The Conspiracy

Peas, carles, I commaunde / vnconand I call you;1
I say stynt and stande / or foull myght befall you.
ffro this burnyshyd brande / now when I behald, you,
I red ye be shunand / or els the dwill skald you,4
At onys.5
I am kyd, as men knawes,6
leyf leder of lawes;7
Seniours, seke to my sawes,8
ffor bryssyng of youre bonys.9
ye wote not wel, I weyn / what wat is commen to the towne,
So comly cled and cleyn / a rewler of great renowne;
In sight if I were seyn / the granser of great mahowne,
My name pylate has beyn / was neuer kyng with crowne
More wor[thy];14
My wysdom and my wytt,15
In sete here as I sytt,16
was neuer more lyke it,17
My dedys thus to dyscry.18
ffor I am he that may / make or mar a man;19
My self if I it say / as men of cowrte now can;20
Supporte a man to day / to-morn agans hym than,21
On both parties thus I play / And fenys me to ordan
The right;23
Bot all fals indytars,24
Quest mangers and Iurers,25
And all thise fals out rydars,26
Ar welcom to my sight.27
More nede had I neuer / of sich seruand now, I say you,
So can I well consider / the trowth I most displeas you,
And therfor com I hedyr / of peas therfor I pray you;
Ther is a lurdan ledyr / I wold not shuld dysmay you,
A bowtt;32
A prophete is he prasyd,33
And great vnright has rasyd,34
Bot, be my banys her blasid,35
his deth is dight no dowtt.36
he prechys the pepyll here / that fature fals ihesus,
That if he lyf a yere / dystroy oure law must vs;38
And yit I stand in fere / so wyde he wyrkys vertus,
No fawt can on hym bere / no lyfand leyde tyll us;40
Bot sleyghtys41
Agans hym shall be soght,42
that all this wo has wroght;43
Bot on his bonys it shall be boght,44
So shall I venge oure rightys.45
That fatoure says that thre / shuld euer dwell in oone godhede,
That euer was and shall be / Sothfast in made hede;
he says of a madyn born was he / that neuer toke mans sede,
And that his self shall dy on tre / and mans sawll out of preson lede;
let hym alone,50
If this be true in deyd,51
his shech shall spryng and sprede,52
And ouer com euer ylkone.53
Syr pilate, prynce of mekyll price,54
that preuyd is withoutten pere,55
And lordyngys that oure laws in lyse,56
on oure law now must vs lere,57
And of oure warkys we must be wyse,58
or els is all oure welthe in were,59
Therfor say sadly youre auyse,60
of hedus harmes that we haue here,61
Towchyng that tratoure strang,62
that makys this beleyf,63
ffor if he may thus furth gang,64
It will ouer greatly grefe.65
Sir, oure folk ar so afrayd,66
thrugh lesyns he losys oure lay;67
Som remedy must be rayd,68
so that he weynd, not thus away.69
Now certan, syrs, this was well sayd,70
and I assent, right as ye say,71
Som preuay poynt to be puruayd72
To mar his myght if [that] we may;73
And therfor, sirs, in this present,74
What poynt so were to prase,75
let all be at assent,76
let se what ilk man says.77
Sir, I haue sayde you here beforne78
his soteltyes and, grefys to sare;79
he turnes oure folk both euen & morne,80
and ay makys mastres mare & mare.81
Sir, if he skape it were great skorne;82
to spyll hym tytt we will not spare,83
ffor if oure lawes were thus-gatys lorne,84
men wold say it were lake of lare.85
ffor certan, syrs, ye say right weyll86
ffor to wyrk witterly;87
Bot yit som fawt must we feyll,88
wherfor that he shuld dy;89
And therfor, sirs, let se youre saw,90
ffor what thyng we shuld hym slo.91
Sir, I can rekyn you on a raw92
a thowsand wonders, and well moo,93
Of crokyd men, that we well knaw,94
how graythly that he gars them go,95
And euer he legys agans oure law,96
tempys oure folk and turnys vs fro.97
lord, dom and defe in oure present98
delyuers he, by downe & dayll;99
what hurtys or ha[r]mes thay hent,100
