the verre truth thow woldist me sey,
Ys nott this a prette bewey
Asse eyuer thow hast knone?653
Now, be hym that, made both heyvin and hell
This lyttull myte I lowe as well,
Asse thogh he were myn oone!656
Reyseyve him, Semeon, with good chere;657
The law wyll hit schall so be.
For wyche cawse I bryng hym here:
Here in thi hondis take hym to the.660
Now welcum, Lord of honowr!661
Now welcum, Prince, vnto this place!
Welcum, owre sufferent Saweowre!
Welcum, the Growndr of owre grace!
Welcum, owre joie! welcum, owre myrthe!665
Welcum, owre graceose Gouernowre!
Welcum to huse, thatt heyvinly flowre!
Now, blessid be the dey and owre
Of thy gloreose byrthe!669
Now welcum, Kyng of kingis all!670
Now welcum, Maker of all mankynd!
Welcum to hus, bothe grett and small!
Good Lord, thy sarvandis now haue in mynd
Thatt longe hath levid here.674
In clenes pure withowt offence,
With grett desyris for to be hence;
But now the syght of thy presence
Hath amendid all owre chere.678
Now welcum, Lord, vnto all hus,679
Thi none tru servandis, as reysun ys!
Welcum, owre God and Kyng of blys,
Owre Lorde, longe lokid fore!682
All the profettis thatt of the spake
Seyd thow schuldist, for owre sake,
Fleysche and blod of a meydyn take
Owre joys to reystore.686
On, on with me, my fryndis dere.687
With this chylde thatt we haue here.
Of this worlde the lanterne clere
Of whom all lyght schall spryng!690
With hoole hartis, now lett hus praee!
Thatt owre and tyme now blesse we may
That eyuer we abode the dey
Of this chyldis comynge. Cantant694

Here Semeon goth to the awtere with the chyld in hys armis and seyth:

Now art thow cum, Lorde, to my honde,695
Thogh thatt I onworthe were;
Yett, Lorde, forgave thi pore serwande —
Whyle the weddur ys soo feyre;698
And I woll cum aftur asse I may,
For now att whome I wolde we weyre.700
To goo before now I woll asaye,701
Thogh thatt my fetemanscipe be not full gaye.
I pray God spede vs in oure jurney;
For I schall be were or thatt I cum there.704

There Mare and Josoff departis owt of the upper parte of the pagand

Loo! fryndis, how God for vs hathe wroght.705
And schode hymself here at this tyde!
Blessid mot he be in word and thought
Myghtefull Maker of thys world wyde!708
I wasse lame of fote and hand,709
And now am whole ase ye ma see.
I thanke thatt Lord of his sond,
And eyuer his servande wyll I be,
Thatt Lorde soo moche of myght.713
Now, Lorde of lordis that hath no pere,
Wyche att this tyme wase offurd here,
Sende you all the fruysson clere
Of his heyvinly mancion soo bryght!717
And of owre mys he amend vs,718
And from owre foys defend vs,
And his hy trone he send vs.
In secula seculorum, amen!721

Here gothe Semeon and his Clarkis out of the tempull.

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