The Fullers' Play: Adam and Eve in Eden

Adam and Eve, this is the place1
That I haue graunte you of my grace
To haue your wonnyng in.
Erbes, spyce, frute on tree,
Beastes, fewles, all that ye see
Shall bowe to you, more and myn.
This place hight paradyce,7
Here shall your joys begynne;
And yf that ye be wyse,
Frome thys tharr ye never twyn.
All your wyll here shall ye haue,
Lykyng for to eate or sayff
Fyshe, fewle or fee;13
And for to take at your owen wyll
All other creatours also theretyll,
Your suggettes shall they bee.
Adam, of more and lesse,
Lordeship in erthe here graunte I the;
Thys place that worthy is,19
Kepe it in honestye.
Looke that ye yoem ytt wetterly;
All other creatours shall multeply,
Ylke one in tender hower.
Looke that ye bothe saue and sett
Erbes and treys; for nothyng lett,25
So that ye may endower
To susteyn beast and man,
And fewll of ylke stature.
Dwell here yf that ye cann,
This shall be your endowre.
O lorde, lovyd be thy name,31
For nowe is this a joyfull hame
That thowe hais brought vs to,
Full of myrthe and solys faughe,
Erbes and trees, frute on haugh,
Wyth spysys many one hoo.
Loo, Eve, nowe ar we brought37
Bothe vnto rest and rowe,
We neyd to tayke no thought,
But loke ay well to doo.
Lovyng be ay to suche a lord,41
To vs hais geven so great reward
To governe bothe great and small,
And mayd vs after his owen read,
[…     …]44
Emonges these myrthes all.
Here is a joyfull sight
Where that wee wonn in shall;
We love the, mooste of myght,
Great God, that we on call.
Love my name with good entent50
And harken to my comaundement,
And do my byddyng buxomly:
Of all the frute in parradyce,
Tayke ye therof of your best wyse
And mayke you right merry.
The tree of good and yll,56
What tyme you eates of thys
Thowe speydes thyself to spyll,
And be brought owte of blysse.
All thynges is mayd, man, for thy prowe,
All creatours shall to the bowe
That here is mayd erthly;62
In erthe I mayke the lord of all,
And beast vnto the shall be thrall,
Thy kynd shall multeply.
Therefore this tree alone,
Adam, this owte-take I;
The frute of it negh none,68
For an ye do, then shall ye dye.
Alas lorde, that we shuld do so yll,70
Thy blyssed byddyng we shall fulfyll
Bothe in thought and deyd;
We shall no negh thys tre nor the bugh,
Nor yit the fruyte that thereon groweth
Therewith oure fleshe to feyd.
We shall do thy byddyng,76
We haue none other neyd;
Thys frute full styll shall hyng,
Lorde, that thowe hays forbyd.
Looke that ye doe as ye haue sayd,80
Of all that there is hold you apayd,
For here is welthe at wyll.
Thys tre that beres the fruyte of lyfe,
Luke nother thowe nor Eve thy wyf
Lay ye no handes theretyll.
For-why it is knowyng86
Bothe of good and yll,
This frute but ye lett hyng
Ye speyd yourself to spyll.
Forthy this tree that I owt-tayke,
Nowe kepe it grathly for my sayke,
That nothyng negh it neyre;92
All other at your wyll shall be,
I owte-take nothyng but this tree,
To feyd you with in feare.
Here shall ye leyd your lyffe
With dayntys that is deare;
Adam, and Eve thy wyfe,98
My blyssyng haue ye here.

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