The Buffeting

Primus Tortor
Do Io furth, Io! / and trott on a pase!1
To anna will we go / and sir cayphas;2
witt thou well of thaym two / gettys thou no grace,
Bot euerlastyng wo / for trespas thou has4
so mekill.5
Thi mys is more6
then euer gettys thou grace fore;7
Thou has beyn ay-whore8
ffull fals and full fekyll.9
Secundus Tortor
It is wonder to dre / thus to be gangyng;10
we haue had for the / mekill hart stangyng;11
Bot at last shall we be / out of hart langyng,12
Be thou haue had two or three / hetys worth a hangyng;
No wonder!14
Sich wyles can thou make.15
gar the people farsake16
Oure lawes, and thyne take;17
thus art thou broght in blonder.18
Primus Tortor
Thou can not say agaynt / If thou be trew;19
Som men holdys the sant / and that shall thou rew;20
ffare wordys can thou paynt / and lege lawes new.21
Secundus Tortor
Now be ye ataynt / for we will persew22
On this mater.23
Many wordys has thou saide24
Of which we ar not well payde;25
As good that thou had26
halden still thi clater.27
Primus Tortor
It is better syt still / then rise vp and fall;28
Thou has long had thi will / and made many brall;29
At the last wold, thou spill / and for-do vs all,30
If we dyd neuer yll. /31
Secundus Tortor
I trow not, he shall
Indure it;32
ffor if other men ruse hym,33
we shall accuse hym;34
his self shall not excuse hym;35
To you I insure it,36
with no legeance. /37
Primus Tortor
fayn wold he wynk,
Els falys his covntenance; / I say as I thynk.38
Secundus Tortor
he has done vs greuance / therfor shall he drynk;39
haue he mekill myschaunsce / that has gart vs swynke
In walkyng,41
That vnneth may I more.42
Primus Tortor
Peas, man, we ar thore!43
I shall walk in before,44
And tell of his talkyng.45
haill, syrs, as ye sytt / so worthi in wonys!46
whi spyrd ye not yit / how we haue farne this onys?
Secundus Tortor
Sir, we wold fayn witt / all wery ar oure bonys;48
we haue had a fytt / right yll for the nonys,49
So tarid.50
Say, were ye oght adred?51
were ye oght wrang led?52
Or in any strate sted?53
Syrs, who was myscaryd?54
Say, were ye oght in dowte / for fawte of light55
As ye wached ther owte? /56
Primus Tortor
sir, as I am true knyght,
Of my dame sen I sowked / had I neuer sich a nyght;
Myn een were not lowked / to-geder right58
Sen morowe;59
Bot yit I thynk it well sett,60
Sen we with this tratoure met;61
Sir, this is he that forfett62
And done so mekill sorow.63
Can ye hym oght apeche? / had he any ferys?64
Secundus Tortor
he has bene for to preche / full many long yeris;65
And the people he teche / a new law.66
Primus Tortor
syrs, heris!
As far as his witt reche / many oone he lerys;67
when we toke hym,68
we faunde hym in a yerde;69
Bot when I drew out my swerde,70
his dyscypyls wex ferde,71
And soyn thay forsoke hym.72
Secundus Tortor
Sir, I hard hym say he cowthe dystroew / oure tempyll so gay,
and sithen beld a new / on the thrid, day.74
how myght that be trew? / it toke more aray;75
The masons I knewe / that hewed it, I say,76
so wyse;77
That hewed ilka stone.78
Primus Tortor
A, good sir, lett hym oone;79
he lyes for the quetstone,80
I gyf hym the pryce.81
Secundus Tortor
The halt rynes, the blynd sees / thrugh his fals wyles;
Thus he gettis many fees / of thym he begyles.83
Primus Tortor
he rases men that dees / thay seke hym be myles;84
And euer thrugh his soceres / oure sabate day defyles
Euermore, sir.86
Secundus Tortor
This is his vse and his custom,87
To heyll the defe and the dom,88
where so euer he com;89
I tell you before, sir.90
Primus Tortor
Men call hym / a prophete and godis son of heuen;91
he wold fayn downe bryng / oure lawes bi his steuen.
