The Cutlers' Play: The Conspiracy

Vndir the ryallest roye of rente and renowne1
Now am I regent of rewle this region in reste,
Obeye vnto bidding bud busshoppis me bowne
And bolde men that in batayll makis brestis to breste.
To me betaught is the tent this towre-begon towne,
For traytoures tyte will I taynte the trewthe for to triste.
The dubbyng of my dingnité may noyot be done downe,
Nowdir with duke nor dugeperes, my dedis are so dreste.
My desire muste dayly be done
With thame that are grettest of game,
And theragayne fynde I but fone,
Wherfore I schall bettir ther bone-
But he that me greues for a grone,13
Beware, for wyscus I am.
Pounce Pilatt of thre partis than is my propir name,
I am a perelous prince to proue wher I peere.
Emange the philosofers firste ther fanged I my fame,
Wherfore I fell to affecte I fynde noyot my feere.
He schall full bittirly banne that bide schall my blame,
If all my blee be as bright as blossome on brere,
For sone his liffe shall he lose or left be for lame
That lowtes noyot to me lowly nor liste noyot to leere.
And thus sen we stande in oure state
Als lordis with all lykyng in lande,
Do and late vs wete if yoe wate25
Owthir, sirs, of bayle or debate
That nedis for to be handeled full hate,
Sen all youre helpe hanges in my hande.
Sir, and for to certefie the soth in youre sight,29
As to yoou for oure souerayne semely we seke.
Why, is ther any myscheue that musteres his myyot31
Or malice thurgh meene menn vs musters to meke?
Ya sir, ther is a ranke swayne whos rule is noyot right,
For thurgh his romour in this reme hath raysede mekill reke.
I here wele yoe hate hym; youre hartis are on heght,
And ellis if I helpe wolde his harmes for to eke.
But why are yoe barely thus brathe?
Bees rewly and ray fourth youre reasoune.
Tille vs sir his lore is full lothe.39
Beware that we wax noyot to wrothe.40
Why sir, to skyfte fro his skath41
We seke for youre socoure this sesoune.
And if that wrecche in oure warde haue wrought any wrong,
Sen we are warned we walde witte, and wille or we wende.
But and his sawe be lawfull, legge noyot to lange,
For we schall leue hym if us list with luffe here to lende.
Doctor 1
And yf that false faytor youre fortheraunce may fang,
Than fele I wele that oure folke mon fayle of a frende.
Sir, the strenghe of his steuen ay still is so strange
That but he schortely be schent he schappe vs to schende,
For he kennes folke hym for to call
Grete God son-thus greues vs that gome-
And sais that he sittande be schall53
In high heuen, for there is his hall.
And frendis, if that force to hym fall55
It semes noyot yoe schall hym consume.
But that hymselfe is the same yoe saide schulde descende
Youre seede and yoou then all for to socoure.
A, softe sir, and sese,58
For of Criste whan he comes no kynne schall be kenned,
But of this caytiffe kynreden we knawe the encrese.
He lykens hym to be lyke God, ay-lastand to lende,
To lifte vppe the laby, to lose or relesse.
His maistreys schulde moue yoou youre mode for to amende.
Nay, for swilke mys fro malice we may noyot vs meese,
For he sais he schall deme vs, that dote,
And that tille vs is dayne or dispite.
To noye hym nowe is youre noote,67
But yoitt the lawe lyes in my lotte.
Doctor 1
And yf yoe will witt sir, yoe wotte69
That he is wele worthy to wyte.
For in oure temple has he taught by tymes moo than tenne
Where tabillis full of tresoure lay to telle and to trye,
Of oure cheffe mony-changers-butte, curstely to kenne,
He caste tham ouere, that caystiffe, and counted noyot therby.
Loo sir, this is a periurye to prente vndir penne,75
Wherfore make yoe that appostita, we praye yoou, to plye.
Howe mene yoe?77
Sir, to mort hym for mouyng of men.77
Than schulde we make hym to morne but thurgh yooure maistrie.
Latte be sirs, and move that no more;
But what in youre temple betyde?
Miles 1
We, thare sir he skelpte oute of score81
That stately stode selland ther store.
Than felte he tham fawté before83
And made the cause wele to be kydde.
But what taught he that tyme, swilk tales as thou telles?
Miles 1
Sir, that oure tempill is the toure of his troned sire,
And thus to prayse in that place oure prophettis compellis,
Tille hym that has posté of prince and of empire;
And thei make domus domini that deland thare dwellis
The denn of the derfenes and ofte that thei desire.
Loo, is he noght a mad man that for youre mede melles,
Sen yoe ymagyn amys that makeles to myre?
Youre rankoure is raykand full rawe.
Nay nay sir, we rewle vs but right.94
Forsothe, yoe ar ouer-cruell to knawe.95
Why sir? For he wolde lose oure lawe96
Hartely we hym hate as we awe,
And therto schulde yoe mayntayne oure myght.
For why, vppon oure Sabbott day the seke makes he saffe
And will noyot sesse for oure sawes to synke so in synne.
