The Scourging

Peasse at my bydyng, ye wyghtys in wold!1
Looke none be so hardy to speke a word bot I,2
Or by mahowne most myghty, maker on mold,3
With this brande that I bere ye shall bytterly aby.
Say, wote ye not that I am pylate, perles to behold,?
Most doughty in dedys of dukys of the Iury;6
In bradyng of batels I am the most bold,7
Therfor my name to you will I dyscry,8
No mys.9
I am full of sotelty,10
ffalshed, gyll, and trechery;11
Therfor am I namyd by clergy12
As mali actoris.13
ffor like as on both sydys the Iren the hamer makith playn,
So do I, that the law has here in my kepyng;15
The right side to socoure, certys, I am full bayn,16
If I may get therby a vantege or wynyng;17
Then to the fals parte I turne me agayn,18
ffor I se more Vayll will to me be risyng;19
Thus euery man to drede me shalbe full fayn,20
And all faynt of thare fayth to me be obeyng,21
All fals endytars,23
Quest-gangars, and Iurars,24
And thise out-rydars25
Ar welcom to me.26
Bot this prophete, that has prechyd and puplyshed so playn
Cristen law, crist thay call hym in oure cuntre;28
Bot oure prynces full prowdly this nyght haue hym tayn,
ffull tytt to be dampned he shall be hurlyd byfore me;
I shall fownde to be his freynd vtward, in certayn,
And shew hym fare cowntenance and wordys of vanyte;
Bot or this day at nyght on crosse shall he be slayn,
Thus agans hym in my hart I bere great enmyte34
ffull sore.35
ye men that vse bak-bytyngys,36
and rasars of slanderyngys,37
ye ar my dere darlyngys,38
And mahowns for euermore.39
ffor no thyng in this warld dos me more grefe40
Then for to here of crist and of his new lawes;41
To trow that he is godys son my hart wold all to clefe,
Though he be neuer so trew both in dedys and in sawes
Therfor shall he suffre mekill myschefe,44
And all the dyscypyls that vnto hym drawes;45
ffor ouer all solace to me it is most lefe,46
The shedyng of cristen bloode, and that all Iury knawes,
I say you.48
My knyghtys full swythe49
Thare strengthes will thay kyth,50
And bryng hym be-lyfe;51
lo, where thay com now!52
Primus Tortor
I haue ron that I swett / from sir herode oure kyng
With this man that will not lett / oure lawes to downe bryng;
he has done so mych forfett / of care may he syng;55
Thrugh dom of sir pylate he gettys / an yll endyng56
And sore;57
The great warkys he has wroght58
Shall serue hym of noght,59
And bot thay be dere boght60
lefe me no more.61
Bot make rowme in this rese / I byd you, belyfe,62
And of youre noys that ye sesse / both man and wyfe;
To sir pylate on dese / this man will we dryfe,64
his dede for to dres / and refe hym his lyfe65
This day;66
Do draw hym forward!67
whi stand ye so bakward?68
Com on sir, hyderward,69
As fast as ye may!70
Secundus Tortor
Do pull hym a-rase / whyls we be gangyng;71
I shall spytt in his face / though it be fare shynyng;
Of vs thre gettys thou no grace / thi dedys ar so noyng,
Bot more sorow thou hase / oure myrth is incresyng,
No lak.75
ffelows, all in hast,76
with this band that will last77
Let vs bynde fast78
Both his handys on his bak.79
Tercius Tortor
I shall lede the a dawnce / Vnto sir pilate hall;80
Thou betyd an yll chawnce / to com emangys vs all.81
Sir pilate, with youre cheftance / to you we cry and call
That ye make som ordynance / with this brodell thrall,
By skyll;84
This man that we led,85
On crosse ye put to ded.86
what! with outten any red?87
That is not my wyll;88
Bot ye, wysest of law / to me ye be tendand:89
This man withoutten awe / which ye led in a band,90
Nather in dede ne in saw / can I fynd with no wrang,
wherfor ye shuld, hym draw / or bere falsly on hand
With ill.93
ye say he turnes oure pepyll,94
ye call hym fals and fekyll;95
warldys shame is on you mekyll96
This man if ye spyll.97
Of all thise causes ilkon / which ye put on hym,98
Herode, truly as stone / coud fynd with nokyns gyn99
Nothyng herapon / that pent to any syn;100
why shuld I then so soyn / to ded here deme hym?101
This is my counsell,103
I will not with hym mell;104
let hym go where he wyll105
ffor now and euermore.106
Primus Consultus
Sir, I say the oone thyng / without any mys,107
he callys his self a kyng / ther he none is;108
Thus he wold downe bryng / oure lawes, I-wys,109
with his fals lesyng / and his quantys,110
This tyde.111
herk, felow, com nere!112
Thou knowes I haue powere113
To excuse or to dampne here,114
In bayll to abyde.115
Sich powere has thou noght / to wyrk thi will thus with me,
Bot from my fader that is broght / oone-fold god in persons thre.
