The Weavers' Play: The Assumption of the Virgin

In waylyng and weping, in woo am I wapped,1
In site and in sorowe, in sighing full sadde.
Mi lorde and my luffe, loo, full lowe is he lapped,
That makes me to mourne nowe full mate and full madde.
What harling and what hurlyng that hedesman he hadde,
What breking of braunches ware brosten aboute hym,
What bolnyng with betyng of brothellis full badde;7
Itt leres me full lely to loue hym and lowte hym,
That comely to kenne.
Goddis sone Jesus
He died for vs,
That makes me thus
To mourne amange many men.13
Emange men may I mourne for the malice thei mente
To Jesus the gentillest of Jewes generacioun.
Of wisdome and witte were the waies that he wente
That drewe all tho domesmen derffe indignacioun,
For douteles full dere was his diewe dominacioun.
Vnkyndely thei kidde them ther kyng for to kenne19
With carefull comforth and colde recreacioun,
For he mustered his miracles amonge many men
And to the pepull he preched.
But the Pharases fers
All his resouns revers,
And to ther hedesmen rehers25
That vntrewe were the tales that he teched.
He teched full trewe, but the tirauntes were tened.
For he reproued ther pride thai purposed thame preste
To mischeue hym, with malis in there mynde haue thei menyd,
And to accuse hym of cursednesse the caistiffis has caste.
Ther rancoure was raised, no renke might it reste,31
Thai toke hym with treasoune, that turtill of treuthe,
Thei fedde hym with flappes, with fersnesse hym feste,
To rugge hym, to riffe hym; ther reyned no rewthe.
Vndewly thei demed hym:
Thei dusshed hym, thei dasshed hym,
Thei lusshed hym, thei lasshed hym,37
Thei pusshed hym, thei passhed hym,
All sorowe thei saide that it semed hym.
Itt semed hym all sorowe, thei saide in ther seggyng.
Thei skippid and scourged hym-he skapid not-with scornes;
That he was leder and lorde in there lawe lay no leggyng,
But thrange on and thristed a croune of thik thornes.
Ilk tag of that turtill so tatterid and torne es
That that blissid body blo is and bolned for betyng,
Yitt the hedesmen to hynge hym with huge hydous hornes
As brothellis or bribours were belyng and bletyng:
‘Crucifie hym’ thei cried.
Sone Pilate in parlement49
Of Jesus gaffe jugement,
To hynge hym the harlottis hym hente;
Ther was no deide of that domesman denyed.
Denyed not that domesman to deme hym to dede,
That frendly faire foode that neuere offended.
Thei hied thame in haste than to hynge vppe there heede,
What woo that thei wroghte hym no wiyot wolde haue wende it.
His true titill thei toke thame no tome for to attende it,
But as a traitour atteynted thei toled hym and tuggid hym,
Thei schonte for no schoutis his schappe for to schende it,
Thei rasid hym on rode als full rasely thei rugged hym.
Thei persed hym with a spere,61
That the blode riall
To the erthe gun fall,
In redempcion of all
That his lele lawes likis to lere.
To lere he that likis of his lawe that is lele
Mai fynde in oure frende here full faithfull feste,
That wolde hynge thus on hight to enhaunce vs in hele
And by vs fro bondage by his bloode that is beste.
Than the comforte of oure companye in kares were keste,
But that lorde so allone wolde not leffe vs full longe.
On the thirde day he rose riyot with his renkis to reste,
Both flessh and fell fersly that figour gon fange73
And to my brethir gonne appere.
Thai tolde me of this
Bot I leued amys,
To rise flesshly iwis
Methought that it paste mans poure.
But the poure of that prince was presiously previd79
Whan that souerayne schewed hymselffe to my siyot.
To mene of his manhode my mynde was all meued,
But that reuerent redused me be resoune and be riyot.
The woundes full wide of that worthy wight
He frayned me to fele thame my faith for to feste,
And so I did douteless, and doune I me diyot-85
I bende my bak for to bowe and obeyed hym for beste.
So sone he assendid
Mi felaus in feere
Ware sondered sere,
If thai were here
Mi myrthe were mekill amended91
Amendid were my mirthe with that meyné to mete.
Mi felaus in fere for to fynde woll I fonde,
I schall nott stedde in no stede but in stall and in strete
Grath me be gydis to gette thame on grounde.
O souerayne, how sone am I sette here so sounde!
This is the Vale of Josophat in Jury so gente.97
I will steme of my steuene and sted here a stounde,
For I am wery for walkyng the waies that I wente
Full wilsome and wide.
Therfore I kaste
Here for to reste,
I halde it beste103
To buske on this banke for to bide.
Surge Proxima
Surge, proxima mea,104
columba mea, tabernaculum glorie,104
vasculum vite, templum celeste.104
Angel 1
Rise Marie, thou maiden and modir so milde.105
Angel 2
Rise, lilly full lusty, thi luffe is full likand.106
Angel 3
Rise, chefteyne of chastité in chering thi childe.
