The Crucifixion

Peasse I byd euereich Wight!1
Stand as styll as stone in Wall,2
Whyls ye ar present in my sight,3
That none of you clatter ne call;4
ffor if ye do, youre dede is dight,5
I warne it you both greatt and small,6
With this brand burnyshyd so bright,7
Therfor in peasse loke ye be all.8
What! peasse in the dwillys name!9
harlottys and dustardys all bedene!10
On galus ye be maide full tame,11
Thefys and mychers keyn!12
will ye not peasse when I bid you?13
by mahownys bloode, if ye me teyn,14
I shall ordan sone for you,15
paynes that neuer ere was seyn,16
And that anone!17
Be ye so bold, beggars, I warn you,18
ffull boldly shall I bett you,19
To hell the dwill shall draw you,20
Body, bak and bone.21
I am a lord that mekill is of myght,22
prynce of all Iury, sir pilate I hight,23
Next kyng herode grettyst of all;24
Bowys to my byddyng both greatt and small,25
Or els ye be shentt;26
Therfor stere youre tonges, I warn you all,27
And vnto vs take tent.28
Primus Tortor
All peasse, all peasse, emang you all!29
And herkyns now what shall befall30
Of this fals chuffer here;31
That with his fals quantyse,32
hase lett hymself as god wyse,33
Emangys vs many a yere.34
he cals hym self a prophett,35
And says that he can bales bete,36
And make all thyngys amende;37
Bot or oght lang wytt we shall38
wheder he can bete his awne bale,39
Or skapp out of oure hende.40
Was not this a wonder thyng,41
That he durst call hym self a kyng42
And make so greatt a lee?43
Bot, by mahowne! whils I may lyf,44
Those prowde wordes shall I neuer forgyf,45
Tyll he be hanged on he.46
Secundus Tortor
hys pride, fy, we sett at noght,47
Bot ich man now kest in his thoght,48
And looke that we noght wante;49
ffor I shall fownde, if that I may,50
By the order of knyghtede, to day51
To cause his hart pante.52
Tercius Tortor
And so shall I with all my myght,53
Abate his pride this ylk nyght,54
And rekyn hym a crede;55
Lo, he letys he cowde none yll,56
Bot he can ay, when he wyll,57
Do a full fowll dede.58
Quartus Tortor
yei felows, ye, as haue I rest!59
Emangys vs all I red we kest60
To bryng this thefe to dede;61
Loke that we haue that we shuld, nate,62
ffor to hald, this shrew strate.63
Primus Tortor
That was a nobyll red!64
Lo, here I haue a bande,65
If nede be to bynd his hande;66
This thowng, I trow, will last.67
Secundus Tortor
And here oone to the othere syde,68
That shall abate his pride,69
Be it be drawen fast.70
Tercius Tortor
lo, here a hamere and nales also,71
ffor to festen fast oure foo72
To this tre, full soyn.73
Quartus Tortor
ye ar wise,withoutten drede,74
That so can help youre self at nede,75
Of thyng that shuld be done.76
Primus Tortor
Now dar I say hardely,77
he shall with all his mawmentry78
No longere vs be tell.79
Secundus Tortor
Syn pilate hase hym tyll vs geyn,80
haue done, belyfe! let it be seyn81
how we can with hym mell.82
Tercius Tortor
Now ar we at the monte of caluarye;83
haue done, folows, and let now se84
how we can with hym lake.85
Quartus Tortor
yee, for as modee as he can loke,86
he wold haue turnyd an othere croke87
Myght he haue had the rake.88
Primus Tortor
In fayth, syr, sen ye callyd you a kyng,89
you must prufe a worthy thyng90
That falles vnto the were;91
ye must Iust in tornamente;92
Bot ye sytt fast els be ye shentt,93
Els downe I shall you bere.94
Secundus Tortor
If thou be godys son, as thou tellys,95
Thou can the kepe; how shuld thou ellys?96
Els were it meruell greatt;97
And bot if thou can, we will not trow98
That thou hase saide, bot make the mow99