Certys, it is fallen well in my thoght / at this tyme, as well wote ye,
A thefe that any felony has wroght / to lett hym skap or go fre
Therfor ye lett hym pas.121
Primus Tortor
Nay, nay, bot barabas!122
And ihesus in this case123
To deth ye dam this day.124
Syrs, looke ye take good hede / his cloysse ye spoyll hym fro,
ye gar his body blede / and bett hym blak and bloo.
Secundus Tortor
This man, as myght I spede / that has wroght vs this wo,
how "Iudicare" comys in crede / shall we teche, or we go,
All soyne.129
haue bynd to this pyllar.130
Tercius Tortor
why standys thou so far?131
Primus Tortor
To bett his body bar132
I haste, withoutten hoyne.133
Secundus Tortor
Now fall I the fyrst / to flap on hys hyde.134
Tercius Tortor
My hartt wold all to-bryst / bot I myght tyll hym glyde.
Primus Tortor
A swap fayn, if I durst / wold I lene the this tyde.
Secundus Tortor
war! lett me rub on the rust / that the bloode downe glyde
As swythe.138
Tercius Tortor
haue att!139
Primus Tortor
Take thou that!140
Secundus Tortor
I shall lene the a flap,141
My strengthe for to kythe.142
Tercius Tortor
Where on seruys thi prophecy / thou tell vs in this case,
And all thi warkys of greatt mastry / thou shewed in dyuers place?
Primus Tortor
Thyn apostels full radly / ar run from the a rase,145
Thou art here in oure baly / withoutten any grace146
Of skap.147
Secundus Tortor
Do, rug him.148
Tercius Tortor
Do, dyng hym.149
Primus Tortor
Nay, I myself shuld kyll hym150
Bot for sir pilate.151
Syrs, at the ffeste of architreclyn / this prophete he was;
Ther turnyd he water into wyn / that day he had sich grace,
his apostels to hym can enclyn / and other that ther was;
The see he past bot few yeres syn / it lete hym walk theron apase
At wyll;156
The elementys all bydeyn,157
And wyndes that ar so keyn,158
The firmamente, as I weyn,159
Ar hym obeyng tyll.160
Secundus Tortor
A lepir cam full fast / to this man that here standys,
And prayed hym, in all hast / of bayll to lowse his bandys;
his trauell was not wast / though he cam from far landys;
This prophete tyll hym past / and helyd hym with his handys,
ffull blythe.165
The son of Centuryon,166
ffor whom his fader made greatt mone,167
Of the palsy he helyd anone,168
Thay lowfyd hym oft sythe.169
Tercius Tortor
Sirs, as he cam from iherico / a blynde man satt by the way;
To hym walkand with many mo / cryand to hym thus can he say,
"Thou son of dauid, or thou go / of blyndnes hele thou me this day."
