The Second Shepherds' Play

Primus Pastor
Lord, what these weders ar cold! / and I am yll happyd;
I am nere hande dold, / so long haue I nappyd;2
My legys thay fold, / my fyngers ar chappyd,3
It is not as I wold, / for I am al lappyd,4
In sorow.5
In stormes and tempest,6
Now in the eest, now in the west,7
wo is hym has neuer rest8
Myd day nor morow!9
Bot we sely shepardes / that walkys on the moore,10
In fayth we are nere handys / outt of the doore;11
No wonder as it standys / if we be poore,12
ffor the tylthe of oure landys / lyys falow as the floore,
As ye ken.14
we ar so hamyd,15
ffor-taxed and ramyd,16
We ar mayde hand tamyd,17
with thyse gentlery men.18
Thus thay refe vs oure rest / oure lady theym wary!
These men that ar lord fest / thay cause the ploghe tary.
That men say is for the best / we fynde it contrary;
Thus ar husbandys opprest / in po[i]nte to myscary,
On lyfe.23
Thus hold, thay vs hunder,24
Thus thay bryng vs in blonder;25
It were greatte wonder,26
And euer shuld we thryfe.27
ffor may he gett a paynt slefe / or a broche now on dayes,
wo is hym that hym grefe / or onys agane says!29
Dar noman hym reprefe / what mastry he mays,30
And yit may noman lefe / oone word that he says,31
No letter.32
he can make purveance,33
with boste and bragance,34
And all is thrugh mantenance35
Of men that are gretter.36
Ther shall com a swane / as prowde as a po,37
he must borow my wane / my ploghe also,38
Then I am full fane / to graunt or he go.39
Thus lyf we in payne / Anger, and wo,40
By nyght and day;41
he must haue if he langyd,42
If I shuld, forgang it,43
I were better be hangyd44
Then oones say hym nay.45
It dos me good, as I walk / thus by myn oone,46
Of this warld, for to talk / in maner of mone.47
To my shepe wyll I stalk / and herkyn anone,48
Ther abyde on a balk / or sytt on a stone49
ffull soyne.50
ffor I trowe, perde,51
trew men if thay be,52
we gett more compane53
Or it be noyne.54
Secundus Pastor
Benste and dominus! / what may this bemeyne?55
why, fares this warld thus / oft haue we not sene?56
lord, thyse weders ar spytus / and the weders full kene.
And the frostys so hydus / thay water myn eeyne,58
No ly.59
Now in dry, now in wete,60
Now in snaw, now in slete,61
When my shone freys to my fete,62
It is not all esy.63
Bot as far as I ken / or yit as I go,64
we sely wedmen / dre mekyll wo;65
We haue sorow then and then / it fallys oft so;66
Sely capyle, oure hen / both to and fro67
She kakyls;68
Bot begyn she to crok,69
To groyne or [to clo]k,70
Wo is hym is of oure cok,71
ffor he is in the shekyls.72
These men that ar wed / haue not all thare wyll,73
when they ar full hard sted / thay sygh full styll;
God wayte thay ar led / full hard and full yll;75
In bower nor in bed / thay say noght ther tyll,76
This tyde.77
My parte haue I fun,78
I know my lesson.79
wo is hym that is bun,80
ffor he must abyde.81
Bot now late in oure lyfys / a meruell to me,82
That I thynk my hart ryfys / sich wonders to see.83
what that destany dryfys / it shuld so be;84
Som men wyll have two wyfys / and som men thre,85
In store;86
Som ar wo that has any,87
Bot so far can I,88
wo is hym that has many,89
ffor he felys sore.90
Bot yong men of wowyng / for god that you boght,91
Be well war of wedyng / and thynk in youre thoght,92
"had I wyst" is a thyng / it seruys of noght;93
Mekyll styll mowrnyng / has wedyng home broght,94
And grefys;95
with many a sharp showre,96
ffor thou may cach in an owre97
That shall [savour] fulle sowre98
As long as thou lyffys.99
ffor, as euer red I pystyll / I haue oone to my fere,
As sharp as a thystyll / as rugh as a brere;101
She is browyd lyke a brystyll / with a sowre loten chere;
had She oones Wett Hyr Whystyll / She couth Syng full clere
Hyr pater noster.104
She is as greatt as a whall,105
She has a galon of gall:106
By hym that dyed for vs all,107
I wald I had ryn to I had lost hir.108
Primus Pastor
God looke ouer the raw / ffull defly ye stand.109
Secundus Pastor
yee, the dewill in thi maw / so tariand.110
