The Shearmen's Play: The Road to Calvary

Miles 1
Pees, barnes and bachillers that beldis here aboute,
Stirre noyot ones in this stede but stonde stone stille,
Or be the lorde that I leue on I schall gar you lowte.
But yoe spare when I speke youre speche schall I spille
Smertely and sone,
For I am sente fro sir Pilate with pride
To lede this ladde oure lawes to abide,7
He getis no bettir bone.
Therfore I comaunde you on euere ilke a side,
Vppon payne of enprisonment that no man appere
To suppowle this traytoure, be tyme ne be tyde,
[…     …]11
Noght one of this prees,
Nor noght ones so hardy for to enquere,
But helpe me holly alle that are here
This kaitiffe care to encrees.
Therfore make rome and rewle you nowe right,
That we may with this weried wight17
Wightely wende on oure waye.
He napped noght of all this nyght,
And this daye schall his deth be dight-
Latte see who dare saie naye?
Because tomorne is prouyde
For oure dere Sabbott day,23
We wille no mysse be moued,
But mirthe in all that euere men may.
We haue bene besie all this morne
To clothe hym and to croune with thorne,
As falles for a fole kyng,
And nowe methynkith oure felawes skorne,29
They highte to haue ben here this morne
This faitour forthe to bring.
To nappe nowe is noyot goode-
We, howe! High myght he hyng!
Miles 2
Pees man, for Mahoundes bloode,34
Why make yoe such crying?
Miles 1
Why, wotte thou noght als wele as I,36
This carle burde vnto Caluery
And there on crosse be done?
Miles 2
Sen dome is geuen that he schall dy39
Late calle to vs more companye,
And ellis we erre oure-fone.
Miles 1
Oure gere behoues to be grayde42
And felawes sammed sone,
For sir Pilate has saide
Hym bus be dede be none.
Where is sir Wymond, wotte thou oght?
Miles 2
He wente to garre a crosse be wroght47
To bere this cursed knave.
Miles 1
That wolde I sone wer hyder broght,49
For sithen schall othir gere be soght
That vs behoues to haffe.
Miles 2
Vs bus haue sties and ropes52
To rugge hym tille he raue,
And nayles and othir japes
If we oureselue wille saue.
Miles 1
To tarie longe vs were full lathe,56
But Wymond come it is in wathe
But we be blamed all three.
We, howe, sir Wymond wayteskathe.
Miles 2
We, howe, sir Wymond, howe.60
Miles 3
I am here-what saie yoe bathe?60
Why crye yoe so on me?
I haue bene garre make
This crosse, as yhe may see,
Of that laye ouere the lake-
Men called it the kyngis tree.
Miles 1
Nowe sekirly I thought the same,66
For that balke will no man vs blame
To cutte it for the kyng.
Miles 2
This karle has called hym kyng at hame,69
And sen this tre has such a name
It is accordyng thyng
That his rigge on it may reste,
For skorne and for hethyng.
Miles 3
Methoughte it semyd beste74
Tille this bargayne to bryng.
Miles 1
It is wele warred, so motte I spede,76
And it be lele in lenghe and brede
Than is this space wele spende.
Miles 3
To loke theraftir it is no nede,79
I toke the mesure or I yode,
Bothe for the fette and hende.
Miles 2
Beholde howe it is boorede82
Full euen at ilke an ende.
This werke will wele accorde,
It may not be amende.
Miles 3
Nay, I haue ordande mekill more,86
Yaa, thes theues are sente before
That beside hym schall hyng.
And sties also are ordande thore
With stalworthe steeles as mystir wore,
Bothe some schorte and some lang.
Miles 1
For hameres and nayles92
Latte see sone who schall gang.
Miles 2
Here are bragges that will noght faile,94
Of irnne and stele full strange.
Miles 3
Thanne is it as it aweth to bee-96
But whiche of yowe schall beere this tree,
Sen I haue broughte it hedir?
Miles 1
Be my feithe, bere it schall hee99
That theron hanged sone schall bee,
And we schall teeche hym whedir.
Miles 2
Vppon his bakke it schalle be laide,102
For sone we schall come thedir.
Miles 3
Loke that oure gere be grayede104
And go we all togedir.
Allas for my maistir that moste is of myght,106
That yoister-even late, with lanternes light,
Before the busshoppe was brought.
Bothe Petir and I we saugh that sight
And sithen we wente oure wayes full wight,
When the Jewes wondirly wrought.
