The Coopers' Play: The Fall of Man

For woo my witte es in a were1
That moffes me mykill in my mynde;
The Godhede that I sawe so cleere,
And parsayued that he shuld take kynde
Of a degree
That he had wrought, and I dedyned
That aungell kynde shuld it noyot be;7
And we wer faire and bright,
Therfore me thoght that he
The kynde of vs tane myght,
And therat dedeyned me.
The kynde of man he thoght to take
And theratt hadde I grete envye,13
But he has made to hym a make,
And harde to her I wol me hye
That redy way,
That purpose proue to putte it by,
And fande to pike fro hym that pray.
My trauayle were wele sette19
Myght Y hym so betraye,
His likyng for to lette,
And sone I schalle assaye.
In a worme liknes wille Y wende,
And founde to feyne a lowde lesynge.
Eue, Eue.25
What es thare?25
I, a frende.25
And for thy gude es the comynge
I hydir sought.
Of all the fruyt that ye se hynge
In paradise, why ete yoe noght?
We may of tham ilkane30
Take al that vs goode thought,
Save a tree outt is tane,
Wolde do harme to neyghe it ought.
And why that tree, that wolde I witte,34
Any more than all othir by?
For oure lord God forbeedis vs itt,36
The frute therof, Adam nor I
To neghe it nere;
And yf we dide we both shuld dye,
He saide, and sese our solace sere.
Yha, Eue, to me take tente;41
Take hede and thou shalte here
What that the matere mente
He moved on that manere.
To ete therof he you defende
I knawe it wele, this was his skylle:
Bycause he wolde non othir kende47
Thes grete vertues that longes thertill.
For will thou see,
Who etis the frute of goode and ille
Shalle haue knowyng as wele as hee.
Why, what-kynne thyng art thou52
That telles this tale to me?
A worme, that wotith wele how54
That yhe may wirshipped be.
What wirshippe shulde we wynne therby?56
To ete therof vs nedith it nought,
We have lordshippe to make maistrie
Of alle thynge that in erthe is wrought.
Woman, do way!60
To gretter state ye may be broughte
And ye will do as I schall saye.
To do is vs full lothe63
That shuld oure God myspaye.
Nay, certis it is no wathe,65
Ete it saffely ye maye.
For perille ryght ther none in lyes,
Bot worshippe and a grete wynnynge,
For right als God yhe shalle be wyse
And pere to hym in all-kyn thynge.
Ay, goddis shalle ye be,71
Of ille and gode to haue knawyng,
For to be als wise as he.
Is this soth that thou sais?74
Yhe, why trowes thou noyot me?75
I wolde be no-kynnes wayes
Telle noyot but trouthe to the.
Than wille I to thy techyng traste78
And fange this frute vnto oure foode.
Byte on boldly, be nought abasshed,80
And bere Adam to amende his mode
And eke his blisse.
Adam, have here of frute full goode.83
Alas woman, why toke thou this?84
Owre lorde comaunded vs bothe
To tente the tree of his.
Thy werke wille make hym wrothe-
Allas, thou hast don amys.
Nay Adam, greve the nought at it,89
And I shal saie the reasonne why.
A worme has done me for to witte
We shalle be as goddis, thou and I,
Yf that we ete
Here of this tree; Adam, forthy
Lette noght that worshippe for to gete.95
For we shalle be als wise
Als God that is so grete,
And als mekill of prise;
Forthy ete of this mete.
To ete it wolde Y nought eschewe100
Myght I me sure in thy saying.
Byte on boldely, for it is trewe,102
We shalle be goddis and knawe al thyng.
To wynne that name104
I schalle it taste at thy techyng.
Allas, what haue I done, for shame!
Ille counsaille, woo worthe the!
A, Eue, thou art to blame,
To this entysed thou me-
Me shames with my lyghame,110
For I am naked as methynke.
Allas Adam, right so am I.112
And for sorowe sere why ne myght we synke,113
For we haue greved God almyghty
That made me man-
Brokyn his bidyng bittirly.
Allas that euer we it began.
This werke, Eue, hast thou wrought,
And made this bad bargayne.119
Nay Adam, wite me nought.120
Do wey, lefe Eue, whame than?121
The worme to wite wele worthy were,122
With tales vntrewe he me betrayed.
Allas, that I lete at thy lare124
Or trowed the trufuls that thou me saide.
So may I byde,
For I may banne that bittir brayde
And drery dede, that I it dyde.
Oure shappe for doole me defes,
Wherewith thay shalle be hydde.130
Late vs take there fygge-leves,131
Sythen it is thus betydde.
Ryght as thou sais so shalle it bee,133
For we are naked and all bare;
Full wondyr fayne I wolde hyde me
Fro my lordis sight, and I wiste whare,
Where I ne roght.
Adam, Adam.138
Where art thou, yhare?138
I here the lorde and seys the noyot.139
Say, wheron is it longe,140
This werke why hast thou wrought?
Lorde, Eue garte me do wronge142
And to that bryg me brought.
Say, Eue, why hast thou garte thy make144
Ete frute I bad the shuld hynge stille,
And comaunded none of it to take?
A worme, lorde, entysed me thertill;147
So welaway,
That euer I did that dede so dill.
A, wikkid worme, woo worthe the ay150
For thou on this maner
Hast made tham swilke affraye;
My malysoune haue thou here
With all the myght Y may.
And on thy wombe than shall thou glyde,
And be ay full of enmyté156
To al mankynde on ilke a side,
And erthe it shalle thy sustynaunce be
To ete and drynke.
Adam and Eue alsoo, yhe
In erthe than shalle ye swete and swynke,
And trauayle for youre foode.162
Allas, whanne myght we synke,163
We that haues alle worldis goode
Ful derfly may vs thynke.
Now Cherubyn, myn aungell bryght,166
To middilerth tyte go dryve there twoo.
Alle redy lorde, as it is right,168
Syn thy wille is that it be soo,
And thy lykyng.
Adam and Eue, do you to goo,
For here may yoe make no dwellyng;
Goo yhe forthe faste to fare,
Of sorowe may yhe synge.174
Allas, for sorowe and care175
Oure handis may we wryng.

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