ffull hastely he makys theym hayll.101
And for sich warkys as he is went102
of ilk welth he may avayll,103
And vnto vs he takys no tent,104
bot ilk man trowes vnto his tayll.105
yei, dewill! and dos he thus106
as ye well bere wytnes?107
sich fawte fall to vs,108
be oure dom, for to redres.109
And also, sir, I haue hard say,110
an other noy that neghys vs nere,111
he will not kepe oure sabate day,112
that holy shuld be haldyn here;113
Bot forbedys far and nere114
to wyrk at oure bydyng.115
Now, by mahowns bloode so dere,116
he shall aby this bowrdyng!117
what dewill will he be there?118
this hold I great hethyng.119
Nay, nay, well more is ther;120
he callys hym self heuens kyng,121
And says that he is so myghty122
all rightwytnes to rewll and red.123
By mahowns blood, that shall he aby124
with bytter baylls or I ett bred!125
Primus Miles
lord, the loth lazare of betany126
that lay stynkand in a sted,127
vp he rasyd bodely128
the fourt day after he was ded.129
Secundus Miles
And for that he hym rasyd,130
that had lyne dede so long a space,131
The people hym full mekyll prasyd,132
ouer all in euery place.133
Emangys the folke has he the name134
that he is godys son, and, none els,135
And his self says the same136
that his fader in heuen dwelles;137
That he shall rewll both wyld, and tame;138
of all sich maters thus he mels.139
This is the dwylls payn!140
who trowys sich talys as he tels?141
yis, lord, haue here my hand,142
and ilk man beyldys hym as his brother;143
Sich whaynt cantelys he can,144
lord, ye knew neuer sich an othere.145
why, and wotys he not that I haue146
bold men to be his bayn?147
I commaunde both knyght and knaue148
sesse not to that lad be slayn.149
Primus Miles
Sir pylate, mefe you now no mare,150
bot mese youre hart and mend youre mode;151
ffor bot if that losell lere oure lare152
and leyf his gawdys, he were as goode;153
ffor in oure tempyll we will not spare154
to take that losell, if he were woode.155
In oure tempyll? the dwill! what dyd he thare?156
that shall he by, by mahouns blode!157
Secundus Miles
lord, we wist not youre wyll;158
with wrang ye vs wyte;159
had ye so told vs tyll,160
we shuld haue takyn hym tyte.161
The dwill, he hang you high to dry!162
whi, wold ye lese oure lay?163
Go bryng hym heder hastely,164
so that he weynd not thus away.165
Sir pilate, be not to hasty,166
bot suffer ouer oure sabote day;167
In the mene tyme to spyr and spy168
mo of his meruels, if men may.169
yei, sir, and when this feste is went,170
then shall his craftys be kyd.171
Certys, syrs, and I assent172
ffor to abyde then, as ye byd.173
Masters, myrth be you emang,174
and mensk be to this meneye!175
Go! othere gatys thou has to gang176
with sorow; who send after the?177
Syrs, if I haue done any wrang,178
at youre awne bydyng will I be.179
Go hence, harlot, hy mot thou hang!180
where in the dwill hand had we the?181
Goode sir, take it to no grefe;182
for my menyng it may avayll.183
we, lad, thou shuld ask lefe184
to com in sich counsayll.185
Sir, all youre counsell well I ken;186
ye mene my master for to take.187
A ha! here is oone of his men188
that thus vnwynly gars vs wake.189
la hand on hym, and hurl hym then190
emangys you, for his master sake;191
ffor we haue maters mo then ten,192
that well more myster were to make.193
Set on hym buffettys sad,194
Sen he sich mastrys mase,195
And teche ye sich a lad196
to profer hym in sich a place.197
Sir, my profer may both pleas and pay198
to all the lordys in this present.199
we! go hens in twenty dwill way!200
we haue no tome the for to tent.201
yis, the profete that has lost youre lay202
by wonder warkys, as he is went,203
If ye will sheynd hym as ye say,204
to sell hym you I wyll assent.205