when thou syttys in yond sett.100
Tercius Tortor
If thou be kyng we shall thank adyll,101
ffor we shall sett the in thy sadyll,102
ffor fallyng be thou bold.103
I hete the well tho bydys a shaft;104
Bot if thou sytt well thou had better laft105
The tales that thou has told.106
Quartus Tortor
Stand, nere, felows, and let se107
how we can hors oure kyng so fre,108
By any craft;109
Stand thou yonder on yond syde,110
And we shall se how he can ryde,111
And how to weld, a shaft.112
Primus Tortor
Sir, commys heder and haue done,113
And wyn apon youre palfray sone,114
ffor he [is] redy bowne.115
If ye be bond till hym, be not wrothe,116
ffor be ye secure we were full lothe117
On any wyse that ye fell downe.118
Secundus Tortor
knyt thou a knott, with all thi strenght,119
ffor to draw this arme on lengthe,120
Tyll it com to the bore.121
Tercius Tortor
Thou maddys, man, bi this light!122
It wantys, tyll ich mans sight,123
Othere half span and more.124
Quartus Tortor
yit drawe owt this arme and fest it fast,125
with this rope that well will last,126
And ilk man lay hand to.127
Primus Tortor
yee, and bynd thou fast that band;128
we shall go to that othere hand129
And loke what we can do.130
Secundus Tortor
Do dryfe a nayll ther thrugh outt,131
And then thar vs nothyng doutt,132
ffor it will not brest.133
Tercius Tortor
That shall I do, as myght I thryfe!134
ffor to clynke and for to dryfe,135
Therto I am full prest;136
So lett it styk, for it is wele.137
Quartus Tortor
Thou says sothe, as haue I cele!138
Ther can no man it mende.139
Primus Tortor
hald downe his knees.140
Secundus Tortor
that shall I do
his norysh yede neuer better to;141
Lay on all your hende.142
Tercius Tortor
Draw out hys lymmes, let se, haue at!143
Quartus Tortor
That was well drawen that that;144
ffare fall hym that so puld,!145
ffor to haue getten it to the marke,146
I trow lewde man ne clerk147
Nothyng better shuld.148
Primus Tortor
hald, it now fast thor,149
And oone of you take the bore,150
And then may it not fayll.151
Secundus Tortor
That shall I do withoutten drede,152
As euer myght I well spede,153
hym to mekyll bayll.154
Tercius Tortor
So, that is well, it will not brest,155
Bot let now se who dos the best156
with any slegthe of hande.157
Quartus Tortor
Go we now vnto the othere ende;158
ffelowse, fest on fast youre hende,159
And pull well at this band.160
Primus Tortor
I red, felowse, by this wedyr,161
That we draw all ons togedir,162
And loke how it wyll fare.163
Secundus Tortor
let now se and lefe youre dyn!164
And draw we ilka syn from syn;165
ffor nothyng let vs spare.166
Tercius Tortor
Nay, felowse, this is no gam!167
we will no longere draw all sam,168
So mekill haue I asspyed.169
Quartus Tortor
No, for as haue I blys!170
Som can twyk, who so it is,171
Sekys easse on som kyn syde.172
Primus Tortor
It is better, as I hope,173
On by his self to draw this rope,174
And then may we se175
who it is that ere while176
All his felows can begyle,177
Of this companye.178
Secundus Tortor
Sen thou will so haue, here for me!179
how draw I, as myght thou the?180
Tercius Tortor
Thou drew right wele.181
haue here for me half a foyte!182
Quartus Tortor
wema, man! I trow thou doyte!183
Thou flyt it neuer a dele;184
Bot haue for me here that I may!185
Primus Tortor
Well drawen, son, bi this day!186
Thou gose well to thi warke!187
Secundus Tortor
yit efte, whils thi hande is in,188
pull therat with som kyn gyn.189
Tercius Tortor
yee, & bryng it to the marke.190
Quartus Tortor
pull, pull!191
Primus Tortor
haue now!