sagh thou awro of daw? /111
Primus Pastor
yee, on a ley land
hard I hym blaw / he commys here at hand,112
Not far;113
Stand styll.114
Secundus Pastor
Primus Pastor
ffor he commys, hope I.115
Secundus Pastor
he wyll make vs both a ly116
Bot if we be war.117
Tercius Pastor
Crystys crosse me spede / and sant nycholas!118
Ther of had I nede / it is wars then it was.119
Whoso couthe take hede / and lett the warld pas,120
It is euer in drede / and brekyll as glas,121
And slythys.122
This warld, fowre neuer so,123
With meruels mo and mo,124
Now in weyll, now in wo,125
And all thyng wrythys.126
Was neuer syn noe floode / sich floodys seyn;127
Wyndys and ranys so rude / and stormes so keyn;128
Som stamerd, som stod, / in dowte, as I weyn;129
Now god turne all to good / I say as I mene,130
ffor ponder.131
These floodys so thay drowne,132
Both in feyldys and in towne,133
And berys all downe,134
And that is a wonder.135
We that walk on the nyghtys / oure catell to kepe,136
We se sodan syghtys / when othere men slepe.137
yit me thynk my hart lyghtys / I se shrewys pepe;138
ye ar two all wyghtys / I wyll gyf my shepe139
A turne.140
Bot full yll haue I ment,141
As I walk on this bent,142
I may lyghtly repent,143
My toes if I spurne.144
A, sir, god, you saue / and master myne!145
A drynk fayn wold I haue / and somwhat to dyne.146
Primus Pastor
Crystys curs, my knaue / thou art a ledyr hyne!147
Secundus Pastor
What! the boy lyst rave; / abyde vnto syne;148
We haue mayde it.149
yll thryft on thy pate!150
Though the shrew cam late,151
yit is he in state152
To dyne, if he had it.153
Tercius Pastor
Sich seruandys as I / that swettys and swynkys,154
Etys oure brede full dry / and that me forthynkys;155
We ar oft weytt and wery / when master-men wynkys,156
yit commys full lately / both dyners and drynkys,157
Bot nately.158
Both oure dame and oure syre,159
when we haue ryn in the myre,160
Thay can nyp at oure hyre,161
And pay vs full lately.162
Bot here my trouth, master / for the fayr that ye make,
I shall do therafter / wyrk as I take;164
I shall do a lytyll, sir / and emang euer lake,165
ffor yit lay my soper / neuer on my stomake166
In feyldys.167
Wherto shuld, I threpe?168
with my staf can I lepe,169
And men say "lyght chepe170
letherly for-yeldys."171
Primus Pastor
Thou were an yll lad / to ryde on wowyng172
With a man that had / bot lytyll of spendyng.173
Secundus Pastor
Peasse, boy, I bad / no more Iangling,174
Or I shall make the full rad / by the heuen’s kyng!
with thy gawdys;176
wher ar oure shepe, boy, we skorne?177
Tercius Pastor
Sir, this same day at morne178
I thaym left in the corne,179
when thay rang lawdys;180
Thay haue pasture good / thay can not go wrong.181
Primus Pastor
That is right, by the roode! / thyse nyghtys ar long,
yit I wold, or we yode / oone gaf vs a song.183
Secundus Pastor
So I thoght as I stode / to myrth vs emong.184
Tercius Pastor
I grauntt.185
Primus Pastor
lett me syng the tenory.186
Secundus Pastor
And I the tryble so hye.187
Tercius Pastor
Then the meyne fallys to me;188
lett se how ye chauntt.189
Now lord, for thy naymes sevyn / that made both moyn & starnes
Well mo then I can neuen / thi will, lorde, of me tharnys;
I am all vneuen / that moves oft my harnes,192
Now Wold god I were in heuen / for there wepe no barnes
So styll.194
Primus Pastor
Who is that pypys so poore?195
wold, god ye wyst how I foore!196
lo, a man that walkys on the moore,197
And has not all his wyll!198
Secundus Pastor
Mak, where has thou gon? / tell vs tythyng.199
Tercius Pastor
Is he commen? then ylkon / take hede to his thyng.200
what! ich be a yoman / I tell you, of the king;201
The self and the same / sond from a greatt lordyng,
And sich.203
ffy on you! goyth hence204
Out of my presence!205
I must haue reuerence;206
why, who be ich?207
Primus Pastor
Why make ye it so qwaynt? / mak, ye do wrang.208
Secundus Pastor
Bot, mak, lyst ye saynt? / I trow that ye lang.209
Tercius Pastor
I trow the shrew can paynt, / the dewyll myght hym hang!