At morne thei toke to rede112
And soteltes vpsoght,
And demed hym to be dede
That to tham trespassed noght.
Allas for syte what schall I saie?
My worldly welthe is wente for ay,
In woo euere may I wende.118
My maistir that neuere lakke in lay
Is demed to be dede this day,
Ewen in hys elmys hende.
Allas for my maistir mylde
That all mennys mysse may mende,
Shulde so falsely be filed124
And no frendis hym to fende.
Allas for his modir and othir moo,
Mi modir and hir sisteres alsoo,
Sittes samen with sighyngis sore.
Thai wate nothyng of all this woo,
Forthy to warne tham will I goo130
Sen I may mende no more.
Sen he schall dye as tyte
And thei vnwarned wore,
I ware worthy to wite-
I will go faste therfore.
But in myn herte grete drede haue I136
That his modir for dole schall dye,
When she see ones that sight.
But certis I schal not wande forthy
To warne that carefull company
Or he to dede be dight.
[…     …]141
Sen he fro vs will twynne
I schall the neuere forsake.
Allas the tyme and tyde,
I watte wele the day is come
That are was specified
Of prophete Symeoun in prophicie:147
The swerde of sorowe schulde renne
Thurghoute the herte, sotelly.
Maria 2
Allas this is a sithfull sight,150
He that was euere luffely and light
And lorde of high and lawe,
Oo, doulfully nowe is he dight.
In worlde is none so wofull a wighte
Ne so carefull to knawe.
Thei that he mended moste156
In dede and als in sawe,
Now haue they full grete haste
To dede hym for to drawe.
Doughteres of Jerusalem cytté,160
Sees, and mournes no more for me,
But thynkes vppon this thyng:
For youreselfe mourne schall yoee,
And for the sonnes that borne schal be
Of yowe, bothe olde and yonge.
For such fare schall befalle,166
That yoe schall giffe blissyng
To barayne bodies all,
That no barnes forthe may brynge.
For certis yoe schall see suche a day,
That with sore sighyng schall yoe saye
Vnto the hillis on highte,172
‘Falle on vs mountaynes, and yoe may,
And couere vs fro that felle affraye
That on vs sone schall light’.
Turnes home the toune vntill,
Sen yoe haue seen this sight.
It is my fadirs will,178
Alle that is done and dighte.
Maria 3
Allas, this is a cursed cas.180
He that alle hele in his hande has
Shall here be sakles slayne.
A, lorde, beleue lete clense thy face-
Behalde howe he hath schewed his grace,
Howe he is moste of mayne!
This signe schalle bere witnesse186
Vnto all pepull playne,
Howe Goddes sone here gilteles
Is putte to pereles payne.
Miles 1
Saie, wherto bide yoe here aboute?190
Thare quenys with ther skymeryng and ther schoute
Wille noght ther stevenis steere.
Miles 2
Go home casbalde, with thi clowte,193
Or be that lorde we loue and loute,
Thou schall abye full dere.
Maria 3
This signe schall vengeaunce calle196
On yowe holly in feere.
Miles 3
Go, hye the hense withalle,198
Or ille hayle come thou here.
Lady, youre gretyng greues me sore.200
John, helpe me nowe and eueremore,201
That I myght come hym tille.
My lady, wende we forthe before,203
To Caluery when yoe come thore
Than schall yoe saie what yoe will.
Miles 1
What a deuyll is this to saye,206
How longe schall we stande stille?
Go, hye you hens awaye,
In the deuylis name, doune the hill.
Miles 2
Ther quenes vs comeres with ther clakke.210
He schall be serued for ther sake,
With sorowe and with sore.
Miles 3
And thei come more such noyse to make,213
We schall garre lygge thame in the lake
Yf thei were halfe a skore.
Miles 1
Latis nowe such bourdyng be.216
Sen oure tooles are before,
This traitoure and this tree
Wolde I full fayne were thore.
Miles 2
We schall no more so stille be stedde,220
For nowe ther quenes are fro vs fledde
That falsely wolde vs feere.
Miles 3
Methynkith this boy is so forbledde223
With this ladde may he noght be ledde;
He swounes, that dare I swere.
Miles 1
It nedis noyot harde to harle226
Sen it dose hym slike dere.
Miles 2
I se here comes a karle228
Shall helpe hym for to bere.
Miles 3
That schall yoe see sone one assaye.230
Goode man, whedir is thou away?
Thou walkis as thou were wrothe.
