The Towneley plays

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The Creation
The Killing of Abel
Noah and the Ark
The Prophets
Caesar Augustus
The Annunciation
The Salutation of Elizabeth
The First Shepherds' Play
The Second Shepherds' Play
The Offering of the Magi
The Flight into Egypt
Herod the Great
The Purification of Mary
The Play of the Doctors
John the Baptist
The Conspiracy
The Buffeting
The Scourging
The Crucifixion
The Talents
The Deliverance of Souls
The Resurrection of the Lord
The Pilgrims
Thomas of India
The Lord's Ascension
The Judgement
The Hanging of Judas

The CreationContents

Ego sum alpha et o,1
I am the first, the last also,2
Oone god in mageste;3
Meruelus, of myght most,4
ffader, & son, & holy goost,5
On god in trinyte.6
I am without begynnyng,7
My godhede hath none endyng,8
I am god in trone;9
Oone god in persons thre,10
Which may neuer twynnyd be,11
ffor I am god alone.12
All maner thyng is in my thoght,13
Withoutten me ther may be noght,14
ffor all is in my sight;15
hit shall be done after my will,16
that I haue thoght I shall fulfill17
And manteyn with my myght.18
At the begynnyng of oure dede19
make we heuen & erth, on brede,20
and lyghtys fayre to se,21
ffor it is good, to be so;22
darknes from light we parte on two,23
In tyme to serue and be.24
Darknes we call the nyght,25
and lith also the bright,26
It shall be as I say;27
after my will this is furth broght,28
Euen and morne both ar thay wroght,29
and thus is maid a day.30
In medys the water, bi oure assent,31
be now maide the firmament,32
And parte ather from othere,33
Water aboue, I-wis;34
Euen and morne maide is this35
A day, [so was] the tothere.36
Waters, that so wyde ben spred,37
be gedered to geder in to one stede,38
that dry the erth may seym;39
that at is dry the erth shall be,40
the waters also I call the see;41
this warke to me is queme.42
Out of the erth herbys shal spryng,43
Trees to florish and frute furth bryng,44
thare kynde that it be kyd.45
This is done after my will;46
Even & morn maide is ther till47
A day, this is the thryd.48
Son & moyne set in the heuen,49
With starnes, & the planettys seuen,50
To stand in thare degre;51
The son to serue the day lyght,52
The moyne also to serue the nyght;53
The fourte day shall this be.54
The water to norish the fysh swymand,55
The erth to norish bestys crepeand,56
That fly or go may.57
Multiplye in erth, and be58
In my blyssyng, wax now ye;59
This is the fyft day.60
Oure lord god in trynyte,61
Myrth and lovyng be to the,62
Myrth and lovyng ouer al thyng;63
ffor thou has made, with thi bidyng,64
Heuen, & erth, and all that is,65
and giffen vs Ioy that neuer shall mys.66
Lord, thou art full mych of myght,67
that has maide lucifer so bright;68
we loue the, lord, bright ar we,69
bot none of vs so bright as he:70
He may well hight lucifere,71
ffor lufly light that he doth bere.72
He is so lufly and so bright73
It is grete ioy to se that sight;74
We lofe the, lord, with all oure thoght,75
that sich thyng can make of noght.76
Certys, it is a semely sight,77
Syn that we ar all angels bright,78
and euer in blis to be;79
If that ye will behold, me right,80
this mastre longys to me.81
I am so fare and bright,82
of me commys all this light,83
this gam and all this gle;84
Agans my grete myght85
may [no]thyng stand [ne] be.86
And ye well me behold87
I am a thowsand fold,88
brighter then is the son;89
my strengthe may not be told,90
my myght may no thyng kon;91
In heuen, therfor, wit I wold,92
Above me who shuld won.93
ffor I am lord of blis,94
ouer all this warld, I-wis,95
My myrth is most of all;96
the[r]for my will is this,97
master ye shall me call.98
And ye shall se, full sone onone,99
How that me semys to sit in trone100
as kyng of blis;101
I am so semely, blode & bone,102
my sete shall be ther as was his.103
Say, felows, how semys now me104
To sit in seyte of trynyte?105
I am so bright of ich a lym106
I trow me seme as well as hym.107
Angelus Malus 1
Thou art so fayre vnto my syght,108
thou semys well to sytt on hight;109
So thynke me that thou doyse.110
Angelus Bonus 1
I rede ye leyfe that vanys royse,111
ffor that seyte may non angell seme112
So well as hym that all shall deme.113
Angelus Bonus 2
I reyde ye sese of that ye sayn,114
ffor well I wote ye carpe in vayne;115
hit semyd hym neuer, ne neuer shall,116
So well as hym that has maide all.117
Angelus Malus 2
Now, and bi oght that I can witt,118
he semys full well theron to sytt;119
He is so fayre, withoutten les,120
he semys full well to sytt on des.121
therfor, felow, hold thi peasse,122
and vmbithynke the what thou saysse.123
he semys as well to sytt there124
as god hymself, if he were here.125
leyf felow, thynk the not so?126
Angelus Malus 1
Yee, god wote, so dos othere mo.127
Angelus Bonus 1
Nay, forsoth, so thynk not vs.128
Now, therof a leke what rekys vs?129
Syn I my self am so bright130
therfor will I take a flyght.131
Demon 1
Alas, alas, and wele-wo!132
lucifer, whi fell thou so?133
We, that were angels so fare,134
and sat so hie aboue the ayere,135
Now ar we waxen blak as any coyll,136
and vgly, tatyrd as a foyll.137
What alyd the, lucifer, to fall?138
was thou not farist of angels all?139
Brightist, and best, & most of luf140
With god hym self, that syttys aboyf?141
thou has maide [neyn,] there was [ten,]142
thou art foull comyn from thi kyn;143
thou art fallen, that was the teynd,144
ffrom an angell to a feynd.145
thou has vs doyn a vyle dispyte,146
and broght thi self to sorow and sitt.147
Alas, ther is noght els to say148
bot we ar tynt for now and ay.149
Demon 2
Alas, the ioy that we were In150
haue we lost, for oure syn.151
alas, that euer cam pride in thought,152
ffor it has broght vs all to noght.153
We were in myrth and Ioy enoghe154
When lucifer to pride drogh.155
Alas, we may warrie wikkyd pride,156
so may ye all that standys be side;157
We held, with hym ther he saide leasse,158
and therfor haue we all vnpeasse.159
Alas, alas, oure Ioye is tynt,160
We mon haue payne that neuer shall stynt.161
Erthly bestys, that may crepe and go,162
bryng ye furth and wax ye mo,163
I se that it is good;164
now make we man to oure liknes,165
that shall be keper of more & les,166
of fowles and fysh in flood.167
spreyte of life I in the blaw,168
good and ill both shall thou knaw;169
rise vp, and stand bi me.170
All that is in water or land,171
It shall bow vnto thi hand,172
and sufferan shall thou be;173
I gif the witt, I gif the strenght,174
of all thou sees, of brede & lengthe;175
thou shall be wonder wise.176
Myrth and Ioy to haue at will,177
All thi likyng to fulfill,178
and dwell in paradise.179
This I make thi wonnyng playce,180
ffull of myrth and of solace,181
and I seasse the therin.182
It is not good to be alone,183
to walk here in this worthely wone,184
In all this welthly wyn;185
therfor, a rib I from the take,186
therof shall be [maide] thi make,187
And be to thi helpyng.188
Ye both to gouerne that here is,189
and euer more to be in blis,190
ye wax in my blissyng.191
ye shall have Ioye & blis therin,192
whils ye will kepe you out of syn,193
I say without[ten] lese.194
Ryse vp, myn angell cherubyn,195
Take and leyd theym both in,196
And leyf them there in peasse.197
Heris thou adam, and eue thi wife,198
I forbede you the tre of life,199
And I commaund, that it be gat,200
Take which ye will, bot negh not that.201
Adam, if thou breke my rede,202
thou shall dye a dulfull dede.203
Oure lord, oure god, thi will be done;204
I shall go with theym full sone.205
ffor soth, my lord, I shall not sted206
till I haue theym theder led.207
we thank the, lord, with full good chere,208
that has maide man to be oure feere.209
Com furth, adam, I shall the leyd;210
take tent to me, I shall the reyd.211
I rede the thynk how thou art wroght,212
and luf my lord, in all thi thoght,213
That has maide the thrugh his will,214
angels ordir to fulfill.215
Many thyngys he has the giffen,216
and maide the master of all that liffen;217
He has forbed, the bot a tre;218
look that thou let it be,219
ffor if thou breke his commaundment,220
thou skapys not bot thou be shent.221
Weynd here in to paradise,222
and luke now that ye be wyse,223
And kepe you well, for I must go224
vnto my lord, ther I cam fro.225
Almyghty lord, I thank it the226
that is, and was, and shall be,227
Of thi luf and of thi grace,228
ffor now is here a mery place;229
Eue, my felow, how thynk the this?230
A stede me thynk of Ioye and blis,231
That god has giffen to the and me;232
Withoutten ende blissyd be he.233
Eue, felow, abide me thore,234
ffor I will go to viset more,235
To se what trees that here been;236
here ar well moo then we have seen,237
Gresys, and othere small floures,238
that smell full swete, of seyr coloures.239
Gladly, sir, I will full fayne;240
When ye haue sene theym, com agane.241
Bot luke well, eue, my wife,242
that thou negh not the tree of life;243
ffor if thou do he bese ill paide;244
then be we tynt, as he has saide.245
Go furth and play the all aboute,246
I shall not negh it while thou art oute;247
ffor be thou sekyr I were full loth248
ffor any thyng that he were wroth.249
Who wend euer this tyme haue seyn?250
We, that in sich myrth haue beyn,251
That we shuld suffre so mych wo?252
Who wold euer trow it shuld be so?253
[Ten] orders in heuen were254
of angels, that had offyce sere;255
Of ich order, in thare degre,256
the [teynd] parte fell downe with me;257
ffor thay held with me that tyde,258
and mantenyd me in my pride;259
Bot herkyns, felows, what I say-260
the Ioy that we haue lost for ay,261
God has maide man with his hend,262
to haue that blis withoutten end,263
The neyn ordre to fulfill,264
that after vs left, sich is his will.265
And now ar thay in paradise;266
bot thens thay shall, if we be wise.267

The Killing of AbelContents

All hayll, all hayll, both blithe and glad,1
ffor here com I, a mery lad;2
be peasse youre dyn, my master bad,3
Or els the dwill you spede.4
Wote ye not I com before?5
Bot who that Ianglis any more6
He must blaw my blak hoill bore’,7
both behynd, and before,8
Till his tethe blede.9
ffelows, here I you forbede10
To make nother nose ne cry;11
Who so is so hardy to do that dede12
The dwill hang hym vp to dry.13
Gedlyngis, I am a fulle grete wat,14
A good yoman my master hat,15
ffull well ye all hym ken;16
Begyn he with you for to stryfe,17
certis, then mon ye neuer thryfe;18
Bot I trow, bi god on life,19
Som of you ar his men.20
Bot let youre lippis couer youre ten,21
harlottis, euerichon!22
ffor if my master com, welcom hym then.23
ffarewell, for I am gone.24
Io furth, greyn-horne! and war oute, gryme!25
Drawes on! god gif you ill to tyme!26
Ye stand as ye were fallen in swyme;27
What! will ye no forther, mare?28
War! let me se how down will draw;29
Yit, shrew, yit, pull on a thraw!30
What! it semys for me ye stand none aw!31
I say, donnyng, go fare!32
A, ha! god gif the soro & care!33
lo! now hard she what I saide;34
now yit art thou the warst mare35
In plogh that euer I haide.36
How! pike-harnes, how! com heder belife!37
I fend, godis forbot, that euer thou thrife!38
What, boy, shal I both hold and drife?39
heris thou not how I cry?40
Say, mall and stott, will ye not go?41
Lemyng, morell, white-horne, Io!42
now will ye not se how thay hy?43
Gog gif the sorow, boy; want of mete it gars.44
thare prouand, sir, for thi, I lay behynd thare ars,
And tyes them fast bi the nekis,46
With many stanys in thare hekis.47
That shall bi thi fals chekis.48
And haue agane as right.49
I am thi master, wilt thou fight?50
Yai, with the same mesure and weght51
That I boro will I qwite.52
We! now, no thyng, bot call on tyte,53
that we had ployde this land.54
harrer, morell, iofurth, hyte!55
and let the plogh stand.56
God, as he both may and can,57
Spede the, brother, & thi man.58
Com kis myne ars, me list not ban,59
As welcom standis ther oute.60
Thou shuld haue bide til thou were cald;61
Com nar, & other drife or hald,62
and kys the dwillis toute.63
Go grese thi shepe vnder the toute,64
ffor that is the moste lefe.65
broder, ther is none here aboute66
that wold the any grefe;67
bot, leif brother, here my sawe-68
It is the custom of oure law,69
All that wyrk as the wise70
shall worship god with sacrifice.71
Oure fader vs bad, oure fader vs kend,72
that oure tend shuld be brend.73
Com furth, brothere, and let vs gang74
To worship god; we dwell full lang;75
Gif we hym parte of oure fee,76
Corne or catall, wheder it be.77
And therfor, brother, let vs weynd,78
And first clens vs from the feynd79
or we make sacrifice;80
Then blis withoutten end81
get we for oure seruyce,82
Of hym that is oure saulis leche.83
How! let furth youre geyse, the fox will preche;84
How long wilt thou me appech85
With thi sermonyng?86
Hold thi tong, yit I say,87
Euen ther the good wife strokid the hay;88
Or sit downe in the dwill way,89
With thi vayn carpyng.90
Shuld I leife my plogh & all thyng91
And go with the to make offeryng?92
Nay! thou fyndys me not so mad!93
Go to the dwill, and say I bad!94
What gifys god the to rose hym so?95
me gifys he noght bot soro and wo.96
Caym, leife this vayn carpyng,97
ffor god giffys the all thi lifyng.98
Yit boroed I neuer a farthyng99
of hym, here my hend.100
Brother, as elders haue vs kend,101
ffirst shuld, we tend with oure hend,102
and to his lofyng sithen be brend.103
My farthyng is in the preest hand104
syn last tyme I offyrd.105
leif brother, let vs be walkand;106
I wold oure tend were profyrd.107
We! wherof shuld I tend, leif brothere?108
ffor I am ich yere wars then othere,109
here my trouth it is none othere;110
My wynnyngis ar bot meyn,111
No wonder if that I be leyn;112
ffull long till hym I may me meyn,113
ffor bi hym that me dere boght,114
I traw that he will leyn me noght.115
Yis, all the good thou has in wone116
Of godis grace is bot a lone.117
Lenys he me, as come thrift apon the so?118
ffor he has euer yit beyn my fo;119
ffor had he my freynd, beyn,120
Other gatis it had beyn seyn.121
When all mens corn was fayre in feld,122
Then was myne not worth a neld;123
When I shuld saw, & wantyd seyde,124
And of corn had full grete neyde,125
Then gaf he me none of his,126
No more will I gif hym of this.127
hardely hold me to blame128
bot if I serue hym of the same.129
Leif brother, say not so,130
bot let vs furth togeder go;131
Good brother, let vs weynd sone,132
no longer here I rede we hone.133
Yei, yei, thou Iangyls waste;134
the dwill me spede if I haue hast,135
As long as I may lif,136
to dele my good or gif137
Ather to god or yit to man,138
of any good that euer I wan;139
ffor had I giffen away my goode,140
then myght I go with a ryffen hood,141
And it is better hold that I haue142
then go from doore to doore & craue.143
Brother, com furth, in godis name,144
I am full ferd, that we get blame;145
Hy we fast that we were thore.146
We! ryn on, in the dwills nayme Before!147
Wemay, man, I hold the mad!148
wenys thou now that I list gad149
To gif away my warldis aght?150
the dwill hym spede that me so taght!151
what nede had I my trauell to lose,152
to were my shoyn & ryfe my hose?153
Dere brother, hit were grete wonder154
that I & thou shuld go in sonder,155
Then wold oure fader haue grete ferly;156
Ar we not brether, thou & I?157
No, bot cry on, cry, whyls the thynk good;158
Here my trowth, I hold the woode;159
Wheder that he be blithe or wroth160
to dele my good is me full lothe.161
I haue gone oft on softer wise162
ther I trowed som prow wold rise.163
Bot well I se go must I nede;164
now weynd before, ill myght thou spede!165
syn that we shall algatis go.166
leif brother, whi sais thou so?167
Bot go we furth both togeder;168
blissid, be god we haue fare weder.169
lay downe thi trussell apon this hill.170
fforsoth broder, so I will:171
Gog of heuen, take it to good.172
Thou shall tend first if thou were wood.173
God that shope both erth and heuen,174
I pray to the thou here my steven,175
And take in thank, if thi will be,176
the tend that I offre here to the;177
ffor I gif it in good entent178
to the, my lord, that all has sent.179
I bren it now, with stedfast thoght,180
In worship of hym that all has wroght.181
Ryse! let me now, syn thou has done;182
lord of heuen, thou here my boyne!183
And ouer, godis forbot, be to the184
thank or thew to kun me;185
ffor, as browke I thise two shankys,186
It is full sore, myne vnthankys,187
The teynd that I here gif to the,188
of corn, or thyng, that newys me;189
Bot now begyn will I then,190
syn I must nede my tend to bren.191
Oone shefe, oone, and this makys two,192
bot nawder of thise may I forgo:193
Two, two, now this is thre,194
yei, this also shall leif with me:195
ffor I will chose and best haue,196
this hold I thrift of all this thrafe;197
Wemo, wemo, foure, lo, here!198
better groved, me no this yere.199
At yere tyme I sew fayre corn,200
yit was it sich when it was shorne,201
Thystyls & brerys, yei grete plente,202
And all kyn wedis that myght be.203
ffoure shefis, foure, lo, this makis fyfe-204
deyll I fast thus long or I thrife-205
ffyfe and sex, now this is sevyn,206
bot this gettis neuer god of heuen;207
Nor none of thise foure, at my myght,208
shall neuer com in godis sight.209
Sevyn, sevyn, now this is aght,210
Cain, brother, thou art not god betaght.211
We! therfor is it that I say,212
ffor I will not deyle my good away:213
Bot had I gyffen hym this to teynd214
Then wold thou say he were my Freynd;215
Bot I thynk not, bi my hode,216
To departe so lightly fro my goode.217
we! aght, aght, & neyn, & ten is this,218
we! this may we best mys.219
Gif hym that that ligis thore?220
It goyse agans myn hart full sore.221
Cam! teynd right of all bedeyn.222
we! lo twelve, fyfteyn, sexteyn223
Caym, thou tendis wrang, and of the warst.224
we! com nar, and hide myne een;225
In the wenyand wist ye now at last,226
Or els will thou that I wynk?227
then shall I doy no wrong, me thynk.228
let me se now how it is-229
lo, yit I hold me paide;230
I teyndyd wonder well bi ges,231
And so euen I laide.232
Came, of god me thynke thou has no drede.233
Now and he get more, the dwill me spede!234
As mych as oone reepe,235
ffor that cam hym full light chepe;236
Not as mekill, grete ne small,237
as he myght wipe his ars with all.238
ffor that, and this that lyys here,239
haue cost me full dere;240
Or it was shorne, and broght in stak,241
had I many a wery bak;242
Therfor aske me no more of this,243
ffor I haue giffen that my will is.244
Cam, I rede thou tend right245
ffor drede of hym that sittis on hight.246
How that I tend, rek the neuer a deill,247
bot tend thi skabbid shepe wele;248
ffor if thou to my teynd tent take,249
It bese the wars for thi sake.250
Thou wold I gaf hym this shefe, or this sheyfe;251
na, nawder of thise [two] wil I leife;252
Bot take this, now has he two,253
and for my saull now mot it go,254
Bot it gos sore agans my will,255
and shal he like full ill.256
Cam, I reyde thou so teynd257
that god of heuen be thi freynd.258
My freynd? na, not bot if he will!259
I did hym neuer yit bot skill.260
If he be neuer so my fo,261
I am avisid, gif hym no mo;262
Bot chaunge thi conscience, as I do myn,263
yit teynd thou not thi mesel swyne?264
If thou teynd right thou mon it fynde.265
Yei, kys the dwills ars behynde;266
The dwill hang the bi the nek!267
how that I teynd, neuer thou rek.268
Will thou not yit hold thi peasse?269
of this Ianglyng I reyde thou seasse.270
And teynd I well, or tend I ill,271
bere the euen & speke bot skill.272
Bot now syn thou has teyndid thyne,273
Now will I set fyr on myne.274
We! out! haro! help to blaw!275
It will not bren for me, I traw;276
Puf! this smoke dos me mych shame-277
now bren, in the dwillys name!278
A! what dwill of hell is it?279
Almost had myne breth beyn dit.280
had I blawen oone blast more281
I had beyn choked right thore;282
It stank like the dwill in hell,283
that longer ther myght I not dwell.284
Cam, this is not worth oone leke;285
thy tend shuld bren withoutten smeke.286
Com kys the dwill right in the ars,287
for the it brens bot the wars;288
I wold that it were in thi throte,289
ffyr, & shefe, and ich a sprote.290
Cam, whi art thou so rebell291
Agans thi brother abell?292
Thar thou nowther flyte ne chyde,293
if thou tend right thou gettis thi mede;294
And be thou sekir, if thou teynd fals,295
thou bese alowed ther after als.296
Whi, who is that hob-ouer-the-wall?297
we! who was that that piped so small?298
Com go we hens, for perels all;299
God is out of hys wit.300
Com furth, abell, & let vs weynd;301
Me thynk that god is not my freynd,302
on land then will I flyt.303
A, Caym, brother, that is ill done.304
No, bot go we hens sone;305
And if I may, I shall be306
ther as god shall not me see.307
Dere brother, I will fayre308
on feld ther oure bestis ar,309
To looke if thay be holgh or full.310
Na, na, abide, we haue a craw to pull;311
Hark, speke with me or thou go;312
what! wenys thou to skape so?313
we! na! I aght the a fowll dispyte,314
and now is tyme that I hit qwite.315
Brother, whi art thou so to me in Ire?316
we! theyf, whi brend thi tend so shyre?317
Ther myne did bot smoked318
right as it wold vs both haue choked.319
Godis will I trow it were320
that myn brened so clere;321
If thyne smoked am I to wite?322
we! yei! that shal thou sore abite;323
with cheke bon, or that I blyn,324
shal I the & thi life twyn;325
So lig down ther and take thi rest,326
thus shall shrewes be chastysed best.327
Veniance, veniance, lord, I cry!328
for I am slayn, & not gilty.329
Yei, ly ther old shrew, ly ther, ly!330
And if any of you thynk I did amys331
I shal it amend wars then it is,332
that all men may it se:333
well wars then it is334
right so shall it be.335
Bot now, syn he is Broght on Slepe,336
Into Som hole fayn wold I crepe;337
ffor ferd I qwake and can no rede,338
ffor be I taken, I be bot dede;339
here will I lig thise fourty dayes,340
And I shrew hym that me fyrst rayse.341
Caym, Caym!342
who is that that callis me?
I am yonder, may thou not se?343
Caym, where is thi brother abell?344
what askis thou me? I trow at hell:345
At hell I trow he be-346
who so were ther then myght he se-347
Or somwhere fallen on slepyng;348
when was he in my kepyng?349
Caym, Caym, thou was wode;350
The voyce of thi brotheris blode351
That thou has slayn, on fals wise,352
from erth to heuen venyance cryse.353
And, for thou has broght thi brother downe,354
here I gif the my malison.355
Yei, dele aboute the, for I will none,356
or take it the when I am gone.357
Syn I haue done so mekill syn,358
that I may not thi mercy wyn,359
And thou thus dos me from thi grace,360
I shall hyde me fro thi face;361
And where so any man may fynd me,362
Let hym slo me hardely;363
And where so any man may me meyte,364
Ayther bi sty, or yit bi strete;365
And hardely, when I am dede,366
bery me in gudeboure at the quarell hede,367
ffor, may I pas this place in quarte,368
bi all men set I not a fart.369
Nay, caym, it bese not so;370
I will that no man other slo,371
ffor he that sloys yong or old372
It shall be punyshid sevenfold.373
No force, I wote wheder I shall;374
In hell I wote mon be my stall.375
It is no boyte mercy to craue,376
ffor if I do I mon none haue;377
Bot this cors I wold were hid,378
ffor som man myght com at vngayn,379
‘ffle fals shrew,’ wold he bid,380
And weyn I had my brother slayn.381
Bot were pike-harnes, my knafe, here,382
we shuld bery hym both in fere.383
How, pyke-harnes, scape-thryft! how, pike-harnes, how!
Master, master!385
harstow, boy? ther is a podyng in the pot;386
take the that, boy, tak the that!387
I shrew thi ball vnder thi hode,388
If thou were my syre of flesh & blode;389
All the day to ryn and trott,390
And euer amang thou strykeand,391
Thus am I comen bofettis to fott.392
Peas, man, I did it bot to vse my hand;393
Bot Harke, boy, I haue a counsell to the to Say-394
I slogh my brother this same day;395
I pray the, good boy, and thou may,396
to ryn away with the bayn.397
We! out apon the, thefe!398
has thou thi brother slayn?399
Peasse, man, for godis payn!400
I saide it for a skaunce.401
Yey, bot for ferde of grevance402
here I the forsake;403
we mon haue a mekill myschaunce404
and the bayles vs take.405
A, sir, I cry you mercy; seasse!406
and I shall make you a releasse.407
what, wilt thou cry my peasse408
thrughout this land,?409
Yey, that I gif god a vow, belife.
how will thou do long or thou thrife?410
Stand vp, my good boy, belife,411
and thaym peasse both man & [w]ife;412
And who so will do after me413
ffull slape of thrift then shal he be.414
Bot thou must be my good boy,415
and cry oyes, oyes, oy!416
Browes, browes, to thi boy.417
I commaund, you in the kyngis nayme,418
And in my masteres, fals Cayme,419
That no man at thame fynd fawt ne blame.420
Yey, cold rost is at my masteres hame.421
Nowther with hym nor with his knafe,422
What, I hope my master rafe.423
ffor thay ar trew, full many fold.424
My master suppys no coyle bot cold.425
The kyng wrytis you vntill.426
Yit ete I neuer half my fill.427
The kyng will that thay be safe,428
Yey, a draght of drynke fayne wold I hayfe.429
At thare awne will let tham wafe;430
My stomak is redy to receyfe.431
Loke no man say to theym, on nor other;432
This same is he that slo his brother.433
Byd euery man thaym luf and lowt,434
Yey, ill spon weft ay comes foule out.435
long or thou get thi hoyse and thou go thus aboute.
Byd euery man theym pleasse to pay.437
Yey, gif don, thyne hors, a wisp of hay.438
we! com downe in twenty dwill way,439
The dwill I the betake;440
ffor bot it were abell, my brothere,441
yit knew I neuer thi make.442
Now old and yong, or that ye weynd,443
The same blissyng withoutten end,444
All sam then’ shall ye haue,445
That god of heuen my master has giffen;446
Browke it well, whils that ye liffen,447
he vowche it full well safe.448
Com downe yit in the dwillis way,449
And angre me no more;450
And take yond plogh, I say,451
And weynd the furth fast before;452
And I shall, if I may,453
Tech the another lore;454
I warn the lad, for ay,455
ffro now furth, euermore,456
That thou greue me noght;457
ffor, bi Godis sydis, if thou do,458
I shall hang the apon this plo,459
with this rope, lo, lad, lo!460
By hym that me dere boght.461
Now fayre well, felows all,462
ffor I must nedis weynd,463
And to the dwill be thrall,464
warld, withoutten end.465
Ordand ther is my stall,466
with sathanas the feynd,467
Euer ill myght hym befall468
that theder me commend,469
This tyde.470
ffare well les, & fare well more,471
ffor now and euer more,472
I will go me to hyde.473

Noah and the ArkContents

Myghtfull god veray / Maker of all that is,1
Thre persons withoutten nay / oone god in endles blis,
Thou maide both nyght & day / beest, fowle, & fysh,
All creatures that lif may / wroght thou at thi wish,
As thou wel myght;5
The son, the moyne, verament,6
Thou maide; the firmament,7
The sternes also full feruent,8
To shyne thou maide ful bright.9
Angels thou maide ful euen / all orders that is,10
To haue the blis in heuen / this did thou more & les,
ffull mervelus to neuen / yit was ther vnkyndnes,12
More bi foldis seuen / then I can well expres;13
ffor whi?14
Of all angels in brightnes15
God gaf lucifer most lightnes,16
Yit prowdly he flyt his des,17
And set hym euen hym by.18
He thoght hymself as worthi / as hym that hym made,
In brightnes, in bewty / therfor he hym degrade;20
put hym in a low degre / soyn after, in a brade,21
hym and all his menye / wher he may be vnglad,22
ffor euer.23
shall thay neuer wyn away24
hence vnto domysday,25
Bot burne in bayle for ay,26
shall thay neuer dysseuer.27
Soyne after that gracyous lord / to his liknes maide man,
That place to be restord / euen as he began,29
Of the trinite bi accord, / Adam & eue that woman,
To multiplie without discord, / In paradise put he thaym,
And sithen to both32
Gaf in commaundement,33
On the tre of life to lay no hend;34
Bot yit the fals feynd,35
Made hym with man wroth,36
Entysyd man to glotony / styrd him to syn in pride;
Bot in paradise securly / myght no syn abide,38
And therfor man full hastely / was put out, in that tyde,
In wo & wandreth for to be / In paynes full vnrid,
To knawe,41
ffyrst in erth, in sythen in hell42
with feyndis for to dwell,43
Bot he his mercy mell44
To those that will hym trawe.45
Oyle of mercy he Hus hight / As I haue Hard red,46
To euery lifyng wight / that wold luf hym and dred,
Bot now before his sight / euery liffyng leyde,48
Most party day and nyght / syn in word and dede49
ffull bold;50
Som in pride, Ire and enuy,51
Som in Couet[yse] & glotyny,52
Som in sloth and lechery,53
And other wise many fold.54
Therfor I drede lest god / on vs will take veniance,
ffor syn is now alod / without any repentance;56
Sex hundreth yeris & od / haue I, without distance,
In erth, as any sod, / liffyd with grete grevance58
All way;59
And now I wax old,60
seke, sory, and cold,61
As muk apon mold62
I widder away;63
Bot yit will I cry / for mercy and call;64
Noe thi seruant, am I / lord ouer all!65
Therfor me and my fry / shal with me fall;66
saue from velany / and bryng to thi hall67
In heuen;68
And kepe me from syn,69
This warld, within;70
Comly kyng of mankyn,71
I pray the here my stevyn!72
Syn I haue maide all thyng / that is liffand,73
Duke, emperour, and kyng / with myne awne hand,74
ffor to haue thare likyng / bi see & bi sand,75
Euery man to my bydyng / shuld, be bowand76
ffull feruent;77
That maide man sich a creatoure,78
ffarest of favoure,79
Man must luf me paramoure,80
by reson, and repent.81
Me thoght I shewed man luf / when I made hym to be82
All angels abuf / like to the trynyte;83
And now in grete reprufe / full low ligis he,84
In erth hymself to stuf / with syn that displeasse me
Most of all;86
Veniance will I take,87
In erth for syn sake,88
My grame thus will I wake,89
both of grete and small.90
I repente full sore / that euer maide I man,91
Bi me he settis no store / and I am his soferan;92
I will distroy therfor / Both beest, man, and woman,
All shall perish les and more / that bargan may thay ban,
That ill has done.95
In erth I se right noght96
Bot syn that is vnsoght;97
Of those that well has wroght98
ffynd, I bot a fone.99
Therfor shall I fordo / All this medill-erd100
with floodis that shall flo / & ryn with hidous rerd;
I haue good cause therto / ffor me no man is ferd,102
As I say shal I do / of veniance draw my swerd,103
And make end,104
of all that beris life,105
Sayf noe and his wife,106
ffor that wold neuer stryfe107
With me [ne] me offend.108
hym to mekill wyn / hastly will I go,109
To noe my seruand, or I blyn / to warn hym of his wo.
In erth I se bot syn / reynand to and fro,111
Emang both more & myn / ichon other fo;112
With all thare entent;113
All shall I fordo114
with floodis that shall floo,115
wirk shall I thaym wo,116
That will not repent.117
Noe, my freend, I thee commaund / from cares the to keyle,
A ship that thou ordand / of nayle and bord, ful wele.
Thou was alway well wirkand / to me trew as stele,120
To my bydyng obediand / frendship shal thou fele121
To mede;122
of lennthe thi ship be123
Thre hundreth cubettis, warn I the,124
Of heght euen thrirte,125
of fyfty als in brede.126
Anoynt thi ship with pik and tar / without & als within,
The water out to spar / this is a noble gyn;128
look no man the mar / thre chese chambres begyn,129
Thou must spend many a spar / this wark or thou wyn
To end fully.131
Make in thi ship also,132
parloures oone or two,133
And houses of offyce mo,134
ffor beestis that ther must be.135
Oone cubite on hight / A wyndo shal thou make;136
on the syde a doore with slyght / be-neyth shal thou take;
With the shal no man fyght / nor do the no kyn wrake.
When all is doyne thus right / thi wife, that is thi make,
Take in to the;140
Thi sonnes of good fame,141
Sem, Iaphet, and Came,142
Take in also hame,143
Thare wifis also thre.144
ffor all shal be fordone / that lif in land bot ye,
with floodis that from abone / shal fall, & that plente;
It shall begyn full sone / to rayn vncessantle,147
After dayes seuen be done / and induyr dayes fourty,
withoutten fayll.149
Take to thi ship also150
of ich kynd beestis two,151
Mayll & femayll, bot no mo,152
Or thou pull vp thi sayll.153
ffor thay may the avayll / when al this thyng is wroght;
Stuf thi ship with vitayll, / ffor hungre that ye perish noght;
Of beestis, foull, and catayll / ffor thaym haue thou in thoght,
ffor thaym is my counsayll / that som socour be soght,
In hast;158
Thay must haue corn and hay,159
And oder mete alway;160
Do now as I the say,161
In the name of the holy gast.162
A! benedicite! / what art thou that thus163
Tellys afore that shall be? / thou art full mervelus!
Tell me, for charite / thi name so gracius.165
My name is of dignyte / and also full glorius166
To knawe.167
I am god most myghty,168
Oone god in trynyty,169
Made the and ich man to be;170
To luf me well thou awe.171
I thank the, lord, so dere / that wold, vowch sayf172
Thus low to appere / to a symple knafe;173
Blis vs, lord, here / for charite I hit crafe,174
The better may we stere / the ship that we shall hafe,
Noe, to the and to thi fry177
My blyssyng graunt I;178
Ye shall wax and multiply,179
And fill the erth agane,180
When all thise floodis ar past / and fully gone away.
lord, homward will I hast / as fast as that I may;182
My [wife] will I frast / what she will say,183
And I am agast / that we get som fray184
Betwixt vs both;185
ffor she is full tethee,186
ffor litill oft angre,187
If any thyng wrang be,188
Soyne is she wroth.189
God spede, dere wife / how fayre ye?190
Now, as euer myght I thryfe / the wars I thee see;191
Do tell me belife / where has thou thus long be?192
To dede may we dryfe / or lif for the,193
ffor want.194
When we swete or swynk,195
thou dos what thou thynk,196
Yit of mete and of drynk197
haue we veray skant.198
Wife, we ar hard, sted / with tythyngis new.199
Bot thou were worthi be cled / In stafford blew;200
ffor thou art alway adred / be it fals or trew;201
Bot god knowes I am led / and that may I rew,202
ffull ill;203
ffor I dar be thi borow,204
ffrom euen vnto morow,205
Thou spekis euer of sorow;206
God send the onys thi fill!207
We women may wary / all ill husbandis;208
I haue oone, bi mary! / that lowsyd me of my bandis;
If he teyn I must tary / how so euer it standis,210
With seymland full sory, / wryngand both my handis211
ffor drede.212
Bot yit other while,213
What with gam & with gyle,214
I shall smyte and smyle,215
And qwite hym his mede.216
We! hold, thi tong, ram-skyt / or I shall the still.
By my thryft, if thou smyte / I shal turne the vntill.
We shall assay as tyte / haue at the, gill!219
Apon the bone shal it byte. /220
A, so, mary! thou smytis ill!
Bot I suppose221
I shal not in thi det,222
fflyt of this flett!223
Take the ther a langett224
To tye vp thi hose!225
A! wilt thou so? / mary, that is myne.226
Thou shal thre for two / I swere bi godis pyne.227
And I shall qwyte the tho / In fayth or syne.228
Out apon the, ho! /229
Thou can both byte and whyne,
with a rerd;230
ffor all if she stryke,231
yit fast will she skryke,232
In fayth I hold, none slyke233
In all medill-erd;234
Bot I will kepe charyte / ffor I haue at do.235
Here shal no man tary the / I pray the go to!236
ffull well may we mys the / as euer haue I ro;237
To spyn will I dres me. /238
We! fare well, lo;
Bot wife,239
Pray for me besele,240
To eft I com vnto the.241
Euen as thou prays for me,242
As euer myght I thrife.243
I tary full Lang / Fro my warke, I traw;244
Now my gere will I fang / and thederward draw;245
I may full ill gang / the soth for to knaw,246
Bot if god help amang / I may sit downe daw247
To ken;248
Now assay will I249
how I can of wrightry,250
In nomine patris, & filii,251
Et spiritus sanncti, Amen.252
To begyn of this tree / my bonys will I bend,253
I traw from the trynyte / socoure will be send,254
It fayres full fayre, thynk me / this wark to my hend;
Now blissid be he / that this can amend.256
lo, here the lenght,257
Thre hundreth cubettis euenly,258
of breed lo is it fyfty,259
The heght is euen thyrty260
Cubettis full strenght.261
Now my gowne will I cast / and wyrk in my cote,262
Make will I the mast / or I flyt oone foote,263
A! my bak, I traw, will brast! / this is a sory note!
hit is wonder that I last / sich an old, dote265
All dold,266
To begyn sich a wark!267
My bonys ar so stark,268
No wonder if thay wark,269
ffor I am full old.270
The top and the sayll / both will I make,271
The helme and the castell / also will I take,272
To drife ich a nayll / will I not forsake,273
This gere may neuer fayll / that dar I vndertake274
This is a nobull gyn,276
Thise nayles so thay ryn,277
Thoro more and myn,278
Thise bordis ichon;279
wyndow and doore / euen as he saide,280
Thre ches chambre / thay ar well maide,281
Pyk & tar full sure / ther apon laide,282
This will euer endure / therof am I paide;283
ffor why?284
It is better wroght285
Then I coude haif thoght;286
hym that maide all of noght287
I thank oonly.288
Now will I hy me / and no thyng be leder,289
My wife and my meneye / to bryng euen heder.290
Tent hedir tydely / wife, and consider,291
hens must vs fle / All sam togeder292
In hast.293
Whi, syr, what alis you?294
Who is that asalis you?295
To fle it avalis you,296
And ye be agast.297
Ther is garn on the reyll / other, my dame.298
Tell me that ich a deyll / els get ye blame.299
He that cares may keill / blissid be his name!300
he has for oure seyll / to sheld vs fro shame,301
And sayd,302
All this warld aboute303
With floodis so stoute,304
That shall ryn on a route,305
Shall be ouerlaide.306
he saide all shall be slayn / bot oonely we,307
Oure barnes that ar bayn / and thare wifis thre;308
A ship he bad me ordayn / to safe vs & oure fee,
Therfor with all oure mayn / thank we that fre310
Beytter of bayll;311
hy vs fast, go we thedir.312
I wote neuer whedir,313
I dase and I dedir314
ffor ferd of that tayll.315
Be not aferd, haue done / trus sam oure gere,316
That we be ther or none / without more dere.317
Primus Filius
It shall be done full sone / brether, help to bere.
Secundus Filius
ffull long shall I not hoyne / to do my devere,319
Brether sam.320
Tertius Filius
without any yelp,321
At my myght shall I help.322
Yit for drede of a skelp323
help well thi dam.324
Now ar we there / as we shuld be;325
Do get in oure gere / oure catall and fe,326
In to this vessell here / my chylder fre.327
I was neuer bard ere / As euer myght I the,328
In sich an oostre as this.329
In fath I can not fynd330
which is before, which is behynd;331
Bot shall we here be pynd,332
Noe, as haue thou blis?333
Dame, as it is skill / here must vs abide grace;334
Therfor, wife, with good will / com into this place.
Sir, for Iak nor for gill / will I turne my face336
Till I haue on this hill / spon a space337
on my rok;338
Well were he, myght get me,339
Now will I downe set me,340
Yit reede I no man let me,341
ffor drede of a knok.342
Behold to the heuen / the cateractes all,343
That are open full euen / grete and small,344
And the planettis seuen / left has thare stall,345
Thise thoners and levyn / downe gar fall346
ffull stout,347
Both halles and bowers,348
Castels and towres;349
ffull sharp ar thise showers,350
that renys aboute;351
Therfor, wife, haue done / com into ship fast.352
Yei, noe, go cloute thi shone / the better will thai last.
Prima Mulier
Good moder, com in sone / ffor all is ouer cast,354
Both the son and the mone. /355
Secunda Mulier
and many wynd blast
ffull sharp;356
Thise floodis so thay ryn,357
Therfor moder come in.358
In fayth yit will I spyn;359
All in vayn ye carp.360
Tercius Mulier
If ye like ye may spyn / Moder, in the ship.361
Now is this twyys com in / dame, on my frenship.362
Wheder I lose or I wyn / In fayth, thi felowship,363
set I not a pyn / this spyndill will I slip364
Apon this hill,365
Or I styr oone fote.366
Peter! I traw we dote;367
without any more note368
Come in if ye will.369
Yei, water nyghys so nere / that I sit not dry,370
Into ship with a byr / therfor will I hy371
ffor drede that I drone here. /372
dame, securly,
It bees boght full dere / ye abode so long by373
out of ship.374
I will not, for thi bydyng,375
go from doore to mydyng.376
In fayth, and for youre long taryyng377
Ye shal lik on the whyp.378
Spare me not, I pray the / bot euen as thou thynk,379
Thise grete wordis shall not flay me. /380
Abide, dame, and drynk
ffor betyn shall thou be / with this staf to thou stynk;
Ar strokis good? say me. /382
what say ye, wat wynk?
Cry me mercy, I say!384
Therto say I nay.385
Bot thou do, bi this day,386
Thi hede shall I breke.387
Lord, I were at ese / and hertely full hoylle,388
Might I onys haue a measse / of wedows coyll;389
ffor thi saull, without lese / shuld I dele penny doyll,
so wold mo, no frese / that I se on this sole391
of wifis that ar here,392
ffor the life that thay leyd,393
Wold thare husbandis were dede,394
ffor, as euer ete I brede,395
So wold I oure syre were.396
Yee men that has wifis / whyls they ar yong,397
If ye luf youre lifis / chastice thare tong:398
Me thynk my hert ryfis / both levyr and long,399
To se sich stryfis / wedmen emong;400
Bot I,401
As haue I blys,402
shall chastyse this.403
Yit may ye mys,404
Nicholl nedy!405
I shall make the still as stone / begynnar of blunder!
I shall bete the bak and bone / and breke all in sonder.
Out, alas, I am gone! / oute apon the, mans wonder!
Se how she can grone / and I lig vnder;409
Bot, wife,410
In this hast let vs ho,411
ffor my bak is nere in two.412
And I am bet so blo413
That I may not thryfe.414
Primus Filius
A! whi fare ye thus? / ffader and moder both!415
Secundus Filius
Ye shuld not be so spitus / standyng in sich a woth.
Tertius Filius
Thise ar so hidus / with many a cold coth.417
we will do as ye bid vs / we will no more be wroth,
Dere barnes!419
Now to the helme will I hent,420
And to my ship tent.421
I se on the firmament,422
Me thynk, the seven starnes.423
This is a grete flood / wife, take hede.424
So me thoght, as I stode / we ar in grete drede;425
Thise wawghes ar so wode. /426
help, god, in this nede!
As thou art stere-man good / and best, as I rede,427
Of all;428
Thou rewle vs in this rase,429
As thou me behete hase.430
This is a perlous case:431
help, god, when we call!432
Wife, tent the stere-tre / and I shall asay433
The depnes of the see / that we bere, if I may.434
That shall I do ful wysely / now go thi way,435
ffor apon this flood haue we / flett many day,436
with pyne.437
Now the water will I sownd:438
A! it is far to the grownd;439
This trauell I expownd440
had I to tyne.441
Aboue all hillys bedeyn / the water is rysen late442
Cubettis fyfteyn, / bot in a highter state443
It may not be, I weyn / for this well I wate,444
This forty dayes has rayn beyn / It will therfor abate
Full lele.446
This water in hast,447
eft will I tast;448
Now am I agast,449
It is wanyd a grete dele.450
Now are the weders cest / and cateractes knyt,451
Both the most and the leest. /452
Me thynk, bi my wit,
The son shynes in the eest / lo is not yond it?453
we shuld haue a good feest / were thise floodis flyt
So spytus.455
we haue been here, all we,456
thre hundreth dayes and fyfty.457
Yei, now wanys the see;458
lord, well is vs!459
The thryd tyme will I prufe / what depnes we bere.460
Now long shall thou hufe / lay in thy lyne there.461
I may towch with my lufe / the grownd evyn here.462
Then begynnys to grufe / to vs mery chere;463
Bot, husband,464
What grownd may this be?465
The hyllys of armonye.466
Now blissid be he467
That thus for vs can ordand!468
I see toppys of hyllys he / many at a syght,469
No thyng to let me / the wedir is so bright.470
Thise ar of mercy / tokyns full right.471
Dame, thi counsell me / what fowll best myght,472
And Cowth,473
with flight of wyng474
bryng, without taryying,475
Of mercy som tokynyng476
Ayther bi north or southe?477
ffor this is the fyrst day / of the tent moyne.478
The ravyn, durst I lay / will com agane sone;479
As fast as thou may / cast hym furth, haue done,480
He may happyn to day / com agane or none481
With grath.482
I will cast out also483
Dowfys oone or two:484
Go youre way, go,485
God send, you som wathe!486
Now ar thise fowles flone / Into seyr countre;487
Pray we fast ichon / kneland on our kne,488
To hym that is alone / worthiest of degre,489
That he wold send anone / oure fowles som fee490
To glad vs.491
Thai may not fayll of land,492
The water is so wanand.493
Thank we god all weldand,494
That lord that made vs.495
It is a wonder thyng / me thynk sothle,496
Thai ar so long taryyng / the fowles that we497
Cast out in the mornyng. /498
Syr, it may be
Thai tary to thay bryng. /499
The ravyn is a hungrye
All way;500
He is without any reson,501
And he fynd any caryon,502
As peraventure may befon,503
he will not away;504
The dowfe is more gentill / her trust I vntew,505
like vnto the turtill / for she is ay trew.506
hence bot a litill / she commys, lew, lew!507
she bryngys in her bill / som novels new;508
It is of an olif tre510
A branch, thynkys me.511
It is soth, perde,512
right so is it cald.513
Doufe, byrd, full blist / ffayre myght the befall !
Thou art trew for to trist / as ston in the wall;515
Full well I it wist / thou wold com to thi hall,516
A trew tokyn ist / we shall be sauyd all:517
ffor whi?518
The water, syn she com,519
Of depnes plom,520
Is fallen a fathom,521
And more hardely.522
Primus Filius
Thise floodis ar gone / fader, behold.523
Secundus Filius
Ther is left right none / and that be ye bold.524
Tercius Filius
As still as a stone / oure ship is stold.525
Apon land here anone / that we were, fayn I wold;526
My childer dere,527
Sem, Japhet and Cam,528
with gle and with gam,529
Com go we all sam,530
we will no longer abide here.531
here haue we beyn / noy long enogh,532
with tray and with teyn / and dreed mekill wogh.533
behald, on this greyn / nowder cart ne plogh534
Is left, as I weyn / nowder tre then bogh,535
Ne other thyng,536
Bot all is away;537
Many castels, I say,538
Grete townes of aray,539
fflitt has this flowyng.540
Thise floodis not afright / all this warld, so wide
has mevid with myght / on se and bi side.542
To dede ar thai dyght / prowdist of pryde,543
Euer ich a wyght / that euer was spyde,544
With syn,545
All ar thai slayn,546
And put vnto payn.547
ffrom thens agayn548
May thai neuer wyn?549
wyn? no, I-wis / bot he that myght hase550
Wold myn of thare mys / & admytte thaym to grace;
As he in bayll is blis / I pray hym in this space,552
In heven hye with his / to purvaye vs a place,553
That we,554
with his santis in sight,555
And his angels bright,556
May com to his light:557
Amen, for charite.558


Adonay, thou god veray,1
Thou here vs when we to the call,2
As thou art he that best may,3
Thou art most socoure and help of all;4
Mightfull lord! to the I pray,5
Let onys the oyle of mercy fall,6
Shall I neuer abide that day,7
Truly yit I hope I shall.8
Mercy, lord omnipotent!9
long syn he this warld has wroght;10
Wheder ar all oure elders went?11
This musys mekill in my thoght.12
ffrom adam, vnto eue assent,13
Ete of that appyll sparid he noght,14
ffor all the wisdom that he ment15
ffull dere that bargan has he boght,16
ffrom paradise thai bad hym gang;17
He went mowrnyng with symple chere,18
And after liffyd he here full lang,19
More then thre hundreth yere,20
In sorow and in trauell strang,21
And euery day he was in were;22
his childre angred, hym amang;23
Caym slo abell, was hym full dere.24
Sithen Noe, that was trew and good,25
his and his chyldre thre,26
was saued when all was flood:27
That was a wonder thyng to se.28
And loth fro sodome when he yode,29
Thre cytees brent, yit eschapyd, he;30
Thus, for thai menged my lordis mode,31
he vengid syn thrugh his pauste‘.32
when I thynk of oure elders all,33
And of the mervels that has been,34
No gladnes in my hart may fall,35
M[y] comfort goys away full cleyn.36
lord, when shall dede make me his thrall?37
An hundreth yeris, certis, haue I seyn;38
Ma fa! sone I hope he shall,39
ffor it were right hie tyme I weyn.40
Yit adam is to hell gone,41
And ther has ligen many a day,42
And all oure elders, euerychon,43
Thay ar gone the same way,44
Vnto god will here thare mone;45
Now help, lord, adonay!46
ffor, certis, I can no better wone,47
And ther is none that better may.48
I will help adam and his kynde,49
Might I luf and lewte fynd;50
Wold thay to me be trew, and blyn51
Of thare pride and of thare syn:52
My seruand I will found & frast,53
Abraham, if he be trast;54
On certan wise I will hym proue,55
If he to me be trew of louf.56
Abraham! Abraham!57
Who is that? war! let me se!58
I herd oone neven my name.59
It is I, take tent to me,60
That fourmed thi fader adam,61
And euery thyng in it degre.62
To here thi will, redy I am,63
And to fulfill, what euer it be.64
Of mercy haue I herd thi cry,65
Thi devoute prayers haue me bun;66
If thou me luf, look that thou hy67
Vnto the land of Visyon;68
And the thryd day be ther, bid, I,69
And take with the, Isaac, thi son,70
As a beest to sacryfy,71
To slo hym look thou not shon,72
And bren hym ther to thyn offerand.73
A, lovyd be thou, lord in throne!74
hold ouer me, lord, thy holy hand,75
ffor certis thi bidyng shall be done.76
Blissyd be that lord in euery land77
wold viset his seruand thus so soyn.78
ffayn wold I this thyng ordand,79
ffor it profettis noght to hoyne;80
This commaundement must I nedis fulfill,81
If that my hert wax hevy as leyde;82
Shuld I offend my lordis will?83
Nay, yit were I leyffer my child were dede.84
What so he biddis me, good or ill,85
That shall be done in euery steede;86
Both wife and child, if he bid spill;87
I wille not do agans his rede.88
wist Isaac, wher so he were,89
he wold be abast now,90
how that he is in dangere.91
Isaac, son, wher art thou?92
All redy, fader, Lo me here;93
Now was I commyng vnto you;94
I luf you mekill, fader dere.95
And dos thou so? I wold wit how96
lufis thou me, son, as thou has saide.97
Yei, fader, with all myn hart,98
More then all that euer was maide;99
God hold, me long youre life in quart!100
Now, who would not be glad that had101
A child so lufand as thou art?102
Thi lufly chere makis my hert glad,103
And many a tyme so has it gart.104
Go home, son; com sone agane,105
And tell thi moder I com ful fast;106
So now god the saif and sayne!107
Now well is me that he is past!108
Alone, right here in this playn,109
Might I speke to myn hart brast,110
I wold, that all were well ful fayn,111
Bot it must nedis be done at last;112
And it is good that I be war,113
To be avised full good it were.114
The land of vision is ful far,115
The thrid day end must I be there;116
Myn ase shall with vs, if it thar,117
To bere oure harnes les & more,118
ffor my son may be slayn no nar;119
A swerd must with vs yit therfore,120
And I shall found, to make me yare;121
This nyght will I begyn my way,122
THof Isaac be neuer so fayre,123
And myn awn son, the soth to say,124
And, thof he be myn right haire,125
And all shuld, weld, after my day,126
Godis bydyng shall I not spare;127
shuld I that ganstand,? we, nay, ma fay!128
-luke thou be bowne;
ffor certan, son, thi self and I,130
we two must now weynd, furth of towne,131
In far country to sacrifie,132
ffor certan skyllys and encheson.133
Take wod and fyere with the, in hy;134
Bi hillys and, dayllys, both vp & downe,135
son, thou shal ride and, I will go bi.136
looke thou mys noght that thou shuld, nede;137
Do make the redy, my darlyng!138
I am redy to do this dede,139
And euer to fulfill youre bydyng.140
My dere son, look thou haue no drede,141
We shal com home with grete lovyng;142
Both to & fro I shal vs lede;143
Com now, son, in my blyssyng.144
Ye two here with this asse abide,145
ffor Isaac & I will to yond hill;146
It is so hie we may not ride,147
therfor ye two shal abide here still.148
Primus Puer
sir, ye ow not to be denyed,:149
we ar redy youre bydyng to fulfill.150
Secundus Puer
What so euer to vs betide151
To do youre bidyng ay we will.152
Godis blyssyng haue ye both in fere;153
I shall not tary long you fro.154
Primus Puer
Sir, we shal abide you here,155
Oute of this stede shall we not go.156
Childre, ye ar ay to me full dere,157
I pray god kepe [you] euer fro wo.158
Secundus Puer
we will do, sir, as ye vs lere.159
Isaac, now ar we bot we two,160
we must go a full good paase,161
ffor it is farther than I wend,162
we shall make myrth & grete solace,163
Bi this thyng be broght to end.164
lo, my son, here is the place.165
wod and fyere ar in my hend;166
Tell me now, if ye haue space,167
where is the beest that shuld, be brend?168
Now, son, I may no longer layn.169
sich will is into myne hart went;170
Thou was euer to me full bayn171
Euer to fulfill myn entent.172
Bot certanly thou must be slayn,173
And it may be as I haue ment.174
I am hevy and nothyng fayn,175
Thus hastely that shall be shent.176
Com heder, bid I;
Thou shal be dede what so euer betide.178
A, fader, mercy! mercy!179
That I say may not be denyde;180
Take thi dede therfor mekely.181
A, good sir, abide;182
What son?
to do youre will I am redy,
where so euer ye go or ride,184
If I may oght ouertake youre will,185
syn I haue trepa[s]t I wold be bet.186
What, sir?
good son, be still.
what, son!
think on thi get!
what haue I done?189
truly, none ill.
And shall be slayn?190
so haue I het.
sir, what may help?191
certis, no skill.
I ask mercy.192
that may not let.
when I am dede, and closed, in clay,193
who shall then be youre son?194
A, lord, that I shuld abide this day!195
sir, who shall do that I was won?196
speke no sich wordis, son, I the pray.197
shall ye me slo?198
I trow I mon;
lyg still! I smyte!199
sir, let me say.
Now, my dere child, thou may not shon.200
The shynyng of youre bright blayde201
It gars me quake for ferde to dee.202
Therfor groflyngis thou shall be layde,203
Then when I stryke thou shal not se.204
What haue I done, fader, what haue I saide?205
Truly, no kyns ill to me.206
And thus gyltles shall be arayde.207
Now, good son, let sich wordis be.208
I luf you ay.209
so do I the.
what, son?
let now be seyn.
ffor my moder luf.211
let be, let be!
It will not help that thou wold, meyn;212
Bot ly styll till I com to the,213
I mys a lytyll thyng, I weyn.214
he spekis so rufully to me215
That water shotis in both myn eeyn,216
I were leuer than all wardly wyn,217
That I had fon hym onys vnkynde,218
Bot no defawt I faund, hym in:219
I wold be dede for hym, or pynde;220
To slo hym thus, I thynk grete syn,221
So rufull wordis I with hym fynd;222
I am full wo that we shuld, twyn,223
ffor he will neuer oute of my mynd.224
What shal I to his moder say?225
ffor "where is he," tyte will she spyr;226
If I tell hir, "ron away,"227
hir answere bese belife-"nay, sir!"228
And I am ferd, hir for to slay;229
I ne wote what I shal say till hir.230
he lyys full still ther as he lay,231
ffor to I com, dar he not styr.232
Angell, hy with all thi mayn!233
To abraham thou shall be sent;234
say, Isaac shall not be slayn;235
he shall lif, and not be brent.236
My bydyng standis he not agane,237
Go, put hym out of his intent;238
Byd, hym go home agane,239
I know well how he ment.240
Gladly, Lord, I am redy:241
thi bidyng shall be magnyfyed;242
I shall me spede ful hastely,243
the to obeye at euery tyde;244
Thi will, Thi name, to glorifye,245
Ouer all this warld so wide;246
And to thi seruand now in hy,247
good, trew, abraham, will I glyde.248
Bot myght I yit of wepyng sese,249
till I had done this sacrifice;250
It must nedis be, withoutten lesse,251
thof all I carpe on this kyn wise,252
The more my sorow it will incres;253
when I look to hym, I gryse;254
I will ryn on a res,255
And slo hym here, right as he lyse.256
Abraham! Abraham!257
Who is ther now?
War! let the go.258
stand vp, now, stand;
Thi good will com I to alow,259
Therfor I byd the hold thi hand.260
say, who bad, so? any bot thou?261
Yei, god; & sendis this beest to thyn offerand.
I speke with god latter, I trow,263
And doyng he me commaund.264
He has persauyd thy mekenes265
And thi good will also, Iwis;266
he will thou do thi son no distres,267
ffor he has graunt to the his blys.268
Bot wote thou well that it is269
As thou has sayd?270
I say the yis.
I thank the, lord, well of goodnes,271
That all thus has relest me this;272
To speke with the haue I no space,273
with my dere son till I haue spokyn.274
My good son, thou shal haue grace,275
On the now will I not be wrokyn;276
Ryse vp now, with thi frely face.277
sir, shall I lif?278
yei, this to tokyn.
son thou has skapid a full hard, grace,279
Thou shuld, haue beyn both brent & brokyn.280
Bot, fader, shall I not be slayn?281
No, certis, son.282
then am I glad.
Good sir, put vp youre sword agayn.283
Nay hardely, son, be thou not adrad.284
Is all for geyn?285
yei, son, certan.
ffor ferd, sir, was I nere-hand, mad.286