Ich shall make complaynt / and make you all to thwang
At a worde,212
And tell euyn how ye doth.213
Primus Pastor
Bot, Mak, is that sothe?214
Now take outt that sothren tothe,215
And sett in a torde!216
Secundus Pastor
Mak, the dewill in youre ee / a stroke wold, I leyne you.
Tercius Pastor
Mak, know ye not me? / by god I couthe teyn you.218
God looke you all thre! / me thoght I had sene you,
ye ar a fare compane. /220
Primus Pastor
can ye now mene you?
Secundus Pastor
Shrew, Iape!221
Thus late as thou goys,222
what wyll men suppos?223
And thou has an yll noys224
of stelyng of shepe.225
And I am trew as steyll / all men waytt,226
Bot a sekenes I feyll / that haldys me full haytt,227
My belly farys not weyll / it is out of astate.228
Tercius Pastor
Seldom lyys the dewyll / dede by the gate.229
full sore am I and yll,231
If I stande stone styll;232
I ete not an nedyll233
Thys moneth and more.234
Primus Pastor
how farys thi wyff? by my hoode / how farys sho?235
lyys walteryng, by the roode / by the fyere, lo!236
And a howse full of brude / she drynkys well to;237
yll spede othere good / that she wyll do!238
Bot so239
Etys as fast as she can,240
And ilk yere that commys to man241
She bryngys furth a lakan,242
And som yeres two.243
Bot were I not more gracyus / and rychere befar,244
I were eten outt of howse / and of harbar;245
Yit is she a fowll dowse / if ye com nar:246
Ther is none that trowse / nor knowys a war,247
Then ken I.248
Now wyll ye se what I profer,249
To gyf all in my cofer250
To morne at next to offer251
hyr hed mas penny.252
Secundus Pastor
I wote so forwakyd / is none in this shyre:253
I wold slepe if I takyd / les to my hyere.254
Tercius Pastor
I am cold, and nakyd / and wold haue a fyere.255
Primus Pastor
I am wery, for-rakyd / and run in the myre.256
wake thou!257
Secundus Pastor
Nay, I wyll lyg downe by,258
ffor I must slepe truly.259
Tercius Pastor
As good a man’s son was I260
As any of you.261
Bot, mak, com heder! betwene / shall thou lyg downe.
Then myght I lett you bedene / of that ye wold, rowne,
No drede.266
ffro my top to my too,267
Manus tuas commendo,268
poncio pilato,269
Cryst crosse me spede!270
Now were tyme for a man / that lakkys what he wold,
To stalk preuely than / vnto a fold,272
And neemly to wyrk than / and be not to bold,273
ffor he might aby the bargan / if it were told274
At the endyng.275
Now were tyme for to reyll;276
Bot he nedys good counsell277
That fayn wold, fare weyll,278
And has bot lytyll spendyng.279
Bot abowte you a serkyll / as rownde as a moyn,280
To I haue done that I wyll / tyll that it be noyn,281
That ye lyg stone styll / to that I haue doyne,282
And I shall say thertyll / of good wordys a foyne.283
On hight284
Ouer youre heydys my hand I lyft,285
Outt go youre een, fordo your syght,286
Bot yit I must make better shyft,287
And it be right.288
lord! what thay slepe hard! / that may ye all here;
was I neuer a shepard / bot now wyll I lere.290
If the flok be skard / yit shall I nyp nere,291
how! drawes hederward! / now mendys oure chere292
ffrom sorow:293
A fatt shepe I dar say,294
A good flese dar I lay,295
Eft whyte when I may,296
Bot this will I borow.297
how, gyll, art thou In? / gett vs some lyght.298
Uxor Ejus (Gill)
Who makys sich dyn / this tyme of the nyght?299
I am sett for to spyn / I hope not I myght300
Ryse a penny to wyn, / I shrew them on hight!301
So farys302
A huswyff that has bene303
To be rasyd thus betwene:304
here may no note be sene305
ffor sich small charys.306
Good wyff, open the hek! / seys thou not what I bryng?
