The Capmakers' Play: The Woman Taken in Adultery/The Raising of Lazarus

Judeus 1
Steppe fourth, late vs no lenger stande,1
But smertely that oure gere wer grayde;
This felowe that we with folye fande,
Late haste vs fast that she wer flayed.
Judeus 2
We will bere witnesse and warande5
How we hir raysed all vnarayed,
Agaynste the lawes here of oure lande
Wher sche was with hir leman laide.
Judeus 1
Yaa, and he a wedded man,9
That was a wikkid synne.
Judeus 2
That bargayne schall sche banne11
With bale nowe or we blynne.
Judeus 1
A, false stodmere and stynkand stroye,13
How durste thou stele so stille away
To do so vilaunce avowtry
That is so grete agaynste oure lay?
Judeus 2
Hir bawdery schall sche dere abye,17
For as we sawe so schall we saye,
And also hir wirkyng is worthy
Sho schall be demed to ded this day.
Judeus 1
The maistirs of the lawe21
Are here even at oure hande.
Judeus 2
Go we reherse by rawe23
Hir fawtes as we tham fande.
Judeus 1
God saue yoou maistirs, mekill of mayne,25
That grete clergy and counsaille can.
Judeus 3
Welcome frendis, but I wolde frayne27
How fare yoe with that faire woman?
Judeus 2
A, sirs, we schall yoou saie certayne29
Of mekill sorowe sen sche began.
We haue hir tane with putry playne,
Hirselff may noyot gaynesaie it than.
Judeus 4
What hath sche done, folye33
In fornicacioun and synne?
Judeus 1
Nay, nay, in avowtery35
Full bolde, and will noyot blynne.
Judeus 3
Avowtery? Nemyn it noght for schame!37
It is so foule opynly I it fye.
Is it sothe that thei saie the dame?
Judeus 2
What sir, scho may it noyot denye.40
We wer than worthy for to blame
To greve hir but sche wer gilty.
Judeus 4
Now certis, this is a foule defame43
And mekill bale muste be tharby.
Judeus 3
Ya sir, yoe saie wele thore45
By lawe and rightwise rede,
Ther falles noght ellis therfore
But to be stoned to dede.
Judeus 1
Sirs, sen yoe telle the lawe this tyde49
And knawes the course in this contré,
Demes hir on heght, no lenger hyde,
And aftir yooure wordis wirke schall we.
Judeus 4
Beis noght so bryme, bewsheris, abide,53
A new mater nowe moues me
[…     …]54
Judeus 3
He shewes my mysdedis more and myne,55
I leue yoou here, late hym allone.
Judeus 4
Owe, here will new gaudes begynne-57
Ya, grete all wele, saie that I am gone.
Judeus 1
And sen yoe are noght bolde,59
No lengar bide will I.
Judeus 2
Pees, late no tales be tolde,61
But passe fourth preuylye.
Woman, wher are tho wighte men went63
That kenely here accused the?
Who hase the dampned, toke thou entent?
Lord, no man has dampned me.66
And for me schall thou noyot be schent.67
Of all thy mys I make the free,
Loke thou no more to synne assentte.
A, lord, ay loued mott thou bee.70
All erthely folke in feere
Loves hym and his high name,
That me on this manere
Hath saued fro synne and schame.
Apostolus 1
A, lorde, we loue the inwardly75
And all thi lore, both lowde and still,
That grauntes thy grace to the gilty
And spares tham that the folke wolde spill.
I schall yoou saie encheson why:79
I wote it is my fadirs will,
And for to make tham ware therby
To knawe thamselffe haue done more ill.
And euermore of this same
Ensample schall be sene,
Whoso schall othir blame85
Loke firste thamself be clene.
Apostolus 2
A, maistir, here may men se also87
How mekenes may full mekill amende,
To forgeue gladly where we goo
All folke that hath vs oght offende.
He that will noyot forgiffe his foo91
And vse mekenesse with herte and hende,
The kyngdom may he noght come too
That ordande is withouten ende.
And more sone schall we see
Here or yoe forther fare,
How that my fadir free97
Will mustir myghtis more.
