The Skinners' Play: The Entry into Jerusalem

To me takis tent and giffis gud hede1
My dere discipulis that ben here,
I schall yoou telle that shal be indede:
My tyme to passe hense it drawith nere,
And by this skill,
Mannys sowle to saue fro sorowes sere
That loste was ill.7
From heuen to erth whan I dyssende
Rawnsom to make I made promys,
The prophicie nowe drawes to ende,
My fadirs wille forsoth it is
That sente me hedyr.
Petir, Phelippe, I schall yoou blisse,13
And go togedir
Vnto yoone castell that is yoou agayne,
Gois with gud harte and tarie noyot,
My comaundement to do be yoe bayne.
Also I yoou charge loke it be wrought
That schal yoe fynde19
An asse this feste als yoe had soght.
Ye hir vnbynde
With hir foole, and to me hem bring,
That I on hir may sitte a space,
So the prophicy clere menyng
May be fulfillid here in this place:25
‘Doghtyr Syon,
Loo, thi lorde comys rydand an asse
The to opon’.
Yf any man will yoou gaynesaye,
Say that youre lorde has nede of tham
And schall restore thame this same day31
Vnto what man will tham clayme;
Do thus this thyng.
Go furthe yoe both and be ay bayne
In my blissyng.
Jesu, maistir evyn at thy wille36
And at thi liste vs likis to doo.
Yone beste whilke thou desires the tille
Euen at thi will schall come the too,
Vnto thin esse.
Sertis lord, we will thedyre all go
The for to plese.42
Lord, the to plese we are full bayne43
Bothe nyght and day to do thi will.
Go we brothere, with all oure mayne
My lordis desire for to fulfill,
For prophycye
Vs bus it do to hym by skyll
Tharto dewly.49
Ya, brodir Phelipp, behalde grathely,50
For als he saide we schulde sone fynde,
Methinke yoone bestis before myn eye
Thai are the same we schulde vnbynde.
Therfore frely
Go we to hym that thame gan bynde,
And aske mekely.56
The beestis are comen, wele I knawe,57
Therfore vs nedis to aske lesse leue;
And oure maistir kepis the lawe
We may thame take tyter, I preue.
For noght we lett,
For wele I watte oure tyme is breue,
Go we tham fett.63
Saie, what are yoe that makis here maistrie,64
To loose thes bestis withoute leverie?
Yow semes to bolde, sen noght that yoe
Hase here to do; therfore rede I
Such thingis to sesse,
Or ellis yoe may falle in folye
And grette diseasse.70
Sir, with thi leue, hartely we praye71
This beste that we myght haue.
To what intente firste shall yoe saye,73
And than I graunte what yoe will crave
Be gode resoune.
Oure maistir sir, that all may saue,76
Aske by chesoune.
What man is that yoe maistir call78
Swilke priuelege dare to hym clayme?
Jesus, of Jewes kyng and ay be schall,80
Of Nazareth prophete the same.
This same is he,
Both God and man withouten blame,
This trist wele we.
Sirs, of that prophette herde I haue,85
But telle me firste playnly, wher is hee?
He comes at hande so God me saue,87
That lorde we lefte at Bephagé,
He bidis vs there.
Sir, take this beste with herte full free,90
And forthe yoe fare.
And if yoou thynke it be to don,
I schall declare playnly his comyng
To the chiffe of the Jewes, that thei may sone
Assemble same to his metyng;
What is your rede?96
Thou sais full wele in thy menyng.97
Do forthe thi dede,
And sone this beste we schall the bring
And it restore as resoune will.
This tydyngis schall haue no laynyng,101
But be the citezens declared till
Of this cyté.
I suppose fully that thei wolle
Come mete that free.
And sen I will thei warned be,
Both yoonge and olde in ilke a state,107
For his comyng I will tham mete
To late tham witte, withoute debate.
