Caesar Augustus

Be styll, beshers, I commawnd yow,1
That no man speke a word here now2
Bot I my self alon;3
And if ye do, I make a vow,4
Thys brand abowte youre nekys shall bow,5
ffor thy be styll as ston:6
And looke ye grefe me noght,7
ffor if ye do it shall be boght,8
I swere you by mahowne;9
I wote well if ye knew me oght,10
To slo you all how lytyll I roght,11
Ston styll ye wold syt downe.12
ffor all is myn that vp standys,13
Castels, towers, townys, and landys,14
To me homage thay bryng;15
ffor I may bynd and lowse of band,16
Euery thyng bowys vnto my hand,17
I want none erthly thyng.18
I am lord and syr ouer all,19
All bowys to me, both grete and small,20
As lord of euery land;21
Is none so comly on to call,22
Whoso this agane says, fowll shall be fall,23
And therto here my hand.24
ffor I am he that myghty is,25
And hardely all hathennes26
Is redy at my wyll;27
Both ryche, and poore, more & les,28
At my lykyng for to redres,29
whether I wyll saue or spyll.30
Cesar august I am cald,31
A fayrer cors for to behald,32
Is not of bloode & bone;33
Ryche ne poore, yong ne old,34
Sych an othere, as I am told,35
In all thys warld, is none.36
Bot oone thyng doys me full mych care,37
I trow my land wyll sone mysfare38
ffor defawte of counsell lele;39
My counsellars so wyse of lare,40
help to comforth me of care,41
No wyt from me ye fele.42
As I am man moost of renowne,43
I shall you gyf youre waryson44
To help me if ye may.45
Primus Consultus
To counsell you, lord, we ar bowne,46
And for no man that lyfys in towne47
wyll we not let, perfay;48
youre messyngere I reede ye call,49
ffor any thyng that may befall,50
Byd hym go hastely,51
Thrugh out youre landys ouer all,52
Amang youre folk, both grete and small53
youre gyrth & peasse to cry;54
ffor to commaunde both yong & old,55
None be so hardy ne so bold,56
To hold of none bot you;57
And, who so doth, put them in hold,58
And loke ye payn theym many fold.59
I shall, I make a vowe;60
Of thys counsell well payde am I,61
It shall be done full hastely,62
wyth outen any respytt.63
Secundus Consultus
My Lord abyde awyle, for why?64
A word to you I wold cleryfy.65
Go on, then, tell me tytt.66
Secundus Consultus
All redy, lord, now permafay,67
Thys haue I herd syn many day,68
ffolk in the contre tell;69
That in this land shuld dwell a may,70
The which sall bere a chylde, thay say,71
That shall youre force downe fell.72
Downe fell? dwyll! what may this be?73
Out, harow, full wo is me!74
I am full wyll of reede!75
A, fy, and dewyls! whens cam he76
That thus shuld reyfe me my pawste?77
Ere shuld I be his dede.78
ffor certys, then were my worshyp lorne,79
If sych a swayn, a snoke horne,80
Shuld thus be my suffrane;81
may I wyt when that boy is borne,82
In certan, had the dwyll hit sworne,83
that gadlyng shuld agane.84
Primus Consultus
Do way, lord, greyf you not so,85
youre messyngere ye cause furth go86
Aftyr youre cosyn dere,87
To speke with you a word, or two,88
The best counsell that lad to slo,89
ffull soyn he can you lere;90
ffor a wyse man that knyght men know.91
Now I assent vnto thi saw,92
of witt art thou the well;93
ffor all the best men of hym blowys;94
he shall neuer dystroy my lawes,95
were he the dwyll of hell.96
Com lyghtfote, lad, loke thou be yare97
On my message furth to fare,98
go tytt to sir syryn;99
Say sorow takys me full sare,100
pray hym to comforth me of care,101
As myn awne dere cosyn;102
And bot if thou come agane to nyght,103
look I se the neuer in syght,104
neuer where in my land.105
yis, certys, lord, I am full lyght,106
or noyn of the day, I dar you hyght,107
to bryng hym by the hand.108
yai, boy, and as thou luffys me dere,109
Luke that thou spy, both far and nere,110
Ouer all in ych place;111
If thou here any saghes sere,112
Of any carpyng, far and nere,113
Of that lad, where that thou gase.114
All redy, lord, I am full bowne,115
To spyr and spy in euery towne,116
After that wykkyd, queyd;117
If I here any runk or rowne,118
I shall fownd to crak thare crowne,119
Ouer all, in ylk a stede;120
And therfor, lord, haue now good day.121
Mahowne he wyse the on thi way,122
