The Deliverance of Souls

My fader me from blys has send1
Till erth for mankynde sake,2
Adam mys forto amend,3
My deth nede must I take.4
I dwellyd ther thryrty yeres and two,5
And somdele more, the sothe to say;6
In anger, pyne, and mekyll wo,7
I dyde on cros this day.8
Therfor till hell now Will I go,9
To chalange that is myne;10
Adam, eue, and othere mo,11
Thay shall no longer dwell in pyne.12
The feynde theym wan With trayn,13
Thrugh fraude of earthly fode,14
I haue theym boght agan15
With shedyng of my blode.16
And now I will that stede restore,17
which the feynde fell fro for syn;18
Som tokyn will I send before,19
with myrth to gar thare gammes begyn.20
A light I will thay haue21
To know I will com sone;22
My body shall abyde in graue23
Till all this dede be done.24
My brether, herkyn vnto me here!25
More hope of helth neuer we had;26
Fower thowsand and sex hundreth yere27
haue we bene here in darknes stad;28
Now se I tokyns of solace sere,29
A gloryous gleme to make vs glad,30
Wher thrugh I hope that help is nere,31
That sone shall slake oure sorowes sad.32
Adam, my husband heynd,33
This menys solace certan;34
Sich light can on vs leynd35
In paradyse full playn.36
Adam, thrugh thi syn37
here were we put to dwell,38
This wykyd place within;39
The name of it is hell;40
here paynes shall neuer blyn,41
That wykyd ar and fell.42
loue that lord with wyn,43
his lyfe for vs wold sell.44
Adam, thou well vnderstand45
I am Isaias, so crist me kende.46
I spake of folke in darknes walkand,47
I saide a light shuld, on theym lende;48
This light is all from crist commande49
That he till vs has hedir sende,50
Thus is my poynt proved in hand,51
as I before to fold, it kende.52
So may I tell of farlys feyll,53
ffor in the tempyll his freyndys me fande,54
Me thoght daynteth with hym to deyll,55
I halsid hym homely with my hand;56
I saide, lord, let thi seruandys leyll57
pas in peasse to lyf lastande;58
Now that myn eeyn has sene thyn hele59
no longer lyst I lyf in lande.60
This light thou has purvayde61
ffor theym that lyf in lede;62
That I before of the haue saide63
I se it is fulfillyd in dede.64
John the Baptist
As a voce cryand I kend65
The wayes of crist, as I well can;66
I baptised hym with both myn hende67
in the water of flume Iordan;68
The holy gost from heuen discende69
As a white dowfe downe on me than;70
The fader voyce, oure myrthes to amende,71
Was made to me lyke as a man;72
"yond is my son," he saide,73
"and which me pleasses full well,"74
his light is on vs layde,75
and commys oure karys to kele.76
Now this same nyght lernyng haue I,77
to me, moyses, he shewid his myght,78
And also to anothere oone, hely,79
where we stud on a hill on hyght;80
As whyte as snaw was his body,81
his face was like the son for bright,82
Noman on mold, was so myghty83
grathly durst loke agans that light;84
And that same light here se I now85
shynyng on vs, certayn,86
where thrugh truly I trow87
that we shall sone pas from this payn.88
Sen fyrst that hell was mayde / And I was put therin,
Sich sorow neuer ere I had, / nor hard I sich a dyn;
My hart begynnys to brade / my wytt waxys thyn,91
I drede we can not be glad / thise saules mon fro vs twyn.
how, belsabub! bynde thise boys, / sich harow was neuer hard in hell.
Out, rybald,! thou rores, / what is betyd? can thou oght tell?
whi, herys thou not this vgly noyse?95
thise lurdans that in lymbo dwell.96
Thay make menyng of many Ioyse,97
and Muster myrthes theym emell.98
Myrth? nay, nay! that poynt is past,99
more hope of helth shall thay neuer haue.100
They cry on crist full fast,101
And says he shall theym saue.102
yee, though he do not, I shall,103
ffor they ar sparyd in specyall space;104
whils I am prynce and pryncypall105
they shall neuer pas out of this place.106
Call vp astarot and anaball107
To gyf vs counsell in this case;108
Bell, berith, and bellyall,109
To mar theym that sich mastry mase.110
Say to sir satan oure syre,111
and byd hym bryng also112
Sir lucyfer, lufly of lyre.113
All redy lord, I go.114
Attollite portas, principes, vestras &
eleuamini porte eternales, &
introibit rex glorie.115
out, harro, out! what devill is he116
That callys hym kyng ouer vs all?117
hark belzabub, com ne,118
ffor hedusly I hard hym call.119
Go, spar the yates, yll mot thou the!120
And, set the waches on the wall;121
If that brodell com ne122
With vs ay won he shall;123
And if he more call or cry,124
To make vs more debate,125
lay on hym hardely,126
And make hym go his gate.127
Nay, with hym may ye not fyght,128
ffor he is king and conqueroure,129
And of so mekill myght,130
And styf in euery stoure;131
Of hym commys all this light132
that shynys in this bowre;133
he is full fers in fight,134
worthi to wyn honoure.135
honowre! harsto, harlot, for what dede?136