Lo, wher thei stande,
The citezens cheff withoute debate
Of all this lande.
He that is rewler of all right113
And freely schoppe both sande and see,
He saue yoou, lordyngis gayly dight,
And kepe yoou in yooure semelyté
And all honoure.
Burger 1
Welcome porter, what novelté?118
Telle vs this owre.
Sirs, novelté I can yoou tell120
And triste thame fully as for trewe:
Her comes of kynde of Israell
Att hande the prophette called Jesu,
Lo, this same day,
Rydand on an asse. This tydandis newe
Consayue yoe may.126
Burger 2
And is that prophette Jesu nere?127
Off hym I haue herde grete ferlis tolde.
He dois grete wounderes in contrees seere,
He helys the seke, both yoonge and olde,
And the blynde giffis tham ther sight.
Both dome and deffe, as hymselffe wolde,
He cures thame right.133
Burger 3
Ya, v thowsand men with loves fyue134
He fedde, and ilkone hadde inowe.
Watir to wyne he turned ryue,
He garte corne growe withouten plogh
Wher are was none.
To dede men als he gaffe liffe,
Lazar was one.140
Burger 4
In oure tempill if he prechid141
Agaynste the pepull that leued wrong,
And also new lawes if he teched
Agaynste oure lawis we vsed so lang,
And saide pleynlye
The olde schall waste, the new schall gang,
That we schall see.147
Burger 5
Ya, Moyses lawe he cowde ilke dele148
And all the prophettis on a rowe,
He telles tham so that ilke a man may fele
And what thei say interly knowe
Yf thei were dyme.
What the prophettis saide in ther sawe,
All longis to hym.154
Burger 6
Emanuell also by right155
Thai calle that prophette by this skill,
He is the same that are was hyght
Be Ysaye befor vs till,
Thus saide full clere:
Loo, a maydyn that knew neuere ille
A childe schuld bere.161
Burger 7
Dauid spake of hym I wene162
And lefte witnesse yoe knowe ilkone,
He saide the frute of his corse clene
Shulde royally regne vpon his trone,
And therfore he
Of Dauid kyn and othir none
Oure kyng schal be.168
Burger 8
Sirs, methynketh yoe saie right wele169
And gud ensampelys furth yoe bryng,
And sen we thus this mater fele
Go we hym meete as oure owne kyng,
And kyng hym call.
What is youre counsaill in this thyng?
Now say yoe all.175
Burger 1
Agaynste resoune I will noyot plete176
For wele I wote oure kyng he is.
Whoso agaynst his kyng liste threte
He is noyot wise, he dose amys.
Porter, come nere.
What knowlage hast thou of his comyng?
Tels vs all here,182
And than we will go mete that free,
And hym honnoure as we wele awe
Worthely tyll oure citee,
And for oure souerayne lord hym knawe,
In whome we triste.
Sirs, I schall telle yoou all on rowe188
And yoe will lyste.
Of his discipillis, ij this day
Where that I stode thei faire me grette,
And on ther maistir halfe gan praye
Oure comon asse that thei myght gete
Bot for a while,194
Wheron ther maistir softe myght sitte
Space of a mile.
And all this mater thai me tolde
Right haly as I saie to yoou,
And the asse thei haue right as thei wolde
And sone will bringe agayne I trowe,200
So thai beheste.
What yoe will doo avise yoou nowe,
Thus thinke me beste.
Burger 2
Trewlye as for me I say204
I rede we make vs redy bowne,
Hym to mete gudly this day
And hym ressayue with grete rennowne
As worthy is.
And therfore sirs, in felde and towne
Ye fulfille this.210
Ya, and yooure childer with yoou take,211
Thoff all in age that thei be yoonge,
Ye may fare the bettir for ther sake
Thurgh the blissing of so goode a kyng,
This is no dowte.
Burger 3
I kan the thanke for thy saying,216
We will hym lowte.
