The Marshals' Play: The Flight into Egypt

Thow maker that is most of myght,1
To thy mercy I make my mone;
Lord, se vnto this symple wight
That hase non helpe but the allone.
For all this worlde I haue forsaken,
And to thy seruice I haue me taken
With witte and will7
For to fulfill
Thi commaundement.
Theron myn herte is sette
With grace thou has me lente,
Thare schall no lede me lette.
For all my triste lorde is in the13
That made me man, to thy liknes.
Thow myghtfull maker, haue mynde on me
And se vnto my sympplenes.
I waxe wayke as any wande,
For febill me faylles both foote and hande;
Whateuere it mene,19
Methynke myne eyne
Hevye as leede.
Therfore I halde it best
A whille her in this stede
To slepe and take my reste.
Thow luffely lord that last schall ay,25
My God, my lorde, my sone so dere,
To thy Godhede hartely I pray
With all myn harte holy entere.
As thou me to thy modir chaas,
I beseke the of thy grace
For all mankynde31
That has in mynde
To wirshippe the.
Thou se thy saules to saue,
Jesu my sone so free,
This bone of the I crave.
Wakyn Joseph, and take entent,37
My sawes schall seece thy sorowe sare.
Be noght heuy, thi happe is hentte,
Tharefore I bidde the slepe no mare.
A, myghtfull lorde, whateuere that mente?41
So swete a voyce herde I neuere ayre.
But what arte thou with steuen so shylle
Thus in my slepe that spekis me till?
To me appere
And late me here
What that thou was.47
Joseph, haue thou no drede,48
Thou shalte witte or I passe,
Therefore to me take hede.
For I am sente to the,
Gabriell, Goddis aungell bright,
Is comen to bidde the flee
With Marie and hir worthy wight.54
For Herowde the kyng gars doo to dede
All knave-childer in ilke a stede,
That he may ta
With yoeris twa
That are of olde.
Tille he be dede, away60
In Egipte shall yoe beelde
Tille I witte the for to saie.
Aye-lastand lord, loved mott thou be63
That thy swete sande wolde to me sende.
But lorde, what ayles the kyng at me,
For vnto hym I neuere offende?
Allas, what ayles hym for to spille
Smale yoonge barnes that neuere did ille
In worde ne dede,69
Vnto no lede
Be nyght nor day?
And sen he wille vs schende,
Dere lorde, I the praye,
Thou wolde be oure frende,
For be he neuere so wode or wrothe75
For all his force thou may vs fende.
I praye the lorde, kepe us fro skathe,
Thy socoure sone to vs thou sende;
For vnto Egipte wende we will
Thy biddyng baynly to fulfill,
As worthy is81
Thou kyng of blisse,
Thi will be wroght.
Marie my doughtir dere,
On the is all my thought.
A, leue Joseph, what chere?86
The chere of me is done for ay.87
Allas, what tythandis herde haue yoe?88
Now certis, full ille to the at saye,89
Ther is noght ellis but us most flee
Owte of oure kyth where we are knowyn,
Full wightely bus vs be withdrawen,
Both thou and I.
Leue Joseph, why?94
Layne it noght,
To doole who has vs demed,
Or what wronge haue we wroght
Wherfore we shulde be flemyd?
Wroght we harme? Nay, nay, all wrange,99
Wytte thou wele it is noght soo.
That yonge page liffe thou mon forgange
But yf thou fast flee fro his foo.
His foo? Allas, what is youre reede,103
Wha wolde my dere barne do to dede?
I durk, I dare,
Whoo may my care
Of balis blynne?
To flee I wolde full fayne,
For all this worlde to wynne109
Wolde I noght se hym slayne.
I warne the he is thraly thrette111
With Herowde kyng, harde harmes to haue.
With that mytyng yf that we be mette
Ther is no salue that hym may saue.
I warne the wele, he sleeis all
Knave-childir, grete and small,
In towne and felde117
Within the elde
Of two yoere,
And for thy sones sake.
He will fordo that dere,
May that traytoure hym take.
Leue Joseph, who tolde yow this?123
How hadde yoe wittering of this dede?
An aungell bright that come fro blisse125
This tythandis tolde withouten drede,
And wakynd me oute of my slepe
That comely childe fro cares to kepe,
And bad me flee
With hym and the
Onto Egipte.131
And sertis I dred me sore
To make any smale trippe,
Or tyme that I come thare.
What ayles thei at my barne135
Slike harmes hym for to hete?
Allas, why schulde I tharne
My sone his liffe so swete?
His harte aught to be ful sare,
On slike a foode hym to forfare
That nevir did ill,141
Hym for to spill,
And he ne wate why.
I ware full wille of wane
My sone and he shulde dye,
And I haue but hym allone.
We, leue Marie, do way, late be!147
I pray the, leue of thy dynne,
And fande the furthe faste for to flee,
Away with hym for to wynne,
That no myscheue on hym betyde,
Nor none vnhappe in no-kyn side
Be way nor strete,153
That we non mete
To slee hym.
Allas Joseph, for care,156
Why shuld I forgo hym,
My dere barne that I bare?
That swete swayne yf thou saue159
Do tyte pakke same oure gere,
And such smale harnes as we haue.
A, leue Joseph, I may not bere.162
Bere arme? No, I trowe but small.163
But God it wote I muste care for all,
For bed and bak
And alle the pakke
That nedis vnto vs.
It fortheres to fene me;
This pakald bere me bus,169
Off of all I plege and pleyne me.
But God graunte grace I noght forgete
No tulles that we schulde with vs take.
Allas Joseph, for greuaunce grete,173
Whan shall my sorowe slake,
For I wote noght whedir to fare?
To Egipte-talde I the lang are.176
Whare standith itt?177
Fayne wolde I witt.
What wate I?179
I wote not where it stande.
Joseph, I aske mersy,181
Helpe me oute of this lande.
Nowe certis Marie, I wolde full fayne183
Helpe the al that I may,
And at my poure me peyne
To wynne with hym and the away.
Allas, what ayles that feende187
Thus wilsom wayes make vs to wende?
He dois grete synne,
Fro kyth and kynne
He gares vs flee.
Leue Marie, leue thy grete.192
Joseph, full wo is me193
For my dere sone so swete.
I pray the Marie, happe hym warme195
And sette hym softe that he noght syle,
And yf thou will ought ese thyn arme
Gyff me hym, late me bere hym awhile.
I thanke you of youre grete goode dede;199
Nowe gud Joseph tille hym take hede,
That fode so free,
Tille hym yoe see
Now in this tyde.
Lat me and hym allone,204
And yf thou can ille ride
Haue and halde the faste by the mane.
Allas Joseph, for woo,207
Was neuer wight in worde so will.
Do way Marie, and say nought soo,209
For thou schall haue no cause thertill.
For witte thou wele, God is oure frende,
He will be with vs wherso we lende.
In all oure nede
He will vs spede,
This wote I wele.215
I loue my lorde of all;
Such forse methynke I fele,
I may go where I schall.
Are was I wayke, nowe am I wight,
My lymes to welde ay at my wille.
I loue my maker most of myght221
That such grace has graunte me tille.
Nowe schall no hatyll do vs harme,
I haue oure helpe here in myn arme.
He wille vs fende
Wherso we lende
Fro tene and tray.227
Late vs goo with goode chere-
Farewele and haue gud day-
God blisse vs all in fere.
Amen as he beste may.231

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