Secundus Tortor
let se!
Tercius Tortor
A ha!
Quartus Tortor
yit a draght!192
Primus Tortor
Therto with all my maght.
Secundus Tortor
A, ha! hold still thore!193
Tercius Tortor
So felowse! looke now belyfe,194
which of you can best dryfe,195
And I shall take the bore.196
Quartus Tortor
let me go therto, if I shall;197
I hope that I be the best mershall198
ffor [to] clynke it right.199
do rase hym vp now when we may,200
ffor I hope he & his palfray201
Shall not twyn this nyght.202
Primus Tortor
Com hedir, felowse, & haue done!203
And help that this tre sone204
To lyft with all youre sleght.205
Secundus Tortor
yit let vs wyrke a whyle,206
And noman now othere begyle207
To it be broght on heght.208
Tercius Tortor
ffelowse, fest on all youre hende,209
ffor to rase this tre on ende,210
And let se who is last.211
Quartus Tortor
I red we do as that he says;212
Set we the tre in the mortase,213
And ther will it stand fast.214
Primus Tortor
Vp with the tymbre.215
Secundus Tortor
a, it heldys!
ffor hym that all this warld weldys216
put fro the with thi hande!217
Tercius Tortor
hald, euen emangys vs all.218
Quartus Tortor
yee, and, let it into the mortase fall,219
ffor then will it best stande.220
Primus Tortor
Go we to it and be we strong,221
And rase it, be it neuer so long,222
Sen that it is fast bon.223
Secundus Tortor
Vp with the tymbre fast on ende!224
Tercius Tortor
A felowse, fayr fall youre hende!225
Quartus Tortor
so sir, gape agans the son!226
Primus Tortor
A felow, war thi crowne!227
Secundus Tortor
Trowes thou this tymbre will oght downe?228
Tercius Tortor
yit help that it were fast.229
Quartus Tortor
Shog hym well & let vs lyfte.230
Primus Tortor
ffull shorte shalbe his thryfte.231
Secundus Tortor
A, it standys vp lyke a mast.232
I pray you pepyll that passe me by,233
That lede youre lyfe so lykandly,234
heyfe vp youre hartys on hight!235
Behold, if euer ye sagh body236
Buffet & bett thus blody,237
Or yit thus dulfully dight;238
In warld was neuer no wight239
That suffred half so sare.240
My mayn, my mode, my myght,241
Is noght bot sorow to sight,242
And comforth none, bot care.243
My folk, what haue I done to the,244
That thou all thus shall tormente me?245
Thy syn by I full sore.246
what haue I greuyd the? answere me,247
That thou thus nalys me to a tre,248
And all for thyn erroure;249
where shall thou seke socoure?250
This mys how shall thou amende?251
when that thou thy saveoure252
Dryfes to this dyshonoure,253
And nalys thrugh feete and hende!254
All creatoures that kynde may kest,255
Beestys, byrdys, all haue thay rest,256
when thay ar wo begon;257
Bot godys son, that shuld, be best,258
hase not where apon his hede to rest,259
Bot on his shuder bone.260
To whome now may I make my mone?261
when thay thus martyr me,262
And sakles will me slone,263
And beete me blode and bone,264
That my brethere shuld, be!265
what kyndnes shuld, I kythe theym to?266
haue I not done that I aght to do,267
Maide the to my lyknes?268
And thou thus refys me rest & ro,269
And lettys thus lightly on me, lo!270
Sich is thi catyfnes.271
I haue the kyd kyndnes, / Vnkyndly thou me quytys;272
Se thus thi wekydnes! / loke how thou me dyspytys!273
Gyltles thus am I put to pyne,274
Not for [my] mys, man, bot for thyne,275
Thus am I rent on rode;276
ffor I that tresoure wold, not tyne,277
That I markyd, & made for myne,278
Thus by I adam blode,279
That sonkyn was in syn,280
with none erthly good;281
Bot with my flesh and blode282
That lothe was for to wyn.283
My brethere that I com forto by,284
has hanged, me here thus hedusly,285
And freyndys fynde I foyn;286
Thus haue thay dight me drerely,287
And all by-spytt me spytusly,288