Com nere son and kys me,1
that I may feyle the smell of the.2
The smell of my son is lyke3
to a feld with flouris, or hony bike.4
where art thou, Esaw, my son?5
here, fader, and askis youre benyson.6
The blyssyng my fader gaf to me,7
god of heuen & I gif the;8
God gif the plente grete,9
of wyne, of oyll, and of whete;10
And graunt thi childre all11
to worship the, both grete and small;12
who so the blyssys, blyssed be he;13
who so the waris, wared be he.14
Now has thou my grete blyssyng,15
loue the shall all thyne ofspryng;16
Go now wheder thou has to go.17
Graunt mercy, sir, I will do so.18
haue, ete, fader, of myn huntyng,19
And gif me sythen your blyssyng.20
Who is that?21
I, youre son
Esaw, bryngis you venyson.22
Who was that was right now here,23
And broght me bruet of a dere?24
I ete well, and blyssyd hym;25
And he is blyssyd, ich a lym.26
Alas! I may grete and sob.27
Thou art begylyd thrugh iacob,28
That is thyne awne german brother.29
haue ye kepyd me none other30
Blyssyng then ye set hym one?31
sich another haue I none;32
Bot god gif the to thyn handband,33
the dew of heuen & frute of land.34
Other then this can I not say.35
Now, alas, and walo-way!36
May I with that tratoure mete,37
my faders dayes shall com with grete,38
And my moders also;39
may I hym mete, I shall hym slo.40
Isaac it were my deth41
If Iacob weddeth in kynd of heth;42
I will send hym to aran,43
there my brothere dwellys, laban;44
And there may he serue in peasse45
till his brother’s wrath will seasse.46
why shuld, I apon a day47
loyse both my sonnes? better nay.48
Thou says soth, wife; call hym heder,49
And let vs tell hym where & wheder50
That he may fle esaw,51
that vs both hetis bale to brew.52
Iacob, son! thi fader & I53
wold, speke with the; com, stand, vs by!54
Out of contry must thou fle,55
that Esaw slo not the.56
Whederward, shuld, I go, dame?57
To mesopotameam;58
To my brothere, and thyn eme,59
that dwellys besyde Iordan streme;60
And ther may thou with hym won,61
to Esaw, myne other son,62
fforget, and all his wrath be dede.63
I will go, fader, at youre rede.64
Yei, son, do as thi moder says;65
Com kys vs both, & weynd thi ways.66
Haue good day, sir and dame!67
God sheld, the, son, from syn and shame!68
And gif the grace, good man to be,69
And send me glad tythygis to the.70


Help me, lord, adonay,1
And hald, me in the right way2
To mesopotameam;3
ffor I cam neuer or now where I am;4
I cam neuer here in this contre;5
lord, of heuen, thou help me!6
ffor I haue maide me, in this strete,7
sore bonys & warkand feete.8
The son is downe, what is best?9
her purpose I all nyght to rest;10
Vnder my hede this ston shal ly;11
A nyghtis rest take will I.12
Iacob, iacob, thi god I am;13
Of thi forfader abraham,14
And of thi fader, Isaac;15
I shall the blys for thare sake.16
This land, that thou slepys in,17
I shall the gif, and thi kyn;18
I shall thi seede multyply,19
As thyk as powder on erth may ly.20
The kynd of the shall sprede wide,21
ffrom eest to west on euery syde,22
ffrom the south vnto the north;23
All that I say, I shall forth;24
And all the folkis of thyne ofspryng,25
shal be blyssyd of thy blyssyng.26
Iacob, haue thou no kyns drede!27
I shall the clethe, I shall the fede.28
Whartfull shall I make thi gate;29
I shal the help erly and, late;30
And all in qwart shall I bryng the31
home agane to thi countre.32
I shall not fayll, be thou bold,33
Bot I shall do as I haue told.34
A! lord! what may this mene?35
what haue I herd, in slepe, and sene?36
That god leynyd hym to a stegh,37
And spake to me, it is no leghe;38
And now is here none othere gate,39
bot godis howse and heuens yate.40
lord, how dredfull is this stede!41
ther I layde downe my hede,42
In godis lovyng I rayse this stone,43
And, oyll will I putt theron.44
lord, of heuen, that all wote,45
here to the I make a hote:46
If thou gif me mete and foode,47
And close to body, as I behoued,48
And bryng me home to kyth and kyn,49
by the way that I walk in,50
without skathe and in quarte,51
I promyse to the, with stedfast hart,52
As thou art lord, and god myne,53
And I Iacob, thi trew hyne,54
This stone I rayse in sygne to day55
shall I hold, holy kyrk for ay;56
And of all that newes me57
rightwys tend, shall I gif the.58
A, my fader, god of heuen,59
that saide to me, thrugh thi steven,60
when I in aran was dwelland,61
that I shuld turne agane to land,62
Ther I was both fed and borne,63
warnyd thou me, lord, beforne,64
As I went toward aran65
with my staff, and passyd, Iordan:66
And now I come agane to kyth,67
with two ostes of men me with.68
Thou hete me, lord, to do well with me,69
to multyplye my seede as sand of see;70
Thou saue me, lord, thrugh vertew,71
ffrom veniance of Esaw,72
That he slo not, for old, greme,73
these moders with thare barne teme.74
Oure anguysh, sir, is many fold,75
syn that oure messyngere vs told,76
That Esaw wold, you slo,77
with foure hundreth men and mo.78
ffor soth, rachell, I haue hym sent79
of many beestis sere present.80
May tyde he will oure giftis take,81
And right so shall his wrath slake.82
where ar oure thyngis, ar thay past Iordan?83
Go and look, sir, as ye can.84
The day spryngis; now lett me go.85
Nay, nay, I will not so,86
Bot thou blys me or thou gang:87
If I may, I shall hold, the lang.88
In tokynyng that thou spekis with me,89
I shall toche now thi thee,90
That halt shall thou euermore,91
bot thou shall fele no sore;92
What is thy name, thou me tell?93
nay, bot Israell;
syn thou to me sich strengthe may kythe,95
to men of erth thou must be stythe.96
what is thy name?97
whi askis thou it?
‘wonderfull,’ if thou wil wyt.98
A, blys me, lord,!99
I shall the blys,
And be to the full propyce,100
And gyf the my blyssyng for ay,101
As lord and he that all may.102
I shall grayth thi gate,103
And full well ordeyn thi state;104
when thou has drede, thynk on me,105
And thou shal full well saynyd be,106
And look thou trow well my sayes;107
And farewell now, the day dayes.108
Now haue I a new name, israell;109
this place shall [hight] fanuell,110
ffor I haue seyn in this place,111
god of heuen face to face.112
Iacob, lo we haue tythand,113
that Esaw is here at hand.114
Rachell, stand thou in the last eschele,115
ffor I wold, thou were sauyd wele;116
Call Ioseph and beniamin,117
And let theym not fro the twyn.118
If it be so that Esaw119
vs before all-to-hew,120
Ye that ar here the last121
Ye may be sauyd if ye fle fast.122
I pray the, lord, as thou me het,123
thou saue me and, my gete.124
welcom brother, to kyn and kyth,125
thi wife and childre that comes the with.126
how has thou faren in far land,?127
tell me now som good tythand.128
Well, my brother Esaw,129
If that thi men no bale me brew.130
wemo! felows, hold youre hend,131
ye se that I and he ar frend,132
And frenship here will we fulfill,133
syn that it is godis will.134
God yeld, you, brothere, that it so is135
that thou thi hyne so wold, kys.136
Nay, Iacob, my dere brothere,137
I shall the tell all anothere;138
Thou art my lord, thrugh destyny;139
go we togeder both thou and I,140
To my fader and, his wife,141
that lofys the, brother, as thare lyfe.142

The ProphetsContents

Prophetam excitabit deus de fratribus vestris;
Omnis anima, que non audierit prophetam illum,
exterminabitur de populo suo;
Nemo propheta sine honore nisi in patria sua.
All ye folk of israell,1
herkyn to me! I will you tell2
Tythyngis farly goode;3
All wote ys how it be fell4
wherfor Adam was dampnyd, to hell,5
he, and all his blode.6
Therfor will god, styr and rayse7
A prophete, in som man dayes,8
Of oure brethere kyn;9
And all trowes as he says,10
And will walk in his ways,11
ffrom hell he will theym twyn.12
when his tyme begynnys to day,13
I rede no man fro hym dray,14
In way, ne stand on strut;15
ffor he that will not here his sagh,16
he be shewed, as an out-lagh,17
And from his folkis be putt.18
I warne you well that same prophete19
shall com hereafterward, full swete,20
And many meruels shew;21
Man shall fall till his feete,22
ffor cause he can bales beete,23
Thrugh his awn thew.24
All that will in trowth ren25
shall he saue, I warne you then,26
Trust shall his name be.27
Bot all ouer will man prophete ken28
with worship, amangis men,29
Bot in his awne countre.30
herkyns all, both yong and old,!31
God that has all in wold,32
Gretys you bi me;33
his commaundementis ar ten;34
Behold, ye that ar his men,35
here ye may theym se.36
his commaundementis that I haue broght,37
looke that ye hold, thaym noght38
ffor tryfyls, ne for fables;39
ffor ye shall well vnderstand,40
That god wrote theym with his hand,41
In thyse same tables.42
Ye that thyse in hart will hald,43
vnto heuen shall ye be cald,44
That is fyrst to com;45
And ye that will not do so,46
Till hell pyne mon ye go,47
And byde a bytter dome.48
Do now as I shall you wys;49
The fyrst commaundement is this50
That I shall you say;51
Make no god of stok ne stone,52
And, trow in none god, bot oone,53
That mayde both nyght and day.54
Anothere bydis thou shall not swere,55
ffor no mede, ne for no dere,56
ffalsly, bi godis name;57
If thou swere wrongwosly,58
Wit thou well and wytterly,59
Thou art worthi grete blame.60
The thyrd, is, thou shall well yheme61
Thi holy day, and serue to wheme62
God with all thi hart.63
The fourt commaundement is bi tayll,64
ffader and moder worship thou shall,65
In pouert and in qwarte.66
The fyft commaundis thou shall forsake67
ffornycacyon, and take the a make,68
And lyf in rightwys state.69
The sext commaundis thou shal not be70
Man sloer, for gold, ne fee,71
Ne for luf, ne for hate.72
The seuenth commaundis that thou shall leue,73
And nather go to stele ne reue,74
ffor more then for les.75
The aght bydis both old, and yong,76
That thay be traw of thare tong,77
And bere no fals witnes.78
The nenth bydis the, bi thi lif,79
Thou desyre not thi neghbur’s wife,80
Ne mayden that is his.81
The tent bidis the, for no case,82
Desyre not wranwosly thyng thi neghbur has;83
Do thus, and do no mys.84
I am the same man that god chase,85
And toke the ten commaundementis of peasse86
In the monte synay;87
Thise wordis, I say, ar no les;88
My name is callyd moyses;89
And haue now all good day!90
a Omnes reges adorabunt eum, omnes gentes seruient ei.
herkyn, all, that here may,91
And perceyf well what I shall say,92
All with righ[t]wisnes.93
loke ye put it not away,94
Bot thynk theron both nyght and day,95
ffor it is sothfastnes.96
Iesse son, ye wote I am;97
Dauid is my right name,98
And I bere crowne;99
Bot ye me trow, ye ar to blame;100
Of Israel, both wyld, and tame,101
I haue in my bondon.102
As god of heuen has gyffyn me wit,103
shall I now syng you a fytt,104
With my mynstrelsy;105
loke ye do it well in wrytt,106
And theron a knot knytt,107
ffor it is prophecy.108
Myrth I make till all men,109
with my harp and fyngers ten,110
And warn theym that thay glad,111
ffor god will that his son down send,112
That wroght adam with his hend,113
And heuen and erth mayde.114
He will lyght fro heuen towre,115
ffor to be mans saueyoure,116
And saue that is forlorne;117
ffor that I harp, and myrth make,118
Is for he will manhede take,119
I tell you thus beforne;120
And thider shall he ren agane,121
As gyant of mych mayne,122
Vnto the hyest sete;123
Ther is nawther kyng, ne swayn,124
Then no thyng that may hym layn,125
Ne hyde from his hete.126
he shall be lord, and kyng of all,127
Tyll hys feete shall kyngis fall,128
To offre to hym wytterly.129
Blyssyd, be that swete blome,130
That shall saue vs at his com!131
Ioyfull may we be.132
Riche gyftis thay shall hym bryng,133
And till hym make offeryng,134
kneland on thare kne;135
well were hym that that lordyng,136
And that dere derlyng,137
Myght bide on lyfe and se.138
Men may know hym bi his marke,139
Myrth and lovyng is his warke,140
that shall he luf most.141
lyght shall be born that tyme in darke,142
Both to lawd, man and to clark,143
the luf of rightwys gost.144
Therfor, both emperoure and kyng,145
Ryche and poore, both old, and ying,146
temper well youre gle,147
Agans that kyng lyght downe,148
ffor to lowse vs of pryson,149
And make vs all free.150
Thou shew thi mercy, lord, tyll vs,151
ffor to thou com, to hell we trus,152
we may not go beside;153
lord, when thi will is for to dele154
Tyll us thi salue and thi hele,155
whom we all abyde.156
Now haue I songen you a fytt;157
loke in mynd that ye haue it,158
I rede with my myght;159
he that maide vs all with his wytt,160
sheld, vs all from hell pytt,161
And graunt vs heuen lyght!162
Sybilla Propheta
Iudicii signum tellus sudore madescit,
E celo rex adueniet per secla futurus,
Scilicet in carne presens vt iudicet orbem.
Who so wyll here tythyngis glad,163
of hym that all this warld, made,164
here me wytterly!165
sibill sage is my name;166
Bot ye me here, ye ar to blame,167
My word, is prophecy.168
All men was slayn thrugh adam syn,169
And put to pyne that neuer shall blyn,170
thrugh falsnes of the feynd.171
A new kyng comes from heuen to fyght172
Agans the feynd, to wyn his right,173
so is his mercy heynd.174
All the warld, shall he deme,175
And that haue seruyd hym to wheme,176
Myrth thaym mon betyde;177
All shall se hym with thare ee,178
Ryche and poore, low and hye,179
No man may hym hyde;180
Bot thay shall in thare flesh ryse,181
That euery man shall whake and gryse,182
Agans that ilk dome.183
with his santis, many oone,184
he shall be sene in flesh and, bone,185
that kyng that is to com.186
All that shall stand hym before,187
All shal be les and more,188
Of oone eld, ichon.189
Angels shall qwake then for ferd,190
And fyre shall bren this mydyll-erd,191
yei, erth and, all ther apon.192
shall nothyng here in erth be kend,193
Bot it shall be strewyd, and brend,194
All waters and the see.195
sythen shall both hill and dale196
Ryn togeder, grete and smale,197
And all shall euen be.198
At hys commyng shall bemys blaw,199
That men may his commyng knaw;200
ffull sorowfull shall be that blast;201
Ther is no man that herys it,202
Bot he shall qwake for all his witt,203
Be he neuer so stedfast.204
Then shall hell gape and gryn,205
That men may know thare dome therin,206
Of that hye iustyce;207
That ill have done, to hell mon go;208
And to heuen the other also,209
that has been rightwys.210
Therfor, I rede ilk a man,211
kepe, as well as he can,212
ffro syn and fro mysdede.213
My prophecy now haue I told;214
God, you saue, both yong and old,215
And help you at youre nede!216
Cum venerit sanctus sanctorum cessabit vncio vestra.
God that maide adam and eue,217
whils thay dyd well, he gaf thaym leue218
In paradise to dwell;219
Sone when thay that appyll ete,220
Thay were dampned, sone and skete,221
Vnto the pyne of hell,222
Thrugh sorow and paynes euer new;223
Therfor wyll god apon vs rew,224
And his son downe send,225
Into erth, flesh to take,226
That is all for oure sake,227
oure trespas to amend.228
fflesh with fleshe will be boght,229
That he lose not that he has wroght230
wyth hys awne hend.231
Of a madyn shal he be borne,232
To saue all that ar forlorne,233
Euermore withoutten end.234


Peas, of payn that no man pas;1
bot kepe the course that I commaunde,2
And take good hede of hym that has3
youre helth all holy in hys hande;4
ffor kyng pharro my fader Was,5
And led thys lordshyp of thys land;6
I am hys hayre as age Wyll has,7
Euer in stede to styr or stand.8
All Egypt is myne awne9
To leede aftyr my law;10
I Wold my myght Were knawne11
And honoryd, as hyt awe.12
ffull low he shall be thrawne13
That harkyns not my sawe,14
hanged hy and drawne,15
Therfor no boste ye blaw;16
Bot as for kyng I commaund peasse,17
To all the people of thys empyre.18
looke no man put hym self in preaase,19
Bot that Wyll do as I desyre,20
And of youre Wordis look that ye seasse.21
Take tent to me, youre soferand syre,22
That may youre comfort most increasse,23
And to my lyst bowe lyfe and lyre.24
Primus Miles
My lord, if any here Were,25
That Wold not wyrk youre Wyll,26
If We myght com thaym nere,27
ffull soyn we shuld theym spyll.28
Thrugh out my kyngdom Wold I ken,29
And kun hym thank that Wold me tell,30
If any Were so Waryd men31
That wold my fors downe fell.32
Secundus Miles
My lord, ye haue a maner of men33
that make great mastres vs emell;34
The Iues that Won in gersen,35
thay ar callyd chyldyr of Israel.36
Thay multyplye full fast,37
and sothly We suppose38
That shall euer last,39
oure lordshyp for to lose.40
Why, how haue thay sych gawdis begun?41
ar thay of myght to make sych frayes?42
Primus Miles
Yei, lord, full fell folk ther Was fun43
In kyng pharao, youre fader dayes.44
Thay cam of Ioseph, Was iacob son-45
he Was a prince Worthy to prayse-46
In sythen in ryst haue thay ay ron;47
thus ar thay lyke to lose youre layse,48
Thay Wyll confound you cleyn,49
bot if thay soner sesse.50
What deuyll is that thay meyn51
that thay so fast incresse?52
Secundus Miles
How thay incres full well we ken,53
as oure faders dyd vnderstand;54
Thay Were bot sexty and ten55
when thay fyrst cam in to thys land;56
Sythen haue soierned in gersen57
[Fower hundreth] Wynter, I dar warand;58
Now ar thay nowmbred of myghty men59
moo then [thre hundreth] thousand,60
Wyth outen Wyfe and chyld,61
or hyrdis that kepe thare fee.62
How thus myght we be begyld?63
bot shall it not be;64
ffor wyth quantyse we shall thaym quell,65
so that thay shall not far sprede.66
Primus Miles
My lord, we haue hard oure faders tell,67
and clerkis that well couth rede,68
Ther shuld a man walk vs amell69
that shuld fordo vs and oure dede.70
ffy on hym, to the deuyll of hell!71
sych destyny wyll we not drede;72
We shal make mydwyfis to spyll them73
where any ebrew is borne,74
And all menkynde to kyll them,75
so shall thay soyn be lorne.76
And as for elder haue I none awe,77
sych bondage shall I to thaym beyde,78
To dyke and delf, bere and draw,79
and to do all vnhonest deyde;80
So shall these laddis be halden law,81
In thraldom euer thare lyfe to leyde.82
Secundus Miles
Now, certis, thys was a sotell saw,83
thus shall these folk no farthere sprede.84
Now help to hald theym downe,85
look I no fayntnes fynde.86
Primus Miles
All redy, lord, We shall be bowne,87
in bondage thaym to bynde.88
Gret god, that all thys Warld began,89
and growndyd it in good degre,90
Thou mayde me, moyses, vnto man,91
and sythen thou sauyd me from the se;92
kyng Pharao had commawndyd, than,93
ther shuld no man chyld sauyd be;94
Agans hys Wyll away I wan;95
thus has god, shewed hys myght for me.96
Now am I sett to kepe,97
vnder thys montayn syde,98
Byshope Iettyr shepe,99
to better may be tyde;100
A, lord, grete is thy myght!101
What man may of yond meruell meyn?102
Yonder I se a selcowth syght,103
sych on in Warld Was neuer seyn;104
A bush I se burnand full bryght,105
and euer elyke the leyfes are greyn;106
If it be wark of Warldly Wyght,107
I Wyll go wyt wythoutyn Weyn.108
Moyses, Moyses!109
Moyses, com not to nere,110
bot styll in that stede thou dwell,111
And harkyn vnto me here;112
take tent What I the tell.113
do of thy shoyes in fere,114
wyth mowth as I the mell,115
the place thou standis in there116
forsothe, is halowd Well.117
I am thy lord, Wythouten lak,118
to lengthe thi lyfe euen as I lyst;119
I am god that som tyme spake120
to thyn elders, as thay Wyst;121
To abraam, and Isaac,122
and iacob, I sayde shuld be blyst,123
And multytude of them to make,124
so that thare seyde shuld not be myst.125
Bot now thys kyng, pharao,126
he hurtys my folk so fast,127
If that I suffre hym so,128
thare seyde shuld, soyne be past;129
Bot I Wyll not so do,130
in me if thay Wyll trast,131
Bondage to bryng thaym fro.132
therfor thou go in hast133
To do my message, haue in mynde,134
to hym that me sych harme mase;135
Thou speke to hym Wyth wordis heynde,136
so that he let my people pas,137
To Wyldernes that thay may Weynde,138
to Worshyp me as I wyll asse.139
Agans my wyll if that thay leynd,140
ful soyn hys song shall be ‘alas.’141
A, lord! pardon me, Wyth thy leyf,142
that lynage luffis me noght;143
Gladly thay Wold me greyf,144
if I sych bodworde broght.145
Good lord, lett som othere frast,146
that has more fors the folke to fere.147
Moyses, be thou nott abast,148
my bydyng shall thou boldly bere;149
If thay with wrong away Wold Wrast,150
outt of the way I shall the Were.151
Good lord, thay Wyll not me trast152
for all the othes that I can swere;153
To neuen sych noytis newe154
to folk of Wykyd Wyll,155
Wyth outen tokyn trew,156
thay wyll not tent ther tyll.157
If that he wyll not vnderstand158
thys tokyn trew that I shall sent,159
Afore the kyng cast downe thy Wand,160
and it shall turne to a serpent;161
Then take the tayll agane in hand-162
boldly vp look thou it hent-163
And in the state that thou it fand,164
then shal it turne by myne intent.165
Sythen hald thy hand soyn in thy barme,166
and as a lepre it shal be lyke,167
And hole agane with outen harme;168
lo, my tokyns shal be slyke.169
And if he wyll not suffre then170
my people for to pas in peasse,171
I shall send venyance [neyn] or ten,172
shall sowe full sore or I seasse.173
Bot the ebrewes, won in Iessen,174
shall not be merkyd with that measse;175
As long as thay my lawes Wyll ken176
thare comforth shall euer increasse177
A, lord, to luf the aght vs well,178
that makis thy folk thus free;179
I shall vnto thaym tell180
as thou has told to me.181
Bot to the kyng, lord, when I com,182
if he aske what is thy name,183
And I stand styll, both deyf & dom,184
how shuld, I [skape] withoutten blame?185
I say the thus, ‘Ego sum qui sum,’186
I am he that is the same;187
If thou can nother muf nor mom,188
I shall sheld, the from shame.189
I vnderstand full well thys thyng,190
I go, lord, with all the myght in me.191
Be bold in my blyssyng,192
thi socoure shall I be.193
A, lord of luf, leyn me thy lare,194
that I may truly talys tell;195
To my freyndis now wyll I fare,196
the chosyn childre of Israell,197
To tell theym comforth of thare care,198
in dawngere ther as thay dwell.199
God manteyn you euermare,200
And mekyll myrth be you emell.201
Primus Puer
A, master moyses, dere!202
oure myrth is all mowrnyng;203
ffull hard halden ar we here204
as carls vnder the kyng.205
Secundus Puer
We may mowrn, both more and myn,206
ther is no man that oure myrth mase;207
Bot syn we ar all of a kyn,208
god send vs comforth in thys case.209
Brethere, of youre mowrnyng blyn;210
god Wyll delyuer you thrugh his grace,211
Out of this wo he wyll you wyn,212
and put you to youre pleassyng place;213
ffor I shall carp vnto the kyng,214
and fownd full soyn to make you free.215
Primus Puer
God graunt you good Weyndyng,216
and euermore with you be.217
kyng pharao, to me take tent.218
Why, boy, what tythyngis can thou tell?219
ffrom god hym self hydder am I sent220
to foche the chyldre of Israell;221
To Wyldernes he wold thay went.222
yei, weynd the to the devyll of hell!223
I gyf no force What he has ment,224
In my dangere, herst thou, shall thay dwell;225
And, fature, for thy sake,226
thay shalbe put to pyne.227
Then wyll god venyance take228
of the, and of all thyn.229
On me? fy on the lad, out of my land!230
wenys thou thus to loyse oure lay?231
Say, whence is yond warlow with his wand232
that thus wold wyle oure folk away?233
Primus Miles
Yond is moyses, I dar warand,234
agans all egypt has beyn ay,235
Greatt defawte with hym youre fader fand;236
now wyll he mar you if he may.237
ffy on hym! nay, nay, that dawnce is done;238
lurdan, thou leryd to late.239
God bydis the graunt my bone,240
and let me go my gate.241
Bydis god me? fals losell, thou lyse!242
What tokyn told he? take thou tent.243
He sayd thou shuld dyspyse244
both me, and hys commaundement;245
fforthy, apon thys wyse,246
my Wand he bad, in thi present,247
I shuld lay downe, and the avyse248
how it shuld turne to oone serpent;249
And in hys holy name250
here I lay it downe;251
lo, syr, here may thou se the same.252
A, ha, dog! the devyll the drowne!253
He bad me take it by the tayll,254
for to prefe hys powere playn;255
Then he sayde, wythouten fayll,256
hyt shuld turne to a wand agayn.257
lo, sir, behold!258
wyth ylahayll!
Certis this is a sotell swayn!259
bot thyse boyes shall abyde in bayll,260
All thi gawdis shall thaym not gayn;261
Bot wars, both morn and none,262
shall thay fare, for thi sake.263
I pray god send us venyange sone,264
and on thi Warkis take wrake.265
Primus Miles
Alas, alas! this land is lorn!266
on lyfe we may [no] longer leynd;267
Sych myschefe is fallen syn morn,268
ther may no medsyn it amend.269
Why cry ye so, laddis? lyst ye skorn?270
Secundus Miles
Syr kyng, sych care was neuer kend,271
In no mans tyme that euer was borne.272
Tell on, belyfe, and make an end.273
Primus Miles
Syr, the Waters that were ordand274
for men and bestis foyde,275
Thrugh outt all egypt land,276
ar turnyd into reede bloyde;277
ffull vgly and full yll is hytt,278
that both fresh and, fayre was before.279
O, ho! this is a wonderfull thyng to wytt,280
of all the warkis that euer wore!281
Secundus Miles
Nay, lord, ther is anothere yit,282
that sodanly sowys vs full sore;283
ffor todis and froskis may no man flyt,284
thay venom vs so, both les and more.285
Primus Miles
Greatte mystis, sir, ther is both morn and noyn,286
byte vs full bytterly;287
we trow that it be doyn288
thrugh moyses, oure greatte enmy.289
Secundus Miles
My lord, bot if this menye may remefe,290
Mon neuer myrth be vs amang.291
Go, say to hym we wyll not grefe,292
bot thay shall neuer the tytter gang.293
Primus Miles
Moyses, my lord gyffys leyfe294
to leyd thi folk to lykyng lang,295
So that we mend of oure myschefe.296
ffull well I wote, thyse wordis ar wrang;297
But hardely all that I heytt298
ffull sodanly it shall be seyn;299
vncowth meruels shalbe meyt300
And he of malyce meyn.301
Secundus Miles
A, lord, alas, for doyll we dy!302
we dar look oute at no dowre.303
What, ragyd the dwyll of hell, alys you so to cry?304
Primus Miles
ffor we fare wars then euer we fowre;305
grete loppys ouer all this land thay fly,306
And where thay byte thay make grete blowre,307
and in euery place oure bestis dede ly.308
Secundus Miles
hors, ox, and asse,309
thay fall downe dede, syr, sodanly.310
we! lo, ther is no man that has311
half as mych harme as I.312
Primus Miles
yis, sir, poore folk haue mekyll wo,313
to se thare catall thus out cast.314
The Iues in gessen fayre not so,315
thay haue lykyng for to last.316
Then shall we gyf theym leyf to go,317
to tyme this perell be on past;318
Bot, or thay flytt oght far vs fro,319
we shall them bond twyse as fast.320
Secundus Miles
Moyses, my lord gyffis leyf321
thi meneye to remeue.322
ye mon hafe more myschefe323
bot if thyse talys be trew.324
Primus Miles
A, lord, we may not leyde thyse lyfys.325
what, dwyll! is grevance grofen agayn?326
Secundus Miles
ye, sir, sich powder apon vs dryfys,327
where it abidys it makys a blayn;328
Mesell makys it man and wyfe,329
thus ar we hurt with hayll & rayn.330
Syr, v[y]nys in montanse may not thryfe,331
so has frost & thoner thaym slayn.332
yei, bot how do thay in gessen,333
the Iues, can ye me say?334
Primus Miles
Of all thyse cares no thyng thay ken,335
thay feyll noght of our afray.336
No? the ragyd! the dwyll! sytt thay in peasse?337
and we euery day in doute & drede?338
Secundus Miles
My lord, this care wyll euer encrese,339
to moyses haue his folk to leyd;340
Els be we lorn, it is no lesse,341
yit were it better that thai yede.342
Thes folk shall flyt no far,343
If he go welland wode.344
Primus Miles
Then will it sone be war;345
It were better thay yode.346
Secundus Miles
My lord, new harme is comyn in hand.347
Yei, d,will, will it no better be?348
Primus Miles
wyld wormes ar layd ouer all this land,349
Thai leyf no floure, nor leyf on tre.350
Secundus Miles
Agans that storme may no man stand;351
And mekyll more meruell thynk me,352
That thise thre dayes has bene durand353
Sich myst, that no man may other se.354
Primus Miles
A, my lord!355
Secundus Miles
Grete pestilence is comyn;356
It is like ful long to last.357
[pestilence] in the dwilys name!358
then is oure pride ouer past.359
Primus Miles
My lord, this care lastis lang,360
and will, to moyses haue his bone;361
let hym go, els wyrk we wrang,362
It may not help to houer ne hone.363
Then will we gif theym leyf to gang;364
Syn it must nedis be doyn;365
Perchauns we sall thaym fang366
and mar them or to morn at none.367
Secundus Miles
Moyses, my lord he says368
thou shall haue passage playn.369
Now haue we lefe to pas,370
my freyndis, now be ye fayn;371
Com furth, now sall ye weynd372
to land of lykyng you to pay.373
Primus Puer
Bot kyng Pharao, that fals feynd,374
he will vs eft betray;375
ffull soyn he will shape vs to sheynd,376
And after vs send his garray.377
Be not abast, god is oure freynd,378
And all oure foes will slay;379
Therfor com on with me,380
haue done and drede you noght.381
Secundus Puer
That lord blyst might he be,382
that vs from bayll has broght.383
Primus Puer
Sich frenship neuer we fand;384
bot yit I drede for perels all,385
The reede see is here at hand,386
ther shal we byde to we be thrall.387
I shall make way ther with my wand,388
as god has sayde, to sayf vs all;389
On ayther syde the see mon stand,390
to we be gone, right as a wall.391
Com on wyth me, leyf none behynde;392
lo fownd, ye now youre god to pleasse,393
Secundus Puer
O, lord,! this way is heynd;394
Now weynd we all at easse.395
Primus Miles
kyng pharao! thyse folk ar gone.396
Say, ar ther any noyes new?397
Secundus Miles
Thise Ebrews ar gone, lord, euer-ichon.398
how says thou that?399
Primus Miles
lord, that tayll is trew.
We, out tyte, that they were tayn;400
That ryett radly shall thay rew,401
we shall not seasse to thay be slayn,402
ffor to the see we shall thaym sew;403
So charge youre chariottis swythe,404
And fersly look ye folow me.405
Secundus Miles
All redy, lord, we ar full blyth406
At youre byddyng to be.407
Primus Miles
lord, at youre byddyng ar we bowne408
Oure bodys boldly for to beyd;409
we shall not seasse, bot dyng all downe,410
To all be dede withouten drede.411
heyf vp youre hertis vnto mahowne,412
he will be nere vs in oure nede;413
help! the raggyd dwyll, we drowne!414
Now mon we dy for all oure dede.415
Now ar we won from all oure wo,416
And sauyd out of the see;417
louyng gyf we god vnto,418
Go we to land now merely.419
Primus Puer
lofe we may that lord on hyght,420
And euer tell on this meruell;421
Drownyd he has Kyng pharao myght,422
louyd be that lord Emanuell.423
heuen, thou attend, I say, in syght,424
And erth my wordys; here what I tell.425
As rayn or dew on erth doys lyght426
And waters herbys and trees full well,427
Gyf louyng to goddys mageste,428
hys dedys ar done, hys ways ar trew,429
honowred be he in trynyte,430
to hym be honowre and vertew.431

Caesar AugustusContents

Be styll, beshers, I commawnd yow,1
That no man speke a word here now2
Bot I my self alon;3
And if ye do, I make a vow,4
Thys brand abowte youre nekys shall bow,5
ffor thy be styll as ston:6
And looke ye grefe me noght,7
ffor if ye do it shall be boght,8
I swere you by mahowne;9
I wote well if ye knew me oght,10
To slo you all how lytyll I roght,11
Ston styll ye wold syt downe.12
ffor all is myn that vp standys,13
Castels, towers, townys, and landys,14
To me homage thay bryng;15
ffor I may bynd and lowse of band,16
Euery thyng bowys vnto my hand,17
I want none erthly thyng.18
I am lord and syr ouer all,19
All bowys to me, both grete and small,20
As lord of euery land;21
Is none so comly on to call,22
Whoso this agane says, fowll shall be fall,23
And therto here my hand.24
ffor I am he that myghty is,25
And hardely all hathennes26
Is redy at my wyll;27
Both ryche, and poore, more & les,28
At my lykyng for to redres,29
whether I wyll saue or spyll.30
Cesar august I am cald,31
A fayrer cors for to behald,32
Is not of bloode & bone;33
Ryche ne poore, yong ne old,34
Sych an othere, as I am told,35
In all thys warld, is none.36
Bot oone thyng doys me full mych care,37
I trow my land wyll sone mysfare38
ffor defawte of counsell lele;39
My counsellars so wyse of lare,40
help to comforth me of care,41
No wyt from me ye fele.42
As I am man moost of renowne,43
I shall you gyf youre waryson44
To help me if ye may.45
Primus Consultus
To counsell you, lord, we ar bowne,46
And for no man that lyfys in towne47
wyll we not let, perfay;48
youre messyngere I reede ye call,49
ffor any thyng that may befall,50
Byd hym go hastely,51
Thrugh out youre landys ouer all,52
Amang youre folk, both grete and small53
youre gyrth & peasse to cry;54
ffor to commaunde both yong & old,55
None be so hardy ne so bold,56
To hold of none bot you;57
And, who so doth, put them in hold,58
And loke ye payn theym many fold.59
I shall, I make a vowe;60
Of thys counsell well payde am I,61
It shall be done full hastely,62
wyth outen any respytt.63
Secundus Consultus
My Lord abyde awyle, for why?64
A word to you I wold cleryfy.65
Go on, then, tell me tytt.66
Secundus Consultus
All redy, lord, now permafay,67
Thys haue I herd syn many day,68
ffolk in the contre tell;69
That in this land shuld dwell a may,70
The which sall bere a chylde, thay say,71
That shall youre force downe fell.72
Downe fell? dwyll! what may this be?73
Out, harow, full wo is me!74
I am full wyll of reede!75
A, fy, and dewyls! whens cam he76
That thus shuld reyfe me my pawste?77
Ere shuld I be his dede.78
ffor certys, then were my worshyp lorne,79
If sych a swayn, a snoke horne,80
Shuld thus be my suffrane;81
may I wyt when that boy is borne,82
In certan, had the dwyll hit sworne,83
that gadlyng shuld agane.84
Primus Consultus
Do way, lord, greyf you not so,85
youre messyngere ye cause furth go86
Aftyr youre cosyn dere,87
To speke with you a word, or two,88
The best counsell that lad to slo,89
ffull soyn he can you lere;90
ffor a wyse man that knyght men know.91
Now I assent vnto thi saw,92
of witt art thou the well;93
ffor all the best men of hym blowys;94
he shall neuer dystroy my lawes,95
were he the dwyll of hell.96
Com lyghtfote, lad, loke thou be yare97
On my message furth to fare,98
go tytt to sir syryn;99
Say sorow takys me full sare,100
pray hym to comforth me of care,101
As myn awne dere cosyn;102
And bot if thou come agane to nyght,103
look I se the neuer in syght,104
neuer where in my land.105
yis, certys, lord, I am full lyght,106
or noyn of the day, I dar you hyght,107
to bryng hym by the hand.108
yai, boy, and as thou luffys me dere,109
Luke that thou spy, both far and nere,110
Ouer all in ych place;111
If thou here any saghes sere,112
Of any carpyng, far and nere,113
Of that lad, where that thou gase.114
All redy, lord, I am full bowne,115
To spyr and spy in euery towne,116
After that wykkyd, queyd;117
If I here any runk or rowne,118
I shall fownd to crak thare crowne,119
Ouer all, in ylk a stede;120
And therfor, lord, haue now good day.121
Mahowne he wyse the on thi way,122
That weldys water and wynde;123
And specyally, here I the pray,124
To spede the as fast as thou may.125
yis, lord, that shall ye fynde.126
Mahowne the saue and se, sir syryne!127
Cesar, my lord, and youre cosyn,128
he gretys you well by me.129
Thou art welcom to me and myn;130
Com nere and tell me tythandys thyn,131
Tyte, what thay may be.132
My lord prays you, as ye luf hym dere,133
To com to hym, if youre wyll were,134
To speke with hym awhyle.135
Go grete hym well, thou messyngere,136
say hym I com, and that right nere,137
Behynd, the not a myle.138
All redy, lord, at youre byddyng.139
Mahowne the menske, my lord kyng,140
And save the by see and sand.141
Welcom, bewshere, say what tythyng,142
Do tell me tyte, for any thyng,143
What herd thou in my land?144
I herd, no thyng, lord, bot goode;145
Syr syryn, that I after yode,146
he wyll be here this nyght.147
I thank the by mahownes bloode;148
Thise tythyngys mekyll amendys my mode;149
Go rest, thou worthy wyght.150
Mahowne so semely on to call,151
he saue the, lord of lordis all,152
Syttyng with thi meneye.153
Welcom, sir syrynne, to this hall,154
Besyde my self here sytt thou shall,155
Com vp belyf to me.156
yis, lord, I am at youre talent.157
Wherfor, sir, I after the sent,158
I shall the say full right;159
And therfor take to me intent,160
I am in poynt for to be shent.161
how so, for mahownes myght?162
syr, I am done to vnderstand,163
That a qweyn here, in this land,164
shall bere a chyld, I wene,165
That shall be crowned kyng lyfand,166
And all shall bow vnto his hand;167
Thise tythyngys doth me teyne.168
he shall commaunde both ying and old,169
None be so hardy ne so bold170
To gyf seruyce to me;171
Then wold, my hart be cold172
If sich a beggere shold173
My kyngdom thus reyf me;174
And therfor, sir, I wold the pray,175
Thy best counsell thou wold me say,176
To do what I am best;177
ffor securly, if that I may,178
If he be fonden I shall hym slay,179
Aythere by eest or west.180
Now wote ye, lord, what that I reede;181
I counsell you, as ete I brede,182
what best therof may be;183
Gar serche youre land in euery stede,184
And byd that boy be done to dede,185
who the fyrst may hym see;186
And also I rede that ye gar cry,187
To fleme wyth all that belamy,188
That shuld be kyng with crowne;189
Byd ych man com to you holly,190
And bryng to you a heede penny,191
That dwellys in towere or towne;192
That this be done by the thyrde day,193
Then may none of his freyndys say,194
Bot he has mayde homage.195
If ye do thus, sir, permafay,196
youre worship shall ye wyn for ay,197
If thay make you trowage.198
I thank you, sir, as myght I the,199
ffor thyse tythyngys that thou tellys me,200
Thy counsell shall avayll;201
lord and syre of this cowntre,202
wythouten ende here make I the,203
ffor thy good counsell;204
My messyngere, loke thou be bowne,205
And weynd belyf from towne to towne,206
And be my nobyll swane;207
I pray the, as thou luffys mahowne,208
And also for thy waryson,209
That thou com tytt agane.210
Commaunde the folk holly ichon,211
Ryche ne poore forgett thou none,212
To hold, holly on me,213
And lowtt me as thare lord alone;214
And who wyll not thay shall be slone,215
This brand thare bayll shal be.216
Therfor thou byd both old and ying,217
That ich man know me for his kyng,218
ffor drede that I thaym spyll,219
That I am lord, and in tokynyng,220
Byd ich man a penny bryng,221
And make homage me tyll.222
To my statutys who wyll not stand,223
ffast for to fle outt of my land,224
Byd thaym, withouten lyte;225
Now by mahowne, god all weldand,226
Thou shall be mayde knyght with my hand,227
And therfor hye the tyte.228
All redy, lord, it shall be done;229
Bot I wote well I com not sone,230
And therfor be not wroth;231
I swere you, sir, by son and moyne,232
I com not here by fore eft none,233
wheder ye be leyfe or loth;234
Bot hafe good day, now wyll I weynd,235
ffor longer here may I not leynd,236
Bot grathe me furth my gate.237
Mahowne that is curtes and heynd,238
he bryng thi Iornay well to eynd,239
And wysh the that all wate.240

The AnnunciationContents

Sythen I haue mayde all thyng of noght,1
And Adam with my handis hath wroght,2
Lyke to myn ymage, att my devyse,3
And gyffen hym Ioy in paradyse,4
To won therin, as that I wend,5
To that he dyd that I defend;6
Then I hym put out of that place,7
Bot yit, I myn, I hight hym grace8
Oyll of mercy I can hym heyt,9
And tyme also his bayll to beytt.10
ffor he has boght his syn full sore,11
Thise fyfe thowsand yeris and more,12
ffyrst in erthe and sythen in hell;13
Bot long therin shall he not dwell.14
Outt of payn he shall be boght,15
I wyll not tyne that I haue wroght.16
I wyll make redempcyon,17
As I hyght for my person,18
All wyth reson and with right,19
Both thrugh mercy and thrugh myght.20
he shall not, therfor, ay be spylt,21
ffor he was wrangwysly begylt;22
he shall out of preson pas,23
ffor that he begyled was24
Thrugh the edder, and his wyfe;25
Thay gart hym towch the tree of lyfe,26
And ete the frute that I forbed,27
And he was dampned for that dede.28
Ryghtwysnes wyll we make;29
I wyll that my son manhede take,30
ffor reson wyll that ther be thre,31
A man, a madyn, and a tre:32
Man for man, tre for tre,33
Madyn for madyn; thus shal it be.34
My son shall in a madyn light,35
Agans the feynd of hell to fight;36
wythouten wem, os son thrugh glas,37
And she madyn as she was.38
Both god and man shall he be,39
And she moder and madyn fre.40
To abraham I am in dett41
To safe hym and his gett;42
And I wyll that all prophecye43
Be fulfyllyd here by me;44
ffor I am lord and lech of heyle,45
My prophetys shall be funden leyle;46
As moyses sayd, and Isay,47
Kyng dauid, and Ieromy,48
Abacuk, and daniell,49
Sybyll sage, that sayde ay well,50
And myne othere prophetis all,51
As thay haue [said] it shall befall.52
Ryse vp, gabriell, and weynd53
vnto a madyn that is heynd,54
To nazareth in galilee,55
Ther she dwellys in that cytee.56
To that vyrgyn and to that spouse,57
To a man of dauid house,58
Ioseph also he is namyd by,59
And the madyn name mary.60
Angell must to mary go,61
ffor the feynd was eue fo;62
he was foule and layth to syght,63
And thou art angell fayr and bright;64
And hayls that madyn, my lemman,65
As heyndly as thou can.66
Of my behalf thou shall hyr grete,67
I haue hyr chosen, that madyn swete,68
She shall conceyf my derlyng,69
Thrugh thy word and hyr heryng.70
In hyr body wyll I lyght,71
That is to me clenly dyght;72
She shall of hyr body bere73
God and man wythouten dere.74
She shall be blyssyd wythouten ende;75
Grayth the gabriell, and weynd.76
hayll, mary, gracyouse!77
hayll, madyn and godis spouse!78
Vnto the I lowte;79
Of all vyrgyns thou art qwene,80
That euer was, or shall be seyn,81
wythouten dowte.82
hayll, mary, and well thou be!83
My lord of heuen is wyth the,84
wythouten end;85
hayll, woman most of mede!86
Goodly lady, haue thou no drede,87
That I commend;88
ffor thou has fonden all thyn oone,89
The grace of god, that was out gone,90
ffor adam plyght.91
This is the grace that the betydys,92
Thou shall conceyue within thi sydys93
A chyld of myght.94
When he is comen, that thi son,95
he shall take cyrcumsycyon,96
Call hym ihesum.97
Mightfull man shall be he that,98
And godys son shall he hat,99
By his day com.100
My lord also shall gyf hym tyll101
hys fader sete, dauid, at wyll,102
Therin to sytt:103
he shall be kyng in Iacob kyn,104
hys kyngdom shall neuer blyn,105
lady, well thou wytt.106
What is thi name?107
gabriell; godys strengthe and his angell,108
That comys to the.109
fferly gretyng thou me gretys;110
A child to bere thou me hetys,111
how shuld, it be?112
I cam neuer by man’s syde,113
Bot has avowed my madynhede,114
ffrom fleshly gett.115
Therfor I wote not how116
That this be brokyn, as a vow117
That I haue hett;118
Neuer the les, well I wote,119
To wyrk thi word and hold, thi hote120
Mightfull god is;121
Bot I ne wote of what manere,122
Therfor I pray the, messyngere,123
That thou me wysh.124
lady, this is the preuate;125
The holy gost shall light in the,126
And his vertue,127
he shall vmshade and fulfyll128
That thi madynhede shall neuer spyll,129
Bot ay be new.130
The child that thou shall bere, madame,131
Shall godys son be callid by name;132
And se, mary,133
Elesabeth, thi Cosyn, that is cald, geld,134
She has conceyffed a son in elde,135
Of zacary;136
And this is, who wyll late,137
The sext moneth of hyr conceytate,138
That geld, is cald.139
No word, lady, that I the bryng,140
Is vnmyghtfull to heuen kyng,141
Bot all shall hald.142
I lofe my lord all weldand,143
I am his madyn at his hand,144
And in his wold.145
I trow bodword that thou me bryng,146
Be done to me in all thyng,147
As thou has told.148
Mary, madyn heynd,149
me behovys to weynd,150
my leyf at the I take.151
ffar to my freynd,152
Who the can send,153
ffor mankynde sake.154
All-myghty god, what may this be!155
Of mary my wyfe meruels me,156
Alas, what has she wroght?157
A, hyr body is grete and she with childe!158
ffor me was she neuer fylyd,159
Therfor myin is it noght.160
I irke full sore with my lyfe,161
That euer I wed so yong a wyfe,162
That bargan may I ban;163
To me it was a carefull dede,164
I myght well wyt that yowthede165
wold, haue lykyng of man166
I am old, sothly to say,167
passed, I am all preuay play,168
The gams fro me ar gane.169
It is ill cowpled, of youth and elde;170
I wote well, for I am vnwelde,171
som othere has she tane.172
she is with chyld, I wote neuer how,173
Now, who wold, any woman trow?174
Certys, no man that can any goode;175
I wote not in the warld, what I shuld, do,176
Bot now then wyll I weynd hyr to,177
And wytt who owe that foode.178
hayll, mary, and well ye be!179
why, bot woman, what chere with the?180
The better, sir, for you.181
So wold, I, woman, that ye wore;182
Bot certys, mary, I rew full sore183
It standys so with the now.184
Bot of a thyng frayn the I shall,185
who owe this child, thou gose with all?186
Syr, ye, and god of heuen.187
Myne, mary? do way thi dyn;188
That I shuld, oght haue parte therin189
Thou nedys it not to neuen;190
wherto neuyns thou me therto?191
I had neuer with the to do,192
how shuld it then be myne?193
whos is that chyld, so god the spede?194
Syr, godys and yowrs, with outen drede.195
That word, had, thou to tyne,196
ffor it is right full far me fro,197
And I forthynkys thou has done so198
Thise ill dedys bedene;199
And if thou speke thi self to spyll,200
It is full sore agans my wyll,201
If better myght haue bene.202
At godys wyll, Ioseph, must it be,203
ffor certanly bot god and ye204
I know none othere man;205
ffor fleshly was I neuer fylyd.206
how shuld thou thus then be with chyld?207
Excuse the well thou can;208
I blame the not, so god me saue,209
woman maners if that thou haue,210
Bot certys I say the this,211
well wote thou, and so do I,212
Thi body fames the openly,213
That thou has done amys.214
yee, god he knowys all my doyng.215
we! now, this is a wonder thyng,216
I can noght say therto;217
Bot in my hart I haue greatt care,218
And ay the longer mare and mare;219
ffor doyll what shall I do?220
Godys and myn she says it is;221
I wyll not fader it, she says amys;222
ffor shame yit shuld, she let,223
To excuse hir velany by me;224
with hir I thynk no longer be,225
I rew that euer we met.226
And how we met ye shall wyt sone;227
Men vse yong chyldren for to done228
In temple for to lere;229
Soo dyd thay hir, to she wex more230
Then othere madyns wyse of lore;231
then byshopes sayd to hir,232
"Mary, the behowfys to take233
Som yong man to be thi make,234
As thou seys other haue,235
In the temple which thou wyll neuen;"236
And she sayd, none, bot god of heuen,237
To hym she had hir tane;238
She wold none othere for any sagh;239
Thay sayd she must, it was the lagh,240
She was of age thertill.241
To the temple thay somond old and ying,242
All of Iuda ofspryng,243
The law for to fulfill.244
Thay gaf ich man a white wand,245
And bad vs bere them in oure hande,246
To offre with good intent;247
Thay offerd thare yerdys vp in that tyde,248
ffor I was old, I stode be syde,249
I wyst not what thay ment;250
Thay lakyd, oone, thay sayde in hy,251
All had offerd, thay sayd, bot I,252
ffor I ay withdrogh me.253
ffurth with my wande thay mayd, me com,254
In my hand, it floryshed with blome;255
Then sayde thay all to me,256
"If thou be old, meruell not the,257
ffor god of heuen thus ordans he,258
Thi wand shewys openly;259
It florishes so, withouten nay,260
That the behovys wed mary the may;"261
A sory man then was I;262
I was full sory in my thoght,263
I sayde for old I myght noght264
hir haue neuer the wheder;265
I was vnlykely to hir so yong,266
Thay sayde ther helpyd, none excusyng,267
And wed vs thus togeder.268
when I all thus had wed hir thare,269
we and my madyns home can fare,270
That kyngys doghters were;271
All wroght thay sylk to fynd them on,272
Marie wroght purpyll, the oder none273
bot othere colers sere.274
I left thaym in good peasse wenyd I,275
Into the contre I went on hy,276
My craft to vse with mayn;277
To gett oure lyfyng I must nede,278
On marie I prayd them take good hede,279
To that I cam agane.280
Neyn monethes was I fro that myld,;281
when I cam home she was with chyld.282
Alas, I sayd, for shame!283
I askyd ther women who that had done,284
And thay me sayde an angell sone,285
syn that I went from hame;286
An angell spake with that wyght,287
And no man els, bi day nor nyght,288
"sir, therof be ye bold".289
Thay excusyd hir thus sothly,290
To make hir clene of hir foly,291
And babyshed, me that was old.292
Shuld, an angell this dede haue wroght?293
Sich excusyng helpys noght,294
ffor no craft that thay can;295
A heuenly thyng, for sothe, is he,296
And she is erthly; this may not be,297
It is som othere man.298
Certys, I forthynk sore of hir dede,299
Bot it is long of yowth-hede,300
All sich wanton playes;301
ffor yong women wyll nedys play them302
with yong men, if old, forsake them,303
Thus it is sene always.304
Bot marie and I playd neuer so sam,305
Neuer togeder we vsid, that gam,306
I cam hir neuer so nere;307
she is as clene as cristall clyfe308
ffor me, and shalbe whyls I lyf,309
The law wyll it be so.310
And then am I cause of hir dede,311
ffor thi then can I now no rede,312
Alas, what I am wo!313
And sothly, if it so befall,314
Godys son that she be with all,315
If sich grace myght betyde,316
I wote well that I am not he,317
which that is worthi to be318
That blyssed, body besyde,319
Nor yit to be in company;320
To wyldernes I will for thi321
Enfors me for to fare;322
And neuer longer with hir dele,323
Bot stylly shall I from hir stele,324
That mete shall we no mare.325
Do wa, Ioseph, and mend thy thoght,326
I warne the well, and weynd thou noght,327
To wyldernes so wylde;328
Turne home to thi spouse agane,329
look thou deme in hir no trane,330
ffor she was neuer ffylde.331
wyte thou no wyrkyng of Werkys wast,332
She hase consauyd the holy gast,333
And she shall bere godys son;334
ffor thy with hir, in thi degre,335
Meke and buxom looke thou be,336
And with hir dwell and won.337
A, lord, I lofe the all alon,338
That vowches safe that I be oone339
To tent that chyld so ying;340
I that thus haue vngrathly gone,341
And vntruly taken apon342
Mary, that dere darlyng.343
I rewe full sore that I haue sayde,344
And of hir byrdyng hir vpbrade,345
And she not gylty is;346
ffor thy to hir now Wyll I weynde,347
And pray hir for to be my freynde,348
And aske hir forgyfnes.349
A, mary, wyfe, what chere?350
The better, sir, that ye ar here;351
Thus long where haue ye lent?352
Certys, walkyd aboute, lyke a fon,353
That wrangwysly hase taken apon;354
I wyst neuer What I ment;355
Bot I wote well, my lemman fre,356
I haue trespast to god and the;357
fforgyf me, I the pray.358
Now all that euer ye sayde me to,359
God forgyf you, and I do,360
With all the myght I may.361
Gramercy, mary, thi good wyll362
So kyndly forgyfys that I sayde yll,363
When I can the vpbrade;364
Bot well is hym hase sich a fode,365
A, meke wyf, withouten goode,366
he may well hold, hym payde.367
A, what I am light as lynde!368
he that may both lowse and bynde,369
And euery mys amend,370
leyn me grace, powere, and myght,371
My wyfe and hir swete yong wight372
To kepe, to my lyfys ende.373

The Salutation of ElizabethContents

My lord of heuen, that syttys he,1
And all thyng seys with ee,2
The safe, Elezabeth.3
Welcom, mary, blyssed blome,4
Ioyfull am I of thi com5
To me, from nazareth.6
how standys it with you, dame, of qwart?7
well, my doghter and dere hart,8
As can for myn elde.9
To speke with you me thoght full lang,10
ffor ye with childe in elde gang,11
And ye be cald, geld.12
ffull lang shall I the better be,13
That I may speke my fyll with the,14
My dere kyns Woman;15
To wytt how thi freyndys fare,16
In thi countre where thay ar,17
Therof tell me thou can,18
And how thou farys, my dere derlyng.19
Well, dame, gramercy youre askyng,20
ffor good I wote ye spyr.21
And Ioachym, thy fader, at hame,22
And anna, my nese, and thi dame,23
how standys it with hym and hir?24
Dame, yit ar thay both on lyfe,25
Both ioachym and anna his wyfe.26
Els were my hart full sore.27
Dame, god that all may,28
yeld, you that ye say,29
And, blys you therfore.30
Blyssed be thou of all women,31
And the fruyte that I well ken,32
Within the wombe of the;33
And this tyme may I blys,34
That my lordys moder is35
Comen thus vnto me.36
ffor syn that tyme full well I wote,37
The stevyn of angell voce it smote,38
And rang now in myn ere;39
A selcouth thyng is me betyde.40
The chyld makys Ioy, as any byrd,41
That I in body bere.42
And als, mary, blyssed be thou,43
That stedfastly wold, trow,44
The wordys of oure heven kyng;45
Therfor all thyng now shall be kend,46
That vnto the were sayd or send,47
By the angell gretyng.48
Magnificat anima mea dominum;
My saull lufys my lord abuf,49
And my gost gladys with luf,50
In god, that is my hele;51
ffor he has bene sene agane,52
The buxumnes of his bane,53
And kept me madyn lele.54
Lo, therof what me shall betyde-55
All nacyons on euery syde,56
Blyssyd shall me call;57
ffor he that is full of myght,58
Mekyll thyng to me has dyght,59
his name be blyssed ouer all;60
And his mercy is also61
ffrom kynde to kynde, tyll all tho62
That ar hym dredand.63
Myght in his armes he wroght,64
And dystroed in his thoght,65
Prowde men and hygh berand.66
Myghty men furth of sete he dyd,67
And he hyghtynd in that stede68
The meke men of hart;69
The hungre With all good he fyld,70
And left the rich outt shyld,71
Thaym to Vnquart.72
Israell has vnder law,73
his awne son in his awe,74
By menys of his mercy;75
As he told before by name,76
To oure fader, abraham,77
And seyd of his body.78
Elezabeth, myn awnt dere,79
My lefe I take at you here,80
ffor I dwell now full lang.81
wyll thou now go, godys fere?82
Com kys me, doghter, with good chere,83
or thou hens gang;84
ffarewell now, thou frely foode!85
I pray the be of comforth goode,86
ffor thou art full of grace;87
Grete well all oure kyn of bloode;88
That lord, that the with grace infude,89
he saue all in this place.90