And hym to mete I am right bayne
On the beste maner that I cane,
For I desire to se hym fayne
And hym honnoure as his awne man,
Sen the soth I see.222
Kyng of Juuys we call hym than,
Oure kyng is he.
Burger 4
Oure kyng is he-that is no lesse-225
Oure awne lawe to it cordis will,
The prophettis all bare full witnesse
Qwilke of hym secrete gone telle,
And thus wolde say:
‘Emang youreselff schall come grete seele
Thurgh God verray’.231
Burger 5
This same is he, ther is non othir,232
Was vs beheest full lange before,
For Moyses saide als oure owne brothir
A newe prophette God schulde restore.
Therfore loke yoe
What yoe will do, withouten more,
Oure kyng is he.238
Burger 6
Of Juda come owre kyng so gent,239
Of Jesse, Dauid, Salamon;
Also by his modir kynne take tente,
The genolagye beres witnesse on,
This is right playne.
Hym to honnoure right as I can
I am full bayne.245
Burger 7
Of youre clene witte and youre consayte246
I am full gladde in harte and thought,
And hym to mete withouten latt
I am redy, and feyne will noght,
Bot with yoou same
Go hym agayne vs blisse hath brought,
With myrthe and game.252
Burger 8
Youre argumentis thai are so clere253
I can noyot saie but graunte you till,
For whanne I of that counsaille here
I coveyte hym with feruent wille
Onys for to see,
I trowe fro thens I schall
Bettir man be.259
Burger 1
Go we than with processioun260
To mete that comely as vs awe,
With braunches, floures and vnysoune.
With myghtfull songes her on a rawe
Our childir schall
Go synge before, that men may knawe.
Burger 2
To this graunte we all.266
Jesu, lord and maistir free,267
Als thou comaunde so haue we done.
This asse here we haue brought to the,
What is thi wille thou schewe vs sone
And tarie noyot,
And than schall we withouten hune
Fulfill thi thouyot.273
I thanke yoou brethere mylde of mode.274
Do on this asse youre clothis yoe laye,
And lifte me vppe with hertis gud
That I on hir may sitte this daye
In my blissing.
Lord, thi will to do allway279
We graunte this thing.
Now my brethere with gud chere281
Gyues gode entente, for ryde I will
Vnto yoone cyté yoe se so nere.
Ye shall me folowe sam and still
Als I are sayde.
Lord, as the lyst we graunte the till,286
And halde vs payde.
A, lorde, that all this world has made,288
Bothe sonne and mone, nyght and day,
What noyse is this that makis me gladde?
Fro whens it schulde come I can noyot saye,
Or what it mene.
Yf any man walke in this way
Telle hym me bedene.294
Man, what ayles the to crye?295
Where wolde thou be? Thou say me here.
A, sir, a blynde man am I297
And ay has bene of tendyr yoere
Sen I was borne.
I harde a voyce with nobill chere
Here me beforne.
Man, will thou oght that I can do?302
Ya sir, gladly wolde I witte303
Yf thou couthe oght declare me to
This myrthe I herde, what mene may it
Or vndirstande?
Jesu the prophite full of grace307
Comys here at hande,
And all the cetezens thay are bowne
Gose hym to mete with melodye,
With the fayrest processioun
That euere was sene in this Jury;
He is right nere.313
Sir, helpe me to the strete hastely,314
That I may here
That noyse, and also that I myght thurgh grace
My syght of hym to craue I wolde.
Loo, he is here at this same place.318
Crye faste on hym, loke thou be bolde,
With voyce right high.
Jesu the sone of Dauid calde,321
Thou haue mercy.
Allas, I crye, he heris me noyot,
He has no ruthe of my mysfare.
He turnes his herre, where is his thought?
Cry somwhat lowdar, loke thou noyot spare,326
So may thou spye.
Jesu the saluer of all sare,328
To me giffis gode hye.