Angel 4
Rise, rose ripe redolent, in reste to be reynand.108
Angel 5
Rise, douffe of that domesman all dedis is demand.109
Angel 6
Rise turtour, tabernacle, and tempull full trewe.110
Angel 7
Rise, semely in sight, of thi sone to be semande.111
Angel 8
Rise, grathed full goodely in grace for to grewe.112
Angel 9
Rise vppe this stounde.113
Angel 10
Come chosen childe.114
Angel 11
Come Marie milde.115
Angel 12
Come floure vnfiled.116
Angel 8
Come vppe to the kyng to be crouned.117
Veni de Libano
Veni de Libano sponsa,117
veni, corona beris.117
O glorious God what glemes are glydand,118
I meve in my mynde what may this bemene?
I see a berde borne in blisse to be bidand
With aungelus companye, comely and clene.
Many selcouth sitis in sertis haue I sene,
But this mirthe and this melody mengis my mode.
Thomas, do way all thi doutes bedene,124
For I ame foundynge fourthe to my faire fode
I telle the this tyde.
Who, my souerayne lady?127
Ya, sertis I saie the.128
Whedir wendes thou I praye the?129
To blisse with my barne for to bide.130
To bide with thy barne in blisse to be beldand?131
Hayle jentilest of Jesse in Jewes generacioun,
Haile welthe of this worlde all welthis is weldand,
Haile hendest, enhaunsed to high habitacioun,
Haile, derworth and dere is thi diewe dominacioun,
Haile floure fressh florisshed, thi frewte is full felesome,
Haile sete of oure saveour and sege of saluacioun,137
Haile happy to helde to, thi helpe is full helesome.
Haile pereles in plesaunce,
Haile precious and pure,
Haile salue that is sure,
Haile lettir of langure,
Haile bote of oure bale in obeyesaunce.143
Go to thi brethir that in bale are abiding,144
And of what wise to welthe I ame wendande
Withoute tarying thou telle thame this tithynge,
Ther mirthe so besse mekill amendande.
For Thomas, to me were thei tendande
Whanne I drewe to the dede, all but thou.
Bot I lady? Whillis in lande I ame lendande150
Obeye the full baynly my bones will I bowe.
Bot I, allas!
Whare was I thanne
When that barette beganne?
An vnhappy manne
Both nowe and euere I was.156
Vnhappy, vnhende am I holden at home;
What drerye destonye me drewe fro that dede?
Thomas, sesse of thy sorowe for I am sothly the same.
That wote I wele, the worthiest that wrapped is in wede.
Thanne spare nott a space nowe my speche for to spede,
Go saie them sothely thou sawe me assendinge.
Now douteles, derworthy, I dare not for drede,163
For to my tales that I telle thei are not attendinge,
For no spelle that is spoken.
I schall the schewe166
A token trewe
Full fresshe of hewe,
My girdill, loo, take thame this tokyn.
I thanke the as reuerent rote of oure reste,170
I thanke the as stedfast stokke for to stande,
I thanke the as tristy tre for to treste,
I thanke the as buxsom bough to the bande,
I thanke the as leeffe the lustiest in lande,
I thanke the as bewteuous braunche for to bere,
I thanke the as floure that neuere is fadande,176
I thanke the as frewte that has fedde vs in fere,
I thanke the for euere.
If thay repreue me
Now schall thei leue me.
Thi blissinge giffe me
And douteles I schall do my deuere.182
Thomas, to do thanne thy deuere be dressand,183
He bid the his blissinge that beldis aboven.
And in siyotte of my sone ther is sittand
Shall I knele to that comely with croune,
That who in dispaire be dale or be doune
With pitevous playnte in perellis will pray me,
If he swynke or swete in swelte or in swoune,189
I schall sewe to my souerayne sone for to say me
He schall graunte thame ther grace.
Be it manne in his mournyng
Or womanne in childinge,
All thes to be helpinge
That prince schall I praye in that place.195
Gramercy the goodliest grounded in grace,196
Gramercy the lufliest lady of lire,
Gramercy the fairest in figure and face,
Gramercy the derrest to do oure desire.
Farewele, nowe I passe to the pereles empire.200
Farewele Thomas, I tarie no tyde here.
Farewele thou schynyng schappe that schyniste so schire,
Farewele the belle of all bewtes to bide here,
Farewele thou faire foode.
Farewele the keye of counsaile,
Farewele all this worldes wele,
Farewele oure hope and oure hele,
Farewele nowe, both gracious and goode.208
Veni Electa
Veni, electa mea et ponam in te thronum meum,208
quia concupivit rex speciem tuam.208
That I mette with this may here my mirthe is amend.
