The Curriers' Play: The Transfiguration

Petir myne awne discipill dere,1
And James and John my cosyns two,
Takis hartely hede, for yoe schall here
That I wille telle vnto no moo.
And als yoe schall see sightis seere
Whilke none schall see bot yoe alsoo,
Therfore comes forth with me in fere,7
For to yoone mountayne will I goo.
Ther schall yoe see a sight
Whilk yoe haue yoerned lange.
My lorde, we are full light11
And glad with the to gange.
Longe haue yoe coveyte for to kenne13
My fadir, for I sette hym before,
And wele yoe wote whilke tyme and when
In Galylé gangand we were.
‘Shewe vs thy fadir’-thus saide yoe then-
‘That suffice us withouten moré.
I saide to yoou and to all men19
‘Who seis me seis my fadyr thoré.
Such wordis to yoou I spakke
In trewthe to make yoou bolde;
Ye cowde noght vndyrtake
The talez that I yoou tolde.
Anodir tyme, for to encresse25
Youre trouthe and worldly yoou to wys,
I saide ‘Quem dicunt homines
Esse filium hominis?’
I askid yoow wham the pepill chase
To be mannys sone, withouten mys.
Ye aunswered and saide ‘Sum Moyses,’31
And sum, saide than ‘Hely it is’,
And sum saide ‘John Baptist’.
Than more I enquered you yoitt,
I askid yoiff yoe ought wiste
Who I was, by youre witte.
Thou aunswered, Petir, for thy prowe,37
And saide that I was Crist, God sonne,
Bot of thyselffe that had noght thowe,
My fadir hadde that grace begonne.
Therfore bese bolde and biddis now
To tyme yoe haue my fadir fonne.
Lord, to thy byddyng will we bowe43
Full buxumly, as we are bonne.
Lorde, we will wirke thy will45
Allway with trewe entent,
We love God lowde and stille
That vs this layne has lente.
Full glad and blithe awe vs to be,49
And thanke oure maistir mekill of mayne
That sais we schall the sightis see,
The whiche non othir schall see certayne.
He talde vs of his fadir free,53
Of that fare wolde we be full fayne.
All that he hyghte vs holde will hee,55
Therfore we will no forther frayne,
But as he fouchesaffe
So sall we vndirstande.
Beholde, her we nowe haue59
In hast som new tythande.
Lord God, I loue the lastandly61
And highly, botht with harte and hande,
That me, thy poure prophett Hely,
Has steuened in this stede to stande.
In Paradise wonnand am I
Ay sen I lefte this erthely lande;
I come Cristis name to clarifie67
As God his fadir me has ordand,
And for to bere witnesse
In worde to man and wyffe,
That this his owne sone is
And lord of lastand liff.
Lord God that of all welth is wele,73
With wille and witte we wirschippe the,
That vnto me, Moyses, wolde tell
This grete poynte of thy pryuyté,
And hendly hente me oute of hell
This solempne syght for I schuld see,
Whan thy dere darlynges that thore dwell79
Hase noght thy grace in swilk degree.
Oure forme-fadyrs full fayne
Wolde se this solempne sight,
That in this place thus pleyne
Is mustered thurgh thi myght.
Brethir, whateuere yoone brightnes be?85
Swilk burdis beforne was neuere sene.
It marres my myght, I may not see,
So selcouth thyng was neuere sene.
What it will worthe that wote noyot wee;89
How wayke I waxe yoe will not wene.
Are was ther one, now is ther thre,
Methynke oure maistir is betwene.
That oure maistir is thare93
That may we trewly trowe,
He was full fayre before
But neuere als he is nowe.
His clothyng is as white as snowe,97
His face schynes as the sonne;
To speke with hym I haue grete awe,
Swilk faire before was neuere fune.
The tothir two fayne wolde I knawe101
And witte what werke tham hedir has wonne.
I rede we aske tham all on rowe103
And grope tham how this game is begonne.
My bredir, if that yoe come be105
To make clere Cristis name,
Telles here till vs thre,
For we seke to the same.
Itt is Goddis will that we yoou wys109
Of his werkis, as is worthy.
I haue my place in Paradise,
Ennok my brodyr me by.
Als messenger withouten mys
Am I called to this company,
To witnesse that Goddis sone is this,115
Euyn with hym mette and allmyghty.