Cesse man and crye noyot soo,330
The voyce of the pepill gose the by.
The aghe sette still and tente giffe to,
Here passez the prophite of mercye-
Thou doys amys.
A, Dauid sone, to the I crye,335
The kyng of blisse.
Lorde, haue mercy and late hym goo,337
He can noyot cesse of his crying.
He folows vs both to and froo,
Graunte hym his boone and his askyng
And late hym wende.
We gette no reste or that this thyng
Be broyot to ende.343
What wolde thou man I to the dede344
In this present? Telle oppynly.
Lorde, my syght is fro me hydde,346
Thou graunte me it, I crye mercy,
This wolde I haue.
Loke vppe nowe with chere blythely,349
Thi faith shall the saue.
Wirschippe and honnoure ay to the351
With all the seruice that can be done,
The kyng of blisse loued mote he be
That thus my sight hath sente so sone,
And by grete skill.
I was are blynde as any stone:
I se at wille.357
A, wele wer tham that euere had liffe,358
Olde or yonge whedir it were,
Might welde ther lymmes withouten striffe,
Go with this mirthe that I see here
And contynewe;
For I am sette in sorowes sere
That ay ar newe.364
Thou lord that schope both nyght and day,
For thy mercy haue mynde on me
And helpe me lorde, as thou wele may
[…     …]367
i may noyot gang.368
For I am lame as men may se
And has ben lang.
For wele I wote, as knowyn is ryffe,
Bothe dome and deffe thou grauntist tham grace,
And also the dede that thou hauyst geuen liff;
Therfore graunte me lord in this place374
My lymbis to welde.
My man, ryse and caste the crucchys gode space376
Her in the felde,
And loke in trouthe thou stedfast be,
And folow me furth with gode menyng.
Lorde, lo my crouchis whare thei flee380
Als ferre as I may late tham flenge
With bothe my hende.
That euere we haue metyng
Now I defende,
For I was halte of lyme and lame
And I suffered tene and sorowes inowe.386
Ay-lastand lord, loued be thi name,
I am als light as birde on bowe.
Ay be thou blist,
Such grace hast thou schewed to me
Lorde, as the list.
Sen firste this worlde was made of noyot392
And all thyng sette in equité,
Such ferly thyng was neuere non wroght
As men this tyme may see with eye.
What it may mene-
I can noyot saye what it may be,
Comforte or tene.398
And cheffely of a prophete new
That mekill is profite, and that of latte
Both day and nyght thai hym assewe,
Oure pepill same thurgh strete and gatte
[…     …]402
Oure olde lawes as nowe thei hatte
And his kepis yoare.
Men fro deth to liffe he rayse,
The blynde and dome geve speche and sight,
Gretely therfor oure folke hym prayse
And folowis hym both day and nyght408
Fro towne to towne.
Thay calle hym prophite be right
As of renowne.
And yoit I meruayle of that thyng,
Of puplicans sen prince am I
Of hym I cowthe haue no knowyng,414
Yf all I wolde haue comen hym neyoe,
Arly and late.
For I am lawe, and of men high
Full is the gate.
Bot sen no bettir may befalle
I thynke what beste is for to doo,420
I am schorte yoe knawe wele all,
Therfore yoone tre I will go too
And in it clyme.
Whedir he come or passe me fro
I schall se hym.
A, nobill tree thou secomoure,426
I blisse hym that the on the erthe broght.
Now may I see both here and thore
That vndir me hid may be noyot.
Therfore in the
Wille I bidde in herte and thought
Till I hym se.432
Vnto the prophete come to towne
Her will I bide what so befalle.
Do Zaché, do faste come downe.435
Lorde, even at thi wille hastely I schall,436
And tarie noght.
To the on knes lord here I fall
For synne I wroght;
And welcome, prophete trast and trewe,
With all the pepull that to the lange.
Zaché, thi seruice new442
Schall make the clene of all the wrong
That thou haste done.