Sir, I haue a grete journay233
That bus be done this same day,
Or ellis it may do skathe.
Miles 1
Thou may with litill payne236
Eease thyselffe and vs bathe.
Goode sirs, that wolde I fayne,238
But to dwelle were me lathe.
Miles 2
Nay beuscher, thou schall sone be spedde,240
Loo here a ladde that muste be ledde
For his ille dedis to dye.
Miles 3
And he is brosid and all forbledde,243
That makis vs here thus stille be stedde.
We pray the sir, forthy,
That thou wilte take this tree
And bere it to Caluerye.
Goode sirs, that may nouyot be,248
For full grete haste haue I.
My wayes are lang and wyde,
And I may noght abide
For drede I come to late,
For sureté haue I hight
Muste be fulfillid this nyght,254
Or it will paire my state.
Therfore sirs, by youre leue,
Methynkith I dwelle full lang.
Me were loth you for to greue-
Goode sirs, yoe late me gang,
No lenger here now may I wone.260
Miles 1
Nay, certis, thou schalte noyot go so sone261
For ought that thou can saye.
This dede is moste haste to be done,
For this boy muste be dede by none
And nowe is nere myddaye.
Go helpe hym in this nede
And make no more delaye.267
I praye yowe dose youre dede268
And latis me wende my waye,
And sirs, I schall come sone agayne
To helpe this man with all my mayne,
And even at youre awne will.
Miles 2
What, wolde thou trusse with such a trayne?273
Nay faitour, thou schalte be fayne
This forwarde to fullfille,
Or be myghty Mahounde
Thou schalte rewe it full ille.
Miles 3
Late dyng this dastarde doune278
But he goo tyte thertill.
Sertis sir, that wer nought wisely wrought280
To bete me but I trespassid ought,
Outhir in worde or dede.
Miles 1
Vppon his bakke it schall be brought283
To bere it, whedir he wille or noght-
What, deuyll, whome schulde we drede?
Go, take it vppe belyve
And bere it forthe goode spede.
It helpis noyot here to striue,288
Bere it behoues me nede,
And therfore sirs, as yoe haue saide,
To bere this crosse I holde me paied
Right as yoe wolde it wore.
Miles 2
Yaa, nowe are we right arraied.293
Loke that oure gere be redy grayed
To wirke whanne we come thore.
Miles 3
I warand all redy,296
Oure tooles bothe lesse and more.
Late hym goo hardely
Forthe with the crosse before.
Miles 1
Sen he has his lade nowe late hym gang,300
For with this warlowe wirke we wrang
And we thus with hym yode.
Miles 2
And nowe is noght goode to tarie lang,303
What schulde we done more vs emang?
Say sone, so motte thou spede.
Miles 3
Neuen vs no nodir noote306
Tille we haue done this dede.
Miles 1
Weme, methynke we doote,308
He muste be naked, nede.
All yf he called hymselffe a kyng
In his clothis he schall noyot hyng,
But naked as a stone be stedde.
Miles 2
That calle I accordand thyng-313
But tille his sidis I trowe thei clyng
For bloode that he has bledde.
Miles 3
Wheder thei clynge or cleue316
Naked he schalle be ledde,
And for the more myscheue
Buffettis hym schall be bedde.
Miles 1
Take of his clothis beliffe, latte see-320
A ha, this garment will falle wele for mee
And so I hope it schall.
Miles 2
Nay sir, so may it noght be,323
Thame muste be parte amonge vs thre,
Take euen as will fall.
Miles 3
Yaa, and sir Pilate melle hym326
Youre parte woll be but small.
Miles 1
Sir, and yoe liste go telle hym,328
Yitt schall he noght haue all,
Butte even his awne parte and no more.
Miles 2
Yaa, late thame ligge stille here in stoore331
Vntill this dede be done.
Miles 3
Latte bynde hym as he was before333
And harle on harde that he wer thore,
And hanged or it be none.
Miles 1
He schall be feste as fee,336
And that right sore and sone.
Miles 2
So fallis hym for to be,338
He gettis no bettir bone.
Miles 3
This werke is wele nowe I warand,340
For he is boune as beeste in bande
That is demed for to dye.
Miles 1
Thanne rede I that we no lenger stande,343
But ilke man feste on hym a hande
And harle hym hense in hye.
Miles 2
Yaa, nowe is tyme to trusse346
To alle oure companye.
Miles 3
If anye aske aftir vs,348
Kenne thame to Caluarie.

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