A, sir, hark! what says thou?206
let se, and shew thi skyll.207
Sir, a bargan bede I you,208
by it if ye will.209
what is thi name? do tell in hy,210
if we may wit if thou do wrang.211
Iudas scarioth, so hight I,212
that with the profet has dwellyd lang.213
Sir, thou art welcom witterly!214
say what thou will vs here emang.215
Not els bot if ye will hym by;216
do say me sadly or I gang.217
yis, freynd, in fathe will we218
noght els; bot hartely say219
how that bargan may be,220
and we shall make the pay.221
Iudas, forto hold the hayll,222
And for to fell all fowll defame,223
looke that thou may avow thi sayll;224
then may thou be withoutten blame.225
Sir, of my teyn gyf ye neuer tayll,226
so that ye haue hym here at hame;227
his bowrdyng has me broght in bayll,228
and certys his self shall haue the same.229
Sir pylate, tentys here tyll,230
and lightly leyf it noght,231
Then may ye do youre wyll232
of hym that ye haue boght.233
yei, and then may we be bold234
fro all the folk to hald hym fre;235
And hald hym hard with vs in hold,236
right as oone of youre meneye.237
Now, Iudas, sen he shalbe sold,238
how lowfes thou hym? belyfe let se.239
ffor thretty pennys truly told,240
or els may not that bargan be;241
So mych gart he me lose,242
malycyusly and yll;243
Therfor ye shall haue chose,244
to by or let be styll.245
Gart he the lose? I pray the, why?246
tell vs now pertly or thou pas.247
I shall you say, and that in hy,248
euery word right as it was.249
In symon house with hym sat I250
with othere meneyoe that he has;251
A woman cam to company,252
callyng hym "lord"; saying, "alas!"253
ffor synnes that she had wroght254
she wepyd sore always;255
And an oyntment she broght,256
that precyus was to prayse.257
She weshyd hym with hir terys weytt,258
and sen dryed hym with hir hare;259
This fare oyntment, hir bale to beytt,260
apon his hede she put it thare,261
That it ran all abowte his feytt;262
I thoght it was a ferly fare,263
The house was full of odowre sweytt;264
then to speke myght I not spare,265
ffor certys, I had not seyn266
none oyntment half so fyne;267
Ther-at my hart had teyn,268
sich tresoure for to tyne.269
I sayd it was worthy to sell270
thre hundreth pens in oure present,271
ffor to parte poore men emell;272
bot will ye se wherby I ment?273
The tent parte, truly to tell,274
to take to me was myne intent;275
ffor of the tresure that to vs fell,276
the tent parte euer with me went;277
And if thre hundreth be right told,278
the tent parte is euen thryrty;279
Right so he shalbe sold,280
say if ye will hym by.281
Now for certan, sir, thou says right wele,282
sen he wate the with sich a wrast,283
ffor to shape hym som vncele,284
and for his bost be not abast.285
Sir, all thyn askyng euery dele286
here shall thou hafe, therof be trast;287
Bot looke that we no falshede fele.288
sir, with a profe may ye frast;289
All that I haue here hight290
I shall fulfill in dede,291
And well more at my myght,292
In tyme when I se nede.293
Iudas, this spekyng must be spar,294
and neuen it neuer, nyght ne day;295
let no man wyt where that we war,296
for ferdnes of a fowll enfray.297
Sir, therof let vs moyte no mare;298
we hold vs payde, take ther thi pay.299
This gart he me lose lang are;300
now ar we euen for onys and ay.301
This forwarde will not fayll,302
therof we may be glad;303
Now were the best counsayll,304
in hast that we hym had.305
we shall hym haue, and that in hy,306
ffull hastely here in this hall.307
Sir knyghtys, that ar of dede dughty,308
stynt neuer in stede ne stall,309
Bot looke ye bryng hym hastely,310
that fatur fals, what so befall.311
Primus Miles
Sir, be not abast therby,312
ffor as ye byd wyrk we shall.313
