The Cordwainers' Play: The Agony in the Garden and the Betrayal

Beholde, my discipulis that deyne is and dere,1
My flesshe dyderis and daris for doute of my dede.
Myne enemyes will newly be neghand full nere
With all the myght if thei may to marre my manhede.
But sen yoe are forwakid and wanderede in were,
Loke yoe sette yoou doune rathely and reste yooue, I reede.
Beis noyot heuy in yooure hertis, but holde yow even here
And bidis me a stounde stille in this same steede.
Beeis witty and wyse in youre wandyng
So that yoe be wakand alway,
And lokis nowe prestely yoe pray
To my fadir, that yoe falle in no fandyng.
Yis lorde, at thy bidding full baynly schall we abide,
For thou arte boote of oure bale and bidis for the best.
Lorde, all oure helpe and oure hele, that is noght to hyde,
In the-oure faythe and oure foode-all hollye is feste.
Qwat way is he willid in this worlde wyde,17
Whedir is he walked, estewarde or weste?
Yaa sirs, I schall saye yoou, sittis vs doune on euery ilka side,
And late vs nowe rathely here take oure reste;
My lymmys are heuy as any leede.
And I muste slepe, doune muste I lye.22
In faithe felawes, right so fare I,23
I may no lenger holde vppe my hede.
Oure liffe of his lyolty his liffe schall he lose,25
Vnkyndely be crucified and naylyd to a tree.
Baynly of my blissing youre eghen yoe vnclose,27
So that yoe falle in no fandyng for noght that may be,
But prayes fast.
Lorde, som prayer thou kende vs,30
That somwhat myght mirthe vs or mende vs.
Fro all fandyng vnfaythfull thou fende vs32
Here in this worlde of liffe whille we laste.
I schall kenne yoou and comforte yoou and kepe yoou from care.
Ye schall be broughte, wete yoe wele, fro bale vnto blisse.
Yaa, but lorde, and youre willis were witte wolde we more,
Of this prayer so precious late vs noyot mys
We beseke the.
For my felows and me alle in feere,39
Some prayer that is precious to lere.
Vnto thy fadir that moste is of poure41
Som solace of socoure to sende the.
[…     …]42
The nowys that me neghed hase it nedis not to neuen,
For all wate yoe full wele what wayes I haue wente.
Instore me and strenghe with a stille steuen,
I pray the interly thou take entent
Thou menske my manhed with mode.
My flessh is full dredand for drede,
For my jorneys of my manhed49
I swete now both watir and bloode.
Thes Jewes hase mente in ther mynde full of malice
And pretende me to take withouten any trespasse.
But fadir, as thou wate wele, I mente neuere amys,
In worde nor in werk I neuer worthy was.
Als thou arte bote of all bale and belder of blisse
And all helpe and hele in thy hande hase,
Thou mensk thy manhede, thou mendar of mysse,
And if it possible be this payne myght I ouerpasse.
And fadir, if thou se it may noght,
Be it worthely wrought
Euen at thyne awne will,61
Euermore both myldely and still,
With worschippe allway be it wroght.
Vnto my discipillis will I go agayne,
Kyndely to comforte tham that kacchid are in care.
What, are yoe fallen on slepe now euerilkone
And the passioun of me in mynde hase no more?67
What, wille yoe leue me thus lightly and latte me allone
In sorowe and in sighyng that sattillis full sore?
To whome may I meue me and make nowe my mone?
I wolde that yoe wakened, and your will wore.
Do Petir sitte vppe nowe, late se,
Thou arte strongly stedde in this stoure.73
Might thou noght the space of an owre
Haue wakid nowe mildely with me?
Yis lorde, with youre leue nowe wille we lere76
Full warely to were yoou fro alle wandynge.
Beeis wakand and prayes faste all in fere78
To my fadir, that yoe falle in no fanding,
For the euelle spirit is neghand full nere
That will yoou tarie at this tyme with his tentyng.
And I will wende ther I was withouten any were,
But bidis me here baynly in my blissing.
Agayne to the mounte I will gang84
Yitt eftesones where I was ere,
But loke that yoe cacche yoow no care,
For lely I schall noyot dwelle lange.
Thou fadir that all formed hase with fode for to fill,
I fele by my ferdnes my flessh wolde full fayne
Be torned fro this turnement and takyn the vntill,90
For mased is manhed in mode and in mayne.
But if thou se sothly that thi sone sill
Withouten surffette of synne thus sakles be slayne,
Be it worthly wroght even at thyne awne will,
For fadir, att thi bidding am I buxum and bayne.
Now wightely agayne will I wende96
Vnto my discipilis so dere.
What, slepe yoe so faste all in fere?
I am ferde yoe mon faile of youre frende.
But yoitt will I leue yoou and late you allone
And eftesones there I was agayne will I wende.
Vnto my fadir of myght now make I my mone,102
As thou arte saluer of all sore som socoure me sende.