Uxor Ejus (Gill)
I may thole the dray the snek. / A, com in, my swetyng!
yee, thou thar not rek / of my long standyng.309
Uxor Ejus (Gill)
By the nakyd nek / art thou lyke for to hyng.310
Do way:311
I am worthy my mete,312
ffor in a strate can I gett313
More then thay that swynke and swette314
All the long day,315
Thus it fell to my lott / gyll, I had sich grace.316
Uxor Ejus (Gill)
It were a fowll blott / to be hanged for the case.317
I haue skapyd, Ielott / oft as hard a glase.318
Uxor Ejus (Gill)
Bot so long goys the pott / to the water, men says,
At last320
Comys it home broken.321
well knowe I the token,322
Bot let it neuer be spoken;323
Bot com and help fast.324
I wold, he were slayn / I lyst well ete:325
This twelmothe was I not so fayn / of oone shepe mete.
Uxor Ejus (Gill)
Com thay or he be slayn/ and here the shepe blete!327
Then myght I be tane, / that were a cold, swette!328
Go spar329
The gaytt doore.330
Uxor Ejus (Gill)
Yis, Mak,
ffor and thay com at thy bak,331
Then myght I by, for all the pak,332
The dewill of the war.333
Uxor Ejus (Gill)
A good bowrde haue I spied / syn thou can none.334
here shall we hym hyde / to thay be gone;335
In my credyll abyde / lett me alone,336
And I shall lyg besyde / in chylbed, and grone.337
Thou red;338
And, I shall say thou was lyght339
Of a knaue childe this nyght.340
Uxor Ejus (Gill)
Now well is me day bright,341
That euer was I bred.342
This is a good gyse / and a far cast;343
Yit a woman avyse / helpys at the last.344
I wote neuer who spyse, / agane go thou fast.345
Bot I com or thay ryse / els blawes a cold, blast!346
I wyll go slepe.347
yit slepys all this meneye,348
And I shall go stalk preuely,349
As it had neuer bene I350
That caryed thare shepe.351
Primus Pastor
Resurrex a mortruis! / haue hald, my hand.352
Iudas carnas dominus! / I may not well stand:353
My foytt slepys, by ihesus / and I water fastand.354
I thoght that we layd vs / full nere yngland.355
Secundus Pastor
A ye!356
lord! what I haue slept weyll;357
As fresh as an eyll,358
As lyght I me feyll359
As leyfe on a tre.360
Tercius Pastor
Benste be here in! / so my [hart?] qwakys,361
My hart is outt of skyn / what so it makys.362
Who makys all this dyn? / so my browes blakys,363
To the dowore wyll I wyn / harke felows, wakys!364
We were fowre:365
se ye awre of mak now?366
Primus Pastor
we were vp or thou.367
Secundus Pastor
Man, I gyf god a vowe,368
yit yede he nawre.369
Tercius Pastor
Me thoght he was lapt / in a wolfe skyn.370
Primus Pastor
So are many hapt / now namely within.371
Secundus Pastor
When we had long napt / me thoght with a gyn372
A fatt shepe he trapt / bot he mayde no dyn.373
Tercius Pastor
Be styll:374
Thi dreme makys the woode:375
It is bot fantom, by the roode.376
Primus Pastor
Now god turne all to good,377
If it be his wyll.378
Secundus Pastor
Ryse, mak, for shame! / thou lygys right lang.379
Now crystys holy name / be vs emang!380
what is this? for sant Iame / I may not well gang!
