The Spurriers' and Lorimers' Play: Christ with the Doctors in the Temple

Marie, of mirthis we may vs mene,1
And trewly telle betwixte vs twoo
Of solempne sightis that we haue sene
In that cité where we come froo.
Sertis, Joseph, yoe will noyot wene5
What myrthis within my harte I maie,
Sen that oure sone with vs has bene
And sene ther solempne sightis alswae.
Hamward I rede we hye9
In all the myght we maye,
Because of company
That will wende in oure waye,
For gode felawshippe haue we fone
And ay so forward schall we fynde.
A, sir, where is oure semely sone?15
I trowe oure wittis be waste as wynde.
Allas, in bale thus am I boone,
What ayleth vs both to be so blynde?
To go ouere-fast we haue begonne
And late that louely leue behynde.
Marie, mende thy chere,21
For certis whan all is done
He comes with folke in feere,
And will oueretake vs sone.
Oueretake vs sone sir? Certis nay,25
Such gabbyngis may me noyot begyle,
For we haue trauelde all this day
Fro Jerusalem many a myle.
I wende he hadde bene with vs aye,29
Awaye fro vs how schulde he wyle?
Hit helpis nought such sawes to saie,31
My barne is lost, allas the whille,
That euere we wente theroute
With hym in companye.
We lokid ouere-late aboute,
Full wooe is me forthy,
For he is wente som wayes wrang,37
And non is worthy to wyte but wee.
Agaynewarde rede I that we gang39
The right way to that same citee,
To spire and spie all men emang,
For hardely homward gone is he.
Of sorowes sere schal be my sang,43
My semely sone tille I hym see,
He is but xij yoere alde.
What way someuere he wendis46
Woman, we may be balde
To fynde hym with oure frendis.
Magister 1
Maistirs, takes to me intente,49
And rede youre resouns right on rawe,
And all the pepull in this present,
Euere-ilke man late see his sawe.
But witte I wolde, or we hens wente,
Be clargy clere if we couthe knawe
Yf any lede that liffe has lente55
Wolde aught allegge agaynste oure lawe,
Owthir in more or lesse.
Yf we defaute myght feele,
Dewly we schall gar dresse
Be dome euery-ilk a dele.
Magister 2
That was wele saide, so mot I the,61
Swilke notis to neven methynke wer nede,
For maistirs in this lande ar we
And has the lawes lelly to lede,
And doctoures also in oure degree
That demyng has of ilka dede.
Laye fourthe oure bokes belyue, late see,67
What mater moste were for oure mede.
Magister 3
We schall ordayne so wele,69
Sen we all clergy knawe,
Defaute shall no man fele
Nowdir in dede ne sawe.
Lordingis, loue be with yoou lentte73
And mirthis be vnto this mené.
Magister 1
Sone, hense away I wolde thou wente,75
For othir haftis in hande haue we.
Magister 2
Sone, whoso the hedir sente,77
They were nouyot wise, that warne I the,
For we haue othir tales to tente
Than nowe with barnes bordand to be.
Magister 3
Sone, yf the list ought to lere81
To lyve by Moyses laye,
Come hedir and thou shalle here
The sawes that we shall saye,
For in som mynde itt may the brynge,
To here oure reasouns redde by rawes.
To lerne of you nedis me nothing,87
For I knawe both youre dedys and sawes.
Magister 1
Nowe herken yoone barne with his bowrdyng,89
He wenes he kens more than we knawes.
We, nay, certis sone, thou arte ouere-yoonge
By clergy yoitt to knowe oure lawes.
I wote als wele as yhe93
Howe that youre lawes wer wrought.
Magister 2
Cum sitte, sone schall we see,95
For certis so semys it noght.
Itt wer wondir that any wight
Vntill oure reasouns right schulde reche.
And thou sais thou hast insight
Oure lawes truly to telle and teche?
The holy gost has on me light101
And has anoynted me as a leche,
And geven me pleyne poure and myght
The kyngdom of heuene for to preche.
Magister 1
Whens-euere this barne may be105
That shewes ther novellis nowe?
Certis,I was or yoe,107
And schall be aftir yoou.
Magister 1
Sone, of thy sawes, als haue I cele,109
And of thy witte is wondir thyng,
But neuere the lesse fully I feele
Itt may falle wele in wirkyng.
For Dauid demys of ilka dele,
And sais thus of childir yoing:
Of ther mouthes, he wate full wele,115
Oure lord has parformed loving.
But yoitt sone, schulde thou lette
Here for to speke ouere-large,
For where maistirs are mette
Childre wordis are noyot to charge,
And if thou wolde neuere so fayne,121
Yf all the liste to lere the lawe,
Thou arte nowthir of myght ne mayne
To kenne it as a clerke may knawe.
Sirs, I saie yoou for sartayne125
That suthfast schal be all my sawe,
And poure haue playnere and playne
To say and aunswer as me awe.
Doctor 1
Maistirs, what may this mene?129
Meruayle methynke haue I,
Whens-euere this barne haue bene
That carpis thus connandly?
Doctor 2
Als wyde in worlde als we haue wente133
Yitt fande we neuere swilke ferly fare,
For certis I trowe this barne be sente
Full souerandly to salue oure sare.
Sirs, I schall proue in youre present137
Alle the sawes that I saide are.
Doctor 3
Why, whilke callest thou the firste comaundement,139
And the moste in Moyses lare?
Sirs, sen yoe are sette on rowes141
And has youre bokes on brede,
Late se sirs, in youre sawes,
Howe right that yoe can rede.