Alle erthly men to me ar thrall;137
That lad that thou callys lord, in lede138
he had neuer harbor, house, ne hall.139
how, sir sathanas! com nar140
And hark this cursid rowte!141
The devill you all to-har!142
What ales the so to showte?143
And me, if I com nar,144
thy brayn bot I bryst owte!145
Thou must com help to spar,146
we ar beseged, abowte.147
Besegyd aboute! whi, who durst be so bold,148
for drede to make on vs a fray?149
It is the Iew that Iudas sold,150
ffor to be dede this othere day.151
how! in tyme that tale was told,152
that trature trauesses vs all-way;153
he shalbe here full hard, in hold,154
bot loke he pas not, I the pray.155
Pas! nay, nay, he will not weynde156
ffrom hens or it be war;157
he shapys hym for to sheynd,158
All hell or he go far.159
ffy, faturs! therof shall he fayll,160
ffor all his fare I hym defy;161
I know his trantes fro top to tayll,162
he lyffys by gawdys and, glory.163
Therby he broght furth of oure bayll164
The lath lazare of betany,165
Bot to the Iues I gaf counsayll166
That thay shuld, cause hym dy;167
I enterd, ther into Iudas,168
that forward to fulfyll,169
Therfor his hyere he has,170
All wayes to won here styll.171
Sir sathan, sen we here the say172
thou and the Iues were at assent,173
And wote he wan the lazare away174
that vnto vs was taken to tent,175
hopys thou that thou mar hym may176
to Muster the malyce that he has ment?177
ffor and he refe vs now oure pray178
we will ye witt or he is went.179
I byd the noght abaste,180
bot boldly make you bowne,181
With toyles that ye intraste,182
And dyng that dastard downe.183
Attollite portas, principes, vestras, &c.184
Outt, harro! what harlot is he185
that sayes his kyngdom shalbe cryde?186
That may thou in sawter se,187
for of this prynce thus ere I saide;188
I saide that he shuld, breke189
youre barres and bandys by name,190
And of youre warkys take wreke;191
now shall thou se the same.192
ye prynces of hell open youre yate,193
And let my folk furth gone;194
A prynce of peasse shall enter therat195
wheder ye will or none.196
What art thou that spekys so?197
A kyng of blys that hight ihesus.198
yee, hens fast I red thou go,199
And mell the not with vs.200
Oure yates I trow will last,201
thay ar so strong I weyn;202
Bot if oure barres brast,203
ffor the they shall not twyn.204
This stede shall stand, no longer stokyn;205
open vp, and, let my pepill pas.206
Out, harro! oure bayll is brokyn,207
and brusten ar all oure bandys of bras!208
harro! oure yates begyn to crak!209
In sonder, I trow, they go,210
And hell, I trow, will all to-shak;211
Alas, what I am wo!212
lymbo is lorne, alas!213
sir sathanas com vp;214
This wark is wars then it was.215
yee, hangyd be thou on a cruke!216
Thefys, I bad ye shuld, be bowne,217
If he maide mastres more,218
To dyng that dastard, downe,219
sett hym both sad and sore.220
To sett hym sore, that is sone saide!221
com thou thi self and serue hym so;222
we may not abyde his bytter brayde,223
he wold vs mar and we were mo.224
ffy, fature! wherfor were ye flayd?225
haue ye no force to flyt hym fro?226
loke in haste my gere be grayd,227
my self shall to that gadlyng go.228
how! thou belamy, abyde,229
with all thi boste and beyr!230
And tell me in this tyde231
what mastres thou makys here.232
I make no mastry bot for myne;233
I will theym saue, that shall the sow;234
Thou has no powere theym to pyne,235
bot in my pryson for thare prow236
here haue they soriornyd, noght as thyne,237
bot in this wayrd, thou wote as how.238
why, were has thou bene ay syn,239
that neuer wold negh theym nere or now?240
Now is the tyme certan241
My fader ordand her for,242
That thay shuld, pas fro payn,243
In blys to dwell for euermore.244
Thy fader knew I well by syght,245
he was a wright, his meett to wyn;246
Mary, me mynnys, thi moder hight,247
the vtmast ende of all thy kyn;248
Say who made the so mekill of myght?249
Thou wykyd feynde, lett be thi dy[n]!250
my fader wonnes in heuen on hight,251
In blys that neuer shall blyn;252
I am his oonly son, / his forward, to fulfyll,253
Togeder will we won, / In sonder when we wyll.254
Goddys son! nay, then myght thou be glad,255
for no catell thurt the craue;256
Bot thou has lyffyd ay lyke a lad,257
In sorow, and as a sympill knaue.258
That was for the hartly luf I had259
Vnto mans saull, it forto saue,260
And forto make the masyd and mad,261
And for that reson rufully to rafe.262
My godhede here I hyd263
In mary, moder myne,264
where it shall neuer by kyd265
to the ne none of thyne.266
how now? this wold I were told, in towne;267
thou says god is thi syre;268
I shall the prove by good reson269
thou moyttys as man dos into myre.270
To breke thi byddyng they were full bowne,271
And soyn they wroght at my desyre;272
ffrom paradise thou putt theym downe,273