Lorde, I lette noyot for this thrang445
Her to say sone
Me schamys with synne but ouyot to mende.
Mi synne forsake therfore I will,
Halue my gud I haue vnspende
Poure folke to geue it till,
This will I fayne.451
Whom I begylyd to hym I will
Make asith agayne.
Thy clere confessioun schall the clense,454
Thou may be sure of lastand lyffe.
Vnto thi house withouten offense
Is graunted pees withouten striffe.
Farewele Zaché.
Lord, the lowte ay man and wiffe,459
Blist myght thou be.
My dere discipulis, beholde and see,461
Vnto Jerusalem we schall assende,
Man sone schall ther betrayed be
And gevyn into his enmys hende
With grete dispitte.
Ther spitting on hym ther schall thei spende
And smertly smyte.467
Petir, take this asse me fro
And lede it where thou are it toke.
I murne, I sigh, I wepe also
Jerusalem on the to loke.
And so may thou rewe
That euere thou thi kyng forsuke473
And was vntrewe.
For stone on stone schall none be lefte
But doune to the grounde all schal be caste,
Thy game, thi gle, al fro the refte
And all for synne that thou done hast.
Thou arte vnkynde;479
Agayne thi kyng thou hast trespast,
Haue this in mynde.
Porter, take here thyn asse agayne,482
At hande my lorde comys on his fette.
Behalde where all the burgeis bayne484
Comes with wirschippe hym to mete.
Therfore I will
Late hym abide here in this strete
And lowte hym till.
Burger 1
Hayll prophette preued withouten pere,489
Hayll prince of pees schall euere endure,
Hayll kyng comely, curteyse and clere,
Hayll souerayne semely, to synfull sure;
To the all bowes.
Hayll lord louely oure cares may cure,
Hayll kyng of Jewes.495
Burger 2
Hayll florisshand floure that neuere shall fade,496
Hayll vyolett vernand with swete odoure,
Hayll marke of myrthe oure medecyne made,
Hayll blossome bright, hayll oure socoure,
Hayll kyng comely.
Hayll menskfull man, we the honnoure
With herte frely.502
Burger 3
Hayll Dauid sone, doughty in dede,503
Hayll rose ruddy, hayll birrall clere,
Hayll, welle of welthe may make vs mede,
Hayll saluer of oure sores sere,
We wirschippe the.
Hayll hendfull, with solas sere
Welcome thou be509
Burger 4
Hayll blisfull babe, in Bedleme borne,510
Hayll boote of all oure bittir balis,
Hayll, sege that schoppe bothe even and morne,
Hayll talker trystefull of trew tales,
Hayll comely knyght,
Hayll of mode that moste preuayles
To saue the tyght.516
Burger 5
Hayll dyamaunde with drewry dight,517
Hayll jasper gentill of Jury,
Hayll lylly lufsome lemyd with lyght,
Hayll balme of boote, moyste and drye
To all has nede.
Hayll barne most blist of mylde Marie,
Hayll all oure mede.523
Burger 6
Hayll conquerour, hayll most of myght,524
Hayll rawnsoner of synfull all,
Hayll pytefull, hayll louely light,
Hayll to vs welcome be schall,
Hayll kyng of Jues.
Hayll comely corse that we the call
With mirthe that newes.530
Burger 7
Hayll sonne ay schynand with bright bemes,531
Hayll lampe of liff schall neuere waste,
Hayll lykand lanterne, luffely lemys,
Hayll texte of trewthe the trew to taste.
Hayll kyng and sire,
Hayll maydens chylde that menskid hir most,
We the desire.537
Burger 8
Hayll domysman dredful, that all schall deme,538
Hayll that all quyk and dede schall lowte,
Hayll whom worschippe moste will seme,
Hayll whom all thyng schall drede and dowte.
We welcome the,
Hayll and welcome of all abowte
To owre ceté.544

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