The Hanging of Judas

Alas, alas, & walaway!1
waryd & cursyd I haue beyn ay;2
I slew my father, & syn by-lay3
My moder der;4
And falsly, aftur, I can betray5
Myn awn mayster.6
My fathers name was ruben, right;7
Sibaria my moder hight;8
Als he her knew apon a nyght9
All fleshle,10
In her sleyp she se a sighte,11
A great ferle.12
her thoght ther lay her syd with-in13
A lothly lumpe of fleshly syn,14
Of the which distruccion schuld begyn15
Of all Iury;16
That Cursyd Clott of Camys kyn,17
fforsoth, was I.18
Dreyd of that sight mad her awake,19
& all hir body did tremyll & qwake;20
her thoght hir hert did all to-brake-21
No wonder was-22
the first[e] word my moder spake23
was alas, alas!24
Alas, alas! sche cryed faste,25
with that, on weping owt sche braste:26
My father wakyd, at the laste,27
& her afranyd;28
Sche told hym how she was agaste,29
& nothyng laynyd.30
my father bad, "let be thy woo!31
my Cowncel is, if hit be soo,32
A child be gettyn betwixt hus too,33
Doghter or son,34
lett hit neuer on erth[e] go,35
Bot be fordon.36
bettur hit is fordon to be37
then hit fordo both the & me;38
ffor in a while then schall we se,39
& full well knaw,40
wheder that swevyns be vanite41
or on to traw."42
The tyme was comyn that I was borne,43
os my moder sayd beforn;44
Alas, that I had beyn forlorn45
With-In hir syd!46
for ther then spronge a schrewid thorn47
That spred full wyd.48
for I was born with owtyn grace,49
Thay me namyd & Callyd Iudas;50
The father of the child ay hays51
Great petye;52
He myght not thoyle afor his face53
My deth to se.54
My ded to se then myght he noght;55
A lytyll lep he gart he wroght,56
& ther I was in bed [i-]broght57
& bondon faste;58
To the salt se then thay soght,59
& In me Caste.60
The wawes rosse, the wynd[e] blew;61
That I was Cursyd full well thai knew;62
The storme vnto the yle me threw,63
That lytill botte;64
And of that land my to-name drew,65
Iudas skariott.66
Thor os wrekke in sand I lay,67
The qweyn Com passyng ther away,68
With hir madyns to sport & play;69
And prevaly70
A child she fond in slyk aray,71
& had ferly.72
Neuer-the-lesse sche was well payd,73
And on hir lap[pe] sche me layd;74
Sche me kissid & with me playd,75
ffor I was fayre;76
"A child god hays me send," sche sayd,77
"to be myn ayre."78
Sche mad me be to norice done,79
And fosterd as her awn[e] sone,80
And told the kyng that sche had gone81
All the yer with child;82
And with fayr wordys, as wemen Con,83
sche hym begild.84
Then the kyng gart mak a fest85
To all the land [right] of the best,86
ffor that he had gettyn a gest,87
A swetly thyng,88
When he wer ded & broght to rest,89
that myght be kyng.90
Sone aftur with in yer[e]s too,91
In the land hit befell soo,92
The qweyn hir selff with child Can goo;93
A son sche bayr;94
A fayrer child, from tope to too95
Man neuer se ayre.96

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