Sir, where will ye youre pask ette?314
Say vs, let vs dight youre mete.315
Go furth, Iohn and peter, to yond cyte;316
when ye com ther, ye shall then se317
In the strete, as tyte, a man318
beryng water in a can;319
The house that he gose to grith,320
ye shall folow and go hym with;321
The lord of that house ye shall fynde,322
A sympyll man of cely kynde;323
To hym ye shall speke, and say324
That I com here by the way;325
Say I pray hym, if his will be,326
A lytyll whyle to ese me,327
That I an my dyscypyls all328
myght rest a whyle in his hall,329
That we may ete oure paske thore.330
lord, we shall hy vs before,331
To that we com to that cyte;332
youre paske shall ordand be.333
Sir, oure master the prophett334
commys behynde in the strete;335
And of a chamber he you prays,336
To ete and drynk ther-in with easse.337
.Pater Familias
Sirs, he is welcom vnto me,338
and so is all his company;339
with all my hart and all my will340
is he welcom me vntyll.341
lo, here a chambre fast by,342
Ther-in to make youre mangery,343
I shal warand fare strewed;344
it shuld, not els to you be shewed.345
Sir, youre mett is redy bowne,346
will ye wesh and syt downe?347
yei, gyf vs water tyll oure hande,348
take we the grace that god has send;349
Commys furth, both oone and othere;350
If I be master I will be brothere.351
Iudas, what menys thou?352
No thyng, lord, bot ett with you.353
Ett on, brether, hardely,354
for oone of you shall [me] betray.355
lord, who euer that be may,356
lord, I shall neuer the betray;357
Dere master, is it oght I?358
Nay thou, peter, certanly.359
Master, is oght I he then?360
Nay, for trowth, Iohn, I the ken.361
Master, am oght [I] that shrew?362
Nay, for sothe, thou andrew.363
Master, then is oght I?364
Nay, thou Simon, securly.365
Is it oght I that shuld do that dede?366
Nay, philyp, withoutten drede.367
was it oght I that hight thadee?368
Or we two Iamys?369
Nay none of you is he;
Bot he that ett with me in dysh,370
he shall my body betray, Iwys.371
what then, wene ye that I it am?372
Thou says sothe, thou berys the blame;373
Ichon of you shall this nyght374
ffor sake me, and fayn he myght.375
Nay certys, god forbeyd376
that euer shuld we do that deyd!377
If all, master, forsake the,378
shall I neuer fro the fle.379
Peter, thou shall thryse apon a thraw380
fforsake me, or the cok craw.381
Take vp this clothe and let vs go,382
ffor we haue othere thyngys at do.383
Sit all downe, and here and sees,384
ffor I shall wesh youre feet on knees.385
lord, shuld thou wesh feytt myne?386
thou art my lord, and I thy hyne.387
why I do it thou wote not yit,388
peter, herafter shall thou wytt.389
Nay, master, I the heytt,390
thou shall neuer wesh my feytt.391
Bot I the wesh, thou mon mys392
parte with me in heuens blys.393
Nay, lord, or I that forgo,394
wesh heede, handys, and feytt also.395
ye ar clene, bot not all;396
that shall be sene when tyme shall fall;397
who shall be weshyn as I weyn,398
he thar not wesh his feytt clene;399
And for sothe clene ar ye,400
bot not all as ye shuld, be.401
I shall you say take good hede402
whi that I haue done the dede;403
ye call me master and lord, by name;404
ye say full well, for so I am;405
Sen I, both lord and master, to you wold knele406
to wesh youre fete, so must ye wele.407
Now wote ye what I haue done;408
Ensampyll haue I gyffen you to;409
loke ye do so eft sone;410
Ichon of you wesh othere fete, lo!411
ffor he that seruand is,412
for sothe, as I say you,413
Not more then his lord, he is,414
to whome he seruyce owe.415
Or that this nyght be gone,416
Alone will ye leyf me;417
ffor in this nyght ilkon418
ye shall fro me fle;419
ffor when the hyrd is smeten,420
the shepe shall fle away,421
Be skaterd wyde and byten;422