Miles 2
Sir, he coueres all that comes recoueraunce to craue
But in a schorte contynuaunce, that kennes all oure kynne.
But he haldis noght oure haly dayes, harde happe myght hym haue,
And therfore hanged be he and that by the halse.
A, hoo sir nowe, and holde in.104
For thoff yoe gange thus gedy hym gilteles to graue,
Withouten grounde yoow gaynes noght swilke greffe to begynne;
And loke youre leggyng be lele,
Withowtyn any tryfils to telle.
For certayne owre sawes dare we seele.109
And than may we prophite oure pele.110
Sir, bot his fawtes wer fele111
We mente noyot of hym for to melle.
For he pervertis oure pepull that proues his prechyng,
And for that poynte yoe schulde prese his poosté to paire.
Doctor 2
Ya sir, and also that caytiff he callis hym oure kyng,
And for that cause our comons are casten in care.
And if so be, that borde to bayll will hym bryng117
And make hym boldely to banne the bones that hym bare.
For-why that wrecche fro oure wretthe schal not wryng
Or ther be wrought on hym wrake.
Doctor 1
So wolde we it ware,120
For so schulde yoe susteyne youre seele
And myldely haue mynde for to meke yoou.
Wele witte yoe, this werke schall be wele,123
For kende schall that knave be to knele.
Doctor 2
And so that oure force he may feele125
All samme for the same we beseke yoou.
Ingenti pro inuria- hym Jesus, that Jewe127
Vnjust vnto me, Judas, I juge to be lathe.
For at oure soper as we satte, the sothe to pursewe,
With Symond luprus, full sone my skiffte come to scathe.
Tille hym ther brought one a boyste my bale for to brewe
That baynly to his bare feete to bowe was full braythe,
Sho anoynte tham with an oynement that nobill was and newe,
But for that werke that sche wrought I wexe woundir wrothe.
And this-to discouer-was my skill:
For of his penys purser was I,
And what that me taught was vntill
The tente parte that stale I ay still.
But nowe for me wantis of my will139
That bargayne with bale schall he by.
That same oynement, I saide, might same haue bene solde
For siluer penys in a sowme thre hundereth, and fyne
Haue ben departid to poure men as playne pité wolde;
But for the poore, ne thare parte priked me no peyne-
But me tened for the tente parte, the trewthe to beholde,
That thirty pens of iij hundereth so tyte I schulde tyne.
And for I mysse this mony I morne on this molde,
Wherfore for to mischeue this maistir of myne
And therfore faste forthe will I flitte
The princes of prestis vntill,
And selle hym full sone or that I sitte151
For therty pens in a knotte knytte.
Thus-gatis full wele schall he witte
That of my wretthe wreke me I will.
Do open, porter, the porte of this prowde place
That I may passe to youre princes to proue for youre prowe.
Go hense thou glorand gedlyng, God geue the ille grace,
Thy glyfftyng is so grymly thou gars my harte growe.
Goode sir, be toward this tyme and tarie noght my trace,
For I haue tythandis to telle.
Ya, som tresoune I trowe,160
For I fele by a figure in youre fals face
It is but foly to feste affeccioun in yoou.
For Mars he hath morteysed his mark,
Eftir all lynes of my lore,
And sais yoe are wikkid of werk
And bothe a strange theffe and a stark.166
Sir, thus at my berde and yoe berk167
It semes it schall sitte yow full sore.
Say bittilbrowed bribour, why blowes thou such boste?
Full false in thy face in faith can I fynde.
Thou arte combered in curstnesse and caris to this coste,
To marre men of myght haste thou marked in thy mynde.
Sir, I mene of no malice but mirthe meve I moste.173
Say, on-hanged harlott, I holde the vnhende,174
Thou lokist like a lurdayne his liffelod hadde loste.
Woo schall I wirke the away but thou wende.
A, goode sir, take tente to my talkyng this tyde,177
For tythandis full trew can I telle.
Say brethell, I bidde the abide,179
Thou chaterist like a churle that can chyde.
Ya sir, but and the truthe schulde be tryed181
Of myrthe are ther materes I mell,
For thurgh my dedis youre dugeperes fro dere may be drawen.
What, demes thou till oure dukes that doole schulde be dight?
Nay sir, so saide I noght.184
If I be callid to counsaille that cause schall be knawen
Emang that comely companye, to clerke and to knyght.
Byde me here bewchere or more blore be blowen,187
And I schall buske to the benke wher baneres are bright
And saie vnto oure souereynes, or seede more be sawen,
That swilke a seege as thiselff sewes to ther sight.
My lorde nowe of witte that is well,
I come for a cas to be kydde.
We, speke on and spare not thi spell.193
Ya, and if vs mystir te mell,194
Sen yoe bere of bewté the bell,
Blythely schall we bowe as yoe bidde.
Sir, withoute this abatyng ther houes as I hope197
A hyne helte-full of ire, for hasty he is.
What comes he fore?199
I kenne hym noght, but he is cladde in a cope,199
He cares with a kene face vncomely to kys.