Doctor 1
I rede this is the firste bidding145
That Moyses taught vs here vntill:
To honnoure God ouere all thing
With all thy witte and all thi will,
And all thyn harte in hym schall hyng,
Erlye and late, both lowde and still.
Ye nedis non othir bokes to bring,151
But fandis this for to fulfill.
The secounde may men preve
And clerly knawe, wherby
Youre neghbours shall yoe loue
Als youreselffe, sekirly.
This comaunded Moyses to all men157
In his x comaundementis clere,
In ther ij biddingis, schall we kene,
Hyngis all the lawe that we shall lere.
Whoso ther two fulfilles then
With mayne and myght in goode manere,
He trulye fulfillis all the ten163
That aftir folowes in feere.
Than schulde we God honnoure
With all oure myght and mayne,
And loue wele ilke a neghboure
Right as oureselfe, certayne.
Doctor 1
Nowe sone, sen thou haste tolde vs two,169
Whilke ar the viij, can thou ought saye?
The iij biddis whareso yoe goo171
That yoe schall halowe the halyday;
Than is the fourthe for frende or foo
That fadir and modir honnoure ay.
The vte you biddis noght for to sloo
No man nor woman by any way.
The vjte, suthly to see,177
Comaundis both more and myne
That thei schalle fande to flee
All filthes of flesshely synne.
The vijte forbedis you to stele
Youre neghboures goodes, more or lesse,
Whilke fautez nowe are founden fele183
Emang ther folke, that ferly is.
The viijte lernes yoou for to be lele,
Here for to bere no false witnesse.
Youre neghbours house, whillis yoe haue hele,
The ixte biddis take noyot be stresse.
His wiffe nor his women189
The xte biddis noyot coveyte.
Thez are the biddingis x,
Whoso will lelly layte.
Doctor 2
Behalde howe he alleggis oure layse,193
And lered neuere on boke to rede;
Full subtill sawes methinketh he saies,
And also trewe, yf we take hede.
Doctor 3
Ya, late hym wende fourth on his wayes,197
For and he dwelle, withouten drede,
The pepull schall full sone hym prayse
Wele more than vs for all oure dede.
Doctor 1
Nay, nay, than wer we wrang,201
Such speking wille we spare.
Als he come late hym gang,
And move vs nowe no more.
A, dere Joseph, what is youre rede?205
Of oure grete bale no bote may be,
Myne harte is heuy as any lede
My semely sone tille hym I see.
Nowe haue we sought in ilke a stede
Bothe vppe and doune ther dayes thre,
And whedir that he be quyk or dede211
Yitt wote we noght, so wo is me.
Mysese had neuere man more,213
But mournyng may not mende;
I rede forther we fare
Till God som socoure sende.
Aboute yoone tempill if he be ought
I wolde we wiste this ilke nyght.
A, sir, I see that we haue sought,219
In worlde was neuere so semely a sight.
Lo where he sittis, se yoe hym noght
Emong yoone maistiris mekill of myght?
Now blist be he vs hedir brought,223
For in lande was neuere non so light.
A, dere Joseph, als we haue cele,225
Go furthe and fette youre sone and myne.
This daye is done nere ilke a dele
And we haue nede for to gang hyne.
With men of myght can I not mell,229
Than all my trauayle mon I tyne;
I can noyot with them, this wate thou wele,
They are so gay in furres fyne.
To tham youre herand for to say233
Suthly yoe thar noyot drede no dele,
They will take rewarde to you allway
Because of elde, this wate yoe wele.
When I come there what schall I saye?237
I wate neuere, als haue I cele.
Sertis Marie, thou will haue me schamed for ay,
For I can nowthir croke nor knele.
Go we togedir, I halde it beste,241
Vnto yoone worthy wysse in wede;
And yf I see-als haue I reste-
That yoe will noyot than bus me nede.
Gange on Marie, and telle thy tale firste,245
Thy sone to the will take goode heede.
Wende fourth Marie, and do thy beste,
I come behynde, als God me spede.
A, dere son Jesus,249
Sen we loue the allone,
Why dosse thou thus till vs
And gares vs make swilke mone?
Thy fadir and I betwyxte vs twa,
Son, for thy loue has likid ill.
We haue the sought both to and froo,255
Wepand full sore as wightis will.
Wherto shulde yoe seke me soo?257
Ofte tymes it hase ben tolde you till,
My fadir werkis, for wele or woo,
Thus am I sente for to fulfyll.
There sawes, als haue I cele,261
Can I noyot vndirstande.
I schall thynke on tham wele
To fonde what is folowand.
Now sothely sone, the sight of the265
Hath salued vs of all oure sore.
Come furth sone, with thi modir and me,
Att Nazareth I wolde we wore.
Beleves wele, lordis free,269
For with my frendis nowe will I fare.
Doctor 1
Nowe sone, wher thou schall bide or be,271
Gode make the gode man euermore.
No wondir if yoone wiffe
Of his fynding be full fayne,
He schall, and he haue liff,
Proue till a praty swayne.
But sone, loke that thou layne for gud or ill277
The note that we haue nemed her nowe,
And if it like the to lende her stille
And wonne with vs, welcome art thowe.
Graunte mercy sirs, of youre gode will,281
No lenger liste me lende with yoou,
My frendis thoughtis I wol fulfille
And to ther bidding baynely bowe.
Full wele is vs this tyde,285
Nowe maye we make goode chere.
No lenger will we bide,287
Fares wele all folke in feere.

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