I trow I be the same / A! my nek has lygen wrang382
Mekill thank, syn yister euen,384
Now, by sant strevyn,385
I was flayd with a swevyn,386
My hart out of sloghe.387
I thoght gyll began to crok / and trauell full sad,
welner at the fyrst cok / of a yong lad,389
ffor to mend oure flok / then be I neuer glad.390
I haue tow on my rok / more then euer I had.391
A, my heede!392
A house full of yong tharmes,393
The dewill knok outt thare harnes!394
wo is hym has many barnes,395
And therto lytyll brede!396
I must go home, by youre lefe / to gyll as I thoght.
I pray you looke my slefe / that I steyll noght:398
I am loth you to grefe / or from you take oght.399
Tercius Pastor
Go furth, yll myght thou chefe! / now wold I we soght,
This morne,401
That we had all oure store.402
Primus Pastor
Bot I will go before,403
let vs mete.404
Secundus Pastor
Tercius Pastor
At the crokyd thorne.405
Vndo this doore! who is here? / how long shall I stand?
Uxor Ejus (Gill)
Who makys sich a bere? / now walk in the Wenyand.407
A, gyll, what chere? / it is I, mak, youre husbande,
Uxor Ejus (Gill)
Then may we be here / the dewill in a bande,409
Syr gyle;410
lo, he commys with a lote411
As he were holden in the throte.412
I may not syt at my note,413
A hand lang while.414
Wyll ye here what fare she makys / to gett hir a glose,
And dos noght bot lakys / and clowse hir toose.416
Uxor Ejus (Gill)
why, who wanders, who wakys / who commys, who gose?
who brewys, who bakys? / what makys me thus hose?418
And than,419
It is rewthe to beholde,420
Now in hote, now in colde,421
ffull wofull is the householde422
That wantys a woman.423
Bot what ende has thou mayde / with the hyrdys, mak?
The last worde that thay sayde / when I turnyd my bak,
Thay wold looke that thay hade / thare shepe all the pak.
I hope thay wyll nott be well payde / when thay thare shepe lak,
Bot how so the gam gose,429
To me thay wyll suppose,430
And make a fowll noyse,431
And cry outt apon me.432
Bot thou must do as thou hyght /433
Uxor Ejus (Gill)
I accorde me thertyll.
I shall swedyll hym right / In my credyll;434
If it were a gretter slyght / yit couthe I help tyll.
I wyll lyg downe stright; / com hap me;436
I wyll.
Uxor Ejus (Gill)
Com coll and his maroo,438
Thay will nyp vs full naroo.439
Bot I may cry out ‘haroo,’440
The shepe if thay fynde.441
Uxor Ejus (Gill)
harken ay when thay call / thay will com onone.442
Com and make redy all / and syng by thyn oone;443
Syng lullay thou shall / for I must grone,444
And cry outt by the wall / on mary and Iohn,445
ffor sore.446
Syng lullay on fast447
when thou heris at the last;448
And bot I play a fals cast,449
Trust me no more.450
Tercius Pastor
A, coll, goode morne / why slepys thou nott?451
Primus Pastor
Alas, that euer was I borne! / we haue a fowll blott.
A fat wedir haue we lorne. /453
Tercius Pastor
mary, godys forbott!
Secundus Pastor
who shuld do vs that skorne? that were a fowll spott.
Primus Pastor
Som shrewe.455
I haue soght with my dogys456
All horbery shrogys,457
And of fefteyn hogys458
ffond I bot oone ewe.459
Tercius Pastor
Now trow me, if ye will / by sant thomas of kent,460
Ayther mak or gyll / was at that assent.461
Primus Pastor
peasse, man, be still! / I sagh when he went;462
Thou sklanders hym yll / thou aght to repent,463
Goode spede.464
Secundus Pastor
Now as euer myght I the,465
If I shuld, euyn here de,466
I wold say it were he,467
That dyd that same dede.468
Tercius Pastor
Go we theder, I rede / and ryn on oure feete.469
Shall I neuer ete brede / the sothe to I wytt.470
Primus Pastor
Nor drynk in my heede / with hym tyll I mete.471
Secundus Pastor
I wyll rest in no stede / tyll that I hym grete,472
My brothere.473
Oone I will hight:474
Tyll I se hym in sight475
shall I neuer slepe one nyght476
Ther I do anothere.477
Tercius Pastor
Will ye here how thay hak? / oure syre, lyst, croyne.
Primus Pastor
hard I neuer none crak / so clere out of toyne;479
Call on hym.480
Secundus Pastor
mak! / vndo youre doore soyne.