The First Shepherds' PlayContents

Primus Pastor
Lord, what thay ar weyll / that hens ar past!1
ffor thay noght feyll / theym to downe cast.2
here is mekyll vnceyll / and long has it last,3
Now in hart, now in heyll / now in weytt, now in blast,
Now in care,5
Now in comforth agane,6
Now is fayre, now is rane,7
Now in hart full fane,8
And after full sare.9
Thus this Warld, as I say / farys on ylk syde,10
ffor after oure play / com sorows vnryde;11
ffor he that most may / When he syttys in pryde,12
When it comys on assay / is kesten downe wyde,13
This is seyn;14
When ryches is he,15
Then comys pouerte,16
hors-man Iak cope17
Walkys then, I weyn.18
I thank it god / hark ye what I mene,19
ffor euen or for od / I haue mekyll tene;20
As heuy as a sod / I grete with myn eene,21
When I nap on my cod / for care that has bene,22
And sorow.23
All my shepe ar gone,24
I am not left oone,25
The rott has theym slone;26
Now beg I and borow.27
My handys may I wryng / and mowrnyng make,28
Bot if good will spryng / the countre forsake;29
ffermes thyk ar comyng / my purs is bot wake,30
I haue nerehand nothyng / to pay nor to take;31
I may syng32
With purs penneles,33
That makys this heuynes,34
Wo is me this dystres!35
And has no helpyng.36
Thus sett I my mynde / truly to neuen,37
By my wytt to fynde / to cast the warld in seuen;38
My shepe haue I tynde / by the moren full euen;39
Now if hap will grynde / god from his heuen40
Send grace.41
To the fare will I me,42
To by shepe, perde,43
And yit may I multyple,44
ffor all this hard case.45
Secundus Pastor
Benste, benste / be vs emang,46
And saue all that I se / here in this thrang,47
he saue you and me / ouertwhart and endlang,48
That hang on a tre / I say you no wrang;49
Cryst saue vs50
ffrom all myschefys,51
ffrom robers and thefys,52
ffrom those mens grefys,53
That oft ar agans vs.54
Both bosters and bragers / god kepe vs fro,55
That with thare long dagers / dos mekyll wo;56
ffrom all byll hagers / with colknyfys that go;57
Sich wryers and wragers / gose to and fro58
ffor to crak.59
Who so says hym agane,60
were better be slane;61
Both ploghe and wane62
Amendys will not make.63
he will make it as prowde / a lord as he were,64
With a hede lyke a clowde / ffelterd his here;65
he spekys on lowde / with a grym bere,66
I wold not haue trowde / so galy in gere67
As he glydys.68
I wote not the better,69
Nor wheder is gretter,70
The lad or the master,71
So stowtly he strydys.72
If he hask me oght / that he wold, to his pay,73
ffull dere bese it boght / if I say nay;74
Bot god that all wroght / to the now I say,75
help that thay were broght / to a better way76
ffor thare sawlys;77
And send theym good mendyng78
With a short endyng,79
And with the to be lendyng80
When that thou callys.81
how, gyb, goode morne / wheder goys thou?82
Thou goys ouer the corne / gyb, I say, how!83
Primus Pastor
Who is that? John horne / I make god a vowe!84
I say not in skorne / thom, how farys thou?85
Secundus Pastor
hay, ha!86
Ar ye in this towne?87
Primus Pastor
yey, by my crowne.88
Secundus Pastor
I thoght by youre gowne89
This was youre aray.90
Primus Pastor
I am euer elyke / wote I neuer what it gars,91
Is none in this ryke / a shepard, farys wars.92
Secundus Pastor
poore men ar in the dyke / and oft tyme mars,93
The warld is slyke / also helpars94
Is none here.95
Primus Pastor
It is sayde full ryfe,96
“a man may not wyfe97
And also thryfe,98
And all in a yere.”99
Secundus Pastor
ffyrst must vs crepe / and sythen go.100
Primus Pastor
I go to by shepe. /101
Secundus Pastor
nay, not so;
What, dreme ye or slepe? / where shuld thay go?102
here shall thou none kepe. /103
Primus Pastor
A, good sir, ho!
Who am I?104
I wyll pasture my fe105
where so euer lykys me,106
here shall thou theym se.107
Secundus Pastor
Not so hardy!108
Not oone shepe tayll / shall thou bryng hedyr.109
Primus Pastor
I shall bryng, no fayll / A hundreth togedyr.110
Secundus Pastor
What, art thou in ayll / longys thou oght whedir?111
Primus Pastor
Thay shall go, saunce fayll / go now, bell weder!112
Secundus Pastor
I say, tyr!113
Primus Pastor
I say, tyr, now agane!114
I say skyp ouer the plane.115
Secundus Pastor
wold, thou neuer so fane,116
Tup, I say, whyr!117
Primus Pastor
What, wyll thou not yit / I say, let the shepe go?118
Secundus Pastor
abyde yit. /
Primus Pastor
Will thou bot so?
knafe, hens I byd flytt / as good that thou do,120
Or shall I the hytt / on thi pate, lo,121
shall thou reyll;122
I say, gyf the shepe space.123
Secundus Pastor
Syr, a letter of youre grace,124
here comys slaw-pase125
ffro the myln whele.126
Tercius Pastor
What a do, what a do / is this you betweyn?127
A good day, thou, and thou.128
Primus Pastor
Hark what I meyn130
You to say:131
I was bowne to by store,132
drofe my shepe me before,133
he says not oone hore134
shall pas by this way;135
Bot and he were wood / this way shall thay go.136
Tercius Pastor
yey, bot tell me, good / where ar youre shepe, lo?137
Secundus Pastor
Now, sir, by my hode / yit se I no mo,138
Not syn I here stode. /139
Tercius Pastor
god gyf you wo
and sorow!140
ye fysh before the nett,141
And stryfe on this bett,142
sich folys neuer I mett143
Evyn or at morow.144
It is wonder to wyt / where wytt shuld, be fownde;145
here ar old, knafys yit / standys on this grownde,146
these wold, by thare wytt / make a shyp be drownde;
he were well qwytt / had sold, for a pownde148
sich two.149
thay fyght and thay flyte150
ffor that at comys not tyte;151
It is far to byd hyte152
To an eg or it go.153
Tytter want ye sowll / then sorow I pray;154
Ye brayde of mowll / that went by the way-155
Many shepe can she poll / bot oone had she ay-156
Bot she happynyd full fowll / hyr pycher, I say,157
Was broken;158
“ho, god”, she sayde,159
bot oone shepe yit she hade,160
The mylk pycher was layde,161
The skarthis was the tokyn.162
Bot syn ye ar bare / of wysdom to knawe,163
Take hede how I fare / and lere at my lawe;164
ye nede not to care / if ye folow my sawe;165
hold, ye my mare / this sek thou thrawe166
On my bak,167
Whylst I, with my hand,168
lawse the sek band;169
Com nar and, by stand170
Both gyg and Iak;171
Is not all shakyn owte / and no meyll is therin?172
Primus Pastor
yey, that is no dowte. /173
Tercius Pastor
so is youre wyttys thyn.
And ye look well abowte / nawther more nor myn,174
So gose youre wyttys owte / evyn as It com In:175
Geder vp176
And seke it agane.177
Secundus Pastor
May we not be fane!178
he has told vs full plane179
Wysdom to sup.180
Iak Garcio
Now god gyf you care / foles all sam;181
Sagh I neuer none so fare / bot the foles of gotham.
Wo is hir that yow bare / youre syre and youre dam,
had she broght furth an hare / a shepe, or a lam,184
had bene well.185
Of all the foles I can tell,186
ffrom heuen vnto hell,187
ye thre bere the bell;188
God gyf you vnceyll.189
Primus Pastor
how pastures oure fee / say me, good pen.190
Iak Garcio
Thay ar gryssed to the kne. /191
Secundus Pastor
fare fall the!
Iak Garcio
If ye will ye may se / youre bestes ye ken.192
Primus Pastor
Sytt we downe all thre / and drynk shall we then.193
Tercius Pastor
yey, torde!194
I am leuer ete;195
what is drynk withoute mete?196
Gett mete, gett,197
And sett vs a borde,198
Then may we go dyne / oure bellys to fyll.199
Secundus Pastor
Abyde vnto syne. /200
Tercius Pastor
be god, sir, I nyll!
I am worthy the wyne / me thynk it good skyll;201
My seruyse I tyne / I fare full yll,202
At youre mangere.203
Primus Pastor
Trus! go we to mete,204
It is best that we trete,205
I lyst not to plete206
To stand in thi dangere;207
Thou has euer bene curst / syn we met togeder.208
Tercius Pastor
Now in fayth, if I durst / ye ar euen my broder.209
Secundus Pastor
Syrs, let vs cryb furst / for oone thyng or oder,210
That thise wordis be purst / and let vs go foder211
Oure mompyns;212
lay furth of oure store,213
lo, here! browne of a bore.214
Primus Pastor
Set mustard afore,215
oure mete now begyns;216
here a foote of a cowe / well sawsed, I wene,217
The pestell of a sowe / that powderd has bene,218
Two blodyngis, I trow / A leueryng betwene;219
Do gladly, syrs, now / my breder bedene,220
With more.221
Both befe, and moton222
Of an ewe that was roton,223
Good mete for a gloton;224
Ete of this store.225
Secundus Pastor
I haue here in my mayll / sothen and rost,226
Euen of an ox tayll / that wold, not be lost;227
ha, ha, goderhayll! / I let for no cost,228
A good py or we fayll / this is good for the frost229
In a mornyng;230
And two swyne gronys,231
All a hare bot the lonys,232
we myster no sponys233
here, at oure mangyng.234
Tercius Pastor
here is to recorde / the leg of a goys,235
with chekyns endorde / pork, partryk, to roys;236
A tart for a lorde / how thynk ye this doys?237
A calf lyuer skorde / with the veryose;238
Good sawse,239
This is a restorete240
To make a good appete.241
Primus Pastor
yee speke all by clerge[te],242
I here by your clause;243
Cowth ye by youre gramery / reche vs a drynk,244
I shuld be more mery / ye wote What I thynk.245
Secundus Pastor
haue good ayll of hely / bewar now, I wynk,246
ffor and thou drynk drely / in thy poll wyll it synk.
Primus Pastor
A, so;248
This is boyte of oure bayll,249
good holsom ayll.250
Tercius Pastor
ye hold, long the skayll,251
Now lett me go to.252
Secundus Pastor
I shrew those lyppys / bot thou leyff me som parte.
Primus Pastor
be god, he bot syppys / begylde thou art;254
Behold, how he kyppys. /255
Secundus Pastor
I shrew you so smart,
And me on my hyppys / bot if I gart256
Be thou wyne, be thou ayll,258
bot if my brethe fayll,259
I shall sett the on sayll;260
God send the good gayte.261
Tercius Pastor
Be my dam saull, alyce / It was sadly dronken.262
Primus Pastor
Now, as euer haue I blys / to the bothom it is sonken.
Secundus Pastor
yit a botell here is. /264
Tercius Pastor
that is well spoken!
By my thryft we must kys. /265
Secundus Pastor
that had I forgoten.
Bot hark!266
Who so can best syng267
Shall haue the begynnyng.268
Primus Pastor
Now prays at the partyng269
I shall sett you on warke;270
We haue done oure parte / and songyn right weyll,271
I drynk for my parte. /272
Secundus Pastor
Abyde, lett cop reyll.
Primus Pastor
Godys forbot, thou spart / and thou drynk euery deyll.
Tercius Pastor
Thou has dronken a quart / therfor choke the the deyll.
Primus Pastor
Thou rafys;275
And it were for a sogh276
Ther is drynk enogh.277
Tercius Pastor
I shrew the handys it drogh!278
ve be both knafys.279
Primus Pastor
Nay! we knaues all / thus thynk me best,280
so, sir, shuld, ye call. /281
Secundus Pastor
furth let it rest;
we will not brall. /282
Primus Pastor
then wold I we fest,
This mete Who shall / into panyere kest.283
Tercius Pastor
syrs, herys;284
ffor oure saules lett vs do285
Poore men gyf it to.286
Primus Pastor
Geder vp, lo, lo!287
ye hungre begers ffrerys!288
Secundus Pastor
It draes nere nyght / trus, go we to rest;289
I am euen redy dyght / I thynk it the best.290
Tercius Pastor
ffor ferde we be fryght / a crosse lett vs kest,291
Cryst crosse, benedyght / eest and west,292
ffor drede.293
Jesus onazorus,294
Morcus, andreus,296
God be oure spede!297
herkyn, hyrdes, awake! / gyf louyng ye shall,298
he is borne for [y]oure sake / lorde perpetuall;299
he is comen to take / and rawnson you all,300
youre sorowe to slake / kyng emperiall,301
he behestys;302
That chyld is borne303
At bethelem this morne,304
ye shall fynde hym beforne305
Betwix two bestys.306
Primus Pastor
A, godys dere dominus! / What was that sang?307
It was wonder curiose / with small noytys emang;308
I pray to god saue vs / now in this thrang;309
I am ferd, by ihesus / somwhat be wrang;310
Me thoght,311
Oone scremyd on lowde;312
I suppose it was a clowde,313
In myn erys it sowde,314
By hym that me boght!315
Secundus Pastor
Nay, that may not be / I say you certan,316
ffor he spake to vs thre / as he had bene a man;317
When he lemyd on this lee / my hart shakyd than,318
An angell was he / tell you I can,319
No dowte.320
he spake of a barne,321
We must seke hym, I you warne,322
That betokyns yond starne,323
That standys yonder owte.324
Tercius Pastor
It was meruell to se / so bright as it shone,325
I wold haue trowyd, veraly / it had bene thoner flone,
Bot I sagh with myn ee / as I lenyd to this stone;327
It was a mery gle / sich hard I neuer none,328
I recorde.329
As he sayde in a skreme,330
Or els that I dreme,331
we shuld go to bedleme,332
To wyrship that lorde.333
Primus Pastor
That same childe is he / that prophetys of told,334
Shuld make them fre / that adam had sold.335
Secundus Pastor
Take tent vnto me / this is inrold,336
By the wordys of Isae / a prynce most bold337
shall he be,338
And kyng with crowne,339
Sett on dauid trone,340
Sich was neuer none,341
Seyn with oure ee.342
Tercius Pastor
Also Isay says / oure faders vs told343
That a vyrgyn shuld pas / of Iesse, that wold344
Bryng furth by grace / a floure so bold;345
That vyrgyn now has / these wordys vphold,346
As ye se;347
Trust it now we may,348
he is borne this day,349
Exiet virga350
De radice iesse.351
Primus Pastor
Of hym spake more / Sybyll as I weyn,352
And nabugodhonosor / from oure faythe alyene,353
In the fornace where thay wore / thre childre sene,
The fourt stode before / godys son lyke to bene.355
Secundus Pastor
That fygure356
Was gyffen by reualacyon357
That god wold haue a son;358
This is a good lesson,359
Vs to consydure.360
Tercius Pastor
Of hym spake Ieromy / and moyses also,361
Where he sagh hym by / a bushe burnand, lo!362
when he cam to aspy / if it were so,363
Vnburnyd was it truly / at commyng therto,364
A wonder.365
Primus Pastor
That was for to se366
hir holy vyrgynyte,367
That she vnfylyd shuld be,368
Thus can I ponder,369
And shuld haue a chyld / sich was neuer sene.370
Secundus Pastor
pese, man, thou art begyld, / thou shall se hym with eene,
Of a madyn so myld / greatt meruell I mene;372
yee, and she vnfyld / a virgyn clene,373
So soyne.374
Primus Pastor
Nothyng is inpossybyll375
sothly, that god wyll;376
It shalbe stabyll377
That god wyll haue done.378
Secundus Pastor
Abacuc and ely / prophesyde so,379
Elezabeth and zachare / and many other mo,380
And dauid as veraly / is witnes therto,381
Iohn Baptyste sewrly / and daniel also.382
Tercius Pastor
So saying,383
he is godys son alon,384
without hym shalbe none,385
his sete and his trone386
Shall euer be lastyng;387
Primus Pastor
Virgill in his poetre / sayde in his verse,388
Even thus by gramere / as I shall reherse;389
Iam noua progenies celo demittitur alto,
Iam rediet virgo, redeunt saturnia regna.
Secundus Pastor
weme! tord! what speke ye / here in myn eeres?390
Tell vs no clerge / I hold you of the freres,391
ye preche;392
It semys by youre laton393
ye haue lerd, youre caton.394
Primus Pastor
herk, syrs, ye fon,395
I shall you teche;396
he sayde from heuen / a new kynde is send,397
whom a vyrgyn to neuen, oure mys to amend,398
Shall conceyue full euen / thus make I an end;399
And yit more to neuen / that samyne shall bend400
vnto vs,401
With peasse and plente,402
with ryches and menee,403
Good luf and charyte404
Blendyd amanges vs405
Tercius Pastor
And I hold it trew / ffor ther shuld be,406
When that kyng commys new / peasse by land and se.407
Secundus Pastor
Now brethere, adew! / take tent vnto me;408
I wold, that we knew / of this song so fre409
Of the angell;410
I hard by hys steuen,411
he was send downe ffro heuen.412
Primus Pastor
It is trouth that ye neuen,413
I hard hym well spell.414
Secundus Pastor
Now, by god that me boght / it was a mery song;415
I dar say that he broght / foure & twenty to a long.
Tercius Pastor
I wold, it were soght / that same vs emong.417
Primus Pastor
In fayth I trow noght / so many he throng418
On a heppe;419
Thay were gentyll and small,420
And well tonyd with all.421
Tercius Pastor
yee, bot I can thaym all,422
Now lyst I lepe.423
Primus Pastor
Brek outt youre voce / let se as ye yelp.424
Tercius Pastor
I may not for the pose / bot I haue help.425
Secundus Pastor
A, thy hart is in thy hose! /426
Primus Pastor
now, in payn of a skelp
This sang thou not lose. /427
Tercius Pastor
thou art an yll awelp
ffor angre!428
Secundus Pastor
Go to now, begyn!429
Primus Pastor
he lyst not well ryn.430
Tercius Pastor
God lett vs neuer blyn;431
Take at my sangre.432
Primus Pastor
Now an ende haue we doyn / of oure song this tyde.433
Secundus Pastor
ffayr fall thi growne / well has thou hyde.434
Tercius Pastor
Then furth lett vs ron / I wyll not abyde.435
Primus Pastor
No lyght makethe mone / that haue I asspyde;436
Neuer the les437
lett vs hold, oure beheste.438
Secundus Pastor
That hold I best.439
Tercius Pastor
Then must we go eest,440
After my ges.441
Primus Pastor
wold, god that we myght / this yong bab see!442
Secundus Pastor
Many prophetys that syght / desyryd veralee443
to haue seen that bright. /444
Tercius Pastor
and god so hee
wold shew vs that Wyght / we myght say, perde,445
We had sene446
That many sant desyryd,447
with prophetys inspyryd,448
If thay hym requyryd,449
yit I-closyd ar thare eene.450
Secundus Pastor
God graunt vs that grace. /451
Tercius Pastor
god so do.
Primus Pastor
Abyde, syrs, a space / lo, yonder, lo!452
It commys on a rase / yond sterne vs to.453
Secundus Pastor
It is a grete blase / oure gate let vs go,454
here he is!455
Tercius Pastor
Who shall go in before?456
Primus Pastor
I ne rek, by my hore.457
Secundus Pastor
ye ar of the old store,458
It semys you, Iwys.459
Primus Pastor
hayll, kyng I the call! / hayll, most of myght!460
hayll, the worthyst of all! / hayll, duke! hayll, knyght!
Of greatt and small / thou art lorde by right;462
hayll, perpetuall / hayll, faryst wyght!463
here I offer!464
I pray the to take-465
If thou wold, for my sake,466
with this may thou lake,-467
This lytyll spruse cofer.468
Secundus Pastor
hayll, lytyll tyn mop / rewarder of mede!469
hayll, bot oone drop / of grace at my nede;470
hayll, lytyll mylk sop! / hayll, dauid sede!471
Of oure crede thou art crop / hayll, in god hede!472
This ball473
That thou wold resaue,-474
lytyll is that I haue,475
This wyll I vowche saue,-476
To play the with all.477
Tercius Pastor
hayll, maker of man / hayll, swetyng!478
hayll, so as I can / hayll, praty mytyng!479
I cowche to the than / for fayn here gretyng;480
hayll, lord! here I ordan / now at oure metyng,481
This botell-482
It is an old by-worde,483
It is a good bowrde,484
for to drynk of a gowrde,-485
It holdys a mett potell.486
he that all myghtys may / the makere of heuen,487
That is for to say / my son that I neuen,488
Rewarde you this day / as he sett all on seuen;489
he graunt you for ay / his blys full euen490
He gyf you good grace,492
Tell furth of this case,493
he spede youre pase,494
And graunt you good endyng.495
Primus Pastor
ffare well, fare lorde! / with thy moder also.496
Secundus Pastor
we shall this recorde / where as we go.497
Tercius Pastor
we mon all be restorde / god graunt it be so!498
Primus Pastor
Amen, to that worde / syng we therto499
On hight;500
To Ioy all sam,501
With myrth and gam,502
To the lawde of this lam503
Syng we in syght.504

The Second Shepherds' PlayContents

Primus Pastor
Lord, what these weders ar cold! / and I am yll happyd;
I am nere hande dold, / so long haue I nappyd;2
My legys thay fold, / my fyngers ar chappyd,3
It is not as I wold, / for I am al lappyd,4
In sorow.5
In stormes and tempest,6
Now in the eest, now in the west,7
wo is hym has neuer rest8
Myd day nor morow!9
Bot we sely shepardes / that walkys on the moore,10
In fayth we are nere handys / outt of the doore;11
No wonder as it standys / if we be poore,12
ffor the tylthe of oure landys / lyys falow as the floore,
As ye ken.14
we ar so hamyd,15
ffor-taxed and ramyd,16
We ar mayde hand tamyd,17
with thyse gentlery men.18
Thus thay refe vs oure rest / oure lady theym wary!
These men that ar lord fest / thay cause the ploghe tary.
That men say is for the best / we fynde it contrary;
Thus ar husbandys opprest / in po[i]nte to myscary,
On lyfe.23
Thus hold, thay vs hunder,24
Thus thay bryng vs in blonder;25
It were greatte wonder,26
And euer shuld we thryfe.27
ffor may he gett a paynt slefe / or a broche now on dayes,
wo is hym that hym grefe / or onys agane says!29
Dar noman hym reprefe / what mastry he mays,30
And yit may noman lefe / oone word that he says,31
No letter.32
he can make purveance,33
with boste and bragance,34
And all is thrugh mantenance35
Of men that are gretter.36
Ther shall com a swane / as prowde as a po,37
he must borow my wane / my ploghe also,38
Then I am full fane / to graunt or he go.39
Thus lyf we in payne / Anger, and wo,40
By nyght and day;41
he must haue if he langyd,42
If I shuld, forgang it,43
I were better be hangyd44
Then oones say hym nay.45
It dos me good, as I walk / thus by myn oone,46
Of this warld, for to talk / in maner of mone.47
To my shepe wyll I stalk / and herkyn anone,48
Ther abyde on a balk / or sytt on a stone49
ffull soyne.50
ffor I trowe, perde,51
trew men if thay be,52
we gett more compane53
Or it be noyne.54
Secundus Pastor
Benste and dominus! / what may this bemeyne?55
why, fares this warld thus / oft haue we not sene?56
lord, thyse weders ar spytus / and the weders full kene.
And the frostys so hydus / thay water myn eeyne,58
No ly.59
Now in dry, now in wete,60
Now in snaw, now in slete,61
When my shone freys to my fete,62
It is not all esy.63
Bot as far as I ken / or yit as I go,64
we sely wedmen / dre mekyll wo;65
We haue sorow then and then / it fallys oft so;66
Sely capyle, oure hen / both to and fro67
She kakyls;68
Bot begyn she to crok,69
To groyne or [to clo]k,70
Wo is hym is of oure cok,71
ffor he is in the shekyls.72
These men that ar wed / haue not all thare wyll,73
when they ar full hard sted / thay sygh full styll;
God wayte thay ar led / full hard and full yll;75
In bower nor in bed / thay say noght ther tyll,76
This tyde.77
My parte haue I fun,78
I know my lesson.79
wo is hym that is bun,80
ffor he must abyde.81
Bot now late in oure lyfys / a meruell to me,82
That I thynk my hart ryfys / sich wonders to see.83
what that destany dryfys / it shuld so be;84
Som men wyll have two wyfys / and som men thre,85
In store;86
Som ar wo that has any,87
Bot so far can I,88
wo is hym that has many,89
ffor he felys sore.90
Bot yong men of wowyng / for god that you boght,91
Be well war of wedyng / and thynk in youre thoght,92
"had I wyst" is a thyng / it seruys of noght;93
Mekyll styll mowrnyng / has wedyng home broght,94
And grefys;95
with many a sharp showre,96
ffor thou may cach in an owre97
That shall [savour] fulle sowre98
As long as thou lyffys.99
ffor, as euer red I pystyll / I haue oone to my fere,
As sharp as a thystyll / as rugh as a brere;101
She is browyd lyke a brystyll / with a sowre loten chere;
had She oones Wett Hyr Whystyll / She couth Syng full clere
Hyr pater noster.104
She is as greatt as a whall,105
She has a galon of gall:106
By hym that dyed for vs all,107
I wald I had ryn to I had lost hir.108
Primus Pastor
God looke ouer the raw / ffull defly ye stand.109
Secundus Pastor
yee, the dewill in thi maw / so tariand.110
sagh thou awro of daw? /111
Primus Pastor
yee, on a ley land
hard I hym blaw / he commys here at hand,112
Not far;113
Stand styll.114
Secundus Pastor
Primus Pastor
ffor he commys, hope I.115
Secundus Pastor
he wyll make vs both a ly116
Bot if we be war.117
Tercius Pastor
Crystys crosse me spede / and sant nycholas!118
Ther of had I nede / it is wars then it was.119
Whoso couthe take hede / and lett the warld pas,120
It is euer in drede / and brekyll as glas,121
And slythys.122
This warld, fowre neuer so,123
With meruels mo and mo,124
Now in weyll, now in wo,125
And all thyng wrythys.126
Was neuer syn noe floode / sich floodys seyn;127
Wyndys and ranys so rude / and stormes so keyn;128
Som stamerd, som stod, / in dowte, as I weyn;129
Now god turne all to good / I say as I mene,130
ffor ponder.131
These floodys so thay drowne,132
Both in feyldys and in towne,133
And berys all downe,134
And that is a wonder.135
We that walk on the nyghtys / oure catell to kepe,136
We se sodan syghtys / when othere men slepe.137
yit me thynk my hart lyghtys / I se shrewys pepe;138
ye ar two all wyghtys / I wyll gyf my shepe139
A turne.140
Bot full yll haue I ment,141
As I walk on this bent,142
I may lyghtly repent,143
My toes if I spurne.144
A, sir, god, you saue / and master myne!145
A drynk fayn wold I haue / and somwhat to dyne.146
Primus Pastor
Crystys curs, my knaue / thou art a ledyr hyne!147
Secundus Pastor
What! the boy lyst rave; / abyde vnto syne;148
We haue mayde it.149
yll thryft on thy pate!150
Though the shrew cam late,151
yit is he in state152
To dyne, if he had it.153
Tercius Pastor
Sich seruandys as I / that swettys and swynkys,154
Etys oure brede full dry / and that me forthynkys;155
We ar oft weytt and wery / when master-men wynkys,156
yit commys full lately / both dyners and drynkys,157
Bot nately.158
Both oure dame and oure syre,159
when we haue ryn in the myre,160
Thay can nyp at oure hyre,161
And pay vs full lately.162
Bot here my trouth, master / for the fayr that ye make,
I shall do therafter / wyrk as I take;164
I shall do a lytyll, sir / and emang euer lake,165
ffor yit lay my soper / neuer on my stomake166
In feyldys.167
Wherto shuld, I threpe?168
with my staf can I lepe,169
And men say "lyght chepe170
letherly for-yeldys."171
Primus Pastor
Thou were an yll lad / to ryde on wowyng172
With a man that had / bot lytyll of spendyng.173
Secundus Pastor
Peasse, boy, I bad / no more Iangling,174
Or I shall make the full rad / by the heuen’s kyng!
with thy gawdys;176
wher ar oure shepe, boy, we skorne?177
Tercius Pastor
Sir, this same day at morne178
I thaym left in the corne,179
when thay rang lawdys;180
Thay haue pasture good / thay can not go wrong.181
Primus Pastor
That is right, by the roode! / thyse nyghtys ar long,
yit I wold, or we yode / oone gaf vs a song.183
Secundus Pastor
So I thoght as I stode / to myrth vs emong.184
Tercius Pastor
I grauntt.185
Primus Pastor
lett me syng the tenory.186
Secundus Pastor
And I the tryble so hye.187
Tercius Pastor
Then the meyne fallys to me;188
lett se how ye chauntt.189
Now lord, for thy naymes sevyn / that made both moyn & starnes
Well mo then I can neuen / thi will, lorde, of me tharnys;
I am all vneuen / that moves oft my harnes,192
Now Wold god I were in heuen / for there wepe no barnes
So styll.194
Primus Pastor
Who is that pypys so poore?195
wold, god ye wyst how I foore!196
lo, a man that walkys on the moore,197
And has not all his wyll!198
Secundus Pastor
Mak, where has thou gon? / tell vs tythyng.199
Tercius Pastor
Is he commen? then ylkon / take hede to his thyng.200
what! ich be a yoman / I tell you, of the king;201
The self and the same / sond from a greatt lordyng,
And sich.203
ffy on you! goyth hence204
Out of my presence!205
I must haue reuerence;206
why, who be ich?207
Primus Pastor
Why make ye it so qwaynt? / mak, ye do wrang.208
Secundus Pastor
Bot, mak, lyst ye saynt? / I trow that ye lang.209
Tercius Pastor
I trow the shrew can paynt, / the dewyll myght hym hang!
Ich shall make complaynt / and make you all to thwang
At a worde,212
And tell euyn how ye doth.213
Primus Pastor
Bot, Mak, is that sothe?214
Now take outt that sothren tothe,215
And sett in a torde!216
Secundus Pastor
Mak, the dewill in youre ee / a stroke wold, I leyne you.
Tercius Pastor
Mak, know ye not me? / by god I couthe teyn you.218
God looke you all thre! / me thoght I had sene you,
ye ar a fare compane. /220
Primus Pastor
can ye now mene you?
Secundus Pastor
Shrew, Iape!221
Thus late as thou goys,222
what wyll men suppos?223
And thou has an yll noys224
of stelyng of shepe.225
And I am trew as steyll / all men waytt,226
Bot a sekenes I feyll / that haldys me full haytt,227
My belly farys not weyll / it is out of astate.228
Tercius Pastor
Seldom lyys the dewyll / dede by the gate.229
full sore am I and yll,231
If I stande stone styll;232
I ete not an nedyll233
Thys moneth and more.234
Primus Pastor
how farys thi wyff? by my hoode / how farys sho?235
lyys walteryng, by the roode / by the fyere, lo!236
And a howse full of brude / she drynkys well to;237
yll spede othere good / that she wyll do!238
Bot so239
Etys as fast as she can,240
And ilk yere that commys to man241
She bryngys furth a lakan,242
And som yeres two.243
Bot were I not more gracyus / and rychere befar,244
I were eten outt of howse / and of harbar;245
Yit is she a fowll dowse / if ye com nar:246
Ther is none that trowse / nor knowys a war,247
Then ken I.248
Now wyll ye se what I profer,249
To gyf all in my cofer250
To morne at next to offer251
hyr hed mas penny.252
Secundus Pastor
I wote so forwakyd / is none in this shyre:253
I wold slepe if I takyd / les to my hyere.254
Tercius Pastor
I am cold, and nakyd / and wold haue a fyere.255
Primus Pastor
I am wery, for-rakyd / and run in the myre.256
wake thou!257
Secundus Pastor
Nay, I wyll lyg downe by,258
ffor I must slepe truly.259
Tercius Pastor
As good a man’s son was I260
As any of you.261
Bot, mak, com heder! betwene / shall thou lyg downe.
Then myght I lett you bedene / of that ye wold, rowne,
No drede.266
ffro my top to my too,267
Manus tuas commendo,268
poncio pilato,269
Cryst crosse me spede!270
Now were tyme for a man / that lakkys what he wold,
To stalk preuely than / vnto a fold,272
And neemly to wyrk than / and be not to bold,273
ffor he might aby the bargan / if it were told274
At the endyng.275
Now were tyme for to reyll;276
Bot he nedys good counsell277
That fayn wold, fare weyll,278
And has bot lytyll spendyng.279
Bot abowte you a serkyll / as rownde as a moyn,280
To I haue done that I wyll / tyll that it be noyn,281
That ye lyg stone styll / to that I haue doyne,282
And I shall say thertyll / of good wordys a foyne.283
On hight284
Ouer youre heydys my hand I lyft,285
Outt go youre een, fordo your syght,286
Bot yit I must make better shyft,287
And it be right.288
lord! what thay slepe hard! / that may ye all here;
was I neuer a shepard / bot now wyll I lere.290
If the flok be skard / yit shall I nyp nere,291
how! drawes hederward! / now mendys oure chere292
ffrom sorow:293
A fatt shepe I dar say,294
A good flese dar I lay,295
Eft whyte when I may,296
Bot this will I borow.297
how, gyll, art thou In? / gett vs some lyght.298
Uxor Ejus (Gill)
Who makys sich dyn / this tyme of the nyght?299
I am sett for to spyn / I hope not I myght300
Ryse a penny to wyn, / I shrew them on hight!301
So farys302
A huswyff that has bene303
To be rasyd thus betwene:304
here may no note be sene305
ffor sich small charys.306
Good wyff, open the hek! / seys thou not what I bryng?
Uxor Ejus (Gill)
I may thole the dray the snek. / A, com in, my swetyng!
yee, thou thar not rek / of my long standyng.309
Uxor Ejus (Gill)
By the nakyd nek / art thou lyke for to hyng.310
Do way:311
I am worthy my mete,312
ffor in a strate can I gett313
More then thay that swynke and swette314
All the long day,315
Thus it fell to my lott / gyll, I had sich grace.316
Uxor Ejus (Gill)
It were a fowll blott / to be hanged for the case.317
I haue skapyd, Ielott / oft as hard a glase.318
Uxor Ejus (Gill)
Bot so long goys the pott / to the water, men says,
At last320
Comys it home broken.321
well knowe I the token,322
Bot let it neuer be spoken;323
Bot com and help fast.324
I wold, he were slayn / I lyst well ete:325
This twelmothe was I not so fayn / of oone shepe mete.
Uxor Ejus (Gill)
Com thay or he be slayn/ and here the shepe blete!327
Then myght I be tane, / that were a cold, swette!328
Go spar329
The gaytt doore.330
Uxor Ejus (Gill)
Yis, Mak,
ffor and thay com at thy bak,331
Then myght I by, for all the pak,332
The dewill of the war.333
Uxor Ejus (Gill)
A good bowrde haue I spied / syn thou can none.334
here shall we hym hyde / to thay be gone;335
In my credyll abyde / lett me alone,336
And I shall lyg besyde / in chylbed, and grone.337
Thou red;338
And, I shall say thou was lyght339
Of a knaue childe this nyght.340
Uxor Ejus (Gill)
Now well is me day bright,341
That euer was I bred.342
This is a good gyse / and a far cast;343
Yit a woman avyse / helpys at the last.344
I wote neuer who spyse, / agane go thou fast.345
Bot I com or thay ryse / els blawes a cold, blast!346
I wyll go slepe.347
yit slepys all this meneye,348
And I shall go stalk preuely,349
As it had neuer bene I350
That caryed thare shepe.351
Primus Pastor
Resurrex a mortruis! / haue hald, my hand.352
Iudas carnas dominus! / I may not well stand:353
My foytt slepys, by ihesus / and I water fastand.354
I thoght that we layd vs / full nere yngland.355
Secundus Pastor
A ye!356
lord! what I haue slept weyll;357
As fresh as an eyll,358
As lyght I me feyll359
As leyfe on a tre.360
Tercius Pastor
Benste be here in! / so my [hart?] qwakys,361
My hart is outt of skyn / what so it makys.362
Who makys all this dyn? / so my browes blakys,363
To the dowore wyll I wyn / harke felows, wakys!364
We were fowre:365
se ye awre of mak now?366
Primus Pastor
we were vp or thou.367
Secundus Pastor
Man, I gyf god a vowe,368
yit yede he nawre.369
Tercius Pastor
Me thoght he was lapt / in a wolfe skyn.370
Primus Pastor
So are many hapt / now namely within.371
Secundus Pastor
When we had long napt / me thoght with a gyn372
A fatt shepe he trapt / bot he mayde no dyn.373
Tercius Pastor
Be styll:374
Thi dreme makys the woode:375
It is bot fantom, by the roode.376
Primus Pastor
Now god turne all to good,377
If it be his wyll.378
Secundus Pastor
Ryse, mak, for shame! / thou lygys right lang.379
Now crystys holy name / be vs emang!380
what is this? for sant Iame / I may not well gang!
I trow I be the same / A! my nek has lygen wrang382
Mekill thank, syn yister euen,384
Now, by sant strevyn,385
I was flayd with a swevyn,386
My hart out of sloghe.387
I thoght gyll began to crok / and trauell full sad,
welner at the fyrst cok / of a yong lad,389
ffor to mend oure flok / then be I neuer glad.390
I haue tow on my rok / more then euer I had.391
A, my heede!392
A house full of yong tharmes,393
The dewill knok outt thare harnes!394
wo is hym has many barnes,395
And therto lytyll brede!396
I must go home, by youre lefe / to gyll as I thoght.
I pray you looke my slefe / that I steyll noght:398
I am loth you to grefe / or from you take oght.399
Tercius Pastor
Go furth, yll myght thou chefe! / now wold I we soght,
This morne,401
That we had all oure store.402
Primus Pastor
Bot I will go before,403
let vs mete.404
Secundus Pastor
Tercius Pastor
At the crokyd thorne.405
Vndo this doore! who is here? / how long shall I stand?
Uxor Ejus (Gill)
Who makys sich a bere? / now walk in the Wenyand.407
A, gyll, what chere? / it is I, mak, youre husbande,
Uxor Ejus (Gill)
Then may we be here / the dewill in a bande,409
Syr gyle;410
lo, he commys with a lote411
As he were holden in the throte.412
I may not syt at my note,413
A hand lang while.414
Wyll ye here what fare she makys / to gett hir a glose,
And dos noght bot lakys / and clowse hir toose.416
Uxor Ejus (Gill)
why, who wanders, who wakys / who commys, who gose?
who brewys, who bakys? / what makys me thus hose?418
And than,419
It is rewthe to beholde,420
Now in hote, now in colde,421
ffull wofull is the householde422
That wantys a woman.423
Bot what ende has thou mayde / with the hyrdys, mak?
The last worde that thay sayde / when I turnyd my bak,
Thay wold looke that thay hade / thare shepe all the pak.
I hope thay wyll nott be well payde / when thay thare shepe lak,
Bot how so the gam gose,429
To me thay wyll suppose,430
And make a fowll noyse,431
And cry outt apon me.432
Bot thou must do as thou hyght /433
Uxor Ejus (Gill)
I accorde me thertyll.
I shall swedyll hym right / In my credyll;434
If it were a gretter slyght / yit couthe I help tyll.
I wyll lyg downe stright; / com hap me;436
I wyll.
Uxor Ejus (Gill)
Com coll and his maroo,438
Thay will nyp vs full naroo.439
Bot I may cry out ‘haroo,’440
The shepe if thay fynde.441
Uxor Ejus (Gill)
harken ay when thay call / thay will com onone.442
Com and make redy all / and syng by thyn oone;443
Syng lullay thou shall / for I must grone,444
And cry outt by the wall / on mary and Iohn,445
ffor sore.446
Syng lullay on fast447
when thou heris at the last;448
And bot I play a fals cast,449
Trust me no more.450
Tercius Pastor
A, coll, goode morne / why slepys thou nott?451
Primus Pastor
Alas, that euer was I borne! / we haue a fowll blott.
A fat wedir haue we lorne. /453
Tercius Pastor
mary, godys forbott!
Secundus Pastor
who shuld do vs that skorne? that were a fowll spott.
Primus Pastor
Som shrewe.455
I haue soght with my dogys456
All horbery shrogys,457
And of fefteyn hogys458
ffond I bot oone ewe.459
Tercius Pastor
Now trow me, if ye will / by sant thomas of kent,460
Ayther mak or gyll / was at that assent.461
Primus Pastor
peasse, man, be still! / I sagh when he went;462
Thou sklanders hym yll / thou aght to repent,463
Goode spede.464
Secundus Pastor
Now as euer myght I the,465
If I shuld, euyn here de,466
I wold say it were he,467
That dyd that same dede.468
Tercius Pastor
Go we theder, I rede / and ryn on oure feete.469
Shall I neuer ete brede / the sothe to I wytt.470
Primus Pastor
Nor drynk in my heede / with hym tyll I mete.471
Secundus Pastor
I wyll rest in no stede / tyll that I hym grete,472
My brothere.473
Oone I will hight:474
Tyll I se hym in sight475
shall I neuer slepe one nyght476
Ther I do anothere.477
Tercius Pastor
Will ye here how thay hak? / oure syre, lyst, croyne.
Primus Pastor
hard I neuer none crak / so clere out of toyne;479
Call on hym.480
Secundus Pastor
mak! / vndo youre doore soyne.
Who is that spak, / as it were noyne,481
On loft?482
Who is that I say?483
Tercius Pastor
Goode felowse, were it day.484
As far as ye may,485
Good, spekys soft,486
Ouer a seke woman’s heede / that is at mayll easse;
I had leuer be dede / or she had any dyseasse.488
Uxor Ejus (Gill)
Go to an othere stede / I may not well qweasse.489
Ich fote that ye trede / goys thorow my nese.490
So hee!491
Primus Pastor
Tell vs, mak, if ye may,492
how fare ye, I say?493
Bot ar ye in this towne to day?494
Now how fare ye?495
ye haue ryn in the myre / and ar weytt yit:496
I shall make you a fyre / if ye will syt.497
A nores wold, I hyre / thynk ye on yit,498
well qwytt is my hyre / my dreme this is itt,499
A seson.500
I haue barnes, if ye knew,501
well mo then enewe,502
Bot we must drynk as we brew,503
And that is bot reson.504
I wold ye dynyd or ye yode / me thynk that ye swette.
Secundus Pastor
Nay, nawther mendys oure mode / drynke nor mette.506
why, sir, alys you oght bot goode? /507
Tercius Pastor
yee, oure shepe that we gett,
Ar stollyn as thay yode / oure los is grette.508
Syrs, drynkys!509
had I bene thore,510
Som shuld haue boght it full sore.511
Primus Pastor
Mary, som men trowes that ye wore,512
And that vs forthynkys.513
Secundus Pastor
Mak, som men trowys / that it shuld be ye.514
Tercius Pastor
Ayther ye or youre spouse / so say we.515
Now if ye haue suspowse / to gill or to me,516
Com and rype oure howse / and then may ye se517
who had hir,518
If I any shepe fott,519
Aythor cow or stott;520
And gyll, my wyfe, rose nott521
here syn she lade hir.522
As I am true and lele / to god here I pray,523
That this be the fyrst mele / that I shall ete this day.
Primus Pastor
Mak, as haue I ceyll, / Avyse the, I say;525
he lernyd tymely to steyll / that couth not say nay.
Uxor Ejus (Gill)
I swelt!527
Outt, thefys, fro my wonys!528
ye com to rob vs for the nonys.529
here ye not how she gronys?530
youre hartys shuld melt.531
Uxor Ejus (Gill)
Outt, thefys, fro my barne! / negh hym not thor.532
wyst ye how she had farne / youre hartys wold be sore.
ye do wrang, I you warne / that thus commys before534
To a woman that has farne / bot I say no more.535
Uxor Ejus (Gill)
A, my medyll!536
I pray to god so mylde,537
If euer I you begyld,538
That I ete this chylde539
That lygys in this credyll.540
peasse, woman, for godys payn / and cry not so:541
Thou spyllys thy brane / and makys me full wo.542
Secundus Pastor
I trow oure shepe be slayn / what finde ye two?543
Tercius Pastor
All wyrk we in vayn / as well may we go.544
Bot hatters,545
I can fynde no flesh,546
hard nor nesh,547
Salt nor fresh,548
Bot two tome platers.549
Whik catell bot this / tame nor wylde,550
None, as haue I blys / as lowde as he smylde.551
Uxor Ejus (Gill)
No, so god me blys / and gyf me Ioy of my chylde!552
Primus Pastor
We haue merkyd amys / I hold vs begyld.553
Secundus Pastor
Syr don,554
Syr, oure lady hym saue!555
Is youre chyld a knaue?556
Any lord myght hym haue557
This chyld to his son.558
when he wakyns he kyppys / that ioy is to se.559
Tercius Pastor
In good tyme to hys hyppys / and in cele.560
Bot who was his gossyppys / so sone rede?561
So fare fall thare lyppys! /562
Primus Pastor
hark now, a le!
So god thaym thank,563
Parkyn, and gybon waller, I say,564
And gentill Iohn horne, in good fay,565
he made all the garray,566
With the greatt shank.567
Secundus Pastor
Mak, freyndys will we be / ffor we ar all oone.568
we! now I hald for me / for mendys gett I none.569
ffare well all thre / all glad were ye gone.570
Tercius Pastor
ffare wordys may ther be / bot luf is ther none571
this yere.572
Primus Pastor
Gaf ye the chyld, any thyng?573
Secundus Pastor
I trow not oone farthyng.574
Tercius Pastor
ffast agane will I flyng,575
Abyde ye me there.576
Mak, take it to no grefe / if I com to thi barne.577
Nay, thou dos me greatt reprefe / and fowll has thou farne.
Tercius Pastor
The child will it not grefe / that lytyll day starne.
Mak, with youre leyfe / let me gyf youre barne,580
Bot sex pence.581
Nay, do way: he slepys.582
Tercius Pastor
Me thynk he pepys.583
when he wakyns he wepys.584
I pray you go hence.585
Tercius Pastor
Gyf me lefe hym to kys / and lyft vp the clowtt.586
what the dewill is this? / he has a long snowte.587
Primus Pastor
he is merkyd amys / we wate ill abowte.588
Secundus Pastor
Ill spon weft, Iwys / ay commys foull owte.589
Ay, so!590
he is lyke to oure shepe!591
Tercius Pastor
how, gyb! may I pepe?592
Primus Pastor
I trow, kynde will crepe593
where it may not go.594
Secundus Pastor
This was a qwantt gawde / and a far cast.595
It was a hee frawde. /596
Tercius Pastor
yee, syrs, wast.
lett bren this bawde / and bynd hir fast.597
A fals skawde / hang at the last;598
So shall thou.599
wyll ye se how thay swedyll600
his foure feytt in the medyll?601
Sagh I neuer in a credyll602
A hornyd lad or now.603
Peasse byd I: what! / lett be youre fare;604
I am he that hym gatt / and yond woman hym bare.605
Primus Pastor
What dewill shall he hatt? / Mak, lo god makys ayre.
Secundus Pastor
lett be all that. / now god gyf hym care,607
I sagh.608
Uxor Ejus (Gill)
A pratty child is he609
As syttys on a waman’s kne;610
A dyllydowne, perde,611
To gar a man laghe.612
Tercius Pastor
I know hym by the eere marke / that is a good tokyn.
I tell you, syrs, hark! / hys noyse was brokyn.614
Sythen told, me a clerk / that he was forspokyn.615
Primus Pastor
This is a fals wark / I wold, fayn be wrokyn:616
Gett wepyn.617
Uxor Ejus (Gill)
he was takyn with an elfe,618
I saw it myself.619
when the clok stroke twelf620
was he forshapyn.621
Secundus Pastor
ye two ar well feft / sam in a stede.622
Tercius Pastor
Syn thay manteyn thare theft / let do thaym to dede.
If I trespas eft / gyrd of my heede.624
with you will I be left. /625
Primus Pastor
syrs, do my reede.
ffor this trespas,626
we will nawther ban ne flyte,627
ffyght nor chyte,628
Bot haue done as tyte,629
And cast hym in canvas.630
lord! what I am sore / in poynt for to bryst.631
In fayth I may no more / therfor wyll I ryst.632
Secundus Pastor
As a shepe of sevyn skore / he weyd in my fyst.633
ffor to slepe ay whore / me thynk that I lyst.634
Tercius Pastor
Now I pray you,635
lyg downe on this grene.636
Primus Pastor
On these thefys yit I mene.637
Tercius Pastor
wherto shuld ye tene638
So, as I say you?639
Ryse, hyrd men heynd! / for now is he borne640
That shall take fro the feynd / that adam had lorne:
That warloo to sheynd / this nyght is he borne.642
God is made youre freynd / now at this morne.643
he behestys,644
At bedlem go se,645
Ther lygys that fre646
In a cryb full poorely,647
Betwyx two bestys.648
Primus Pastor
This was a qwant stevyn / that euer yit I hard.649
It is a meruell to neuyn / thus to be skard.650
Secundus Pastor
Of godys son of heuyn / he spak vpward.651
All the wod on a leuyn / me thoght that he gard652
Tercius Pastor
he spake of a barne654
In bedlem, I you warne.655
Primus Pastor
That betokyns yond starne.656
let vs seke hym there,657
Secundus Pastor
Say, what was his song? / hard ye not how he crakyd it?
Thre brefes to a long. /659
Tercius Pastor
yee, mary, he hakt it.
was no crochett wrong / nor no thyng that lakt it.660
Primus Pastor
ffor to syng vs emong / right as he knakt it,661
I can.662
Secundus Pastor
let se how ye croyne.663
Can ye bark at the mone?664
Tercius Pastor
hold youre tonges, haue done!665
Primus Pastor
hark after, than.666
Secundus Pastor
To bedlem he bad / that we shuld gang:667
I am full fard / that we tary to lang.668
Tercius Pastor
Be mery and not sad / of myrth is oure sang,669
Euer lastyng glad / to mede may we fang,670
Withoutt noyse.671
Primus Pastor
hy we theder for thy;672
If we be wete and wery,673
To that chyld and that lady674
we haue it not to lose.675
Secundus Pastor
we fynde by the prophecy- / let be youre dyn-676
Of dauid and Isay / and mo then I myn,677
Thay prophecyed by clergy / that in a vyrgyn678
shuld, he lyght and ly / to slokyn oure syn679
And slake it,680
Oure kynde from wo;681
ffor Isay sayd so,682
Cite‘ virgo683
Concipiet a chylde that is nakyd.684
Tercius Pastor
ffull glad may we be / and abyde that day685
That lufly to se / that all myghtys may.686
lord, well were me / for ones and for ay,687
Myght I knele on my kne / som word for to say688
To that chylde.689
Bot the angell sayd,690
In a cryb wos he layde;691
he was poorly arayd692
Both mener and mylde.693
Primus Pastor
patryarkes that has bene / and prophetys beforne,694
Thay desyryd to haue sene / this chylde that is borne.
Thay ar gone full clene / that haue thay lorne.696
We shall se hym, I weyn / or it be morne,697
To tokyn.698
When I se hym and fele,699
Then wote I full weyll700
It is true as steyll701
That prophetys haue spokyn.702
To so poore as we ar / that he wold appere,703
ffyrst fynd, and declare / by his messyngere.704
Secundus Pastor
Go we now, let vs fare / the place is vs nere.705
Tercius Pastor
I am redy and yare / go we in fere706
To that bright.707
Lord, if thi wylles be,708
we ar lewde all thre,709
Thou grauntt vs somkyns gle710
To comforth thi wight.711
Primus Pastor
hayll, comly and clene! / hayll, yong child!712
hayll, maker, as I meyne, / of a madyn so mylde!713
Thou has waryd, I weyne / the warlo so wylde;714
The fals gyler of teyn / now goys he begylde.715
lo, he merys;716
lo, he laghys, my swetyng,717
A welfare metyng,718
I haue holden my hetyng;719
haue a bob of cherys.720
Secundus Pastor
hayll, sufferan sauyoure! / ffor thou has vs soght:
hayll, frely foyde and floure / that all thyng has wroght!
hayll, full of fauoure / that made all of noght!723
hayll! I kneyll and I cowre. / A byrd haue I broght
To my barne.725
hayll, lytyll tyne’ mop!726
of oure crede thou art crop:727
I wold drynk on thy cop,728
Lytyll day starne.729
Tercius Pastor
hayll, derlyng dere / full of godhede!730
I pray the be nere / when that I haue nede.731
hayll! swete is thy chere! / my hart wold, blede732
To se the sytt here / in so poore wede,733
With no pennys.734
hayll! put furth thy dall!735
I bryng the bot a ball:736
haue and play the with all,737
And go to the tenys.738
The fader of heuen / god omnypotent.739
That sett all on seuen, / his son has he sent.740
My name couth he neuen / and lyght or he went.741
I conceyuyd hym full euen / thrugh myght as he ment,
And now is he borne.743
he kepe you fro wo!744
I shall pray hym so;745
Tell furth as ye go,746
And myn on this morne.747
Primus Pastor
ffarewell, lady / so fare to beholde,748
with thy childe on thi kne! /749
Secundus Pastor
bot he lygys full cold.
lord, well is me / now we go, thou behold.750
Tercius Pastor
ffor sothe all redy / it semys to be told751
full oft.752
Primus Pastor
what grace we haue fun.753
Secundus Pastor
Com furth, now ar we won.754
Tercius Pastor
To syng ar we bun:755
let take on loft.756