To dede we wer noght dight,
But quyk schall we come
With Antecrist for to fyght,
Beffore the day of dome.
Frendis, if that yoe frayne my name,121
Moyses than may yoe rede by rawe.
Two thousand yoere aftir Adam
Than gaffe God vnto me his lawe,
And sythen in helle has bene oure hame,
Allas, Adams kynne, this schall yoe knawe.
Vnto Crist come, this is the same127
That vs schall fro that dongeoun drawe.
He schall brynge tham to blys
That nowe in bale are bonne.
This myrthe we may not mys,
For this same is Goddis sonne.
My dere discipils, drede yoou noyot,133
I am yooure souerayne certenly.
This wondir-werke that here is wrought
Is of my fadir almyghty.
Thire both are hydir brought-
The tone Moyses, the todir Ely-
And for youre sake thus are thei sought139
To saie yoou, his sone am I.
So schall bothe heuen and helle
Be demers of this dede,
And yoe in erth schall tell
My name wher itt is nede.
A, loued be thou euere my lord Jesus145
That all this solempne sight has sent,
That fouchest saffe to schew the thus
So that thi myghtis may be kende.
Here is full faire dwellyng for vs,
A lykand place in for to lende.
A, lord, late vs no forther trus,151
For we will make with herte and hende
A taburnakill vnto the
Belyue, and thou will bide;
One schall to Moyses be
And to Ely the thirde.
Ya, wittirly, that were wele done,157
But vs awe noght swilk case to craue.
Tham thare but saie and haue it sone,
Such seruice and he fouchesaffe.
He hetis his men both morne and none
Thare herber high in heuen to haue,
Therfore is beste we bide hys bone;163
Who othir reedis, rudely thei raue.
Such sonde as he will sende165
May mende all oure mischeue,
And where hym lykis to lende,
We will lende, with his leue.
Ye febill of faithe, folke affraied,169
Beis noyot aferde for vs in feere.
I am yooure God that gudly grayde
Both erthe and eyre with clowdes clere.
This is my sone, as yoe haue saide,
As he has schewed by sygnes sere.
Of all his werkis I am wele paied,175
Therfore till hym takis hede and here.
Where he is, thare am I,
He is myne and I am his,
Who trowis this stedfastly
Shall byde in endles blisse.
Petir, pees be vnto the,181
And to yoou also James and John.
Rise vppe and tellis me what yoe see,
And beis no more so wille of wone.
A, lorde, what may this meruayle be,185
Whedir is this glorious gleme al gone?
We saugh here pleynly persones thre
And nowe is oure lorde lefte allone.
This meruayle movis my mynde
And makis my flessh affrayed.
This brightnes made me blynde,191
I bode neuere swilke a brayde.
Lorde God oure maker almyghty,193
This mater euermore be ment,
We saw two bodis stande hym by
And saide his fadir had thame sent.
There come a clowde of the skye197
Lyght als the lemys on thame lent,
And now fares all as fantasye
For wote noyot we how thai are wente.
That clowde cloumsed vs clene201
That come schynand so clere,
Such syght was never sene,
To seke all sydis seere.
Nay, nay, that noys noyed vs more205
That here was herde so hydously.
Frendis, be noght afferde therfore,207
I schall yoou saye encheson why:
My fadir wiste how that yoe were
In yooure faith fayland, and forthy
He come to witnesse ay-where,
And saide that his sone am I.
And also in this stede213
To witnesse the same,
A quyk man and a dede
Come to make clere my name.
A, lord, why latest thou vs noyot see217
Thy fadirs face in his fayrenes?
Petir, thou askis over-grete degree,219
That grace may noyot be graunted the, I gesse.
In his Godhed so high is he
As all yooure prophetis names expresse,
That langar of lyffe schall he noght be
That seys his Godhede as it is.
Here haue yoe sene in sight225
Poyntes of his priuité,
Als mekill als erthely wighte
May suffre in erthe to see.
And therfore wende we nowe agayne
To oure meyné, and mende ther chere.
Oure felaws ful faste wil vs frayne231
How we haue faren, al in feere.
This visioun lely loke yoe layne,233
Vnto no leffand lede itt lere
Tille tyme mannys sone haue suffered payne
And resen fro dede; kens it than clere.
For all that trowis that thyng
Of my fadir and me,
Thay schall haue his blessing239
And myne, so motte it be.

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