Secundus Tortor
yit is ther anothere thyng / that I hard hym neuen,
he settys not a fle wyng / bi sir cesar full euen;94
he says thus;95
Sir, this same is he96
that excusyd with his sotelte97
A woman in avowtre;98
ffull well may ye trust vs.99
Primus Tortor
Sir lazare can he rase / that men may persaue,100
when he had lyne fower dayes / ded in his graue;101
All men hym prase / both master and knaue,102
Such wychcraft he mase. /103
Secundus Tortor
If he abowte waue
Any langere,104
his warkys may we ban;105
ffor he has turned many man106
Sen the tyme he began,107
And done vs great hangere.108
Primus Tortor
he will not leyfe yit / thof he be culpabyll;109
Men call hym a prophete / a lord full renabyll.110
Sir cayphas, bi my wytt / he shuld be dampnabill,111
Bot wold ye two, as ye sytt / make it ferme and stabyll
To geder;113
ffor ye two, as I traw,114
May defende all oure law;115
That mayde vs to you draw,116
And bryng this losell heder.117
Secundus Tortor
Sir, I can tell you before / as myght I be maryd,118
If he reyne any more / oure lawes ar myscaryd.119
Primus Tortor
Sir, opposed if he wore / he shuld be fon waryd;120
That is well seyn thore / where he has long tarid121
And walkyd.122
he is sowre lottyn:123
Ther is somwhat forgottyn;124
I shall thryng out the rottyn,125
Be we haue all talkyd.126
Now fare myght you fall / for youre talkyng!127
ffor, certys, I my self shall / make examynyng.128
harstow, harlott, of all? / of care may thou syng!129
How durst thou the call / aythere emperoure or kyng?
I do fy the!131
what the dwill doyst thou here?132
Thi dedys will do the dere;133
Com nar and rowne in myn eeyr,134
Or I shall ascry the.135
Illa-hayll was thou borne! / harke! says he oght agane?
Thou shall onys or to-morne / to speke be full fayne.
This is a great skorne / and a fals trane;138
Now wols-hede and out-horne / on the be tane!139
Vile fature!140
Oone worde myght thou speke ethe,141
yit myght it do the som letht,142
Et omnis qui tacet143
hic consentire videtur.144
Speke on oone word / right in the dwyllys name!145
where was thi syre at bord / when he met with thi dame?
what, nawder bowted ne spurd / and a lord of name!147
Speke on in a torde / the dwill gif the shame,148
Sir sybre!149
Perde, if thou were a kyng,150
yit myght thou be ridyng;151
ffy on the, fundlyng!152
Thou lyfys bot bi brybre.153
Lad, I am a prelate / a lord in degre,154
Syttys in myn astate / as thou may se,155
knyghtys on me to wate / in dyuerse degre;156
I myght thole the abate / and knele on thi kne157
In my present;158
As euer syng I mes,159
whoso kepis the lawe, I gess,160
he gettis more by purches161
Then bi his fre rent.162
The dwill gif the shame / that euer I knew the!163
Nather blynde ne lame / will none persew the;164
Therfor I shall the name / that euer shall rew the,
kyng copyn in oure game / thus shall I indew the,166
ffor a fatur.167
Say, dar thou not speke for ferde?168
I shrew hym the lerd,169
weme! the dwillys durt in thi berd,170
vyle fals tratur!171
Though thi lyppis be stokyn / yit myght thou say, mom;
Great wordis has thou spokyn / then was thou not dom.
Be it hole worde or brokyn / com, owt with som,174
Els on the I shall be wrokyn / or thi ded com175
All outt.176
Aythere has thou no wytt,177
Or els ar thyn ere dytt;178
why bot herd thou not yit?179
So, I cry and I showte.180
A, sir, be not yll payde / though he not answere;181
he is inwardly flayde / not right in his gere.182
No, bot the wordis he has saide / doth my hart great dere.