The Offering of the MagiContents

Peasse, I byd, both far and nere,1
I warne you leyf youre sawes sere;2
who that makys noyse whyls I am here,3
I say, shall dy.4
Of all this warld, sooth, far & nere,5
The lord am I.6
Lord am I of euery land,7
Of towre and towne, of se and sand;8
Agans me dar noman stand,9
That berys lyfe;10
All erthly thyng bowes to my hand,11
Both man and wyfe.12
Man and wyfe, that warne I you,13
That in this warld, is lyfand now,14
To mahowne & me all shall bow,15
Both old, and ying;16
On hym wyll I ich man trow,17
ffor any thyng.18
ffor any thyng it shall be so;19
lord ouer all where I go,20
who so says agane, I shall hym slo,21
where so he dwell;22
The feynd, if he were my fo,23
I shuld, hym fell.24
To fell those fatures I am bowne,25
And dystroy those dogys in feyld, and towne26
That will not trow on sant Mahowne,27
Oure god so swete;28
Those fals faturs I shall fell downe29
Vnder my feete.30
Vnder my feete I shall thaym fare,31
Those ladys that will [not] lere my lare,32
ffor I am myghty man ay whare,33
Of ilk a pak;34
Clenly shapen, hyde and hare,35
withoutten lak.36
The myght of me may no man mene,37
ffor all [that] dos me any teyn,38
I shall dyng thaym downe bydeyn,39
And wyrk thaym wo;40
And on assay it shall be seyn,41
Or I go.42
And therfor will I send and se43
In all this land, full hastely,44
To looke if any dwelland be45
In towre or towne,46
That wyll not hold, holly on me,47
And on mahowne.48
If ther be fonden any of tho,49
with bytter payn I shall theym slo;50
My messynger, swyth looke thou go51
Thrugh ilk countre,52
In all this land, both to and fro,53
I commaunde the;54
And truly looke thou spyr and spy,-55
In euery stede ther thou commys by,-56
who trowes not on mahowne most myghty,57
Oure god so fre;58
And looke thou bryng theym hastely59
heder vnto me.60
And I shall fownd, thaym for to flay,61
Those laddys that will not lede oure lay;62
Therfor, boy, now I the pray63
That thou go tytt.64
It shal be done, lord, if I may,65
withoutten lett:66
And certys, if I may any fynde,67
I shall not leyfe oone of them behynde.68
No, bot boldly thou thaym bynde69
And with the leyde:70
Mahowne, that weldys water and wynde,71
The wish and spede!72
All peasse, lordyngys, and hold, you styll,73
To I haue sayde what I will;74
Take goode hede Vnto my skyll,75
Both old, and ying;76
In message what is commen you tyll77
ffrom herode, the kyng.78
he commaundys you, euerilkon,79
To hold no kyng bot hym alon,80
And othere god ye worship none81
Bot mahowne so fre;82
And if ye do, ye mon be slone;83
Thus told, he me.84
Primus Rex, Jaspar
Lord, of whom this light is lent,85
And vnto me this sight has sent,86
I pray to the, with good intent,87
ffrom shame me shelde;88
So that I no harmes hent89
By way[e]s wylde.90
Also I pray the specyally,91
Thou graunt me grace of company,92
That I may haue som beyldyng by,93
In my trauayll:94
And, certys, for to lyf or dy95
I shall not fayll,96
To that I in som land haue bene,97
To wyt what this starne may mene,98
That has me led, with bemys shene,99
ffro my cuntre;100
Now weynd I will, withoutten weyn,101
The sothe to se.102
Secundus Rex, Melchior
A! lord, that is withoutten ende!103
whens euer this selcouth light dyscende,104
That thus kyndly has me kende105
Oute of my land,106
And shewyd to me ther I can leynd,107
thus bright shynand?108
Certys, I sagh neuer none so bright;109
I shall neuer ryst by day nor nyght,110
To I wyt whens may com this lyght,111
And from what place;112
he that it send vnto my sight113
leyne me that grace!114
Primus Rex, Jaspar
A, sir, wheder ar ye away?115
Tell me, good sir, I you pray.116
Secundus Rex, Melchior
Certys, I trow, the sothe to say,117
None wote bot I;118
I haue folowed yond, starne, veray,119
ffrom araby;120
ffor I am kyng of that cuntre,121
And melchor ther call men me.122
Primus Rex, Jaspar
And kyng, sir, was I wont to be,123
In tars, at hame,124
Both of towne and cyte;125
Iaspar is my name;126
The light of yond starne sagh I thedyr.127
Secundus Rex, Melchior
That lord be louyd that send me hedyr!128
ffor it will grathly ken vs whedyr,129
that we shall weynd;130
we owe to loue hym both togedyr,131
That it to vs wold send.132
Tercius Rex, Balthesar
A, lord! in land what may this mene?133
So selcouth sight was neuer sene,134
Sich a starne, shynand so shene,135
Sagh I neuer none;136
It gyffys lyght ouer all, bedene,137
By hym alone.138
What it may mene, that know I noght;139
Bot yonder ar two, me thynk, in thoght,140
I thank hym that thaym heder has broght141
Thus vnto me;142
I shall assay if thay wote oght143
what it may be.144
lordyngys, that ar leyf and dere,145
I pray you tell me with good chere146
wheder ye weynd, on this manere,147
And where that ye haue bene;148
And of this starne, that shynys thus clere,149
what it may mene.150
Primus Rex, Jaspar
Syr, I say you certanly,151
ffrom tars for yond starne soght haue I.152
Secundus Rex, Melchior
To seke yond light from araby,153
sir, haue I went.154
Tercius Rex, Balthesar
Now hertely I thank hym for-thy,155
That it has sent.156
Primus Rex, Jaspar
Good sir, what cuntre cam ye fra?157
Tercius Rex, Balthesar
This light has led me fro saba;158
And balthesar, my name to say,159
The sothe to tell.160
Secundus Rex, Melchior
And, kyngis, sir, are we twa,161
Ther as we dwell.162
Tercius Rex
Now, syrs, syn we ar semled here,163
I rede we ryde togeder, in fere,164
vnto we wytt, on all manere,165
ffor good or yll,166
what it may mene, this sterne so clere167
Shynand vs tyll.168
Primus Rex, Jaspar
A, lordyngys! behold, the lyght169
Of yond, starne, with bemys bright!170
ffor sothe I sagh neuer sich a sight171
In no-kyns land;172
A starne thus, aboute mydnyght,173
so bright shynand.174
It gyfys more light it self alone175
Then any son that euer shone,176
Or mone, when he of son has ton177
his light so cleyn;178
Sich selcouth sight haue I sene none,179
what so euer it meyn.180
Secundus Rex, Melchior
Behold, lordyngys, vnto his pase,181
And se how nygh the erth hit gase;182
It is a tokyn that it mase183
Of nouelry;184
A meruell it is, good tent who tase,185
Now here in hy.186
ffor sich a starne was neuer ere seyn,187
As wyde in warld as we haue beyn,188
ffor blasyng bemys, shynand full sheyn,189
ffrom hit ar sent;190
Meruell I haue what it may meyn191
In myn intent.192
Tercius Rex, Balthesar
Certys, syrs, the sothe to say,193
I shall dyscry now, if I may,194
what it may meyn, yond starne veray,195
Shynand tyll vs;196
It has bene sayde syn many a day197
It shuld, be thus.198
yond starne betokyns, well wote I,199
The byrth of a prynce, syrs, securly,200
That shewys well the prophecy201
That it so be;202
Or els the rewlys of astronomy203
Dyssauys me.204
Primus Rex, Jaspar
Certan, balaam spekys of this thyng,205
That of Iacob a starne shall spryng206
That shall ouercom kasar and kyng,207
Withoutten stryfe;208
All folk shalbe to hym obeyng209
That berys the lyfe.210
Now wote I well this is the same,211
In euery place he shall haue hame,212
All shall hym bowe that berys name,213
In ilk cuntre;214
who trowys it not, thay ar to blame,215
what so thay be.216
Secundus Rex, Melchior
Certys, lordyngys, full well wote I,217
ffulfyllyd, is now the prophecy;218
That prynce that shall ouer com in hy219
kasar and kyng,220
This starne berith witnes, wytterly,221
Of his beryng.222
Tercius Rex, Balthesar
Now is fulfyllyd here in this land223
That balaam sayd, I vnderstand;224
Now is he borne that se and sand225
Shall weyld, at wyll:226
That shewys this starne, so bright shynand,227
vs thre vntyll.228
Primus Rex, Jaspar
Lordyngys, I rede we weynd all thre229
ffor to wyrship that chyld, so fre,230
In tokyn that he kyng shalbe231
Of alkyn thyng;232
This gold now wyll I bere with me,233
To myn offeryng.234
Secundus Rex, Melchior
Go we fast, syrs, I you pray,235
To worship hym if that we may;236
I bryng rekyls, the sothe to say,237
here in myn hende,238
In tokyn that he [is] god veray,239
Withoutten ende.240
Tercius Rex, Balthesar
Syrs, as ye say right so I red;241
hast we tytt vnto that sted242
To wirship hym, as for oure hed,243
with oure offeryng;244
In tokyn that he shalbe ded,245
This Myrr I bryng.246
Primus Rex, Jaspar
where is that kyng of Iues land,247
That shalbe lord, of se and sand,248
And folk shall bow vnto his hand249
Both more and myn?250
To wyrship hym with oure offerand251
we wyll not blyn.252
Secundus Rex, Melchior
we shall not rest, euen nor morne,253
vnto we com ther he is borne.254
Tercius Rex, Balthesar
ffolowe this light, els be we lorne,255
ffor sothe, I trowe,256
That frely to we com beforne;257
Syrs, go we now.258
Mahowne, that is of greatt pausty,259
My lord, sir herode, the saue and se!260
where has thou bene so long fro me,261
Vyle stynkand lad?262
Lord, gone youre herand, in this cuntre,263
As ye me bad.264
Thou lyys, lurdan, the dewill the hang!265
why has thou dwelt away so lang?266
lord, ye wyte me all with wrang.267
what tythyngys? say!268
Som good, som yll, mengyd emang.269
how? I the pray.270
Do tell me fast how thou has farne;271
Thy waryson shall thou not tharne.272
As I cam walkand, I you warne,273
Lord, by the way,274
I met thre kyngis sekeand a barne,275
Thus can thay say.276
To seke a barne! for what thyng?277
Told, thay any new tythyng?278
yey, lord,! thay sayd, he shuld, be kyng279
Of towne and towre;280
ffor thy thay went, with thare offeryng,281
hym to honoure.282
Kyng! the dewill! bot of what empyre?283
Of what land shuld, that lad, be syre?284
Nay, I shall with that trature tyre;285
Sore shall he rewe!286
lord, by a starne as bright as fyre287
This kyng thay knew;288
It led thaym outt of thare cuntre.289
we, fy! fy! dewyls on thame all thre!290
he shall neuer haue myght to me,291
That new borne lad;292
when thare wytt in a starne shuld, be,293
I hold, thaym mad.294
Those lurdans wote not what thay say;295
Thay ryfe my hede, that dar I lay;296
Ther dyd no tythyngis many a day,297
Sich harme me to;298
ffor wo my wytt is all away;299
what shall I do?300
why, what the dewyll is in thare harnes?301
Is thare wytt all in the starnes?302
These tythyngis mar my mode in ernes;303
And of this thyng304
To wytt the sothe, full sore me yarnes,305
Of this new kyng.306
Kyng? what the dewyll, other then I!307
we, fy on dewyls! fy, fy!308
Certys, that boy shall dere aby!309
his ded is dight!310
Shall he be kyng thus hastely?311
who the dewill made hym knyght?312
Alas, for shame! this is a skorne!313
Thay fynde no reson thaym beforne;314
Shuld, that brodell, that late is borne,315
Be most of mayn?316
Nay, if the dewyll of hell had sworne,317
he shall agane.318
Alas, alas! for doyll and, care!319
So mekyll sorow had I neuer are;320
If it be sothe, for euer mare321
I am vndoyn;322
At good clerkys and wyse of lare323
I wyll wyt soyn.324
Bot fyrst yit will I send, and se325
The answere of those lurdans thre.326
Messyngere, tytt hy thou the,327
And make the yare;328
Go, byd those kyngys com speke with me,329
That told, thou of are.330
Say I haue greatt herand thaym tyll.331
It shalbe done, lord, at youre wyll,332
youre byddyng shall I soyn fulfyll333
In ilk cuntre.334
Mahowne the shelde from all kyns yll,335
ffor his pauste.336
Mahowne you saue, sir kyngys thre,337
I haue message to you preue‘,338
ffrom herode, kyng of this cuntre,339
That is oure chefe;340
And lo, syrs, if ye trow not me,341
ye rede this brefe.342
Primus Rex, Jaspar
welcom be thou, belamy!343
what is his wyll? tell vs in hy.344
Certys, sir, that wote not I,345
Bot thus he sayde to me,346
That ye shuld, com full hastely347
To hym all thre,348
ffor nede herand, he sayd me so.349
Secundus Rex, Melchior
Messynger, before thou go,350
And tell thi lord we ar all thro351
his wyll to do;352
Both I and my felose two353
Shall com hym to.354
Mahowne you looke, my lord so dere.355
welcom be thou, messyngere!356
how has thou farne syn thou was here?357
Thou tell me tytt.358
lord, I haue traueld, far and nere359
withoutten lett,360
And done youre herand, sir, sothely;361
Thre kyngis with me broght haue I,362
ffro saba, tars, and araby,363
Then haue thay soght.364
Thi waryson shall thou haue for thy,365
By hym me boght;366
And, certanly, that is good skyll,367
And syrs, ye ar welcom me tyll.368
Tercius Rex, Balthesar
Lord, thi bydyng to fulfyll369
Are we full thro.370
A, mekyll thank of youre good wyll371
That ye wyll so.372
ffor, certys, I haue couett greattly373
To speke with you, and here now why:374
Tell me, I pray you specyally,375
ffor any thyng,376
what tokynyng saw ye on the sky377
Of this new kyng?378
Primus Rex, Jaspar
we sagh his starne ryse in the eest,379
That shall be kyng of man and best,380
ffor thy, lord, we haue not cest,381
Syn that we wyst,382
with oure gyftys, riche and, honest,383
To bere that blyst.384
Secundus Rex, Melchior
lord, when that starne rose vs beforne,385
Ther by we knew that chyld, was borne.386
Out, alas, I am forlorne387
ffor euer mare!388
I wold, be rent and al to-torne389
ffor doyll and care!390
Alas, alas, I am full wo!391
Syr kyngys, syt downe, & rest you so.392
By scrypture, syrs, what say ye two?393
withoutten lytt;394
what ye can say ther to395
let se now tytt.396
These kyngys do me to vnderstand,397
That borne is newly, in this land,398
A kyng that shall weld, se and sand;399
Thay tell me so;400
And therfor, syrs, I you commaunde401
youre bookys go to,402
And looke grathly, for any thyng,403
If ye fynd oght of sich a kyng.404
Primus Consultus & Doctor
It shall be done at youre bydyng,405
By hym me boght,406
And soyn we shall you tythyngys bryng407
If we fynd, oght.408
Secundus Consultus & Doctor
Soyn shall we wyt, lord, if I may,409
If oght be wretyn in oure lay.410
Now, masters, therof I you pray411
On all manere.412
Primus Consultus & Doctor
Com furth, let vs assay413
Oure bookys both in fere.414
Secundus Consultus & Doctor
Certys, sir, lo, here fynd, I415
well wretyn in a prophecy,416
how that profett Isay,417
That neuer begyld,418
Tellys that a madyn of hir body419
Shall bere a chyld.420
Primus Consultus & Doctor
And also, sir, to you I tell421
The meruellest thyng that euer fell,422
Hyr madynhede with hir shall dwell,423
As dyd beforne;424
That child shall hight ‘emanuell’425
when he is borne.426
Secundus Consultus & Doctor
lord, this is sothe, securely,427
wytnes the profett Isay.428
Outt, alas! for doyll I dy,429
long or my day!430
Shall he haue more pauste then I?431
A, waloway!432
Alas, alas, I am forlorne!433
I wold, be rent and all to torne;434
Bot looke yit, as ye dyd, beforne,435
ffor luf of me;436
And tell me where that boy is borne;437
Onone lett se.438
Primus Consultus & Doctor
All redy, lord, with mayn & mode.439
haue done belyf, or I go wode;440
And, certys, that gadlyng wer as good441
haue greuyd me noght;442
I shall se that brodell bloode,443
By hym that me has boght!444
Secundus Consultus & Doctor
Micheas the prophett, withoutten nay,445
how that he tellys I shall you say;446
In bedlem, land of Iuda,447
As I say you,448
Out of it a duke shall spra;449
Thus fynd we now.450
Primus Consultus & Doctor
Syr, thus we fynd, in prophecy:451
Therfor we say you, securely,452
In bedlem, we say you truly,453
Borne is that kyng.454
The dewill hang you high to dry,455
ffor this tythyng!456
And certys ye ly! it may not be!457
Secundus Consultus & Doctor
lord, we wytnes it truly;458
here the sothe youre self may se,459
If ye can rede.460
A, waloway! full wo is me!461
The dewill you spede!462
Primus Consultus & Doctor
lord, it is sothe, all that we say,463
We fynde it wretyn in oure lay.464
Go hens, harlottys, in twenty dewill way,465
ffast and belyfe!466
Mighty mahowne, as he well may,467
lett you neuer thryfe!468
Alas, wherto were I a crowne?469
Or is cald of greatt renowne?470
I am the fowlest borne downe471
That euer was man;472
And, namely with a fowll swalchon,473
That no good can.474
Alas, that euer I shuld be knyght,475
Or holdyn man of mekyll myght,476
If a lad shuld, reyfe me my right477
All thus me fro;478
Myn dede ere shuld I dyght,479
Or it were so.480
ye nobyll kyngys, harkyns as heynd!481
ye shall haue saue condyth to weynd;482
Bot com agane with me to leynd,483
Syrs, I you pray;484
ye shall me fynd a faythfull freynd,485
If ye do swa.486
If it be sothe, this new tythyng,487
Som worship wold I do that kyng,488
Therfor I pray you that ye bryng489
Me tythyngys soyn.490
Primus Rex, Jaspar
All redy, lord, at youre bydyng491
It shalbe doyn.492
Secundus Rex, Melchior
Alas, in warld, how haue we sped!493
where is the lyght that vs has led?494
Som clowde, for sothe, that starne has cled495
ffrom vs away;496
In strong stowre now ar we sted;497
what may we say?498
Tercius Rex, Balthesar
wo worth herode, that cursyd wyght!499
wo worth that tyrant day and nyght!500
ffor thrugh hym haue we lost that sight,501
And for his gyle,502
That shoyn to vs with bemys bright503
within a whyle.504
Primus Rex, Jaspar
lordyngys, I red, we pray all thre505
To that lord, whose natyuyte506
The starne betokyned that we can se,507
All with his wyll;508
pray we specyally that he509
wold, show it vs vntyll510
Secundus Rex, Melchior
Thou chyld, whose myght no tong may tell,511
As thou art lord of heuen and hell,512
Thy nobyll starne, emanuell,513
Thou send vs yare;514
That we may wytt by fyrth and fell515
how we shall fare.516
Tercius Rex, Balthesar
A, to that chyld be euer honoure,517
That in this tyd has stynt oure stoure,518
And lent vs lyght to oure socoure,519
On this manere;520
we loue the, lord of towne and towre,521
holly in fere.522
we owe to loue hym ouer all thyng,523
That thus has send vs oure askyng;524
Behold, yond starne has made stynyng,525
Syrs, securly;526
Of this chyld, shall we haue knowyng,527
I hope, in hy.528
Secundus Rex, Melchior
lordyngys dere, drede thar vs noght,529
Oure greatt trauell tyll end is broght;530
yond, is the place that we haue soght531
ffrom far cuntre;532
yond is the chyld, that all has wroght,533
Behold, and se!534
Tercius Rex, Balthesar
I red we make offeryng, all thre,535
vnto this chyld, of greatt pauste,536
And worship hym with gyftys fre537
That we haue broght;538
Oure boytt of bayll ay wyll he be,539
well haue we soght.540
Primus Rex, Jaspar
hayll be thou, maker of all kyn thyng!541
That boytt of all oure bayll may bryng!542
In tokyn that thou art oure kyng,543
And shalbe ay,544
Resayf this gold, to myn offeryng,545
prynce, I the pray.546
Secundus Rex, Melchior
hayll, ouercomer of kyng and of knyght!547
That fourmed fysh, and fowyll in flyght!548
ffor thou art godis son most of myght,549
And all weldand,550
I bryng the rekyls, as is right,551
To myn offerand.552
Tercius Rex, Balthesar
hayll, kyng in kyth, cowrand on kne!553
hayll, oone-fold, god, in persons thre!554
In tokyn that thou dede shalbe,555
By kyndly skyll,556
To thy grauyng this myr of me557
Resaue the tyll.558
Syr kyngys, make comforth you betweyn,559
And meruell not what it may mene;560
This chyld, that on me borne has bene,561
All bayll may blyn;562
I am his moder, and madyn clene563
withoutten syn.564
Therfor, lordyngys, where so ye fare,565
Boldly looke ye tell ay whare566
how I this blyst of bosom bare,567
That best shalbe;568
And madyn cleyn, as I was are,569
Thrugh his pauste.570
And truly, syrs, looke that ye trow571
That othere lord is none at-lowe;572
Both man and beest to hym shall bowe,573
In towne and feyld;574
My blyssyng, syrs, be now with you575
where so ye beyld.576
Primus Rex, Jaspar
A, lordyngys dere! the sothe to say,577
we haue made a good Iornay;578
we loue this lord, that shall last ay579
with outten ende;580
he is oure beyld, both nyght and day,581
where so we weynd.582
Secundus Rex, Melchior
lordyngys, we haue traueld, lang,583
And restyd haue we lytyll emang,584
ffor-thi I red now, or we gang,585
with all oure mayn586
et vs fownde a slepe to fang;587
Then were I fayn;588
ffor in greatt stowres we haue ben sted.589
lo, here a lytter redy cled.590
Tercius Rex, Balthesar
I loue my lord! we haue well sped,591
To rest with wyn;592
lordyngys, syn we shall go to bed,593
ye shall begyn.594
Syr curtes kyngys, to me take tent,595
And turne by tyme or ye be tenyd;596
ffrom god his self thus am I sent597
To warne you, as youre faythfull freynd,598
how herode kyng has malyce ment,599
And shapys with shame you forto sheynd;600
And so that ye no harmes hent,601
By othere ways god wyll ye weynd602
Into youre awne cuntre;603
And if ye ask hym boyn,604
ffor this dede that ye haue done,605
youre beyld, ay wyll he be.606
Primus Rex, Jaspar
wakyns, wakyns, lordyngys dere!607
Oure dwellyng is no longer here;608
An angell spake tyll vs in fere;609
Bad vs, as heynd,610
That we ne shuld, on no manere,611
home by herode weynd.612
Secundus Rex, Melchior
All myghty god in trynyte,613
with hart enterely thank I the,614
That thyn angell send tyll vs thre,615
And kend vs so,616
Oure fals fo man for to fle,617
That wold, vs slo.618
Tercius Rex, Balthesar
We aght to loue hym more and myn,619
That comly kyng of all man-kyn;620
I rew full sore that we shall twyn621
On this manere;622
ffor commen we haue, with mekyll wyn,623
By wayes sere.624
Primus Rex, Jaspar
Twyn must vs nedys, syrs, permafay,625
And ilk on weynd, by dyuers way;626
This wyll me lede, the sothe to say,627
To my cuntre;628
ffor-thy, lordyngys, now haue good day!629
God with you be!630
Secundus Rex, Melchior
Certys, I must pas by se and sand;631
This is the gate, I vnderstand,632
That wyll me lede vnto my land633
The right way;634
To god of heuen I you commaunde,635
And haue good day!636
Tercius Rex, Balthesar
This is the way that I must weynd;637
Now god till vs his socoure send,638
And he, that is withoutten end639
And ay shalbe,640
Saue vs from fowndyng of the feynd,641
ffor his pauste.642

The Flight into EgyptContents

Awake, Ioseph, and take intent!1
Thou ryse, and slepe nomare!2
If thou Wyll saue thy self vnshent3
ffownde the fast to fare;4
I am an angell to the sent,5
ffor thou shall no harmes hent,6
To cach the outt of care.7
If thou here longer lent,8
ffor rewth thou mon repent,9
And rew it wonder sare.10
A! myghtfull god,11
what euer this ment,12
so swete of toyn?13
lo, Ioseph, it is I,14
An angell send to the.15
we! leyf, I pray the why?16
what is thy wyll with me?17
hens behufys the hy,18
And take with the mary,19
Also hir chyld so fre;20
ffor herode dos to dy21
All knaue chyldren, securly,22
with in two yere that be23
Of eld.24
Alas, full wo is me!25
where may we beyld,?26
Tyll egypp shall thou fare27
with all the myght thou may;28
And, Ioseph, hold, the thare,29
tyll I wyll the at say.30
This is a febyll fare,31
A seke man and a sare32
To here of sich a fray;33
My bonys ar bursyd and, bare34
ffor to do; I wold, it ware35
Comen my last day36
Tyll ende;37
I ne wote which is the way;38
how shall we weynde?39
Ther of haue thou no drede;40
weynd furth, & leyf thi dyn;41
The way he shall you lede,42
the kyng of all man-kyn.43
That heynd til vs take hede,44
ffor I had lytyll nede45
Sich bargans to begyn;46
No wonder if I wede,47
I that may do no dede;48
how shuld I theder wyn49
ffor eld?50
I am full bare and thyn,51
And all vnweld;52
My fors me falys to fare,53
and sight that I shuld, se.54
Mary, my darlyng dere,55
I am full wo for the!56
A, leyf Ioseph, what chere?57
youre sorow on this manere58
It mekill meruels me.59
Oure noyes ar neghand, nere60
If we dwell longer here;61
ffor-thi behofes vs fle,62
And flytt.63
Alas! how may this be?64
what euer menys it?65
It menys of sorow enoghe.66
A, dere Ioseph, how so?67
As I lay in a swogh,68
ffull sad slepand and thro,69
An angell to me drogh,70
As blossom bright on bogh,71
And told betwix vs two,72
That herode wroght greatt wogh,73
And all knaue children slogh74
In land that he myght to,75
That feynd!76
And he thy son wold, slo77
And shamely sheynd.78
My son? alas, for care!79
who may my doyllys dyll?80
wo worth fals herode are!81
my son why shuld, he spyll?82
Alas! I lurk and dare!83
To slo this barne I bare,84
what wight in warld, had wyll?85
his hart shuld be full sare86
Sichon for to fare,87
That neuer yit dyd yll,88
Ne thoght.89
Now leyfe mary, be styll!90
This helpys noght;91
It is no boytt to grete,92
truly withoutten trayn;93
Oure bayll it may not boytt94
bot well more make oure payn.95
Alas! how shuld, I lete?96
My son that is so swete97
Is soght for to be slayn;98
ffull gryle may I grete,99
My fomen and I mete;100
Tell me, Ioseph, with mayn,101
youre red.102
Shortly swedyll vs this swayn,103
And fle hys dede.104
his ded wold I not se,105
ffor all this warld, to wyn;106
Alas! full wo were me,107
In two if we shuld, twyn;108
My chyld, so bright of ble,109
To slo hym were pyte,110
And a full hedus syn.111
Dere Ioseph, what red ye?112
Tyll egyp weynd shall we;113
ffor-thi let be thi dyn114
And cry.115
how shall we theder wyn?116
ffulle well wote I;117
The best wyse that we may118
hast vs outt of this here.119
Ther is noght els to say120
bot tytt pak vp oure gere;121
ffor ferd of this affray,122
lett vs weynd hens away,123
Or any do vs dere.124
Greatt god, as he well may,125
That shope both nyght and day,126
ffrom wandreth he vs were,127
And shame;128
My chyld, how shuld, I bere129
So far from hame?130
Alas! I am full wo!131
was neuer wyght so wyll!132
God wote I may say so,133
I haue mater ther tyll;134
ffor I may vnyth go135
To lede of land sich two;136
No wonder if I be wyll,137
And sythen has many a fo.138
A, why wyll no ded me slo?139
My lyfe I lyke yll140
And sare;141
he that all doyls may dyll,142
he keyll my care!143
So wyll a wyght as I,144
In warld, was neuer man;145
howsehold, and husbandry146
ffull sore I may it ban;147
That bargan dere I by.148
yong men, bewar, red I:149
wedyng makys me all wan.150
Take me thi brydyll, mary;151
Tent thou to that page grathly152
with all the craft thou can;153
And may154
he that this warld, began,155
wysh vs the way!156
Alas, full wo is me!157
Is none so wyll as I!158
My hart wold breke in thre,159
My son to se hym dy.160
we! leyf mary, lett be,161
And nothyng drede thou the,162
Bot hard, hens lett vs hy;163
To saue thi foode so fre,164
ffast furth now lett vs fle,165
Dere leyf;166
To mete with his enmy,167
It were a greatt myschefe,168
And that wold, I not wore,169
Away if we myght wyn;170
My hart wold, be full sore,171
In two to se you twyn.172
Tyll egypp lett vs fare;173
This pak, tyll I com thare,174
To bere I shall not blyn:175
ffor-thi haue thou no care;176
If I may help the mare,177
Thou fyndys no fawte me in,178
I say.179
God blys you more and myn,180
And haue now all good day!181

Herod the GreatContents

Moste myghty mahowne / meng you with myrth!1
Both of burgh and of towne / by fellys and by fyrth,
Both kyng with crowne / and barons of brith,3
That radly wyll rowne / many greatt grith4
Shall be happ.5
Take tenderly intent6
what sondys ar sent,7
Els harmes shall ye hent,8
And lothes you to lap.9
Herode, the heynd, kyng / by grace of mahowne,10
Of Iury, Iourmontyng / sternly with crowne,11
On lyfe that ar lyfyng / in towre and, in towne,12
Gracyus you gretyng / commaundys you be bowne13
At his bydyng;14
luf hym with lewte,15
drede hym, that doughty!16
he chargys you be redy17
lowly at his lykyng.18
What man apon mold, / menys hym agane,19
Tytt teyn shall be told, knyght, sqwyere, or swayn;
Be he neuer so bold, / byes he that bargan,21
Twelf thowsand fold, / more then I sayn22
May ye trast;23
he is worthy wonderly,24
Selcouthly sory;25
ffor a boy that is borne her by26
Standys he abast.27
A kyng thay hym call / and that we deny;28
how shuld, it so fall / greatt meruell haue I;29
Therfor ouer all / Shall I make a cry,30
That ye busk not to brall / nor lyke not to ly31
This tyde;32
Carpys of no kyng33
Bot herode, that lordyng,34
Or busk to youre beyldyng,35
youre heedys for to hyde.36
He is Kyng of Kyngys / Kyndly I Knowe,37
Chefe lord of lordyngys / chefe leder of law,38
Ther watys on his wyngys / that bold, bost wyll blaw,
Greatt dukys downe dyngys / ffor his greatt aw,40
And hym lowtys.41
Tuskane and turky,42
All Inde and Italy,43
Cecyll and surry,44
Drede hym and dowtys.45
ffrom paradyse to padwa / to mownt flascon;46
ffrom egyp to mantua / vnto kemp towne;47
ffrom sarceny to susa / to grece it abowne;48
Both normondy and norwa / lowtys to his crowne;49
his renowne50
Can no tong tell,51
ffrom heuen vnto hell;52
Of hym can none spell53
Bot his cosyn mahowne.54
he is the worthyest of all / barnes that are borne;
ffree men ar his thrall / full teynfully torne;56
Begyn he to brall / many men cach skorne;57
Obey must we all / or els be ye lorne58
Att onys.59
Downe dyng of youre knees,60
All that hym seys,61
Dysplesyd he beys,62
And byrkyn many bonys.63
here he commys now, I cry / that lord, I of spake;64
ffast afore wyll I hy / radly on a rake,65
And welcom hym worshipfully / laghyng with lake,66
As he is most worthy / and knele for his sake67
So low;68
Downe dernly to fall,69
as renk most ryall:70
hayll, the worthyest of all!71
to the must I bow!72
hayll, luf lord! lo / thi letters haue I layde;73
I haue done I couth do / and peasse haue I prayd,74
Mekyll more therto / opynly dysplayd;75
Bot romoure is rasyd so / that boldly thay brade76
Emangis thame;77
Thay carp of a kyng,78
thay seasse not sich chateryng.79
Bot I shall tame thare talkyng,80
And let thame go hang thame:81
Stynt, brodels, youre dyn / yei, euerychon!82
I red that ye harkyn / to I be gone,83
ffor if I begyn / I breke ilka bone,84
And pull fro the skyn / the carcas anone,85
yei, perde!86
Sesse all this wonder,87
and make vs no blonder,88
ffor I ryfe you in sonder,89
Be ye so hardy.90
Peasse both yong and old / at my bydyng, I red,91
ffor I haue all in wold, / in me standys lyfe and dede;
who that is so bold / I brane hym thrugh the hede;93
Speke not or I haue told, / what I will in this stede;
ye wote nott95
All that I will mefe;96
Styr not bot ye haue lefe,97
ffor if ye do, I clefe98
you small as flesh to pott.99
My myrthes ar turned to teyn / my mekenes into Ire,
And all for oone I weyn / with-in I fare as fyre.101
May I se hym with eyn / I shall gyf hym his hyre;102
Bot I do as I meyn / I were a full lewde syre103
In wonys;104
had I that lad in hand,105
As I am kyng in land,106
I shuld with this steyll brand107
Byrkyn all his bonys.108
My name spryngys far and nere / the doughtyest, men me call,
That euer ran with spere / A lord and kyng ryall;110
what ioy is me to here / A lad to sesse my stall!111
If I this crowne may bere / that boy shall by for all.
I anger;113
I wote not what dewill me alys,114
Thay teyn me so with talys,115
That by gottys dere nalys,116
I wyll peasse no langer.117
what dewill! me thynk I brast / ffor anger and for teyn;
I trow thyse kyngys be past / that here with me has beyn;
Thay promysed me full fast / or now here to be seyn,
ffor els I shuld, haue cast / an othere sleght, I weyn;
I tell you,122
A boy thay sayd thay soght,123
with offeryng that thay broght;124
It mefys my hart right noght125
To breke his nek in two.126
Bot be thay past me by / by mahowne in heuen,127
I shall, and that in hy / set all on sex and seuen;
Trow ye a kyng as I / will suffre thaym to neuen129
Any to haue mastry / bot my self full euen?130
Nay, leyfe!131
The dewill me hang and draw,132
If I that losell knaw,133
Bot I gyf hym a blaw,134
That lyfe I shall hym reyfe.135
ffor parels yit I wold, / wyst if thay were gone;136
And ye therof her told / I pray you say anone,137
ffor and thay be so bold, / by god that syttys in trone,
The payn can not be told, / that thay shall haue ilkon,
ffor Ire;140
Sich panys hard, neuer man tell,141
ffor vgly and for fell,142
That lucyfere in hell143
Thare bonys shall all to-tyre.144
Primus Miles
Lord, thynk not ill if I / tell you how thay ar past;
I kepe not layn, truly / Syn thay cam by you last,146
An othere way in hy / thay soght, & that full fast.
why, and ar thay past me by? / we! outt! for teyn I brast!
we! fy!149
ffy on the dewill! where may I byde?150
Bot fyght for teyn and al to-chyde!151
Thefys, I say ye shuld, haue spyde152
And told, when thay went by;153
ye ar knyghtys to trast! / nay, losels ye ar, and thefys;
I wote I yelde my gast / so sore my hart it grefys.
Secundus Miles
what nede you be abast? / ther ar no greatt myschefys
ffor these maters to gnast. /157
Tercius Miles
why put ye sich reprefys
withoutt cause?158
Thus shuld ye not thrett vs,159
vngaynly to bete vs,160
ye shuld not rehett vs,161
withoutt othere sawes.162
ffy, losels and lyars! / lurdans ilkon!163
Tratoures and well wars! / knafys, bot knyghtys none!
had ye bene woth youre eres / thus had thay not gone;
Gett I those land lepars / I breke ilka bone;166
ffyrst vengeance167
Shall I se on thare bonys;168
If ye byde in these wonys169
I shall dyng you with stonys,170
yei, ditizance doutance.171
I wote not where I may sytt / for anger & for teyn;
we haue not done all yit / if it be as I weyn;173
ffy! dewill! now how is it? / as long as I haue eyn
I think not for to flytt / bot kyng I will be seyn175
ffor euer.176
Bot stand I to quart,177
I tell you my hart,178
I shall gar thaym start,179
Or els trust me neuer.180
Primus Miles
Syr, thay went sodanly / or any man wyst,181
Els had mett we, yei, perdy / and may ye tryst.182
Secundus Miles
So bold, nor so hardy / agans oure lyst,183
was none of that company / durst mete me with fyst184
ffor ferd.185
Tercius Miles
Ill durst thay abyde,186
Bot ran thame to hyde;187
Might I thaym haue spyde,188
I had made thaym a berd.189
what couth we more do / to saue youre honoure?190
Primus Miles
we were redy therto / and shal be ilk howre.191
Now syn it is so / ye shall haue fauoure;192
Go where ye wyll, go / by towne and by towre,193
Goys hens!194
I haue maters to mell195
with my preuey counsell;196
Clerkys, ye bere the bell,197
ye must me encense.198
Oone spake in myne eere / A wonderfull talkyng,199
And sayde a madyn shuld, bere / anothere to be kyng;
Syrs, I pray you inquere / in all wrytyng,201
In vyrgyll, in homere / And all other thyng202
Bot legende;203
Sekys poece tayllys;204
lefe pystyls and grales;205
Mes, matyns, noght avalys,206
All these I defende;207
I pray you tell heyndly / now what ye fynde.208
Primus Consultus
Truly, sir, prophecy / It is not blynd;209
we rede thus by Isay / he shalbe so kynde,210
That a madyn, sothely / which neuer synde,211
Shall hym bere:212
"virgo concipiet,213
Natumque pariet;"214
"Emanuell" is hete,215
his name for to lere,216
"God is with vs," that is forto say.217
Secundus Consultus
And othere says thus / tryst me ye may:218
"Of bedlem a gracyus / lord shall spray,219
That of Iury myghtyus / kyng shalbe ay,220
lord myghty;221
And hym shall honoure222
both kyng and emperoure."223
why, and shuld I to hym cowre?224
Nay, ther thou lyys lyghtly!225
ffy! the dewill the spede / and me, bot I drynk onys!
This has thou done in dede / to anger me for the nonys:
And thou, knafe, thou thy mede / shall haue, by cokys dere bonys!
Thou can not half thi crede! / outt, thefys, fro my wonys!
ffy, knafys!230
ffy, dotty-pols, with youre bookys!231
Go kast thaym in the brookys!232
with sich wylys and crokys233
My wytt away rafys!234
hard I neuer sich a trant / that a knafe so sleght235
Shuld, com lyke a sant / and refe me my right;236
Nay, he shall on slant / I shall kyll hym downe stryght;
war! I say, lett me pant / now thynk I to fyght238
ffor anger;239
My guttys will outt thryng240
Bot I this lad hyng;241
withoutt I haue a vengyng,242
I may lyf no langer.243
Shuld a carll in a kafe / bot of oone yere age,244
Thus make me to rafe? /245
Primus Consultus
Syr, peasse this outrage!
A-way let ye wafe / all sich langage,246
youre worship to safe / is he oght bot a page247
Of a yere?248
we two shall hym teyn249
with oure wyttys betweyn,250
That, if ye do as I meyn,251
he shall dy on a spere.252
Secundus Consultus
ffor drede that he reyn / do as we red;253
Thrug outt bedlem / and ilk othere stede,254
Make knyghtys ordeyn / and put vnto dede255
All knaue chyldren / of two yerys brede,256
And with-in;257
This chyld, may ye spyll258
Thus at youre awne will.259
Now thou says here tyll260
A right nobyll gyn!261
If I lyf in land / good lyfe, as I hope,262
This dar I the warand / to make the Pope.263
O, my hart is rysand / now in a glope!264
ffor this nobyll tythand / thou shall haue a drope265
Of my good grace;266
Markys, rentys, and powndys,267
Greatt castels & groundys;268
Thrugh all sees and sandys269
I gyf the the chace.270
Now wyll I procede / and take veniance;271
All the flowre of knyghthede / call to legeance;272
Bewshere, I the byd / it may the avance.273
lord, I shall me spede / and bryng, perchaunce,274
To thy syght.275
hark, knyghtys, I you bryng276
here new tythyng;277
vnto herode kyng278
hast with all youre myght!279
In all the hast that ye may / in armowre full bright,
In youre best aray / looke that ye be dight.281
Primus Miles
why shuld we fray? /282
Secundus Miles
this is not all right.
Tercius Miles
Syrs, withoutten delay I drede that we fight.283
I pray you,284
As fast as ye may,285
com to hym this day.286
Primus Miles
what, in oure best aray?287
yei, syrs, I say you.288
Secundus Miles
Somwhat is in hand / what euer it meyn.289
Tercius Miles
Tarry not for to stand / ther or we haue beyn.290
kyng herode all weldand / well be ye seyn!291
youre knyghtys ar comand / in armoure full sheyn,292
At youre wyll.293
Primus Miles
hayll, dughtyest of all!294
we are comen at youre call295
ffor to do what we shall,296
youre lust to fullfyll.297
welcom, lordyngys, Iwys / both greatt and small!298
The cause now is this / that I send for you all:299
A lad, a knafe, borne is / that shuld, be kyng ryall;
Bot I kyll hym and his / I wote I brast my gall;301
Therfor, Syrs,302
Veniance shall ye take,303
All for that lad, sake,304
And men I shall you make305
where ye com ay where, syrs.306
To bedlem loke ye go / And all the coste aboute,307
All knaue chyldren ye slo / and lordys, ye shalbe stoute;
Of yeres if they be two / and within, of all that rowte
On lyfe lyefe none of tho / that lygys in swedyll clowte,
I red you;311
Spare no kyns bloode,312
lett all ryn on floode,313
If women wax woode;314
I warn you, syrs, to spede you;315
hens! now go youre way / that ye were thore.316
Secundus Miles
I wote we make a fray / bot I wyll go before.317
Tercius Miles
A, thynk, syrs, I say / I mon whett lyke a bore.318
Primus Miles
Sett me before ay / good enogh for a skore;319
hayll heyndly!320
we shall for youre sake321
make a dulfull lake.322
Now if ye me well wrake323
ye shall fynd me freyndly.324
Secundus Miles
Go ye now tyll oure noytt / and handyll thaym weyll.
Tercius Miles
I shall pay thaym on the cote / begyn I to reyll.326
Primus Miles
hark, felose, ye dote / yonder commys vnceyll;327
I hold, here a grote / she lykys me not weyll328
Be we parte;329
Dame, thynk it not yll,330
thy knafe if I kyll.331
Prima Mulier
what, thefe! agans my wyll?332
lord, kepe hym in qwarte!333
Primus Miles
Abyde now, abyde / no farther thou gose.334
Prima Mulier
Peasse, thefe! shall I chyde / and make here a nose?
Primus Miles
I shall reyfe the thy pryde / kyll we these boyse!336
Prima Mulier
Tyd may betyde / kepe well thy nose,337
ffals thefe!338
haue on loft on thy hode.339
Primus Miles
what, hoore, art thou woode?340
Prima Mulier
Outt, alas, my chyldys bloode!341
Outt, for reprefe!342
Alas for shame and syn / alas that I was borne!343
Of wepyng who may blyn / to se hir chylde forlorne?
My comforth and my kyn / my son thus alto torne!345
veniance for this syn / I cry, both euyn and morne.
Secundus Miles
well done!347
Com hedyr, thou old stry!348
that lad of thyne shall dy.349
Secunda Mulier
Mercy, lord, I cry!350
It is myn awne dere son.351
Secundus Miles
No mercy thou mefe / it mendys the not, mawd!352
Secunda Mulier
Then thi skalp shall I clefe! / lyst thou be clawd?
lefe, lefe, now by lefe! /354
Secundus Miles
peasse, byd I, bawd!
Secunda Mulier
ffy, fy, for reprefe! fy, full of frawde!355
No man!356
haue at thy tabard,357
harlot and holard!358
Thou shall not be sparde!359
I cry and I ban!360
Outt! morder! man, I say / strang tratoure & thefe!
Out! alas! and waloway! / my child that was me lefe!
My luf, my blood, my play / that neuer dyd man grefe!
Alas, alas, this day! / I wold, my hart shuld, clefe
In sonder!365
veniance I cry and call,366
on herode and his knyghtys all!367
veniance, lord, apon thaym fall,368
And mekyll warldys wonder!369
Tercius Miles
This is well wroght gere / that euer may be;370
Comys hederward here! / ye nede not to fle!371
Tercia Mulier
wyll ye do any dere / to my chyld, and me?372
Tercius Miles
he shall dy, I the swere / his hart blood shall thou se.
Tercia Mulier
God for-bede!374
Thefe! thou shedys my chyldys blood!375
Out, I cry! I go near wood!376
Alas! my hart is all on flood,377
To se my chyld, thus blede!378
By god, thou shall aby this dede that thou has done.
Tercius Miles
I red the not stry / by son and by moyn.380
Tercia Mulier
haue at the, say I! / take the ther a foyn!381
Out on the I cry / haue at thi groyn382
An othere!383
This kepe I in store.384
Tercius Miles
Peasse now, no more!385
Tercia Mulier
I cry and I rore,386
Out on the, mans mordere!387
Alas! my bab, myn Innocent / my fleshly get! for sorow
That god me derly sent / of bales who may me borow?
Thy body is all to-rent / I cry both euen and morow,
veniance for thi blod, thus spent / out! I cry, and horow!
Primus Miles
Go lightly!392
Gett out of thise wonys!393
ye trattys, all at onys,-394
Or by cokys dere bonys395
I make you go wyghtly!396
Thay ar flayd now, I wote, thay will not abyde.397
Secundus Miles
lett vs ryn fote hote / now wold, I we hyde,398
And tell of this lott / how we haue betyde.399
Tercius Miles
Thou can do thi note / that haue I aspyde;400
Go furth now,401
Tell thou herode oure tayll!402
ffor all oure avayll,403
I tell you, saunce fayll,404
he wyll vs alow.405
Primus Miles
I am best of you all / and euer has bene;406
The deuyll haue my saull / bot I be fyrst sene;407
It fyttys me to call / my lord, as I wene.408
Secundus Miles
what nedys the to brall? / be not so kene409
In this anger;410
I shall say thou dyd best,411
saue myself, as I gest.412
Primus Miles
we! that is most honest.413
Tercius Miles
go, tary no langer!414
Primus Miles
hayll herode, oure kyng / full glad may ye be!415
Good tythyng we bryng / harkyn now to me;416
we haue mayde rydyng / thrugh outt Iure:417
well wyt ye oone thyng / that morderd, haue we418
Many thowsandys.419
Secundus Miles
I held, thaym full hote,420
I payd them on the cote;421
Thare dammys, I wote,422
Neuer bynde them in bandys.423
Tercius Miles
had ye sene how I fard / when I cam emang them!424
Ther was none that I spard / bot lade on and dang them.
I am worthy a rewarde / where I was emangys them.426
I stud and I stard / no pyte to hang them427
had I.428
Now, by myghty mahowne,429
That is good of renowne!430
If I bere this crowne431
ye shall haue a lady432
Ilkon to hym layd, and wed at his wyll.433
Primus Miles
So haue ye lang sayde / do somwhat thertyll!434
Secundus Miles
And I was neuer flayde / for good ne for yll.435
Tercius Miles
ye might hold, you well payde / oure lust to fulfyll,
Thus thynk me,437
with tresure vntold,438
If it lyke that ye wold,439
Both syluer and gold,440
To gyf vs greatt plente.441
As I am kyng crownde / I thynk it good right!442
Ther goys none on grownde / that has sich a wyght;443
A hundreth thowsand pownde / is good wage for a knyght,
Of pennys good and rownde / now may ye go light445
with store;446
And ye knyghtys of oures447
Shall haue castels and towres,448
Both to you and to youres,449
ffor now and euer more.450
Primus Miles
was neuer none borne / by downes ne by dalys,451
Nor yit vs beforne / that had sich avalys.452
Secundus Miles
we haue castels and corne / mych gold in oure malys.
Tercius Miles
It wyll neuer be worne / withoutt any talys;454
hayll heyndly!455
hayll lord! hayll kyng!456
we ar furth foundyng!457
Now mahowne he you bryng458
where he is lord freyndly;459
Now in peasse may I stand / I thank the, mahowne!460
And gyf of my lande / that longys to my crowne;461
Draw therfor nerehande / both of burgh and of towne;
Markys ilkon a thowsande / when I am bowne,463
Shall ye haue.464
I shalbe full fayn465
To gyf that I sayn!466
wate when I com agayn,467
And then may ye craue.468
I sett by no good, / now my hart is at easse,469
That I shed so mekyll blode / pes all my ryches!470
ffor to se this flode / from the fote to the nese471
Mefys nothing my mode / I lagh that I whese;472
A, mahowne!473
So light is my saull,474
that all of Sugar is my gall;475
I may do what I shall,476
And bere vp my crowne.477
I was castyn in care / so frightly afrayd,478
Bot I thar not dyspare / for low is he layd479
That I most dred are / so haue I hym flayd;480
And els wonder ware / and so many strayd481
In the strete,482
That oone shuld be harmeles,483
and skape away hafles,484
where so many chyldes485
Thare balys can not bete.486
A hundreth thowsand, I watt / and fourty ar slayn,487
And four thowsand; ther-at / me aght to be fayn;488
Sich a morder on a flat / shall neuer be agayn.489
had I had bot oone bat / at that lurdan490
So yong,491
It shuld, haue bene spokyn492
how I had me wrokyn,493
were I dede and rotyn,494
with many a tong.495
Thus shall I tech knauys / ensampyll to take,496
In thare wyttys that rauys / sich mastre to make;497
All wantones wafys / no langage ye crak!498
No sufferan you sauys / youre nekkys shall I shak499
In sonder;500
No kyng ye on call501
Bot on herode the ryall,502
Or els many oone shall503
Apon youre bodys wonder.504
ffor if I here it spokyn / when I com agayn,505
youre branys bese brokyn / therfor be ye bayn;506
Nothyng bese vnlokyn / it shalbe so playn;507
Begyn I to rekyn / I thynk all dysdayn508
ffor daunche.509
Syrs, this is my counsell-510
Bese not to cruell,511
Bot adew!-to the deuyll!512
I can nomore fraunch!513

The Purification of MaryContents

Mightfull god, thou vs glad!1
That heuen and erthe and all has mayde;2
Bryng vs to blys that neuer shall fade,3
As thou well may;4
And thynk on me that is vnweld-5
lo! so I hobyll all on held,6
That vnethes may I walk for eld-7
Now help, lord, adonay!8
Bot yit I meruell, both euyn and morne,9
Of old, elders that were beforne,10
wheder thay be safe or lorne,11
where thay may be;12
Abell, noye, and abraham,13
Dauid, daniell, and balaam,14
And all othere mo by name,15
Of sere degre.16
I thank the, lord, with good intent,17
Of all thy sond thou has me sent,18
That thus long tyme my lyfe has lent,19
Now many a yere;20
ffor all ar past now oonly bot I;21
I thank the, lord god almyghty!22
ffor so old, know I none, sothly,23
Now lyfyng here.24
ffor I am old symeon:25
So old on lyfe know I none,26
That is mayde on flesh and bone,27
In all medyll-erd.28
No wonder if I go on held:29
The feuyrs, the flyx, make me vnweld;30
Myn armes, my lymmes, ar stark for eld,31
And all gray is my berd.32
Myn ees are woren both marke and blynd;33
Myn and is short, I want wynd;34
Thus has age dystroed my kynd,35
And reft myghtis all;36
Bot shortly mon I weynd away;37
what tyme ne when, I can not say,38
ffor it is gone full many a day39
Syn dede began to call.40
Ther is no warke that I may wyrk,41
Bot oneths crall I to the kyrk;42
Be I com home I am so irk43
That farther may I noght;44
Bot settys me downe, and grankys, and gronys,45
And lygys and restys my wery bonys,46
And all nyght after grankys and goonys,47
On slepe tyll I be broght.48
Bot neuer the les, the sothe to say,49
If I may nather, by nyght ne day,50
ffor age nather styr ne play,51
Nor make no chere,52
yit if I be neuer so old,53
I myn full well that prophetys told,54
That now ar dede and layde full cold,55
Sythen gone many a yere.56
Thay sayde that god, full of myght,57
Shuld, send his son from heuen bright,58
In a madyn for to light,59
Commen of dauid kyn;60
fflesh and bloode on hyr to take,61
And becom man for oure sake,62
Our redempcyon for to make,63
That slayn were thrugh syn.64
Bot, lord, that vs thy grace has hight,65
Send me thy sond, both day and nyght,66
And graunt me grace of lyfys light,67
And let me neuer de,68
To thou sich grace to me send,69
That I may handyll hym in my hend,70
That shall cum oure mys to amend,71
And se hym with myn ee.72
Primus Angelus
Thou, symeon, drede the noght!73
My lord, that thou has long besoght,74
ffor thou has rightwys beyn,75
Thyn askyng has he grauntyd the,76
with outen dede on lyfe to be77
To thou thy cryst haue seyn.78
Secundus Angelus
Than symeon, harkyn a space!79
I bryng the tythyngys of solace;80
ffor-thy, ryse vp and gang81
To the temple; thou shall fynd thore82
Godys son the before,83
That thou has yernyd lang.84
Louyd be my lord, in wyll and thoght,85
That his seruant forgettys noght,86
when that he seys tyme!87
well is me that I shall dre88
Tyll I haue sene hym with myn ee,89
And no longer hyne.90
Louyd be my lord in heuen,91
That thus has by his angell steuen92
warnyd me of his commyng!93
Therfor will I with intent94
putt on me my vestment,95
In worship of that kyng.96
he shalbe welcom vnto me:97
That lord shall make vs alle fre,98
kyng of all man-kyn;99
ffor with his blood he shall vs boroo100
Both fro catyfdam & from soroo,101
That was slayn thrugh syn.102
A, dere god! what may this be?103
Oure bellys ryng so solemply,104
ffor whom soeuer it is;105
Now certys, I can not vnderstand,106
Bot if my lord god all weldand107
Be commen, that all shall wyse.108
This noyse lyghtyns full well myn hart!109
Shall I neuer rest, and I haue quart,110
Or I com ther onone;111
Now well were I and it so were,112
ffor sich noyse hard I neuer ere;113
Oure bellys ryng by thare oone!114
Mary, it begynnys to pas,115
ffourty dayes syn that thou was116
Delyuer of thy son;117
To the temple I red we draw,118
To clens the, and fulfyll the law,119
As oure elders were won.120
Therfor, mary, madyn heynd,121
Take thi chyld, and let vs weynd122
The tempyll vntyll;123
And we shall with vs bryng124
Thise turtyls two to oure offryng,125
The law we will fulfyll.126
Ioseph, that wyll I full well,127
That the law euery deyll128
Be fulfyllyd in me.129
Lord, that all myghtys may,130
Gyf vs grace to do this day131
That it be pleassyng to the!132
Primus Angelus
Thou, symeon, rightwys and trew,133
Thou has desyred both old and new,134
To haue a sight of cryst ihesu135
As prophecy has told!136
Oft has thou prayd to haue a sight137
Of hym that in a madyn light;138
here is that chyld of mekyll myght,139
Now has thou that thou wold.140
Secundus Angelus
Thou has desyryd it most of all.141

The Play of the DoctorsContents

Secundus Magister
That a madyn a barn shuld, bere;1
And his name thus can thay tell,2
ffro the tyme that he born were,3
he shalbe callyd emanuell;4
Counselloure, and god of strengthe,5
And wonderfull also6
Shall he be callyd, of brede and lenghthe7
As far as any man may go.8
Tercius Magister
Masters, youre resons ar right good,9
And wonderfull to neuen,10
yit fynde I more by abacuk;11
Syrs, lysten a whyle vnto my steuen.12
Oure bayll, he says, shall turn to boytt,13
her-afterward som day;14
A wande shall spryng fro Iesse roytt,-15
The certan sothe thus can he say,-16
And of that wande shall spryng a floure,17
that shall spryng vp full hight:18
Ther of shall com full swete odowre,19
And therapon shall rest and lyght20
The holy gost, full mych of myght;21
The goost of wysdom and of wyt,22
Shall beyld his nest, with mekyll right,23
And, in it brede and sytt.24
Primus Magister
Bot when trow ye this prophecy25
Shalbe fulfyllyd in dede,26
That here is told so openly,27
As we in scrypture rede?28
Secundus Magister
A greatt meruell for sothe it is,29
To vs to here of sich mastry;30
A madyn to bere a chyld, Iwys,31
without mans seyde, that were ferly.32
Tercius Magister
The holy gost shall in hyr lyght,33
And kepe hir madynhede full clene;34
whoso may byde to se that sight35
Thay ther not drede, I wene.36
Primus Magister
Of all thise prophetys wyse of lore37
That knew the prophecy, more and les,38
was none that told the tyme before,39
when he shuld, com to by vs peasse.40
Secundus Magister
wheder he be commen or not41
No knowlege haue we in certayn;42
Bot he shall com, that dowt we not;43
ffull prophetys haue prechyd it full playn.44
Tercius Magister
Mekyll I thynk that thise prophetys45
Ar holden to god, that is on hight,46
That haue knowyng of his behetys,47
And for to tell of his mekyll myght.48
Masters, luf be with you lent,49
And mensk be vnto this meneyoe!50
Primus Magister
Son, hens away I wold thou went,51
ffor othere haft in hand haue we.52
Secundus Magister
Son, whosoeuer the hyder sent,53
Thay were not wyse, thus tell I the;54
ffor we haue othere tayllys to tent55
Then now with barnes bowrdand to be.56
Tercius Magister
Son, thou lyst oght lere / To lyf by moyses lay;57
Com heder, and thou shall here / The sawes that we wyll say;
ffor in som mynde it may the bryng59
To here oure sawes red by rawes.60
To lere of you nedys me no thyng,61
ffor I knaw both youre dedys & sawes.62
Primus Magister
hark, yonder barn with his bowrdyng!63
he wenys he kens more then he knawys;64
Nay, certys, son, thou art ouer ying65
By clergy yit to know oure lawes.66
I wote as well as ye / how that youre lawes was wroght.
Secundus Magister
Com sytt! soyn shall we se, / ffor certys so semys it noght.
Tercius Magister
It were wonder if any wyght69
vntill oure resons right shuld reche;70
And thou says thou has in sight71
Oure lawes truly to tell and teche.72
The holy gost has on me lyght,73
And anoynt me lyke a leche,74
And gyffen to me powere and myght75
The kyngdom of heuen to preche.76
Secundus Magister
whens euer this barne may be77
That shewys thise novels new?78
Certan, syrs, I was or ye,79
And shall be after you.80
Primus Magister
Son, of thi sawes, as we haue ceyll,81
And of thi wytt is wonder thyng;82
Bot neuer the les fully I feyll83
That it may fayll in wyrkyng;84
ffor dauid demys euer ilk deyll,85
And thus he says of chylder ying,86
"Ex ore infanicium & lactencium, perfecisti laudem."
Of thare mowthes, sayth dauid, wele,87
Oure lord he has perfourmed louyng.88
Neuer the les, son, yit shuld thou lett89
her for to speke in large;90
ffor where masters ar mett,91
Chylder wordys ar not to charge.92
ffor certys, if thou wold neuer so fayn93
Gyf all thi lyst to lere the law,94
Thou art nawther of myght ne mayn95
To know it, as a clerk may knaw.96
Syrs, I say you in certan,97
That sothfast shall be all my saw;98
And powere haue I plene and playn,99
To say and answere as me aw.100
Primus Magister
Masters, what may this mene?101
Meruell, methynk, haue I102
where euer this barne has bene103
That carpys thus conandly.104
Secundus Magister
In warld as wyde as we haue went105
ffand we neuer sich ferly fare;106
Certys, I trow the barn be sent107
Sufferanly to salfe oure sare.108
Syrs, I shall preue in youre present109
All the sawes that I sayde are.110
Tercius Magister
which callys thou the fyrst commaundement111
And the most, in moyses lare?112
Syrs, synthen ye syt on raw,113
And hafe youre bookys on brede,114
let se, syrs, in youre saw115
how right that ye can rede.116
Primus Magister
I rede that this is the fyrst bydyng117
That moyses told, vs here vntyll;118
honoure thi god ouer ilka thyng,119
with all thi wyt and all thi wyll;120
And all thi hart in hym shall hyng,121
Erly and late, both lowde and styll.122
ye nede none othere bookys to bryng,123
Bot fownd this to fulfyll;124
The seconde may men profe125
And clergy knaw therby;126
youre neyghburs shall ye lofe127
Right as youre self truly.128
[Thise] commaunded moyses tyll all men129
In his commaundes clere;130
In thise two bydyngys, shall ye ken,131
hyngys all the law we aght to lere.132
who so fulfylles thise two then133
with mayn and mode and good manere,134
he fulfyllys truly all ten135
That after thaym folows in fere.136
Then shuld we god honowre137
with all oure myght and mayn,138
And luf well ilk neghboure139
Right as oure self certayn.140
Primus Magister
Now, son, synthen thou has told vs two,141
which ar the aght, can thou oght say?142
The thyrd bydys, "where so ye go,143
That ye shall halow the holy day;144
ffrom bodely wark ye take youre rest;145
youre household, looke the same thay do,146
Both wyfe, chyld, seruande, and beest."147
The fourt is then in weyll and wo148
"Thi fader, thi moder, thou shall honowre,149
Not only with thi reuerence,150
Bot in thare nede thou thaym socoure,151
And kepe ay good obedyence."152
The fyft bydys the "no man slo,153
Ne harme hym neuer in word ne dede,154
Ne suffre hym not to be in wo155
If thou may help hym in his nede."156
The sext bydys the "thi wyfe to take,157
Bot none othere lawfully;158
lust of lechery thou fle and fast forsake,159
And drede ay god where so thou be."160
The seuen bydys the "be no thefe feyr,161
Ne nothyng wyn with trechery;162
Oker, ne symony, thou com not nere,163
Bot conscyence clere ay kepe truly."164
The aght byddys the "be true in dede,165
And fals wytnes looke thou none bere;166
looke thou not ly for freynd ne syb,167
lest to thi saull that it do dere."168
The neyn byddys the "not desyre169
Thi neghburs wyfe ne his women,170
Bot as holy kyrk wold it were,171
Right so thi purpose sett it in."172
The ten byddys the "for nothyng173
Thi neghburs goodys yerne wrongwysly;174
his house, his rent, ne his hafyng,175
And crysten fayth trow stedfastly."176
Thus in tabyls, shall ye ken,177
Oure lord to moyses wrate;178
Thise ar the commaundmentys ten,179
who so will lely layt.180
Secundus Magister
Behald how he lege oure lawes,181
And leryd neuer on booke to rede!182
ffull sotell sawes, me thynk, he says,183
And also true, if we take hede.184
Tercius Magister
yei, lett hym furth on his wayes,185
ffor if he dwell, withoutten drede186
The pepyll will ful soyn hym prayse187
well more then vs, for all oure dede.188
Primus Magister
Nay, nay, then wyrk we wrang!189
sich spekyng will we spare;190
As he cam let hym gang,191
And mefe vs, not no mare.192
A, dere Ioseph! what is youre red?193
Of oure greatt bayll no boytt may be;194
My hart is heuy as any lede,195
My semely son to I hym se.196
Now haue we soght in euery sted,197
Both vp and downe, thise dayes thre;198
And wheder he be whik or dede199
yit wote we not; so wo is me!200
Sorow had neuer man mare!201
Bot mowr[n]yng, mary, may not amend;202
ffarther do I red we fare,203
To god some socoure send.204
Abowtt the tempyll if he be oght,205
That wold I that we wyst this nyght.206
A, certys, I se that we have soght!207
In warld was neuer so semely a sight;208
lo, where he syttys! se ye hym noght209
Amangys yond masters mekyll of myght?210
Blyssyd be he vs heder broght!211
In land now lyfys there none so light.212
Now dere Ioseph, as haue ye seyll,213
Go furth and fetche youre son and myne;214
This day is goyn nere ilka deyll,215
And we haue nede for to go hien.216
with men of myght can I not mell,217
Then all my trauell mon I tyne;218
I can not with thaym, that wote ye well,219
Thay are so gay in furrys fyne.220
To thaym youre erand, forto say,221
Surely that thar ye drede no deyll!222
Thay will take hede to you alway223
Be cause of eld, this wote I weyll.224
when I com ther what shall I say?225
ffor I wote not, as haue I ceyll;226
Bot thou will haue me shamyd for ay,227
ffor I can nawthere crowke ne knele.228
Go we togeder, I hold, it best,229
Vnto yond worthy wyghtys in wede;230
And if I se, as haue I rest,231
That ye will not, then must I nede.232
Go thou and tell thi tayll fyrst,233
Thi son to se will take good hede;234
weynd furth, mary, and do thi best,235
I com behynd, as god me spede.236
A, dere son, Ihesus!237
sythen we luf the alone,238
whi dos thou tyll vs thus,239
And gars vs make this mone?240
Thi fader and I betwix vs two,241
Son, for thi luf has lykyd yll,242
we haue the soght both to and fro243
wepeand sore, as wyghtis wyll.244
wherto shuld ye, moder, seke me so?245
Oft tymes it has bene told, ye tyll246
My fader warkys, for wele or wo,247
Thus am I sent for to fulfyll.248
Thise sawes, as haue I ceyll,249
I can well vnderstonde,250
I shall thynk on them weyll251
To fownd what is folowand.252
Now sothly, son, the sight of the253
has comforthed vs of all oure care;254
Com furth, now, with thi moder and me!255
At nazareth I wold we ware.256
Be leyf then, ye lordyngys fre!257
ffor with my freyndys now wyll I fare.258
Primus Magister
Son, where so thou shall abyde or be259
God make the good man euer mare.260
Secundus Magister
No wonder if thou, wife,261
Of his fyndyng be fayn;262
he shall, if he haue lyfe,263
prefe to a full good swayn.264
Tercius Magister
Son, looke thou layn, for good or yll,265
The noyttys that we haue nevened now;266
And if thou lyke to abyde here styll,267
And with vs won, welcom art thou.268
Gramercy, syrs, of youre good wyll!269
No longer lyst I byde with you,270
My freyndys thoght I shall fulfyll,271
And to thare bydyng baynly bow.272
ffull well is me this tyde,273
Now may we make good chere.274
No longer wyll we byde;275
ffar well all folk in fere.276

