The Lord's Ascension

Brethere all, that now here bene,1
fforgett my lorde yit may I noght;2
I wote not what it may mene,3
Bot more I Weyn ther will be wroght.4
My lord, ihesus will wyrk his will,5
pleatt we neuer agans his thoght,6
ffor vs ne wyrkes, as it is skyll,7
his hand-warke that he has wroght.8
Apon his wordes will I ryst9
that he his self saide vs vntill,10
As stedfastly on hym to tryst,11
Mystrust we neuer for goode ne ill.12
In heuen and erthe his myght may be,13
his wytt and his will also;14
The holy gost, brethere, ment he,15
thus will he neuer fro vs go.16
ffourty dayes now drawes nere17
sen his resurreccyon complete;18
Afore that will he appere,19
thus sodanly not lefe vs yett.20
In bethany here let vs abyde,21
We knaw not yit what may befall;22
peraventur it may betyde,23
he shall full well comforth vs all.24
peasse now, my dere freyndys!25
peasse be with you euer and ay!26
ffor it all wrangys amendys;27
peasse brethere, sam I say!28
Brethere, in hartes be nothyng heuy29
what tyme that I from you am gone,30
I must go from you sone, in hy,31
bot neuer the les make ye no mone;32
ffor I shall send to you anone33
the holy gost, to comforth you,34
you to wysh in euery wone35
I shall you tell what-wyse and how.36
It shalbe for youre prow37
that I thus-gatys shall do;38
It has been saide or now39
My fader must I to.40
with hym must I abide and dwell,41
ffor so it is his will;42
ffor youre comforth thus I you tell,43
be ye stedfast for good or ill.44
Abide me here right on this hill45
to that I com to you agane,46
this forwarde must I nedys fulfill,47
I will no longer fro you lane;48
And therfor loke that ye be bayn,49
and also trew and stedfast,50
ffor who soeuer you oght frayn51
when that I am past.52
ffull heuy in hart now may we be53
that we oure master sall forgo,54
Bot neuer the les yit saide he55
he wold not dwell full lang vs fro.56
What wonder is if we be wo,57
thus sodanly shall oure master mys,58
And masters on lyfe haue we no mo59
that in this warld shuld vs wys.60
he will pas furth to blys,61
and leyfe vs here behynde,62
No meruell now it is63
if we mowrne now in oure mynde.64
In oure mynde mowrne we may,65
as men that masyd ar and mad,66
And yit also, it is no nay,67
we may be blythe and glad,68
Because of tythyngys that we had,69
that his self can vs say;70
he bad be blythe and noght adrad,71
ffor he wold not be long away.72
Bot yit both nyght and day73
oure hartes may be full sore,74
As me thynk, by my fay,75
ffor wordes he saide lang ore.76
lang ore he saide, full openly,77
that he must nedys fro vs twyn,78
And to his fader go in hy,79
to Ioy of heuen that neuer shall blyn;80
Therfor we mowrne, both more and myn,81
And mery also yit may we be;82
he bad vs all, both outt and in,83
be glad and blythe in ich degre,84
And saide that com shuld, he85
to comforth vs kyndly;86
Bot yit heuy ar we87
to we hym se truly.88
With ee wold we hym se / oure saveoure crist, goddys son,
That dyed apon a tre / yit trewe I that we mon:90
Now god grauntt vs that boyn / that with his bloode vs boght,
To se hym in his throne / as he maide all of noght;
his will now has he wroght / and gone from vs away,
As he noght of vs roght / and therfor mowrne we may.
We may mowrne, no meruell why / for we oure master thus shall mys,
That shall go fro vs sodanly / and we ne wote what cause is,
Neuer the les the sothe is this / he saide that he shuld com agane
To bryng vs all to blys / therof may we be fane.98
That commyng will vs mych gane / and oure saules all saue,
And put vs fro that payn / that we were lyke to haue.
herkyns to me now, euer ichon / and here what I will say,
ffor I must nedys fro you gone / for thus my fader will allway,
And therfor peasse be with you ay / where so ye dwell in wone,
And to saue you fro all fray / my peasse be with you blood and bone.