the prophetys thus can say.423
lord, if that I shuld dy,424
fforsake the shall I noght.425
ffor sothe, peter, I say to the,426
In so great drede shall thou be broght,427
That or the cok haue crowen twyse,428
thou shall deny me tymes thre.429
That shall I neuer, lord, Iwys;430
ere shall I with the de.431
Now loke youre hartys be grefyd noght,432
nawthere in drede ne in wo;433
Bot trow in god, that you has wroght,434
and in me trow ye also;435
In my fader house, for sothe,436
is many a wonnyng stede,437
That men shall haue aftyr thare trowthe,438
soyn after thay be dede.439
And here may I no longer leynd,440
bot I shall go before,441
And yit if I before you weynd,442
ffor you to ordan thore,443
I shall com to you agane,444
and take you to me,445
That where so euer I am,446
ye shall be with me.447
And I am way, and sothe-fastnes,448
and, lyfe that euer shalbe;449
And to my fader commys none, Iwys,450
bot oonly thorow me.451
I will not leyf you all helples,452
as men withoutten freynd,453
As faderles and moderles,454
thof all I fro you weynd;455
I shall com eft to you agayn:456
this warld, shall me not se,457
Bot ye shall se me well certan,458
and lyfand shall I be.459
And ye shall lyf in heuen;460
Then shall ye knaw, Iwys,461
That I am in my fader euen,462
and my fader in me is.463
And I in you, and ye in me,464
and ilka man therto,465
My commaundement that kepys trule,466
and after it will do.467
Now haue ye hard what I haue sayde;468
I go, and com agayn;469
Therfor loke ye be payde,470
and also glad and fayn;471
ffor to my fader I weynd;472
ffor more then I is he;473
I let you wytt, as faythfull freynd,474
or that it done be,475
That ye may trow when it is done;476
ffor certys, I may noght now477
Many thyngys so soyn478
at this tyme speake with you;479
ffor the prynce of this warld is commyn,480
and no powere has he in me,481
Bot as that all the warld within482
may both here and se,483
That I owe luf my fader to,484
Sen he me hyder sent,485
And all thyngys I do486
after his commaundement.487
Ryse ye vp, ilkon,488
and weynd we on oure way,489
As fast as we may gone,490
to olyuete, to pray.491
Peter, Iamys, and thou Iohn,492
ryse vp and folow me!493
My tyme it commys anone;494
Abyde styll here, ye thre.495
Say youre prayers here by-neth,496
that ye fall in no fowdyng;497
My sawll is heuy agans the deth498
and the sore pynyng.499
ffader, let this great payn be styll,500
And pas away fro me;501
Bot not, fader, at my wyll,502
bot thyn fulfyllyd be.503
Symon, I say, slepys thou?504
awake, I red you all!505
The feynd ful fast salys you,506
In wan-hope to gar you fall;507
Bot I shall pray my fader so508
that his myght shall not dere;509
My goost is prest therto,510
my flesh is seke for fere.511
ffader, thi son I was,512
of the I aske this boyn;513
If This payn may not pas,514
fader, thi will be doyn!515
Ye slepe, brether, yit I see,516
it is for sorow that ye do so;517
Ye haue so long wepyd for me518
that ye ar masyd and lappyd in wo.519
Dere fader, thou here my wyll!520
this passyon thou put fro me away;521
And if I must nedys go ther-tyll,522
I shall fulfill thi wyll to-day;523
Therfor this bytter passyon524
if I may not put by,525
I am here redy at thi dom;526
thou comforte me that am drery!527
My comforte, son, I shall the tell,528
of thyngys that fell by reson;529
As lucyfer, for syn that fell,530
betrayd, eue with his fals treson,531
Adam assent his wyfe vntyll;532
the wekyd goost then askyd a bone533
which has hurt mankynde full yll;534
this was the wordys he askyd soyn:535
All that euer of adam com536
holly to hym to take,537
with hym to dwell, withoutten dome,538
In payn that neuer shall slake,539
To that a chyld, myght be borne540