John the BaptistContents

John the Baptist
God, that mayde both more and les,1
Heuen and erth, at his awne wyll,2
And merkyd man to his lyknes,3
As thyng that wold his lyst ffulfyll,4
Apon the erth he send lightnes,5
Both son and moyne lymett thertyll,6
He saue you all from synfulnes,7
And kepe you clene, both lowd and styll.8
Emang prophetys then am I oone9
That god has send to teche his law,10
And man to amend, that wrang has gone,11
Both with exampyll and with saw.12
My name, for sothe, is baptyst Iohn,13
My fader zacary ye knaw,14
That was dombe and mayde great mone,15
Before my byrth, and stode in awe.16
Elezabeth my moder was,17
Awntt vnto mary, madyn mylde;18
And as the son shynys thorow the glas,19
Certys, in hir wombe so dyd hir chyld.20
Yit the Iues inqueryd me has21
If I be cryst; thay are begyld,22
For ihesus shal amend mans trespas,23
That with freylte of fylthe is fylyd.24
I am send bot messyngere25
ffrom hym that alkyn mys may mend;26
I go before, bodword to bere,27
And as forgangere am I send,28
his wayes to wyse, his lawes to lere,29
Both man and wyfe that has offende.30
ffull mekyll barett mon he bere,31
Or tyme he haue broght all tyll ende,32
Thise Iues shall hyng hym on a roode,33
Man’s saull to hym it is so leyfe,34
And therapon shall shede his bloode,35
As he were tratoure or a thefe,36
Not for his gylt bot for oure goode,37
Because that we ar in myschefe;38
Thus shall he dy, that frely foode,39
And ryse agane tyll oure relefe.40
In water clere then baptyse I41
The pepyll that ar in this coste;42
Bot he shall do more myghtely,43
And baptyse in the holy goost;44
And with the bloode of his body45
wesh oure synnes both leste and moost,46
Therfor, me thynk, both ye and I47
Agans the feynde ar well endoost.48
I am not worthy for to lawse49
The leste thwong that longys to his shoyne;50
Bot god almyghty, that all knawes,51
In erth thi will it must be done.52
I thank the, lord, that thi sede sawes53
Emong mankynde to groyf so sone,54
And euery day that on erth dawes55
ffeydys vs with foode both euen and none.56
we ar, lord, bondon vnto the,57
To luf the here both day and nyght,58
ffor thou has send thi son so fre59
To saue mans saull that dede was dight60
Thrugh adam syn and eue foly,61
That synnyd thrugh the feyndis myght;62
Bot, lord, on man thou has pyte,63
And beyld thi barnes in heuen so bright.64
Primus Angelus
harkyn to me, thou Iohn baptyst!65
The ffader of heuen he gretys the weyll,66
ffor he has fon the true and tryst,67
And dos thi dever euery deyll;68
wyt thou well his will thus ist,69
Syn thou art stabyll as any steyll,70
That thou shall baptyse ihesu cryst71
In flume Iordan, mans care to beyll72
John the Baptist
A, dere god! what may this be?73
I hard a steuen, bot noght I saw.74
Primus Angelus
Iohn, it is I that spake to the;75
To do this dede haue thou none aw.76
John the Baptist
Shuld I abyde to he com to me?77
That that shall neuer be, I traw;78
I shall go meyt that lord so fre,79
As far as I may se or knaw.80
Secundus Angelus
Nay, Iohn, that is not well syttand;81
his fader will thou must nedys wyrk.82
Primus Angelus
Iohn, be thou here abydand,83
Bot when he commys be then not yrk.84
John the Baptist
By this I may well vnderstand85
That childer shuld be broght to kyrk,86
ffor to be baptysyd in euery land;87
To me this law yit is it myrk.88
Secundus Angelus
Iohn, this place it is pleassyng,89
And it is callyd flume Iordan;90
here is no kyrk, ne no bygyng,91
Bot where the fader wyll ordan,92
It is godys wyll and his bydyng.93
John the Baptist
By this, for sothe, well thynk me than94
his warke to be at his lykyng,95
And ilk folk pleasse hym that thay can.96
Sen I must nedys his lyst fulfyll97
he shall be welcom vnto me;98
I yeld, me holy to his will,99
where so euer I abyde or be.100
I am his seruande, lowd and styll,101
And messyngere vnto that fre;102
whethere that he will saue or spyll103
I shall not gruch in no degre.104
Iohn, godys seruand and prophete,105
My fader, that is vnto the dere,106
has send me to the, well thou wytt,107
To be baptysyd in water clere;108
ffor reprefe vnto mans rytt109
The law I will fulfyll right here;110
My fader ordynance thus is it,111
And thus my wyll is that it were.112
I com to the, baptym to take,113
To whome my fader has me sent,114
with oyle and creme that thou shal make115
vnto that worthi sacrament.116
And therfor, Iohn, it not forsake,117
Bot com to me in this present,118
ffor now will I no farther rake119
Or I haue done his commaundement.120
John the Baptist
A, lord! I loue the for thi commyng!121
I am redy to do his will,122
In word, in wark, in all kyn thyng,123
what soeuer he sendys me tyll;124
This bewteose lord to bryng to me,125
his awne seruande, this is no skyll,126
A knyght to baptyse his lord kyng,127
My pauste may it not fulfyll.128
And if I were worthy129
ffor to fulfyll this sacrament,130
I haue no connyng securly,131
To do it after thyn intent;132
And therfor, lord, I ask mercy;133
hald, me excusyd as I haue ment;134
I dar not towche thi blyssyd body,135
My hart will neuer to it assent.136
Of thi connyng, John, drede the noght;137
My fader his self he will the teche;138
he that all this warld, has wroght,139
he send the playnly forto preche;140
he knawys mans hart, his dede, his thoght;141
he wotys how far mans myght may reche,142
Therfor hedir haue I soght;143
My fader lyst may none appeche.144
Behold, he sendys his angels two,145
In tokyn I am both god and man;146
Thou gyf me baptym or I go,147
And dyp me in this flume Iordan.148
Sen he wyll thus, I wold wytt who149
Durst hym agan stand? Iohn, com on than,150
And baptyse me for freynde or fo,151
And do it, Iohn, right as thou can.152
Primus Angelus
Iohn, be thou buxom and right bayn,153
And be not gruchand in no thyng;154
Me thynk thou aght to be ful fayn155
ffor to fulfyll my lordis bydyng156
Erly and late, with moyde and mayn,157
Therfor to the this word I bryng,158
My lord has gyffen the powere playn,159
And drede the noght of thi conyng.160
Secundus Angelus
he sendys the here his awne dere chylde,161
Thou welcom hym and make hym chere,162
Born of a madyn meke and mylde,163
That frely foode is made thi fere;164
with syn his moder was neuer fylde,165
Ther was neuer man neghyd hyr nere,166
In word ne wark she was neuer wylde,167
Therfor hir son thou baptyse here.168
Primus Angelus
And, securly, I will thou knaw169
whi that he commys thus vnto the;170
he commys to fulfyll the law,171
As pereles prynce most of pauste;172
And therfor, Iohn, do as thou awe,173
And gruch thou neuer in this degre174
To baptyse hym that thou here saw,175
ffor wyt thou well this same is he.176
John the Baptist
I am not worthy to do this dede;177
Neuer the les I will be godys seruande;178
Bot yit, dere lord, sen I must nede,179
I will do as thou has commaunde.180
I tremyll and I whake for drede!181
I dar not towche the with my hande,182
Bot, certys, I will not lose my mede;183
Abyde, my lord, and by me stande.184
I baptyse the, Ihesu, in hy,185
In the name of thi fader fre,186
In nomine patris & filii,187
Sen he will that it so be,188
Et spiritûs altissimi,189
And of the holy goost on he;190
I aske the, lord, of thi mercy,191
here after that thou wold blys me.192
here I the anoynt also193
with oyle and creme, in this intent,194
That men may wit, where so thay go,195
This is a worthy sacrament.196
Ther ar sex othere and no mo,197
The which thi self to erthe has sent,198
And in true tokyn, oone of tho,199
The fyrst on the now is it spent.200
Thou wysh me, lord, if I do wrang;201
My will it were forto do weyll;202
I am ful ferd yit ay emang,203
If I dyd right I shuld done knele.204
Thou blys me, lord, hence or thou gang,205
So that I may thi frenship fele;206
I haue desyryd this sight ful lang,207
ffor to dy now rek I no dele.208
This beest, Iohn, thou bere with the,209
It is a beest full blyst;210
Iohn, it is the lamb of me,211
Beest none othere ist;212
It may were the from aduersyte,213
And so looke that thou tryst;214
By this beest knowen shall thou be,215
That thou art Iohn baptyst.216
John the Baptist
ffor I haue sene the lamb of god217
which weshys away syn of this warld,218
And towchid hym, for euen or od,219
My hart therto was ay ful hard.220
ffor that it shuld be better trowed,221
An angell had me nerehand mard,222
Bot he that rewlys all with his rod223
he blys me when I draw homward.224
I graunt the, Iohn, for thi trauale,225
Ay lastand ioy in blys to byde;226
And to all those that trowys this tayll,227
And saw me not yit gloryfyde.228
I shalbe boytt of all thare bayll,229
And send them socoure on euery syde;230
My fader and I may thaym auayll,231
Man or woman that leyffys thare pryde.232
Bot, Iohn, weynd thou furth and preche233
Agans the folk that doth amys;234
And to the pepyll the trowthe thou teche;235
To rightwys way look thou tham avys,236
And as far as thi wyt may reche237
Byd thaym be bowne to byde my blys;238
ffor at the day of dome I shall thaym peche239
That herys not the nor trowys not this.240
Byd thaym leyfe syn, for I it hate;241
ffor it I mon dy on a tre,242
By prophecy ffull well I wate;243
My moder certys that sight mon se,244
That sorowfull sight shall make hir maytt,245
ffor I was born of hir body.246
ffarwell Iohn, I go my gaytt;247
I blys the with the trynyte!248
John the Baptist
Almyghty god in persons thre,249
All in oone substance ay ingroost,250
I thank the, lord in mageste,251
ffader and son and holy goost!252
Thou send thi son from heuen so he,253
To mary mylde, into this cooste,254
And now thou sendys hym vnto me,255
ffor to be baptysid in this oost.256
ffarwell! the frelyst that euer was fed!257
ffarwell! floure more fresh then foure de lyce!258
ffarwell! stersman to theym that ar sted259
In stormes, or in desese lyse!260
Thi moder was madyn and wed;261
ffarwell! pereles, most of pryce!262
ffarwell! the luflyst that euer was bred!263
Thi moder is of hell emprise.264
ffarwell! blissid both bloode and bone!265
ffarwell! the semelyst that euer was seyn!266
To the, ihesu, I make my mone;267
ffarwell! comly, of cors so cleyn!268
ffarwel! gracyouse gome! where so thou gone,269
ffull mekill grace is to the geyn;270
Thou leyne vs lyffyng on thi lone,271
Thou may vs mende more then we weyn.272
I wyll go preche both to more and les,273
As I am chargyd securly;274
Syrs, forsake youre wykydnes,275
Pryde, envy, slowth, wrath, and lechery.276
here gods seruice, more & lesse;277
Pleas god with prayng, thus red I;278
Be war when deth comys with dystres,279
So that ye dy not sodanly.280
Deth sparis none that lyf has borne,281
Therfor thynk on what I you say;282
Beseche youre god both euen and morne283
you for to saue from syn that day.284
Thynk how in baptym ye ar sworne285
To be godis seruandis, withoutten nay;286
let neuer his luf from you be lorne,287
God bryng you to his blys for ay. Amen.288

The ConspiracyContents

Peas, carles, I commaunde / vnconand I call you;1
I say stynt and stande / or foull myght befall you.
ffro this burnyshyd brande / now when I behald, you,
I red ye be shunand / or els the dwill skald you,4
At onys.5
I am kyd, as men knawes,6
leyf leder of lawes;7
Seniours, seke to my sawes,8
ffor bryssyng of youre bonys.9
ye wote not wel, I weyn / what wat is commen to the towne,
So comly cled and cleyn / a rewler of great renowne;
In sight if I were seyn / the granser of great mahowne,
My name pylate has beyn / was neuer kyng with crowne
More wor[thy];14
My wysdom and my wytt,15
In sete here as I sytt,16
was neuer more lyke it,17
My dedys thus to dyscry.18
ffor I am he that may / make or mar a man;19
My self if I it say / as men of cowrte now can;20
Supporte a man to day / to-morn agans hym than,21
On both parties thus I play / And fenys me to ordan
The right;23
Bot all fals indytars,24
Quest mangers and Iurers,25
And all thise fals out rydars,26
Ar welcom to my sight.27
More nede had I neuer / of sich seruand now, I say you,
So can I well consider / the trowth I most displeas you,
And therfor com I hedyr / of peas therfor I pray you;
Ther is a lurdan ledyr / I wold not shuld dysmay you,
A bowtt;32
A prophete is he prasyd,33
And great vnright has rasyd,34
Bot, be my banys her blasid,35
his deth is dight no dowtt.36
he prechys the pepyll here / that fature fals ihesus,
That if he lyf a yere / dystroy oure law must vs;38
And yit I stand in fere / so wyde he wyrkys vertus,
No fawt can on hym bere / no lyfand leyde tyll us;40
Bot sleyghtys41
Agans hym shall be soght,42
that all this wo has wroght;43
Bot on his bonys it shall be boght,44
So shall I venge oure rightys.45
That fatoure says that thre / shuld euer dwell in oone godhede,
That euer was and shall be / Sothfast in made hede;
he says of a madyn born was he / that neuer toke mans sede,
And that his self shall dy on tre / and mans sawll out of preson lede;
let hym alone,50
If this be true in deyd,51
his shech shall spryng and sprede,52
And ouer com euer ylkone.53
Syr pilate, prynce of mekyll price,54
that preuyd is withoutten pere,55
And lordyngys that oure laws in lyse,56
on oure law now must vs lere,57
And of oure warkys we must be wyse,58
or els is all oure welthe in were,59
Therfor say sadly youre auyse,60
of hedus harmes that we haue here,61
Towchyng that tratoure strang,62
that makys this beleyf,63
ffor if he may thus furth gang,64
It will ouer greatly grefe.65
Sir, oure folk ar so afrayd,66
thrugh lesyns he losys oure lay;67
Som remedy must be rayd,68
so that he weynd, not thus away.69
Now certan, syrs, this was well sayd,70
and I assent, right as ye say,71
Som preuay poynt to be puruayd72
To mar his myght if [that] we may;73
And therfor, sirs, in this present,74
What poynt so were to prase,75
let all be at assent,76
let se what ilk man says.77
Sir, I haue sayde you here beforne78
his soteltyes and, grefys to sare;79
he turnes oure folk both euen & morne,80
and ay makys mastres mare & mare.81
Sir, if he skape it were great skorne;82
to spyll hym tytt we will not spare,83
ffor if oure lawes were thus-gatys lorne,84
men wold say it were lake of lare.85
ffor certan, syrs, ye say right weyll86
ffor to wyrk witterly;87
Bot yit som fawt must we feyll,88
wherfor that he shuld dy;89
And therfor, sirs, let se youre saw,90
ffor what thyng we shuld hym slo.91
Sir, I can rekyn you on a raw92
a thowsand wonders, and well moo,93
Of crokyd men, that we well knaw,94
how graythly that he gars them go,95
And euer he legys agans oure law,96
tempys oure folk and turnys vs fro.97
lord, dom and defe in oure present98
delyuers he, by downe & dayll;99
what hurtys or ha[r]mes thay hent,100
ffull hastely he makys theym hayll.101
And for sich warkys as he is went102
of ilk welth he may avayll,103
And vnto vs he takys no tent,104
bot ilk man trowes vnto his tayll.105
yei, dewill! and dos he thus106
as ye well bere wytnes?107
sich fawte fall to vs,108
be oure dom, for to redres.109
And also, sir, I haue hard say,110
an other noy that neghys vs nere,111
he will not kepe oure sabate day,112
that holy shuld be haldyn here;113
Bot forbedys far and nere114
to wyrk at oure bydyng.115
Now, by mahowns bloode so dere,116
he shall aby this bowrdyng!117
what dewill will he be there?118
this hold I great hethyng.119
Nay, nay, well more is ther;120
he callys hym self heuens kyng,121
And says that he is so myghty122
all rightwytnes to rewll and red.123
By mahowns blood, that shall he aby124
with bytter baylls or I ett bred!125
Primus Miles
lord, the loth lazare of betany126
that lay stynkand in a sted,127
vp he rasyd bodely128
the fourt day after he was ded.129
Secundus Miles
And for that he hym rasyd,130
that had lyne dede so long a space,131
The people hym full mekyll prasyd,132
ouer all in euery place.133
Emangys the folke has he the name134
that he is godys son, and, none els,135
And his self says the same136
that his fader in heuen dwelles;137
That he shall rewll both wyld, and tame;138
of all sich maters thus he mels.139
This is the dwylls payn!140
who trowys sich talys as he tels?141
yis, lord, haue here my hand,142
and ilk man beyldys hym as his brother;143
Sich whaynt cantelys he can,144
lord, ye knew neuer sich an othere.145
why, and wotys he not that I haue146
bold men to be his bayn?147
I commaunde both knyght and knaue148
sesse not to that lad be slayn.149
Primus Miles
Sir pylate, mefe you now no mare,150
bot mese youre hart and mend youre mode;151
ffor bot if that losell lere oure lare152
and leyf his gawdys, he were as goode;153
ffor in oure tempyll we will not spare154
to take that losell, if he were woode.155
In oure tempyll? the dwill! what dyd he thare?156
that shall he by, by mahouns blode!157
Secundus Miles
lord, we wist not youre wyll;158
with wrang ye vs wyte;159
had ye so told vs tyll,160
we shuld haue takyn hym tyte.161
The dwill, he hang you high to dry!162
whi, wold ye lese oure lay?163
Go bryng hym heder hastely,164
so that he weynd not thus away.165
Sir pilate, be not to hasty,166
bot suffer ouer oure sabote day;167
In the mene tyme to spyr and spy168
mo of his meruels, if men may.169
yei, sir, and when this feste is went,170
then shall his craftys be kyd.171
Certys, syrs, and I assent172
ffor to abyde then, as ye byd.173
Masters, myrth be you emang,174
and mensk be to this meneye!175
Go! othere gatys thou has to gang176
with sorow; who send after the?177
Syrs, if I haue done any wrang,178
at youre awne bydyng will I be.179
Go hence, harlot, hy mot thou hang!180
where in the dwill hand had we the?181
Goode sir, take it to no grefe;182
for my menyng it may avayll.183
we, lad, thou shuld ask lefe184
to com in sich counsayll.185
Sir, all youre counsell well I ken;186
ye mene my master for to take.187
A ha! here is oone of his men188
that thus vnwynly gars vs wake.189
la hand on hym, and hurl hym then190
emangys you, for his master sake;191
ffor we haue maters mo then ten,192
that well more myster were to make.193
Set on hym buffettys sad,194
Sen he sich mastrys mase,195
And teche ye sich a lad196
to profer hym in sich a place.197
Sir, my profer may both pleas and pay198
to all the lordys in this present.199
we! go hens in twenty dwill way!200
we haue no tome the for to tent.201
yis, the profete that has lost youre lay202
by wonder warkys, as he is went,203
If ye will sheynd hym as ye say,204
to sell hym you I wyll assent.205
A, sir, hark! what says thou?206
let se, and shew thi skyll.207
Sir, a bargan bede I you,208
by it if ye will.209
what is thi name? do tell in hy,210
if we may wit if thou do wrang.211
Iudas scarioth, so hight I,212
that with the profet has dwellyd lang.213
Sir, thou art welcom witterly!214
say what thou will vs here emang.215
Not els bot if ye will hym by;216
do say me sadly or I gang.217
yis, freynd, in fathe will we218
noght els; bot hartely say219
how that bargan may be,220
and we shall make the pay.221
Iudas, forto hold the hayll,222
And for to fell all fowll defame,223
looke that thou may avow thi sayll;224
then may thou be withoutten blame.225
Sir, of my teyn gyf ye neuer tayll,226
so that ye haue hym here at hame;227
his bowrdyng has me broght in bayll,228
and certys his self shall haue the same.229
Sir pylate, tentys here tyll,230
and lightly leyf it noght,231
Then may ye do youre wyll232
of hym that ye haue boght.233
yei, and then may we be bold234
fro all the folk to hald hym fre;235
And hald hym hard with vs in hold,236
right as oone of youre meneye.237
Now, Iudas, sen he shalbe sold,238
how lowfes thou hym? belyfe let se.239
ffor thretty pennys truly told,240
or els may not that bargan be;241
So mych gart he me lose,242
malycyusly and yll;243
Therfor ye shall haue chose,244
to by or let be styll.245
Gart he the lose? I pray the, why?246
tell vs now pertly or thou pas.247
I shall you say, and that in hy,248
euery word right as it was.249
In symon house with hym sat I250
with othere meneyoe that he has;251
A woman cam to company,252
callyng hym "lord"; saying, "alas!"253
ffor synnes that she had wroght254
she wepyd sore always;255
And an oyntment she broght,256
that precyus was to prayse.257
She weshyd hym with hir terys weytt,258
and sen dryed hym with hir hare;259
This fare oyntment, hir bale to beytt,260
apon his hede she put it thare,261
That it ran all abowte his feytt;262
I thoght it was a ferly fare,263
The house was full of odowre sweytt;264
then to speke myght I not spare,265
ffor certys, I had not seyn266
none oyntment half so fyne;267
Ther-at my hart had teyn,268
sich tresoure for to tyne.269
I sayd it was worthy to sell270
thre hundreth pens in oure present,271
ffor to parte poore men emell;272
bot will ye se wherby I ment?273
The tent parte, truly to tell,274
to take to me was myne intent;275
ffor of the tresure that to vs fell,276
the tent parte euer with me went;277
And if thre hundreth be right told,278
the tent parte is euen thryrty;279
Right so he shalbe sold,280
say if ye will hym by.281
Now for certan, sir, thou says right wele,282
sen he wate the with sich a wrast,283
ffor to shape hym som vncele,284
and for his bost be not abast.285
Sir, all thyn askyng euery dele286
here shall thou hafe, therof be trast;287
Bot looke that we no falshede fele.288
sir, with a profe may ye frast;289
All that I haue here hight290
I shall fulfill in dede,291
And well more at my myght,292
In tyme when I se nede.293
Iudas, this spekyng must be spar,294
and neuen it neuer, nyght ne day;295
let no man wyt where that we war,296
for ferdnes of a fowll enfray.297
Sir, therof let vs moyte no mare;298
we hold vs payde, take ther thi pay.299
This gart he me lose lang are;300
now ar we euen for onys and ay.301
This forwarde will not fayll,302
therof we may be glad;303
Now were the best counsayll,304
in hast that we hym had.305
we shall hym haue, and that in hy,306
ffull hastely here in this hall.307
Sir knyghtys, that ar of dede dughty,308
stynt neuer in stede ne stall,309
Bot looke ye bryng hym hastely,310
that fatur fals, what so befall.311
Primus Miles
Sir, be not abast therby,312
ffor as ye byd wyrk we shall.313
Sir, where will ye youre pask ette?314
Say vs, let vs dight youre mete.315
Go furth, Iohn and peter, to yond cyte;316
when ye com ther, ye shall then se317
In the strete, as tyte, a man318
beryng water in a can;319
The house that he gose to grith,320
ye shall folow and go hym with;321
The lord of that house ye shall fynde,322
A sympyll man of cely kynde;323
To hym ye shall speke, and say324
That I com here by the way;325
Say I pray hym, if his will be,326
A lytyll whyle to ese me,327
That I an my dyscypyls all328
myght rest a whyle in his hall,329
That we may ete oure paske thore.330
lord, we shall hy vs before,331
To that we com to that cyte;332
youre paske shall ordand be.333
Sir, oure master the prophett334
commys behynde in the strete;335
And of a chamber he you prays,336
To ete and drynk ther-in with easse.337
.Pater Familias
Sirs, he is welcom vnto me,338
and so is all his company;339
with all my hart and all my will340
is he welcom me vntyll.341
lo, here a chambre fast by,342
Ther-in to make youre mangery,343
I shal warand fare strewed;344
it shuld, not els to you be shewed.345
Sir, youre mett is redy bowne,346
will ye wesh and syt downe?347
yei, gyf vs water tyll oure hande,348
take we the grace that god has send;349
Commys furth, both oone and othere;350
If I be master I will be brothere.351
Iudas, what menys thou?352
No thyng, lord, bot ett with you.353
Ett on, brether, hardely,354
for oone of you shall [me] betray.355
lord, who euer that be may,356
lord, I shall neuer the betray;357
Dere master, is it oght I?358
Nay thou, peter, certanly.359
Master, is oght I he then?360
Nay, for trowth, Iohn, I the ken.361
Master, am oght [I] that shrew?362
Nay, for sothe, thou andrew.363
Master, then is oght I?364
Nay, thou Simon, securly.365
Is it oght I that shuld do that dede?366
Nay, philyp, withoutten drede.367
was it oght I that hight thadee?368
Or we two Iamys?369
Nay none of you is he;
Bot he that ett with me in dysh,370
he shall my body betray, Iwys.371
what then, wene ye that I it am?372
Thou says sothe, thou berys the blame;373
Ichon of you shall this nyght374
ffor sake me, and fayn he myght.375
Nay certys, god forbeyd376
that euer shuld we do that deyd!377
If all, master, forsake the,378
shall I neuer fro the fle.379
Peter, thou shall thryse apon a thraw380
fforsake me, or the cok craw.381
Take vp this clothe and let vs go,382
ffor we haue othere thyngys at do.383
Sit all downe, and here and sees,384
ffor I shall wesh youre feet on knees.385
lord, shuld thou wesh feytt myne?386
thou art my lord, and I thy hyne.387
why I do it thou wote not yit,388
peter, herafter shall thou wytt.389
Nay, master, I the heytt,390
thou shall neuer wesh my feytt.391
Bot I the wesh, thou mon mys392
parte with me in heuens blys.393
Nay, lord, or I that forgo,394
wesh heede, handys, and feytt also.395
ye ar clene, bot not all;396
that shall be sene when tyme shall fall;397
who shall be weshyn as I weyn,398
he thar not wesh his feytt clene;399
And for sothe clene ar ye,400
bot not all as ye shuld, be.401
I shall you say take good hede402
whi that I haue done the dede;403
ye call me master and lord, by name;404
ye say full well, for so I am;405
Sen I, both lord and master, to you wold knele406
to wesh youre fete, so must ye wele.407
Now wote ye what I haue done;408
Ensampyll haue I gyffen you to;409
loke ye do so eft sone;410
Ichon of you wesh othere fete, lo!411
ffor he that seruand is,412
for sothe, as I say you,413
Not more then his lord, he is,414
to whome he seruyce owe.415
Or that this nyght be gone,416
Alone will ye leyf me;417
ffor in this nyght ilkon418
ye shall fro me fle;419
ffor when the hyrd is smeten,420
the shepe shall fle away,421
Be skaterd wyde and byten;422
the prophetys thus can say.423
lord, if that I shuld dy,424
fforsake the shall I noght.425
ffor sothe, peter, I say to the,426
In so great drede shall thou be broght,427
That or the cok haue crowen twyse,428
thou shall deny me tymes thre.429
That shall I neuer, lord, Iwys;430
ere shall I with the de.431
Now loke youre hartys be grefyd noght,432
nawthere in drede ne in wo;433
Bot trow in god, that you has wroght,434
and in me trow ye also;435
In my fader house, for sothe,436
is many a wonnyng stede,437
That men shall haue aftyr thare trowthe,438
soyn after thay be dede.439
And here may I no longer leynd,440
bot I shall go before,441
And yit if I before you weynd,442
ffor you to ordan thore,443
I shall com to you agane,444
and take you to me,445
That where so euer I am,446
ye shall be with me.447
And I am way, and sothe-fastnes,448
and, lyfe that euer shalbe;449
And to my fader commys none, Iwys,450
bot oonly thorow me.451
I will not leyf you all helples,452
as men withoutten freynd,453
As faderles and moderles,454
thof all I fro you weynd;455
I shall com eft to you agayn:456
this warld, shall me not se,457
Bot ye shall se me well certan,458
and lyfand shall I be.459
And ye shall lyf in heuen;460
Then shall ye knaw, Iwys,461
That I am in my fader euen,462
and my fader in me is.463
And I in you, and ye in me,464
and ilka man therto,465
My commaundement that kepys trule,466
and after it will do.467
Now haue ye hard what I haue sayde;468
I go, and com agayn;469
Therfor loke ye be payde,470
and also glad and fayn;471
ffor to my fader I weynd;472
ffor more then I is he;473
I let you wytt, as faythfull freynd,474
or that it done be,475
That ye may trow when it is done;476
ffor certys, I may noght now477
Many thyngys so soyn478
at this tyme speake with you;479
ffor the prynce of this warld is commyn,480
and no powere has he in me,481
Bot as that all the warld within482
may both here and se,483
That I owe luf my fader to,484
Sen he me hyder sent,485
And all thyngys I do486
after his commaundement.487
Ryse ye vp, ilkon,488
and weynd we on oure way,489
As fast as we may gone,490
to olyuete, to pray.491
Peter, Iamys, and thou Iohn,492
ryse vp and folow me!493
My tyme it commys anone;494
Abyde styll here, ye thre.495
Say youre prayers here by-neth,496
that ye fall in no fowdyng;497
My sawll is heuy agans the deth498
and the sore pynyng.499
ffader, let this great payn be styll,500
And pas away fro me;501
Bot not, fader, at my wyll,502
bot thyn fulfyllyd be.503
Symon, I say, slepys thou?504
awake, I red you all!505
The feynd ful fast salys you,506
In wan-hope to gar you fall;507
Bot I shall pray my fader so508
that his myght shall not dere;509
My goost is prest therto,510
my flesh is seke for fere.511
ffader, thi son I was,512
of the I aske this boyn;513
If This payn may not pas,514
fader, thi will be doyn!515
Ye slepe, brether, yit I see,516
it is for sorow that ye do so;517
Ye haue so long wepyd for me518
that ye ar masyd and lappyd in wo.519
Dere fader, thou here my wyll!520
this passyon thou put fro me away;521
And if I must nedys go ther-tyll,522
I shall fulfill thi wyll to-day;523
Therfor this bytter passyon524
if I may not put by,525
I am here redy at thi dom;526
thou comforte me that am drery!527
My comforte, son, I shall the tell,528
of thyngys that fell by reson;529
As lucyfer, for syn that fell,530
betrayd, eue with his fals treson,531
Adam assent his wyfe vntyll;532
the wekyd goost then askyd a bone533
which has hurt mankynde full yll;534
this was the wordys he askyd soyn:535
All that euer of adam com536
holly to hym to take,537
with hym to dwell, withoutten dome,538
In payn that neuer shall slake,539
To that a chyld, myght be borne540
of a madyn, and she wemles,541
As cleyn as that she was beforne,542
as puryd syluer or shynand glas;543
To tyme that childe to deth were dight,544
and rasyd hym self apon the thryd, day,545
And stenen to heuen thrugh his awne myght.546
who may do that bot god veray?547
Sen thou art man, and nedys must dee,548
and go to hell as othere done,549
Bot that were wrong, withoutten lee,550
that godys son there shuld won551
In payn with his vnder-lowte;552
wytt ye well withoutten weyn,553
when oone is borod, all shall owtt,554
and borod be from teyn.555
Slepe ye now and take youre rest!556
my tyme is nere command;557
Awake a whyle, for he is next558
that me shall gyf into synners hand.559
Peas! I commaunde you, carles vnkynde,560
to stand as styll as any stone!561
In donyon depe he shalbe pynde,562
that will not sesse his tong anone;563
ffor I am gouernowre of the law;564
my name it is pilate!565
I may lightly gar hang you or draw,566
I stand in sich astate,567
To do what so I will.568
and therfor peas I byd you all!569
And looke ye hold you still,570
and with no brodels brall,571
Tyll we haue done oure dede;572
who so makys nose or cry,573
his nek I shall gar blede,574
with this I bere in hy.575
To this tratoure be take,576
that wold dystroy oure lawe,577
Iudas, thou may it not forsake,578
take hede vnto my sawe.579
Thynk what thou has doyn,580
that has thi master sold,581
Performe thi bargan soyn;582
thou has thi money takyn and told.583
Ordan ye knyghtys to weynd with me,584
Richly arayd, in rewyll and rowtt;585
And all my couandys holden shall be,586
So I haue felyship me abowte.587
wherby, Iudas, shuld we hym knaw,588
If we shall wysely wyrk, Iwys?589
ffor som of vs hym neuer saw.590
lay hand on hym that I shall kys.591
haue done, sir knyghtys, and kythe youre strengthe,
And wap you wightly in youre wede;593
Seke ouer all, both brede and lengthe!594
Spare ye not, spende and spede!595
We haue soght hym les and more,596
And falyd ther we haue farn;597
Malcus, thou shall weynd before,598
And bere with the a light lantarne.599
Sir, this Iornay I vndertake600
with all my myght and mayn.601
If I shuld, for mahowns sake,602
here in this place be slayn,603
Crist that prophett for to take,604
we may be all full fayn.605
Oure weppyns redy loke ye make,606
to bryng hym in mekyll grame607
This nyght.608
Go we now on oure way,609
oure mastres for to may;610
Oure lantarnes take with vs alsway,611
And loke that thay be light!612
Secundus Miles
Sir pilate, prynce pereles in pall,613
of all men most myghty merked on mold,614
we ar euer more redy to com at thi call,615
and bow to thi bydyng as bachlers shold.616
Bot that prynce of the apostyls pupplyshed beforne,
Men call hym crist, comen of dauid kyn,618
his lyfe full sone shalbe forlorne,619
If we haue hap hym forto wyn.620
haue done!621
ffor, as euer ete I breede,622
or I styr in this stede623
I wold stryke of his hede;624
lord, I aske that boyne.625
Primus Miles
That boyn, lord, thou vs bede,626
and on hym wreke the sone we shall;627
ffro we haue lade on hym good spede;628
he shall no more hym godys son call.629
we shall marke hym truly his mede;630
by mahowne most, god of all,631
Siche thre knyghtys had lytyll drede632
To bynde the dwill that we on call,633
In nede;634
ffor if thay were a thowsand mo,635
that prophete and his apostels also636
with thise two handys for to slo,637
had I lytyll drede.638
Now curtes kasers of kamys kyn,639
most gentyll of Iure to me that I fynde,640
My comforth from care may ye sone wyn,641
if ye happely may hent that vnheynde.642
Bot go ye hens spedely and loke ye not spare;643
My frenship, my fortherans, shall euer with you be;
And mahowne that is myghfull he menske you euermare!
Bryng you safe and sownde with that brodell to me!646
In place647
where so euer ye weynd,648
ye knyghtys so heynde,649
Sir lucyfer the feynde650
he lede you the trace!651
Ryse vp, peter, and go with me,652
and folowe me withoutten stryfe;653
Iudas wakys, and slepys not he;654
he commys to betray me here belyfe.655
wo be to hym that bryngys vp slaunder!656
he were better his dethe to take;657
Bot com furth, peter, and tary no langere:658
lo, where thay com that will me take!659
Rest well, master, ihesus fre!660
I pray the that thou wold kys me enys;661
I am commen to socoure the;662
thou art aspyed, what so it menys.663
Iudas! whi makys thou sich a brayde?664
trowys thou not I knowe thi will?665
with kyssyng has thou me betrayd:666
that shall thou rew som tyme ful yll.667
whome seke ye, syrs, by name?668
Secundus Miles
we seke ihesu of nazarene.669
I kepe not my name to layn;670
lo, I am here, the same ye mene;671
Bot whome seke ye with wepyns kene?672
Primus Miles
To say the sothe, and not to ly,673
we seke ihesu of nazarene.674
I told you ere that it was I.675
Dar no man on hym lay hand?676
I shall cach hym, if I may;677
A flateryng foyll has thou bene lang,678
bot now is commen thyn endyng day.679
I wold be dede within short space680
or I shuld se this sight!681
Go, pleyn the to sir cayphas,682
and byd hym do the right!683
Alas, the tyme that I was borne,684
or today com in this stede!685
My right ere I haue forlorne!686
help, alas, I blede to dede!687
Thou man, that menys thi hurt so sare,688
com heder, let me thi wounde se;689
Take me thi ere that he of share:690
In nomine patris hole thou be!691
Now am I hole as I was ere,692
My hurt is neuer the wars;693
Therfor, felows, drawe me nere!694
the dwill hym spede that hym spars!695
Therfor, peter, I say the this,696
my will it is that all men witten:697
Put vp thi swerde and do no mys,698
for he that smytys, he shalbe smyten.699
ye knyghtys that be commen now here,700
thus assemblyd in a rowte,701
As I were thefe, or thefys fere,702
with wepyns com ye me abowte;703
Me thynk, for sothe, ye do full yll704
thus for to seke me in the nyght;705
Bot what penance ye put me tyll,706
ye let my felows go with gryth.707
Secundus Miles
Lede hym furth fast by the gate!708
hangyd be he that sparis hym oght!709
Primus Miles
how thynk the, sir pilate,710
bi this brodell that we haue broght?711
Is he the same and the self, I say,712
that has wroght vs this care?713
It has bene told, sen many a day,714
sayngys of hym full sare.715
It was tyll vs greatt woghe,716
ffrom dede to lyfe thou rasyd lazare;717
Sen stalkyd stylly bi the see swoghe;718
both domb and defe thou salfyd from sare.719
Thou passys cesar bi dede,720
or sir herode oure kyng.721
Secundus Miles
let deme hym fast to dede,722
and let for no kyn thyng.723
Primus Miles
Sen he has forfett agans oure lawe,724
let vs deme hym in this stede.725
I will not assent vnto youre saw;726
I can ordan well better red.727
Better red? yei dwill! how so?728
then were oure sorow lastand ay;729
And he thus furth shuld go,730
he wold dystroy oure lay.731
wold ye all assent to me,732
this bargan shuld be strykyn anone;733
By nyghtertayll dede shuld he be,734
and till oure awnter stand ilkon.735
Peasse, harlottis, the dwill you spede!736
wold ye thus preualy morder a man?737
when euery man has red his red,738
let se who better say can.739
To cayphas hall loke fast ye wyrk,740
And thider right ye shall hym lede;741
he has the rewll of holy kyrk,742
lett hym deme hym whyk or dede;743
ffor he has wroght agans oure law,744
ffor-thi most skyll can he ther on.745
Secundus Miles
Sir, we assent vnto youre saw;746
Com furth, bewshere, and lett vs gone.747
Step furth, in the wenyande!748
wenys thou ay to stand styll?749
Nay, luskand losell, lawes of the land750
Shall fayll bot we haue oure will;751
Out of my handis shall thou not pas752
ffor all the craft thou can;753
Till thou com to sir cayphas,754
Saue the shall no man.755

The BuffetingContents

Primus Tortor
Do Io furth, Io! / and trott on a pase!1
To anna will we go / and sir cayphas;2
witt thou well of thaym two / gettys thou no grace,
Bot euerlastyng wo / for trespas thou has4
so mekill.5
Thi mys is more6
then euer gettys thou grace fore;7
Thou has beyn ay-whore8
ffull fals and full fekyll.9
Secundus Tortor
It is wonder to dre / thus to be gangyng;10
we haue had for the / mekill hart stangyng;11
Bot at last shall we be / out of hart langyng,12
Be thou haue had two or three / hetys worth a hangyng;
No wonder!14
Sich wyles can thou make.15
gar the people farsake16
Oure lawes, and thyne take;17
thus art thou broght in blonder.18
Primus Tortor
Thou can not say agaynt / If thou be trew;19
Som men holdys the sant / and that shall thou rew;20
ffare wordys can thou paynt / and lege lawes new.21
Secundus Tortor
Now be ye ataynt / for we will persew22
On this mater.23
Many wordys has thou saide24
Of which we ar not well payde;25
As good that thou had26
halden still thi clater.27
Primus Tortor
It is better syt still / then rise vp and fall;28
Thou has long had thi will / and made many brall;29
At the last wold, thou spill / and for-do vs all,30
If we dyd neuer yll. /31
Secundus Tortor
I trow not, he shall
Indure it;32
ffor if other men ruse hym,33
we shall accuse hym;34
his self shall not excuse hym;35
To you I insure it,36
with no legeance. /37
Primus Tortor
fayn wold he wynk,
Els falys his covntenance; / I say as I thynk.38
Secundus Tortor
he has done vs greuance / therfor shall he drynk;39
haue he mekill myschaunsce / that has gart vs swynke
In walkyng,41
That vnneth may I more.42
Primus Tortor
Peas, man, we ar thore!43
I shall walk in before,44
And tell of his talkyng.45
haill, syrs, as ye sytt / so worthi in wonys!46
whi spyrd ye not yit / how we haue farne this onys?
Secundus Tortor
Sir, we wold fayn witt / all wery ar oure bonys;48
we haue had a fytt / right yll for the nonys,49
So tarid.50
Say, were ye oght adred?51
were ye oght wrang led?52
Or in any strate sted?53
Syrs, who was myscaryd?54
Say, were ye oght in dowte / for fawte of light55
As ye wached ther owte? /56
Primus Tortor
sir, as I am true knyght,
Of my dame sen I sowked / had I neuer sich a nyght;
Myn een were not lowked / to-geder right58
Sen morowe;59
Bot yit I thynk it well sett,60
Sen we with this tratoure met;61
Sir, this is he that forfett62
And done so mekill sorow.63
Can ye hym oght apeche? / had he any ferys?64
Secundus Tortor
he has bene for to preche / full many long yeris;65
And the people he teche / a new law.66
Primus Tortor
syrs, heris!
As far as his witt reche / many oone he lerys;67
when we toke hym,68
we faunde hym in a yerde;69
Bot when I drew out my swerde,70
his dyscypyls wex ferde,71
And soyn thay forsoke hym.72
Secundus Tortor
Sir, I hard hym say he cowthe dystroew / oure tempyll so gay,
and sithen beld a new / on the thrid, day.74
how myght that be trew? / it toke more aray;75
The masons I knewe / that hewed it, I say,76
so wyse;77
That hewed ilka stone.78
Primus Tortor
A, good sir, lett hym oone;79
he lyes for the quetstone,80
I gyf hym the pryce.81
Secundus Tortor
The halt rynes, the blynd sees / thrugh his fals wyles;
Thus he gettis many fees / of thym he begyles.83
Primus Tortor
he rases men that dees / thay seke hym be myles;84
And euer thrugh his soceres / oure sabate day defyles
Euermore, sir.86
Secundus Tortor
This is his vse and his custom,87
To heyll the defe and the dom,88
where so euer he com;89
I tell you before, sir.90
Primus Tortor
Men call hym / a prophete and godis son of heuen;91
he wold fayn downe bryng / oure lawes bi his steuen.
Secundus Tortor
yit is ther anothere thyng / that I hard hym neuen,
he settys not a fle wyng / bi sir cesar full euen;94
he says thus;95
Sir, this same is he96
that excusyd with his sotelte97
A woman in avowtre;98
ffull well may ye trust vs.99
Primus Tortor
Sir lazare can he rase / that men may persaue,100
when he had lyne fower dayes / ded in his graue;101
All men hym prase / both master and knaue,102
Such wychcraft he mase. /103
Secundus Tortor
If he abowte waue
Any langere,104
his warkys may we ban;105
ffor he has turned many man106
Sen the tyme he began,107
And done vs great hangere.108
Primus Tortor
he will not leyfe yit / thof he be culpabyll;109
Men call hym a prophete / a lord full renabyll.110
Sir cayphas, bi my wytt / he shuld be dampnabill,111
Bot wold ye two, as ye sytt / make it ferme and stabyll
To geder;113
ffor ye two, as I traw,114
May defende all oure law;115
That mayde vs to you draw,116
And bryng this losell heder.117
Secundus Tortor
Sir, I can tell you before / as myght I be maryd,118
If he reyne any more / oure lawes ar myscaryd.119
Primus Tortor
Sir, opposed if he wore / he shuld be fon waryd;120
That is well seyn thore / where he has long tarid121
And walkyd.122
he is sowre lottyn:123
Ther is somwhat forgottyn;124
I shall thryng out the rottyn,125
Be we haue all talkyd.126
Now fare myght you fall / for youre talkyng!127
ffor, certys, I my self shall / make examynyng.128
harstow, harlott, of all? / of care may thou syng!129
How durst thou the call / aythere emperoure or kyng?
I do fy the!131
what the dwill doyst thou here?132
Thi dedys will do the dere;133
Com nar and rowne in myn eeyr,134
Or I shall ascry the.135
Illa-hayll was thou borne! / harke! says he oght agane?
Thou shall onys or to-morne / to speke be full fayne.
This is a great skorne / and a fals trane;138
Now wols-hede and out-horne / on the be tane!139
Vile fature!140
Oone worde myght thou speke ethe,141
yit myght it do the som letht,142
Et omnis qui tacet143
hic consentire videtur.144
Speke on oone word / right in the dwyllys name!145
where was thi syre at bord / when he met with thi dame?
what, nawder bowted ne spurd / and a lord of name!147
Speke on in a torde / the dwill gif the shame,148
Sir sybre!149
Perde, if thou were a kyng,150
yit myght thou be ridyng;151
ffy on the, fundlyng!152
Thou lyfys bot bi brybre.153
Lad, I am a prelate / a lord in degre,154
Syttys in myn astate / as thou may se,155
knyghtys on me to wate / in dyuerse degre;156
I myght thole the abate / and knele on thi kne157
In my present;158
As euer syng I mes,159
whoso kepis the lawe, I gess,160
he gettis more by purches161
Then bi his fre rent.162
The dwill gif the shame / that euer I knew the!163
Nather blynde ne lame / will none persew the;164
Therfor I shall the name / that euer shall rew the,
kyng copyn in oure game / thus shall I indew the,166
ffor a fatur.167
Say, dar thou not speke for ferde?168
I shrew hym the lerd,169
weme! the dwillys durt in thi berd,170
vyle fals tratur!171
Though thi lyppis be stokyn / yit myght thou say, mom;
Great wordis has thou spokyn / then was thou not dom.
Be it hole worde or brokyn / com, owt with som,174
Els on the I shall be wrokyn / or thi ded com175
All outt.176
Aythere has thou no wytt,177
Or els ar thyn ere dytt;178
why bot herd thou not yit?179
So, I cry and I showte.180
A, sir, be not yll payde / though he not answere;181
he is inwardly flayde / not right in his gere.182
No, bot the wordis he has saide / doth my hart great dere.
Sir, yit may ye be dayde. /184
nay, whils I lif nere.
Sir, amese you.185
Now fowll myght hym befall!186
Sir, ye ar vexed at all,187
And perauentur he shall188
here after pleas you;189
we may bi oure law / examyn hym fyrst.190
Bot I gif hym a blaw / my hart will brist.191
Abyde to ye his purpose knaw. /192
nay, bot I shall out thrist
Both his een on a raw. /193
sir, ye will not, I tryst,
Be so vengeabyll;194
Bot let me oppose hym.195
I pray you, and sloes hym.196
Sir, we may not lose hym197
Bot we were dampnabill.198
he has adyld his ded / a kyng he hym calde;199
war! let me gyrd of his hede! /200
I hope not ye wold;
Bot sir do my red / youre worship to hald.201
Shall I neuer ete bred / to that he be stald202
In the stokys.203
Sir, speke soft and styll,204
let vs do as the law will.205
Nay, I myself shall hym kyll,206
And murder with knokys.207
Sir, thynk ye that ye ar / a man of holy kyrk,208
ye shuld be oure techer / mekenes to wyrk.209
yei, bot all is out of har / and that shall he yrk.
All soft may men go far / oure lawes ar not myrk,211
I weyn;212
Youre wordys ar bustus,213
Et hoc nos volumus214
Quod de Iure possumus:215
ye wote what I meyn;216
It is best that we trete hym / with farenes.217
We, nay!
And so myght we gett hym / som word for to say.218
war! let me bett hym! /219
syr, do away!
ffor if ye thus thrett hym / he spekys not this day.
Bot herys;221
wold ye sesse and abyde,222
I shuld take hym on syde223
And inquere of his pryde,224
how he oure folke lerys.225
he has reuyd ouer lang / with his fals lyys,226
And done mekyll wrang / sir cesar he defyes;227
Therfor shall I hym hang / or I vp ryse.228
Sir, the law will not he gang / on nokyn wyse229
Bot fyrst wold I here231
what he wold answere;232
Bot he dyd any dere233
why shuld he be flemyd?234
And therfor examynyng / ffyrst will I make,235
Sen that he callys hym a kyng. /236
bot he that forsake
I shall gyf hym a wryng / that his nek shall crak.237
Syr, ye may not hym dyng / no word yit he spake,238
That I wyst.239
hark, felow, com nar!240
wyll thou neuer be war?241
I haue meruell thou dar242
Thus do thyn awne lyst.243
Bot I shall do as the law wyll / if the people ruse the;
Say, dyd thou oght this yll? / can thou oght excuse the?
why standys thou so styll / when men thus accuse the?
ffor to hyng on a hyll / hark how thay ruse the247
To dam.248
Say, art thou godys son of heuen,249
As thou art wonte for to neuen?250
So thou says by thy steuen,251
And right so I am;252
ffor after this shall thou se / when that [I] do com downe
In brightnes on he / in clowdys from abone.254
A, ill myght the feete be / that broght the to towne!
Thou art worthy to de! / say, thefe, where is thi crowne?
Abyde, sir,257
let vs lawfully redres.258
we nede no wytnes,259
hys self says expres;260
whi shuld I not chyde, sir?261
was ther neuer man so wyk / bot he myght amende.262
when it com to the pryk / right as youre self kend.
Nay, sir, bot I shall hym styk / euen with myn awne hend;
ffor if he reue and be whyk / we ar at an end,265
All sam!266
Therfor, whils I am in this brethe,267
let me put hym to deth.268
Sed nobis non licet269
Interficere quemquam.270
Sir, ye wote better then I / we shuld slo no man.271
his dedys I defy / his warkys may we ban,272
Therfor shall he by. /273
nay, on oder wyse than,
And do it lawfully. /274
as how?
tel you I can.
let se.275
Sir take tent to my sawes;276
Men of temporall lawes277
Thay may deme sich cause,278
And so may not we.279
My hart is full cold / nerehand that I swelt;280
ffor talys that ar told / I bolne at my belt,281
Vnethes may it hold / my body, an ye it felt;282
yit wold I gif of my gold / yond tratoure to pelt283
ffor euer.284
Good sir, do as ye hett me.285
whi shall he ouer-sett me?286
Sir anna, if ye lett me287
ye do not youre deuer.288
Sir, ye ar a prelate. /289
so may I well seme,
My self if I say it. /290
be not to breme;
Sich men of astate / shuld no men deme,291
bot send them to pilate / the temporall law to yeme
has he;293
he may best threte hym,294
And all to rehete hym;295
It is shame you to bete hym296
Therfor, sir, let be.297
ffy on hym and war! / I am oute of my gate;298
say why standys he so far. /299
sir, he cam bot late.
No, bot I haue knyghtys that dar / rap hym on the pate.
ye ar bot to skar / good sir abate,301
And here;302
what nedys you to chyte?303
what nedys you to flyte?304
If ye yond man smyte,305
ye ar irregulere.306
he that fyrst made me clerk / and taght me my lare,
On bookys for to barke / the dwill gyf hym care!308
A, good sir, hark! / sich wordys myght ye spare.309
Els myght I haue made vp wark / of yond, harlot and mare,
Bot certys, or he hens yode,312
It wold do me som good313
To se knyghtys knok his hoode314
with knokys two or thre.315
ffor sen he has trespast / and broken oure law,316
let vs make hym agast / and set hym in awe.317
sir, as ye haue hast / it shalbe, I traw.318
Com and make redy fast / ye knyghtys on a raw,319
youre arament;320
And that kyng to you take,321
And with knokys make hym wake.322
yei, syrs, and for my sake323
Gyf hym good payment.324
ffor if I myght go with you / as I wold that I myght,
I shuld, make myn avowe / that ons or mydnyght326
I shuld make his heede sow / wher that I hyt right.
Primus Tortor
Sir, drede you not now / of this cursed wight328
To day,329
ffor we shall so rok hym,330
and with buffettys knok hym.331
And I red that ye lok hym,332
That he ryn not away,333
ffor I red not we mete / if that lad skap.334
Secundus Tortor
Sir, on vs be it / bot we clowt well his kap.335
wold ye do as ye heytt / it were a fayr hap.336
Primus Tortor
Sir, see ye and sytt / how that we hym knap,337
Oone ffeste;338
Bot or we go to this thyng,339
Sayn vs, lord, with thy ryng.340
Now he shall haue my blyssyng341
That knokys hym the best.342
Secundus Tortor
Go we now to oure noyte / with this fond foyll.343
Primus Tortor
we shall teche hym, I wote / a new play of yoyll,344
And hold hym full hote / frawrord, a stoyll345
Go fetch vs!346
We, dote! / now els were it doyll
And vnneth;347
ffor the wo that he shall dre348
let hym knele on his kne.349
Secundus Tortor
And so shall he for me;350
Go fetche vs a light buffit.351
why must he sytt soft / with a mekill myschaunce,352
That has tenyd vs thus oft? /353
Primus Tortor
sir, we do it for a skawnce;
If he stode vp on loft / we must hop and dawnse354
As cokys in a croft. /355
Now a veniance
Com on hym!356
Good skill can ye shew,357
As fell I the dew;358
haue this, bere it, shrew!359
ffor soyn shall we fon hym.360
Secundus Tortor
Com, sir, and syt downe / must ye be prayde?361
lyke a lord of renowne / youre sete is arayde.362
Primus Tortor
we shall preue on his crowne / the wordys he has sayde.
Secundus Tortor
Ther is none in this towne / I trow, be ill payde364
Of his sorow,365
Bot the fader that hym gate.366
Primus Tortor
Now, for oght that I wate,367
All his kyn commys to late368
his body to borow.369
Secundus Tortor
I wold we were onwarde. /370
Primus Tortor
bot his een must be hyd.
Secundus Tortor
yei, bot thay be well spard / we lost that we dyd;371
Step furth thou, froward! /372
what is now betyd?
Primus Tortor
Thou art euer away ward. /373
haue ye none to byd
Bot me?374
I may syng ylla-hayll.375
Secundus Tortor
Thou must get vs a vayll.376
ye ar euer in oone tayll.377
Primus Tortor
Now ill myght thou the!378
well had thou thi name / for thou was euer curst.379
Sir, I myght say the same / to you if I durst;380
yit my hyer may I clame / no penny I purst;381
I haue had mekyll shame / hunger and thurst,382
In youre seruyce.383
Primus Tortor
Not oone word so bold!384
why, it is trew that I told!385
ffayn preue it I wold.386
Secundus Tortor
Thou shalbe cald to peruyce.387
here a vayll haue I fon / I trow it will last.388
Primus Tortor
Bryng it hyder, good son / that is it that I ast.389
how shuld, it be bon? /390
Secundus Tortor
abowte his heade cast.
Primus Tortor
yei, and when it is well won / knyt a knot fast391
I red.392
Is it weyll?393
Secundus Tortor
yei, knaue.
what, weyn ye that I rafe?394
Cryst curs myght he haue395
That last bond his head!396
Primus Tortor
Now sen he is blynfold, / I fall to begyn,397
And thus was I counseld / the mastry to wyn.398
Secundus Tortor
Nay, wrang has thou told / thus shuld, thou com in!
I stode and beheld, / thou towchid, not the skyn,400
Bot fowll.401
Primus Tortor
how will thou I do?402
Secundus Tortor
On this manere, lo!403
yei, that was well gone to,404
Thar start vp a cowll.405
Primus Tortor
Thus shall we hym refe / all his fonde talys.406
Secundus Tortor
Ther is noght in thi nefe / or els thi hart falys.407
I can my hand vphefe / and knop out the skalys.408
Primus Tortor
Godys forbot ye lefe / bot set in youre nalys409
On raw.410
Sit vp and prophecy.411
Bot make vs no ly.412
Secundus Tortor
who smote the last?413
Primus Tortor
was it I?
he wote not, I traw.414
Primus Tortor
ffast to sir cayphas / go we togeder.415
Secundus Tortor
Ryse vp with ill grace / so com thou hyder.416
It semys by his pase / he groches to go thyder.417
Primus Tortor
we haue gyfen hym a glase / ye may consyder,418
To kepe.419
Secundus Tortor
Sir, for his great boost,420
with knokys he is indoost.421
In fayth, sir, we had almost422
knokyd hym on slepe.423
Now sen he is well bett / weynd on youre gate,424
And tell ye the forfett / vnto sir pylate;425
ffor he is a Iuge sett / emang men of state,426
And looke that ye not let. /427
Primus Tortor
Com furth, old crate,
Be lyfe!428
we shall lede the a trott.429
Secundus Tortor
lyft thy feet may thou not.430
Then nedys me do nott431
Bot com after and dryfe.432
Alas, now take I hede! /433
why mowrne ye so?
ffor I am euer in drede / wandreth, and wo,434
lest pylate for mede / let ihesus go;435
Bot had I slayn hym indede / with thise handys two,
At onys,437
All had bene qwytt than;438
Bot gyftys marres many man.439
Bot he deme the sothe than,440
The dwill haue his bonys!441
Sir anna, all I wyte you this blame / for had ye not beyn,
I had mayde hym full tame / yei, stykyd hym, I weyn,
To the hart full wan / with this dagger so keyn.444
Sir, you must shame / sich wordys for to meyn445
Emang men.446
I will not dwell in this stede,447
Bot spy how thay hym lede,448
And persew on his dede.449
ffare well! we gang, men.450