Sir, yit may ye be dayde. /184
nay, whils I lif nere.
Sir, amese you.185
Now fowll myght hym befall!186
Sir, ye ar vexed at all,187
And perauentur he shall188
here after pleas you;189
we may bi oure law / examyn hym fyrst.190
Bot I gif hym a blaw / my hart will brist.191
Abyde to ye his purpose knaw. /192
nay, bot I shall out thrist
Both his een on a raw. /193
sir, ye will not, I tryst,
Be so vengeabyll;194
Bot let me oppose hym.195
I pray you, and sloes hym.196
Sir, we may not lose hym197
Bot we were dampnabill.198
he has adyld his ded / a kyng he hym calde;199
war! let me gyrd of his hede! /200
I hope not ye wold;
Bot sir do my red / youre worship to hald.201
Shall I neuer ete bred / to that he be stald202
In the stokys.203
Sir, speke soft and styll,204
let vs do as the law will.205
Nay, I myself shall hym kyll,206
And murder with knokys.207
Sir, thynk ye that ye ar / a man of holy kyrk,208
ye shuld be oure techer / mekenes to wyrk.209
yei, bot all is out of har / and that shall he yrk.
All soft may men go far / oure lawes ar not myrk,211
I weyn;212
Youre wordys ar bustus,213
Et hoc nos volumus214
Quod de Iure possumus:215
ye wote what I meyn;216
It is best that we trete hym / with farenes.217
We, nay!
And so myght we gett hym / som word for to say.218
war! let me bett hym! /219
syr, do away!
ffor if ye thus thrett hym / he spekys not this day.
Bot herys;221
wold ye sesse and abyde,222
I shuld take hym on syde223
And inquere of his pryde,224
how he oure folke lerys.225
he has reuyd ouer lang / with his fals lyys,226
And done mekyll wrang / sir cesar he defyes;227
Therfor shall I hym hang / or I vp ryse.228
Sir, the law will not he gang / on nokyn wyse229
Bot fyrst wold I here231
what he wold answere;232
Bot he dyd any dere233
why shuld he be flemyd?234
And therfor examynyng / ffyrst will I make,235
Sen that he callys hym a kyng. /236
bot he that forsake
I shall gyf hym a wryng / that his nek shall crak.237
Syr, ye may not hym dyng / no word yit he spake,238
That I wyst.239
hark, felow, com nar!240
wyll thou neuer be war?241
I haue meruell thou dar242
Thus do thyn awne lyst.243
Bot I shall do as the law wyll / if the people ruse the;
Say, dyd thou oght this yll? / can thou oght excuse the?
why standys thou so styll / when men thus accuse the?
ffor to hyng on a hyll / hark how thay ruse the247
To dam.248
Say, art thou godys son of heuen,249
As thou art wonte for to neuen?250
So thou says by thy steuen,251
And right so I am;252
ffor after this shall thou se / when that [I] do com downe
In brightnes on he / in clowdys from abone.254
A, ill myght the feete be / that broght the to towne!
Thou art worthy to de! / say, thefe, where is thi crowne?
Abyde, sir,257
let vs lawfully redres.258
we nede no wytnes,259
hys self says expres;260
whi shuld I not chyde, sir?261
was ther neuer man so wyk / bot he myght amende.262
when it com to the pryk / right as youre self kend.