Ther was he helyd of all his wo / sich wonders can he wyrk all way
At wyll;174
he rasys men from deth to lyfe,175
And castys out devyls from thame oft sythe,176
seke men cam to hym full ryfe,177
He helys thaym of all yll.178
Primus Tortor
ffor all thise dedys of great louyng / fower thyngys I haue fond certanly,
ffor which he is worthy to hyng: / oone is oure kyng that he wold be;
Oure sabbot day in his wyrkyng / he lettys not to hele the seke truly;
he says oure temple he shall downe bryng / and in thre daies byg it in hy
All hole agane;183
Syr pilate, as ye sytt,184
looke wysely in youre wytt;185
Dam ihesu or ye flytt186
On crosse to suffre his payne.187
Thou man that suffurs all this yll / Why Wyll thou Vs no mercy cry?
Slake thy hart and thi greatt wyll / whyls on the we haue mastry;
Of thy greatt warkes shew vs som skyll; / men call the kyng, thou tell vs why;
wherfor the Iues seke the to spyll / the cause I wold, knowe wytterly,
Say what is thy name,193
Thou lett for no shame,194
Thay putt on the greatt blame,195
Els myght [thou] skap for me.196
Secundus Consultus
Syr pilate, prynce peerles / this is my red,197
That he skap not harmeles / bot do hym to ded:198
he cals hym a kyng in euery place / thus wold he ouer led
Oure people in his trace / and oure lawes downe tred
By skyll;201
Syr, youre knyghtes of good lose,202
and the pepyll with oone voce,203
To hyng hym hy on a crosse204
Thay cry and call you vntyll.205
Now certys, this is a wonder thyng / that ye wold bryng to noght
hym that is youre lege lordyng / In faith this was far soght;
Bot say, why make ye none obeyng / to hym that all has wroght?
Tercius Tortor
Sir, he is oure chefe lordyng / sir Cesar so worthyly wroght
On mold.210
pylate, do after vs,211
And dam to deth ihesus212
Or to sir Cesar we trus,213
And make thy frenship cold.214
Now that I am sakles / of this bloode shall ye see;
Both my handys in expres / weshen sall be;216
This bloode bees dere boght I ges / that ye spill so frele.
Primus Tortor
we pray it fall endles / on vs and oure meneye,218
with wrake.219
Now youre desyre fulfyll I shall;220
Take hym emangs you all,221
On crosse ye put that thrall,222
his endyng ther to take.223
Primus Tortor
Com on! tryp on thi tose / without any fenyng;224
Thou has made many glose / with thy fals talkyng.225
Secundus Tortor
we ar worthy greatte lose / that thus has broght a kyng
ffrom sir pilate and othere fose thus into oure ryng,
withoutt any hoyne.228
Sirs, a kyng he hym cals,229
Therfor a crowne hym befals.230
Tercius Tortor
I swere by all myn elder sauls,231
I shall it ordan soyne.232
Primus Tortor
Lo! here a crowne of thorne / to perch his brane within,
putt on his hede with skorne / and gar thyrll the skyn.
Secundus Tortor
hayll kyng! where was thou borne / sich worship for to wyn?
we knele all the beforne / and the to grefe will we not blyn,
That be thou bold.237
Now by mahownes bloode!238
Ther will no mete do me goode239
To he be hanged on a roode,240
And his bones be cold.241
Primus Tortor
Syrs, we may be fayn / ffor I haue fon a tree,242
I tell you in certan / it is of greatt bewtee,243
On the which he shall suffre payn / be feste with nales thre,
Ther shall nothyng hym gayn / ther on to he dede be,
I insure it;246
Do, bryng hym hence.247
Secundus Tortor
Take vp oure gere and defence.248
Tercius Tortor
I wold spende all my spence249
To se hym ones skelpt.250
Primus Tortor
This cros vp thou take / and make the redy bowne;251
Withoutt gruchyng thou rake / and bere it thrugh the towne;
Mary, thi moder, I wote will make / great mowrnyng and mone,
But for thy fals dedys sake / shortly thou salbe slone,
No nay;255
The pepyll of bedlem,256
and gentyls of Ierusalem,257
All the comoners of this reme,258
shall wonder on the this day.259
John the Apostle
Alas! for my master moste of myght,260
That yester euen with lanterne bright261
before Caiphas was broght;262
Both peter and I sagh that sight,263
And sithen we fled away full wight,264
when Iues so wonderly wroght;265
At morne thay toke to red, And fals witnes furth soght,
And demyd hym to be dede, That to thaym trespaste noght,
Alas! for his modere and othere moo,268
My moder and hir syster also,269
Sat sam with syghyng sore;270
Thay Wote nothyng of all this wo,271
Therfor to tell thaym will I go,272
Sen I may mend no more.273
If he shuld dy thus tyte And thay vnwarned wore,274
I were Worthy to wyte; I will go fast therfor.275
God saue you, systers all in fere!276
Dere lady, if thi will were,277
I must tell tythyngys playn.278
Welcom, Iohn, my cosyn dere!279
how farys my son sen thou was here?280
That wold I wyt full fayn.281
John the Apostle
A, dere lady with youre leyff, The trouth shuld no man layn,
Ne with godys will thaym grefe.283
whi, Iohn, is my son slayn?