As helples man in won.289
Bot, fader, that syttys in trone,290
fforgyf thou them this gylt,291
I pray to the this boyn,292
Thay wote not what thay doyn,293
Nor whom thay haue thus spylt.294
Primus Tortor
yis, what we do full well we knaw.295
Secundus Tortor
yee, that shall he fynde within a thraw.296
Tercius Tortor
Now, with a myschaunce tyll his cors,297
wenys he that we gyf any force,298
what dwill so euer he ayll?299
Quartus Tortor
ffor he wold tary vs all day,300
Of his dede to make delay301
I tell you, sansfayll.302
Primus Tortor
lyft vs this tre emanges vs all303
Secundus Tortor
yee, and let it into the mortase fall,304
And that shall gar hym brest.305
Tercius Tortor
yee, and all to-ryfe hym lym from lym.306
Quartus Tortor
And it will breke ilk ionte in hym.307
let se now who dos best.308
Alas! the doyll I dre / I drowpe, I dare in drede!309
Whi hyngys thou, son, so hee? / my bayll begynnes to brede.
All blemyshyd is thi ble / I se thi body blede!311
In warld, son, were neuer we / so wo as I in wede.312
My foode that I haue fed,313
In lyf longyng the led,314
ffull stratly art thou sted315
Emanges thi foo-men fell;316
Sich sorow forto se,317
My dere barn, on the,318
Is more mowrnyng to me319
Then any tong may tell.320
Alas! thi holy hede321
hase not wheron to helde;322
Thi face with blode is red,323
Was fare as floure in feylde;324
how shuld I stand, in sted325
To se my barne thus blede?326
Bett as blo as lede,327
And has no lym to weylde!328
ffestynd both handys and feet329
With nalys full vnmete,330
his woundes wrynyng wete,331
Alas, my childe, for care!332
ffor all rent is thi hyde;333
I se on aythere syde334
Teres of blode downe glide335
Ouer all thi body bare.336
Alas! that euer I shuld byde337
And se my feyr thus fare!338
John the Apostle
Alas, for doyll, my lady dere!339
All for-changid is thi chere,340
To see this prynce withoutten pere341
Thus lappyd all in wo;342
he was thi fode, thi faryst foine,343
Thi luf, thi lake, thi lufsom son,344
That high on tre thus hyngys alone345
with body blak and blo;346
To me and many mo348
A good master he was.349
Bot, lady, sen it is his will350
The prophecy to fulfyll,351
That mankynde in sy[n] not spill352
ffor theym to thole this payn;353
And with this dede raunson to make,354
As prophetys beforn of hym spake,355
ffor-thi I red, thi sorowe thou slake,356
Thi Wepyng may not gayn;357
In sorowe358
Oure boytt he byes full bayn,359
Vs all from bale to borowe.360
Alas! thyn een as cristall clere / that shoyn as son in sight,
That lufly were in lyere / lost thay haue thare light,
And wax all faed in fere / all dym then ar thay dight!
In payn has thou no pere / that is withoutten pight.
Swete son, say me thi thoght,365
what wonders has thou wroght366
To be in payn thus broght,367
Thi blissed blode to blende?368
A son, thynk on my wo!369
whi will thou fare me fro?370
On mold, is noman mo371
That may my myrthes amende.372
John the Apostle
Comly lady, good and couth, / ffayn wold I comforth the;
Me mynnys my master with mowth, / told vnto his menyee
That he shuld, thole full mekill payn / and dy apon a tre,
And to the lyfe ryse vp agayn, / apon the thryd day shuld it be
ffull right!377
ffor-thi, my lady swete,378
Stynt a while of grete!379
Oure bale then will he bete380
As he befor has hight.381
Mi sorow it is so sad / no solace may me safe;382
Mowrnyng makys me mad / none hope of help I hafe;383
I am redles and rad / ffor ferd that I mon rafe;384
Noght may make me glad / to I be in my grafe.385
To deth my dere is dryffen,386
his robe is all to-ryffen,387
That of me was hym gyffen,388
And shapen with my sydys;389
Thise Iues and he has stryffen / That all the bale he bydys.
