The Baxters' Play: The Last Supper

Pees be both be day and nyght1
Vntill this house and till all that is here.
Here will I holde as I haue hight
The feeste of Paas with frendis in feere.
Maistir, we haue arayed full right5
Seruise that semes for youre sopere.
Oure lambe is roste and redy dight,
As Moyses lawe will lely lere.
That is, ilke man that has9
Pepill in his awne posté
Shall roste a lambe at Paas,
To hym and his meyné.
Maistir, the custome wele we knawe13
That with oure elthers euer has bene,
How ilke man with his meyné awe
To roste a lambe and ete it clene.
I thanke yoou sothtly of youre sawe,17
For yoe saye as youreselffe has sene.
Therfore array yoou all on rawe,
Myselfe schall parte itt yoou betwene.
Wherfore I will that yoe
Ette therof euere-ilkone,
The remelaunt parted schall be23
To the poure that purueyse none.
Of Moyses lawes here make I an ende
In som party, but noght in all.
My comaundement schall othirwise be kende
With tham that men schall craftely call.
But the lambe of Pase that here is spende,29
Whilke Jewes vses grete and small,
Euere forward nowe I itt deffende
Fro Cristis folke what so befall.
In that stede schall be sette
A newe lawe vs bytwene,
But who therof schall ette35
Behoues to be wasshed clene.
For that new lawe whoso schall lere,
In harte tham bus be clene and chaste.
Marcelle myn awne discipill dere,
Do vs haue watir here in hast.
Maistir, it is all redy here,41
And here a towell clene to taste.
Commes forthe with me all in feere,43
My wordis schall noght be wroght in waste.
Settis youre feete fourth, late see,
They schall be wasshen sone.
A, lorde, with thi leue, of thee47
That dede schall noyot be done.
I schall neuere make my membres mete,
Of my souerayne seruice to see.
Petir, bott if thou latte me wasshe thi feete51
Thou getis no parte in blisse with me.
A, mercy lorde and maistir swete,53
Owte of that blisse that I noght be-
Wasshe on my lorde to all be wete,
Both hede and hande, beseke I the.
Petir, thou wotiste noyot yoitt57
What this werke will bemene.
Hereaftir schall thou witte,
And so schall yoe all bedene.
Youre lorde and maistir yoe me call,
And so I am, all welthe to welde.
Here haue I knelid vnto yoou all,63
To wasshe youre feete as yoe haue feled.
Ensaumple of me take yoe schall
Euer for to yoeme in yoouthe and elde,
To be buxsome in boure and hall,
Ilkone for to bede othir belde.
For all-if yoe be trewe69
And lele of loue ilkone,
Ye schall fynde othir ay newe
To greue whan I am gone.
Now sen oure maistir sais he schall73
Wende and will not telle vs whedir,
Whilke of vs schall be princepall?
Late loke now whils we dwell togedir.
I wotte youre will both grete and small,77
And youre high hartis I here tham hedir;
To whilke of yoou such fare schulde fall
That myght yoe carpe when yoe come thedir,
Where it so schulde be tyde
Of such materes to melle.
But first behoues yoou bide83
Fayndyngis full ferse and felle.
Here schall I sette yoou for to see
This yoonge childe for insaumpills seere,
Both meke and mylde of harte is he,
And fro all malice, mery of chere;
So meke and mylde but if yoe be89
[…     …]89
Quod facis fac cicius:90
That thou schall do, do sone.
Allas, so wilsom wightis as we92
Was neuere in worlde walkand in wede,
Oure maistir sais his awne meyné
Has betrayed hym to synfull seede.
A, Jhon, sen thou sittist nexte his kne,96
We pray the spire hym for oure spede.
Domine, quis est qui tradit te?98
Lord, who schall do that doulfull dede?
Allas, oure playe is paste,
This false forward is feste.
I may no lenger laste,
For bale myn herte may breste.
Now is tyme to me to gang,104
For here begynnes noye all of newe.
My fellaws momellis thame emang
That I schulde alle this bargayne brewe-
And certis thai schall noyot wene it wrang.
To the prince of prestis I schall pursue,
And thei schall lere hym othir ought long110
That all his sawes sore schall hym rewe.
I wotte whedir he remoues
With his meyné ilkone,
I schall telle to the Jewes
And tyte he schalle be tane.
I warne yoou nowe my frendis free,116
Sese to ther sawes that I schall say:
The fende is wrothe with yoou and me
And will yoou marre if that he may.
But Petir, I haue prayed for the,
So that thou schall noyot drede his dray;
And comforte thou this meyné122
And wisse hem whan I am gone away.
A, lorde, where wilte thou lende?124
I schall lende in that steede,
And with the schall I wende
Euermore in lyffe and dede.
No wordely drede schall me withdrawe128
That I schall with the leue and dye.
Certis, so schall we all on rawe,130
Ellis mekill woo were we worthy.
Petir, I saie to the this sawe132
That thou schalte fynde no fantasie:
This ilke nyght or the cokkys crowe
Shall thou thre tymes my name denye,
And saye thou knewe me neuere
Nor no meyné of myne.
Allas, lorde, me were lever138
Be putte to endles pyne.
As I yow saie so schall it bee,140
Ye nedis non othir recours to craue.
All that in worlde is wretyn of me
Shall be fulfilled, for knyght or knave.
I am the herde, the schepe are yoe,
And whane the herde schall harmes haue
The flokke schall be full fayne to flee,146
And socoure seke thameselffe to saue.
Ye schall whan I am slayne
In grete myslykyng lende,
But whanne I ryse agayne
Than schall youre myrthe be mende.
Ye haue bene bowne my bale to bete,152
Therfore youre belde ay schall I be.
And for yoe did in drye and wete
My comaundementis in ilke contré,
The kyngdome of heuen I you behete
Euen as my fadir has highte itt me.
With gostely mete there schall yoe mete158
And on twelffe seeges sitte schall yoe,
For yoe trewlye toke yoeme
In worlde with me to dwell,
There shall yoe sitte to deme
Xij kyndis of Israell.
But firste yoe schall be wille of wone,164
And mo wathes then yoe of wene
Fro tyme schall come that I be tone,
Than schall yoe turne away with tene.
And loke that yoe haue swerdis ilkone,
And whoso haues non yoou bytwene
Shall selle his cote and bye hym one,170
Thus bidde I that yoe do bedene.
Satcheles I will yoe haue,
And stones to stynte all striffe,
Youreselffe for to saue
In lenghyng of youre liff.
Maistir, we haue here swerdis twoo176
Vs with to saue on sidis seere.
Itt is inowe, yoe nedis no moo,178
For fro all wathis I schall yoou were.
Butt ryse now vppe, for we will goo,
By this owre enemyes ordand are;
My fadir saide it schall be soo,
His bidding will I noyot forbere.
Loke yoe lere forthe this lawe184
Als yoe haue herde of me,
Alle that wele will itt knawe
Ay blessid schall thei bee.

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