The passioun they purpose to putte me vppon,
My flesshe is full ferde and fayne wolde defende.
At thi wille be itt wrought worthely in wone;
Haue mynde of my manhed my mode for to mende,
Some comforte me kythe in this case.108
And fadir, I schall dede taste, I will it noyot deffende-
Yitt yf thy willis be, spare me a space.
[And seis …     …yght
With rappes full rudely …     …the rode rente]
Vnto the maker vnmade that moste is of myght113
Be louyng ay-lastand in light that is lente.
Thy fadir that in heuen is moste he vppon highte,
Thy sorowes for to sobir to the he hase me sente.
For dedis that man done has thy dede schall be dight,
And thou with turmentis be tulyd-but take nowe entente,
Thy bale schall be for the beste,119
Thurgh that mannys mys schall be mende.
Than schall thou withouten any ende
Rengne in thy rialté full of reste.
Now if my flessh ferde be, fadir I am fayne123
That myne angwisshe and my noyes are nere at an ende.
Vnto my discipilis go will I agayne,
Kyndely to comforte tham that mased is in ther mynde.
Do slepe yoe nowe sauely, and I schall yoou sayne.
Wakyns vppe wightely and late vs hens wende,
For als tyte mon I be taken with tresoune and with trayne;
My flesshe is full ferde and fayne wolde deffende.
Full derfely my dede schall be dight,
And als sone as I am tane
Than schall yoe forsake me ilkone,
And saie neuere yoe sawe me with sight.
Nay sothely, I schall neuere my souereyne forsake,135
If I schulde for the dede darfely here dye.
Nay, such mobardis schall neuere man vs make,137
Erste schulde we dye all at onys.
Nowe in faith felows, so shulde I.138
Ya, but when tyme is betydde thanne men schalle me take,
For all yooure hartely hetyng yoe schall hyde yoou in hy.
Lyke schepe that were scharid away schall yoe schake,
Ther schall none of yoou be balde to byde me than by.
Nay sothely, whils I may vayle the143
I schall were the and wake the,
And if all othir forsake the
I schall neuere fayntely defayle the.
A, Petir, of swilke bostyng I rede thou late bee,147
For all thy kene carpyng full kenely I knawe.
For ferde of myne enmyse thou schalte sone denye me
Thries yoitt full thraly or the cokkes crowe;
For ferde of my fomen full fayne be for to flee,
And for grete doute of thi dede the to withdrawe.
Sir Cayphas, of youre counsaille do sone late vs now see,
For lely it langes vs to luke vnto oure lawe.
And therfore sir prestely I pray yoou,
Sen that we are of counsaille ilkone,
That Jesus that traytoure wer tane;
Do sone late se sir I pray yoou.
In certayne sir, and sone schall I saye yoou,159
I wolde wene by my witte this werke wolde be wele.
Late vs justely vs june tille Judas the gente,
For he kennes his dygnites full duly ilke a dele,
Ya, and beste wote I warande what wayes that he is wente.
Now this was wisely saide, als euer haue I seele;164
And sir, to youre saiyng I saddely will assente,
Therfore take vs of oure knyghtis that is stedfast as stele
And late Judas go lede tham belyffe wher that he laste lente.
Full wele sir.168
Nowe Judas dere neghbour, drawe nere vs.
Lo Judas, thus in mynd haue we ment:
To take Jesus is oure entent,
For thou muste lede vs and lere vs.
Sirs, I schall wisse you the way euen at youre awne will-
But loke that yoe haue many myghty men
That is both strang and sterand, and stedde hym stone stille.
Yis Judas, but be what knowlache shall we that corse kenne?
Sirs, a tokenyng in this tyme I schall telle yoou vntill,
But lokis by youre lewty no liffe yoe hym lenne:
Qwhat man som I kys that corse schall ye kyll,
And also beis ware that he will not away-I schrew you all thenne.
Why nay Judas,181
We purpose the page schall not passe.
Sir knyghtis in hy.
Miles 1
Lorde, we are here.183
Calles fourth youre felaws in feere184
And gose justely with gentill Judas.
Miles 1
Come felaws, by youre faith, come forthe all faste186
And carpis with sir Cayphas, he comaundis me to call.
Miles 2
I schrewe hym all his liffe that loues to be last.188
Miles 3
Go we hens than in hy and haste vs to the halle.189
Miles 4
Lorde, of youre will worthely wolde I witte what was’t?
To take Jesus that sawntrelle all same, that yoe schall.
Miles 1
Lorde, to that purpose I wolde that we paste.192
Ya, but loke that yoe be armed wele all,193
The moste gentill of the Jury schalle gyde yoou.
Ya, and euery ilke a knyght in degré195
Both armed and harneysed yoe be,
To belde yoou, and baynely go byde yoou.
Ya, and therfore sir Cayphas yoe hye yoou,198
Youre wirschippe yoe wynne in this cas.