Jesu that es prophett veray,99
My ladys Martha and Marie,
If thou fouchesaffe thai wolde the pray
For to come vnto Bethany.
He whom thou loues full wele alway
Es seke, and like, lord, for to dye.
Yf thou wolde come, amende hym thou may105
And comforte all that cumpany.
I saie yoou that sekeness107
Is noyot onto the dede,
But joie of Goddis gudnesse
Schal be schewed in that stede.
And Goddis sone schall be glorified
By that sekenesse and signes seere,
Therfore brethir no lenger bide,113
Two daies fully haue we ben here.
We will go soiourne here beside
In the Jurie with frendis in feere.
Apostolus 1
A, lorde, thou wote wele ilke a tyde117
The Jewes thei layte the ferre and nere,
To stone the vnto dede
Or putte to pereles payne,
And thou to that same stede
Covaites to gange agayne?
Ye wote by cours wele for to kast,123
The daie is now of xij oures lange,
And whilis light of the day may last
It is gode that we grathely gange.
For whan daylight is pleynly past
Full sone than may yoe wende all wrang,
Therfore takes hede and trauayle fast129
Whills light of liffe is yoou emang.
And to yoou saie I more,
How that Lazar oure frende
Slepes nowe, and I therfore
With yoou to hym will wende.
Apostolus 2
We will be ruled aftir thi rede,135
But and he slepe he schall be saue.
I saie to yoou, Lazare is dede,137
And for yoou all grete joie I haue
Ye wote I was noght in that stede
What tyme that he was graued in graue.
His sisteres praye with bowsom beede
And for comforte thei call and craue,
Therfore go we togedir143
To make there myrthis more.
Apostolus 1
Sen he will nedes wende thedir,145
Go we and dye with hym thore.
Allas, owtane Goddis will allone,147
That I schulld sitte to see this sight,
For I may morne and make my mone,
So wo in worlde was neuere wight.
That I loued most is fro me gone,
My dere brothir that Lazar hight,
And I durst saye I wolde be slone153
For nowe me fayles both mynde and myght.
My welthe is wente for euere,
No medycyne mende me may.
A, dede, thou do thy deuer
And haue me hense away.
Allas, for ruthe now may I raue159
And febilly fare by frith and felde,
Wolde God that I wer grathed in graue,
That dede hadde tane me vndir telde.
For hele in harte mon I neuere haue
But if he helpe that all may welde,
Of Crist I will som comforte craue165
For he may be my bote and belde.
To seke I schal noyot cesse
Tille I my souereyne see.
Hayle, pereles prince of pesse,
Jesu my maistir so free.
Martha, what menes thou to make such chere?171
[…     …]171
This stone we schall full sone
Remove and sette on syde.
Fadir, that is in heuyn on highte,174
I thanke the euere ouere all thyng
That hendely heres me day and nyght,
And takis hede vnto myn askyng.
Wherfore fouchesaffe of thy grete myght
So that this pepull, olde and yoyng,
That standis and bidis to se that sight180
May trulye trowe and haue knowyng,
This tyme here or I pas
How that thou has me sent.
Lazar, veni foras,
Come fro thy monument.
A, pereles prince, full of pitee,186
Worshipped be thou in worlde alway
That thus hast schewed thi myght in me,
Both dede and doluen, this is the fourthe day.
By certayne singnes here may men see
How that thou art Goddis sone verray.
All tho that trulye trastis in the192
Schall neuere dye, this dar I saye.
Therfore yoe folke in fere,
Menske hym with mayne and myght,
His lawes luke that yoe lere,
Than will he lede yoou to his light.
Here may men fynde a faythfull frende198
That thus has couered vs of oure care.
Jesu my lord and maistir hende,200
Of this we thanke the euermore.
Sisteres, I may no lenger lende,202
To othir folke nowe bus me fare,
And to Jerusalem will I wende
For thyngis that muste be fulfilled there.
Therfore rede I you right,
My men, to wende with me.
Ye that haue sene this sight208
My blissyng with yoo be.

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