The Woolpackers' and Woolbrokers' Play: The Supper at Emmaus

Pilgrim 1
That lorde that me lente this liffe for to lede,1
In my wayes thou me wisse thus will of wone.
Qwen othir men halfe moste mirthe to ther mede,
Thanne als a mornand manne make I my mone.
For douteles nowe may we drede vs-
Allas, thei haue refte vs oure rede,
With doole haue thei dight hym to dede,7
That lorde that was leeffe for to lede vs.
Pilgrim 2
He ledde vs full lelly that lorde, nowe allas,9
Mi lorde for his lewté his liffe has he lorne.
Pilgrim 1
Saye, who comes there claterand?11
Pilgrim 2
Sir, I Cleophas;11
Abide, my leffe brothere, to bale am I borne.
But telle me whedir thou bounes?
Pilgrim 1
To Emax, this castell beside vs.14
Ther may we bothe herber and hyde vs,
Therfore late vs tarie at no townes.
Pilgrim 2
Atte townes for to tarie take we no tent,17
But take vs tome at this tyme to talke of sume tales,
And jangle of the Jewes and of Jesu so gente,
Howe thei bette that body was bote of all bales.
With buffettis thei bete hym full barely,
In sir Cayphas hall garte thei hym call;
And hym before sir Pilate in his hall23
On the morne than aftir, full arely.
Pilgrim 1
Full arely the juggemen demed hym to dye;25
Both prestis and prelatis to Pilate made preysing,
And alls cursid caytiffis and kene on Criste gan thei crie,
And on that lele lorde made many a lesyng.
Thei spitte in his face to dispise hym,
To spoile hym nothyng thei spared hym,
But natheles baynly thei bared hym,31
With scourges smertly goyng thei smote hym.
Pilgrim 2
Thei smotte hym full smertely that the bloode oute braste,
That all his hyde in hurth was hastely hidde.
A croune of thorne on his heede full thraly thei thraste,
Itt is grete dole for to deme the dedis thei hym dide.
With byndyng vnbaynly and betyng,
Thane on his bakke bare he thame by
A crosse vnto Caluery;39
That swettyng was swemyed for swetyng.
Pilgrim 1
For all the swette that he swete with swyngis thei hym swang,
And raffe hym full rewfully with rapes on a rode.
Than heuyd thei hym highly on hight for to hang,
Withouten misse of this man, thus mensked thai his mode
That euere has bene trewest in trastyng.
Methynkith myn herte is boune for to breke,
Of his pitefull paynes when we here speke,47
So frendfull we fonde hym in fraistyng.
Pilgrim 2
In frasting we fonde hym full faithfull and free,49
In his mynde mente he neuere mysse to no man.
Itt was a sorowe, forsoth, in sight for to see
Whanne that a spetyffull spere vnto his harte ranne.
In baill thus his body was beltid,
Into his harte thraly thei thraste;
Whan his piteffull paynes were paste,55
That swet thyng full swiftely he sweltid.
Pilgrim 1
He sweltid full swithe in swonyng, that swette.57
Allas for that luffely that laide is so lowe,
With granyng full grissely on grounde may we grette,
For so comely a corse canne I none knowe.
With dole vnto dede thei did hym
For his wise werkis that he wroght thame,
Thes false folke, whan thei bethoughte thame,63
That grette vnkyndynesse thei kidde hym.
Pilgrim 2
Vnkyndynesse thei kidde hym, tho caitiffis so kene,
And als vnwitty wightis wrought thei hym wrake.
What are thes meruailes that yoe of mene67
And thus mekill mournyng in mynde that yoe make,
Walkyng thus wille by thes wayes?
Pilgrim 2
Why, arte thou a pilgryme and haste bene70
At Jerusalem, and haste thou noght sene
What dole has ben done in thes daies?
In ther daies, dere sir, what dole was ther done?73
Of that werke wolde I witte, and youre will were,
And therfore I pray you telle me now sone,
Was ther any hurlyng in hande? Nowe late me here.
Pilgrim 1
Why, herde thou no carpyng nor crying77
Att Jerusalem ther thou haste bene,
Whenne Jesu the Nazarene
Was doulfully dight to the dying?
Pilgrim 2
To the dying thei dight hym that defte was and dere,
Thurgh prokering of princes that were ther in prees.
Forthy as wightis that are will thus walke we in were,
For-pechyng als pilgrymes that putte are to pees.
For mornyng of oure maistir thus morne wee,
As wightis that are wilsome thus walke we,
Of Jesus in telling thus talke we,87
Fro townes for takyng thus turne we.
Pilgrim 1
Thus turne we fro townes, but take we entent89
How thei mourthered that man that we of mene.
Full rewfully with ropis on rode thei hym rente
And takkid hym thertill full tyte in a tene.
Vpperightis full rudely thei raised hym,
Thanne myghtely to noye hym withall,
In a mortaise faste lete hym fall-95
To pynne hym thei putte hym and peysed hym.
Pilgrim 2
Thei peysed hym to pynne hym, that pereles of pese;
Thus on that wight that was wise wroyot thei grete wondir,
Yitt with that sorowe wolde thei noyot sesse-
They schogged hym and schotte hym his lymes all in sondir,
His braynes thus brake thei and braste hym.