I will hy me in haste and holde that I haue hight,
To bere my brethir this boodeword my bak schall I bende
And saie thame in certayne the soth of this sight.
Be dale and be doune schall I dresse me to diyot
To I fynde of this felawschippe faithfull in fere,
I schall renne and reste not to ransake full right.
Lo, the menyoe I mente of I mete thame even here
At hande.
God saffe yoou in feere,
Say brethir, what chere?
What dois thou here?220
Thou may nowe of thi gatis be gangand.
Why dere brethir, what bale is begune?221
Thomas, I telle the that tene is betidde vs.223
Me forthinkith for my frendis that faithfull are foune.
Ya, but in care litill kyndnes thou kid vs.225
His bragge and his boste is he besie to bid vs,226
But and ther come any cares he kepis not to kenne.
We may renne till we raue or any ruth rid vs
For the frenschippe he fecched vs, be frith or be fenne.
Sirs, me meruailes, I saie yowe,230
What mevis in youre mynde.
We can wele fynde232
Thou arte vnkynde.
Nowe pees thanne, and preue it I pray yowe.234
That thou come not to courte here vnkyndynes thou kid vs,
Oure treuth has of-turned vs to tene and to traye.
This yere haste thou rakid, thi reuth wolde not ridde vs,
For witte thou wele that worthy is wente on hir waye.
In a depe denne dede is scho doluen this daye,
Marie that maiden and modir so milde.
I wate wele iwis.241
Thomas, do way.241
Itt forse noyot to frayne hym, he will not be filde.
Sirs, with hir haue I spoken243
Lattar thanne yee.
That may not bee.245
Yis, knelyng on kne.246
Thanne tite can thou telle vs some token?247
Lo this token full tristy scho toke me to take youe.
A, Thomas, whare gate thou that girdill so gode?249
Sirs, my message is meuand some mirthe for to make youe,
For founding flesshly I fande hir till hir faire foode,
And when I mette with that maiden it mendid my mode.
Hir sande has scho sente youe, so semely to see.
Ya, Thomas, vnstedfaste full staring thou stode-254
That makis thi mynde nowe full madde for to be.
But herken and here nowe;
Late vs loke where we laid hir,
If any folke haue affraied hir.
Go we groppe wher we graued hir,259
If we fynde ouyote that faire one, in fere nowe.
Behalde nowe hidir youre hedis in haste,261
This glorious and goodely is gone fro this graue.
Loo, to my talking ye toke youe no tente for to traste.
A, Thomas, vntrewly nowe trespassed we haue.264
Mercy full kyndely we crie and we craue.
Mercye, for foule haue we fautid in faye.266
Mercye we praye the, we will not depraue.267
Mercye for dedis we did the this daye.268
Oure saueour so swete269
Forgiffe you all,
And so I schall.
This tokyn tall
Haue I brought yowe youre bales to beete.
Itt is welcome iwis fro that worthy wight,274
For it was wonte for to wappe that worthy virgine.
Itt is welcome iwis fro that lady so light,276
For hir wombe wolde scho wrappe with it and were it with wynne.
Itt is welcome iwis fro that saluer of synne,278
For scho bende it aboute hir with blossome so bright.
Itt is welcome iwis fro the keye of oure kynne,280
For aboute that reuerent it rechid full right.
Nowe knele we ilkone282
Vpponne oure kne.
To that lady free.284
Blissid motte sche be,285
Ya, for scho is lady lufsome allone.
Nowe brethir, bese besie and buske to be bownand.287
To Ynde will I torne me and trauell to teche.
And to Romans so royall tho renkis to be rownand289
Will I passe fro this place my pepull to preche.
And I schall Samaritanus so sadly enserche,291
To were tham be wisdome thei wirke not in waste.
And I to Achaia full lely that lede for to leche293
Will hy me to helpe thame and hele thame in haste.
This comenaunt accordis;295
Sirs, sen yoe will soo
Me muste nedis parte youe froo,
To Assia will I goo.
He lede yoou, that lorde of all lordis.
The lorde of all lordis in lande schall he lede youe
Whillis yoe trauell in trouble the trewthe for to teche.
With frewte of oure feithe in firthe schall we fede youe
For that laboure is lufsome ilke lede for to leche.
Nowe I passe fro youre presence the pepull to preche,
To lede thame and lere thame the lawe of oure lorde.
As I saide, vs muste asoundre and sadly enserche306
Ilke contré to kepe clene and knytte in o corde
Off oure faithe.
That frelye foode
That died on rode
With mayne and moode
He grath yowe be gydis full grath.312
Surge Propera Mea
Surge propera mea,312
columba mea, tabernaculum glorie,312
vasculum vite, templum celeste.312
Veni de Libano
Veni de libano sponsa,312
veni corona beris.312
Veni Electa
Veni electa mea312
et ponam thronum meum312
quia concupivit speciem tuam.312

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