As yoe are a lorde most lofsom of lyre
Vndir sir Pilate that lyfis in this empire,
Yone segger that callis hymselffe a sire
With tresoure and tene sall we taste hym.
Of yoone losell his bale schall he brewe,204
Do trottes on for that traytoure apas
In hast.
Nowe sirs, sen yoe say my poure is most beste207
And hase all this werke thus to wirke at my will,
Now certayne I thinke not to rest,
But solempnely youre will to fulfille
Riyot sone.
Full tyte the traytoure schall be tane-
Sirs, knyghtis, yoe hye yoou ilkone,213
For in certayne the losell schall be slane.
Sir Anna, I praye yoou haue done.
Full redy tyte I schall be boune216
This journay for to go till.
Als yoe are a lorde of grete renoune
Ye spare hym not to spill,
The devill hym spede.
Go we with oure knyghtis in fere,
Lo, thay are arrayed and armed clere.222
Sir knyghtis, loke yoe be of full gud chere,
Where yoe hym see on hym take hede.
Judeus 1
Goode tente to hym lorde schall we take,225
He schall banne the tyme that he was borne.
All his kynne schall come to late,
He schall noght skape withouten scorne
Fro vs in fere.
Judeus 2
We schall hym seke both even and morne,230
Erly and late with full gode chere
Is oure entente.
Judeus 3
Stye nor strete we schall spare none,233
Felde nor towne, thus haue we mente
And boune in corde.
A, ay, and I schulde be rewarde,236
And right als wele worthy were,
Loo, for I bere light for my lorde.
A, sir, of youre speche lette, and late vs spede239
A space and of oure speche spare.
And Judas, go fande thou before
And wisely thou wisse tham the way,
For sothely sone schall we saye
To make hym to marre vs no more.
Now will this oure be neghand full nere245
That schall certefie all the soth that I haue saide.
Go, fecche forth the freyke for his forfette.247
All hayll maistir, in faith, and felawes all in fere,
With grete gracious gretyng on grounde be yoe graied.
I wolde aske you a kysse maistir, and youre willes were,
For all my loue and my likyng is holy vppon yoou layde.
Full hartely Judas, haue it even here,252
For with this kissing is mans sone betrayed.
Miles 1
Whe, stande traytoure, I telle the for tane.254
Whe, do knyghtis, go falle on before.255
Miles 2
Yis maistir, moue thou no more,256
But lightly late vs allone.
Miles 3
Allas, we are loste for leme of this light.258
Saye yoe here, whome seke yoe? Do saye me, late see.
Judeus 1
One Jesu of Nazareth I hope that he hight.260
Beholdis all hedirward, loo here, I am hee.261
Miles 1
Stande dastarde, so darfely thy dede schall be dight,
I will no more be abasshed for blenke of thy blee.
Judeus 1
We, oute, I ame mased almost in mayne and in myght.
Judeus 2
And I am ferde be my feyth and fayne wolde I flee,265
For such a siyot haue I not sene.
Judeus 3
This leme it lemed so light,267
I saugh neuer such a siyot,
Me meruayles what it may mene.
Doo, whame seke yoe all same yoitt I saye?270
Judeus 1
One Jesus of Nazareth, hym wolde we neghe nowe.271
And I am he sothly.272
And that schall I asaie,272
For thou schalte dye, dastard, sen that it is thowe.
And I schall fande be my feythe the for to flaye,274
Here with a lusshe, lordayne, I schalle the allowe.
We! Oute! All my deueres are done.276
Traytoure, but trewly I schall trappe the I trowe.
Pees, Petir, I bidde the,278
Melle the nor move the no more.
For witte thou wele, and my willis were,
I myght haue poure grete plenté
Of aungellis full many to mustir my myght.
Forthy putte vppe thi swerde full goodely agayne,
For he that takis vengeaunce all rewlid schall be right
With purgens and vengeaunce that voydes in vayne.
Thou man that is thus derede and doulfully dyght,
Come hedir to me sauely and I schalle the sayne.
In the name of my fadir that in heuene is most vpon hight,
Of thy hurtis be thou hole in hyde and in hane,
Thurgh vertewe thi vaynes be at vayle.290
What, ille hayle, I hope that I be hole-291
Nowe I schrewe hym this tyme that gyvis tale
To touche the for thi trauayle.
Judeus 1
Do felaws, be youre faithe, late vs fange on in fere,
For I haue on this hyne […     …]
Miles 2
And I haue a loke on hym nowe-howe felawes, drawe nere.
Miles 3
Yis, by the bonys that this bare, this bourde schall he banne.
Euen like a theffe heneusly hurle yoe me here;298
I taught you in youre tempill, why toke yoe me noyot thanne?
Now haues merkenes on molde all his power.
Judeus 1
Do, do, laye youre handes belyue on this lourdayne.
Judeus 3
We, haue holde this hauk in thi hende.302
Whe, yois felawes, be my faith he is fast.303
Vnto sir Cayphas I wolde that he past.304
Farewele, for, iwisse, we will wende.

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