of a madyn, and she wemles,541
As cleyn as that she was beforne,542
as puryd syluer or shynand glas;543
To tyme that childe to deth were dight,544
and rasyd hym self apon the thryd, day,545
And stenen to heuen thrugh his awne myght.546
who may do that bot god veray?547
Sen thou art man, and nedys must dee,548
and go to hell as othere done,549
Bot that were wrong, withoutten lee,550
that godys son there shuld won551
In payn with his vnder-lowte;552
wytt ye well withoutten weyn,553
when oone is borod, all shall owtt,554
and borod be from teyn.555
Slepe ye now and take youre rest!556
my tyme is nere command;557
Awake a whyle, for he is next558
that me shall gyf into synners hand.559
Peas! I commaunde you, carles vnkynde,560
to stand as styll as any stone!561
In donyon depe he shalbe pynde,562
that will not sesse his tong anone;563
ffor I am gouernowre of the law;564
my name it is pilate!565
I may lightly gar hang you or draw,566
I stand in sich astate,567
To do what so I will.568
and therfor peas I byd you all!569
And looke ye hold you still,570
and with no brodels brall,571
Tyll we haue done oure dede;572
who so makys nose or cry,573
his nek I shall gar blede,574
with this I bere in hy.575
To this tratoure be take,576
that wold dystroy oure lawe,577
Iudas, thou may it not forsake,578
take hede vnto my sawe.579
Thynk what thou has doyn,580
that has thi master sold,581
Performe thi bargan soyn;582
thou has thi money takyn and told.583
Ordan ye knyghtys to weynd with me,584
Richly arayd, in rewyll and rowtt;585
And all my couandys holden shall be,586
So I haue felyship me abowte.587
wherby, Iudas, shuld we hym knaw,588
If we shall wysely wyrk, Iwys?589
ffor som of vs hym neuer saw.590
lay hand on hym that I shall kys.591
haue done, sir knyghtys, and kythe youre strengthe,
And wap you wightly in youre wede;593
Seke ouer all, both brede and lengthe!594
Spare ye not, spende and spede!595
We haue soght hym les and more,596
And falyd ther we haue farn;597
Malcus, thou shall weynd before,598
And bere with the a light lantarne.599
Sir, this Iornay I vndertake600
with all my myght and mayn.601
If I shuld, for mahowns sake,602
here in this place be slayn,603
Crist that prophett for to take,604
we may be all full fayn.605
Oure weppyns redy loke ye make,606
to bryng hym in mekyll grame607
This nyght.608
Go we now on oure way,609
oure mastres for to may;610
Oure lantarnes take with vs alsway,611
And loke that thay be light!612
Secundus Miles
Sir pilate, prynce pereles in pall,613
of all men most myghty merked on mold,614
we ar euer more redy to com at thi call,615
and bow to thi bydyng as bachlers shold.616
Bot that prynce of the apostyls pupplyshed beforne,
Men call hym crist, comen of dauid kyn,618
his lyfe full sone shalbe forlorne,619
If we haue hap hym forto wyn.620
haue done!621
ffor, as euer ete I breede,622
or I styr in this stede623
I wold stryke of his hede;624
lord, I aske that boyne.625
Primus Miles
That boyn, lord, thou vs bede,626
and on hym wreke the sone we shall;627
ffro we haue lade on hym good spede;628
he shall no more hym godys son call.629
we shall marke hym truly his mede;630
by mahowne most, god of all,631
Siche thre knyghtys had lytyll drede632
To bynde the dwill that we on call,633
In nede;634
ffor if thay were a thowsand mo,635
that prophete and his apostels also636
with thise two handys for to slo,637
had I lytyll drede.638
Now curtes kasers of kamys kyn,639
most gentyll of Iure to me that I fynde,640
My comforth from care may ye sone wyn,641
if ye happely may hent that vnheynde.642
Bot go ye hens spedely and loke ye not spare;643
My frenship, my fortherans, shall euer with you be;
And mahowne that is myghfull he menske you euermare!