John the Apostle
Nay lady, I saide not so,284
Bot ye me myn he told vs two285
And thaym that with vs wore,286
how he with pyne shuld pas vs fro,287
And efte shuld com vs to,288
To amende oure syghyng sore;289
It may not stand in stede To sheynd youre self therfore.
Mary Magdalene
Alas! this day for drede! Good Iohn, neven this no more!
Speke preualy I the pray,292
ffor I am ferde, if we hir flay,293
That she will ryn and rafe.294
John the Apostle
The sothe behowys me nede to say,295
he is damyd to dede this day,296
Ther may no sorow hym safe.297
Maria Jacobi
Good Iohn, tell vnto vs two What thou of hir will crafe,
And we will gladly go And help that thou it haue.299
John the Apostle
Systers, youre mowrnyng may not amende;300
And ye will ever, or he take ende,301
Speke with my master free,302
Then must ye ryse and with me weynd,303
And kepe hym as he shall be kend304
Withoutt yond same cyte;305
If ye will nygh me nere, Com fast and felowe me.306
A, help me, systers dere! That I my son may see.307
Mary Magdalene
Lady, we wold weynd full fayn,308
Hertely With all oure myght and mayn,309
youre comforth to encrese.310
Good Iohn, go before and frayn.311
John the Apostle
Lo, where he commes vs euen agayn312
with all yond mekyll prese!313
All youre mowrnyng in feyr / may not his sorow sese.
Alas, for my son dere, / that me to moder chese!315
Alas, dere son for care / I se thi body blede;316
My self I will for-fare / for the in this great drede,
This cros on thi shulder bare / to help the in this nede,
I will it bere with greatt hart sare / wheder thay will the lede.
This cros is large in lengthe / and also bustus with all;
If thou put to thi strengthe / to the erthe thou mon downe fall.
A dere son, thou let me / help the in this case!322
lo, moder, I tell it the / to bere no myght thou hase.
I pray the, dere son, it may so be / to man thou gif thi grace,
On thi self thou haue pyte / and kepe the from thi foyse.
ffor sothe, moder, this is no nay / on cros I must dede dre,
And, from deth ryse on the thryd day / thus prophecy says by me;
Mans saull that I luffyd ay / I shall redeme securly,
Into blis of heuen for ay / I shall it bryng to me,
Mary Magdalene
It is greatt sorow to any wyght / Ihesus, to se with Iues keyn,
How he in dyuerse payns is dight / ffor sorow I water both myn eeyn.
Maria Jacobi
This lord that is of myght / dyd neuer yll truly,332
Thise Iues thay do not right / if thay deme hym to dy.
Mary Magdalene
Alas! what shall we say! / ihesus that is so leyfe,
To deth thise Iues this day / thay lede with paynes full grefe.