That weldys water and wynde;123
And specyally, here I the pray,124
To spede the as fast as thou may.125
yis, lord, that shall ye fynde.126
Mahowne the saue and se, sir syryne!127
Cesar, my lord, and youre cosyn,128
he gretys you well by me.129
Thou art welcom to me and myn;130
Com nere and tell me tythandys thyn,131
Tyte, what thay may be.132
My lord prays you, as ye luf hym dere,133
To com to hym, if youre wyll were,134
To speke with hym awhyle.135
Go grete hym well, thou messyngere,136
say hym I com, and that right nere,137
Behynd, the not a myle.138
All redy, lord, at youre byddyng.139
Mahowne the menske, my lord kyng,140
And save the by see and sand.141
Welcom, bewshere, say what tythyng,142
Do tell me tyte, for any thyng,143
What herd thou in my land?144
I herd, no thyng, lord, bot goode;145
Syr syryn, that I after yode,146
he wyll be here this nyght.147
I thank the by mahownes bloode;148
Thise tythyngys mekyll amendys my mode;149
Go rest, thou worthy wyght.150
Mahowne so semely on to call,151
he saue the, lord of lordis all,152
Syttyng with thi meneye.153
Welcom, sir syrynne, to this hall,154
Besyde my self here sytt thou shall,155
Com vp belyf to me.156
yis, lord, I am at youre talent.157
Wherfor, sir, I after the sent,158
I shall the say full right;159
And therfor take to me intent,160
I am in poynt for to be shent.161
how so, for mahownes myght?162
syr, I am done to vnderstand,163
That a qweyn here, in this land,164
shall bere a chyld, I wene,165
That shall be crowned kyng lyfand,166
And all shall bow vnto his hand;167
Thise tythyngys doth me teyne.168
he shall commaunde both ying and old,169
None be so hardy ne so bold170
To gyf seruyce to me;171
Then wold, my hart be cold172
If sich a beggere shold173
My kyngdom thus reyf me;174
And therfor, sir, I wold the pray,175
Thy best counsell thou wold me say,176
To do what I am best;177
ffor securly, if that I may,178
If he be fonden I shall hym slay,179
Aythere by eest or west.180
Now wote ye, lord, what that I reede;181
I counsell you, as ete I brede,182
what best therof may be;183
Gar serche youre land in euery stede,184
And byd that boy be done to dede,185
who the fyrst may hym see;186
And also I rede that ye gar cry,187
To fleme wyth all that belamy,188
That shuld be kyng with crowne;189
Byd ych man com to you holly,190
And bryng to you a heede penny,191
That dwellys in towere or towne;192
That this be done by the thyrde day,193
Then may none of his freyndys say,194
Bot he has mayde homage.195
If ye do thus, sir, permafay,196
youre worship shall ye wyn for ay,197
If thay make you trowage.198
I thank you, sir, as myght I the,199
ffor thyse tythyngys that thou tellys me,200
Thy counsell shall avayll;201
lord and syre of this cowntre,202
wythouten ende here make I the,203
ffor thy good counsell;204
My messyngere, loke thou be bowne,205
And weynd belyf from towne to towne,206
And be my nobyll swane;207
I pray the, as thou luffys mahowne,208
And also for thy waryson,209
That thou com tytt agane.210
Commaunde the folk holly ichon,211
Ryche ne poore forgett thou none,212
To hold, holly on me,213
And lowtt me as thare lord alone;214
And who wyll not thay shall be slone,215
This brand thare bayll shal be.216
Therfor thou byd both old and ying,217
That ich man know me for his kyng,218
ffor drede that I thaym spyll,219
That I am lord, and in tokynyng,220
Byd ich man a penny bryng,221
And make homage me tyll.222
To my statutys who wyll not stand,223
ffast for to fle outt of my land,224
Byd thaym, withouten lyte;225
Now by mahowne, god all weldand,226
Thou shall be mayde knyght with my hand,227
And therfor hye the tyte.228
All redy, lord, it shall be done;229
Bot I wote well I com not sone,230
And therfor be not wroth;231
I swere you, sir, by son and moyne,232
I com not here by fore eft none,233
wheder ye be leyfe or loth;234
Bot hafe good day, now wyll I weynd,235
ffor longer here may I not leynd,236
Bot grathe me furth my gate.237
Mahowne that is curtes and heynd,238
he bryng thi Iornay well to eynd,239
And wysh the that all wate.240

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