I lefe it you bi oon and oone / noght as the warld, here dos,
It shalbe true as any stone / to defende you fro youre foos.
let not youre hartes be heuy / drede not for any kyns thyng,
ye haue harde me say full playnly / I go, and to you am I commyng.
If ye luf me, for-thi / ye shuld, be glad, of this doyng,
ffor I go full securly / to my fader, heuyns kyng;110
The which, without lesyng / is mekill more then I,111
Therfor be ye thus trowyng / when all is endid fully.
ye haue bene of mysbilefe / hard of harte and also of will;
To theym that my rysyng can prefe / no credence wold, ye gif theym till;
Mary mawdlayn saide you till / that I was rysyn, bot ye ne wold
hir trow for good or ill / the trouth all if she told.
sich harmes in hartes ye hold / and vnstedfast ye ar,
ye trowid no man of mold, / witnes of my rysyng that bare;
Therfor ye shall go tech / in all this warld, so wyde,
And to all the people preche / Who baptym will abyde,
And trowe truly121
Mi dethe and rysyng,122
and also myn vpstevynyng,123
And also myn agane-commyng,124
thay shalbe saue suerly.125
And Who trowys not this126
That now rehersyd, is,127
he shalbe dampned, Iwys,128
ffor veniance and for wreke.129
Tokyns, for sothe, shall bene130
Of those that trow, withoutten weyn;131
Devyls shall thay kest out cleyn,132
And with new tongys speke.133
Serpentes shall thay put away,134
And venymus drynk, bi nyght and day,135
Shall not noy theym, as I say;136
And where thay lay on handys137
Of seke men far and nere,138
Thay shalbe hole, withoutten dere,139
Of all sekenes and sorowes sere,140
Euer in alkyn landys.141
And therfor now I byd that ye142
Go not from ierosolyme,143
Bot abide the behest of my fader fre144
In land ay whore,145
That ye haue hard here of me;146
ffor Iohn baptist, dere in degre,147
In water forsoth baptysid me148
Now here before;149
And ye certan in euery coste150
shall baptise in the holy goost,151
Thrug vertue of hym that is the moost152
lord god of myght,153
within few dayes now folowyng;154
And herof meruell ye nothyng,155
ffor this shalbe his awne wyrkyng,156
shewyd in youre sight157
ffarlee may we fownde and fare158
for myssyng of oure master ihesus;159
Oure hartys may sygh and be full sare,160
this Iues with wreke thay waten vs.161
Vs to tray and teyn162
ar thay abowte bi nyght and day;163
ffor ihesu that is so seldom sene,164
as masid men mowrne we may.165
Mowrnyng makys vs masid and mad,166
as men that lyff in drede;167
ffull comforthles ar we stad,168
for myssyng of hym that vs shuld, lede.169
Thise Iues that folow thare faythles will,170
and demed oure master to be ded,171
With mayn and mode they wold hym spill,172
if thay wist how, in towne or sted.173
let keep vs fro thare carpyng kene,174
and com bot lytyll in thare sight;175
Oure master will com when we leest weyn,176
he will vs rewle and red, full right.177
Of this carpyng now no more,178
It drawes nygh the tyme of day;179
At oure mette I wold we wore,180
he sende vs socowre that best may.181
socowre sone he will you sende,182
If ye truly in hym will traw;183
youre mone mekely will he amende,184
My brethere dere, this may ye knawe,185
The hestys hyghly that he me hight186
he has fulfillid in worde and dede;187
he gabbyd neuer be day nor nyght,188
ffor-thi, dere brethere, haue no drede.189
Certys, lady, thou says full wele;190
he will vs amende, for so he may;191
we haue fon sothe euerilka dele192
All that euer we hard hym say.193
peter, and ye my derlyngys dere,194
As masid men me thynk ye ar;195
holly to you I haue shewyd here196
To bryng youre hartys from care;197
In care youre hartys ar cast,198
And in youre trowth not trew;199
In hardnes youre hartys ar fast,200
As men that no wytt knew.201
sende was I for youre sake / fro my fader dere,202
fflesh and blode to take / of a madyn so clere;203
sythen to me ye soght / and holly felowid me,204
Of wonders that I haue wroght / som haue I letten you se.