Maria Jacobi
He was full true, I say / though thay dam hym as thefe,
Mankynde he lufed all way / for sorow my hart will clefe.
ye doghters of Ierusalem / I byd you wepe nothyng for me,
Bot for youre self and youre barn-teme / behald I tell you securle,
Sore paynes ar ordand for this reme / in dayes herafter for to be;
youre myrth to bayll it shall downe streme / in euery place of this cyte.
Childer, certys, thay shall blys / women baren that neuer child bare,
And pappes that neuer gaf sowke, Iwys / thus shall thare hartys for sorow be sare;
The montayns hy and thise greatt hyllys / thay shall byd fall apon them thare,
ffor my bloode that sakles is / to shede and spyll thay will not spare.
Secundus Tortor
walk on, and lefe thi vayn carpyng / it shall not saue the fro thy dede,
wheder thise women cry or syng / for any red, that thay can red.
Tercius Tortor
Say wherto abyde we here abowte,348
Thise qwenes with scremyng and with showte?349
May no man thare wordys stere?350
Primus Tortor
Go home, thou casbald, with that clowte!351
Or, by that lord I leyfe and lowte,352
Thou shall by it full dere!353
Mary Magdalene
This thyng shall venyance call / on you holly in fere.
Secundus Tortor
Go, hy the hens with all / or yll hayll cam thou here!
Tercius Tortor
let all this bargan be / syn all oure toyles ar before;
This tratoure and this tre / I wold, full fayn were thore.
Primus Tortor
It nedys not hym to harll / this cros dos hym greatt dere,
Bot yonder commys a carll / shall help hym for to bere.
Secundus Tortor
That shall we soyn se on assay.360
herk, good, man, wheder art thou on away?361
Thou walkes as thou were wrath.362
Syrs, I haue a greatt Iornay363
That must be done this same day,364
Or els it will me skathe.365
Tercius Tortor
Thou may with lytyll payn / easse hym and thi self both.
Good syrs, that wold I fayn / bot for to tary were full loth.
Primus Tortor
Nay, nay! thou shall full soyn be sped;368
lo here a lad, that must be led,369
ffor his yll dedys to dy,370
And he is bressed and all for bled,371
That makys vs here thus stratly sted;372
we pray the, sir, for-thi,373
That thou will take this tre / bere it to caluary.374
Good sirs, that may not be / ffor full greatt haste haue I,
No longere may I hoyn.376
Secundus Tortor
In fayth thou shall not go so soyn377
ffor noght that thou can say378
This dede must nedys be done,379
And this carll be dede or noyn,380
And now is nere myd day;381
And therfor help vs at this nede / and make vs here no more delay.
I pray you do youre dede / and let me go my way;383
And I shall com full soyn agane,384
To help this man with all my mayn,385
At youre awne wyll.386
Tercius Tortor
what and wold, thou trus with sich a trane?387
Nay fatur, thou shall be full fayn,388
This forward to fulfyll;389
Or, by the myght of mahowne! / thou shall lyke it full yll.
Primus Tortor
Tytt, let dyng this dastard downe / bot he lay hand ther tyll.
Certys, that were vnwysely wroght,392
To beytt me bot if I trespast oght393
Aythere in worde or dede.394
Secundus Tortor
Apon thi bak it shall be broght,395
Thou berys it wheder thou will or noght!396
Dewyll! whom shuld we drede?397
And therfor take it here belyfe / And bere it furth, good spede.
It helpys not here to strife / bere it behoues me nede;
And therfor, syrs, as ye haue sayde,400
To help this man I am well payde,401
As ye wold that it were.402
Tercius Tortor
A, ha! now ar we right arayde,403
bot loke oure gere be redy grade,404
To wyrk when we com there.405
Primus Tortor
I warand all redy / oure toyles both moore and les,
And sir symon truly / gose on before with cros.407
Tercius Tortor
Now by mahowne, oure heuen kyng,408
I wold that we were in that stede409
where we myght hym on cros bryng.410
Step on before, and furth hym lede411
A trace.412
Primus Tortor
Com on thou!413
Secundus Tortor
Put on thou!414
Tercius Tortor
I com fast after you,415
And folowse on the chace.416

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