Who is that spak, / as it were noyne,481
On loft?482
Who is that I say?483
Tercius Pastor
Goode felowse, were it day.484
As far as ye may,485
Good, spekys soft,486
Ouer a seke woman’s heede / that is at mayll easse;
I had leuer be dede / or she had any dyseasse.488
Uxor Ejus (Gill)
Go to an othere stede / I may not well qweasse.489
Ich fote that ye trede / goys thorow my nese.490
So hee!491
Primus Pastor
Tell vs, mak, if ye may,492
how fare ye, I say?493
Bot ar ye in this towne to day?494
Now how fare ye?495
ye haue ryn in the myre / and ar weytt yit:496
I shall make you a fyre / if ye will syt.497
A nores wold, I hyre / thynk ye on yit,498
well qwytt is my hyre / my dreme this is itt,499
A seson.500
I haue barnes, if ye knew,501
well mo then enewe,502
Bot we must drynk as we brew,503
And that is bot reson.504
I wold ye dynyd or ye yode / me thynk that ye swette.
Secundus Pastor
Nay, nawther mendys oure mode / drynke nor mette.506
why, sir, alys you oght bot goode? /507
Tercius Pastor
yee, oure shepe that we gett,
Ar stollyn as thay yode / oure los is grette.508
Syrs, drynkys!509
had I bene thore,510
Som shuld haue boght it full sore.511
Primus Pastor
Mary, som men trowes that ye wore,512
And that vs forthynkys.513
Secundus Pastor
Mak, som men trowys / that it shuld be ye.514
Tercius Pastor
Ayther ye or youre spouse / so say we.515
Now if ye haue suspowse / to gill or to me,516
Com and rype oure howse / and then may ye se517
who had hir,518
If I any shepe fott,519
Aythor cow or stott;520
And gyll, my wyfe, rose nott521
here syn she lade hir.522
As I am true and lele / to god here I pray,523
That this be the fyrst mele / that I shall ete this day.
Primus Pastor
Mak, as haue I ceyll, / Avyse the, I say;525
he lernyd tymely to steyll / that couth not say nay.
Uxor Ejus (Gill)
I swelt!527
Outt, thefys, fro my wonys!528
ye com to rob vs for the nonys.529
here ye not how she gronys?530
youre hartys shuld melt.531
Uxor Ejus (Gill)
Outt, thefys, fro my barne! / negh hym not thor.532
wyst ye how she had farne / youre hartys wold be sore.
ye do wrang, I you warne / that thus commys before534
To a woman that has farne / bot I say no more.535
Uxor Ejus (Gill)
A, my medyll!536
I pray to god so mylde,537
If euer I you begyld,538
That I ete this chylde539
That lygys in this credyll.540
peasse, woman, for godys payn / and cry not so:541
Thou spyllys thy brane / and makys me full wo.542
Secundus Pastor
I trow oure shepe be slayn / what finde ye two?543
Tercius Pastor
All wyrk we in vayn / as well may we go.544
Bot hatters,545
I can fynde no flesh,546
hard nor nesh,547
Salt nor fresh,548
Bot two tome platers.549
Whik catell bot this / tame nor wylde,550
None, as haue I blys / as lowde as he smylde.551
Uxor Ejus (Gill)
No, so god me blys / and gyf me Ioy of my chylde!552
Primus Pastor
We haue merkyd amys / I hold vs begyld.553
Secundus Pastor
Syr don,554
Syr, oure lady hym saue!555
Is youre chyld a knaue?556
Any lord myght hym haue557
This chyld to his son.558
when he wakyns he kyppys / that ioy is to se.559
Tercius Pastor
In good tyme to hys hyppys / and in cele.560
Bot who was his gossyppys / so sone rede?561
So fare fall thare lyppys! /562
Primus Pastor
hark now, a le!