Nay, sir, bot I shall hym styk / euen with myn awne hend;
ffor if he reue and be whyk / we ar at an end,265
All sam!266
Therfor, whils I am in this brethe,267
let me put hym to deth.268
Sed nobis non licet269
Interficere quemquam.270
Sir, ye wote better then I / we shuld slo no man.271
his dedys I defy / his warkys may we ban,272
Therfor shall he by. /273
nay, on oder wyse than,
And do it lawfully. /274
as how?
tel you I can.
let se.275
Sir take tent to my sawes;276
Men of temporall lawes277
Thay may deme sich cause,278
And so may not we.279
My hart is full cold / nerehand that I swelt;280
ffor talys that ar told / I bolne at my belt,281
Vnethes may it hold / my body, an ye it felt;282
yit wold I gif of my gold / yond tratoure to pelt283
ffor euer.284
Good sir, do as ye hett me.285
whi shall he ouer-sett me?286
Sir anna, if ye lett me287
ye do not youre deuer.288
Sir, ye ar a prelate. /289
so may I well seme,
My self if I say it. /290
be not to breme;
Sich men of astate / shuld no men deme,291
bot send them to pilate / the temporall law to yeme
has he;293
he may best threte hym,294
And all to rehete hym;295
It is shame you to bete hym296
Therfor, sir, let be.297
ffy on hym and war! / I am oute of my gate;298
say why standys he so far. /299
sir, he cam bot late.
No, bot I haue knyghtys that dar / rap hym on the pate.
ye ar bot to skar / good sir abate,301
And here;302
what nedys you to chyte?303
what nedys you to flyte?304
If ye yond man smyte,305
ye ar irregulere.306
he that fyrst made me clerk / and taght me my lare,
On bookys for to barke / the dwill gyf hym care!308
A, good sir, hark! / sich wordys myght ye spare.309
Els myght I haue made vp wark / of yond, harlot and mare,
Bot certys, or he hens yode,312
It wold do me som good313
To se knyghtys knok his hoode314
with knokys two or thre.315
ffor sen he has trespast / and broken oure law,316
let vs make hym agast / and set hym in awe.317
sir, as ye haue hast / it shalbe, I traw.318
Com and make redy fast / ye knyghtys on a raw,319
youre arament;320
And that kyng to you take,321
And with knokys make hym wake.322
yei, syrs, and for my sake323
Gyf hym good payment.324
ffor if I myght go with you / as I wold that I myght,
I shuld, make myn avowe / that ons or mydnyght326
I shuld make his heede sow / wher that I hyt right.
Primus Tortor
Sir, drede you not now / of this cursed wight328
To day,329
ffor we shall so rok hym,330
and with buffettys knok hym.331
And I red that ye lok hym,332
That he ryn not away,333
ffor I red not we mete / if that lad skap.334
Secundus Tortor
Sir, on vs be it / bot we clowt well his kap.335
wold ye do as ye heytt / it were a fayr hap.336
Primus Tortor
Sir, see ye and sytt / how that we hym knap,337
Oone ffeste;338
Bot or we go to this thyng,339
Sayn vs, lord, with thy ryng.340
Now he shall haue my blyssyng341
That knokys hym the best.342
Secundus Tortor
Go we now to oure noyte / with this fond foyll.343
Primus Tortor
we shall teche hym, I wote / a new play of yoyll,344
And hold hym full hote / frawrord, a stoyll345
Go fetch vs!346
We, dote! / now els were it doyll
And vnneth;347
ffor the wo that he shall dre348
let hym knele on his kne.349
Secundus Tortor
And so shall he for me;350
Go fetche vs a light buffit.351
why must he sytt soft / with a mekill myschaunce,352
That has tenyd vs thus oft? /353
Primus Tortor
sir, we do it for a skawnce;
If he stode vp on loft / we must hop and dawnse354
As cokys in a croft. /355
Now a veniance
Com on hym!356
Good skill can ye shew,357
As fell I the dew;358
haue this, bere it, shrew!359
ffor soyn shall we fon hym.360
Secundus Tortor
Com, sir, and syt downe / must ye be prayde?361
lyke a lord of renowne / youre sete is arayde.362
Primus Tortor
we shall preue on his crowne / the wordys he has sayde.
