The Tilemakers' Play: Christ Before Pilate 2: The Judgement

Lordyngis that are lymett to the lare of my liaunce,
Ye schappely schalkes and schene for to schawe,
I charge yoou as yoour chiftan that yoe chatt for no chaunce,
But loke to youre lord here and lere at my lawe-
As a duke I may dampne yoou and drawe.
Many bernys bolde are aboute me,
And what knyght or knave I may knawe7
That list noyot as a lord for to lowte me,
I sall lere hym
In the deueles name, that dastard, to dowte me-
Ya, who werkis any werkes withoute me,
I sall charge hym in chynes to chere hym.
Tharfore yoe lusty ledes within this lenght lapped,
Do stynte of yooure stalkyng and of stoutnes be stalland.
What traytoure his tong with tales has trapped,
That fende for his flateryng full foull sall be falland.
What broll ouere-brathely is bralland
Or vnsoftely will sege in ther sales,
That caysteffe thus carpand and calland19
As a boy sall be broght vnto bales.
Talkes not nor trete not of tales,
For that gome that gyrnes or gales,
I myself sall hym hurte full sore.
Ye sall sytt hym full sore, what sege will assay yoou;
If he like not youre lordshippe, that ladde, sall yoe lere hym
As a pereles prince full prestly to pay yoou,
Or as a derworth duke with dyntes sall yoe dere hym.
Yaa, in faythe yoe haue force for to fere hym,29
Thurgh youre manhede and myght bes he marred.
No chyualrus chiftan may chere hym
Fro that churll with charge yoe haue charred
[…     …]32
In pynyng payne bees he parred.
Yaa, and with schath of skelpys yll scarred34
Fro tyme that youre tene he haue tasted.
Now certes, as me semes, whoso sadly has soght yoou,
Youre praysyng is prophetable yoe prelates of pees.
Gramercy yooure goode worde, and vngayne sall it noyot you
That yoe will say the sothe and for no sege cese.
Elles were it pité we appered in this prees-
But consayue how yooure knyghtes ere command.
Ya my lord, that leve yoe no lese,42
I can telle you yoou tydes sum tythand
Ful sadde.
Se, they bring yooone brolle in a bande.45
We sall here nowe hastely at hand
What vnhappe before Herowde he had.
Miles 1
Hayll louelyest lorde that euere lawe led yoitt,48
Hayll semelyest vndre sylke on euere ilka syde,
Hayll stateliest on stede in strenghe that is sted yoitt,
Hayll liberall, hayll lusty to lordes allied.
Welcome, what tydandis this tyde?52
Late no langgage lightly nowe lette yoou.
Miles 2
Sir Herowde ser, it is noght to hyde,54
As his gud frende grathely he grete yowe
In what manere that euere he mete yoou,
By hymselfe full sone wille he sette yoou
And sais that yoe sall not disseuer.
I thanke hym full thraly; and ser, I saie hym the same-
But what meruelous materes dyd this myron ther mell?
Miles 1
For all the lordis langage his lipps, ser, wer lame;
For any spirringes in that space no speche walde he spell,
Bot domme as a dore gon he dwell.
Thus no faute in hym gon he fynde,
For his dedis to deme hym to qwell,
Nor in bandis hym brathely to bynde;
And thus68
He sente hym to youreself, and assynde
That we, youre knyghtis, suld be clenly enclyned
And tyte with hym to you to trus.
Syrs, herkens, here yoe not what we haue oppon hand?
Loo howe there knyghtes carpe that to the kyng cared.
Syr Herowde, thai say, no faute in me fand,
He fest me to his frenschippe, so frendly he fared,
Moreover sirs, he spake-and noght spared-
Full gentilly to Jesu, this Jewe,
And sithen to ther knyghtis declared78
How fawtes in hym fande he but fewe
To dye.
He taste hym, I telle yoou for trewe,
For to dere hym he demed vndewe,
And sirs, ye sothly saie I.
Sir Pilate oure prince, we prelatis nowe pray yoou84
Sen Herowde fraysted no ferther this faitour to flaye,
Resayue in yoour sall ther sawes that I saie yoou.
Late bryng hym to barre and at his berde sall we baye.
Ya, for and he wende thus by wiles away88
I wate wele he wirke will vs wondre.
Oure menyoé he marres that he may,
With his seggynges he settes tham in sondre,
With synne;
With his blure he bredis mekill blondre.
Whills yoe haue hym nowe haldes hym vndir-94
We sall wery hym away yf he wynne.
Sir, no tyme is to tarie this traytour to taste.96
Agayne ser Cesar hymselfe he segges, and saies
All the wightis in this world wirkis in waste
That takis hym any tribute-thus his teching outrayes.