Alas, my lam so mylde / whi will thou fare me fro391
Emang thise wulfe‘s wylde / that wyrke on the this wo?
ffor shame who may the shelde / ffor freyndys has thou fo!
Alas, my comly childe / whi will thou fare me fro?394
Madyns, make youre mone!395
And wepe ye, wyfe‘s, euerichon,396
with me, most wrich, in wone,397
The childe that borne was best!398
My harte is styf as stone / That for no bayll will brest.
John the Apostle
A, lady, well wote I / thi hart is full of care400
when thou thus openly / sees thi childe thus fare;401
luf gars hym rathly / hym-self will he not spare,402
Vs all fro baill to by / of blis thar ar full bare403
ffor syn.404
My lefe lady, for-thy / Of mowrnyng loke thou blyn.
Alas! may euer be my sang / Whyls I may lyf in leyd;
Me thynk now that I lyf to lang / to se my barne thus blede;
Iue‘s wyrke with hym all wrang / wherfor do thay this dede?
lo, so hy thay haue hym hang / thay let for no drede:
Whi so410
his fomen is he emang? / No freynde he has, bot fo.
My frely foode now farys me fro / what shall worth on me?
Thou art warpyd all in wo / and spred here on a tre
ffull hee /414
I mowrne, and so may mo / That sees this payn on the.
John the Apostle
Dere lady, well were me416
If that I myght comforth the;417
ffor the sorow that I see418
Sherys myn harte in sondere;419
when that I se my master hang420
With bytter paynes and strang,421
Was neuer wight with wrang422
Wroght so mekill wonder.423
Alas, dede, thou dwellys to lang! / whi art thou hid fro me?
Who kend, the to my childe to gang? / all blak thou makys his ble;
Now witterly thou wyrkys wrang / the more I will wyte the,
Bot if thou will my harte‘ stang / that I myght with hym dee
And byde;428
Sore syghyng is my sang, / ffor thyrlyd, is his hyde!
A, dede, what has thou done? / with the will I moytt sone,
Sen I had childer none bot oone / best vnder son or moyn;
ffreyndys I had full foyn / that gars me grete and grone
ffull sore.433
Good lord, graunte me my boyn / and let me lyf no more!
Gabriell, that good / som tyme thou can me grete,435
And then I vnderstud / thi wordys that were so swete;
Bot now thay meng my moode / ffor grace thou can me hete,
To bere all of my blode / a childe oure baill shuld, bete
with right;439
Now hyngys he here on rude / Where is that thou me hight?
