The Tile Thatchers' Play: The Nativity

All-weldand God in trinité,1
I praye the lord, for thy grete myght,
Vnto thy symple seruand see,
Here in this place wher we are pight,
Oureself allone.
Lord, graunte vs gode herberow this nyght
Within this wone.7
For we haue sought bothe vppe and doune
Thurgh diuerse stretis in this cité.
So mekill pepull is comen to towne
That we can nowhare herbered be,
There is slike prees;
Forsuthe I can no socoure see,13
But belde vs with there bestes.
And yf we here all nyght abide
We schall be stormed in this steede,
The walles are doune on ilke a side,
The ruffe is rayued aboven oure hede,
Als haue I roo;19
Say Marie, doughtir, what is thy rede,
How sall we doo?
For in grete nede nowe are we stedde
As thou thyselffe the soth may see,
For here is nowthir cloth ne bedde,
And we are weyke and all werie25
And fayne wolde rest.
Now gracious God, for thy mercie,
Wisse vs the best.
God will vs wisse, full wele witt yoe,29
Therfore Joseph be of gud chere,
For in this place borne will he be
That sall vs saue fro sorowes sere,
Bothe even and morne.
Sir, witte yoe wele the tyme is nere
He will be borne.35
Than behoves vs bide here stille,36
Here in this same place all this nyght.
Ya sir, forsuth it is Goddis will.38
Than wolde I fayne we had sum light,39
What so befall.
It waxis right myrke vnto my sight,
And colde withall.
I will go gete vs light forthy,
And fewell fande with me to bryng.
All-weldand God yow gouerne and gy,45
As he is sufferayne of all thyng
For his grete myght,
And lende me grace to his louyng
That I me dight.
Nowe in my sawle grete joie haue I,
I am all cladde in comforte clere,51
Now will be borne of my body
Both God and man togedir in feere,
Blist mott he be.
Jesu my sone that is so dere,
Nowe borne is he.
Hayle my lord God, hayle prince of pees,57
Hayle my fadir, and hayle my sone;
Hayle souereyne sege all synnes to sesse,
Hayle God and man in erth to wonne.
Hayle, thurgh whos myht
All this worlde was first begonne,
Merknes and light.63
Sone, as I am sympill sugett of thyne,
Vowchesaffe, swete sone I pray the,
That I myght the take in the armys of myne
And in this poure wede to arraie the.
Graunte me thi blisse,
As I am thy modir chosen to be69
In sothfastnesse.
A, lorde God what the wedir is colde,71
The fellest freese that euere I felyd.
I pray God helpe tham that is alde
And namely tham that is vnwelde,
So may I saie.
Now gud God thou be my bilde
As thou best may.77
A, lord God, what light is this
That comes shynyng thus sodenly?
I can not saie als haue I blisse.
When I come home vnto Marie
Than sall I spirre.
A, here be God, for nowe come I.83
Ye ar welcum sirre.84
Say Marie, doghtir, what chere with the?85
Right goode Joseph, as has ben ay.86
O Marie, what swete thyng is that on thy kne?87
It is my sone, the soth to saye,88
That is so gud.
Wele is me I bade this day90
To se this foode.
Me merueles mekill of this light
That thus-gates shynes in this place,
Forsuth it is a selcouth sight.
This hase he ordand of his grace,95
My sone so yoing,
A starne to be schynyng a space
At his bering.
For Balam tolde ful longe beforne
How that a sterne shulde rise full hye,
And of a maiden shulde be borne101
A sonne that sall oure saffyng be
Fro caris kene.
Forsuth it is my sone so free
Be whame Balam gon meene.
Nowe welcome, floure fairest of hewe,106
I shall the menske with mayne and myght.
Hayle my maker, hayle Crist Jesu,
Hayle riall kyng, roote of all right,
Hayle saueour.
Hayle my lorde, lemer of light,
Hayle blessid floure.112
Nowe lord that all this worlde schall wynne,113
To the my sone is that I saye,
Here is no bedde to laye the inne,
Therfore my dere sone I the praye,
Sen it is soo,
Here in this cribbe I myght the lay
Betwene ther bestis two.119
And I sall happe the, myn owne dere childe,
With such clothes as we haue here.
O Marie, beholde thes beestis mylde,122
They make louyng in ther manere
As thei wer men.
Forsothe it semes wele be ther chere
Thare lord thei ken.
Ther lorde thai kenne, that wate I wele,127
They worshippe hym with myght and mayne;
The wedir is colde as ye may feele,
To halde hym warme thei are full fayne
With thare warme breth,
And oondis on hym, is noght to layne,
To warme hym with.133
O, nowe slepis my sone, blist mot he be,
And lyes full warme ther bestis bytwene.
O, nowe is fulfillid, forsuth I see,136
That Abacuc in mynde gon mene
And prechid by prophicie.
He saide oure sauyoure shall be sene
Betwene bestis lye,
And nowe I see the same in sight.
Ya sir, forsuth the same is he.142
Honnoure and worshippe both day and nyght,143
Ay-lastand lorde, be done to the
Allway, as is worthy;
And lord, to thy seruice I oblissh me
With all myn herte, holy.
Thou mercyfull maker, most myghty,148
My God, my lorde, my sone so free,
Thy handemayden forsoth am I,
And to thi seruice I oblissh me,
With all myn herte entere.
Thy blissing, beseke I thee,
Thou graunte vs all in feere.154

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