Yitt forther he feynes slik affraies,
And sais that hymself is God son.
And ser, oure lawe leggis and layes102
In what faytour falsed is fon
Suld be slayne.
For no schame hym to shende will we shon.105
Sir, witnesse of this wanes may be wonne,106
That will telle this withowten any trayne.
I can reken a rable of renkes full right,108
Of perte men in prese fro this place ar I pas,
That will witnesse, I warande, the wordis of this wight,
How wikkidly wrought that this wrecche has:
Simon, Yarus and Judas,
Datan and Gamaliell,
Neptalim, Leui and Lucas,114
And Amys this maters can mell
Ther tales for trewe can they telle
Of this faytour that false is and felle,
And in legyng of lawes ful lithre.
Ya, tussch for youre tales, thai touche not entente.
Ther witnesse I warande that to witnesse yoe wage,
Some hatred in ther hartis agaynes hym haue hent
And purpose be this processe to putt doun this page.
Sir, in faith vs fallith not to fage,124
Thai are trist men and true that we telle yoou.
Youre swering, seris, swiftely yoe swage,126
And no more in this maters ye mell yoou
I charge.
Sir, dispise not this speche that we spell you.129
If yoe feyne slike frawdis I sall felle yoou,130
For me likis noght youre langage so large.
Oure langage is to large, but yooure lordshipp releue vs.
Yitt we both beseke you late brynge hym to barre;
What poyntes that we putte forth latt your presence appreue vs-
Ye sall here how this harlott heldes out of herre.
Ya, butt be wise, witty, and warre.136
Yis sir, drede yoou noyot for nothyng we doute hym.
Fecche hym, he is noght right ferre-138
Do bedell, buske the abowte hym.
I am fayne140
My lorde for to lede hym or lowte hym.
Vncleth hym, clappe hym and clowte hym
If yoe bid me I am buxhome and bayne.
Knyghtis, yoe er commaundid with this caityf to care,
And bryng hym to barre, and so my lord badd.
Miles 1
Is this thy messege?146
Ya sir.146
Miles 1
Than moue the no mare,146
For we ar light for to leppe and lede forthe this ladd.
Miles 2
Do steppe furth; in striffe ert thou stadde,148
I vphalde full euyll has the happed.
Miles 1
O man, thy mynde is full madde,150
In oure clukis to be clowted and clapped
And closed.
Miles 2
Thou bes lassched, lusschyd and lapped.153
Miles 1
Ya, rowted, russhed and rapped,154
Thus thy name with noye sall be noysed.
Miles 2
Loo this sege her, my souerayne, that yoe for sente.
Wele, stirre noyot fro that stede, but stande stille thare.
Bot he schappe som shrewdnesse with shame bese he shente,
And I will frayst in faith to frayne of his fare.
We! Outte! Stande may I noyot, so I stare.160
Ya, harrowe of this traytour with tene.161
Say renkes, what rewth gars you rare?162
Er ye woode or wittles I wene?
What eyles yoou?
Out, slike a sight suld be sene.165
Ya, allas, conquered ar we clene.166
We, ere yoe fonde, or youre force fayles yoou?167
A, ser, saugh yoe noyot this sight, how that ther schaftes schuke,
And thez baneres to this brothel thai bowde all on brede?
Ya, ther cursed knyghtes by crafte lete them croke170
To worshippe this warlowe vnworthy in wede.
Was it dewly done thus indede?172
Ya, yoa sir, oureselfe we it sawe.173
We, spitte on them, ill mott thai spede-174
Say dastardes, the deuyll mote yoou drawe,
How dar yoe
Ther baners on brede that her blawe
Lat lowte to this lurdan so lawe?
O faytouris, with falshed how fare yoe?
Miles 3
We beseke you and tho seniouris beside yoou sir sitte,
With none of oure gouernaunce to be greuous and gryll,
For it lay not in oure lott ther launces to lett,
And this werke that we haue wrought it was not oure will.
Thou lise-harstow lurdan?-full ille.184
Wele thou watte if thou witnes it walde.
Miles 4
Sir, oure strengh myght noyot stabill tham stille,186
They hilded for ought we couthe halde,
Oure vnwittyng.
For all oure fors in faith did thai folde189
As this warlowe worschippe thai wolde-
And vs semid, forsoth, it vnsittyng.
A, vnfrendly faytours, full fals is youre fable,192
This segge with his suttelté to his seett hath you sesid.
Miles 6
Ye may say what you semes ser, bot ther standerdes to stabill
What freyke hym enforces full foull sall he be fesid.
