The Potters' Play: Pentecost

Brethir, takes tente vnto my steuen,1
Thanne schall yoe stabily vndirstande
Oure maistir hende is hente to heuyn,
To reste there on his fadirs right hande.
And we are leued alyue elleuyn,
To lere his lawes lely in lande;
Or we begynne vs muste be even7
Ellis are owre werkis noght to warande.
For parfite noumbre it is none
Off elleuen for to lere,
Twelue may be asoundir tone
And sett in parties seere.
Nobis precepit dominus predicare populo, et testificare
quia prope est iudex viuorum et mortuorum.12
Oure lord comaunded vs more and lesse
To rewle vs right aftir his rede,
He badde vs preche and bere wittenesse
That he schulde deme bothe quike and dede.
To hym all prophettis preuys expresse
All tho that trowis in his Godhede,18
Off synnes thei schall haue forgiffenesse,
So schall we say …mekill rede.
And senne we on this wise
Schall his counsaile discrie,
Itt nedis we vs avise
That we saye noyot serely.24
Serely he saide that we schulde wende25
In all this worlde his will to wirke,
And be his counsaile to be kende
He saide he schulde sette haly kirke.
But firste he saide he schulde doune sende
His sande, that we schuld noyot be irke,
His haly gaste on vs to lende31
And make vs to melle of materes mirke.
Vs menis he saide vs thus
Whan that he fared vs froo:
‘Cum venerit paraclitus
Docebit vos omnia‘.
Ya, certaynely he saide vs soo,37
And mekill more thanne we of mene:
‘Nisi ego abiero‘,
Thus tolde he ofte-tymes vs betwene.
He saide, forsoth, ‘But if thi goo
The holy goste schall not be sene,
Et cum assumptus fuero43
Thanne schall I sende yoou comforte clené.
Thus tolde he holy howe
That oure dedis schulde be dight,
So schall we trewly trowe
He will holde that he vs highte.
He will holde that he vs hight.49
Apostle 4
He highte vs fro harme for to hyde49
And holde in hele both hede and hende,
Whanne we take that he talde that tyde,
Fro all oure foois it schall vs fende.
But thus in bayle behoues vs bide
To tyme that sande till vs be sende;
The Jewes besettis vs in ilke a side55
That we may nowdir walke nor wende.
Apostle 5
We dare noyot walke for drede57
Or comforte come vs till,
Itt is moste for oure spede
Here to be stokyn still.
Brethir, what mene yoe yoou emelle,61
To make mournyng at ilk a mele?
My sone that of all welthe is well,
He will yoou wisse to wirke full wele,
For the tente day is this to telle
Sen he saide we schull fauoure fele.
Leuys wele that lange schall it not dwell,67
And therfore drede you neuere a dele,
But prayes with harte and hende
That we his helpe may haue,
Thanne schall it sone be sende,
The sande that schall vs saue.
Doctor 1
Harke maistir, for Mahoundes peyne,73
Howe that thes mobbardis maddis nowe.
Ther maistir that oure men haue slayne
Hase garte thame on his trifullis trowe.
Doctor 2
The lurdayne sais he leffis agayne;77
That mater may thei neuere avowe,
For as thei herde his prechyng pleyne
He was away, thai wiste noyot howe.
Doctor 1
They wiste noyot whenne he wente,81
Therfore fully thei faile,
And sais tham schall be sente
Grete helpe thurgh his counsaille.
Doctor 2
He myghte nowdir sende clothe nor clowte,85
He was neuere but a wrecche alway-
But samme oure men and make a schowte,
So schall we beste yone foolis flaye.
Doctor 1
Nay, nay, than will thei dye for doute.89
I rede we make noyot mekill dray,
But warly wayte when thai come oute
And marre thame thanne, if that we may.
Doctor 2
Now certis, I assente thertille,93
Yitt wolde I noght thei wiste;
Yone carles than schall we kill
But thei liffe als vs liste.
Honnoure and blisse be euer newe,97
With worschippe in this worlde alwaye,
To my souerayne sone Jesu,
Oure lorde allone that laste schall ay.
Nowe may we triste his talis ar trewe,
Be dedis that here is done this day;
Als lange as yoe his pase pursue103
The fende he fendis yow for to flay.
For his high hali gaste
He lattis here on yoou lende,
Mirthis and trewthe to taste
And all misse to amende.
All mys to mende nowe haue we myght,109
This is the mirthe oure maistir of mente.
I myght noyot loke, so was it light-
A, loued be that lorde that itt vs lente.
Now hase he holden that he vs highte,
His holy goste here haue we hente;
Like to the sonne itt semed in sight,115
And sodenly thanne was itt sente.