Secundus Tortor
Ther is none in this towne / I trow, be ill payde364
Of his sorow,365
Bot the fader that hym gate.366
Primus Tortor
Now, for oght that I wate,367
All his kyn commys to late368
his body to borow.369
Secundus Tortor
I wold we were onwarde. /370
Primus Tortor
bot his een must be hyd.
Secundus Tortor
yei, bot thay be well spard / we lost that we dyd;371
Step furth thou, froward! /372
what is now betyd?
Primus Tortor
Thou art euer away ward. /373
haue ye none to byd
Bot me?374
I may syng ylla-hayll.375
Secundus Tortor
Thou must get vs a vayll.376
ye ar euer in oone tayll.377
Primus Tortor
Now ill myght thou the!378
well had thou thi name / for thou was euer curst.379
Sir, I myght say the same / to you if I durst;380
yit my hyer may I clame / no penny I purst;381
I haue had mekyll shame / hunger and thurst,382
In youre seruyce.383
Primus Tortor
Not oone word so bold!384
why, it is trew that I told!385
ffayn preue it I wold.386
Secundus Tortor
Thou shalbe cald to peruyce.387
here a vayll haue I fon / I trow it will last.388
Primus Tortor
Bryng it hyder, good son / that is it that I ast.389
how shuld, it be bon? /390
Secundus Tortor
abowte his heade cast.
Primus Tortor
yei, and when it is well won / knyt a knot fast391
I red.392
Is it weyll?393
Secundus Tortor
yei, knaue.
what, weyn ye that I rafe?394
Cryst curs myght he haue395
That last bond his head!396
Primus Tortor
Now sen he is blynfold, / I fall to begyn,397
And thus was I counseld / the mastry to wyn.398
Secundus Tortor
Nay, wrang has thou told / thus shuld, thou com in!
I stode and beheld, / thou towchid, not the skyn,400
Bot fowll.401
Primus Tortor
how will thou I do?402
Secundus Tortor
On this manere, lo!403
yei, that was well gone to,404
Thar start vp a cowll.405
Primus Tortor
Thus shall we hym refe / all his fonde talys.406
Secundus Tortor
Ther is noght in thi nefe / or els thi hart falys.407
I can my hand vphefe / and knop out the skalys.408
Primus Tortor
Godys forbot ye lefe / bot set in youre nalys409
On raw.410
Sit vp and prophecy.411
Bot make vs no ly.412
Secundus Tortor
who smote the last?413
Primus Tortor
was it I?
he wote not, I traw.414
Primus Tortor
ffast to sir cayphas / go we togeder.415
Secundus Tortor
Ryse vp with ill grace / so com thou hyder.416
It semys by his pase / he groches to go thyder.417
Primus Tortor
we haue gyfen hym a glase / ye may consyder,418
To kepe.419
Secundus Tortor
Sir, for his great boost,420
with knokys he is indoost.421
In fayth, sir, we had almost422
knokyd hym on slepe.423
Now sen he is well bett / weynd on youre gate,424
And tell ye the forfett / vnto sir pylate;425
ffor he is a Iuge sett / emang men of state,426
And looke that ye not let. /427
Primus Tortor
Com furth, old crate,
Be lyfe!428
we shall lede the a trott.429
Secundus Tortor
lyft thy feet may thou not.430
Then nedys me do nott431
Bot com after and dryfe.432
Alas, now take I hede! /433
why mowrne ye so?
ffor I am euer in drede / wandreth, and wo,434
lest pylate for mede / let ihesus go;435
Bot had I slayn hym indede / with thise handys two,
At onys,437
All had bene qwytt than;438
Bot gyftys marres many man.439
Bot he deme the sothe than,440
The dwill haue his bonys!441
Sir anna, all I wyte you this blame / for had ye not beyn,
I had mayde hym full tame / yei, stykyd hym, I weyn,
To the hart full wan / with this dagger so keyn.444
Sir, you must shame / sich wordys for to meyn445
Emang men.446
I will not dwell in this stede,447
Bot spy how thay hym lede,448
And persew on his dede.449
ffare well! we gang, men.450

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