Be the deuyllis nese, yoe ar doggydly diseasid-196
A, henne-harte, ill happe mot yoou hente.
For a whapp so he whyned and whesid,198
And yoitt no lasshe to the lurdan was lente.
Foul fall yoou.
Miles 3
Sir, iwisse no wiles we haue wente.201
Shamefully yoou satt to be shente,202
Here combred caystiffes I call yoou.
Miles 4
Sen yoou lykis not, my lord, oure langage to leve,204
Latte bryng the biggest men that abides in this land
Propirly in youre presence ther pousté to preve;
Beholde that they helde nott fro thei haue thaim in hand.
Now yoe er ferdest that euere I fand,208
Fy on youre faynte hertis in feere.
Stir the, no langer thou stande
Thou bedell, this bodworde thou bere
Thurgh this towne,
The wyghtest men vnto were
And the strangest ther standerdis to stere,214
Hider blithely bid tham be bowne.
My souerayne, full sone sall be serued youre sawe,216
I sall bryng to ther baneres right bigg men and strange.
A company of keuellis in this contré I knawe
That grete ere and grill, to the gomes will I gange.
Say, ye ledis botht lusty and lange,
Ye most passe to ser Pilate apace.
Miles 1
If we wirke not his wille it wer wrang,222
We ar redy to renne on a race
And rayke.
Then tarie not, but tryne on a trace225
And folow me fast to his face.
Miles 2
Do lede vs, vs lykes wele this lake.227
Lorde, here are the biggest bernes that bildis in this burgh,
Most stately and strange if with strenght thai be streyned.
Leve me ser, I lie not, to loke this lande thurgh,
Thai er myghtiest men with manhode demened.
Wate thou wele, or ellis has thou wenyd?232
Sir, I wate wele withoute wordis moo.233
In thy tale be not taynted nor tenyd.234
We, nay ser, why shuld I be soo?235
Wele than,236
We sall frayst or they founde vs fer fro
To what game thai begynne for to go.
Sir Cayphas, declare tham yoe can.
Ye lusty ledis, nowe lith to my lare,240
Schappe yoou to ther schaftis that so schenely her schyne.
If yoon baners bowe the brede of an hare
Platly yoe be putte to perpetuell pyne.
Miles 1
I sall holde this as even as a lyne.244
Whoso schakis with schames he shendes.245
Miles 2
I, certayne I saie as for myne,246
Whan it sattles or sadly discendis
Whare I stande-
When it wryngis or wronge it wendis,
Outher bristis, barkis, or bendes-
Hardly lat hakke of myn hande.
Sirs, waites to ther wightis that no wiles be wrought,
Thai are burely and brode, thare bost haue thai blowen.
To neven of that nowe ser it nedis right noght,254
For who curstely hym quytes he sone sall be knawen.
Ya, that dastard to dede sall be drawen,256
Whoso fautis he fouly sall falle.
Nowe knyghtis, sen the cokkis has crowen,258
Haue hym hense with hast fra this halle
His wayes.
Do stiffely steppe on this stalle,
Make a crye, and cantely thou call
Euene like as ser Annay the sais.
Oyes. Jesu, thou Jewe of gentill Jacob kynne,264
Thou nerthrist of Nazareth, now neuend is thi name.
Alle creatures the accuses. We commaunde the comme in
And aunswer to thin enemys; deffende now thy fame.
We! Out! We are shente alle for shame,268
This is wrasted all wrange as I wene.
For all ther boste yoone boyes are to blame.270
Slike a sight was neuere yoit sene.271
Come sytt,
My comforth was caught fro me clene-
I vpstritt, I me myght noyot abstene
To wirschip hym in wark and in witte.
Therof meruayled we mekill what moued yoou in mynde
In reuerence of this ribald so rudely to ryse.
I was past all my powre thogh I payned me and pynd,
I wrought not as I wolde in no maner of wise.
Bot syrs, my spech wele aspise:
Wightly his wayes late hym wende,
Thus my dome will dewly deuyse,
For I am ferde hym in faith to offende
In sightes.284
Than oure lawe were laght till an ende285
To his tales if yoe treuly attende-
He enchaunted and charmed oure knyghtis.
Be his sorcery, ser-youreselffe the soth sawe-288
He charmed oure chyualers and with myscheffe enchaunted.
To reuerence hym ryally we rase all on rowe;
Doutles we endure not of this dastard be daunted.
Why, what harmes has this hatell here haunted?292
I kenne to convyk hym no cause.
To all gomes he God son hym graunted294
And liste not to leve on oure lawes.
Say man,296
Consayues thou noyot what comberous clause
That this clargye accusyng the knawse?