Go gete hym that his greffe we grathely may grope,201
So no oppen langage be goyng amys.
Comes on bylyue to my lorde and if the liste to lepe,
But vttir so thy langage that thou lette noght thare blys.
That lorde, sirs, myght susteyne yooure seele205
That floure is of fortune and fame.
Welcome, thy wordis are but wele.207
Say, harste thou knave, can thou not knele?208
Loo, here may men faute in you fele,209
Late be sir youre scornyng, for schame.
Bot bewshere, be noyot abayst to byde at the bar.
Before you sirs to be brought abowte haue I bene,212
And allway for youre worschippe.
Say, wotte thou any were?213
Of werke sir that hath wretthid yoou I wotte what I meene,
But I wolde make a marchaundyse youre myscheffe to marre.
And may thou soo?216
Els madde I such maistries to mene.216
Than kennes thou of som comberaunce oure charge for to chere?
For cosyne, thou art cruell.
My cause sir is kene.218
For if yoe will bargayne or by,
Jesus this tyme will I selle yoou.
Doctor 1
My blissing sone haue thou forthy-221
Loo, here is a sporte for to spye.
And hym dar I hete yoou in hye,223
If yoe will be toward I telle yoou.
What hytist thou?225
Judas Scariott.225
Thou art a juste man225
That will Jesus be justified by oure jugement.
But howe-gates bought schall he be? Bidde furthe thy bargayne.
But for a litill betyng to bere fro this bente.228
Now what schall we pay?229
Sir, thirti pens and plete, no more than.229
Say, ar yoe plesid of this price he preces to present?
Doctor 2
Ellis contrarie we oure consciens, consayue sen we can
That Judas knawes hym culpabill.
I call yoou consent.232
But Judas, a knott for to knytt,
Wilt thou to this comenaunt accorde?
Ya, at a worde.235
Welcome is it.235
Miles 2
Take therof, a traytour tyte.236
Miles 1
Now, leue ser, late no man wete237
How this losell laykis with his lord.
Why, dwellis he with that dochard whos dedis hase us drouyd?
Miles 1
That hase he done ser and dose, no dowte is this day.
Than wolde we knawe why this knave thus cursidly contryued.
Miles 2
Enquere hym, sen yoe can best kenne if he contrarie.
Say man, to selle thi maistir what mysse hath he moved?
For of als mekill mony he made me delay,244
Of yoou as I resayue schall but right be reproued.
I rede noght that yoe reken vs oure rewle so to ray,
For that the false fende schall the fang.
Miles 1
When he schall wante of a wraste.248
Doctor 1
To whome wirke we wittandly wrang.249
Doctor 2
Tille hym bot yoe hastely hang.250
Doctor 3
Youre langage yoe lay oute to lang.251
But Judas, we trewly the trast,
For truly thou moste lerne vs that losell to lache,
Or of lande thurgh a lirte that lurdayne may lepe.
I schall yoou teche a token hym tyte for to take255
Wher he is thryngand in the thrang, withouten any threpe.
Miles 1
We knawe hym noght.257
Take kepe than that caytiffe to catche257
The whilke that I kisse.
Miles 2
That comes wele the, corious, I cleepe!258
But yoitt to warne vs wisely allwayes muste yoe wacche.
Whan thou schall wende forthwith we schall walke a wilde hepe,
And therfore besye loke now thou be.
Yis, yois, a space schall I spie vs262
Als sone as the sonne is sette, as yoe see.
Miles 1
Go forthe, for a traytoure ar yoe.264
Miles 2
Ya, and a wikkid man.265
Doctor 1
Why, what is he?265
Doctor 2
A losell ser, but lewté shuld lye vs.266
He is trappid full of trayne, the truthe for to trist,
I holde it but folye his faythe for to trowe.
Abide in my blyssing and late youre breste,269
For it is beste for oure bote in bayle for to bowe.
And Judas, for oure prophite we praye the be prest.
Yitt hadde I noght a peny to purvey for my prowe.272
Thou schalte haue delyueraunce belyue at thi list,273
So that thou schall haue liking oure lordschipp to loue.
And therfore Judas mende thou thy mone
And take ther thi siluere all same.
Ya, nowe is my grete greffe ouere-gone.277
Miles 1
Be lyght than.278
Yis, latte me allone,278
For tytte schall that taynte be tone
And therto jocounde and joly I am.
Judas, to holde thi behest be hende for oure happe,
And of vs helpe and vpholde we hete the to haue.
I schall bekenne yoou his corse in care for to clappe.
And more comforte in this case we coveyte not to craue.
Miles 1
Fro we may reche that rekeles his ribbis schall we rappe,
And make that roy or we rest for rennyng to raffe.
Nay sirs, all if yoe scourge hym yoe schende noyot his schappe,
For if the sotte be sakles vs sittis hym to saue.
Wherfore when yoe go schall to gete hym
Vnto his body brew yoe no bale.
Miles 2
Our liste is fro leping to lette hym,291
But in youre sight sownde schall ve sette hym.
Do flitte nowe forthe till yoe fette hym293
With solace all same to youre sale.

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