Help me, lord, adonay,1
And hald, me in the right way2
To mesopotameam;3
ffor I cam neuer or now where I am;4
I cam neuer here in this contre;5
lord, of heuen, thou help me!6
ffor I haue maide me, in this strete,7
sore bonys & warkand feete.8
The son is downe, what is best?9
her purpose I all nyght to rest;10
Vnder my hede this ston shal ly;11
A nyghtis rest take will I.12
Iacob, iacob, thi god I am;13
Of thi forfader abraham,14
And of thi fader, Isaac;15
I shall the blys for thare sake.16
This land, that thou slepys in,17
I shall the gif, and thi kyn;18
I shall thi seede multyply,19
As thyk as powder on erth may ly.20
The kynd of the shall sprede wide,21
ffrom eest to west on euery syde,22
ffrom the south vnto the north;23
All that I say, I shall forth;24
And all the folkis of thyne ofspryng,25
shal be blyssyd of thy blyssyng.26
Iacob, haue thou no kyns drede!27
I shall the clethe, I shall the fede.28
Whartfull shall I make thi gate;29
I shal the help erly and, late;30
And all in qwart shall I bryng the31
home agane to thi countre.32
I shall not fayll, be thou bold,33
Bot I shall do as I haue told.34
A! lord! what may this mene?35
what haue I herd, in slepe, and sene?36
That god leynyd hym to a stegh,37
And spake to me, it is no leghe;38
And now is here none othere gate,39
bot godis howse and heuens yate.40
lord, how dredfull is this stede!41
ther I layde downe my hede,42
In godis lovyng I rayse this stone,43
And, oyll will I putt theron.44
lord, of heuen, that all wote,45
here to the I make a hote:46
If thou gif me mete and foode,47
And close to body, as I behoued,48
And bryng me home to kyth and kyn,49
by the way that I walk in,50
without skathe and in quarte,51
I promyse to the, with stedfast hart,52
As thou art lord, and god myne,53
And I Iacob, thi trew hyne,54
This stone I rayse in sygne to day55
shall I hold, holy kyrk for ay;56
And of all that newes me57
rightwys tend, shall I gif the.58
A, my fader, god of heuen,59
that saide to me, thrugh thi steven,60
when I in aran was dwelland,61
that I shuld turne agane to land,62
Ther I was both fed and borne,63
warnyd thou me, lord, beforne,64
As I went toward aran65
with my staff, and passyd, Iordan:66
And now I come agane to kyth,67
with two ostes of men me with.68
Thou hete me, lord, to do well with me,69
to multyplye my seede as sand of see;70
Thou saue me, lord, thrugh vertew,71
ffrom veniance of Esaw,72
That he slo not, for old, greme,73
these moders with thare barne teme.74
Oure anguysh, sir, is many fold,75
syn that oure messyngere vs told,76
That Esaw wold, you slo,77
with foure hundreth men and mo.78
ffor soth, rachell, I haue hym sent79
of many beestis sere present.80
May tyde he will oure giftis take,81
And right so shall his wrath slake.82
where ar oure thyngis, ar thay past Iordan?83
Go and look, sir, as ye can.84
The day spryngis; now lett me go.85
Nay, nay, I will not so,86
Bot thou blys me or thou gang:87
If I may, I shall hold, the lang.88
In tokynyng that thou spekis with me,89
I shall toche now thi thee,90
That halt shall thou euermore,91
bot thou shall fele no sore;92
What is thy name, thou me tell?93
nay, bot Israell;
syn thou to me sich strengthe may kythe,95
to men of erth thou must be stythe.96
what is thy name?97
whi askis thou it?
‘wonderfull,’ if thou wil wyt.98
A, blys me, lord,!99
I shall the blys,
And be to the full propyce,100
And gyf the my blyssyng for ay,101
As lord and he that all may.102
I shall grayth thi gate,103
And full well ordeyn thi state;104
when thou has drede, thynk on me,105
And thou shal full well saynyd be,106
And look thou trow well my sayes;107
And farewell now, the day dayes.108
Now haue I a new name, israell;109
this place shall [hight] fanuell,110
ffor I haue seyn in this place,111
god of heuen face to face.112
Iacob, lo we haue tythand,113
that Esaw is here at hand.114
Rachell, stand thou in the last eschele,115
ffor I wold, thou were sauyd wele;116
Call Ioseph and beniamin,117
And let theym not fro the twyn.118
If it be so that Esaw119
vs before all-to-hew,120
Ye that ar here the last121
Ye may be sauyd if ye fle fast.122
I pray the, lord, as thou me het,123
thou saue me and, my gete.124
welcom brother, to kyn and kyth,125
thi wife and childre that comes the with.126
how has thou faren in far land,?127
tell me now som good tythand.128
Well, my brother Esaw,129
If that thi men no bale me brew.130
wemo! felows, hold youre hend,131
ye se that I and he ar frend,132
And frenship here will we fulfill,133
syn that it is godis will.134
God yeld, you, brothere, that it so is135
that thou thi hyne so wold, kys.136
Nay, Iacob, my dere brothere,137
I shall the tell all anothere;138
Thou art my lord, thrugh destyny;139
go we togeder both thou and I,140
To my fader and, his wife,141
that lofys the, brother, as thare lyfe.142

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