Speke, and excuse the if thou can.
Euery man has a mouthe that made is on molde300
In wele and in woo to welde at his will,
If he gouerne it gudly like as God wolde
For his spirituale speche hym thar not to spill.
And what gome so gouerne it ill,
Full vnhendly and ill sall he happe;
Of ilk tale thou talkis vs vntill306
Thou accounte sall, thou can not escappe.
Sirs myne,308
Ye fonne in faithe, all the frappe,
For in this lede no lese can I lappe
Nor no poynte to putt hym to pyne.
Withoute cause ser we come not this carle to accuse hym,
And that will we yoe witt as wele is worthy.
Now I recorde wele the right yoe will no rathere refuse hym
To he be dreuen to his dede and demed to dye;
But takes hym vnto you forthé,
And like as youre lawe will you lere,
Deme yoe his body to abye.
O, sir Pilate withouten any pere,319
Do way,
Ye wate wele withouten any were
Vs falles not, nor oure felowes in feere,
To slo no man-youreself the soth say..
Why suld I deme to dede than withoute deseruyng in dede?
But I haue herde al haly why in hertes yoe hym hate.
He is fautles, in faith, and so God mote me spede
I graunte hym my gud will to gang on his gate.
Nought so ser, for wele yoe it wate,328
To be kyng he claymeth, with croune,
And whoso stoutely will steppe to that state
Ye suld deme ser, to be dong doune
And dede.
Sir, trulye that touched to treasoune,333
And or I remewe he rewe sall that reasoune,
And or I stalke or stirre fro this stede.
Sir knyghtis that ar comly, take this caystiff in keping,
Skelpe hym with scourges and with skathes hym scorne.
Wrayste and wrynge hym to, for wo to he be wepyng,
And than bryng hym before vs as he was beforne.339
Miles 1
He may banne the tyme he was borne,340
Sone sall he be serued as yoe saide vs.
Do wappe of his wedis that are worne.342
Miles 2
All redy ser, we haue arayde vs.343
Haue done,
To this broll late vs buske vs and brayde vs
As ser Pilate has propirly prayde vs.
Miles 3
We sall sette to hym sadly sone.347
Miles 4
Late vs gete of his gere, God giffe hym ille grace.
Miles 1
Thai ere tytt of tite lo, take ther his trasshes.349
Miles 3
Nowe knytte hym in this corde.350
Miles 2
I am cant in this case.350
Miles 4
He is bun faste-nowe bete on with bittir brasshis.351
Miles 1
Go on, lepis, haryoé lordingis, with lasshes,
And enforce we, this faitour, to flay hym.
Miles 2
Late vs driffe to hym derfly with dasshes,354
Alle rede with oure rowtes we aray hym
And rente hym.
Miles 3
For my parte I am prest for to pay hym.357
Miles 4
Ya, sende hym sorow, assaye hym.358
Miles 1
Take hym that I haue tome for to tente hym.359
Miles 2
Swyng to this swyre to swiftely he swete.360
Miles 3
Swete may this swayne for sweght of our swappes.361
Miles 4
Russhe on this rebald and hym rathely rehete.362
Miles 1
Rehete hym I rede you with rowtes and rappes.363
Miles 2
For all oure noy this nygard he nappes.364
Miles 3
We sall wakken hym with wynde of oure whippes.365
Miles 4
Nowe flynge to this flaterer with flappes.366
Miles 1
I sall hertely hitte on his hippes367
And haunch.
Miles 2
Fra oure skelpes not scatheles he skyppes.369
Miles 3
Yitt hym list not lyft vp his lippis370
And pray vs to haue pety on his paunch.
Miles 4
To haue petie of his paunche he propheres no prayere.
Miles 1
Lorde, how likes you this lake and this lare that we lere yoou?
Miles 2
Lo, I pull at his pilche, I am prowd payere.374
Miles 3
Thus youre cloke sall we cloute to clence you and clere yoou.
Miles 4
I am straunge in striffe for to stere yoou.376
Miles 1
Thus with choppes this churll sall we chastye.377
Miles 2
I trowe with this trace we sall tere you.378
Miles 3
All thin vntrew techyngis thus taste I,379
Thou tarand.
Miles 4
I hope I be hardy and hasty.381
Miles 1
I wate wele my wepon not wast I.382
Miles 2
He swounes or sweltes I swarand.383
Miles 3
Late vs louse hym lightyly, do lay on your handes.384
Miles 4
Ya, for and he dye for this dede vndone ere we all.
Miles 1
Nowe vnboune is this broll and vnbraced his bandes.