So god thaym thank,563
Parkyn, and gybon waller, I say,564
And gentill Iohn horne, in good fay,565
he made all the garray,566
With the greatt shank.567
Secundus Pastor
Mak, freyndys will we be / ffor we ar all oone.568
we! now I hald for me / for mendys gett I none.569
ffare well all thre / all glad were ye gone.570
Tercius Pastor
ffare wordys may ther be / bot luf is ther none571
this yere.572
Primus Pastor
Gaf ye the chyld, any thyng?573
Secundus Pastor
I trow not oone farthyng.574
Tercius Pastor
ffast agane will I flyng,575
Abyde ye me there.576
Mak, take it to no grefe / if I com to thi barne.577
Nay, thou dos me greatt reprefe / and fowll has thou farne.
Tercius Pastor
The child will it not grefe / that lytyll day starne.
Mak, with youre leyfe / let me gyf youre barne,580
Bot sex pence.581
Nay, do way: he slepys.582
Tercius Pastor
Me thynk he pepys.583
when he wakyns he wepys.584
I pray you go hence.585
Tercius Pastor
Gyf me lefe hym to kys / and lyft vp the clowtt.586
what the dewill is this? / he has a long snowte.587
Primus Pastor
he is merkyd amys / we wate ill abowte.588
Secundus Pastor
Ill spon weft, Iwys / ay commys foull owte.589
Ay, so!590
he is lyke to oure shepe!591
Tercius Pastor
how, gyb! may I pepe?592
Primus Pastor
I trow, kynde will crepe593
where it may not go.594
Secundus Pastor
This was a qwantt gawde / and a far cast.595
It was a hee frawde. /596
Tercius Pastor
yee, syrs, wast.
lett bren this bawde / and bynd hir fast.597
A fals skawde / hang at the last;598
So shall thou.599
wyll ye se how thay swedyll600
his foure feytt in the medyll?601
Sagh I neuer in a credyll602
A hornyd lad or now.603
Peasse byd I: what! / lett be youre fare;604
I am he that hym gatt / and yond woman hym bare.605
Primus Pastor
What dewill shall he hatt? / Mak, lo god makys ayre.
Secundus Pastor
lett be all that. / now god gyf hym care,607
I sagh.608
Uxor Ejus (Gill)
A pratty child is he609
As syttys on a waman’s kne;610
A dyllydowne, perde,611
To gar a man laghe.612
Tercius Pastor
I know hym by the eere marke / that is a good tokyn.
I tell you, syrs, hark! / hys noyse was brokyn.614
Sythen told, me a clerk / that he was forspokyn.615
Primus Pastor
This is a fals wark / I wold, fayn be wrokyn:616
Gett wepyn.617
Uxor Ejus (Gill)
he was takyn with an elfe,618
I saw it myself.619
when the clok stroke twelf620
was he forshapyn.621
Secundus Pastor
ye two ar well feft / sam in a stede.622
Tercius Pastor
Syn thay manteyn thare theft / let do thaym to dede.
If I trespas eft / gyrd of my heede.624
with you will I be left. /625
Primus Pastor
syrs, do my reede.
ffor this trespas,626
we will nawther ban ne flyte,627
ffyght nor chyte,628
Bot haue done as tyte,629
And cast hym in canvas.630
lord! what I am sore / in poynt for to bryst.631
In fayth I may no more / therfor wyll I ryst.632
Secundus Pastor
As a shepe of sevyn skore / he weyd in my fyst.633
ffor to slepe ay whore / me thynk that I lyst.634
Tercius Pastor
Now I pray you,635
lyg downe on this grene.636
Primus Pastor
On these thefys yit I mene.637
Tercius Pastor
wherto shuld ye tene638
So, as I say you?639
Ryse, hyrd men heynd! / for now is he borne640
That shall take fro the feynd / that adam had lorne:
That warloo to sheynd / this nyght is he borne.642
God is made youre freynd / now at this morne.643
he behestys,644
At bedlem go se,645
Ther lygys that fre646
In a cryb full poorely,647
Betwyx two bestys.648
Primus Pastor
This was a qwant stevyn / that euer yit I hard.649
It is a meruell to neuyn / thus to be skard.650
Secundus Pastor
Of godys son of heuyn / he spak vpward.651
All the wod on a leuyn / me thoght that he gard652
Tercius Pastor
he spake of a barne654
In bedlem, I you warne.655
Primus Pastor
That betokyns yond starne.656
let vs seke hym there,657
Secundus Pastor
Say, what was his song? / hard ye not how he crakyd it?
