The Drapers' Play: The Death of the Virgin

Hayle, myghfull Marie, Godis modir so mylde,1
Hayle be thou, roote of all reste, hayle be thou, ryall.
Hayle floure and frewte noyot fadid nor filyd,
Haile, salue to all synnefull. Nowe saie the I schall
Thy sone to thiselue me has sente,
His sande, and sothly he saies
No lenger than ther thre dayes7
Here lefte the this liffe that is lente.
And therfore he biddis the loke that thou blithe be,
For to that bigly blisse that berde will the bring,
There to sitte with hymselue, all solas to see,
And to be crowned for his quene and he hymselue kyng
In mirthe that euere schall be newe.13
He sendis to the worthely iwis
This palme oute of paradise,
In tokenyng that it schall be trewe.
I thanke my sone semely of all his sandis sere;17
Vnto hym lastandly be ay louyng
That me thus worthely wolde menske on this manere,
And to his bigly blisse my bones for to bringe.
But gode ser, neuenes me thi name.
Gabriell, that baynly ganne bringe22
The boodworde of his bering-
Forsothe lady, I ame the same.
Nowe Gabriell that sothly is fro my sone sent,25
I thanke the ther tythyngis thou tellis me vntill,
And loued be that lorde of the lane that has me lente
[…     …]27
And dere sone, I beseke the
Grete God, thou graunte me thi grace,
Thyne appostelis to haue in this place,
That thei at my bering may be.
Nowe foode fairest of face, most faithfull and fre,
Thyne askyng thi sone has graunte of his grace,
And saies all same in sight yoe schall see
All his appostelis appere in this place,
To wirke all thi will at thi wending.
And sone schall thi peynes be paste,
And thou to be in liffe that schall laste38
Euermore withouten any ending.
Marie my modir, that mylde is and meke40
And cheffe chosen for chaste, nowe telle me, what chere?
John, sone, I saie the forsothe I am seke.42
Mi swete sone sonde I hente, right nowe it was here,
And douteles he saies I schall dye.
Within thre daies iwis,
I schall be beldid in blisse
And come to his awne company.
A, with thi leue lady, thou neuene it me noght,48
Ne telle me no tydingis to twynne vs in two,
For be thou, blissid birde, vnto bere broght
Euermore whils I wonne in this worlde will me be full woo,
Therfore lete it stynte and be still.
Nay John, sone, myselue nowe I see53
Atte Goddis will moste it nedis be,
Therfore be it wroght at his will.
A, worthy, when thou art wente will me be full woo-
But God giffe the appostelis wiste of thi wending.
Yis John, sone, for certayne schall it be so,58
All schall thei hardely be here at myne ending.
The sonde of my sone saide me this,
That sone schall my penaunce be paste
And I to be in liffe that euere schall laste,
Than baynly to belde in that blisse.
O God omnipotent, the giffer of all grace,64
Benedicite dominus, a clowde now full clere
Vmbelappid me in Judé prechand as I was,
And I haue mekill meruayle how that I come here.
A, sesse, of this assemelyng can I noyot saie68
Howe and in what wise that we are here mette,
Owthir myrthe or of mornyng mene wele it maye,
For sodenly in sight here sone was I sette.
A, bredir, be my wetand and iwisse so wer we,72
In diuerse landes lely I wotte we were lente,
And how we are semelid thus can I noyot see,
But as God of his sande has vs same sente.
A, felawes, late be youre fare,76
For as God will it moste nedis be,
That pereles is of posté,
His myyot is to do mekill mare.
For Marie that worthy schall wende nowe I wene,
Vnto that bigly blisse that high barne baynly vs boght;
That we in hir sight all same myght be sene82
Or sche disseuer vs froo, hir sone sche besoght.
And thus has he wroght atte hir will,
Whanne sche schal be broght on a bere,
That we may be neghand hir nere
This tyme for to tente hir vntill.
Jesu my darlyng that ding is and dere,88
I thanke the my dere sone of thi grete grace
That I all this faire felawschip atte hande nowe has here,
That thei me some comforte may kythe in this case.
This sikenes it sittis me full sare;
My maidens, take kepe nowe on me
And caste some watir vppon me-94
I faynte, so febill I fare.
Ancilla 1
Allas for my lady that lemed so light,96
That euere I leued in this lede thus longe for to lende,
That I on this semely schulde se such a sight.