The ScourgingContents

Peasse at my bydyng, ye wyghtys in wold!1
Looke none be so hardy to speke a word bot I,2
Or by mahowne most myghty, maker on mold,3
With this brande that I bere ye shall bytterly aby.
Say, wote ye not that I am pylate, perles to behold,?
Most doughty in dedys of dukys of the Iury;6
In bradyng of batels I am the most bold,7
Therfor my name to you will I dyscry,8
No mys.9
I am full of sotelty,10
ffalshed, gyll, and trechery;11
Therfor am I namyd by clergy12
As mali actoris.13
ffor like as on both sydys the Iren the hamer makith playn,
So do I, that the law has here in my kepyng;15
The right side to socoure, certys, I am full bayn,16
If I may get therby a vantege or wynyng;17
Then to the fals parte I turne me agayn,18
ffor I se more Vayll will to me be risyng;19
Thus euery man to drede me shalbe full fayn,20
And all faynt of thare fayth to me be obeyng,21
All fals endytars,23
Quest-gangars, and Iurars,24
And thise out-rydars25
Ar welcom to me.26
Bot this prophete, that has prechyd and puplyshed so playn
Cristen law, crist thay call hym in oure cuntre;28
Bot oure prynces full prowdly this nyght haue hym tayn,
ffull tytt to be dampned he shall be hurlyd byfore me;
I shall fownde to be his freynd vtward, in certayn,
And shew hym fare cowntenance and wordys of vanyte;
Bot or this day at nyght on crosse shall he be slayn,
Thus agans hym in my hart I bere great enmyte34
ffull sore.35
ye men that vse bak-bytyngys,36
and rasars of slanderyngys,37
ye ar my dere darlyngys,38
And mahowns for euermore.39
ffor no thyng in this warld dos me more grefe40
Then for to here of crist and of his new lawes;41
To trow that he is godys son my hart wold all to clefe,
Though he be neuer so trew both in dedys and in sawes
Therfor shall he suffre mekill myschefe,44
And all the dyscypyls that vnto hym drawes;45
ffor ouer all solace to me it is most lefe,46
The shedyng of cristen bloode, and that all Iury knawes,
I say you.48
My knyghtys full swythe49
Thare strengthes will thay kyth,50
And bryng hym be-lyfe;51
lo, where thay com now!52
Primus Tortor
I haue ron that I swett / from sir herode oure kyng
With this man that will not lett / oure lawes to downe bryng;
he has done so mych forfett / of care may he syng;55
Thrugh dom of sir pylate he gettys / an yll endyng56
And sore;57
The great warkys he has wroght58
Shall serue hym of noght,59
And bot thay be dere boght60
lefe me no more.61
Bot make rowme in this rese / I byd you, belyfe,62
And of youre noys that ye sesse / both man and wyfe;
To sir pylate on dese / this man will we dryfe,64
his dede for to dres / and refe hym his lyfe65
This day;66
Do draw hym forward!67
whi stand ye so bakward?68
Com on sir, hyderward,69
As fast as ye may!70
Secundus Tortor
Do pull hym a-rase / whyls we be gangyng;71
I shall spytt in his face / though it be fare shynyng;
Of vs thre gettys thou no grace / thi dedys ar so noyng,
Bot more sorow thou hase / oure myrth is incresyng,
No lak.75
ffelows, all in hast,76
with this band that will last77
Let vs bynde fast78
Both his handys on his bak.79
Tercius Tortor
I shall lede the a dawnce / Vnto sir pilate hall;80
Thou betyd an yll chawnce / to com emangys vs all.81
Sir pilate, with youre cheftance / to you we cry and call
That ye make som ordynance / with this brodell thrall,
By skyll;84
This man that we led,85
On crosse ye put to ded.86
what! with outten any red?87
That is not my wyll;88
Bot ye, wysest of law / to me ye be tendand:89
This man withoutten awe / which ye led in a band,90
Nather in dede ne in saw / can I fynd with no wrang,
wherfor ye shuld, hym draw / or bere falsly on hand
With ill.93
ye say he turnes oure pepyll,94
ye call hym fals and fekyll;95
warldys shame is on you mekyll96
This man if ye spyll.97
Of all thise causes ilkon / which ye put on hym,98
Herode, truly as stone / coud fynd with nokyns gyn99
Nothyng herapon / that pent to any syn;100
why shuld I then so soyn / to ded here deme hym?101
This is my counsell,103
I will not with hym mell;104
let hym go where he wyll105
ffor now and euermore.106
Primus Consultus
Sir, I say the oone thyng / without any mys,107
he callys his self a kyng / ther he none is;108
Thus he wold downe bryng / oure lawes, I-wys,109
with his fals lesyng / and his quantys,110
This tyde.111
herk, felow, com nere!112
Thou knowes I haue powere113
To excuse or to dampne here,114
In bayll to abyde.115
Sich powere has thou noght / to wyrk thi will thus with me,
Bot from my fader that is broght / oone-fold god in persons thre.
Certys, it is fallen well in my thoght / at this tyme, as well wote ye,
A thefe that any felony has wroght / to lett hym skap or go fre
Therfor ye lett hym pas.121
Primus Tortor
Nay, nay, bot barabas!122
And ihesus in this case123
To deth ye dam this day.124
Syrs, looke ye take good hede / his cloysse ye spoyll hym fro,
ye gar his body blede / and bett hym blak and bloo.
Secundus Tortor
This man, as myght I spede / that has wroght vs this wo,
how "Iudicare" comys in crede / shall we teche, or we go,
All soyne.129
haue bynd to this pyllar.130
Tercius Tortor
why standys thou so far?131
Primus Tortor
To bett his body bar132
I haste, withoutten hoyne.133
Secundus Tortor
Now fall I the fyrst / to flap on hys hyde.134
Tercius Tortor
My hartt wold all to-bryst / bot I myght tyll hym glyde.
Primus Tortor
A swap fayn, if I durst / wold I lene the this tyde.
Secundus Tortor
war! lett me rub on the rust / that the bloode downe glyde
As swythe.138
Tercius Tortor
haue att!139
Primus Tortor
Take thou that!140
Secundus Tortor
I shall lene the a flap,141
My strengthe for to kythe.142
Tercius Tortor
Where on seruys thi prophecy / thou tell vs in this case,
And all thi warkys of greatt mastry / thou shewed in dyuers place?
Primus Tortor
Thyn apostels full radly / ar run from the a rase,145
Thou art here in oure baly / withoutten any grace146
Of skap.147
Secundus Tortor
Do, rug him.148
Tercius Tortor
Do, dyng hym.149
Primus Tortor
Nay, I myself shuld kyll hym150
Bot for sir pilate.151
Syrs, at the ffeste of architreclyn / this prophete he was;
Ther turnyd he water into wyn / that day he had sich grace,
his apostels to hym can enclyn / and other that ther was;
The see he past bot few yeres syn / it lete hym walk theron apase
At wyll;156
The elementys all bydeyn,157
And wyndes that ar so keyn,158
The firmamente, as I weyn,159
Ar hym obeyng tyll.160
Secundus Tortor
A lepir cam full fast / to this man that here standys,
And prayed hym, in all hast / of bayll to lowse his bandys;
his trauell was not wast / though he cam from far landys;
This prophete tyll hym past / and helyd hym with his handys,
ffull blythe.165
The son of Centuryon,166
ffor whom his fader made greatt mone,167
Of the palsy he helyd anone,168
Thay lowfyd hym oft sythe.169
Tercius Tortor
Sirs, as he cam from iherico / a blynde man satt by the way;
To hym walkand with many mo / cryand to hym thus can he say,
"Thou son of dauid, or thou go / of blyndnes hele thou me this day."
Ther was he helyd of all his wo / sich wonders can he wyrk all way
At wyll;174
he rasys men from deth to lyfe,175
And castys out devyls from thame oft sythe,176
seke men cam to hym full ryfe,177
He helys thaym of all yll.178
Primus Tortor
ffor all thise dedys of great louyng / fower thyngys I haue fond certanly,
ffor which he is worthy to hyng: / oone is oure kyng that he wold be;
Oure sabbot day in his wyrkyng / he lettys not to hele the seke truly;
he says oure temple he shall downe bryng / and in thre daies byg it in hy
All hole agane;183
Syr pilate, as ye sytt,184
looke wysely in youre wytt;185
Dam ihesu or ye flytt186
On crosse to suffre his payne.187
Thou man that suffurs all this yll / Why Wyll thou Vs no mercy cry?
Slake thy hart and thi greatt wyll / whyls on the we haue mastry;
Of thy greatt warkes shew vs som skyll; / men call the kyng, thou tell vs why;
wherfor the Iues seke the to spyll / the cause I wold, knowe wytterly,
Say what is thy name,193
Thou lett for no shame,194
Thay putt on the greatt blame,195
Els myght [thou] skap for me.196
Secundus Consultus
Syr pilate, prynce peerles / this is my red,197
That he skap not harmeles / bot do hym to ded:198
he cals hym a kyng in euery place / thus wold he ouer led
Oure people in his trace / and oure lawes downe tred
By skyll;201
Syr, youre knyghtes of good lose,202
and the pepyll with oone voce,203
To hyng hym hy on a crosse204
Thay cry and call you vntyll.205
Now certys, this is a wonder thyng / that ye wold bryng to noght
hym that is youre lege lordyng / In faith this was far soght;
Bot say, why make ye none obeyng / to hym that all has wroght?
Tercius Tortor
Sir, he is oure chefe lordyng / sir Cesar so worthyly wroght
On mold.210
pylate, do after vs,211
And dam to deth ihesus212
Or to sir Cesar we trus,213
And make thy frenship cold.214
Now that I am sakles / of this bloode shall ye see;
Both my handys in expres / weshen sall be;216
This bloode bees dere boght I ges / that ye spill so frele.
Primus Tortor
we pray it fall endles / on vs and oure meneye,218
with wrake.219
Now youre desyre fulfyll I shall;220
Take hym emangs you all,221
On crosse ye put that thrall,222
his endyng ther to take.223
Primus Tortor
Com on! tryp on thi tose / without any fenyng;224
Thou has made many glose / with thy fals talkyng.225
Secundus Tortor
we ar worthy greatte lose / that thus has broght a kyng
ffrom sir pilate and othere fose thus into oure ryng,
withoutt any hoyne.228
Sirs, a kyng he hym cals,229
Therfor a crowne hym befals.230
Tercius Tortor
I swere by all myn elder sauls,231
I shall it ordan soyne.232
Primus Tortor
Lo! here a crowne of thorne / to perch his brane within,
putt on his hede with skorne / and gar thyrll the skyn.
Secundus Tortor
hayll kyng! where was thou borne / sich worship for to wyn?
we knele all the beforne / and the to grefe will we not blyn,
That be thou bold.237
Now by mahownes bloode!238
Ther will no mete do me goode239
To he be hanged on a roode,240
And his bones be cold.241
Primus Tortor
Syrs, we may be fayn / ffor I haue fon a tree,242
I tell you in certan / it is of greatt bewtee,243
On the which he shall suffre payn / be feste with nales thre,
Ther shall nothyng hym gayn / ther on to he dede be,
I insure it;246
Do, bryng hym hence.247
Secundus Tortor
Take vp oure gere and defence.248
Tercius Tortor
I wold spende all my spence249
To se hym ones skelpt.250
Primus Tortor
This cros vp thou take / and make the redy bowne;251
Withoutt gruchyng thou rake / and bere it thrugh the towne;
Mary, thi moder, I wote will make / great mowrnyng and mone,
But for thy fals dedys sake / shortly thou salbe slone,
No nay;255
The pepyll of bedlem,256
and gentyls of Ierusalem,257
All the comoners of this reme,258
shall wonder on the this day.259
John the Apostle
Alas! for my master moste of myght,260
That yester euen with lanterne bright261
before Caiphas was broght;262
Both peter and I sagh that sight,263
And sithen we fled away full wight,264
when Iues so wonderly wroght;265
At morne thay toke to red, And fals witnes furth soght,
And demyd hym to be dede, That to thaym trespaste noght,
Alas! for his modere and othere moo,268
My moder and hir syster also,269
Sat sam with syghyng sore;270
Thay Wote nothyng of all this wo,271
Therfor to tell thaym will I go,272
Sen I may mend no more.273
If he shuld dy thus tyte And thay vnwarned wore,274
I were Worthy to wyte; I will go fast therfor.275
God saue you, systers all in fere!276
Dere lady, if thi will were,277
I must tell tythyngys playn.278
Welcom, Iohn, my cosyn dere!279
how farys my son sen thou was here?280
That wold I wyt full fayn.281
John the Apostle
A, dere lady with youre leyff, The trouth shuld no man layn,
Ne with godys will thaym grefe.283
whi, Iohn, is my son slayn?
John the Apostle
Nay lady, I saide not so,284
Bot ye me myn he told vs two285
And thaym that with vs wore,286
how he with pyne shuld pas vs fro,287
And efte shuld com vs to,288
To amende oure syghyng sore;289
It may not stand in stede To sheynd youre self therfore.
Mary Magdalene
Alas! this day for drede! Good Iohn, neven this no more!
Speke preualy I the pray,292
ffor I am ferde, if we hir flay,293
That she will ryn and rafe.294
John the Apostle
The sothe behowys me nede to say,295
he is damyd to dede this day,296
Ther may no sorow hym safe.297
Maria Jacobi
Good Iohn, tell vnto vs two What thou of hir will crafe,
And we will gladly go And help that thou it haue.299
John the Apostle
Systers, youre mowrnyng may not amende;300
And ye will ever, or he take ende,301
Speke with my master free,302
Then must ye ryse and with me weynd,303
And kepe hym as he shall be kend304
Withoutt yond same cyte;305
If ye will nygh me nere, Com fast and felowe me.306
A, help me, systers dere! That I my son may see.307
Mary Magdalene
Lady, we wold weynd full fayn,308
Hertely With all oure myght and mayn,309
youre comforth to encrese.310
Good Iohn, go before and frayn.311
John the Apostle
Lo, where he commes vs euen agayn312
with all yond mekyll prese!313
All youre mowrnyng in feyr / may not his sorow sese.
Alas, for my son dere, / that me to moder chese!315
Alas, dere son for care / I se thi body blede;316
My self I will for-fare / for the in this great drede,
This cros on thi shulder bare / to help the in this nede,
I will it bere with greatt hart sare / wheder thay will the lede.
This cros is large in lengthe / and also bustus with all;
If thou put to thi strengthe / to the erthe thou mon downe fall.
A dere son, thou let me / help the in this case!322
lo, moder, I tell it the / to bere no myght thou hase.
I pray the, dere son, it may so be / to man thou gif thi grace,
On thi self thou haue pyte / and kepe the from thi foyse.
ffor sothe, moder, this is no nay / on cros I must dede dre,
And, from deth ryse on the thryd day / thus prophecy says by me;
Mans saull that I luffyd ay / I shall redeme securly,
Into blis of heuen for ay / I shall it bryng to me,
Mary Magdalene
It is greatt sorow to any wyght / Ihesus, to se with Iues keyn,
How he in dyuerse payns is dight / ffor sorow I water both myn eeyn.
Maria Jacobi
This lord that is of myght / dyd neuer yll truly,332
Thise Iues thay do not right / if thay deme hym to dy.
Mary Magdalene
Alas! what shall we say! / ihesus that is so leyfe,
To deth thise Iues this day / thay lede with paynes full grefe.
Maria Jacobi
He was full true, I say / though thay dam hym as thefe,
Mankynde he lufed all way / for sorow my hart will clefe.
ye doghters of Ierusalem / I byd you wepe nothyng for me,
Bot for youre self and youre barn-teme / behald I tell you securle,
Sore paynes ar ordand for this reme / in dayes herafter for to be;
youre myrth to bayll it shall downe streme / in euery place of this cyte.
Childer, certys, thay shall blys / women baren that neuer child bare,
And pappes that neuer gaf sowke, Iwys / thus shall thare hartys for sorow be sare;
The montayns hy and thise greatt hyllys / thay shall byd fall apon them thare,
ffor my bloode that sakles is / to shede and spyll thay will not spare.
Secundus Tortor
walk on, and lefe thi vayn carpyng / it shall not saue the fro thy dede,
wheder thise women cry or syng / for any red, that thay can red.
Tercius Tortor
Say wherto abyde we here abowte,348
Thise qwenes with scremyng and with showte?349
May no man thare wordys stere?350
Primus Tortor
Go home, thou casbald, with that clowte!351
Or, by that lord I leyfe and lowte,352
Thou shall by it full dere!353
Mary Magdalene
This thyng shall venyance call / on you holly in fere.
Secundus Tortor
Go, hy the hens with all / or yll hayll cam thou here!
Tercius Tortor
let all this bargan be / syn all oure toyles ar before;
This tratoure and this tre / I wold, full fayn were thore.
Primus Tortor
It nedys not hym to harll / this cros dos hym greatt dere,
Bot yonder commys a carll / shall help hym for to bere.
Secundus Tortor
That shall we soyn se on assay.360
herk, good, man, wheder art thou on away?361
Thou walkes as thou were wrath.362
Syrs, I haue a greatt Iornay363
That must be done this same day,364
Or els it will me skathe.365
Tercius Tortor
Thou may with lytyll payn / easse hym and thi self both.
Good syrs, that wold I fayn / bot for to tary were full loth.
Primus Tortor
Nay, nay! thou shall full soyn be sped;368
lo here a lad, that must be led,369
ffor his yll dedys to dy,370
And he is bressed and all for bled,371
That makys vs here thus stratly sted;372
we pray the, sir, for-thi,373
That thou will take this tre / bere it to caluary.374
Good sirs, that may not be / ffor full greatt haste haue I,
No longere may I hoyn.376
Secundus Tortor
In fayth thou shall not go so soyn377
ffor noght that thou can say378
This dede must nedys be done,379
And this carll be dede or noyn,380
And now is nere myd day;381
And therfor help vs at this nede / and make vs here no more delay.
I pray you do youre dede / and let me go my way;383
And I shall com full soyn agane,384
To help this man with all my mayn,385
At youre awne wyll.386
Tercius Tortor
what and wold, thou trus with sich a trane?387
Nay fatur, thou shall be full fayn,388
This forward to fulfyll;389
Or, by the myght of mahowne! / thou shall lyke it full yll.
Primus Tortor
Tytt, let dyng this dastard downe / bot he lay hand ther tyll.
Certys, that were vnwysely wroght,392
To beytt me bot if I trespast oght393
Aythere in worde or dede.394
Secundus Tortor
Apon thi bak it shall be broght,395
Thou berys it wheder thou will or noght!396
Dewyll! whom shuld we drede?397
And therfor take it here belyfe / And bere it furth, good spede.
It helpys not here to strife / bere it behoues me nede;
And therfor, syrs, as ye haue sayde,400
To help this man I am well payde,401
As ye wold that it were.402
Tercius Tortor
A, ha! now ar we right arayde,403
bot loke oure gere be redy grade,404
To wyrk when we com there.405
Primus Tortor
I warand all redy / oure toyles both moore and les,
And sir symon truly / gose on before with cros.407
Tercius Tortor
Now by mahowne, oure heuen kyng,408
I wold that we were in that stede409
where we myght hym on cros bryng.410
Step on before, and furth hym lede411
A trace.412
Primus Tortor
Com on thou!413
Secundus Tortor
Put on thou!414
Tercius Tortor
I com fast after you,415
And folowse on the chace.416

The CrucifixionContents

Peasse I byd euereich Wight!1
Stand as styll as stone in Wall,2
Whyls ye ar present in my sight,3
That none of you clatter ne call;4
ffor if ye do, youre dede is dight,5
I warne it you both greatt and small,6
With this brand burnyshyd so bright,7
Therfor in peasse loke ye be all.8
What! peasse in the dwillys name!9
harlottys and dustardys all bedene!10
On galus ye be maide full tame,11
Thefys and mychers keyn!12
will ye not peasse when I bid you?13
by mahownys bloode, if ye me teyn,14
I shall ordan sone for you,15
paynes that neuer ere was seyn,16
And that anone!17
Be ye so bold, beggars, I warn you,18
ffull boldly shall I bett you,19
To hell the dwill shall draw you,20
Body, bak and bone.21
I am a lord that mekill is of myght,22
prynce of all Iury, sir pilate I hight,23
Next kyng herode grettyst of all;24
Bowys to my byddyng both greatt and small,25
Or els ye be shentt;26
Therfor stere youre tonges, I warn you all,27
And vnto vs take tent.28
Primus Tortor
All peasse, all peasse, emang you all!29
And herkyns now what shall befall30
Of this fals chuffer here;31
That with his fals quantyse,32
hase lett hymself as god wyse,33
Emangys vs many a yere.34
he cals hym self a prophett,35
And says that he can bales bete,36
And make all thyngys amende;37
Bot or oght lang wytt we shall38
wheder he can bete his awne bale,39
Or skapp out of oure hende.40
Was not this a wonder thyng,41
That he durst call hym self a kyng42
And make so greatt a lee?43
Bot, by mahowne! whils I may lyf,44
Those prowde wordes shall I neuer forgyf,45
Tyll he be hanged on he.46
Secundus Tortor
hys pride, fy, we sett at noght,47
Bot ich man now kest in his thoght,48
And looke that we noght wante;49
ffor I shall fownde, if that I may,50
By the order of knyghtede, to day51
To cause his hart pante.52
Tercius Tortor
And so shall I with all my myght,53
Abate his pride this ylk nyght,54
And rekyn hym a crede;55
Lo, he letys he cowde none yll,56
Bot he can ay, when he wyll,57
Do a full fowll dede.58
Quartus Tortor
yei felows, ye, as haue I rest!59
Emangys vs all I red we kest60
To bryng this thefe to dede;61
Loke that we haue that we shuld, nate,62
ffor to hald, this shrew strate.63
Primus Tortor
That was a nobyll red!64
Lo, here I haue a bande,65
If nede be to bynd his hande;66
This thowng, I trow, will last.67
Secundus Tortor
And here oone to the othere syde,68
That shall abate his pride,69
Be it be drawen fast.70
Tercius Tortor
lo, here a hamere and nales also,71
ffor to festen fast oure foo72
To this tre, full soyn.73
Quartus Tortor
ye ar wise,withoutten drede,74
That so can help youre self at nede,75
Of thyng that shuld be done.76
Primus Tortor
Now dar I say hardely,77
he shall with all his mawmentry78
No longere vs be tell.79
Secundus Tortor
Syn pilate hase hym tyll vs geyn,80
haue done, belyfe! let it be seyn81
how we can with hym mell.82
Tercius Tortor
Now ar we at the monte of caluarye;83
haue done, folows, and let now se84
how we can with hym lake.85
Quartus Tortor
yee, for as modee as he can loke,86
he wold haue turnyd an othere croke87
Myght he haue had the rake.88
Primus Tortor
In fayth, syr, sen ye callyd you a kyng,89
you must prufe a worthy thyng90
That falles vnto the were;91
ye must Iust in tornamente;92
Bot ye sytt fast els be ye shentt,93
Els downe I shall you bere.94
Secundus Tortor
If thou be godys son, as thou tellys,95
Thou can the kepe; how shuld thou ellys?96
Els were it meruell greatt;97
And bot if thou can, we will not trow98
That thou hase saide, bot make the mow99
when thou syttys in yond sett.100
Tercius Tortor
If thou be kyng we shall thank adyll,101
ffor we shall sett the in thy sadyll,102
ffor fallyng be thou bold.103
I hete the well tho bydys a shaft;104
Bot if thou sytt well thou had better laft105
The tales that thou has told.106
Quartus Tortor
Stand, nere, felows, and let se107
how we can hors oure kyng so fre,108
By any craft;109
Stand thou yonder on yond syde,110
And we shall se how he can ryde,111
And how to weld, a shaft.112
Primus Tortor
Sir, commys heder and haue done,113
And wyn apon youre palfray sone,114
ffor he [is] redy bowne.115
If ye be bond till hym, be not wrothe,116
ffor be ye secure we were full lothe117
On any wyse that ye fell downe.118
Secundus Tortor
knyt thou a knott, with all thi strenght,119
ffor to draw this arme on lengthe,120
Tyll it com to the bore.121
Tercius Tortor
Thou maddys, man, bi this light!122
It wantys, tyll ich mans sight,123
Othere half span and more.124
Quartus Tortor
yit drawe owt this arme and fest it fast,125
with this rope that well will last,126
And ilk man lay hand to.127
Primus Tortor
yee, and bynd thou fast that band;128
we shall go to that othere hand129
And loke what we can do.130
Secundus Tortor
Do dryfe a nayll ther thrugh outt,131
And then thar vs nothyng doutt,132
ffor it will not brest.133
Tercius Tortor
That shall I do, as myght I thryfe!134
ffor to clynke and for to dryfe,135
Therto I am full prest;136
So lett it styk, for it is wele.137
Quartus Tortor
Thou says sothe, as haue I cele!138
Ther can no man it mende.139
Primus Tortor
hald downe his knees.140
Secundus Tortor
that shall I do
his norysh yede neuer better to;141
Lay on all your hende.142
Tercius Tortor
Draw out hys lymmes, let se, haue at!143
Quartus Tortor
That was well drawen that that;144
ffare fall hym that so puld,!145
ffor to haue getten it to the marke,146
I trow lewde man ne clerk147
Nothyng better shuld.148
Primus Tortor
hald, it now fast thor,149
And oone of you take the bore,150
And then may it not fayll.151
Secundus Tortor
That shall I do withoutten drede,152
As euer myght I well spede,153
hym to mekyll bayll.154
Tercius Tortor
So, that is well, it will not brest,155
Bot let now se who dos the best156
with any slegthe of hande.157
Quartus Tortor
Go we now vnto the othere ende;158
ffelowse, fest on fast youre hende,159
And pull well at this band.160
Primus Tortor
I red, felowse, by this wedyr,161
That we draw all ons togedir,162
And loke how it wyll fare.163
Secundus Tortor
let now se and lefe youre dyn!164
And draw we ilka syn from syn;165
ffor nothyng let vs spare.166
Tercius Tortor
Nay, felowse, this is no gam!167
we will no longere draw all sam,168
So mekill haue I asspyed.169
Quartus Tortor
No, for as haue I blys!170
Som can twyk, who so it is,171
Sekys easse on som kyn syde.172
Primus Tortor
It is better, as I hope,173
On by his self to draw this rope,174
And then may we se175
who it is that ere while176
All his felows can begyle,177
Of this companye.178
Secundus Tortor
Sen thou will so haue, here for me!179
how draw I, as myght thou the?180
Tercius Tortor
Thou drew right wele.181
haue here for me half a foyte!182
Quartus Tortor
wema, man! I trow thou doyte!183
Thou flyt it neuer a dele;184
Bot haue for me here that I may!185
Primus Tortor
Well drawen, son, bi this day!186
Thou gose well to thi warke!187
Secundus Tortor
yit efte, whils thi hande is in,188
pull therat with som kyn gyn.189
Tercius Tortor
yee, & bryng it to the marke.190
Quartus Tortor
pull, pull!191
Primus Tortor
haue now!
Secundus Tortor
let se!
Tercius Tortor
A ha!
Quartus Tortor
yit a draght!192
Primus Tortor
Therto with all my maght.
Secundus Tortor
A, ha! hold still thore!193
Tercius Tortor
So felowse! looke now belyfe,194
which of you can best dryfe,195
And I shall take the bore.196
Quartus Tortor
let me go therto, if I shall;197
I hope that I be the best mershall198
ffor [to] clynke it right.199
do rase hym vp now when we may,200
ffor I hope he & his palfray201
Shall not twyn this nyght.202
Primus Tortor
Com hedir, felowse, & haue done!203
And help that this tre sone204
To lyft with all youre sleght.205
Secundus Tortor
yit let vs wyrke a whyle,206
And noman now othere begyle207
To it be broght on heght.208
Tercius Tortor
ffelowse, fest on all youre hende,209
ffor to rase this tre on ende,210
And let se who is last.211
Quartus Tortor
I red we do as that he says;212
Set we the tre in the mortase,213
And ther will it stand fast.214
Primus Tortor
Vp with the tymbre.215
Secundus Tortor
a, it heldys!
ffor hym that all this warld weldys216
put fro the with thi hande!217
Tercius Tortor
hald, euen emangys vs all.218
Quartus Tortor
yee, and, let it into the mortase fall,219
ffor then will it best stande.220
Primus Tortor
Go we to it and be we strong,221
And rase it, be it neuer so long,222
Sen that it is fast bon.223
Secundus Tortor
Vp with the tymbre fast on ende!224
Tercius Tortor
A felowse, fayr fall youre hende!225
Quartus Tortor
so sir, gape agans the son!226
Primus Tortor
A felow, war thi crowne!227
Secundus Tortor
Trowes thou this tymbre will oght downe?228
Tercius Tortor
yit help that it were fast.229
Quartus Tortor
Shog hym well & let vs lyfte.230
Primus Tortor
ffull shorte shalbe his thryfte.231
Secundus Tortor
A, it standys vp lyke a mast.232
I pray you pepyll that passe me by,233
That lede youre lyfe so lykandly,234
heyfe vp youre hartys on hight!235
Behold, if euer ye sagh body236
Buffet & bett thus blody,237
Or yit thus dulfully dight;238
In warld was neuer no wight239
That suffred half so sare.240
My mayn, my mode, my myght,241
Is noght bot sorow to sight,242
And comforth none, bot care.243
My folk, what haue I done to the,244
That thou all thus shall tormente me?245
Thy syn by I full sore.246
what haue I greuyd the? answere me,247
That thou thus nalys me to a tre,248
And all for thyn erroure;249
where shall thou seke socoure?250
This mys how shall thou amende?251
when that thou thy saveoure252
Dryfes to this dyshonoure,253
And nalys thrugh feete and hende!254
All creatoures that kynde may kest,255
Beestys, byrdys, all haue thay rest,256
when thay ar wo begon;257
Bot godys son, that shuld, be best,258
hase not where apon his hede to rest,259
Bot on his shuder bone.260
To whome now may I make my mone?261
when thay thus martyr me,262
And sakles will me slone,263
And beete me blode and bone,264
That my brethere shuld, be!265
what kyndnes shuld, I kythe theym to?266
haue I not done that I aght to do,267
Maide the to my lyknes?268
And thou thus refys me rest & ro,269
And lettys thus lightly on me, lo!270
Sich is thi catyfnes.271
I haue the kyd kyndnes, / Vnkyndly thou me quytys;272
Se thus thi wekydnes! / loke how thou me dyspytys!273
Gyltles thus am I put to pyne,274
Not for [my] mys, man, bot for thyne,275
Thus am I rent on rode;276
ffor I that tresoure wold, not tyne,277
That I markyd, & made for myne,278
Thus by I adam blode,279
That sonkyn was in syn,280
with none erthly good;281
Bot with my flesh and blode282
That lothe was for to wyn.283
My brethere that I com forto by,284
has hanged, me here thus hedusly,285
And freyndys fynde I foyn;286
Thus haue thay dight me drerely,287
And all by-spytt me spytusly,288
As helples man in won.289
Bot, fader, that syttys in trone,290
fforgyf thou them this gylt,291
I pray to the this boyn,292
Thay wote not what thay doyn,293
Nor whom thay haue thus spylt.294
Primus Tortor
yis, what we do full well we knaw.295
Secundus Tortor
yee, that shall he fynde within a thraw.296
Tercius Tortor
Now, with a myschaunce tyll his cors,297
wenys he that we gyf any force,298
what dwill so euer he ayll?299
Quartus Tortor
ffor he wold tary vs all day,300
Of his dede to make delay301
I tell you, sansfayll.302
Primus Tortor
lyft vs this tre emanges vs all303
Secundus Tortor
yee, and let it into the mortase fall,304
And that shall gar hym brest.305
Tercius Tortor
yee, and all to-ryfe hym lym from lym.306
Quartus Tortor
And it will breke ilk ionte in hym.307
let se now who dos best.308
Alas! the doyll I dre / I drowpe, I dare in drede!309
Whi hyngys thou, son, so hee? / my bayll begynnes to brede.
All blemyshyd is thi ble / I se thi body blede!311
In warld, son, were neuer we / so wo as I in wede.312
My foode that I haue fed,313
In lyf longyng the led,314
ffull stratly art thou sted315
Emanges thi foo-men fell;316
Sich sorow forto se,317
My dere barn, on the,318
Is more mowrnyng to me319
Then any tong may tell.320
Alas! thi holy hede321
hase not wheron to helde;322
Thi face with blode is red,323
Was fare as floure in feylde;324
how shuld I stand, in sted325
To se my barne thus blede?326
Bett as blo as lede,327
And has no lym to weylde!328
ffestynd both handys and feet329
With nalys full vnmete,330
his woundes wrynyng wete,331
Alas, my childe, for care!332
ffor all rent is thi hyde;333
I se on aythere syde334
Teres of blode downe glide335
Ouer all thi body bare.336
Alas! that euer I shuld byde337
And se my feyr thus fare!338
John the Apostle
Alas, for doyll, my lady dere!339
All for-changid is thi chere,340
To see this prynce withoutten pere341
Thus lappyd all in wo;342
he was thi fode, thi faryst foine,343
Thi luf, thi lake, thi lufsom son,344
That high on tre thus hyngys alone345
with body blak and blo;346
To me and many mo348
A good master he was.349
Bot, lady, sen it is his will350
The prophecy to fulfyll,351
That mankynde in sy[n] not spill352
ffor theym to thole this payn;353
And with this dede raunson to make,354
As prophetys beforn of hym spake,355
ffor-thi I red, thi sorowe thou slake,356
Thi Wepyng may not gayn;357
In sorowe358
Oure boytt he byes full bayn,359
Vs all from bale to borowe.360
Alas! thyn een as cristall clere / that shoyn as son in sight,
That lufly were in lyere / lost thay haue thare light,
And wax all faed in fere / all dym then ar thay dight!
In payn has thou no pere / that is withoutten pight.
Swete son, say me thi thoght,365
what wonders has thou wroght366
To be in payn thus broght,367
Thi blissed blode to blende?368
A son, thynk on my wo!369
whi will thou fare me fro?370
On mold, is noman mo371
That may my myrthes amende.372
John the Apostle
Comly lady, good and couth, / ffayn wold I comforth the;
Me mynnys my master with mowth, / told vnto his menyee
That he shuld, thole full mekill payn / and dy apon a tre,
And to the lyfe ryse vp agayn, / apon the thryd day shuld it be
ffull right!377
ffor-thi, my lady swete,378
Stynt a while of grete!379
Oure bale then will he bete380
As he befor has hight.381
Mi sorow it is so sad / no solace may me safe;382
Mowrnyng makys me mad / none hope of help I hafe;383
I am redles and rad / ffor ferd that I mon rafe;384
Noght may make me glad / to I be in my grafe.385
To deth my dere is dryffen,386
his robe is all to-ryffen,387
That of me was hym gyffen,388
And shapen with my sydys;389
Thise Iues and he has stryffen / That all the bale he bydys.
Alas, my lam so mylde / whi will thou fare me fro391
Emang thise wulfe‘s wylde / that wyrke on the this wo?
ffor shame who may the shelde / ffor freyndys has thou fo!
Alas, my comly childe / whi will thou fare me fro?394
Madyns, make youre mone!395
And wepe ye, wyfe‘s, euerichon,396
with me, most wrich, in wone,397
The childe that borne was best!398
My harte is styf as stone / That for no bayll will brest.
John the Apostle
A, lady, well wote I / thi hart is full of care400
when thou thus openly / sees thi childe thus fare;401
luf gars hym rathly / hym-self will he not spare,402
Vs all fro baill to by / of blis thar ar full bare403
ffor syn.404
My lefe lady, for-thy / Of mowrnyng loke thou blyn.
Alas! may euer be my sang / Whyls I may lyf in leyd;
Me thynk now that I lyf to lang / to se my barne thus blede;
Iue‘s wyrke with hym all wrang / wherfor do thay this dede?
lo, so hy thay haue hym hang / thay let for no drede:
Whi so410
his fomen is he emang? / No freynde he has, bot fo.
My frely foode now farys me fro / what shall worth on me?
Thou art warpyd all in wo / and spred here on a tre
ffull hee /414
I mowrne, and so may mo / That sees this payn on the.
John the Apostle
Dere lady, well were me416
If that I myght comforth the;417
ffor the sorow that I see418
Sherys myn harte in sondere;419
when that I se my master hang420
With bytter paynes and strang,421
Was neuer wight with wrang422
Wroght so mekill wonder.423
Alas, dede, thou dwellys to lang! / whi art thou hid fro me?
Who kend, the to my childe to gang? / all blak thou makys his ble;
Now witterly thou wyrkys wrang / the more I will wyte the,
Bot if thou will my harte‘ stang / that I myght with hym dee
And byde;428
Sore syghyng is my sang, / ffor thyrlyd, is his hyde!
A, dede, what has thou done? / with the will I moytt sone,
Sen I had childer none bot oone / best vnder son or moyn;
ffreyndys I had full foyn / that gars me grete and grone
ffull sore.433
Good lord, graunte me my boyn / and let me lyf no more!
Gabriell, that good / som tyme thou can me grete,435
And then I vnderstud / thi wordys that were so swete;
Bot now thay meng my moode / ffor grace thou can me hete,
To bere all of my blode / a childe oure baill shuld, bete
with right;439
Now hyngys he here on rude / Where is that thou me hight?
All that thou of blys / hight me in that stede,441
ffrom myrth is faren omys / and yit I trow thi red;
Thi councell now of this / my lyfe how shall I lede
When fro me gone is / he that was my hede444
In hy?445
My dede now comen it is / My dere son, haue mercy!446
My moder mylde, thou chaunge thi chere!447
Sease of thi sorow and sighyng sere,448
It syttys vnto my hart full sare;449
The sorow is sharp I suffre here,450
Bot doyll thou drees, my moder dere,451
Me marters mekill mare.452
Thus will my fader I fare,453
To lowse mankynde of bandys;454
his son Will he not spare,455
To lowse that bon was are456
ffull fast in feyndys handys.457
The fyrst cause, moder, of my commyng458
Was for mankynde myscarying,459
To salf thare sore I soght;460
Therfor, moder, make none mowrnyng,461
Sen mankynde thrugh my dyyng462
May thus to blis be boght.463
Woman, wepe thou right noght!464
Take ther Iohn vnto thi chylde!465
Mankynde must nedys be boght,466
And thou kest, cosyn, in thi thoght;467
Iohn, lo ther thi moder mylde!468
Blo and blody thus am I bett,469
Swongen with swepys & all to-swett,470
Mankynde, for thi mysdede!471
ffor my luf lust when Wold thou lett,472
And thi harte sadly sett,473
Sen I thus for the haue blede?474
Sich lyf, for sothe, I led,475
That vnothes may I more;476
This suffre I for thi nede,477
To marke the, man, thi mede:478
Now thryst I, wonder sore.479
Primus Tortor
Noght bot hold, thi peasse!480
Thou shall haue drynke within a resse,481
My self shalbe thy knaue;482
haue here the draght that I the hete,483
And I shall warand it is not swete,484
On all the good I haue.485
Secundus Tortor
So syr, say now all youre will!486
ffor if ye couth haue holden you styll487
ye had not had this brade.488
Tercius Tortor
Thou wold all gaytt be kyng of Iues,489
Bot by this I trow thou rues490
All that thou has sayde.491
Quartus Tortor
he has hym rused, of great prophes,492
That he shuld make vs tempylle‘s,493
And gar it cleyn downe fall;494
And yit he sayde he shuld, it rase495
As well as it was, within thre dayes!496
he lyes, that wote we all;497
And for his lyes, in great dispyte498
we will departe his clothyng tyte,499
Bot he can more of arte.500
Primus Tortor
yee, as euer myght I thryfe,501
Soyn will we this mantyll ryfe,502
And ich man take his parte.503
Secundus Tortor
how wold, thou we share this clothe?504
Tercius Tortor
Nay forsothe, that were I lothe,505
Then were it all-gate spylt;506
Bot assent thou to my saw,507
lett vs all cutt draw,508
And then is none begylt.509
Quartus Tortor
how so befallys now wyll I draw!510
This is myn by comon law,511
Say not ther agayn.512
Primus Tortor
Now sen it may no better be,513
Chevich the with it for me,514
Me thynk thou art ful fayn.515
Secundus Tortor
how felowse, se ye not yond skraw?516
It is writen yonder within a thraw,517
Now sen that we drew cut.518
Tercius Tortor
Ther is noman that is on lyfe519
Bot it were pilate, as myght I thrife,520
That durst it ther haue putt.521
Quartus Tortor
Go we fast and let vs loke522
what is wretyn on yond boke,523
And what it may bemeyn.524
Primus Tortor
A the more I loke theron525
A the more I thynke I fon;526
All is not worth a beyn.527
Secundus Tortor
yis, for sothe, me thynk I se528
Theron writen langage thre,529
Ebrew and latyn530
And grew, me thynk, writen theron,531
ffor it is hard for to expowne.532
Tercius Tortor
Thou red, by appolyn!533
Quartus Tortor
yee, as I am a trew knyght,534
I am the best latyn wright535
Of this company;536
I will go withoutten delay537
And tell you what it is to say;538
Behald, syrs, witterly!539
yonder is wretyn "ihesu of nazareyn540
he is kyng of Iues," I weyn.541
Primus Tortor
A! that is writen wrang.542
Secundus Tortor
he callys hym so, bot he is none.543
Tercius Tortor
Go we to pilate and make oure mone;544
haue done, and dwell not lang.545
pilate, yonder is a fals tabyll,546
Theron is wryten noght bot fabyll;547
Of Iues he is not kyng!548
he callys hym so, bot he not is:549
It is falsly writen, Iwys,550
This is a wrangwys thyng.551
Boys, I say, what mell ye you?552
As it is writen shall it be now,553
I say certane;554
Quod scriptum scripsi,555
That same wrote I,556
What gadlyng gruches ther agane?557
Quartus Tortor
Sen that he is man of law / he must nedys haue his will;
I trow he had not writen that saw / without som propre skyll.
Primus Tortor
yee, let it hyng aboue his hede,560
It shall not saue hym fro the dede,561
Noght that he can write.562
Secundus Tortor
Now ylla hale was he borne.563
Tercius Tortor
Ma-fay, I tell his lyfe is lorne,564
he shalbe slayn as tyte.565
If thou be crist, as men the call,566
Com downe emangys vs all,567
And thole not thies myssaes.568
Quartus Tortor
yee, and help thi self that we may se,569
And we shall all trow in the,570
what soeuer thou says.571
Primus Tortor
he cals hym self good of myght,572
Bot I wold, se hym be so wight573
To do sich a dede574
he rasyd lazare out of his delfe,575
Bot he can not help hym self,576
Now in his greatt nede.577
hely, hely, lamazabatany!578
My god, my god, wherfor and why579
has thou forsakyn me?580
Secundus Tortor
how! here ye not, as well as I,581
how he can now on hely cry582
Apon his wyse?583
Tercius Tortor
yee, ther is none hely in this countre584
Shall delyuer hym from this meneyoe,585
On nokyns wyse.586
Quartus Tortor
I warand you now at the last587
That he shall soyn yelde the gast,588
ffor brestyn is his gall.589
Now is my passyon broght tyll ende!590
ffader of heuen, in to thy hende591
I betake my saull!592
Primus Tortor
let one pryk hym with a spere,593
And if that it do hym no dere594
Then is his lyfe nere past.595
Secundus Tortor
This blynde knyght may best do that.596
Gar me not do bot I wote what.597
Tercius Tortor
Not bot put vp fast.598
A, lord, what may this be?599
Ere was I blynde, now may I se;600
Godys son, here me, ihesu!601
ffor this trespas on me thou rew.602
ffor, lord, othere men me gart,603
that I the stroke vnto the hart:604
I se thou hyngys here on hy,605
And dyse to fulfyll the prophecy.606
Quartus Tortor
Go we hence and leyfe hym here,607
ffor I shall be his borghe to-yere608
he felys no more payn;609
ffor hely ne for none othere man610
All the good tha euer he wan611
Gettys not his lyfe agayn.612
Alas, alas, and walaway!613
That euer shuld I abyde this day,614
To se my master dede;615
Thus wykydly as he is shent,616
with so bytter tornamente,617
Thrugh fals Iues red.618
Nychodeme, I wold we yede619
To sir pilate, if we myght spede,620
his body for to craue;621
I will fownde with all my myght,622
ffor my seruyce to aske that knyght623
his body for to graue.624
Ioseph, I will weynde with the625
ffor to do that is in me,626
ffor that body to pray;627
ffor oure good will and oure trauale628
I hope that it mon vs avayll629
here afterward som day.630
Syr pylate, god the saue!631
Graunte me that I craue,632
If that it be thi will.633
Welcom, Ioseph, myght thou be!634
what so thou askys I graunte it the,635
So that it be skyll.636
ffor my long seruyce I the pray637
Graunte me the body-say me not nay-638
of ihesu, dede on rud.639
I graunte well if he ded be,640
Good leyfe shall thou haue of me,641
Do with hym what thou thynk gud.642
Grammercy, syr, of youre good grace,643
That ye haue graunte me in this place;644
Go we oure way:645
Nychodeme, com me furth with,646
ffor I my self shall be the smyth647
The nales out for to dray.648
Ioseph, I am redy here649
To go with the with full good chere,650
To help the at my myght;651
pull furth the nales on aythere syde,652
And I shall hald, hym vp this tyde;653
A, lord, so thou is dight!654
help now, felow, with all thi myght,655
That he were wonden and well dight,656
And lay hym on this bere;657
Bere we hym furth vnto the kyrke,658
To the tombe that I gard wyrk,659
Sen full many a yere.660
It shall be so with outten nay.661
he that dyed on gud fryday662
And crownyd was with thorne,663
Saue you all that now here be!664
That lord that thus wold, dee665
And rose on pasche morne.666

The TalentsContents

Cernite qui statis / quod mire sim probitatis,1
Hec cognoscatis / vos cedam ni taceatis,2
Cuncti discatis / quasi sistam vir deitatis3
Et maiestatis / michi fando ne neceatis,4
hoc modo mando;5
Neue loquaces,6
Siue dicaces,7
poscite paces,8
Dum fero fando.9
Stynt, I say! gyf men place / quia sum dominus dominorum!
he that agans me says / rapietur lux oculorum;11
Therfor gyf ye me space / ne tendam vim brachiorum,
And then get ye no grace / contestor Iura polorum,13
Rewle I the Iure,15
Maxime pure,16
Towne quoque rure,17
Me paueatis.18
Stemate regali / kyng atus gate me of pila;19
Tramite legali / Am I ordand to reyn apon Iuda,20
Nomine wlgari / pownce pilate, that may ye well say,
Qui bene wlt fari / shuld call me fownder of all lay.
Iura guberno,24
pleasse me and say so,25
Omnia firmo26
Sorte deorum.27
Myghty lord of all / me Cesar magnificauit;28
Downe on knees ye fall / greatt god me sanctificauit,
Me to obey ouer all / regi reliquo quasi dauid,30
hanged hy that he sall / hoc iussum qui reprobauit,
I swere now;32
Bot ye youre hedis33
Bare in thies stedis34
Redy my swerde is35
Of thaym to shere now.36
Atrox armipotens / I graunt men girth by my good grace,
Atrox armipotens / most myghty callyd in ylk place,
vir quasi cunctipotens / I graunt men girth by my good grace,
Tota refert huic gens / that none is worthier in face,
Quin eciam bona mens / doith trowth and right bi my trew lays,
In generali,43
Sic speciali,44
yit agane byd I45
Iura tenete.46
loke that no boy be to bustus, blast here for to blaw,
Bot truly to my talkyng loke that ye be intendyng;48
If here be any boy that will not loutt till oure law,
By myghty mahowne, hygh shall he hyng;50
South, north, eest, west,51
In all this warld, in lengthe and brede,52
Is none so doughty as I, the best,53
doughtely dyntand, on mule and on stede.54
Therfor I say,55
loke that ye lowte to my lykance,56
ffor dowte of dynt in greuaunce;57
dilygently ply to my plesance,58
As prynce most myghty me pay,59
And talke not a worde;60
ffor who so styrres or any dyn makys,61
deply in my daunger he rakys,62
That as soferan me not takys63
And as his awne lorde.64
he has myster of nyghtys rest that nappys not in noynyng!
boy, lay me downe softly and hap me well from cold.
loke that no laddys noy me nawder with cryyng nor with cronyng,
Nor in my sight ones greue me so bold.68
If ther be any boyes that make any cry,69
Or els that will not obey me,70
he were better be hanged, hy,71
Then in my sight ones mefe me.72
Primus Tortor
war, war! for now com I,73
The most shrew in this cuntry;74
I haue ron full fast in hy,75
hedir to this towne;76
To this towne now comen am I77
ffrom the mownt of caluery;78
Ther crist hang, and that full hy,79
I swe[re] you, bi my crowne.80
At caluery when he hanged was,81
I spuyd and spyt right in his face,82
when that it shoyn as any glas,83
so semely to my sight;84
Bot yit for all that fayr thyng,85
I loghe hym vnto hethyng,86
And rofe of his clethyng;87
To me it was full light.88
And when his clothes were of in fere,89
lord, so we loghe and maide good chere,90
And crownyd that carle with a brere,91
As he had bene a kyng;92
And yit I did full propurly,93
I clappyd his cors by and by,94
I thoght I did, full curiously95
In fayth hym for to hyng.96
Bot to mahowne I make avowe,97
hedir haue I broght his clethyng now,98
To try the trowthe before you,99
Euen this same nyght;100
Of me and of my felowse two101
with whom this garmente shall go;102
bot sir pilate must go therto,103
I swere you by this light.104
ffor whosoeuer may get thise close,105
he ther neuer rek where he gose,106
ffor he semys nothyng to lose,107
If so be he theym were.108
bot now, now, felose, stand on rowme,109
ffor he commes, shrewes, vnto this towne,110
And we will all togeder rowne,111
so semely in oure gere.112
Secundus Tortor
war, war! and make rowme,113
ffor I will with my felose rowne,114
And I shall knap hym on the crowne115
That standys in my gate;116
I will lepe and I will skyp117
As I were now out of my wytt;118
Almost my breke thay ar beshyt119
ffor drede I cam to late.120
Bot, by mahowne! now am I here!121
The most shrew, that dar I swere,122
That ye shall fynde aw where,123
Spyll-payn in fayth I hight.124
I was at caluery this same day,125
where the kyng of Iues lay,126
And ther I taght hym a newe play,127
Truly, me thoght it right.128
The play, in fayth, it was to rowne,129
That he shuld, lay his hede downe,130
And sone I bobyd hym on the crowne,131
That gam me thoght was good.132
when we had played with hym oure fyll,133
Then led we him vnto an hyll,134
And ther we wroght with hym oure will,135
And hang hym on a rud.136
Nomore now of this talkyng,137
Bot the cause of my commyng;138
Both on ernest and on hethyng139
This cote I wold, I had;140
ffor if I myght this cote gett,141
Then wold I both skyp and lepe,142
And therto fast both drynke and ete,143
In fayth, as I were mad.144
Tercius Tortor
war, war! within thise wones,145
ffor I com rynyng all at ones!146
I haue brysten both my balok stones,147
So fast hyed I hedyr;148
And ther is nothyng me so lefe149
As murder a mycher and hang a thefe:150
If here be any that doth me grefe151
I shall them thresh togedir.152
ffor I may swere with mekill wyn153
I am the most shrew in all myn kyn,154
That is from this towne vnto lyn,155
lo, here my felowse two!156
Now ar we thre commen in157
A new gam forto begyn,158
This same cote forto twyn,159
Or that we farther go.160
Bot to sir pilate prynce I red that we go hy,161
And present hym the playnt how that we ar stad;162
Bot this gowne that is here, I say you for-thy,163
By myghty mahowne I wold not he had.164
Primus Tortor
I assent to that sagh, by myghty mahowne!165
Let vs Weynde to sir pilate withoutten any fabyll;166
Bot syrs, bi my lewte, he gettys not this gowne;167
Vnto vs thre it were right prophetabyll;168
Spill-payn what says thou?169
Secundus Tortor
youre sawes craftely assent I vnto.170
Primus Tortor
Then will I streght furth in this place,171
And speke with sir pilate wordys oone or two,172
ffor I am right semely and fare in the face;173
And now shall we se or we hence go.174
Tercius Tortor
Sir, I say the, by my lewtee,175
where is sir pilate of pryce?176
Sir, I say the, as myght I the,177
he lygys here in the dewyll seruyce.178
Primus Tortor
with that prynce-fowll myght he fall-179
Must we haue at do.180
I shall go to hym and call,181
And loke what ye will say hym to.182
My lord, my lorde!183
what, boy, art thou nyse?184
call nomore, thou has callid twyse.185
my lord,!186
what mytyng is that that mevys me in my mynde?187
I, lord, youre counselloure, pight in youre saw.188
Say ar ther any catyffys combred that ar vnkynde?189
Nay, lord, none that I knawe.190
Then noy vs nomore of this noyse;191
you carles vnkynde, who bad you call me?192
By youre mad, maters I hald, you bot boyes,193
And that shall ye aby, els fowll myght befall me.194
I shall not dy in youre dett!195
Bewshere, I byd, the vp thou take me,196
And in my sete softly loke that thou se me sett.197
Now shall we wytt, and that in hy,198
If that saghe be trew that thou dyd say;199
If I fynde the With lesyng, lad, thou shall aby,200
fforto mell in the maters that pertenyth agans the lay.
Nay, sir, not so, withoutten delay,202
The cause of my callyng is of that boy bold,203
ffor it is saide sothely now this same day,204
That he shuld dulfully be dede,205
Then may youre cares be full cold,207
If he thus sakles be slayn.208
ffare and softly, sir, and say not to far;209
Sett the with sorow, then semys thou the les,210
And of the law that thou leggys be wytty and war,211
lest I greue the greatly with dyntys expres;212
ffals fatur, in fayth I shall slay the!213
Thy reson vnrad I red the redres,214
Or els of thise maters loke thou nomore mell the.215
Why shuld I not mell of those maters that I haue you taght?
Thoug ye be prynce peerles withoutt any pere,217
were not my wyse wysdom youre wyttys were in waght;
And that is seen expresse and playnly right here,219
And done in dede.220
Why, boy, bot has thou sayde?221
yee, lorde.222
Therfor the devyll the spede, thou carle vnkynde223
Sich felowse myght well be on rowme!224
ye knaw not the comon cowrs that longys to a kyng.225
Primus Tortor
Mahowne most myghtfull, he mensk you with mayn,226
Sir pilate pereles, prynce of this prese!227
And saue you, sir, syttand semely suffrayn!228
we haue soght to thy sayll no sayng to sesse,229
Bot certyfie sone;230
ye wote that ye demyd this day apon desse,231
we dowte not his doyng, for now is he done.232
ye ar welcom, Iwys, ye ar worthy ay war;233
Be it fon so of that fatur, in fayth then am I fayne.
Secundus Tortor
we haue markyd that mytyng, nomore shall he mar;235
we prayed you, sir pilate, to put hym to payn,236
And we thoght it well wroght.237
lefe syrs, let be youre laytt and loke that ye layn;
ffor nothyng that may be nevyn ye it noght.239
Tercius Tortor
Make myrth of that mytyng full mekyll we may,240
And haue lykyng of oure lyfe for los of that lad;241
Bot, syr pilate peerles, a poynt I the pray;242
hope ye with hethyng that harnes he had243
To hold that was hys?244
That appentys vnto me, mafa! art thou mad?245
I ment that no mytyng shuld, mell hym of this.246
Primus Tortor
Mefe the not, master, more if he mell,247
ffor thou shall parte from that pelfe, thar thou not pleyte.
yit styrt not farer for noght that ye fell;249
I aske this gowne of youre gyfte, it is not so greatt,
And yit may it agayn you.251
Secundus Tortor
how, all in fageyng? in fayth I know of youre featte,
ffor it fallys to vs four fyrst will I frayn you.253
And I myster to no maner of mans bot myn.254
Tercius Tortor
yee, lord, let shere it in shredys.255
Now that hald I good skyll! take thou this, & thou that,
& this shall be thyne,257
And by lefe and by law this may leyfe styll.258
Primus Tortor
O lordyng! I weyn it is wrang,259
To tymely I toke it, to take it the vntyll260
The farest, and the fowllest thy felowse to fang.261
And thou art payed of thi parte full truly I trowe.
Primus Tortor
It is shame forto se, I am shapyn bot a shrede.263
Secundus Tortor
The hole of this harnes is holdyn to you,264
And I am leuerd a lap is lyke to no lede,265
ffor-tatyrd and torne.266
Tercius Tortor
By myghty mahowne that mylde is of mode,267
If he skap with this cote it were a great skorne.268
Now sen ye teyn so at this, take it to you269
with all the mawgre of myn and myght of mahowne!270
Primus Tortor
Drede you not doutles, for so Will we dow;271
Grefe you not greatly ye gett not this gowne,272
bot in fower as it fallys.273
Secundus Tortor
had I a fawchon, then craftely to cutt it were I bowne.
Tercius Tortor
lo it here that thou callys!275
It is sharp with to shere, shere if thou may.276
Secundus Tortor
Euen in the mydward to marke were mastre to me.277
Primus Tortor
Most semely is in certan the seym to assay.278
Secundus Tortor
I haue soght all this syde and none can I se,279
of greatt nor of small.280
Bewshers, abyd you, I byd you let be!281
I commaunde not to cutt it, bot hold, it hole all.282
Primus Tortor
Now ar we bon, for ye bad, withhald on youre hud.283
we! harlottys! go hang you, for hole shall it be.284
Tercius Tortor
Grefe you not greatly, he saide it for gud.285
wyst I that he spake it in spytyng of me286
Tytt shuld I spede forto spyll hym.287
Secundus Tortor
That were hym loth, lord, by my lewte,288
ffor-thi grauntt hym youre grace.289
No greuans I will hym.290
Primus Tortor
Gramercy thi gudnes!291
yee, bot greue me nomo;292
ffull dere beys it boght293
In fayth, if ye do.294
Primus Tortor
Shall I then saue it?295
yee, so saide I, or to draw cutt is the lelyst,296
and long cut, lo, this wede shall wyn.297
Tercius Tortor
Sir, to youre saying yit assent we vnto;298
Bot oone assay, let se who shall begyn.299
we! me falles all the fyrst, and forther shall ye.300
Secundus Tortor
Nay, drede you not doutles, for that do ye not;301
O, he sekys as he wold, dyssaue vs now we se.302
Tercius Tortor
Bewshers, abyde you, heder haue I broght303
thre dyse vs emang.304
Primus Tortor
That is a gam all the best, bi hym that me boght,305
ffor at the dysyng he dos vs no wrang.306
And I am glad of that gam; On assay, Who shall begyn?
Primus Tortor
ffyrst shall ye, and sen after we all.308
haue the dyse and haue done,309
and lefe all youre dyn,310
ffor who so has most this frog shall he fall,311
And best of the bonys.312
I assent to youre sayng; assay now I shall,313
As I wold, at a wap wyn all at ones.314
Secundus Tortor
A, ha! how now! here ar a hepe.315
haue mynde then emang you how many ther ar.316
Tercius Tortor
thretteen ar on thre, thar ye not threpe.317
Then shall I wyn or all men be war.318
Primus Tortor
Truly lord, right so ye shall;319
Bot grefe you not greatly, the next shall be nar320
If I haue hap to my hand, haue here for all!321
And I haue sene as greatt a freke of his forward falyd.
here ar bot Aght turnyd vp at ones.323
Primus Tortor
Aght? a, his armes, that is yll! what so me alyd,324
I was falsly begylyd with thise byched bones;325
Ther cursyd thay be!326
Secundus Tortor
Well I wote this wede bees won in thise wones,327
I wold, be fayn of this frog myght it fall vnto me.
It bees in waght, in fayth, and, thou wyn.329
Secundus Tortor
No, bot war you away!330
Tercius Tortor
here is baddyst aboue, by mahownes bonys!331
seuen is bot the seconde, the sothe for to say.332
Secundus Tortor
we, fy! that is shortt.333
Tercius Tortor
Do shott at thi hud! now fallys me the fyrst,334
And I haue hap to this gowne, go now on gud;335
The byched bones that ye be I byd you go bett;336
ffelowse, in forward here haue I fefteen!337
As ye wote I am worthi, won is this wede.338
what, whistyll ye in the wenyande! where haue ye beyn?
Thou shall abak, bewshere, that blast I forbede.340
Tercius Tortor
here ar men vs emang,341
lele in oure lay, will ly for no leyd,342
And I wytnes at thaym if I wroght any wrang.343
Primus Tortor
Thou wroght no dyssaytt, for sothe, that we saw,344
ffor-thi thou art worthi, and won is this weyd At thyn awne wyll.
yee, bot me pays not that playng to puf nor to blaw;
If he haue right I ne rek or reson thertyll,347
I refe it hym noght.348
Tercius Tortor
haue gud day, sir, and grefe you not yll,349
ffor if it were duble full dere is it boght.350
Sir, sen thou has won this weyd. say will thou vowche safe
Of thi great gudnes this garment on me?352
Tercius Tortor
Sir, I say you certan this shall ye not haue.353
Thou shall forthynk it, in fayth;354
ffy, what thou art fre!355
vnbychid, vnbayn!356
Tercius Tortor
ffor ye thrett me so throle,357
were it sich thre358
here I gif you this gud.359
Now, gramercy agayn!360
Mekill thank and myn and this shalbe ment.361
Primus Tortor
Bot I had not left it so lightly, had play me it lent.
No, bot he is faythfull and fre, and that shall be ment;
And more if I may,364
If he myster to me,365
amend hym I mon.366
Tercius Tortor
I vowche safe it be so, the sothe forto say.367
Primus Tortor
Now thise dyse that ar vndughty / for los of this good,
here I forswere hertely / by mahownes blood;369
ffor was I neuer so happy / by mayn nor by mode,370
To wyn with sich sotelty / to my lyfys fode,371
As ye ken;372
Thise dysars and thise hullars,373
Thise cokkers and thise bollars,374
And all purs-cuttars,375
Bese well war of thise men.376
Secundus Tortor
ffy, fy, on thise dyse / the devill I theym take!377
vnwytty, vnwyse / With thaym that Wold lake;378
As fortune assyse / men wyll she make;379
hir maners ar nyse / she can downe and vptake;380
And rych381
She turnes vp-so-downe,382
And vnder abone,383
Most chefe of renowne384
She castys in the dyche.385
By hir meanes she makys / dysers to sell,386
As thay sytt and lakys / thare corne and thare catell;
Then cry thay and crakkys / bowne vnto batell,388
his hyppys then bakys / no symnell389
ffor hote.390
Bot fare well, thryfte!391
Is ther none other skyfte392
Bot syfte, lady, syfte?393
Thise dysars thay dote.394
Tercius Tortor
what commys of dysyng / I pray you hark after,395
Bot los of good, in lakyng / and oft tymes mens slaghter!
Thus sorow is at partyng / at metyng if ther be laghter;
I red leyf sich vayn thyng / and serue god herafter,
ffor heuens blys;399
That lord, is most myghty,400
And gentyllyst of Iury,401
we helde to hym holy;402
how thynk ye by this?403
well worth you all thre, most doughty in dede!404
Of all the clerkys that I knaw, most conyng ye be,405
By soteltes of youre sawes, youre lawes forto lede;
I graunt you playn powere and frenship frele,407
I say;408
Dew vows [garde], mon senyours!409
Mahowne most myghty in castels and towres410
he kepe you, lordyngys, and all youres,411
And hauys all gud day.412