The dombe, the blynde as any stone,206
I helyd ther I cam by,207
The dede I rasid anone,208
Thrugh my myght truly;209
And othere warkys, that wonderfull wore,210
I wroght wisely befor you all;211
My payn, my passion, I told before,212
holly thrug outt as it shuld fall;213
Mi rysyng on the thryd day,214
As ye bi tokyns many oone haue sene;215
youre trouth truly had bene away216
had not my blissid moder bene.217
In hir it restyd all this tyde,218
youre dedys ye ow greatly to shame;219
here may ye se my woundys wyde,220
how that I boght you out of blame.221
Bot, Iohn, thynk when I hang on rud222
That I betoke the mary mylde;223
kepe hir yit with stabull mode,224
she is thi moder and thou hir childe.225
loke thou hir luf, and be hir freynde,226
and abide with hir in well and wo,227
ffor to my fader now will I weynde,228
thar none of you ask wheder I go.229
lord, if it be thi will,230
shew vs thi fader we the pray;231
we have bene with the in good and ill,232
and sagh hym neuer nyght ne day.233
philipp, that man that may se me234
he seys my fader full of myght;235
Trowys thou not he dwellys in me236
and I in hym if thou trow right?237
In his howse ar dyuerse place,238
I go to ordan for you now;239
ye shall all be fulfillyd with grace,240
the holy goost I shall sende you.241
he shall you in youre hartys wyse242
In worde and dede, as I you say;243
With all my hart I you blys-244
My moder, my brethere, haue all good day!245
ffader of heuen, with good intent,246
I pray the here me specyally;247
ffrom heuen till erth thou me sent248
Thi name to preche and claryfy.249
thi will haue I done, all and som,250
In erthe will I no longere be;251
Opyn the clowdes, for now I com252
In ioy and blys to dwell with the.253
Primus Angelus
ye men of galylee,254
wherfor meruell ye?255
hevyn behold, and se256
how ihesus vp can weynde257
vnto his fader fre,258
where he syttys in maieste,259
With hym ay for to be260
In blys withoutten ende.261
And as ye sagh hym sty262
Into heuen on hy,263
In flesh and fell in his body264
ffrom erthe now here,265
Right so shall he, securly,266
Come downe agane truly,267
with his woundys blody,268
To deme you all in fere.269
Secundus Angelus
Meruell haue no wight,270
No wonder of this sight,271
ffor it is thrugh his myght,272
That all thyng may.273
What so he will by day or nyght,274
In hell, medyll-erth, and on hight,275
Or yit in derknes or in light,276
withoutten any nay;277
ffor he is god all weldand,278
heuen and hell, both se and sand,279
wod and water, fowll, fysh and land,280
All is at his will;281
he haldys all thyng in his hand282
that in this warld, is lyfand,283
Then nedys ye noght be meruelland.284
Primus Angelus
And for this skyll,285
Ryght as he from you dyd weynde286
so com agane he shall,287
In the same manere at last ende,288
To deme both greatt and small.289
Secundus Angelus
Who so his byddyng will obey,290
And thare mys amende,291
With hym shall haue blys on hy,292
And won ther withoutten ende.293
And who that wyrk amys,294
And theym amende will neuer,295
shall neuer com in heuen blys,296
Bot to hell banyshed for euer.297
A selcouth sight yonder now is,298
Behold, now, I you pray!299
A clowde has borne my chylde to blys,300
Mi blyssyng bere he euer and ay!301
Bot, son, thynk on thi moder dere,302
That thou has laft emangys thi foes!303
swete son, lett me not dwell here,304
let me go with the where thou goes.305
Bot Iohn, on the is all my trast,306
I pray the forsake me noght.307
lefe marye, be noght abast,308
ffor thi will shall ay be wroght.309
here may we se and full well knaw310
That he is god most of myght;311
In hym is good, we trawe,312
holly to serue hym day and nyght.313
A meruellous sight is yone,314
That he thus sone is taken vs fro;315
fro his fomen is he gone316
with outten help of othere mo.317
Where is ihesus, oure master dere,318