Ancilla 2
Allas, helpe, sche dyes in oure hende.99
A, Marie, of me haue thou mynde
[…     …]100
Some comforte vs two for to kythe,
Thou knowes we are comen of thi kynde.
What ayles yow women for wo thus wynly to wepe?103
Yhe do me dere with youre dynne, for me muste nedis dye
Yhe schulde, whenne yoe saw me so slippe on slepe,
Haue lefte all youre late and lette me lye.
John, cosyne, garre thame stynte and be still.
A, Marie that mylde is of mode,108
When thi sone was raised on a rode
To tente the he toke me the till,
And therfore at thi bidding full bayne will I be.
Iff ther be oght, modir, that I amende may,
I pray the, myldest of mode, meue the to me,
And I schall, dereworthi dame, do it ilke a daye.114
A, John, sone, that this peyne were ouere-paste!115
With goode harte yoe alle that are here
Praies for me faithfully in feere,
For I mon wende fro you as faste.
Judeus 1
A, foode fairest of face, moste faithfull to fynde,
Thou mayden and modir that mylde is and meke,
As thou arte curtaise and comen of oure kynde
All oure synnes for to sesse thi sone thou beseke,
With mercy to mende vs of mys.
Judeus 2
Sen thou, lady, come of oure kynne,124
Thou helpe vs nowe thou veray virginne,
That we may be broght vnto blisse.
Jesu my sone, for my sake beseke I the this,127
As thou arte gracious and grete God thou graunte me thy grace.
Thei that is comen of my kynde and amende will there mys,
Nowe specially thou thame spede and spare thame a space,
And be ther belde, if thi willis be.
And dere sone, whane I schall dye,
I pray the than for thi mercy133
The fende thou latte me noyot see.
And also my blissid barne, if thi will be,
I sadly beseke the my sone, for my sake,
Men that are stedde stiffely in stormes or in see
And are in will wittirly my worschippe to awake,
And thanne nevenes my name in that nede,139
Thou late thame not perissh nor spille.
Of this bone my sone, at thi will,
Thou graunte me specially to spede.
Also my bliste barne thou graunte me my bone,
All that are in newe or in nede and nevenes me be name,
I praie the sone for my sake thou socoure thame sone,
In alle ther schoures that are scharpe thou shelde thame fro schame.
And women also in thare childing,
Nowe speciall thou thame spede,
And if so be thei die in that drede
To thi blisse thane baynly thou thame bringe.
Marie my modir, thurgh the myght nowe of me151
For to make the in mynde with mirthe to be mending,
Thyne asking all haly here heete I nowe the.
But modir, the fende muste be nedis at thyne endyng
In figoure full foule for to fere the.
Myne aungelis schall thane be aboute the,
And therfore dere dame thou thar noyot doute the,157
For douteles thi dede schall noyot dere the.
And therfore my modir come myldely to me,
For aftir the sonne my sande will I sende,
And to sitte with myselfe all solas to se
In ay-lastand liffe in likyng to lende.
In this blisse schall be thi bilding,163
Of mirth schall thou neuere haue missing
But euermore abide in my blissing,
All this schall thou haue at thi welding.
I thanke the my swete sone, for certis I am seke,167
I may noyot now meve me for mercie almoste
To the, sone myne that made me, thi maiden so meke;
Here thurgh thi grace, god sone, I giffe the my goste.
Mi sely saule I the sende
To heuene that is highest on heghte,
To the, sone myne that moste is of myght,173
Ressayue it here into thyne hende.
Myne aungellis louely of late, lighter than the levene,
Into the erthe wightly I will that yoe wende
And bringe me my modir to the highest of heuene,
With mirthe and with melody hir mode for to mende,
For here schall hir blisse neuer be blynnande.
Mi modir schall myldely be me
Sitte nexte the high trinité,181
And neuere in two to be twynnand.
Angel 1
Lorde, atte thi bidding full bayne will I be,183
That floure that neuere was fadid full fayne will we fette.
Angel 2
And atte thi will, gode lorde, wirke will we185
With solace on ilke side that semely vmsitte.
Angel 3
Latte vs fonde to hir faste hir fors to deffende,187
That birde for to bringe vnto this blis bright.
Body and sawle we schall hir assende
To regne in this regally be regentté full right.
Angel 4
To blisse that birde for to bringe191
Nowe Gabriell late vs wightly be wendand.
This maiden mirthe to be mendand
A semely song latte vs sing.

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