Miles 2
O fule, how faris thou now? Foull mott the fall!387
Miles 3
Nowe because he oure kyng gon hym call388
We will kyndely hym croune with a brere.
Miles 4
Ya, but first this purpure and palle390
And this worthy wede sall he were,
For scorne.
Miles 1
I am prowd at this poynte to apper.393
Miles 2
Latte vs clethe hym in ther clothes full clere,394
As a lorde that his lordshippe has lorne.
Miles 3
Lange or thou mete slike a menyoé as thou mett with this morne.
Miles 4
Do sette hym in this sete as a semely in sales.397
Miles 1
Now thryng to hym thrally with this thikk thorne.398
Miles 2
Lo, it heldes to his hede that the harnes out hales.
Miles 3
Thus we teche hym to tempre his tales-400
His brayne begynnes for to blede.
Miles 4
Ya, his blondre has hym broght to ther bales.402
Now reche hym and raught hym in a rede
So rounde,
For his septure it serues indede.
Miles 1
Ya, it is gode inowe in this nede,406
Late vs gudly hym grete on this grounde.
Aue, riall roy and rex judeorum,
Hayle, comely kyng that no kyngdom has kende.
Hayll vndughty duke, thi dedis ere dom,
Hayll, man vnmyghty thi menyoé to mende.
Miles 3
Hayll, lord without lande for to lende,412
Hayll kyng, hayll knave vnconand.
Miles 4
Hayll, freyke without forse the to fende,414
Hayll strang, that may not wele stand
To stryve.
Miles 1
We, harlott, heve vp thy hande,417
And vs all that the wirschip are wirkand
Thanke vs, ther ill mot thou thryve.
Miles 2
So late lede hym belyve and lenge her no lenger,420
To ser Pilate oure prince oure pride will we prayse.
Miles 3
Ya, he may synge or he slepe of sorowe and angir,422
For many derfe dedes he has done in his dayes.
Miles 4
Now wightly late wende on oure wayes,424
Late vs trusse vs, no tyme is to tarie.
Miles 1
My lorde, will yoe listen oure layes?426
Here this boy is yoe bade vs go bary
With battis.
Miles 2
We ar combered his corpus for to cary,429
Many wightis on hym wondres and wary-
Lo, his flessh al beflapped that fat is.
Wele, bringe hym before vs as he blisshes all bloo;
I suppose of his seggyng he will cese euermore.
Sirs, beholde vpon hight and ecce homoo
Thus bounden and bette and broght you before.
Me semes that it sewes hym full sore,
For his gilte on this grounde is he greuyd;
If yoou like for to listen my lore438
[…     …]438
In race
[…     …]439
For propirly by this processe will I preve440
I had no force fro this felawshippe this freke for to fende.
Here is al, ser that yoe for sende.442
Wille yoe wasshe whill the watir is hote?
Nowe this Barabas bandes yoe vnbende,444
With grace late hym gange on his gate
Where yoe will.
Ye worthy men that I here wate,447
God encrece all youre comely estate
For the grace yoe haue graunt me vntill.
Here the jugement of Jesu, all Jewes in this stede:
Crucifie hym on a crosse and on Caluerye hym kill.
I dampne hym today to dy this same dede,
Therfore hyngis hym on hight vppon that high hill.
And on aythir side hym I will
That a harlott yoe hyng in this hast-
Methynkith it both reasoune and skill456
Emyddis, sen his malice is mast,
Ye hyng hym;
Then hym turmente, som tene for to tast.
Mo wordis I will not nowe wast,
But blynne not to dede to yoe bryng hym.
Sir, vs semys in oure sight that yoe sadly has saide.
Now knyghtis that are conant with this catyf yoe care,
The liffe of this losell in youre list is it laide.
Miles 1
Late vs one my lorde, and lere vs na lare.465
Siris, sette to hym sadly and sare,
All in cordis his coorse vmbycast.
Miles 2
Late vs bynde hym in bandis all bare.468
Miles 3
Here is one, full lange will it laste.469
Miles 4
Lay on hande here.470
I powll to my poure is past.471
Nowe feste is he felawes, ful fast;
Late vs stere vs, we may not long stand here.
Drawe hym faste hense, delyuere yoou, haue done.474
Go, do se hym to dede withoute lenger delay,
For dede bus hym be nedlyng be none.
All myrthe bus vs move tomorne that we may,
Itt is sothly oure grette Sabott day-
No dede bodis vnberid sall be.
Miles 6
We see wele the soth yoe vs say.480
We sall traylle hym tyte to his tree,
Thus talkand.
Miles 4
Farewele, now wightely wende we.483
Nowe certis yoe are a manly menyoe,484
Furth in the wylde wanyand be walkand.

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