Bryng you safe and sownde with that brodell to me!646
In place647
where so euer ye weynd,648
ye knyghtys so heynde,649
Sir lucyfer the feynde650
he lede you the trace!651
Ryse vp, peter, and go with me,652
and folowe me withoutten stryfe;653
Iudas wakys, and slepys not he;654
he commys to betray me here belyfe.655
wo be to hym that bryngys vp slaunder!656
he were better his dethe to take;657
Bot com furth, peter, and tary no langere:658
lo, where thay com that will me take!659
Rest well, master, ihesus fre!660
I pray the that thou wold kys me enys;661
I am commen to socoure the;662
thou art aspyed, what so it menys.663
Iudas! whi makys thou sich a brayde?664
trowys thou not I knowe thi will?665
with kyssyng has thou me betrayd:666
that shall thou rew som tyme ful yll.667
whome seke ye, syrs, by name?668
Secundus Miles
we seke ihesu of nazarene.669
I kepe not my name to layn;670
lo, I am here, the same ye mene;671
Bot whome seke ye with wepyns kene?672
Primus Miles
To say the sothe, and not to ly,673
we seke ihesu of nazarene.674
I told you ere that it was I.675
Dar no man on hym lay hand?676
I shall cach hym, if I may;677
A flateryng foyll has thou bene lang,678
bot now is commen thyn endyng day.679
I wold be dede within short space680
or I shuld se this sight!681
Go, pleyn the to sir cayphas,682
and byd hym do the right!683
Alas, the tyme that I was borne,684
or today com in this stede!685
My right ere I haue forlorne!686
help, alas, I blede to dede!687
Thou man, that menys thi hurt so sare,688
com heder, let me thi wounde se;689
Take me thi ere that he of share:690
In nomine patris hole thou be!691
Now am I hole as I was ere,692
My hurt is neuer the wars;693
Therfor, felows, drawe me nere!694
the dwill hym spede that hym spars!695
Therfor, peter, I say the this,696
my will it is that all men witten:697
Put vp thi swerde and do no mys,698
for he that smytys, he shalbe smyten.699
ye knyghtys that be commen now here,700
thus assemblyd in a rowte,701
As I were thefe, or thefys fere,702
with wepyns com ye me abowte;703
Me thynk, for sothe, ye do full yll704
thus for to seke me in the nyght;705
Bot what penance ye put me tyll,706
ye let my felows go with gryth.707
Secundus Miles
Lede hym furth fast by the gate!708
hangyd be he that sparis hym oght!709
Primus Miles
how thynk the, sir pilate,710
bi this brodell that we haue broght?711
Is he the same and the self, I say,712
that has wroght vs this care?713
It has bene told, sen many a day,714
sayngys of hym full sare.715
It was tyll vs greatt woghe,716
ffrom dede to lyfe thou rasyd lazare;717
Sen stalkyd stylly bi the see swoghe;718
both domb and defe thou salfyd from sare.719
Thou passys cesar bi dede,720
or sir herode oure kyng.721
Secundus Miles
let deme hym fast to dede,722
and let for no kyn thyng.723
Primus Miles
Sen he has forfett agans oure lawe,724
let vs deme hym in this stede.725
I will not assent vnto youre saw;726
I can ordan well better red.727
Better red? yei dwill! how so?728
then were oure sorow lastand ay;729
And he thus furth shuld go,730
he wold dystroy oure lay.731
wold ye all assent to me,732
this bargan shuld be strykyn anone;733
By nyghtertayll dede shuld he be,734
and till oure awnter stand ilkon.735
Peasse, harlottis, the dwill you spede!736
wold ye thus preualy morder a man?737
when euery man has red his red,738
let se who better say can.739
To cayphas hall loke fast ye wyrk,740
And thider right ye shall hym lede;741
he has the rewll of holy kyrk,742
lett hym deme hym whyk or dede;743
ffor he has wroght agans oure law,744
ffor-thi most skyll can he ther on.745
Secundus Miles
Sir, we assent vnto youre saw;746
Com furth, bewshere, and lett vs gone.747
Step furth, in the wenyande!748
wenys thou ay to stand styll?749
Nay, luskand losell, lawes of the land750
Shall fayll bot we haue oure will;751
Out of my handis shall thou not pas752
ffor all the craft thou can;753
Till thou com to sir cayphas,754
Saue the shall no man.755

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