The Deliverance of SoulsContents

My fader me from blys has send1
Till erth for mankynde sake,2
Adam mys forto amend,3
My deth nede must I take.4
I dwellyd ther thryrty yeres and two,5
And somdele more, the sothe to say;6
In anger, pyne, and mekyll wo,7
I dyde on cros this day.8
Therfor till hell now Will I go,9
To chalange that is myne;10
Adam, eue, and othere mo,11
Thay shall no longer dwell in pyne.12
The feynde theym wan With trayn,13
Thrugh fraude of earthly fode,14
I haue theym boght agan15
With shedyng of my blode.16
And now I will that stede restore,17
which the feynde fell fro for syn;18
Som tokyn will I send before,19
with myrth to gar thare gammes begyn.20
A light I will thay haue21
To know I will com sone;22
My body shall abyde in graue23
Till all this dede be done.24
My brether, herkyn vnto me here!25
More hope of helth neuer we had;26
Fower thowsand and sex hundreth yere27
haue we bene here in darknes stad;28
Now se I tokyns of solace sere,29
A gloryous gleme to make vs glad,30
Wher thrugh I hope that help is nere,31
That sone shall slake oure sorowes sad.32
Adam, my husband heynd,33
This menys solace certan;34
Sich light can on vs leynd35
In paradyse full playn.36
Adam, thrugh thi syn37
here were we put to dwell,38
This wykyd place within;39
The name of it is hell;40
here paynes shall neuer blyn,41
That wykyd ar and fell.42
loue that lord with wyn,43
his lyfe for vs wold sell.44
Adam, thou well vnderstand45
I am Isaias, so crist me kende.46
I spake of folke in darknes walkand,47
I saide a light shuld, on theym lende;48
This light is all from crist commande49
That he till vs has hedir sende,50
Thus is my poynt proved in hand,51
as I before to fold, it kende.52
So may I tell of farlys feyll,53
ffor in the tempyll his freyndys me fande,54
Me thoght daynteth with hym to deyll,55
I halsid hym homely with my hand;56
I saide, lord, let thi seruandys leyll57
pas in peasse to lyf lastande;58
Now that myn eeyn has sene thyn hele59
no longer lyst I lyf in lande.60
This light thou has purvayde61
ffor theym that lyf in lede;62
That I before of the haue saide63
I se it is fulfillyd in dede.64
John the Baptist
As a voce cryand I kend65
The wayes of crist, as I well can;66
I baptised hym with both myn hende67
in the water of flume Iordan;68
The holy gost from heuen discende69
As a white dowfe downe on me than;70
The fader voyce, oure myrthes to amende,71
Was made to me lyke as a man;72
"yond is my son," he saide,73
"and which me pleasses full well,"74
his light is on vs layde,75
and commys oure karys to kele.76
Now this same nyght lernyng haue I,77
to me, moyses, he shewid his myght,78
And also to anothere oone, hely,79
where we stud on a hill on hyght;80
As whyte as snaw was his body,81
his face was like the son for bright,82
Noman on mold, was so myghty83
grathly durst loke agans that light;84
And that same light here se I now85
shynyng on vs, certayn,86
where thrugh truly I trow87
that we shall sone pas from this payn.88
Sen fyrst that hell was mayde / And I was put therin,
Sich sorow neuer ere I had, / nor hard I sich a dyn;
My hart begynnys to brade / my wytt waxys thyn,91
I drede we can not be glad / thise saules mon fro vs twyn.
how, belsabub! bynde thise boys, / sich harow was neuer hard in hell.
Out, rybald,! thou rores, / what is betyd? can thou oght tell?
whi, herys thou not this vgly noyse?95
thise lurdans that in lymbo dwell.96
Thay make menyng of many Ioyse,97
and Muster myrthes theym emell.98
Myrth? nay, nay! that poynt is past,99
more hope of helth shall thay neuer haue.100
They cry on crist full fast,101
And says he shall theym saue.102
yee, though he do not, I shall,103
ffor they ar sparyd in specyall space;104
whils I am prynce and pryncypall105
they shall neuer pas out of this place.106
Call vp astarot and anaball107
To gyf vs counsell in this case;108
Bell, berith, and bellyall,109
To mar theym that sich mastry mase.110
Say to sir satan oure syre,111
and byd hym bryng also112
Sir lucyfer, lufly of lyre.113
All redy lord, I go.114
Attollite portas, principes, vestras &
eleuamini porte eternales, &
introibit rex glorie.115
out, harro, out! what devill is he116
That callys hym kyng ouer vs all?117
hark belzabub, com ne,118
ffor hedusly I hard hym call.119
Go, spar the yates, yll mot thou the!120
And, set the waches on the wall;121
If that brodell com ne122
With vs ay won he shall;123
And if he more call or cry,124
To make vs more debate,125
lay on hym hardely,126
And make hym go his gate.127
Nay, with hym may ye not fyght,128
ffor he is king and conqueroure,129
And of so mekill myght,130
And styf in euery stoure;131
Of hym commys all this light132
that shynys in this bowre;133
he is full fers in fight,134
worthi to wyn honoure.135
honowre! harsto, harlot, for what dede?136
Alle erthly men to me ar thrall;137
That lad that thou callys lord, in lede138
he had neuer harbor, house, ne hall.139
how, sir sathanas! com nar140
And hark this cursid rowte!141
The devill you all to-har!142
What ales the so to showte?143
And me, if I com nar,144
thy brayn bot I bryst owte!145
Thou must com help to spar,146
we ar beseged, abowte.147
Besegyd aboute! whi, who durst be so bold,148
for drede to make on vs a fray?149
It is the Iew that Iudas sold,150
ffor to be dede this othere day.151
how! in tyme that tale was told,152
that trature trauesses vs all-way;153
he shalbe here full hard, in hold,154
bot loke he pas not, I the pray.155
Pas! nay, nay, he will not weynde156
ffrom hens or it be war;157
he shapys hym for to sheynd,158
All hell or he go far.159
ffy, faturs! therof shall he fayll,160
ffor all his fare I hym defy;161
I know his trantes fro top to tayll,162
he lyffys by gawdys and, glory.163
Therby he broght furth of oure bayll164
The lath lazare of betany,165
Bot to the Iues I gaf counsayll166
That thay shuld, cause hym dy;167
I enterd, ther into Iudas,168
that forward to fulfyll,169
Therfor his hyere he has,170
All wayes to won here styll.171
Sir sathan, sen we here the say172
thou and the Iues were at assent,173
And wote he wan the lazare away174
that vnto vs was taken to tent,175
hopys thou that thou mar hym may176
to Muster the malyce that he has ment?177
ffor and he refe vs now oure pray178
we will ye witt or he is went.179
I byd the noght abaste,180
bot boldly make you bowne,181
With toyles that ye intraste,182
And dyng that dastard downe.183
Attollite portas, principes, vestras, &c.184
Outt, harro! what harlot is he185
that sayes his kyngdom shalbe cryde?186
That may thou in sawter se,187
for of this prynce thus ere I saide;188
I saide that he shuld, breke189
youre barres and bandys by name,190
And of youre warkys take wreke;191
now shall thou se the same.192
ye prynces of hell open youre yate,193
And let my folk furth gone;194
A prynce of peasse shall enter therat195
wheder ye will or none.196
What art thou that spekys so?197
A kyng of blys that hight ihesus.198
yee, hens fast I red thou go,199
And mell the not with vs.200
Oure yates I trow will last,201
thay ar so strong I weyn;202
Bot if oure barres brast,203
ffor the they shall not twyn.204
This stede shall stand, no longer stokyn;205
open vp, and, let my pepill pas.206
Out, harro! oure bayll is brokyn,207
and brusten ar all oure bandys of bras!208
harro! oure yates begyn to crak!209
In sonder, I trow, they go,210
And hell, I trow, will all to-shak;211
Alas, what I am wo!212
lymbo is lorne, alas!213
sir sathanas com vp;214
This wark is wars then it was.215
yee, hangyd be thou on a cruke!216
Thefys, I bad ye shuld, be bowne,217
If he maide mastres more,218
To dyng that dastard, downe,219
sett hym both sad and sore.220
To sett hym sore, that is sone saide!221
com thou thi self and serue hym so;222
we may not abyde his bytter brayde,223
he wold vs mar and we were mo.224
ffy, fature! wherfor were ye flayd?225
haue ye no force to flyt hym fro?226
loke in haste my gere be grayd,227
my self shall to that gadlyng go.228
how! thou belamy, abyde,229
with all thi boste and beyr!230
And tell me in this tyde231
what mastres thou makys here.232
I make no mastry bot for myne;233
I will theym saue, that shall the sow;234
Thou has no powere theym to pyne,235
bot in my pryson for thare prow236
here haue they soriornyd, noght as thyne,237
bot in this wayrd, thou wote as how.238
why, were has thou bene ay syn,239
that neuer wold negh theym nere or now?240
Now is the tyme certan241
My fader ordand her for,242
That thay shuld, pas fro payn,243
In blys to dwell for euermore.244
Thy fader knew I well by syght,245
he was a wright, his meett to wyn;246
Mary, me mynnys, thi moder hight,247
the vtmast ende of all thy kyn;248
Say who made the so mekill of myght?249
Thou wykyd feynde, lett be thi dy[n]!250
my fader wonnes in heuen on hight,251
In blys that neuer shall blyn;252
I am his oonly son, / his forward, to fulfyll,253
Togeder will we won, / In sonder when we wyll.254
Goddys son! nay, then myght thou be glad,255
for no catell thurt the craue;256
Bot thou has lyffyd ay lyke a lad,257
In sorow, and as a sympill knaue.258
That was for the hartly luf I had259
Vnto mans saull, it forto saue,260
And forto make the masyd and mad,261
And for that reson rufully to rafe.262
My godhede here I hyd263
In mary, moder myne,264
where it shall neuer by kyd265
to the ne none of thyne.266
how now? this wold I were told, in towne;267
thou says god is thi syre;268
I shall the prove by good reson269
thou moyttys as man dos into myre.270
To breke thi byddyng they were full bowne,271
And soyn they wroght at my desyre;272
ffrom paradise thou putt theym downe,273
In hell here to haue thare hyre;274
And thou thy self, by day and nyght,275
taght euer all men emang,276
Euer to do reson and right,277
And here thou wyrkys all wrang.278
I wyrk no wrang, that shall thou wytt,279
if I my men fro wo will wyn;280
My prophetys playnly prechyd it,281
All the noytys that I begyn;282
They saide that I shuld be that ilke283
In hell where I shuld intre in,284
To saue my seruandys fro that pytt285
where dampnyd saullys shall syt for syn.286
And ilke true prophete tayll287
shalbe fulfillid, in me;288
I haue thaym boght fro bayll,289
in blis now shall they be.290
Now sen thou lyst to legge the lawes,291
thou shalbe tenyd or we twyn,292
ffor those that thou to witnes drawes293
ffull euen agans the shall begyn;294
As salamon saide in his sawes,295
who that ones commys hell within296
he shall neuer owte, as clerkys knawes,297
therfor, belamy, let be thy dyn.298
Iob thi seruande also299
In his tyme can tell300
That nawder freynde nor fo301
shall fynde relese in hell.302
he sayde full soyth, that shall thou se,303
In hell shalbe no relese,304
Bot of that place then ment he305
where synfull care shall euer encrese.306
In that bayll ay shall thou be,307
where sorowes seyr shall neuer sesse,308
And my folke that were most fre309
shall pas vnto the place of peasse;310
ffor they were here with my will,311
And so thay shall furth weynde;312
Thou shall thiself fulfyll313
euer wo withoutten ende.314
Whi, and will thou take theym all me fro?315
then thynk me thou art vnkynde;316
Nay, I pray the do not so;317
Vmthynke the better in thy mynde;318
Or els let me with the go,319
I pray the leyffe me not behynde!320
Nay, tratur, thou shall won in wo,321
and till a stake I shall the bynde.322
Now here I how thou menys emang,323
with mesure and malyce forto mell;324
Bot sen thou says it shalbe lang,325
yit som let all-wayes with vs dwell.326
Yis, wytt thou well, els were greatt wrang;327
thou shall haue caym that slo abell,328
And all that hastys theym self to hang,329
As dyd Iudas and architophell;330
And daton and abaron / and all of thare assent,331
Cursyd tyranttys euer ilkon / that me and myn tormente.
And all that will not lere my law,333
That I haue left in land, for new,334
That makys my commyng knaw,335
And all my sacramentys persew;336
My deth, my rysyng, red by raw,337
Who trow thaym not thay ar vntrewe;338
vnto my dome I shall theym draw,339
And Iuge theym wars then and Iew.340
And thay that lyst to lere / my law, and lyf therby,
Shall neuer haue harmes here, / bot welth as is worthy.
Now here my hand, I hold, me payde,343
thise poyntys ar playnly for my prow;344
If this be trew that thou has saide,345
we shall haue mo then we haue now;346
Thies lawes that thou has late here laide,347
I shall theym lere not to alow;348
If thay myn take thay ar betraide,349
and I shall turne theym tytt I trow.350
I shall walk eest, I shall walk west,351
and gar theym wyrk well war.352
Nay feynde, thou shalbe feste,353
that thou shall flyt no far.354
ffeste? fy! that were a wykyd treson!355
belamy, thou shalbe smytt.356
Devill, I commaunde the to go downe357
into thi sete where thou shall syt.358
Alas, for doyll and care!359
I synk into hell pyt!360
Sir sathanas, so saide I are,361
now shall thou haue a fytt.362
Com now furth, my childer all,363
I forgyf you youre mys;364
With me now go ye shall365
to Ioy and endles blys.366
lord, thou art full mekyll of myght,367
that mekys thiself on this manere,368
To help vs all as thou had vs hight,369
when both forfett I and my fere;370
here haue we dwelt withoutten light371
Fower thousand and sex hundreth yere;372
Now se we by this solempne sight373
now that thi mercy makys vs dere.374
lord, we were worthy / more tornamentys to tast;375
Thou help vs lord with thy mercy / as thou of myght is mast.
John the Baptist
lord, I loue the inwardly,377
that me wold, make thi messyngere,378
Thi commyng in erth to cry,379
and tech thi fayth to folk in fere;380
Sythen before the forto dy,381
to bryng theym bodword that be here,382
how thay shuld haue thi help in hy,383
now se I all those poyntys appere.384
Dauid, thi prophete trew,385
oft tymes told, vnto vs,386
Of thi commyng he knew,387
and saide it shuld, be thus.388
As I saide ere yit say I so,389
"ne derelinquas, domine,390
Animam meam in inferno;"391
"leyfe neuer my saull, lord, after the,392
In depe hell wheder dampned, shall go;393
suffre thou neuer thi sayntys to se394
The sorow of thaym that won in wo,395
ay full of fylth, and may not fle."396
Make myrth both more and les,397
and loue oure lord we may,398
That has broght vs fro bytternes399
In blys to abyde for ay.400
Thefor now let vs syng401
to loue oure lord ihesus;402
Vnto his blys he will vs bryng,403
Te deum laudamus.404

The Resurrection of the LordContents

Peasse, I warne you, woldys in wytt!1
And standys on syde or els go sytt,2
ffor here ar men that go not yit,3
And lordys of me[kill] myght;4
We thynk to abyde, and not to flytt,5
I tell you euery wight.6
Spare youre spech, ye brodels bold,7
And sesse youre cry till I haue told,8
What that my worship wold,9
here in thise wonys;10
whoso that wyghtly nold,11
ffull hy bese hanged his bonys.12
wote ye not that I am pilate,13
That satt apon the Iustyce late,14
At caluarie where I was att15
This day at morne?16
I am he, that great state,17
That lad has all to-torne.18
Now sen that lothly losell is thus ded,19
I haue great ioy in my manhede,20
Therfor wold, I in ilk sted,21
It were tayn hede,22
If any felowse felow his red,23
Or more his law wold lede.24
ffor and I knew it, cruelly25
his lyfe bees lost, and that shortly,26
that he were better hyng ful hy27
On galow tre;28
Therfor ye prelatys shuld, aspy29
If any sich be.30
As I am man of myghtys most,31
If ther be any that blow sich bost,32
with tormentys keyn bese he indost33
ffor euermore;34
The devill to hell shall harry hys goost,35
Bot I say nomore.36
Sir, ye thar nothyng be dredand,37
ffor centurio, I vnderstand,38
youre knyght is left abydand39
Right ther behynde;40
We left hym ther, for man most wyse,41
If any rybaldys wold oght ryse,42
To sesse theym to the next assyse,43
And then forto make ende.44
A, blyssyd lord adonay,45
what may this meruell sygnyfy46
That here was shewyd so openly47
vnto oure sight,48
When the rightwys man can dy49
that ihesus hight?50
heuen it shoke abone,51
Of shynyng blan both son and moyne,52
And dede men also rose vp sone,53
Outt of thare grafe;54
And stones in wall anone55
In sonder brast and clafe.56
Ther was seen many a full sodan sight,57
Oure prynces, for sothe, dyd nothyng right,58
And so I saide to theym on hight,59
As it is trew,60
That he was most of myght,61
The son of god, ihesu.62
ffowlys in the ayer and fish in floode,63
That day changid thare mode,64
when that he was rent on rode,65
That lord veray;66
ffull well thay vnderstode67
That he was slayn that day.68
Therfor right as I meyn / to theym fast will I ryde,
To wyt withoutten weyn / what they will say this tyde
Of this enfray;71
I will no longer abyde72
bot fast ride on my way.73
God saue you, syrs, on euery syde!74
Worship and welth in warld so wyde!75
Centurio, welcom this tyde,76
Oure comly knyght!77
God graunt you grace well forto gyde,78
And rewll you right.79
Centurio, welcom, draw nere hand!80
Tell vs son tythyngys here emang,81
ffor ye haue gone thrughoutt oure land,82
ye know ilk dele.83
Sir, I drede me ye haue done wrang84
And wonder yll.85
wonder yll? I pray the why?86
declare that to this company.87
So shall I, sir, full securly,88
with all my mayn;89
The rightwys man, I meyn, hym by90
that ye haue slayn.91
Centurio, sese of sich saw;92
ye ar a greatt man of oure law,93
And if we shuld any wytnes draw,94
To vs excuse,95
To mayntene vs euermore ye aw,96
And noght refuse.97
To mayntene trowth is well worthy;98
I saide when I sagh hym dy,99
That it was godys son almyghty,100
That hang thore;101
So say I yit and abydys therby,102
ffor euermore.103
yee, sir, sich resons may ye rew,104
Thou shuld not neuen sich notes new,105
Bot thou couth any tokyns trew,106
vntill vs tell.107
Sich wonderfull case neuer ere ye knew108
As then befell.109
we pray the tell vs, of what thyng?110
Of elymentys, both old, and ying,111
In thare manere maide greatt mowrnyng,112
In ilka stede;113
Thay knew by contenaunce that thare kyng114
was done to dede.115
The son for wo it waxed all wan,116
The moyn and starnes of shynyng blan,117
And erth it tremlyd as a man118
Began to speke;119
The stone, that neuer was styrryd or than,120
In sonder brast and breke;121
And dede men rose vp bodely, both greatt and small.
Centurio, bewar with all!123
ye wote the clerkys the clyppys it call124
Sich sodan sight;125
That son and moyne a seson shall126
lak of thare light.127
Sir, and if that dede men ryse vp bodely,128
That may be done thrugh socery,129
Therfor nothyng we sett therby,130
that be thou bast.131
Sir, that I saw truly,132
That shall I euermore trast.133
Not for that ilk warke that ye dyd wyrke,134
Not oonly for the son wex myrke,135
Bot how the vayll rofe in the kyrke,136
ffayn wyt I wold.137
A, sich tayles full sone wold make vs yrke,138
if thay were told.139
harlot! wherto commys thou vs emang140
with sich lesyngys vs to fang?141
Weynd furth! hy myght thou hang,142
Vyle fatur!143
Weynd furth in the Wenyande,144
And hold styll thy clattur.145
Sirs, sen ye set not by my saw, / haues now good day!
God lene you grace to knaw / the sothe all way.147
with draw the fast, sen thou the dredys,148
ffor we shall well mayntene oure dedys.149
Sich wonderfull resons as now redys150
were neuer beforne,151
To neuen this note nomore vs nedys,152
nawder euen nor morne,153
Bot forto be war of more were154
That afterward myght do vs dere,155
Therfor, sir, whils ye ar here156
vs all emang,157
Avyse you of thise sawes sere158
how thay will stand.159
ffor ihesus saide full openly160
Vnto the men that yode hym by,161
A thyng that grevys all Iury,162
And right so may,163
That he shuld, ryse vp bodely164
within the thryde day.165
If it be so, as myght I spede,166
The latter dede is more to drede167
Then was the fyrst, if we take hede168
And tend therto;169
Avyse you, sir, for it is nede,170
the best to do.171
Sir, neuer the les if he saide so,172
he hase no myght to ryse and go,173
Bot his dyscypyls steyll his cors vs fro174
And bere away;175
That were till vs, and othere mo,176
A fowll enfray.177
Then wold the pepyll say euerilkon178
That he were rysen hym self alon,179
Therfor ordan to kepe that stone180
with knyghtys heynd,181
To thise thre dayes be commen and gone182
And broght till ende.183
Now, certys sir, full well ye say,184
And for this ilk poynt to puruay185
I shall, if that I may;186
he shall not ryse,187
Nor none shall wyn hym thens away188
of nokyns wyse.189
Sir knyghtys, that ar of dedys dughty,190
And chosen for chefe of cheualry,191
As I may me in you affy,192
By day and nyght,193
ye go and kepe ihesu body194
with all youre myght;195
And for thyng that be may,196
kepe hym well vnto the thryd day,197
That no tratur steyll his cors you fray,198
Out of that sted;199
ffor if ther do, truly I say,200
ye shall be dede.201
Primus Miles
yis, sir pilate, in certan,202
we shall hym kepe with all oure mayn;203
Ther shall no tratur with no trayn204
Steyll hym vs fro;205
Sir knyghtys, take gere that best may gayn,206
And let vs go.207
Secundus Miles
yis, certys, we are all redy bowne,208
we shall hym kepe till youre renowne;209
On euery syde lett vs sytt downe,210
we all in fere;211
And I shall fownde to crak his crowne212
whoso commys here.213
Primus Miles
who shuld be where, fayn wold I wytt.214
Secundus Miles
Euen on this syde wyll I sytt.215
Tercius Miles
And I shall fownde his feete to flytt.216
Quartus Miles
we ther shrew ther!217
Now by mahowne, fayn wold I wytt218
who durst com here219
This cors with treson forto take,220
ffor if it were the burnand drake221
Of me styfly he gatt a strake,222
haue here my hand;223
To thise thre dayes be past,224
This cors I dar warand.225
Erthly man, that I haue wroght,226
wightly wake, and slepe thou noght!227
with bytter bayll I haue the boght,228
To make the fre;229
Into this dongeon depe I soght230
And all for luf of the.231
Behold how dere I wold the by!232
My woundys ar weytt and all blody;233
The, synfull man, full dere boght I234
With tray and teyn;235
Thou fyle the noght eft for-thy,236
Now art thou cleyn.237
Clene haue I mayde the, synfull man,238
With wo and wandreth I the wan,239
ffrom harte and syde the blood out ran,240
Sich was my pyne;241
Thou must me luf that thus gaf than242
My lyfe for thyne.243
Thou synfull man that by me gase,244
Tytt vnto me thou turne thi face;245
Behold, my body, in ilka place246
how it was dight;247
All to-rent and all to-shentt,248
Man, for thy plight.249
With cordes enewe and ropys toghe250
The Iues fell my lymmes out-drogh,251
ffor that I was not mete enoghe252
vnto the bore;253
with hard stowndys thise depe woundys254
Tholyd I thefore.255
A crowne of thorne, that is so kene,256
Thay set apon my hede for tene,257
Two thefys hang thai me betwene,258
All for dyspyte;259
This payn ilk dele thou shall wyt wele,260
May I the wyte.261
Behald my shankes and my knees,262
Myn armes and my thees;263
Behold me well, looke what thou sees,264
Bot sorow and pyne;265
Thus was I spylt, man, for thi gylt,266
And not for myne.267
And yit more vnderstand thou shall;268
In stede of drynk thay gaf me gall,269
Asell thay menged it withall,270
The Iues fell;271
The payn I haue, tholyd I to saue272
Mans saull from hell.273
Behold, my body how Iues it dang274
with knottys of whyppys and scorges strang;275
As stremes of well the bloode out sprang276
On euery syde;277
knottes where thay hyt, well may thou wytt,278
Maide woundys wyde.279
And therfor thou shall vnderstand280
In body, heed, feete, and hand,281
ffour hundreth woundys and fyue thowsand282
here may thou se;283
And therto neyn were delt full euen284
ffor luf of the.285
Behold, on me noght els is lefte,286
And or that thou were fro me refte,287
All thise paynes wold I thole efte288
And for the dy;289
here may thou se that I luf the,290
Man, faythfully.291
Sen I for luf, man, boght the dere,292
As thou thi self the sothe sees here,293
I pray the hartely, with good chere,294
luf me agane;295
That it lyked me that I for the296
tholyd all this payn.297
If thou thy lyfe in syn haue led,298
Mercy to ask be not adred;299
The leste drope I for the bled300
Myght clens the soyn,301
All the syn the warld with in302
If thou had done.303
I was well wrother with Iudas304
ffor that he wold not ask me no grace,305
Then I was for his trespas306
That he me sold;307
I was redy to shew mercy,308
Aske none he wold.309
lo how I hold myn armes on brede,310
The to saue ay redy mayde;311
That I great luf ay to the had,312
well may thou knaw!313
Som luf agane I wold, full fayn314
Thou wold me shaw.315
Bot luf noght els aske I of the,316
And that thou fownde fast syn to fle;317
pyne the to lyf in charyte318
Both nyght and day;319
Then in my blys that neuer shall mys320
Thou shall dwell ay.321
ffor I am veray prynce of peasse,322
And synnes seyr I may releasse,323
And whoso will of synnes seasse324
And mercy cry,325
I grauntt theym here a measse326
In brede, myn awne body.327
[That ilk veray brede of lyfe328
Becommys my fleshe in wordys fyfe;329
who so it resaues in syn or stryfe330
Bese dede for euer;331
And whoso it takys in rightwys lyfe332
Dy shall he neuer.]333
Maria Magdalene
Alas! to dy with doyll am I dyght!334
In warld was neuer a wofuller wight,335
I drope, I dare, for seyng of sight336
That I can se;337
My lord, that mekill was of myght,338
Is ded, fro me.339
Alas! that I shuld se hys pyne,340
Or that I shuld, his lyfe tyne,341
ffor to ich sore he was medecyne342
And boytte of all;343
help and hold, to euer ilk hyne344
To hym wold call.345
Maria Jacobi
Alas! how stand I on my feete346
when I thynk on his woundys wete!347
Ihesus, that was on luf so swete,348
And neuer dyd yll,349
Is dede and grafen vnder the grete,350
withoutten skyll.351
Maria Salome
withoutten skyll thise Iues ilkon352
That lufly lord thay haue hym slone,353
And trespas dyd he neuer none,354
In nokyn sted.355
To whom shall we now make oure mone?356
Oure lord is ded.357
Maria Magdalene
Sen he is ded, my systers dere,358
weynd we will with full good chere.359
with oure anoyntmentys fare and clere360
That we haue broght,361
ffor to anoyntt his woundys sere,362
That Iues hym wroght.363
Maria Jacobus
Go we then, my systers fre,364
ffor sore me longis his cors to see,365
Bot I wote neuer how best may be;366
help haue we none,367
And which shall of vs systers thre368
remefe the stone?369
Maria Salome
That do we not bot we were mo,370
ffor it is hogh and heuy also.371
Maria Magdalene
Systers, we thar no farther go372
Ne make mowrnyng;373
I se two syt where we weynd to,374
In whyte clothyng.375
Maria Jacobi
Certys, the sothe is not to hyde,376
The graue stone is put besyde.377
Maria Salome
Certys, for thyng that may betyde,378
Now will we weynde379
To late the luf, and with hym byde,380
that was oure freynde.381
Primus Angelus
ye mowrnyng women in youre thoght,382
here in this place whome haue ye soght?383
Maria Magdalene
Ihesu that vnto ded was broght,384
Oure lord so fre.385
Secundus angelus
Certys, women, here is he noght;386
Com nere and se.387
Primus Angelus
he is not here, the sothe to say,388
The place is voyde ther in he lay;389
The sudary here se ye may390
was on hym layde;391
he is rysen and gone his way,392
As he you sayde.393
Secundus angelus
Euen as he saide so done has he,394
he is rysen thrugh his pauste;395
he shalbe fon in galale,396
In fleshe and fell;397
To his dyscypyls now weynd ye,398
And thus thaym tell.399
Maria Magdalene
My systers fre, sen it is so,400
That he is resyn the deth thus fro,401
As saide till vs thise angels two,402
Oure lord and leche,403
As ye haue hard, where that ye go404
Loke that ye preche.405
Maria Jacobi
As we haue hard so shall we say;406
Mare, oure syster, haue good day!407
Maria Magdalene
Now veray god, as he well may,408
Man most of myght,409
he wysh you, systers, well in youre way,410
And rewle you right.411
Alas, what shall now worth on me?412
My catyf hart wyll breke in thre413
when that I thynk on that ilk bodye414
how it was spylt;415
Thrugh feete and handys nalyd was he416
Withoutten gylt.417
withoutten gylt then was he tayn,418
That lufly lord, thay haue hym slayn,419
And tryspas dyd he neuer nane,420
Ne yit no mys421
It was my gylt he was fortayn,422
And nothing his.423
how myght I, bot I lufyd that swete424
That for me suffred woundys wete,425
Sythen to be grafen vnder the grete,426
Sich kyndnes kythe;427
Ther is nothyng till that we mete428
may make me blythe.429
Primus Miles
Outt, alas! what shall I say?430
where is the cors that here in lay?431
Secundus Miles
what alys the man? he is away432
That we shuld tent!433
Primus Miles
Ryse vp and se.434
Secundus Miles
harrow! thefe! for ay
I cownte vs shent!435
Tercius Miles
what devyll alys you two436
sich nose and cry thus forto may?437
Secundus Miles
ffor he is gone.438
Tercius Miles
Alas, wha?439
Secundus Miles
he that here lay.440
Tercius Miles
harrow! devill! how swa gat he away?441
Quartus Miles
what, is he thus-gatys from vs went,442
The fals tratur that here was lentt,443
That we truly to tent444
had vndertane?445
Certanly I tell vs shent446
holly ilkane.447
Primus Miles
Alas, what shall I do this day448
Sen this tratur is won away?449
And safely, syrs, I dar well say450
he rose alon.451
Secundus Miles
wytt sir pilate of this enfray452
we mon be slone.453
Quartus Miles
wote ye well he rose in dede?454
Secundus Miles
I sagh myself when that he yede.455
Primus Miles
when that he styrryd out of the steed456
None couth it ken.457
Quartus Miles
Alas, hard hap was on my hede458
emang all men.459
Tercius Miles
ye, bot wyt sir pilate of this dede,460
That we were slepand when he yede,461
we mon forfett, withoutten drede,462
All that we haue.463
Quartus Miles
we must make lees, for that is nede,464
Oure self to saue.465
Primus Miles
That red I well, so myght I go.466
Secundus Miles
And I assent therto also.467
Tercius Miles
A thowsand shall I assay, and mo,468
well armed ilkon,469
Com and toke his cors vs fro,470
had vs here slone.471
Quartus Miles
Nay, certys, I hold ther none so good472
As say the sothe right as it stude,473
how that he rose with mayn and mode,474
And went his way;475
To sir pilate, if he be wode,476
Thus dar I say.477
Primus Miles
why, and dar thou to sir pilate go478
with thise tythyngys, and tell hym so?479
Secundus Miles
So red I that we do also,480
we dy bot oones.481
Tercius Miles
Now he that wroght vs all this wo482
wo worth his bones!483
Quartus Miles
Go we sam, sir knyghtys heynd,484
Sen we shall to sir pilate weynd,485
I trow that we shall parte no freynd,486
Or that we pas.487
Primus Miles
Now and I shall tell ilka word till ende,488
right as it was.489
Sir pilate, prynce withoutten peyr,490
Sir Cayphas and Anna both in fere,491
And all the lordys aboute you there,492
To neuen by name;493
Mahowne you saue on sydys sere494
ffro syn and shame.495
ye ar welcom, oure knyghtys so keyn,496
A mekill myrth now may we meyn,497
Bot tell vs som talkyng vs betwene,498
How ye haue wroght.499
Primus Miles
Oure walkyng, lord, withoutten wene,500
Is worth to noght.501
To noght? alas, seasse of sich saw.502
Secundus Miles
The prophete ihesu, that ye well knaw,503
Is rysen, and went fro vs on raw,504
with mayn and myght.505
Therfor the devill the all to-draw,506
vyle recrayd knyght!507
what! combred cowardys I you call!508
lett ye hym pas fro you all?509
Tercius Miles
Sir, ther was none that durst do bot small510
when that he yede.511
Quartus Miles
we were so ferde we can d,owne fall,512
And qwoke for drede.513
Primus Miles
we were so rad, euerilkon,514
when that he put besyde the stone,515
we quoke for ferd, and durst styr none,516
And sore we were abast.517
whi, bot rose he bi hym self alone?518
Secundus Miles
ye, lord, that be ye trast,519
we hard neuer on euyn ne morne,520
Nor yit oure faders vs beforne,521
Sich melody, myd-day ne morne,522
As was maide thore.523
Alas, then ar oure lawes forlorne524
ffor euer more!525
A, devill! what shall now worth of this?526
This warld farys with quantys;527
I pray you, Cayphas, ye vs wys528
Of this enfray.529
Sir, and I couth oght by my clergys,530
ffayn wold I say.531
To say the best for sothe I shall;532
It shalbe profett for vs all,533
yond knyghtys behovys thare wordys agane call,534
how he is myst;535
we wold not, for thyng that myght befall,536
That no man wyst:537
And therfor of youre curtessie538
Gyf theym a rewarde for-thy.539
Of this counsell well paide am I,540
It shalbe thus.541
Sir knyghtys, that ar of dedys doghty,542
Take tent till vs;543
herkyns now how ye shall say,544
where so ye go by nyght or day;545
Ten thowsand men of good aray546
Cam you vntill,547
And thefyshly toke his cors you fray548
Agans youre will.549
loke ye say thus in euery land,550
And therto on this couande551
Ten thowsand pounds haue in youre hande552
To youre rewarde;553
And my frenship, I vnderstande,554
Shall not be sparde;555
Bot loke ye say as we haue kende.556
Primus Miles
yis, sir, as mahowne me mende,557
In ilk contree where so we lende558
By nyght or day,559
where so we go, where so we weynd,560
Thus shall we say.561
The blyssyng of mahowne be with you nyght and day!562
Maria Magdalene
Say me, garthymere, I the pray,563
If thou bare oght my lord away;564
Tell me the sothe, say me not nay,565
where that he lyys,566
And I shall remeue hym if I may,567
On any kyn wyse.568
woman, why wepys thou? be styll!569
whome sekys thou? say me thy wyll,570
And nyk me not with nay.571
Maria Magdalene
ffor my lord I lyke full yll;572
The stede thou bare his body tyll573
Tell me I the pray;574
And I shall if I may / his body bere with me,575
Vnto myn endyng day / the better shuld I be.576
woman, woman, turn thi thoght!577
wyt thou well I hyd hym noght,578
Then bare hym nawre with me;579
Go seke, loke if thou fynde hym oght.580
Maria Magdalene
In fayth I haue hym soght,581
Bot nawre he will fond, be.582
why, what was he to the / In sothfastnes to say?583
Maria Magdalene
A! he was to me / no longer dwell I may.584
Mary, thou sekys thy god, and that am I.585
Maria Magdalene
Rabony, my lord so dere!586
Now am I hole that thou art here,587
Suffer me to negh the nere,588
And kys thi feete;589
Myght I do so, so well me were,590
ffor thou art swete.591
Nay, mary, neghe thou not me,592
ffor to my fader, tell I the,593
yit stevynd I noght;594
Tell my brethere I shall be595
Before theym all in trynyte596
whose will that I haue wroght.597
To peasse now ar thay boght / that prysond, were in pyne,
wherfor thou thank in thoght / god, thi lord and myne
Mary thou shall weynde me fro,600
Myn erand shall thou grathly go,601
In no fowndyng thou fall;602
To my dyscypyls say thou so,603
That wilsom ar and lappyd in wo,604
That I thaym socoure shall.605
By name peter thou call / and say that I shall be606
Before hym and theym all / my self in galyle.607
Maria Magdalene
lord, I shall make my vyage608
to tell theym hastely;609
ffro thay here that message610
thay will be all mery.611
This lord was slayn, alas for-thy,612
ffalsly spylt, noman wyst why,613
whore he dyd mys;614
Bot with hym spake I bodely,615
ffor-thi commen is my blys.616
Mi blys is commen, my care is gone,617
That lufly haue I mett alone;618
I am as blyth in bloode and bone619
As euer was wight;620
Now is he resyn that ere was slone,621
Mi hart is light.622
I am as light as leyfe on tre,623
ffor ioyfull sight that I can se,624
ffor well I wote that it was he625
My lord ihesu;626
he that betrayde that fre627
sore may he rew.628
To galyle now will I fare,629
And his dyscyples cach from care;630
I wote that thay will mowrne no mare,631
Commyn is thare blys;632
That worthi childe that mary bare633
he amende youre mys.634

The PilgrimsContents

Almyghty god, ihesu! ihesu1
That borne was of a madyn fre,2
Thou was a lord and prophete trew,3
whyls thou had lyfe on lyfe to be4
Emangys thise men;5
yll was thou ded, so wo is me6
that I it ken!7
I ken it well that thou was slayn8
Oonly for me and all mankynde;9
Therto thise Iues were full bayn.10
Alas! why was thou, man, so blynde11
Thi lord to slo?12
On hym why wold thou haue no mynde,13
bot bett hym blo?14
Blo thou bett hym bare / his brest thou maide all blak,
his woundes all wete thay ware / Alas, withoutten lak!
That lord, alas, that leche / that was so meke and mylde,
So well that couth vs preche / with syn was neuer fylde;
he was full bayn to preche / vs all from warkes wylde,
his ded it will me drech, / ffor thay hym so begylde
This day;21
Alas, why dyd thay so22
To tug hym to and fro?23
ffrom hym wold thay not go24
To his lyfe was away.25
Thise cursyd Iues, euer worth thaym wo!26
Oure lord, oure master, to ded gart go,27
All sakles thay gart hym slo28
Apon the rode,29
And forto bete his body blo30
Thay thoght full good.31
Thou says full sothe, thay dyd hym payn,32
And therto were thay euer fayn.33
Thay wold no leyf or he was slayn34
And done to ded;35
ffor-thi we mowrne with mode and mayn,36
with rufull red.37
yee, rufully may we it rew,38
ffor hym that was so good and trew,39
That thrugh the falshede of a Iew40
was thus betrayd;41
Therfor oure sorow is euer new,42
Oure ioy is layd.43
Certys, it was a wonder thyng44
That thay wold for no tokynyng,45
Ne yit for his techyng,46
Trast in that trew;47
Thay myght haue sene in his doyng48
full great vertu.49
ffor all that thay to hym can say50
he answard neuer with yee, ne nay,51
Bot as a lam meke was he ay,52
ffor all thare threte;53
he spake neuer, by nyght ne day,54
No wordes greatte.55
All if he wor withoutten plight,56
Vnto the ded yit thay hym dight;57
If he had neuer so mekill myght58
he suffred all;59
he stud as still, that bright,60
As stone in wall.61
Alas, for doyll! what was thare skyll62
That precyous lord so forto spill?63
And he seruyd neuer none yll64
In worde, ne dede;65
Bot prayd for theym his fader till66
To ded when that he yede.67
When I thynk on his passyon,68
And on his moder how she can swoyn,69
To dy nere am I bowne,70
ffor sorow I sagh hir make;71
Vnder the crosse when she fell downe,72
ffor hir son sake.73
Me thynk my hart is full of wo74
when I sagh hym to ded go;75
Th[e] wekyd Iues thay were so thro76
To wyrk hym woghe,77
his fare body thay maide full blo78
with strokes enoghe.79
Me thynk my hart droppys all in bloode80
when I sagh hym hyng on the roode,81
And askyd a drynk, with full mylde mode,82
Right than in hy;83
Asell and gall, that was not good,84
Thay broght hym then truly.85
was neuer man in no-kyns steede86
That suffred half so greatt mysdede87
As he, to ded or that he yede,88
Ne yit the care;89
ffor-thi full carefull is my red90
where soeuer I fare.91
where so I fare he is my mynde,92
Bot when I thynk on hym so kynde,93
how sore gyltles that he was pyynde94
Apon a tre,95
Vnethes may I hold, my mynde,96
So sore myslykys me.97
Pylgrymes, whi make ye this mone,98
And walk so rufully by the way?99
haue ye youre gates vngrathly gone?100
Or what you alys to me ye say.101
what wordes ar you two emange,102
That ye here so sadly gang?103
To here theym eft full sore I lang,104
here of yow two;105
It semys ye ar in sorow strang,106
here as ye go.107
what way, for shame, man, has thou tayn108
That thou wote not of this affray?109
Thow art a man by the alane,110
Thow may not pleasse me to my pay.111
I pray you, if it be youre will,112
Those Wordys ye wold, reherse me tyll;113
ye ar all heuy and lykys yll114
here in this way;115
If ye will now shew me youre [wyll]116
I wold you pray.117
Art thou a pilgreme thi self alone,118
walkand in contry bi thyn oone,119
And wote not what is commen and gone120
within few dayes?121
Me thynk thou shuld make mone,122
And wepe here in thi wayes.123
whi, what is done can ye me say124
In this land this ylk day?125
Is ther fallen any affray126
In land awre whare?127
If ye can, me tell I you pray,128
Or that I farthere fare.129
why, knowys thou not what thyng is done130
here at Ierusalem thus sone,131
Thrugh wykyd Iues, withoutten hone,132
And noght lang syn?133
flor the trewe prophete make we this mone,134
And for his pyne.135
yee for ihesu of nazarene,136
That was a prophete true and clene,137
In word, in wark, full meke, I wene,138
And that fonde we;139
And so has he full long bene,140
As mot I the,141
To god and to the people bath;142
Therfor thise daies he has takyn skath,143
Vnto the ded, withoutten hagh,144
Thise Iues hym dight;145
ffor-thi for hym thus walk we wrath146
By day and nyght.147
Thise wykyd Iues trayed hym with gyle148
To thare high preestys within a whyle,149
And to thare prynces thay can hym fyle,150
withoutten drede;151
Apon a crosse, noght hens a myle,152
To ded he yede.153
we trowyd that it was he truly154
his awne lyfe agane shuld by,155
As it is told in prophecy156
Of Cristys doyng;157
And, certys, thay will neuer ly158
ffor noykyns thyng.159
ffro he was of the crosse tayn160
he was layde full sone agane161
In a graue, vnder a stane,162
And that we saw;163
wheder he be rysen and gane164
yit we ne knaw.165
Pilgremes, in speche ye are full awth,166
That shall I well declare you why,167
ye haue it hart, and that is rawth,168
ye can no better stand therby,169
Thyng that ye here;170
And prophetys told it openly171
On good manere.172
Thay saide a childe there shuld be borne173
To by mankynde combryd in care;174
Thus saide dauid here beforne175
And othere prophetys wyse of lare,176
And daniell;177
Som saide he ded shuld be,178
And ly in erth by dayes thre,179
And sithen, thrugh his pauste,180
Ryse vp in flesh and fell.181
Now, sir, for sothe, as god me saue,182
women has flayed vs in oure thoght;183
Thay saide that thay were at his graue,184
And in that sted, thay faunde hym noght,185
Bot saide a light186
Com downe with angels, and vp hym broght187
Ther in thare sight.188
we wold not trow theym for nothyng,189
If thay were ther in the mornyng,190
we saide thay knew not his rysyng191
when it shuld be;192
Bot som of vs, without dwellyng,193
wentt theder to se.194
yee, som of vs, sir, haue beyn thare,195
And faunde it as the women saide,196
Out of that sted that cors was fare,197
And also the graue stone put besyde,198
we se with ee;199
The teres outt of myn ees can glyde,200
ffor doyll I dre.201
ye foyles, ye ar not stabyll!202
where is youre witt, I say?203
wilsom of hart ye ar vnabyll204
And outt of the right way,205
ffor to trow it is no fabyll206
that at is fallen this same day.207
he wyst, when he sat at his tabill,208
that Iudas shuld, hym sone betray.209
Me thynk you all vntrist to trow,210
both in mode and mayn,211
All that the prophetys told to you212
before, it is no trane.213
Told, not thay what wyse and how214
That cryst shuld suffre payn?215
And so to his paske bow216
To entre till his ioy agane.217
Take tent to moyses and othere mo,218
that were prophetys trew and good;219
Thay saide ihesus to ded, shuld go,220
And pynde be on roode;221
Thrugh the Iues he maide full blo,222
his woundys rynyng on red blode;223
Sithen shuld he ryse and furth go224
before, right as he yode.225
Crist behovid to suffre this,226
fforsothe, right as I say,227
And sithen enter into his blys228
vnto his fader for ay,229
Euer to won with hym and his,230
where euer is gam and play;231
Of that myrth shall he neuer mys232
ffro he weynde hens away.233
Now, sir, we thank it full oft sythes,234
the commyng of you heder;235
To vs so kyndly kythes236
the prophecy all to geder.237
By leyff now, sirs, for I must weynde,238
ffor I haue far of my iornay.239
Now, sir, we pray you, as oure freynde,240
All nyght to abyde for charite,241
And take youre r[est];242
At morne more prest then may ye be243
to go full prest.244
Sir, we you pray, for godys sake,245
This nyght penance with vs to take,246
With sich chere as we can make,247
And that we pray;248
we may no farthere walk ne wake,249
Gone is the day.250
Dwell with vs, sir, if ye myght,251
ffor now it waxes to the nyght,252
The day is gone that was so bright,253
No far thou shall;254
Mete and drynk, sir, we you hight255
ffor thi good tale.256
I thank you both, for sothe, in fere,257
At this tyme I ne may dwell here,258
I haue to walk in wayes sere,259
where I haue hight;260
I may not be, withoutten were,261
With you all nyght.262
Now, as myght I lyf in qwarte,263
At this tyme will we not parte,264
Bot if that thou can more of arte265
Or yit of lare;266
Vnto this cyte, with good harte,267
Now let vs fare.268
Thou art a pilgreme, as we ar,269
This nyght shall thou fare as we fare,270
Be it les or be it mare271
Thou shall assay;272
Then to-morne thou make the yare273
To weynde thi Way.274
ffreyndys, forto fulfill youre will275
I will abyde with you awhyle.276
Sir, ye ar welcom, as is skyll,277
To sich as we haue, bi sant gyle.278
Now ar we here at this towne,279
I red that we go sytt vs downe,280
And forto sowpe we make vs bowne,281
Now of oure fode;282
we haue enogh, sir, bi my crowne,283
Of godys goode.284
lo, here a borde and clothe laide,285
And breed, theron, all redy graide;286
Sit we downe, we shalbe paide,287
And make good chere;288
It is but penaunce, as we saide,289
That we haue here.290
wemmow! where is this man becom,291
Right here that sat betwix vs two?292
he brake the breed and laide vs som;293
how myght he hens now fro vs go294
At his awne lyst?295
It was oure lorde, I trow right so,296
And we not wyst.297
When went he hens, whedir, and how,298
What I ne wote in warld so wyde,299
ffor had I wyten, I make a vowe,300
he shuld haue byden, what so betyde;301
Bot it were ihesus that with vs was,302
Selcowth me thynke, the sothe to say,303
Thus preualy from vs to pas,304
I wist neuer when he went away.305
we were full blynde, euer alas!306
I tell vs now begylde for ay,307
ffor spech and bewte that he has308
Man myght hym knaw this day.309
A, dere god, what may this be?310
Right now was he here by me;311
Now is this greatt vanyte,312
he is away;313
We ar begylyd, by my lewte,314
So may we say.315
where was oure hart, where was oure thoght,316
So far on gate as he vs broght,317
knawlege of hym that we had noght318
In all that tyme?319
So was he lyke, bi hym me wroght,320
Till oon pylgryme.321
Dere god, why couth we hym not knawe?322
so openly all on a raw323
The tayles that he can till vs shaw,324
By oone and oon;325
And now from vs within a thraw326
Thus sone is gone.327
I had no knawlege it was he,328
Bot for he brake this brede in thre,329
And delt it here to the and me330
With his awne hande;331
When he passyd, hence we myght not se,332
here syttande.333
Wee ar to blame, yee, veramente,334
That we toke no better tente335
whils we bi the way wente336
With hym that stownd.337
knowlege of hym we myght haue hentt,338
Syttyng on grownd.339
ffro he toke breede full well I wyst,340
And brake it here with his awne fyste,341
And laide it vs at his awne lyst,342
As we it hent;343
I knew hym then, and sone it kyst344
with good, intente.345
That we hym knew wist he well enogh,346
Therfor all sone he hym with-drogh,347
ffro he saw that we hym knogh,348
with in this sted;349
I haue ferly what way and how350
Away that he shuld glyde.351
Alas, we war full myrk in thoght,352
bot we were both full will of red;353
Man, for shame whi held, thou noght354
when he on borde brake vs this breede?355
he soght the prophecy more and les356
And told it vs right in this sted,357
how that he hym self was358
With wykid Iues broght to ded,359
And more;360
we will go seke that kyng361
That suffred woundes sore.362
Ryse, go we hence from this place,363
To Ierusalem take we the pace,364
And tell oure brethere all the case,365
I red right thus;366
ffrom ded, to lyfe when that he rase367
he apperyd till vs.368
At Ierusalem I vnderstande,369
Ther hope I that they be dwelland,370
In that countre and in that land371
We shall theym mete.372
Weynd we furth, I dar warand,373
Right in the strete.374
let vs not tary ne mare,375
Bot on oure feete fast lett vs fare;376
I hope we shall be cachid fro care377
ffull sone, Iwys;378
That blyssid childe that marie bare379
Grauntt you his blys.380

Thomas of IndiaContents

Maria Magdalene
Hayll brethere! and god be here!1
I bryng to amende youre chere,2
Trist ye it and knawe;3
he is rysen, the soth to say,4
I met hym goyng bi the way,5
he bad me tell it you.6
Do way, woman, thou carpys wast!7
It is som spirite, or els som gast;8
Othere was it noght;9
we may trow on nokyns wyse10
That ded man may to lyfe ryse;11
This then is oure thoght.12
It may be sothe for mans mede,13
The Iues maide hym grymly blede14
Thrugh feet, handys, and syde;15
With nayles on rode thay dyd hym hang,16
wherfor, woman, thou says wrang,17
As myght I blys abide.18
Maria Magdalene
Do way youre threpyng! ar ye wode?19
I sagh hym that dyed on roode,20
And with hym spake with mowth;21
Therfor you both, red I,22
putt away your heresy,23
Tryst it stedfast and cowth.24
Do way, woman! let be thi fare,25
ffor shame and also syn!26
If we make neuer sich care27
his lyfe may we not wyn.28
And it is wretyn in oure law29
‘Ther is no trust in womans saw,30
No trust faith to belefe;31
ffor with thare quayntyse and thare gyle32
Can thay laghe and wepe som while,33
And yit nothyng theym grefe.’34
In oure bookes thus fynde we wretyn,35
All manere of men well it wyttyn,36
Of women on this wyse;37
Till an appyll she is lyke-38
Withoutten faill ther is none slyke-39
In horde ther it lyse,40
Bot if a man assay it wittely,41
It is full roten inwardly42
At the colke within;43
Wherfor in woman is no laghe,44
ffor she is withoutten aghe,45
As crist me lowse of syn.46
Thefor trast we not trystely,47
Bot if we sagh it witterly48
Then wold we trastly trow;49
In womans saw affy we noght,50
ffor thay ar fekill in word and thoght,51
This make I myne avowe.52
Maria Magdalene
As be I lowsid of my care,53
It is as trew as ye stand thare,54
By hym that is my brothere.55
I dar lay my heede to wed,56
Or that we go vntill oure bed57
That we shall here anothere.58
If it be sothe that we here say,59
Or this be the thrid day60
The sothe then mon we se.61
Maria Magdalene
Bot it be sothe to trow,62
As ye mon here, els pray I you63
ffor fals that ye hold me.64
Waloway! my lefe deres / there I stand in this sted,
sich sorow my hart sheres / for rewth I can no red,
sen that mawdleyn witnes beres / that ihesus rose from ded,
Myn ees has letten salt teres / on erthe to se ym trede.
Bot alas! that euer I woke / that carefull catyf nyght,
When I for care and cold, qwoke / by a fyre burnyng full bright,
When I my lord ihesu forsoke / for drede of womans myght;
A rightwys dome I will me loke / that I tyne not that semely sight,
Bot euer alas! what was I wode! / myght noman be abarstir;
I saide if he nede be-stode / to hym shuld none be trastir;
I saide I knew not that good / creature my master.75
Alas! that we fro the fled / that we ne had with the gane;
When thou with Iues was sted / with the was dwelland nane,
Bot forsoke the that vs fed / for we wold not be tayn;
we were as prysoners sore adred / with Iues forto be slayn.
Now, ihesu, for thi lyfe swete / who hath thus mastryd the?
That in the breede that we eytt / thi self gyffen wold be;
And sythen thrugh handys and feytt / be nalyd on a tre;
Grauntt vs grace that we may yit / thi light in manhede se.
Tercius Apostolus
This is the day that god maide / all be we glad and blythe,
The holy gost before vs glad / full softly on his sithe;
Red clothyng apon he had / and blys to vs can kith;
softly on the erthe he trade / ffulle myldly [he did] lythe.
Quartus Apostolus
This dede thrugh god is done / thus in all oure sighte.
Mighty god, true kyng in trone / Whose son in marye light,
send vs, lord, thi blissid bone / As thou art god of myght,
Sothly to se hym sone / and haue of hym a sight.91
Quintus Apostolus
Who so commys in goddis name / ay blissid mot he be!
Mightfull god shelde vs fro shame / In thi moder name marie;
Thise wykid Iues will vs blame / Thou grauntt vs for to se
The self body and the same / the which that died on tre.
peasse emangys you euer ichon! / it is I, drede you noght,
That was wonte with you to gone / and dere with ded you boght.
Grope and fele flesh and bone / and fourme of man well wroght;
Sich thyng has goost none / loke wheder ye knawe me oght.
My rysyng fro dede to lyfe / shall no man agane moytt;
Behold my woundes fyfe / thrugh handys, syde, and foytt;
To ded can luf me dryfe / and styrryd my hart roytt.
Of syn who will hym shryfe / thyes woundys shalbe his boytt.
ffor oon so swete a thyng / my self so lefe had wroght,
Man sawll, my dere derlyng / to batell was I broght;
ffor it thay can me dyng / to bryng out of my thoght,
On roode can thay me hyng / yit luf forgate I noght.
luf makys me, as ye may se / strenkyllid, with blood so red;
luf gars me haue hart so fre / it opyns euery sted;
luf so fre so dampnyd me / it drofe me to the ded;110
luf rasid, me thrug his pauste / it is swetter then med.
wytterly, man, to the I cry / thou yeme my fader fere,
Thyn awne sawll kepe cleynly / whyls thou art wardan here;
slo it not with thi body / synnyng in synnes sere,114
On me and it thou haue mercy / for I haue boght it dere.
Mi dere freyndys, now may ye se / for soth that [it] is I
That dyed apon the roode tre / and sythen rose bodely;
That it all-gatys sothfast be / ye shall se hastely;
Of youre mett gif ye me / sich as ye haue redy.119
Sextus Apostolus
lord, lo her a rostid fish / and a comb of hony120
laide full fare in a dish / and full honestly;121
here is none othere mett bot this / in all oure company,
Bot well is vs that we haue this / to thi lykyng only.
Mi dere fader of heuen / that maide me borne to be124
Of a madyn withoutten steven / and sithen to die on tre,
ffrom ded to lif at set stevyn / rasid me thrugh thi paustee,
with the wordys that I shall neven / this mette thou blis thrugh me.
In the fader name and the son / and the holy gast,128
Thre persons to knaw and com / in oone godhede stedfast;
I gif this mett my benyson / thrugh wordys of myghtys mast;
Now will I ette, as I was won / my manhede eft to tast
My dere freyndys lay hand till / eyttys for charite;
I ette at my fader will / at my will ette now ye.133
That I ette is to fulfill / that writen is of me134
In moyses law, for it is skyll / ffulfillyd that it be.
Myn ye noght that I you told, / in certan tyme and sted,
When I gaf myself to wold, / to you in fourme of bred,
That my body shuld be sold, / my bloode be spylt so red;
This [co]rs gravyn ded, and cold, / the thrid day ryse fro ded?
youre hartes was fulfillyd with drede / whyls I haue fro you bene;
The rysyng of my manhede / vnethes wold, ye weyn;141
Of trouth now may ye spede / thorow stedfast wordys and cleyn.
leyf freyndys, trow now the dede / that ye with ees haue sene.
ye haue forthynkyng and shame / for youre dysseferance,
I forgif you the blame / in me now haue affyance;145
The folk that ar with syn lame / preche theym to repentance,
fforgif syn in my name / enioyne theym to penance.147
The grace of the holy gost to wyn / resaue here at me;
The which shall neuer blyn. / I gif you here pauste;
whom in erth ye lowse of syn / in heuen lowsyd shall be,
And whom in erthe ye bynd ther-in / In heuen bonden be he.
Septimus Apostolus
Ihesu crist in trynyte / Ihesu to cry and call,152
That borne was of a madyn fre / thou saue vs synfull all!
ffor vs hanged apon a tre / drank asell and gall,154
Thi seruandys saue fro vanyte / In wanhope that we not fall.
Octavus Apostolus
Brethere, be we stabyll of thoght / wanhope put we away,
Of mysbelefe that we be noght / for we may safly say
he that mankynde on rood boght / fro dede rose the thryd day;
we se the woundys in hym was wroght / all blody yit were thay.
Novenus Apostolus
he told vs fyrst he shuld, be tayn / And for mans syn shuld dy,
Be ded and beryd vnder a stayn / and after ryse vp bodely;
Now is he quyk fro grafe gan / he cam and stode vs by,
And lete vs se ilkan / the Woundys of his body.163
Decimus Apostolus
Deth that is so kene / ihesu ouer comen has,164
As he vs told, yit may we mene / from ded how he shuld, pas;
Ihesu stode witnes betwene / that with hym dwelland, was,
All his dyscyples has hym sene / safe oonly thomas.
If that I prowde as pacok go,/ my hart is full of care;
If any sorow myght a man slo / my hart in sonder it share;
Mi life wyrkys me all this wo / of blys I am full bare,
yit wold I nawthere freynd ne fo / wyst how wo me ware.
Ihesu, my lyfe so good / ther none myght better be,
None wysere man then better food / nor none kyndere then he;
The Iues haue nalyd his cors on rood / nalyd with nales thre,
And, with a spere thay spylt his blood / great sorow it was to se.
To se the stremes of blood ryn / well more then doyll it was,
sich great payn for mans syn / sich doyllfull ded, he has;
I haue lyfid withoutten wyn / sen he to ded can pas,
ffor he was fare of cheke and chyn / for doyll of ded, alas!
Myghty god for to dyscryfe / that neuer dyed, ne shall,
wo and wandreth from you dryfe / that ye not therin fall.
he the saue with woundys fyfe / his son ihesu to call,
That rose from deth to lyfe / and shewyd, hym till vs all.
whannow, peter! art thou mad,? / on lyfe who was hym lyke!
ffor his deth I am not glad / for sorow my hart will breke,
That with the Iues he was so stad / to ded they can hym wreke;
Thou hym forsoke, so was thou rad, / when they to the can speke.
let be, leyf brothere thomas / and turne thi thoght belyfe,
ffor the thryd day ihesus rase / fleshly fro ded to lyfe;
Till vs all he cam a pase / and shewyd his woundys fyfe,
And lyfyng man, and etten hase / hony takyn of a hyfe.
Let be for shame! apartly / ffantom dyssauys the!192
ye sagh hym not bodely / his gost it myght well be,
fforto glad youre hartes sory / in youre aduersyte;
he luffyd vs well and faythfully / therfor sloes sorow me.
Tercius Apostolus
Thou wote, thomas / and sothe it was, and oft has thou hard say,
how a fysh swalod, ionas / thre dayes therin he lay;
yit gaf god hym myght to pas / whyk man to wyn away;
Myght not god sich myght has / rase his son apon the thryd day?
Man, if thou can vnderstand / cryst saide his self, mynnys me,
That all lokyn was in his hande / all oone was god and he!
The son wax marke, all men seand / when he died, on the tre,
Therfor am I full sore dredand, / that who myght his boote be.
Quartus Apostolus
the holy gost in marye light / and in hir madynhede
Goddis son she held, and dight / and cled hym in manhede;
ffor luf he wentt as he had hight / to fight withoutten drede;
when he had termynd that fight / he skypt outt of his wede.
If he skypt outt of his clethyng / yit thou grauntys his cors was ded;
It was his cors that maide shewyng / vnto you in his sted;
fforto trow in youre carpyng / my hart is hevy as led;
his dede me bryngys in great mowrneyng / and I withoutten red.
Quintus Apostolus
The gost went to hell a pase / whils the cors lay slayn,
And broght the sawles from sathanas / for which he suffred, payn;
The thryd day right he gase / right vnto the cors agayn,
Mighty god and man he rase / and therfor ar we fayn.
All sam to me ye flyte / youre resons fast ye shawe,
Bot tell me a skyll perfyte / any of you on raw;217
when cryst cam you to vysyte / as ye tell me with saw,
A whyk man from spyryte / wherby couth ye hym knaw?
Sextus Apostolus
Thomas, vnto the anone / herto answere I will;220
Man has both flesh and bone / hu, hyde, and hore thertill;
sich thyng has goost none / thomas, lo, here thi skyll;
Goddis son toke of mary flesh and bone / what nede were els thertill?
Thou has answered me ffull Wele / and, full skylfully,
Bot my hart is harde as stele / to trow in sich mastry;
Say, bad he any of you fele / the woundys of his body,
fflesh or bone or ilka dele / to assay his body?227
Septimus Apostolus
yis, thomas, he bad vs se / and handill hym with hande,
To loke wheder it were he / ihesu, man lyfand,229
That dyed apon a tre / flesh and bone we fand,230
his woundes had bene pyte / to towch that were bledand.
Waloway! ye can no good / youre resons ar defaced,232
ye ar as women rad for blood, / and lightly oft solaced;
It was a goost before you stod / lyke hym in blood betraced,
his cors that dyed on rood / for euer hath deth embraced.
Octavus Apostolus
Certys, thomas, gretter care / myght no synfull wight haue
Then she had, that wepyd so sare / the mawdleyn at his graue;
ffor sorow and doyll hir awne hare / of hir hede she rent and rafe,
Ihesu shewid hym till hir thare / hir sorow of syn to safe.
lo, sich foly with you is / wysemen that shuld be,240
That thus a womans witnes trowys / better than that ye se!
In all youre skylles more and les / for mysfowndyng fayll ye;
Might I se ihesu gost and flesh / gropyng shuld not gab me.
Novenus Apostolus
lefe thomas, flyte no more / bot trow and turne thi red,
Or els say vs when and whore / crist gabbyd in any sted;
ffor he saide vs when thou was thore / when he hym gaf in bred,
That he shuld, salfe all oure sore / quyk rysand fro ded.
he was full sothfast in his sawes / that dar I hertly say,
And rightwys in all his lawes / whils that he lyfyd ay;
Bot sen he shuld thole hard thrawes / on tre whils that he lay,
Dede has determyd his dayes / his lyfe noght trow I may.
Decimus Apostolus
Thyne hard hart thi saull will dwyrd / Thomas, bot if thou blyn;
he has ded conquerd, / and weshen vs all fro syn.253
May nawder knyfe ne swerde / hym eft to ded wyn;254
Goddys myght in hym apperd, / that neuer more shall blyn.
That god I trow full Wele / goostly to you light,256
Bot bodely neuer a dele / ihesu that woundid wyght.
My hart is harde as stele / to trow in sich a myght,
Bot if I that wounde myght fele / that hym gaf longeus the knyght.
That wounde haue we sene, thomas / and so has mo then we;
With lucas and with cleophas / he welke a day Iurnee;
Thare hartes that for hym sory was / with prophecy comforted he,
To Emaus castell can thai pas / ther hostyld thai all thre.
Ihesu, goddis son of heuen / at sopere satt betweyn;
Ther bred he brake as euen / as it cutt had beyn.265
Nothyng that ye may neuen / his rysyng gars me weyn,
If ye me told, sich seuen / the more ye myght me teyn.
Thomas, brothere, turne thi thoght / and trust that I say the;
Ihesu so dere has boght / oure synnes apon a tree,269
which rysyng hath broght / adam and his meneyee.270
lett be youre fayr! shew it noght/ that he efte quyk shuld be.
Tercius Apostolus
That must thou nedelyngys trow / if thou thi saull will saue,
ffor that we sa we dar avowe / ihesu rose quyk from graue.
I haue you saide, and yit dos now / thise wordes to wast ye haue;
he shewid hym not to you / for mysfoundyng ye rafe.
Quartus Apostolus
ffor we say that we haue sene / thou hold,ys vs wars then woode;
Ihesu lyfyng stod vs betwene / oure lord that with vs yode.
I say ye wote neuer what ye mene / a goost before you stode;
ye wenyd that it had bene / the cors that died on roode.
Quintus Apostolus
The cors that dyed on tre / was berid in a stone,280
The thurgh beside fande we / and in that graue cors was none;
his sudary ther myght we se / and he thens whik was gone.
Noght, bot stolne is he / with Iues that hym haue slone.
Sextus Apostolus
Certys, thomas, thou sais not right / thay wold, hym not stele,
ffor thay gart kepe hym day and nyght / with knyghtys that they held lele;
he rose has we haue sene in sight / fro all the Iues fele.
I lefe not bot if I myght / myself with hym dele.287
Septimus Apostolus
He told vs tythyngys, thomas / yit mynnys me,288
That as Ionas thre dayes was / In a fysh in the see,
so shuld he be, and bene has / in erth by dayes thre,
pas fro ded, ryse, and rase / as he saide done has he.
Certys, that worde I harde hym say / and so harde ye hym all,
Bot for nothyng trow I may / that it so shuld befall,
That he shuld ryse the thrid day / that dranke asell and gall:
sen he was god and ded lay / from ded, who myght hym call?
Octavus Apostolus
The fader that hym sent / rasid hym that was ded,296
he comforth vs in mowrnyng lent / and counseld vs in red;
he bad vs trow with good intent / his rysyng in euery sted;
Thyne absens gars thi saull be shent / and makys the heuy as led.
Thou says soth, harde and heuy / am I to traw that ye me say;
Mi hardnes I trow skilfully / for he told vs thus ay,
That his fader was euer hym by / for all bot oon were thay;
That he rose bodely / for nothyng trow I may.303
Novenus Apostolus
May thou not trow withoutten mo / for sothe, that it was he?
Thomas wherto shuld we say so? / then wenys thou fals we be.
I wote youre hartes was full wo / and fownd with vanyte;
If ye swere all and ye were mo / I trow it not or that I se.
Decimus Apostolus
Thomas, of errowre thou blyn / and till vs turne thi mode;
Trow his rysyng by dayes threyn / sen he died on the rode.
Noght bot I myght my fynger wyn / in sted as nayle stode,
And his syde my hande put in / ther he shed his hart bloode.
Brethere all, be with you peasse! / leaffe stryfe that now is here!
Thomas, of thyn errowre seasse / of sothe Witnes thou bere;
putt thi hande in my syde, no fres / ther longeus put his spere;
loke my rysyng be no les / let no wan-hope the dere.
Mercy, ihesu, rew on me / my hande is blody of thi blode!
Mercy ihesu, for I se / thi myght that I not vnderstode!
Mercy, ihesu, I pray the / that for all synfull died on roode!
Mercy, ihesu, of mercy fre / for thi goodnes that is so goode!
kest away my staf will I / and with no wepyn gang;320
Mercy will I call and cry / ihesu that on roode hang;
Rew on me, kyng of mercy / let me not cry thus lang!
Mercy, for the velany / thou tholyd on Iues with wrang.
Mi hat will I kest away / my mantill sone onone,324
vnto the poore help it may / for richere knawe I none.
Mercy will I abyde, and pray / to the ihesu, alone;
My synfull dede I rew ay / to the make I my mone.327
Mercy, ihesu, lorde swete / for thi fyfe woundys so sare,
Thou suffred thrugh handys and feete / thi semely side a spere it share;
Mercy, ihesu, lord, yit / for thi moder that the bare!
Mercy, for the teres thou grett / when thou rasid lazare!
Mi gyrdill gay and purs of sylk / and cote away thou shall;
whils I am werere of swylke / the longere mercy may I call.
Ihesu, that soke the madyns mylk / ware noght bot clothes of pall,
Thi close so can thai fro the pyke / on roode thay left the small.
Mercy, ihesu, honoure of man / mercy, ihesu, mans socoure!
Mercy, ihesu, rew thi leman / mans saull, thou boght full soure!
Mercy, ihesu, that may and can / forgif syn and be socoure!
Mercy, ihesu, as thou vs wan / forgif and gif thi man honoure.
None myght bryng the in that wytt / for oght that thay myght say,
To trow that I myght flytt / fro ded to lyfe to wyn away;
My saull and my cors haue knytt / a knott that last shall ay;
Thus shall I rase, well thou wytt / ilk man on domesday.
Who so hath not trowid right / to hell I shall theym lede,
Ther euer more is dark as nyght / and greatt paynes to drede;
Those that trow in my myght / and luf well almus dede,
Thai shall shyne as son bright / and heuen haue to thare mede.
That blys, thomas, I the hete / that is in heuen cytee,
ffor I se the sore grete / of the I haue pytee;349
Thomas, for thi teres wete / thi syn forgiffen be,350
Thus shall synfull thare synnes bete / that sore haue grefyd me.
Thomas, for thou felys me / and my woundes bare,352
Mi risyng is trowed in the / and so was it not are;
All that it trowes and not se / and dos after my lare,
Euer blissid mot thay be / and heuen be theym yare!

