The Butchers' Play: The Death of Christ

Sees, seniours, and see what I saie,1
Takis tente to my talkyng enteere.
Devoyde all this dynne here this day,
And fallis to my frenschippe in feere.
Sir Pilate, a prince withowten pere,
My name is full neuenly to neuen,
And domisman full derworth in dere7
Of gentillest Jewry full euen
Am I.
Who makis oppressioun
Or dose transgressioun,
Be my discressioun
Shall be demed dewly to dy.13
To dye schall I deme thame, to dede,
Tho rebelles that rewles thame vnright.
Who that to yoone hill wille take heede
May se ther the soth in his sight,
Howe doulfull to dede thei are dight
That liste noyot owre lawes for to lere.19
Lo, thus be my mayne and my myght
Tho churles schalle I chasteise and cheere,
Be lawe.
Ilke feloune false
Shall hynge be the halse.
Transgressours als25
On the crosse schalle be knytte for to knawe.
To knawe schall I knytte thame on crosse,
To schende thame with schame schall I shappe.
Ther liffis for to leese is no losse,
Suche tirrauntis with teene for to trappe.
Thus leelly the lawe I vnlappe31
And punyssh thame pitously.
Of Jesu I holde it vnhappe
That he on yone hill hyng so hye
For gilte.
His bloode to spille
Toke ye you tille,37
Thus was youre wille
Full spitously to spede he were spilte.
To spille hym we spake in a speede,40
For falsed he folowde in faie.
With fraudes oure folke gan he feede
And laboured to lere thame his laye.
Sir Pilate, of pees we youe praye-44
Oure lawe was full lyke to be lorne.
He saued noyot oure dere Sabott daye,
And that-for to scape it-were a scorne,
By lawe.
Sirs, before youre sight,49
With all my myght
I examynde hym right,
And cause non in hym cowthe I knawe.
Ye knawe wele the cause sir, in cace;53
It touched treasoune vntrewe.
The tribute to take or to trace
Forbadde he, oure bale for to brewe.
Of japes yoitt jangelid yone Jewe,57
And cursedly he called hym a kyng.
To deme hym to dede it is diewe,
For treasoune it touches, that thyng,
Yitt principall,62
And worste of all,
He garte hym call
Goddes sonne-that foulle motte hyme speede.
He spedis for to spille in space,66
So wondirly wrought is youre will.
His bloode schall youre bodis enbrace,
For that haue yoe taken you till.
That forwarde ful fayne to fulfille70
Indede schall we dresse vs bedene.
Yone losell hym likis full ille,
For turned is his trantis all to teene,
I trowe.
He called hym kyng,75
Ille joie hym wring.
Ya, late hym hyng
Full madly on the mone for to mowe.
To mowe on the moone has he mente.79
We, fye on the, faitour, in faye!
Who, trowes thou, to thi tales toke tente?
Thou saggard, thiselffe gan thou saie,
The tempill distroie the todaye,
Be the thirde day ware done ilka dele
To rayse it thou schulde the arraye.85
Loo, howe was thi falsed to feele,
Foule falle the.
For thy presumpcyoune
Thou haste thy warisoune.
Do faste come doune,
And a comely kyng schalle I calle thee.91
I calle the a coward to kenne,92
That meruaylles and mirakills made.
Thou mustered emange many menne;
But, brothell, thou bourded to brade.
Thou saued thame fro sorowes, thai saide-
To saue nowe thiselffe late vs see.
God sonne if thou grathely be grayde,98
Delyuere the doune of that tree
If thou be funne
To be Goddis sonne,
We schalle be bonne
To trowe on the trewlye ilkone.104
Sir Pilate, youre pleasaunce we praye,105
Takis tente to oure talkyng this tide,
And wipe yoe yone writyng away,
It is not beste it abide.
It sittis youe to sette it aside
And sette that he saide in his sawe,
As he that was prente full of pride:111
‘Jewes kyng am I’, comely to knawe,
Full playne.
Quod scripci, scripci.114
Yone same wrotte I;
I bide therby,
What gedlyng will grucche thereagayne.
Thou man that of mys here has mente,118
To me tente enteerly thou take.
On roode am I ragged and rente,
Thou synfull sawle, for thy sake;
For thy misse amendis wille I make.
My bakke for to bende here I bide,
This teene for thi trespase I take.124
Who couthe the more kyndynes haue kydde
Than I?
Thus for thy goode
I schedde my bloode.
Manne, mende thy moode,
For full bittir thi blisse mon I by.130
Allas for my swete sonne I saie,131
That doulfully to dede thus is diyot.
Allas, for full louely he laye
In my wombe, this worthely wight.
Allas that I schulde see this sight
Of my sone so semely to see.