Thre brefes to a long. /659
Tercius Pastor
yee, mary, he hakt it.
was no crochett wrong / nor no thyng that lakt it.660
Primus Pastor
ffor to syng vs emong / right as he knakt it,661
I can.662
Secundus Pastor
let se how ye croyne.663
Can ye bark at the mone?664
Tercius Pastor
hold youre tonges, haue done!665
Primus Pastor
hark after, than.666
Secundus Pastor
To bedlem he bad / that we shuld gang:667
I am full fard / that we tary to lang.668
Tercius Pastor
Be mery and not sad / of myrth is oure sang,669
Euer lastyng glad / to mede may we fang,670
Withoutt noyse.671
Primus Pastor
hy we theder for thy;672
If we be wete and wery,673
To that chyld and that lady674
we haue it not to lose.675
Secundus Pastor
we fynde by the prophecy- / let be youre dyn-676
Of dauid and Isay / and mo then I myn,677
Thay prophecyed by clergy / that in a vyrgyn678
shuld, he lyght and ly / to slokyn oure syn679
And slake it,680
Oure kynde from wo;681
ffor Isay sayd so,682
Cite‘ virgo683
Concipiet a chylde that is nakyd.684
Tercius Pastor
ffull glad may we be / and abyde that day685
That lufly to se / that all myghtys may.686
lord, well were me / for ones and for ay,687
Myght I knele on my kne / som word for to say688
To that chylde.689
Bot the angell sayd,690
In a cryb wos he layde;691
he was poorly arayd692
Both mener and mylde.693
Primus Pastor
patryarkes that has bene / and prophetys beforne,694
Thay desyryd to haue sene / this chylde that is borne.
Thay ar gone full clene / that haue thay lorne.696
We shall se hym, I weyn / or it be morne,697
To tokyn.698
When I se hym and fele,699
Then wote I full weyll700
It is true as steyll701
That prophetys haue spokyn.702
To so poore as we ar / that he wold appere,703
ffyrst fynd, and declare / by his messyngere.704
Secundus Pastor
Go we now, let vs fare / the place is vs nere.705
Tercius Pastor
I am redy and yare / go we in fere706
To that bright.707
Lord, if thi wylles be,708
we ar lewde all thre,709
Thou grauntt vs somkyns gle710
To comforth thi wight.711
Primus Pastor
hayll, comly and clene! / hayll, yong child!712
hayll, maker, as I meyne, / of a madyn so mylde!713
Thou has waryd, I weyne / the warlo so wylde;714
The fals gyler of teyn / now goys he begylde.715
lo, he merys;716
lo, he laghys, my swetyng,717
A welfare metyng,718
I haue holden my hetyng;719
haue a bob of cherys.720
Secundus Pastor
hayll, sufferan sauyoure! / ffor thou has vs soght:
hayll, frely foyde and floure / that all thyng has wroght!
hayll, full of fauoure / that made all of noght!723
hayll! I kneyll and I cowre. / A byrd haue I broght
To my barne.725
hayll, lytyll tyne’ mop!726
of oure crede thou art crop:727
I wold drynk on thy cop,728
Lytyll day starne.729
Tercius Pastor
hayll, derlyng dere / full of godhede!730
I pray the be nere / when that I haue nede.731
hayll! swete is thy chere! / my hart wold, blede732
To se the sytt here / in so poore wede,733
With no pennys.734
hayll! put furth thy dall!735
I bryng the bot a ball:736
haue and play the with all,737
And go to the tenys.738
The fader of heuen / god omnypotent.739
That sett all on seuen, / his son has he sent.740
My name couth he neuen / and lyght or he went.741
I conceyuyd hym full euen / thrugh myght as he ment,
And now is he borne.743
he kepe you fro wo!744
I shall pray hym so;745
Tell furth as ye go,746
And myn on this morne.747
Primus Pastor
ffarewell, lady / so fare to beholde,748
with thy childe on thi kne! /749
Secundus Pastor
bot he lygys full cold.
lord, well is me / now we go, thou behold.750
Tercius Pastor
ffor sothe all redy / it semys to be told751
full oft.752
Primus Pastor
what grace we haue fun.753
Secundus Pastor
Com furth, now ar we won.754
Tercius Pastor
To syng ar we bun:755
let take on loft.756

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