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Hayle, fulgent Phebus and fader eternall,1
Parfite plasmator and God omnipotent,
Be whos will and power perpetuall
All thinges hath influence and beyng verament.
To the I giffe louyng and laude right excellent,
And to the sperite also, graunter of all grace,
Whilke by thi woorde and thi warke omnipotent7
I am thi sonne and equale in that case.
O sapor suauitatis, o succour and solace,
O life eternall and luffer of chastité,
Whome aungels abowne and the erthe in his grete space
And all thinges create loues in magesté.
Remembre, fader meke, in thi solempnyté13
The woundes of thi sonne, whilke by thy providence
Thou made discende frome thyne equalité
Into the wombe of Marye, be meke obedience.
Of a virgin inviolate for mans iniquyté,
Whilke for his synne stoode mekill fro thi grace,
Be hoole assente of thi solempnité19
Thou made me incarnate, and trulie man I was.
Wherefore too spede me here in this space,
Thou here me fader, hertely I the praye,
As for my moder truely in this case
Thou here thi sonne, and herk what I shall saye.
Me semes mysilfe it is right grete offence25
My moder wombe in erthe sulde putrifye,
Sen hir flessh and myne were bothe oone in escence,
I had none othir bot of hir truely.
She is my moder to whome legem adimpleui
Whilke thou has ordinate as by thi prouidence.
Graunte me thi grace, I the beseke hertely,31
As for the tyme of hir meke innocence,
In woorde ne dede thoght the neuer to offende,
Sho myght be assumpt, I pray thyne excellence,
Vnto thi troone, and so to be commende,
In bodye and saule euer withoutyn ende
With the to reyne in thyne eternyté,37
Fro sorrowe and sadnesse synners to offende.
O flagraunt fader, graunte yt myght so be.
O lampe of light, o lumen eternall,40
O coequale sonne, o verrey sapience,
O mediator ande meen and lyfe perpetuall,
In whome of derk clowedes may haue none accidence-
Thoue knawes right wele by thy providence
I haue commyt my powere generall,
Tibi data potestas, ande plenall influence.46
Thou ert my sonne …

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