Allas, that this blossome so bright137
Vntrewly is tugged to this tree.
My lorde, my leyffe,
With full grete greffe
Hyngis as a theffe.
Allas, he did neuer trespasse.143
Thou woman, do way of thy wepyng,144
For me may thou nothyng amende.
My fadirs wille to be wirkyng,
For mankynde my body I bende.
Allas, that thou likes noght to lende,148
Howe schulde I but wepe for thy woo?
To care nowe my comforte is kende.
Allas, why schulde we twynne thus in twoo
Womanne, instede of me,153
Loo, John thi sone schall bee.
John, see to thi modir free,
For my sake do thou thi deuere.
Allas sone, sorowe and siyote,157
That me were closed in clay.
A swerde of sorowe me smyte,
To dede I were done this day.
A, modir, so schall yoe noght saie.161
I praye youe be pees in this presse,
For with all the myght that I maye
Youre comforte I caste to encresse,
Youre sone am I,
Loo, here redy;167
And nowe forthy
I praye yowe hense for to speede.
My steuen for to stede or to steere,170
Howe schulde I, such sorowe to see,
My sone that is dereworthy and dere
Thus doulfull a dede for to dye?
A, dere modir, blynne of this blee,174
Youre mournyng it may not amende.
Mary Cleophas
A, Marie, take triste vnto the,176
For socoure to the will he sende
This tyde.
Fayre modir, faste179
Hense latte vs caste.
To he be paste181
Wille I buske here baynly to bide.
With bittirfull bale haue I bought,183
Thus, man, all thi misse for te mende.
On me for to looke lette thou noyot,
Howe baynly my body I bende.
No wighte in this worlde wolde haue wende
What sorowe I suffre for thy sake.
Manne, kaste the thy kyndynesse be kende,189
Trewe tente vnto me that thou take,
And treste.
For foxis ther dennys haue thei,
Birdis hase ther nestis to paye,
But the sone of man this daye
Hase noyot on his heed for to reste.195
Latro Sinister
If thou be Goddis sone so free,196
Why hyng thou thus on this hille?
To saffe nowe thyselffe late vs see,
And vs now, that spedis for to spille.
Latro Dexter
Manne, stynte of thy steuen and be stille,200
For douteles thy God dredis thou noyot.
Full wele are we worthy thertill,
Vnwisely wrange haue we wrought,
Noon ille did hee
Thus for to dye.206
Lord, haue mynde of me
Whan thou art come to thi blisse.
Forsothe sonne, to the schall I saie,209
Sen thou fro thy foly will falle,
Sen thou fro thy foly will falle,
With me schall dwelle nowe this daye,
In paradise place principall.
Heloy, heloy!
My God, my God full free,215
Lama zabatanye,
Wharto forsoke thou me
In care?
And I did neuere ille
This dede for to go tille,
But be it at thi wille.221
A, me thristis sare.
A drinke schalle I dresse the, indede,222
A draughte that is full dayntely dight.
Full faste schall I springe for to spede,
I hope I schall holde that I haue hight.
Sir Pilate that moste is of myght,226
Harke, ‘Heely’ now harde I hym crye.
He wenys that that worthely wight
In haste for to helpe hym in hye
In his nede.
If he do soo231
He schall haue woo.
He wer oure foo233
If he dresse hym to do vs that dede.
That dede for to dresse yf he doo,235
In sertis he schall rewe it full sore.
Neuerethelees, if he like it noght, loo,
Full sone may he couere that care.
Now swete sir, youre wille yf it ware,
A draughte here of drinke haue I dreste,
To spede for no spence that yoe spare,241
But baldely ye bib it for the beste.
Aysell and galle
Is menged withalle;
Drynke it yoe schalle-
Youre lippis I halde thame fulle drye.247
Thi drinke it schalle do me no deere,248
Wete thou wele, therof will I none.
Nowe fadir, that formed alle in fere,
To thy moste myght make I my mone:
Thi wille haue I wrought in this wone,
Thus ragged and rente on this roode,
Thus doulffully to dede haue thei done.254
Forgiffe thame be grace that is goode,
Thai ne wote noyot what it was.
My fadir, here my bone,
For nowe all thyng is done.
My spirite to thee right sone
Comende I, in manus tuas.260
Now dere sone, Jesus so jente,261
Sen my harte is heuy as leede,
O worde wolde I witte or thou wente.
Allas, nowe my dere sone is dede,
Full rewfully refte is my rede.
Allas for my darlyng so dere.
A, modir, yoe halde vppe youre heede,267
And sigh noyot with sorowes so seere
I praye.
Mary Cleophas
It dose hir pyne270
To see hym tyne.
Lede we her heyne,
This mornyng helpe hir ne maye.
Sir Pilate, parceyue I you praye,274
Oure costemes to kepe wele yoe canne.