All that thou of blys / hight me in that stede,441
ffrom myrth is faren omys / and yit I trow thi red;
Thi councell now of this / my lyfe how shall I lede
When fro me gone is / he that was my hede444
In hy?445
My dede now comen it is / My dere son, haue mercy!446
My moder mylde, thou chaunge thi chere!447
Sease of thi sorow and sighyng sere,448
It syttys vnto my hart full sare;449
The sorow is sharp I suffre here,450
Bot doyll thou drees, my moder dere,451
Me marters mekill mare.452
Thus will my fader I fare,453
To lowse mankynde of bandys;454
his son Will he not spare,455
To lowse that bon was are456
ffull fast in feyndys handys.457
The fyrst cause, moder, of my commyng458
Was for mankynde myscarying,459
To salf thare sore I soght;460
Therfor, moder, make none mowrnyng,461
Sen mankynde thrugh my dyyng462
May thus to blis be boght.463
Woman, wepe thou right noght!464
Take ther Iohn vnto thi chylde!465
Mankynde must nedys be boght,466
And thou kest, cosyn, in thi thoght;467
Iohn, lo ther thi moder mylde!468
Blo and blody thus am I bett,469
Swongen with swepys & all to-swett,470
Mankynde, for thi mysdede!471
ffor my luf lust when Wold thou lett,472
And thi harte sadly sett,473
Sen I thus for the haue blede?474
Sich lyf, for sothe, I led,475
That vnothes may I more;476
This suffre I for thi nede,477
To marke the, man, thi mede:478
Now thryst I, wonder sore.479
Primus Tortor
Noght bot hold, thi peasse!480
Thou shall haue drynke within a resse,481
My self shalbe thy knaue;482
haue here the draght that I the hete,483
And I shall warand it is not swete,484
On all the good I haue.485
Secundus Tortor
So syr, say now all youre will!486
ffor if ye couth haue holden you styll487
ye had not had this brade.488
Tercius Tortor
Thou wold all gaytt be kyng of Iues,489
Bot by this I trow thou rues490
All that thou has sayde.491
Quartus Tortor
he has hym rused, of great prophes,492
That he shuld make vs tempylle‘s,493
And gar it cleyn downe fall;494
And yit he sayde he shuld, it rase495
As well as it was, within thre dayes!496
he lyes, that wote we all;497
And for his lyes, in great dispyte498
we will departe his clothyng tyte,499
Bot he can more of arte.500
Primus Tortor
yee, as euer myght I thryfe,501
Soyn will we this mantyll ryfe,502
And ich man take his parte.503
Secundus Tortor
how wold, thou we share this clothe?504
Tercius Tortor
Nay forsothe, that were I lothe,505
Then were it all-gate spylt;506
Bot assent thou to my saw,507
lett vs all cutt draw,508
And then is none begylt.509
Quartus Tortor
how so befallys now wyll I draw!510
This is myn by comon law,511
Say not ther agayn.512
Primus Tortor
Now sen it may no better be,513
Chevich the with it for me,514
Me thynk thou art ful fayn.515
Secundus Tortor
how felowse, se ye not yond skraw?516
It is writen yonder within a thraw,517
Now sen that we drew cut.518
Tercius Tortor
Ther is noman that is on lyfe519
Bot it were pilate, as myght I thrife,520
That durst it ther haue putt.521
Quartus Tortor
Go we fast and let vs loke522
what is wretyn on yond boke,523
And what it may bemeyn.524
Primus Tortor
A the more I loke theron525
A the more I thynke I fon;526
All is not worth a beyn.527
Secundus Tortor
yis, for sothe, me thynk I se528
Theron writen langage thre,529
Ebrew and latyn530
And grew, me thynk, writen theron,531
ffor it is hard for to expowne.532
Tercius Tortor
Thou red, by appolyn!533
Quartus Tortor
yee, as I am a trew knyght,534
I am the best latyn wright535
Of this company;536
I will go withoutten delay537
And tell you what it is to say;538
Behald, syrs, witterly!539
yonder is wretyn "ihesu of nazareyn540
he is kyng of Iues," I weyn.541
Primus Tortor
A! that is writen wrang.542
Secundus Tortor
he callys hym so, bot he is none.543
Tercius Tortor
Go we to pilate and make oure mone;544
haue done, and dwell not lang.545
pilate, yonder is a fals tabyll,546
Theron is wryten noght bot fabyll;547
Of Iues he is not kyng!548
he callys hym so, bot he not is:549
It is falsly writen, Iwys,550
This is a wrangwys thyng.551
Boys, I say, what mell ye you?552
As it is writen shall it be now,553
I say certane;554
Quod scriptum scripsi,555
That same wrote I,556
What gadlyng gruches ther agane?557
Quartus Tortor
Sen that he is man of law / he must nedys haue his will;
I trow he had not writen that saw / without som propre skyll.