that here with vs spake right now?319
A wonderfull sight, men may se here,320
my brethere dere, how thynk you?321
we thynk it wonder all,322
that oure master shuld thus go;323
After his help I red we call,324
That we may haue som tokyn hym fro.325
A more meruell men neuer saw326
then now is sene vs here emang;327
ffrom erth till heuen a man be draw328
With myrth of angell sang.329
ffrom vs, me thynk, he is full lang,330
and yit longere I trow he will;331
Alas! my hart it is so strang332
that I ne may now wepe my till333
A wonder sight it was to se335
When he stevyd vp so sodanly336
To his fader in maieste,337
By his self alone.338
Alon, for sothe, vp he went / to heuen till his fader,
And noman wyst what he ment / nor how he dyd of no manere,
so sodanly he was vp hent / in flesh and fell fro erth vp here;
he saide his fader for hym sent / that maide vs all to be in dwere
This nyght;343
Neuer the les full well wote we344
As that he will so must it be,345
ffor all thyng is in his pauste,346
And that is right.347
All myghty god, how may this be?348
a clowde has borne my childe to blys;349
Now bot that I wote wheder is he,350
my hart wold breke, well wote I this.351
his stevynyng vp to blys in hy,352
it is the sourc of all my Ioyes;353
Mi blyssyng, barne, light on thi body!354
let neuer thi moder be spylt with Iues.355
Take me to the, my son so heynd,356
and let me neuer with Iues be lorne;357
help, for my son luf, Iohn, son kynde,358
for ferde that I with Iues be torne.359
Mi flesh it quakys as lefe on lynde,360
to shontt the showres sharper then thorne;361
help me, Iohn, if thou be kynde,362
my son myssyng makys me to mowrne.363
youre seruande, lady, he me maide,364
and bad me kepe you ay to qweme;365
Blythe were I, lady, myght I the glad,366
and with my myght I shall the yeme.367
Therfor be ferd for nokyn thyng368
for oght that Iues wold do you to;369
I shall be bayn at youre byddyng,370
as my lorde bad, your seruande lo!371
Glad am I, Iohn, Whils I haue the;372
more comforth bot my son can I none craue;373
so covers thou my care, and carpys vnto me,374
whils I the se, euer am I safe.375
Was none, safe my son, more trusty to me,376
therfor his grace sall neuer fro the go;377
he shall the qwyte, that died on a tre,378
well mendys thou my mode, when I am in wo.379
let hy vs from this hill, and to the towne weynde,380
for fere of the Iues, that spitus ar & prowde;381
With oure dere lady, I red that we weynd,382
and pray till hir dere son, here apon lowde.383
To hir buxumly I red, that we bende,384
syn hir dere son fro vs is gone in a clowde,385
And hertely in hast haylse we that heynde,386
To oure master is she moder, semely in shrowde.387
A, marie, so mylde, the myssid we haue;388
Was neuer madyn so menskfull here apon molde389
As thou art, and moder cleyne, bot this wold we craue,
If this were ihesu, thi son, that Iudas has sold,391
Shew vs the sothe, vs all may it saue;392
we pray the, dere lady, layn that thou nold,393
Bot spell vs oure spyryng, or els mon we rafe,394
Bot thou witterly vs wysh, so fayn wyt we wold.395
peter, andrew, Iohn, and Iamys the gent,396
Symon, Iude, and bartilmew the bold,397
And all my brethere dere, that ar on this bent,398
Take tent to my tayll, till that I haue told,399
Of my dere son, what I haue mentt,400
That hens is hevyd, to his awne hold;401
he taght you the trouthe, or he to heuen went;402
he was borne of my bosom as his self wold.403
he is god and man that stevynd into heuen;404
preche thus to the pepyll that most ar in price.405
Sekys to thare savyng, ye apostilles eleven,406
To the Iues of Ierusalem as youre way lyse,407
say to the cyte as I can here neuen,408
tell the warkys of my son warly and wyse;409
Byd theym be stedfast & lysten your steuen,410
or els be thay dampned as men full of vyce.411

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