Tomorne is oure dere Sabott daye,
Of mirthe muste vs meve ilke a man.
Yone warlous nowe waxis full wan
And nedis muste thei beried be.
Delyuer ther dede sir, and thane280
Shall we sewe to oure saide solempnité
It schalle be done283
In wordis fone.
Sir knyghtis, go sone,
To yoone harlottis you hendely take heede.
Tho caytiffis thou kille with thi knyffe-
Delyuere, haue done thei were dede.
Mi lorde, I schall lenghe so ther liffe289
That tho brothelles schall neuere bite brede.
Ser Longeus, steppe forthe in this steede;291
This spere, loo, haue halde in thy hande.
To Jesus thou rake fourthe I rede,
And sted nouyot, but stiffely thou stande
A stounde.
In Jesu side
Schoffe it this tyde.297
No lenger bide,
But grathely thou go to the grounde.
Longeus Latus
O maker vnmade, full of myght,300
O Jesu so jentill and jente
That sodenly has sente me my sight,
Lorde, louyng to the be it lente.
On rode arte thou ragged and rente,
Mankynde for to mende of his mys.
Full spitously spilte is and spente306
Thi bloode, lorde, to bringe vs to blis
Full free.
A, mercy my socoure,
Mercy, my treasoure,
Mercy, my sauioure,
Thi mercy be markid in me.312
O wondirfull werkar iwis,313
This weedir is waxen full wan.
Trewe token I trowe that it is
That mercy is mente vnto man.
Full clerly consayue thus I can
No cause in this corse couthe thei knowe,
Yitt doulfull thei demyd hym than319
To lose thus his liffe be ther lawe,
No riyote.
Trewly I saie,
Goddis sone verraye
Was he this daye,
That doulfully to dede thus is diyot.325
That lorde lele ay-lastyng in lande,326
Sir Pilate, full preste in this presse,
He saue the be see and be sande,
And all that is derworth on deesse.
Joseph, this is lely, no lesse,330
To me arte thou welcome iwisse.
Do saie me the soth or thou sesse,
Thy worthyly wille what it is
To the I praye,335
Giffe me in hye
Jesu bodye,
In gree it for to graue al alone.
Joseph sir, I graunte the that geste,339
I grucche noyot to grath hym in grave.
Delyuer, haue done he were dreste,
And sewe, sir, oure Sabott to saffe.
With handis and harte that I haue343
I thanke the in faith for my frende.
God kepe the thi comforte to craue,
For wightely my way will I wende
In hye.
To do that dede
He be my speede349
That armys gun sprede,
Mannekynde be his bloode for to bye.
Weill mette, ser. In mynde gune I meffe352
For Jesu that juged was vnjente.
Ye laboured for license and leve
To berye his body on bente?
Full myldely that matere I mente,356
And that for to do will I dresse.
Both same I wolde that we wente358
And lette not for more ne for lesse,
Oure frende was he,
Faithfull and free.
Therfore go we363
To berie that body in hye.
All mankynde may marke in his mynde
To see here this sorowfull sight.
No falsnesse in hym couthe thei fynde
That doulfully to dede thus is dight.
He was a full worthy wight,369
Nowe blemysght and bolned with bloode.
Ya, for that he mustered his myght,371
Full falsely thei fellid that foode
I wyne.
Bothe bakke and side
Has woundes wide,
Forthi this tyde
Take we hym doune vs betwene.377
Betwene vs take we hym doune378
And laie hym on lenthe on this lande.
This reuerent and riche of rennoune,380
Late vs halde hym and halse hym with hande.
A graue haue I garte here be ordande
That neuer was in noote, it is newe.
To this corse it is comely accordande,384
To dresse hym with dedis full dewe
This stounde.
A sudarye,387
Loo here, haue I.
Wynde hym forthy,
And sone schalle we graue hym in grounde.
In grounde late vs graue hym and goo;391
Do liffely latte vs laie hym allone.
Nowe sauiour be see and be sande,
Thou kepe vs in clennesse ilkone.
To thy mercy nowe make I my moone:395
As sauiour be see and be sande,
Thou gyde me that my griffe be al gone,
With lele liffe to lenge in this lande,
And esse.
Seere oynementis here haue I400
Brought for this faire body.
I anoynte the forthy
With myrre and aloes.
This dede it is done ilke a dele,404
And wroughte is this werke wele iwis.
To the, kyng, on knes here I knele,
That baynly thou belde me in blisse.
He highte me full hendely to be his408
A nyght whan I neghed hym full nere.
Haue mynde lorde, and mende me of mys,
For done is oure dedis full dere
This tyde.
This lorde so goode413
That schedde his bloode,
He mende youre moode,
And buske on this blis for to bide.

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