The Lord's AscensionContents

Brethere all, that now here bene,1
fforgett my lorde yit may I noght;2
I wote not what it may mene,3
Bot more I Weyn ther will be wroght.4
My lord, ihesus will wyrk his will,5
pleatt we neuer agans his thoght,6
ffor vs ne wyrkes, as it is skyll,7
his hand-warke that he has wroght.8
Apon his wordes will I ryst9
that he his self saide vs vntill,10
As stedfastly on hym to tryst,11
Mystrust we neuer for goode ne ill.12
In heuen and erthe his myght may be,13
his wytt and his will also;14
The holy gost, brethere, ment he,15
thus will he neuer fro vs go.16
ffourty dayes now drawes nere17
sen his resurreccyon complete;18
Afore that will he appere,19
thus sodanly not lefe vs yett.20
In bethany here let vs abyde,21
We knaw not yit what may befall;22
peraventur it may betyde,23
he shall full well comforth vs all.24
peasse now, my dere freyndys!25
peasse be with you euer and ay!26
ffor it all wrangys amendys;27
peasse brethere, sam I say!28
Brethere, in hartes be nothyng heuy29
what tyme that I from you am gone,30
I must go from you sone, in hy,31
bot neuer the les make ye no mone;32
ffor I shall send to you anone33
the holy gost, to comforth you,34
you to wysh in euery wone35
I shall you tell what-wyse and how.36
It shalbe for youre prow37
that I thus-gatys shall do;38
It has been saide or now39
My fader must I to.40
with hym must I abide and dwell,41
ffor so it is his will;42
ffor youre comforth thus I you tell,43
be ye stedfast for good or ill.44
Abide me here right on this hill45
to that I com to you agane,46
this forwarde must I nedys fulfill,47
I will no longer fro you lane;48
And therfor loke that ye be bayn,49
and also trew and stedfast,50
ffor who soeuer you oght frayn51
when that I am past.52
ffull heuy in hart now may we be53
that we oure master sall forgo,54
Bot neuer the les yit saide he55
he wold not dwell full lang vs fro.56
What wonder is if we be wo,57
thus sodanly shall oure master mys,58
And masters on lyfe haue we no mo59
that in this warld shuld vs wys.60
he will pas furth to blys,61
and leyfe vs here behynde,62
No meruell now it is63
if we mowrne now in oure mynde.64
In oure mynde mowrne we may,65
as men that masyd ar and mad,66
And yit also, it is no nay,67
we may be blythe and glad,68
Because of tythyngys that we had,69
that his self can vs say;70
he bad be blythe and noght adrad,71
ffor he wold not be long away.72
Bot yit both nyght and day73
oure hartes may be full sore,74
As me thynk, by my fay,75
ffor wordes he saide lang ore.76
lang ore he saide, full openly,77
that he must nedys fro vs twyn,78
And to his fader go in hy,79
to Ioy of heuen that neuer shall blyn;80
Therfor we mowrne, both more and myn,81
And mery also yit may we be;82
he bad vs all, both outt and in,83
be glad and blythe in ich degre,84
And saide that com shuld, he85
to comforth vs kyndly;86
Bot yit heuy ar we87
to we hym se truly.88
With ee wold we hym se / oure saveoure crist, goddys son,
That dyed apon a tre / yit trewe I that we mon:90
Now god grauntt vs that boyn / that with his bloode vs boght,
To se hym in his throne / as he maide all of noght;
his will now has he wroght / and gone from vs away,
As he noght of vs roght / and therfor mowrne we may.
We may mowrne, no meruell why / for we oure master thus shall mys,
That shall go fro vs sodanly / and we ne wote what cause is,
Neuer the les the sothe is this / he saide that he shuld com agane
To bryng vs all to blys / therof may we be fane.98
That commyng will vs mych gane / and oure saules all saue,
And put vs fro that payn / that we were lyke to haue.
herkyns to me now, euer ichon / and here what I will say,
ffor I must nedys fro you gone / for thus my fader will allway,
And therfor peasse be with you ay / where so ye dwell in wone,
And to saue you fro all fray / my peasse be with you blood and bone.
I lefe it you bi oon and oone / noght as the warld, here dos,
It shalbe true as any stone / to defende you fro youre foos.
let not youre hartes be heuy / drede not for any kyns thyng,
ye haue harde me say full playnly / I go, and to you am I commyng.
If ye luf me, for-thi / ye shuld, be glad, of this doyng,
ffor I go full securly / to my fader, heuyns kyng;110
The which, without lesyng / is mekill more then I,111
Therfor be ye thus trowyng / when all is endid fully.
ye haue bene of mysbilefe / hard of harte and also of will;
To theym that my rysyng can prefe / no credence wold, ye gif theym till;
Mary mawdlayn saide you till / that I was rysyn, bot ye ne wold
hir trow for good or ill / the trouth all if she told.
sich harmes in hartes ye hold / and vnstedfast ye ar,
ye trowid no man of mold, / witnes of my rysyng that bare;
Therfor ye shall go tech / in all this warld, so wyde,
And to all the people preche / Who baptym will abyde,
And trowe truly121
Mi dethe and rysyng,122
and also myn vpstevynyng,123
And also myn agane-commyng,124
thay shalbe saue suerly.125
And Who trowys not this126
That now rehersyd, is,127
he shalbe dampned, Iwys,128
ffor veniance and for wreke.129
Tokyns, for sothe, shall bene130
Of those that trow, withoutten weyn;131
Devyls shall thay kest out cleyn,132
And with new tongys speke.133
Serpentes shall thay put away,134
And venymus drynk, bi nyght and day,135
Shall not noy theym, as I say;136
And where thay lay on handys137
Of seke men far and nere,138
Thay shalbe hole, withoutten dere,139
Of all sekenes and sorowes sere,140
Euer in alkyn landys.141
And therfor now I byd that ye142
Go not from ierosolyme,143
Bot abide the behest of my fader fre144
In land ay whore,145
That ye haue hard here of me;146
ffor Iohn baptist, dere in degre,147
In water forsoth baptysid me148
Now here before;149
And ye certan in euery coste150
shall baptise in the holy goost,151
Thrug vertue of hym that is the moost152
lord god of myght,153
within few dayes now folowyng;154
And herof meruell ye nothyng,155
ffor this shalbe his awne wyrkyng,156
shewyd in youre sight157
ffarlee may we fownde and fare158
for myssyng of oure master ihesus;159
Oure hartys may sygh and be full sare,160
this Iues with wreke thay waten vs.161
Vs to tray and teyn162
ar thay abowte bi nyght and day;163
ffor ihesu that is so seldom sene,164
as masid men mowrne we may.165
Mowrnyng makys vs masid and mad,166
as men that lyff in drede;167
ffull comforthles ar we stad,168
for myssyng of hym that vs shuld, lede.169
Thise Iues that folow thare faythles will,170
and demed oure master to be ded,171
With mayn and mode they wold hym spill,172
if thay wist how, in towne or sted.173
let keep vs fro thare carpyng kene,174
and com bot lytyll in thare sight;175
Oure master will com when we leest weyn,176
he will vs rewle and red, full right.177
Of this carpyng now no more,178
It drawes nygh the tyme of day;179
At oure mette I wold we wore,180
he sende vs socowre that best may.181
socowre sone he will you sende,182
If ye truly in hym will traw;183
youre mone mekely will he amende,184
My brethere dere, this may ye knawe,185
The hestys hyghly that he me hight186
he has fulfillid in worde and dede;187
he gabbyd neuer be day nor nyght,188
ffor-thi, dere brethere, haue no drede.189
Certys, lady, thou says full wele;190
he will vs amende, for so he may;191
we haue fon sothe euerilka dele192
All that euer we hard hym say.193
peter, and ye my derlyngys dere,194
As masid men me thynk ye ar;195
holly to you I haue shewyd here196
To bryng youre hartys from care;197
In care youre hartys ar cast,198
And in youre trowth not trew;199
In hardnes youre hartys ar fast,200
As men that no wytt knew.201
sende was I for youre sake / fro my fader dere,202
fflesh and blode to take / of a madyn so clere;203
sythen to me ye soght / and holly felowid me,204
Of wonders that I haue wroght / som haue I letten you se.
The dombe, the blynde as any stone,206
I helyd ther I cam by,207
The dede I rasid anone,208
Thrugh my myght truly;209
And othere warkys, that wonderfull wore,210
I wroght wisely befor you all;211
My payn, my passion, I told before,212
holly thrug outt as it shuld fall;213
Mi rysyng on the thryd day,214
As ye bi tokyns many oone haue sene;215
youre trouth truly had bene away216
had not my blissid moder bene.217
In hir it restyd all this tyde,218
youre dedys ye ow greatly to shame;219
here may ye se my woundys wyde,220
how that I boght you out of blame.221
Bot, Iohn, thynk when I hang on rud222
That I betoke the mary mylde;223
kepe hir yit with stabull mode,224
she is thi moder and thou hir childe.225
loke thou hir luf, and be hir freynde,226
and abide with hir in well and wo,227
ffor to my fader now will I weynde,228
thar none of you ask wheder I go.229
lord, if it be thi will,230
shew vs thi fader we the pray;231
we have bene with the in good and ill,232
and sagh hym neuer nyght ne day.233
philipp, that man that may se me234
he seys my fader full of myght;235
Trowys thou not he dwellys in me236
and I in hym if thou trow right?237
In his howse ar dyuerse place,238
I go to ordan for you now;239
ye shall all be fulfillyd with grace,240
the holy goost I shall sende you.241
he shall you in youre hartys wyse242
In worde and dede, as I you say;243
With all my hart I you blys-244
My moder, my brethere, haue all good day!245
ffader of heuen, with good intent,246
I pray the here me specyally;247
ffrom heuen till erth thou me sent248
Thi name to preche and claryfy.249
thi will haue I done, all and som,250
In erthe will I no longere be;251
Opyn the clowdes, for now I com252
In ioy and blys to dwell with the.253
Primus Angelus
ye men of galylee,254
wherfor meruell ye?255
hevyn behold, and se256
how ihesus vp can weynde257
vnto his fader fre,258
where he syttys in maieste,259
With hym ay for to be260
In blys withoutten ende.261
And as ye sagh hym sty262
Into heuen on hy,263
In flesh and fell in his body264
ffrom erthe now here,265
Right so shall he, securly,266
Come downe agane truly,267
with his woundys blody,268
To deme you all in fere.269
Secundus Angelus
Meruell haue no wight,270
No wonder of this sight,271
ffor it is thrugh his myght,272
That all thyng may.273
What so he will by day or nyght,274
In hell, medyll-erth, and on hight,275
Or yit in derknes or in light,276
withoutten any nay;277
ffor he is god all weldand,278
heuen and hell, both se and sand,279
wod and water, fowll, fysh and land,280
All is at his will;281
he haldys all thyng in his hand282
that in this warld, is lyfand,283
Then nedys ye noght be meruelland.284
Primus Angelus
And for this skyll,285
Ryght as he from you dyd weynde286
so com agane he shall,287
In the same manere at last ende,288
To deme both greatt and small.289
Secundus Angelus
Who so his byddyng will obey,290
And thare mys amende,291
With hym shall haue blys on hy,292
And won ther withoutten ende.293
And who that wyrk amys,294
And theym amende will neuer,295
shall neuer com in heuen blys,296
Bot to hell banyshed for euer.297
A selcouth sight yonder now is,298
Behold, now, I you pray!299
A clowde has borne my chylde to blys,300
Mi blyssyng bere he euer and ay!301
Bot, son, thynk on thi moder dere,302
That thou has laft emangys thi foes!303
swete son, lett me not dwell here,304
let me go with the where thou goes.305
Bot Iohn, on the is all my trast,306
I pray the forsake me noght.307
lefe marye, be noght abast,308
ffor thi will shall ay be wroght.309
here may we se and full well knaw310
That he is god most of myght;311
In hym is good, we trawe,312
holly to serue hym day and nyght.313
A meruellous sight is yone,314
That he thus sone is taken vs fro;315
fro his fomen is he gone316
with outten help of othere mo.317
Where is ihesus, oure master dere,318
that here with vs spake right now?319
A wonderfull sight, men may se here,320
my brethere dere, how thynk you?321
we thynk it wonder all,322
that oure master shuld thus go;323
After his help I red we call,324
That we may haue som tokyn hym fro.325
A more meruell men neuer saw326
then now is sene vs here emang;327
ffrom erth till heuen a man be draw328
With myrth of angell sang.329
ffrom vs, me thynk, he is full lang,330
and yit longere I trow he will;331
Alas! my hart it is so strang332
that I ne may now wepe my till333
A wonder sight it was to se335
When he stevyd vp so sodanly336
To his fader in maieste,337
By his self alone.338
Alon, for sothe, vp he went / to heuen till his fader,
And noman wyst what he ment / nor how he dyd of no manere,
so sodanly he was vp hent / in flesh and fell fro erth vp here;
he saide his fader for hym sent / that maide vs all to be in dwere
This nyght;343
Neuer the les full well wote we344
As that he will so must it be,345
ffor all thyng is in his pauste,346
And that is right.347
All myghty god, how may this be?348
a clowde has borne my childe to blys;349
Now bot that I wote wheder is he,350
my hart wold breke, well wote I this.351
his stevynyng vp to blys in hy,352
it is the sourc of all my Ioyes;353
Mi blyssyng, barne, light on thi body!354
let neuer thi moder be spylt with Iues.355
Take me to the, my son so heynd,356
and let me neuer with Iues be lorne;357
help, for my son luf, Iohn, son kynde,358
for ferde that I with Iues be torne.359
Mi flesh it quakys as lefe on lynde,360
to shontt the showres sharper then thorne;361
help me, Iohn, if thou be kynde,362
my son myssyng makys me to mowrne.363
youre seruande, lady, he me maide,364
and bad me kepe you ay to qweme;365
Blythe were I, lady, myght I the glad,366
and with my myght I shall the yeme.367
Therfor be ferd for nokyn thyng368
for oght that Iues wold do you to;369
I shall be bayn at youre byddyng,370
as my lorde bad, your seruande lo!371
Glad am I, Iohn, Whils I haue the;372
more comforth bot my son can I none craue;373
so covers thou my care, and carpys vnto me,374
whils I the se, euer am I safe.375
Was none, safe my son, more trusty to me,376
therfor his grace sall neuer fro the go;377
he shall the qwyte, that died on a tre,378
well mendys thou my mode, when I am in wo.379
let hy vs from this hill, and to the towne weynde,380
for fere of the Iues, that spitus ar & prowde;381
With oure dere lady, I red that we weynd,382
and pray till hir dere son, here apon lowde.383
To hir buxumly I red, that we bende,384
syn hir dere son fro vs is gone in a clowde,385
And hertely in hast haylse we that heynde,386
To oure master is she moder, semely in shrowde.387
A, marie, so mylde, the myssid we haue;388
Was neuer madyn so menskfull here apon molde389
As thou art, and moder cleyne, bot this wold we craue,
If this were ihesu, thi son, that Iudas has sold,391
Shew vs the sothe, vs all may it saue;392
we pray the, dere lady, layn that thou nold,393
Bot spell vs oure spyryng, or els mon we rafe,394
Bot thou witterly vs wysh, so fayn wyt we wold.395
peter, andrew, Iohn, and Iamys the gent,396
Symon, Iude, and bartilmew the bold,397
And all my brethere dere, that ar on this bent,398
Take tent to my tayll, till that I haue told,399
Of my dere son, what I haue mentt,400
That hens is hevyd, to his awne hold;401
he taght you the trouthe, or he to heuen went;402
he was borne of my bosom as his self wold.403
he is god and man that stevynd into heuen;404
preche thus to the pepyll that most ar in price.405
Sekys to thare savyng, ye apostilles eleven,406
To the Iues of Ierusalem as youre way lyse,407
say to the cyte as I can here neuen,408
tell the warkys of my son warly and wyse;409
Byd theym be stedfast & lysten your steuen,410
or els be thay dampned as men full of vyce.411

The JudgementContents

Secundus Malus
ffull darfe has bene oure deede / for thi commen is oure care;
This day to take oure mede / for nothyng may we spare.
Alas I harde that horne / that callys vs to the dome,
All that euer were borne / thider behofys theym com.
May nathere lande ne se / vs from this dome hide,5
ffor ferde fayn wold, I fle / bot I must nedys abide;
Alas, I stande great aghe / to loke on that Iustyce,
Ther may no man of lagh / help with no quantyce.8
vokettys ten or twelfe / may none help at this nede,
Bot ilk man for his self / shall answere for his dede.
Alas, that I was borne!11
I se now me beforne,12
That lord with Woundys fyfe;13
how may I on hym loke,14
That falsly hym forsoke,15
When I led synfull lyfe?16
Tercius Malus
Alas, carefull catyfys may we ryse,17
sore may we wryng oure handys and wepe;18
ffor cursid and sore covytyse19
dampnyd be we in hell full depe.20
Roght we neuer of godys seruyce,21
his commaundementys wold we not kepe,22
Bot oft tymes maide we sacrifice23
to sathanas when othere can slepe.24
Alas! now wakyns all oure were,25
oure wykyd Warkys can we not hide,26
Bot on oure bakys we must theym bere,27
that will vs soroo on ilka syde.28
Oure dedys this day will do vs dere,29
Oure domysman here we must abide,30
And feyndys, that will vs felly fere,31
thare pray to haue vs for thare pride.32
Brymly before vs be thai broght,33
oure dedys that shall dam vs bidene;34
That eyre has harde, or harte thoght,35
that mowthe has spokyn, or ee sene,36
That foote has gone, or hande wroght,37
in any tyme that we may mene;38
ffull dere this day now bees it boght.39
alas! vnborne then had I bene!40
Quartus Malus
Alas, I am forlorne! / a spytus blast here blawes!41
I harde well bi yonde horne / I wote wherto it drawes;
I wold I were vnborne / alas! that this day dawes!43
Now mon be dampnyd this morne / my warkys, my dedys, my sawes.
Now bees my curstnes kyd / alas! I may not layn45
All that euer I dyd, / it bees put vp full playn.46
That I wold, fayn were hyd, / my synfull wordys and vayn,
ffull new now mon be rekynyd / vp to me agayn.48
Alas! fayn wold I fle / for dedys that I haue done,
Bot that may now not be / I must abyde my boyn;50
I trowed neuer to have sene this dredfull day thus soyn;
Alas! what shall I say When he sittys in his trone?
To se his Woundys bledande / this is a dulfull case;
Alas! how shall I stand / or loke hym in the face?54
So curtes I hym fand / that gaf me life so lang a space;
Mi care is all command, / alas! where was my grace?
Alas! catyffys vnkynde / where on was oure thoght?57
Alas! where on was oure mynde / so wykyd warkys we Wroght?
To se how he Was pynde / how dere oure luf he boght,
Alas! we were full blynde / now ar we wars then noght.
Alas! my couetyse / myn yll will, and myn Ire!61
Mi neghbur to dispise / most was my desyre;62
I demyd euer at my deuyse / me thoght I had no peyre,
With my self sore may I grise / now am quyt my hyre.
Where I was wonte to go / and haue my Wordys at will,
Now am I set full thro / and fayn to hold, me still;
I went both to and fro / me thoght I did, neuer ill,
Mi neghburs for to slo / or hurt withoutten skill.68
Wo worth euer the fader / that gate me to be borne!
That euer he lete me stir / bot that I had bene forlorne;
Warid be my moder / and warid be the morne71
That I was borne of hir / alas, for shame and skorne!
Primus Angelus
stand not togeder, parte in two!73
all sam shall ye not be in blys;74
Oure lorde of heuen will it be so,75
for many of you has done amys;76
On his right hand ye good shall go,77
the way till heuen he shall you wys;78
ye wykid, saules ye weynd hym fro,79
on his left hande as none of his.80
The tyme is commen, I will make ende,81
my fader of heuen will it so be,82
Therfor till erthe now will I weynde,83
my self to sytt in maieste.84
To dele my dome I will discende,85
this body will I bere with me,86
how it was dight mans mys to amende87
all mans kynde ther shall it se.88
Primus Demon
Oute, haro, out, out! / harkyn to this horne,89
I was neuer in dowte / or now at this morne;90
So sturdy a showte / sen that I was borne91
hard I neuer here abowte / in ernyst ne in skorne,92
A wonder!93
I was bonde full fast94
In yrens for to last,95
Bot my bandys thai brast96
And shoke all in sonder.97
Secundus Demon
I shoterd and shoke / I herd sich a rerd,98
When I harde it I qwote / for all that I lerd,99
Bot to swere on a boke / I durst not aperd;100
I durst not loke / for all medill-erd,101
ffull payll;102
Bot gyrned and gnast,103
my force did, I frast,104
Bot I wroght all wast,105
It myght not auayll.106
Primus Demon
It was like to a trumpe / it had sich a sownde;107
I fell on a lumpe / for ferd that I swonde.108
Secundus Demon
There I stode on my stumpe / I stakerd that stownde,
There chachid I the crumpe / yit held, I my grounde
halfe nome.111
Primus Demon
Make redy oure gere,112
we ar like to haue were,113
ffor now dar I swere114
That domysday is comme;115
ffor all oure saules ar wente / and none ar in hell.
Secundus Demon
Bot we go we ar shente / let vs not dwell,117
It sittys you to tente / in this mater to mell,118
As a pere in a parlamente / what case so befell;119
It is nedefull120
That ye tente to youre awne,121
What draght so be drawne,122
If the courte be knawen123
the Iuge is right dredfull.124
Primus Demon
ffor to stand, thus tome / thou gars me grete.125
Secundus Demon
let vs go to this dome / vp watlyn strete.126
Primus Demon
I had leuer go to rome / yei thryse, on my fete,127
Then forto grefe yonde grome / or with hym forto mete;
ffor wysely129
he spekys on trete,130
his paustee is grete,131
bot begyn he to threte132
he lokys full grisly.133
Bot fast take oure rentals / hy, let vs go hence!134
ffor as this fals / the great sentence.135
Secundus Demon
Thai ar here in my dals / fast stand We to fence,136
Agans thise dampnyd sauls / Without repentence,137
And Iust.138
Primus Demon
how so the gam crokys,139
Examyn oure bokys.140
Secundus Demon
here is a bag full, lokys,141
of pride and of lust,142
Of Wraggers and wrears / a bag full of brefes,143
Of carpars and cryars / of mychers and thefes,144
Of lurdans and lyars / that no man lefys,145
Of flytars, of flyars / and renderars of reffys;146
This can I,147
Of alkyn astates148
that go bi the gatys,149
Of poore pride, that god hatys,150
Twenty so many.151
Primus Demon
peasse, I pray the, be still / I laghe that I kynke,
Is oght Ire in thi bill / and then shall thou drynke.
Secundus Demon
sir, so mekill ill will / that thai wold, synke154
Thare foes in a fyere still / bot not all that I thynke
dar I say,156
Bot before hym he prase hym,157
behynde he mys-sase hym,158
Thus dowbill he mase hym,159
thus do thai today.160
Primus Demon
has thou oght Writen there / of the femynyn gendere?
Secundus Demon
yei, mo then I may bere / of rolles forto render;162
Thai ar sharp as a spere / if thai seme bot slender;
Thai ar euer in were / if thai be tender,164
yll fetyld.165
she that is most meke,166
When she semys full seke,167
she can rase vp a reke168
if she be well nettyld.169
Primus Demon
Thou art the best hyne / that euer cam beside vs.170
Secundus Demon
yei, bot go we, master myne / yit wold I we hyde vs;
Thai haue blowen lang syne / thai will not abide vs;
We may lightly tyne / and then will ye chide vs173
Primus Demon
Make redy oure tolys.175
ffor we dele with no folys.176
Secundus Demon
sir, all clerkys of oure scolys177
ar bowne furth theder;178
Bot, sir, I tell you before / had domysday oght tarid,
We must haue biggid, hell more / the warld is so warid.
Primus Demon
Now gett we dowbill store / of bodys myscarid,181
To the soules where thai wore / both sam to be harrid.
Secundus Demon
Thise rolles183
Ar of bakbytars,184
And fals quest-dytars,185
I had no help of writars186
bot thise two dalles.187
ffaithe and trowth, maffay / has no fete to stande;
The poore pepyll must pay / if oght be in hande,189
The drede of god is away / and lawe out of lande.190
Primus Demon
By that wist I that domysday / was nere hande191
In seson.192
Secundus Demon
Sir, it is saide in old sawes-193
the longere that day dawes-194
‘Wars pepill wars lawes.’195
Primus Demon
I lagh at thi reson;196
Alle this was token / domysday to drede;197
ffull oft was it spokyn / full few take hede;198
Bot now shall we be wrokyn / of thare falshede,199
ffor now bese vnlokyn / many dern dede200
In Ire;201
All thare synnes shall be knawen,202
Othere mens, then thare awne.203
Secundus Demon
Bot if this draght be well drawen204
don is in the myre.205
Whi spir ye not, sir / no questyons?206
I am oone of youre ordir / and oone of youre sons;207
I stande at my tristur / when othere men shones.208
Primus Demon
Now thou art myn awne querestur / I wote where thou wonnes;
do tell me.210
I was youre chefe tollare,211
And sithen courte rollar,212
Now am I master lollar,213
And of sich men I mell me.214
I haue broght to youre hande / of saules, dar I say,
Mo than ten thowsand / in an howre of a day;216
som at ayll-howse I fande / and som of ferray,217
som cursid, som bande / som yei, som nay;218
so many219
Thus broght I on blure,220
thus did I my cure.221
Primus Demon
Thou art the best sawgeoure222
that euer had I any.223
here a roll of ragman / of the rownde tabill,224
Of breffes in my bag, man / of synnes dampnabill;225
vnethes may I wag, man / for wery in youre stabill226
Whils I set my stag, man. /227
Secundus Demon
abide, ye ar abill
To take wage;228
Thou can of cowrte thew,229
Bot lay downe the dewe230
ffor thou will be a shrew,231
be thou com at age.232
here I be gesse / of many nyce hoket,233
Of care and of curstnes / hethyng and hoket,234
Gay gere and witles / his hode set on koket,235
As prowde as pennyles / his slefe has no poket,236
ffull redles;237
With thare hemmyd shoyn,238
All this must be done,239
Bot syre is out at hye noyn240
And his barnes bredeles.241
A horne and a duch ax / his slefe must be flekyt,242
A syde hede and a fare fax / his gowne must be spekytt,
Thus toke I youre tax / thus ar my bookys blekyt.244
Primus Demon
Thou art best on thi wax / that euer was clekyt,245
or knawen;246
with wordes will thou fill vs,247
bot tell thi name till vs.248
Mi name is tutiuillus,249
my horne is blawen;250
a ffragmina verborum / tutiullus colligit horum,
b Belzabub algorum / belial belium doliorum.
Secundus Demon
What, I se thou can of gramory / and som what of arte;
had I bot a penny / on the wold, I warte.252
Of femellys a quantite / here fynde I parte.253
Primus Demon
Tutiuillus, let se / goddys forbot thou sparte!254
so Ioly255
Ilka las in a lande256
like a lady nerehande,257
So fresh and so plesande,258
makys men to foly.259
If she be neuer so fowll a dowde / with hir kelles and hir pynnes,
The shrew hir self can shrowde / both hir chekys and hir chynnes;
she can make it full prowde / with iapes and with gynnes,
hir hede as hy as a clowde / bot no shame of hir synnes
Thai fele;264
When she is thus paynt,265
she makys it so quaynte,266
She lookys like a saynt,267
And wars then the deyle.268
she is hornyd like a kowe / [...] fon syn,269
The cuker hyngys so side now / furrid with a cat skyn,
All thise ar for you / thai ar commen of youre kyn.
Secundus Demon
Now, the best body art thou / that euer cam here in.
An vsage,273
swilk dar I vndertake,274
makys theym breke thare wedlake,275
And lif in syn for hir sake,276
And breke thare awne spowsage.277
yit a poynt haue I fon / I tell you before,278
That fals swerars shall hider com / mo then a thowsand skore;
In sweryng thai grefe godys son / and pyne hym more and more,
Therfor mon thai with vs won / in hell for euer more.
I say thus,282
That rasers of the fals tax,283
And gederars of greyn wax,284
Diabolus est mendax285
Et pater eius.286
yit a poynte of the new gett / to tell will I not blyn,
Of prankyd gownes & shulders vp set / mos & flokkys sewyd wyth in;
To vse sich gise thai will not let / thai say it is no syn,
Bot on sich pilus I me set / and clap thaym cheke and chyn,
no nay.291
dauid in his sawtere says thus,292
That to hell shall thai trus,293
Cum suis adinuencionibus,294
for onys and for ay.295
yit of thise kyrkchaterars / here ar a menee,296
Of barganars and okerars / and lufars of symonee,297
Of runkers and rowners / god castys thaym out, trulee,
ffrom his temple all sich mysdoers / I cach thaym then to me
ffull soyn;300
ffor writen I wote it is301
In the gospell, withoutten mys,302
Et eam fecistis303
Speluncam latronum.304
yit of the synnes seven / som thyng speciall305
now nately to neven / that renys ouer all;306
Thise laddys thai leven / as lordys riall,307
At ee to be even / picturde in pall308
As kyngys;309
May he dug hym a doket,310
A kodpese like a pokett,311
hym thynke it no hoket312
his tayll when he Wryngys.313
his luddokkys thai lowke / like walk-mylne cloggys,
his hede is like a stowke / hurlyd as hoggys,315
A woll blawen bowke / thise fryggys as froggys,316
This Ielian Iowke / dryfys he no doggys317
To felter;318
Bot with youre yolow lokkys,319
ffor all youre many mokkys,320
ye shall clym on hell crokkys321
With a halpeny heltere.322
And nell With hir nyfyls / of crisp and of sylke,323
Tent well youre twyfyls / youre nek abowte as mylke;
With youre bendys and youre bridyls / of sathan, the whilke
sir sathanas Idyls / you for tha ilke326
This gill knaue;327
It is open behynde,328
before is it pynde,329
Bewar of the West wynde330
youre smok lest it wafe.331
Of Ire and of enuy / fynde I herto,332
Of couetyse and glotony / and many other mo;333
Thai call and thai cry / go we now, go!334
I dy nere for dry / and ther syt thai so335
All nyght;336
With hawvell and Iawvell,337
syngyng of lawvell,338
Thise ar howndys of hell,339
That is thare right.340
In slewthe then thai syn / goddys warkys thai not Wyrke;
To belke thai begyn / and spew that is irke;342
his hede must be holdyn / ther in the myrke,343
Then deffys hym with dyn / the bellys of the kyrke,
When thai clatter;345
he wishys the clerke hanged,346
ffor that he rang it,347
Bot thar hym not lang it,348
What commys ther after.349
And ye Ianettys of the stewys / and lychoures on lofte,
youre baill now brewys / avowtrees full ofte,351
youre gam now grewys / I shall you set softe,352
youre sorow enewes / com to my crofte353
All ye;354
All harlottys and horres,355
And bawdys that procures,356
To bryng thaym to lures,357
Welcom to my see!358
ye lurdans and lyars / mychers and thefes,359
fflytars and flyars / that all men reprefes,360
Spolars, extorcyonars / Welcom, my lefes!361
ffals Iurars and vsurars / to symony that clevys,362
To tell;363
hasardars and dysars,364
ffals dedys forgars,365
Slanderars, bakbytars,366
All vnto hell.367
Primus Demon
When I harde many swilke / many spytus and fell,368
And few good of ilke / I had meruell,369
I trowd it drew nere the prik. /370
Secundus Demon
sir, a worde of counsell;
saules cam so thyk / now late vnto hell371
As euer;372
Oure porter at hell yate373
Is haldyn so strate,374
vp erly and downe late,375
he rystys neuer.376
Primus Demon
Thou art pereles of tho / that euer yit knew I,377
when I Will may I go / if thou be by;378
Go we now, We two. /379
Secundus Demon
syr, I am redy.
Primus Demon
Take oure rolles also, / ye knawe the cause Why;380
do com381
And tent well this day.382
Secundus Demon
sir, as well as I may.383
Primus Demon
Qui vero mala384
In ignem eternum.385
Ilka creatoure take tente386
What bodworde I shall you bryng,387
This wykyd warld, away is wente,388
and I am commyn as crownyd kyng;389
Mi fader of heuen has me downe sente,390
to deme youre dedys and make endyng;391
Commen is the day of Iugemente,392
of sorrow may euery synfull syng.393
The day is commen of catyfnes,394
all those to care that ar vncleyn,395
The day of batell and bitternes,396
ffull long abiden has it beyn;397
The day of drede to more and les,398
of Ioy, of tremlyng, and of teyn,399
Ilka wight that wikyd is400
may say, alas this day is seyn!401
here may ye se my Woundys wide402
that I suffred for youre mysdede,403
Thrugh harte, hede, fote, hande and syde,404
not for my gilte bot for youre nede.405
Behald, both bak, body, and syde,406
how dere I boght youre broder-hede,407
Thise bitter paynes I wold, abide,408
to by you blys thus wold, I blede.409
Mi body was skowrgid, withoutten skill,410
also ther full throly was I thrett;411
On crosse thai hang me on a hill,412
blo and blody thus was I bett;413
With crowne of thorne thrastyn full ill,414
A spere vnto my harte thai sett;415
Mi harte blode sparid thai not to spill.416
man, for thi luf wold, I not lett.417
The Iues spytt on me spitusly,418
thai sparid, me no more then a thefe;419
When thai me smote I stud, stilly,420
agans thaym did I nokyns grefe.421
Beholde, mankynde, this ilk am I,422
that for the suffred sich myschefe,423
Thus was I dight for thi foly,424
man, loke thi luf was me full lefe.425
Thus was I dight thi sorow to slake;426
man, thus behovid the borud, to be;427
In all my wo toke I no wrake,428
my will it was for luf of the.429
Man, for sorow aght the to qwake,430
this dredfull day this sight to se;431
All this suffred I for thi sake.432
say, man, What suffred, thou for me?433
Mi blissid barnes on my right hande,434
youre dome this day thar ye not drede,435
ffor all youre ioy is now commande,436
youre life in likyng shall ye lede.437
Commes to the kyngdom ay lastand,438
That you is dight for youre good dede,439
ffull blithe may ye be there ye stand,440
ffor mekill in heuen bees youre mede.441
When I was hungre ye me fed,442
To slek my thrist ye war full fre;443
When I was clothles ye me cled,444
ye Wold, no sorowe on me se;445
In hard, prison When I was sted,446
On my penance ye had pyte;447
ffull seke when I was broght in bed,448
kyndly ye cam to comforth me.449
When I was will and weriest450
ye harberd me full esely,451
ffull glad then were ye of youre gest,452
Ye plenyd my pouerte full pitusly;453
Belife ye broght me of the best,454
And maide my bed there I shuld, ly,455
Therfor in heuen shall be youre rest,456
In ioy and blys to beld, me by.457
Primus Bonus
lord, When had thou so mekill nede?458
hungre or thrusty, how myght it be?459
Secundus Bonus
When was oure harte fre the to feede?460
In prison When myght We the se?461
Tercius Bonus
When was thou seke, or wantyd wede?462
To harbowre the when helpid we?463
Quartus Bonus
When had thou nede of oure fordede?464
when did we all this dede to the?465
Mi blissid barnes, I shall you say466
what tyme this dede was to me done;467
When any that nede had nyght or day,468
Askyd you help and had it sone;469
youre fre harte saide theym neuer nay,470
Erly ne late, myd-day ne noyn,471
As ofte-sithes as thai wold, pray,472
Thai thurte bot aske and haue thare boyn.473
ye cursid, catyfs of kames kyn,474
That neuer me comforthid, in my care,475
Now I and ye for euer shall twyn,476
In doyll to dwell for euer mare;477
youre bitter bayles shall neuer blyn478
That ye shall thole when ye com thare,479
Thus haue ye seruyd for youre syn,480
ffor derfe dedys ye haue doyn are.481
When I had myster of mete and drynke,482
Catyfs, ye chaste me from youre yate;483
when ye were set as syres on bynke484
I stode ther oute wery and Wate,485
yit none of you Wold, on me thynke,486
To haue pite on my poore astate;487
Therfor to hell I shall you synke,488
Well ar ye worthy to go that gate.489
When I was seke and soryest490
ye viset me noght, for I was poore;491
In prison fast when I was fest492
wold, none of you loke how I foore;493
When I wist neuer where to rest494
With dyntys ye drofe me from youre doore,495
Bot euer to pride then were ye prest,496
Mi flesh, my bloode, ye oft for-swore.497
Clothles, When that I was cold,498
That nerehande for you yode I nakyd,499
Mi myschefe sagh ye many folde,500
Was none of you my sorowe slakyd;501
Bot euer forsoke me, yong and olde,502
Therfor shall ye now be forsakyd.503
Primus Malus
lorde, when had thou, that all has,504
hunger or thriste, sen thou god is?505
When was that thou in prison was?506
When was thou nakyd or harberles?507
Secundus Malus
When myght we se the seke, alas!508
and kyd the all this vnkyndnes?509
Tercius Malus
When was we let the helples pas?510
When dyd ye the this wikydnes?511
Quartus Malus
Alas, for doyll this day!512
alas, that euer I it abode!513
Now am I dampned for ay,514
this dome may I not avoyde.515
Catyfs, alas, ofte as it betyde516
that nedefull oght askyd in my name,517
ye harde thaym noght, youre eeres was hid,518
youre help to thaym was not at hame;519
To me was that vnkyndnes kyd,520
therfor ye bere this bitter blame,521
To the lest of myne when ye oght dyd,522
to me ye dyd the self and same.523
Mi chosyn childer, commes to me!524
With me to dwell now shall ye weynde,525
Ther ioy and blys euer shall be,526
youre life in lykyng for to leynde.527
ye warid Wightys, from me ye fle,528
In hell to dwell withoutten ende!529
Ther shall ye noght bot sorow se,530
And sit bi sathanas the feynde.531
Primus Demon
Do now furthe go, / trus, go we hyne!532
vnto endles wo / ay-lastand pyne;533
Nay, tary not so / we get ado syne.534
Secundus Demon
hyte hyder warde, ho / harry ruskyne!535
War oute!536
The meyn shall ye nebyll,537
And I shall syng the trebill,538
A revant the devill539
Till all this hole rowte.540
youre lyfes ar lorne / and commen is youre care;541
ye may ban ye were borne / the bodes you bare,542
And youre faders beforne / so cursid, ye ar.543
Primus Demon
ye may wary the morne / and day that ye ware544
Of youre moder545
ffirst borne forto be,546
ffor the wo ye mon dre.547
Secundus Demon
Ilkone of you mon se548
sorow of oder.549
Where is the gold, and the good / that ye gederd togedir?
The mery menee that yode / hider and thedir?551
Gay gyrdyls, iaggid hode / prankyd gownes, whedir?552
haue ye wit or ye wode / ye broght not hider553
Bot sorowe,554
And youre synnes in youre nekkys.555
Primus Demon
I beshrew thaym that rekkys!556
he comes to late that bekkys557
youre bodyes to borow.558
Secundus Demon
Sir, I Wold, cut thaym a skawte / and make theym be knawne;
Thay were sturdy and hawte / great boste haue thai blawne;
youre pride and youre pransawte / What will it gawne?
ye tolde ilk mans defawte / and forgate youre awne.
Thare neghburs thai demyd,564
Thaym self as it semyd,565
Bot now ar thai flemyd566
ffrom sayntys to recouer.567
Primus Demon
Thar neghburs thai towchid / With wordys full ill,568
The warst ay thai sowchid / and had no skill.569
Secundus Demon
The pennys thai powchid / and held, thaym still;570
The negons thai mowchid / and had no will571
ffor hart fare;572
Bot riche and ill-dedy,573
Gederand and gredy,574
sore napand and nedy575
youre godys forto spare.576
ffor all that ye spard / and dyd extorcyon,577
ffor youre childer ye card / youre heyre and youre son,
Now is all in oureward / youre yeres ar ron,579
It is commen in vowgard / youre dame malison,580
To bynde it;581
ye set bi no cursyng,582
Ne no sich small thyng.583
Primus Demon
No, bot prase at the partyng,584
ffor now mon ye fynde it.585
youre leyfys and youre females / ye brake youre wedlake;
Tell me now what it vales / all that mery lake?587
se so falsly it falys. /588
Secundus Demon
syr, I dar vndertake
Thai will tell no tales / bot se so thai quake589
ffor moton;590
he that to that gam gose,591
Now namely on old, tose.592
Thou held, vp the lose,593
That had I forgotten.594
Primus Demon
sir, I trow thai be dom / somtyme were full melland;
Will ye se how thai glom. /596
Secundus Demon
thou art ay telland;
Now shall thai haue rom / in pyk and tar euer dwelland,
Of thare sorow no some / bot ay to be yelland598
In oure fostre.599
By youre lefe may We mefe you?600
Primus Demon
showe furth, I shrew you!601
Secundus Demon
yit to-nyght shall I shew you602
A mese of ill ostre.603
Of thise cursid forsworne / and all that here leyndys,
Blaw, wolfys-hede and oute-horne / now namely my freyndys.
Primus Demon
Illa haill were ye borne / youre awne shame you sheyndys,
That shall ye fynde or to morne. /607
Secundus Demon
com now with feyndys
To youre angre;608
youre dedys you dam;609
Com, go we now sam,610
It is commen youre gam,611
Com, tary no langer.612
Primus Bonus
We loue the, lorde, in alkyn thyng,613
That for thyne awne has ordand thus,614
That we may haue now oure dwellyng615
In heuen blis giffen vnto vs.616
Therfor full boldly may we syng617
On oure way as we trus;618
Make we all myrth and louyng619
With te deum laudamus.620


Commes now, brethere, and go With me;1
We Will pas furth vntill Iude,2
To betany will we Weynde,3
To vyset lazare that is oure freynde.4
Gladly I wold, we with hym speke,5
I tell you sothely he is seke.6
I red, not that ye thider go,7
The Iues halden you for thare fo;8
I red ye com not in that stede,9
ffor if ye do then be ye dede.10
Master, trist thou [not] on the Iue,11
ffor many day sen thou thaym knewe,12
And last tyme that we were thore13
We wenyd till haue bene ded, therfor.14
When we were last in that contre,15
This othere day, both thou and we,16
We wenyd that thou ther shuld haue bene slayn;17
Will thou now go thider agane?18
herkyn, breder, and takys kepe;19
lazare oure freynde is fallyn on slepe;20
The way till hym now will we take,21
To styr that knyght and gar hym wake.22
Sir, me thynke it were the best23
To let hym slepe and take his rest;24
And kepe that no man com hym hend,25
ffor if he slepe then mon he mend.26
I say to you, With outten fayll,27
No kepyng may till hym availl,28
Ne slepe may stand hym in no stede,29
I say you sekerly he is dede;30
Therfor I say you now at last31
leyfe this speche and go we fast.32
Sir, What so euer ye bid vs do33
We assent vs well ther to;34
I hope to god ye shall not fynde35
None of vs shall lefe behynde;36
ffor any parell that may befall37
Weynde we With oure master all.38
help me, lorde, and gif me red!39
lazare my broder now is dede,40
That was to the both lefe and dere;41
he had not dyed had thou bene here.42
Martha, martha, thou may be fayn,43
Thi brothere shall rise and lif agayn.44
lorde, I wote that he shall ryse45
And com before the good iustyce;46
ffor at the dredfull day of dome47
There mon ye kepe hym at his come,48
To loke What dome ye Will hym gif;49
Then mon he rise, then mon he lyf.50
I Warne you, both man and wyfe,51
That I am rysyng, and I am life;52
And Whoso truly trowys in me,53
That I was euer and ay shall be,54
Oone thyng I shall hym gif,55
Though he be dede yit shall he lif.56
say thou, Woman, trowys thou this?57
yee, for sothe, my lorde of blys,58
Ellys were I greatly to mysprase,59
ffor all is sothe-fast that thou says.60
Go tell thi sister mawdlayn61
That I com, ye may be fayn.62
Sister, lefe this sorowful bande,63
Oure lorde commys here at hand,64
And his apostyls with hym also.65
A, for godys luf let me go!66
Blissid, be he that sende me grace,67
That I may se the in this place.68
lorde, mekill sorow may men se69
Of my sister here and me;70
We ar heuy as any lede,71
ffor our broder that thus is dede.72
had thou bene here and on hym sene,73
dede for sothe had he not bene.74
hider to you commen we ar75
To make you comforth of youre care,76
Bot loke no fayntyse ne no slawth77
Bryng you oute of stedfast trawthe,78
Then shall I hold, you that I saide.79
lo, where haue ye his body laide?80
lorde, if it be thi Will,81
I hope be this he sauers ill,82
ffor it is now the ferth day gone83
sen he Was laide vnder yonde stone.84
I told, the right now ther thou stode85
that thi trawth shuld, ay be goode,86
And if thou may that fulfill87
All bees done right at thi will.88
ffader, I pray the that thou rase89
lazare that was thi hyne,90
And bryng hym oute of his mysese91
And oute of hell pyne.92
When I the pray thou says all wayse93
Mi will is sich as thyne,94
Therfor Will we now eke his dayse,95
To me thou will inclyne.96
Com furth, lazare, and stand vs by,97
In erth shall thou no langere ly;98
Take and lawse hym foote and hande,99
And from his throte take the bande,100
And the sudary take hym fro,101
And all that gere, and let hym go.102
lorde, that all thyng maide of noght,103
louyng be to thee,104
That sich Wonder here has Wroght,105
Gretter may none be.106
When I was dede to hell I soght,107
And thou, thrugh thi pauste,108
Rasid me vp and thens me broght,109
Behold, and ye may se.110
Ther is none so styf on stede,111
Ne none so prowde in prese,112
Ne none so dughty in his dede,113
Ne none so dere on deese,114
No kyng, no knyght, no Wight in wede,115
ffrom dede haue maide hym seese,116
Ne flesh he was wonte to fede,117
It shall be Wormes mese.118
youre dede is Wormes coke,119
youre myrroure here ye loke,120
And let me be youre boke,121
youre sampill take by me;122
ffro dede you cleke in cloke,123
sich shall ye all be.124
Ilkon in sich aray / With dede thai shall be dight,
And closid colde in clay / Wheder he be kyng or knyght
ffor all his garmentes gay / that semely were in sight,
his flesh shall frete away / With many a wofull wight.
Then wofully sich wightys129
Shall gnawe thise gay knyghtys,130
Thare lunges and thare lightys,131
Thare harte shall frete in sonder;132
Thise masters most of myghtys133
Thus shall thai be broght vnder.134
Vnder the erthe ye shall / thus carefully then cowche;
The royfe of youre hall / youre nakyd nose shall towche;
Nawther great ne small / To you will knele ne crowche;
A shete shall be youre pall / sich todys shall be youre nowche;
Todys shall you dere,139
ffeyndys will you fere,140
youre flesh that fare was here141
Thus rufully shall rote;142
In stede of fare colore143
sich bandys shall bynde youre throte.144
youre rud that was so red / youre lyre the lylly lyke,
Then shall be wan as led / and stynke as dog in dyke;
Wormes shall in you brede / as bees dos in the byke,
And ees out of youre hede / Thus-gate shall paddokys pyke;
To pike you ar preste149
Many vncomly beest,150
Thus thai shall make a feste151
Of youre flesh and youre blode.152
ffor you then sorows leste153
The moste has of youre goode.154
youre goodys ye shall forsake / If ye be neuer so lothe,
And nothing With you take / Bot sich a wyndyng clothe;
youre Wife sorow shall slake / youre chylder also both,
vnnes youre mynnyng make / If ye be neuer so wrothe;
Thai myn you with nothyng159
That may be youre helpyng,160
Nawther in mes syngyng,161
Ne yit with almus dede;162
Therfor in youre leuyng163
Be wise and take good hede.164
Take hede for you to dele / Whils ye ar on life,165
Trust neuer freyndys frele / Nawthere of childe then wife;
ffor sectures ar not lele / Then for youre good Will stryfe;
To by youre saules hele / There may no man thaym shrife.
To shrife no man thaym may,169
After youre endyng day,170
youre saull for to glad,171
youre sectures will swere nay,172
And say ye aght more then ye had.173
Amende the, man, Whils thou may,174
let neuer no myrthe fordo thi mynde;175
Thynke thou on the dredefull day176
When god shall deme all mankynde.177
Thynke thou farys as dothe the wynde;178
This warlde is wast & will away;179
Man, haue this in thi mynde,180
And amende the Whils that thou may.181
Amende the, man, whils thou art here,182
Agane thou go an othere gate;183
When thou art dede and laide on bere,184
Wyt thou well thou bees to late;185
ffor if all the goode that euer thou gate186
Were delt for the after thi day,187
In heuen it wolde not mende thi state,188
fforthi amende the Whils thou may.189
If thou be right ryall in rente,190
As is the stede standyng in stall,191
In thi harte knowe and thynke192
That thai ar goddys goodys all.193
he myght haue maide the poore and small194
As he that beggys fro day to day;195
Wit thou well acountys gif thou shall,196
Therfore amende the whils thou may.197
And if I myght with you dwell198
To tell you all my tyme,199
ffull mekill cowthe I tell200
That I haue harde and sene,201
Of many a great meruell,202
sich as ye wolde not wene,203
In the paynes of hell204
There as I haue bene.205
Bene I haue in wo,206
Therfor kepe you ther fro;207
Whilst ye lif do so208
If ye will dwell with hym209
That can gar you thus go,210
And hele you lith and lym.211
he is a lorde of grace,212
Vmthynke you in this case,213
And pray hym, full of myght,214
he kepe you in this place215
And haue you in his sight.216

The Hanging of JudasContents

Alas, alas, & walaway!1
waryd & cursyd I haue beyn ay;2
I slew my father, & syn by-lay3
My moder der;4
And falsly, aftur, I can betray5
Myn awn mayster.6
My fathers name was ruben, right;7
Sibaria my moder hight;8
Als he her knew apon a nyght9
All fleshle,10
In her sleyp she se a sighte,11
A great ferle.12
her thoght ther lay her syd with-in13
A lothly lumpe of fleshly syn,14
Of the which distruccion schuld begyn15
Of all Iury;16
That Cursyd Clott of Camys kyn,17
fforsoth, was I.18
Dreyd of that sight mad her awake,19
& all hir body did tremyll & qwake;20
her thoght hir hert did all to-brake-21
No wonder was-22
the first[e] word my moder spake23
was alas, alas!24
Alas, alas! sche cryed faste,25
with that, on weping owt sche braste:26
My father wakyd, at the laste,27
& her afranyd;28
Sche told hym how she was agaste,29
& nothyng laynyd.30
my father bad, "let be thy woo!31
my Cowncel is, if hit be soo,32
A child be gettyn betwixt hus too,33
Doghter or son,34
lett hit neuer on erth[e] go,35
Bot be fordon.36
bettur hit is fordon to be37
then hit fordo both the & me;38
ffor in a while then schall we se,39
& full well knaw,40
wheder that swevyns be vanite41
or on to traw."42
The tyme was comyn that I was borne,43
os my moder sayd beforn;44
Alas, that I had beyn forlorn45
With-In hir syd!46
for ther then spronge a schrewid thorn47
That spred full wyd.48
for I was born with owtyn grace,49
Thay me namyd & Callyd Iudas;50
The father of the child ay hays51
Great petye;52
He myght not thoyle afor his face53
My deth to se.54
My ded to se then myght he noght;55
A lytyll lep he gart he wroght,56
& ther I was in bed [i-]broght57
& bondon faste;58
To the salt se then thay soght,59
& In me Caste.60
The wawes rosse, the wynd[e] blew;61
That I was Cursyd full well thai knew;62
The storme vnto the yle me threw,63
That lytill botte;64
And of that land my to-name drew,65
Iudas skariott.66
Thor os wrekke in sand I lay,67
The qweyn Com passyng ther away,68
With hir madyns to sport & play;69
And prevaly70
A child she fond in slyk aray,71
& had ferly.72
Neuer-the-lesse sche was well payd,73
And on hir lap[pe] sche me layd;74
Sche me kissid & with me playd,75
ffor I was fayre;76
"A child god hays me send," sche sayd,77
"to be myn ayre."78
Sche mad me be to norice done,79
And fosterd as her awn[e] sone,80
And told the kyng that sche had gone81
All the yer with child;82
And with fayr wordys, as wemen Con,83
sche hym begild.84
Then the kyng gart mak a fest85
To all the land [right] of the best,86
ffor that he had gettyn a gest,87
A swetly thyng,88
When he wer ded & broght to rest,89
that myght be kyng.90
Sone aftur with in yer[e]s too,91
In the land hit befell soo,92
The qweyn hir selff with child Can goo;93
A son sche bayr;94
A fayrer child, from tope to too95
Man neuer se ayre.96

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