Apostle 2
Hitt was sente for oure sele,117
Hitt giffis vs happe and hele,
Methynke slike forse I fele
I myght felle folke full feele.
Apostle 3
We haue force for to fighte in felde121
And fauour of all folke in feere,
With wisdome in this worlde to welde
Be knowing of all clergye clere.
Apostle 4
We haue bewteis to be oure belde125
And langage nedis vs none to lere,
That lorde vs awe yoappely to yoelde
That vs has yoemed vnto this yoere.
Apostle 5
This is the yoere of grace129
That musteris vs emang,
As aungellis in this place
That sais thus in ther sange.
Apostle 1
In thare sigging saide thei thus,133
And tolde ther talis betwene them two:
‘Veni creator spiritus,
Mentes tuorum visita‘.
Thei praied the spirite come till vs
And mende oure myndis with mirthis ma,
That lered thei of oure lorde Jesus,139
For he saide that itt schulde be swa.
Apostle 2
He saide he schulde vs sende141
His holy goste fro heuyn,
Oure myndis with mirthe to mende-
Nowe is all ordand euyn.
Apostle 3
Euen als he saide schulde to vs come145
So has bene schewid vnto oure sight;
‘Tristicia impleuit cor vestrum’-
Firste sorowe in herte he vs hight;
‘Sed conuertetur in gaudium‘.
Sen saide he that we schulde be light.
Nowe that he saide vs, all and summe,151
Is mefid emange vs thurgh his myght.
Apostle 4
His myght with mayne and mode153
May comforte all mankynde.
Doctor 1
Harke man, for Mahoundes bloode,155
Ther men maddis oute of mynde.
Thei make carpyng of ilke contré,
And leris langage of ilk a lande.
Doctor 2
They speke oure speche als wele as we,159
And in ilke a steede it vndirstande.
Doctor 1
And alle are noyot of Galilee161
That takis this hardinesse on hande?
Butt thei are drounken, all thes menyoe,
Of muste or wyne, I wolle warande.
Doctor 2
Nowe certis this was wele saide,165
That makis ther mynde to marre;
Yone faitours schall be flaied
Or that thei flitte aught ferre.
Apostle 4
Harke brethir, waites wele aboute,169
For in oure fayre we fynde no frende.
The Jewes with strengh are sterne and stoute
And scharpely schapes them vs to schende.
Apostle 1
Oure maistir has putte all perellis oute173
And fellid the falsed of the fende.
Vndo youre dores and haues no doute,
For to yoone warlowes will we wende.
Apostle 2
To wende haue we no drede,177
Noght for to do oure dette,
For to neuyn that is nede
Shall none on lyve vs lette.
Ye Jewez that in Jerusalem dwelle,181
Youre tales are false, that schall yoe fynde.
That we are dronken we here you telle
Because yoe hope we haue bene pynnyd.
A prophette preued, his name is Johell,
A gentill Jewe of youre awne kynde,
He spekis thus in his speciall spell187
And of this matere makis he mynde.
Be poyntis of prophicie
He tolde full ferre before,
This may yoe noyot denye,
For thus his wordis wore:
‘Et erit nouissimis diebus, dicit dominus,192
effundam de spiritu meo super omnem carnem‘.192
Apostle 3
Loo, losellis, loo, thus may ye lere193
Howe youre elders wrotte alway.
The holy goste haue we tane here
As youre awne prophettis prechid ay.
Apostle 4
Hitt is the myght of oure maistir dere,197
All dedis that here are done this daye;
He giffis vs myght and playne power
To conclude all that yoe can saie.
Doctor 1
There men hase mekill myght201
Thurgh happe thei here haue tone.
Doctor 2
Wende we oute of ther sight203
And latte them even allone.
Apostle 1
Nowe, brethir myne, sen we all meffe205
To teche the feithe to foo and frende,
Oure tarying may turne vs to mischeffe,
Wherfore I counsaille that we wende
Vntille oure lady and take oure leue.
Apostle 2
Sertis, so woll we with wordis hende.210
Mi lady, takis it noght to greue,
I may no lenger with you lende.
[…     …]212
Nowe Petir, sen itt schall be soo213
That yoe haue diuerse gatis to gang,
Ther schall none dere you for to doo
Whils my sone musteris you emang.
Butt John and Jamys, my cosyns twoo,
Loke that yoe lenge not fro me lange.
Lady, youre wille in wele and woo,219
Itt schall be wroght, ellis wirke we wrang.
Lady, we bothe are boune221
Atte youre biddyng to be.
The blissing of my sone223
Be boith with you and me.

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