Primus Tortor
yee, let it hyng aboue his hede,560
It shall not saue hym fro the dede,561
Noght that he can write.562
Secundus Tortor
Now ylla hale was he borne.563
Tercius Tortor
Ma-fay, I tell his lyfe is lorne,564
he shalbe slayn as tyte.565
If thou be crist, as men the call,566
Com downe emangys vs all,567
And thole not thies myssaes.568
Quartus Tortor
yee, and help thi self that we may se,569
And we shall all trow in the,570
what soeuer thou says.571
Primus Tortor
he cals hym self good of myght,572
Bot I wold, se hym be so wight573
To do sich a dede574
he rasyd lazare out of his delfe,575
Bot he can not help hym self,576
Now in his greatt nede.577
hely, hely, lamazabatany!578
My god, my god, wherfor and why579
has thou forsakyn me?580
Secundus Tortor
how! here ye not, as well as I,581
how he can now on hely cry582
Apon his wyse?583
Tercius Tortor
yee, ther is none hely in this countre584
Shall delyuer hym from this meneyoe,585
On nokyns wyse.586
Quartus Tortor
I warand you now at the last587
That he shall soyn yelde the gast,588
ffor brestyn is his gall.589
Now is my passyon broght tyll ende!590
ffader of heuen, in to thy hende591
I betake my saull!592
Primus Tortor
let one pryk hym with a spere,593
And if that it do hym no dere594
Then is his lyfe nere past.595
Secundus Tortor
This blynde knyght may best do that.596
Gar me not do bot I wote what.597
Tercius Tortor
Not bot put vp fast.598
A, lord, what may this be?599
Ere was I blynde, now may I se;600
Godys son, here me, ihesu!601
ffor this trespas on me thou rew.602
ffor, lord, othere men me gart,603
that I the stroke vnto the hart:604
I se thou hyngys here on hy,605
And dyse to fulfyll the prophecy.606
Quartus Tortor
Go we hence and leyfe hym here,607
ffor I shall be his borghe to-yere608
he felys no more payn;609
ffor hely ne for none othere man610
All the good tha euer he wan611
Gettys not his lyfe agayn.612
Alas, alas, and walaway!613
That euer shuld I abyde this day,614
To se my master dede;615
Thus wykydly as he is shent,616
with so bytter tornamente,617
Thrugh fals Iues red.618
Nychodeme, I wold we yede619
To sir pilate, if we myght spede,620
his body for to craue;621
I will fownde with all my myght,622
ffor my seruyce to aske that knyght623
his body for to graue.624
Ioseph, I will weynde with the625
ffor to do that is in me,626
ffor that body to pray;627
ffor oure good will and oure trauale628
I hope that it mon vs avayll629
here afterward som day.630
Syr pylate, god the saue!631
Graunte me that I craue,632
If that it be thi will.633
Welcom, Ioseph, myght thou be!634
what so thou askys I graunte it the,635
So that it be skyll.636
ffor my long seruyce I the pray637
Graunte me the body-say me not nay-638
of ihesu, dede on rud.639
I graunte well if he ded be,640
Good leyfe shall thou haue of me,641
Do with hym what thou thynk gud.642
Grammercy, syr, of youre good grace,643
That ye haue graunte me in this place;644
Go we oure way:645
Nychodeme, com me furth with,646
ffor I my self shall be the smyth647
The nales out for to dray.648
Ioseph, I am redy here649
To go with the with full good chere,650
To help the at my myght;651
pull furth the nales on aythere syde,652
And I shall hald, hym vp this tyde;653
A, lord, so thou is dight!654
help now, felow, with all thi myght,655
That he were wonden and well dight,656
And lay hym on this bere;657
Bere we hym furth vnto the kyrke,658
To the tombe that I gard wyrk,659
Sen full many a yere.660
It shall be so with outten nay.661
he that dyed on gud fryday662
And crownyd was with thorne,663
Saue you all that now here be!664
That lord that thus wold, dee665
And rose on pasche morne.666

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