In hell here to haue thare hyre;274
And thou thy self, by day and nyght,275
taght euer all men emang,276
Euer to do reson and right,277
And here thou wyrkys all wrang.278
I wyrk no wrang, that shall thou wytt,279
if I my men fro wo will wyn;280
My prophetys playnly prechyd it,281
All the noytys that I begyn;282
They saide that I shuld be that ilke283
In hell where I shuld intre in,284
To saue my seruandys fro that pytt285
where dampnyd saullys shall syt for syn.286
And ilke true prophete tayll287
shalbe fulfillid, in me;288
I haue thaym boght fro bayll,289
in blis now shall they be.290
Now sen thou lyst to legge the lawes,291
thou shalbe tenyd or we twyn,292
ffor those that thou to witnes drawes293
ffull euen agans the shall begyn;294
As salamon saide in his sawes,295
who that ones commys hell within296
he shall neuer owte, as clerkys knawes,297
therfor, belamy, let be thy dyn.298
Iob thi seruande also299
In his tyme can tell300
That nawder freynde nor fo301
shall fynde relese in hell.302
he sayde full soyth, that shall thou se,303
In hell shalbe no relese,304
Bot of that place then ment he305
where synfull care shall euer encrese.306
In that bayll ay shall thou be,307
where sorowes seyr shall neuer sesse,308
And my folke that were most fre309
shall pas vnto the place of peasse;310
ffor they were here with my will,311
And so thay shall furth weynde;312
Thou shall thiself fulfyll313
euer wo withoutten ende.314
Whi, and will thou take theym all me fro?315
then thynk me thou art vnkynde;316
Nay, I pray the do not so;317
Vmthynke the better in thy mynde;318
Or els let me with the go,319
I pray the leyffe me not behynde!320
Nay, tratur, thou shall won in wo,321
and till a stake I shall the bynde.322
Now here I how thou menys emang,323
with mesure and malyce forto mell;324
Bot sen thou says it shalbe lang,325
yit som let all-wayes with vs dwell.326
Yis, wytt thou well, els were greatt wrang;327
thou shall haue caym that slo abell,328
And all that hastys theym self to hang,329
As dyd Iudas and architophell;330
And daton and abaron / and all of thare assent,331
Cursyd tyranttys euer ilkon / that me and myn tormente.
And all that will not lere my law,333
That I haue left in land, for new,334
That makys my commyng knaw,335
And all my sacramentys persew;336
My deth, my rysyng, red by raw,337
Who trow thaym not thay ar vntrewe;338
vnto my dome I shall theym draw,339
And Iuge theym wars then and Iew.340
And thay that lyst to lere / my law, and lyf therby,
Shall neuer haue harmes here, / bot welth as is worthy.
Now here my hand, I hold, me payde,343
thise poyntys ar playnly for my prow;344
If this be trew that thou has saide,345
we shall haue mo then we haue now;346
Thies lawes that thou has late here laide,347
I shall theym lere not to alow;348
If thay myn take thay ar betraide,349
and I shall turne theym tytt I trow.350
I shall walk eest, I shall walk west,351
and gar theym wyrk well war.352
Nay feynde, thou shalbe feste,353
that thou shall flyt no far.354
ffeste? fy! that were a wykyd treson!355
belamy, thou shalbe smytt.356
Devill, I commaunde the to go downe357
into thi sete where thou shall syt.358
Alas, for doyll and care!359
I synk into hell pyt!360
Sir sathanas, so saide I are,361
now shall thou haue a fytt.362
Com now furth, my childer all,363
I forgyf you youre mys;364
With me now go ye shall365
to Ioy and endles blys.366
lord, thou art full mekyll of myght,367
that mekys thiself on this manere,368
To help vs all as thou had vs hight,369
when both forfett I and my fere;370
here haue we dwelt withoutten light371
Fower thousand and sex hundreth yere;372
Now se we by this solempne sight373
now that thi mercy makys vs dere.374
lord, we were worthy / more tornamentys to tast;375
Thou help vs lord with thy mercy / as thou of myght is mast.
John the Baptist
lord, I loue the inwardly,377
that me wold, make thi messyngere,378
Thi commyng in erth to cry,379
and tech thi fayth to folk in fere;380
Sythen before the forto dy,381
to bryng theym bodword that be here,382
how thay shuld haue thi help in hy,383
now se I all those poyntys appere.384
Dauid, thi prophete trew,385
oft tymes told, vnto vs,386
Of thi commyng he knew,387
and saide it shuld, be thus.388
As I saide ere yit say I so,389
"ne derelinquas, domine,390
Animam meam in inferno;"391
"leyfe neuer my saull, lord, after the,392
In depe hell wheder dampned, shall go;393
suffre thou neuer thi sayntys to se394
The sorow of thaym that won in wo,395
ay full of fylth, and may not fle."396
Make myrth both more and les,397
and loue oure lord we may,398
That has broght vs fro bytternes399
In blys to abyde for ay.400
Thefor now let vs syng401
to loue oure lord ihesus;402
Vnto his blys he will vs bryng,403
Te deum laudamus.404

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