A blynde knyght, such was his happe,
Inne with a spere-poynte atte the pappe103
To the harte full thraly he thraste hym.
Pilgrim 1
Thei thraste hym full thraly, than was ther no threpyng,
Thus with dole was that dere vnto dede dight.
His bak and his body was bolned for betyng-
Itt was, I saie the forsoth, a sorowfull sight.
But ofte-sithes haue we herde saie,
And we trowe as we herde telle,
That he was to rawsoune Israell;111
But nowe is this the thirde daye.
Pilgrim 2
Thes dayes newe owre wittis are waxen in were,113
For some of oure women for certayne thei saide
That thai sawe in ther sightis solas full seere,
Howe all was lemand light wher he was laide.
Thei called vs, as euer myght thei thriffe,
For certayne thei saugh it in sight,
A visioune of aungellis bright,119
And tolde thame ther lorde was alyue.
Pilgrim 1
On lyue tolde thei that lorde leued hir in lande;121
Thez women come lightly to warne, I wene.
Some of oure folke hyed forthe, and faste thei it fande
That all was soth that thei saide that sight had thei sene.
For lely thei loked ther he laye
Thei wende ther that foode to haue fonne;
Thanne was his toumbe tome as a tonne-127
Thanne wiste thei that wight was away.
Pilgrim 2
Awaye is that wight that wonte was vs for to wisse.
A, fooles that are fauty and failes of youre feithe,
This bale bud hym bide and belde thame in blisse-
But yoe be lele of youre laye youre liffe holde I laith.
To prophetis he proued it and preched,
And also to Moyses gan he saie
That he muste nedis die on a day,
And Moyses forth talde it and teched,136
And talde it and teched it many tymes than.
Pilgrim 1
A, more of this talking we pray you to telle vs.138
Pilgrim 2
Ya sir, be youre carping full kyndely we kenne139
Ye meene of oure maistir of whome that we melle vs.
Pilgrim 1
Ya, goode sir, see what I saie yoou,141
Se yoe this castell beside her?
All nyght we thynke for to bide here;
Bide with vs sir pilgrime, we praye yoou.
We praye yoou, sir pilgrime, yoe presse noyot to passe.
Yis sir, me bus nede.146
Pilgrim 1
Nay sir, the nyght is ovir-nere.146
And I haue ferre for to founde.147
Pilgrim 2
I hope wele thou has.147
Pilgrim 1
We praye the sir, hartely, all nyght holde the here.
I thanke youe of this kyndinesse yoe kydde me.149
Pilgrim 1
Go in sir, sadly and sone.150
Pilgrim 2
Sir, daunger dowte noyot, haue done.151
Sir, I muste nedis do as yoe bid me.152
Ye bidde me so baynly I bide for the beste.
Pilgrim 1
Lo, her is a sege goode sir, I saie yoou.154
Pilgrim 2
With such goode as we haue glad we oure geste.155
Pilgrim 1
Sir, of this poure pitaunce take parte now we pray yow.
[…     …]156
Nowe blisse I this brede that brought is on the borde.
Fraste theron faithfully, my frendis, you to feede.
Pilgrim 1
[…     …] vnterly haue we tane entent-
Ow, I trowe some torfoyr is betidde vs!
Saie, wher is this man?
Pilgrim 2
Away is he wente-161
Right now satte he beside vs.
Pilgrim 1
Beside vs we both sawe hym sitte,163
And by no poynte couthe I parceyue hym passe.
Pilgrim 2
Nay, be the werkis that he wrought full wele myght we witte
Itt was Jesus hymselffe-I wiste who it was.
Pilgrim 1
Itt was Jesus thus wisely that wrought,167
That raised was and rewfully rente on the rode.
Of bale and of bittirnesse has he vs boght,
Boune was and betyn that all braste on bloode.
Pilgrim 2
All braste on bloode, so sore was he bette,171
With ther wickid Jewes that wrethfull was euere;
With scourges and scharpe thornes on his heede sette,
Suche torfoyr and torment of telle herde I neuere.
Pilgrim 1
Of telle herde I neuere of so pitefull peyne175
As suffered oure souerayne hyngand on hight;
Nowe is he resen with myght and with mayne,
I telle for sikir, we saugh hym in sight.
Pilgrim 2
We saugh hym in sight, nowe take we entent179
Be the brede that he brake vs so baynly betwene,
Such wondirfull wais as we haue wente
Of Jesus the gente was neuere none seene.
Pilgrim 1
Sene was ther neuere so wondirfull werkes,183
Be see ne be sande, in this worlde so wide.
Menskfully in mynde thes materes now merkis,
And preche we it prestly on euery ilke side.
Pilgrim 2
On euery ilke side prestely prechis we-187
Go we to Jerusaleme thes tydingis to telle.
Oure felawes fro fandyng nowe fraste we,
More of this mater her may we not melle.
Pilgrim 1
Here may we notte melle more at this tyde,191
For prossesse of plaies that precis in plight.
He bringe to his blisse on euery ilke side,
That sofferayne lorde that moste is of myght.

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