The Talents

Cernite qui statis / quod mire sim probitatis,1
Hec cognoscatis / vos cedam ni taceatis,2
Cuncti discatis / quasi sistam vir deitatis3
Et maiestatis / michi fando ne neceatis,4
hoc modo mando;5
Neue loquaces,6
Siue dicaces,7
poscite paces,8
Dum fero fando.9
Stynt, I say! gyf men place / quia sum dominus dominorum!
he that agans me says / rapietur lux oculorum;11
Therfor gyf ye me space / ne tendam vim brachiorum,
And then get ye no grace / contestor Iura polorum,13
Rewle I the Iure,15
Maxime pure,16
Towne quoque rure,17
Me paueatis.18
Stemate regali / kyng atus gate me of pila;19
Tramite legali / Am I ordand to reyn apon Iuda,20
Nomine wlgari / pownce pilate, that may ye well say,
Qui bene wlt fari / shuld call me fownder of all lay.
Iura guberno,24
pleasse me and say so,25
Omnia firmo26
Sorte deorum.27
Myghty lord of all / me Cesar magnificauit;28
Downe on knees ye fall / greatt god me sanctificauit,
Me to obey ouer all / regi reliquo quasi dauid,30
hanged hy that he sall / hoc iussum qui reprobauit,
I swere now;32
Bot ye youre hedis33
Bare in thies stedis34
Redy my swerde is35
Of thaym to shere now.36
Atrox armipotens / I graunt men girth by my good grace,
Atrox armipotens / most myghty callyd in ylk place,
vir quasi cunctipotens / I graunt men girth by my good grace,
Tota refert huic gens / that none is worthier in face,
Quin eciam bona mens / doith trowth and right bi my trew lays,
In generali,43
Sic speciali,44
yit agane byd I45
Iura tenete.46
loke that no boy be to bustus, blast here for to blaw,
Bot truly to my talkyng loke that ye be intendyng;48
If here be any boy that will not loutt till oure law,
By myghty mahowne, hygh shall he hyng;50
South, north, eest, west,51
In all this warld, in lengthe and brede,52
Is none so doughty as I, the best,53
doughtely dyntand, on mule and on stede.54
Therfor I say,55
loke that ye lowte to my lykance,56
ffor dowte of dynt in greuaunce;57
dilygently ply to my plesance,58
As prynce most myghty me pay,59
And talke not a worde;60
ffor who so styrres or any dyn makys,61
deply in my daunger he rakys,62
That as soferan me not takys63
And as his awne lorde.64
he has myster of nyghtys rest that nappys not in noynyng!
boy, lay me downe softly and hap me well from cold.
loke that no laddys noy me nawder with cryyng nor with cronyng,
Nor in my sight ones greue me so bold.68
If ther be any boyes that make any cry,69
Or els that will not obey me,70
he were better be hanged, hy,71
Then in my sight ones mefe me.72
Primus Tortor
war, war! for now com I,73
The most shrew in this cuntry;74
I haue ron full fast in hy,75
hedir to this towne;76
To this towne now comen am I77
ffrom the mownt of caluery;78
Ther crist hang, and that full hy,79
I swe[re] you, bi my crowne.80
At caluery when he hanged was,81
I spuyd and spyt right in his face,82
when that it shoyn as any glas,83
so semely to my sight;84
Bot yit for all that fayr thyng,85
I loghe hym vnto hethyng,86
And rofe of his clethyng;87
To me it was full light.88
And when his clothes were of in fere,89
lord, so we loghe and maide good chere,90
And crownyd that carle with a brere,91
As he had bene a kyng;92
And yit I did full propurly,93
I clappyd his cors by and by,94
I thoght I did, full curiously95
In fayth hym for to hyng.96
Bot to mahowne I make avowe,97
hedir haue I broght his clethyng now,98
To try the trowthe before you,99
Euen this same nyght;100
Of me and of my felowse two101
with whom this garmente shall go;102
bot sir pilate must go therto,103
I swere you by this light.104
ffor whosoeuer may get thise close,105
he ther neuer rek where he gose,106
ffor he semys nothyng to lose,107
If so be he theym were.108
bot now, now, felose, stand on rowme,109
ffor he commes, shrewes, vnto this towne,110
And we will all togeder rowne,111
so semely in oure gere.112
Secundus Tortor
war, war! and make rowme,113
ffor I will with my felose rowne,114
And I shall knap hym on the crowne115
That standys in my gate;116
I will lepe and I will skyp117
As I were now out of my wytt;118
Almost my breke thay ar beshyt119
ffor drede I cam to late.120
Bot, by mahowne! now am I here!121
The most shrew, that dar I swere,122
That ye shall fynde aw where,123
Spyll-payn in fayth I hight.124
I was at caluery this same day,125
where the kyng of Iues lay,126
And ther I taght hym a newe play,127
Truly, me thoght it right.128
The play, in fayth, it was to rowne,129
That he shuld, lay his hede downe,130
And sone I bobyd hym on the crowne,131
That gam me thoght was good.132
when we had played with hym oure fyll,133
Then led we him vnto an hyll,134
And ther we wroght with hym oure will,135
And hang hym on a rud.136
Nomore now of this talkyng,137
Bot the cause of my commyng;138
Both on ernest and on hethyng139
This cote I wold, I had;140
ffor if I myght this cote gett,141
Then wold I both skyp and lepe,142
And therto fast both drynke and ete,143
In fayth, as I were mad.144
Tercius Tortor
war, war! within thise wones,145
ffor I com rynyng all at ones!146
I haue brysten both my balok stones,147
So fast hyed I hedyr;148
And ther is nothyng me so lefe149
As murder a mycher and hang a thefe:150
If here be any that doth me grefe151
I shall them thresh togedir.152
ffor I may swere with mekill wyn153
I am the most shrew in all myn kyn,154
That is from this towne vnto lyn,155
lo, here my felowse two!156
Now ar we thre commen in157
A new gam forto begyn,158
This same cote forto twyn,159
Or that we farther go.160
Bot to sir pilate prynce I red that we go hy,161
And present hym the playnt how that we ar stad;162
Bot this gowne that is here, I say you for-thy,163
By myghty mahowne I wold not he had.164
Primus Tortor
I assent to that sagh, by myghty mahowne!165
Let vs Weynde to sir pilate withoutten any fabyll;166
Bot syrs, bi my lewte, he gettys not this gowne;167
Vnto vs thre it were right prophetabyll;168
Spill-payn what says thou?169
Secundus Tortor
youre sawes craftely assent I vnto.170
Primus Tortor
Then will I streght furth in this place,171
And speke with sir pilate wordys oone or two,172
ffor I am right semely and fare in the face;173
And now shall we se or we hence go.174
Tercius Tortor
Sir, I say the, by my lewtee,175
where is sir pilate of pryce?176
Sir, I say the, as myght I the,177
he lygys here in the dewyll seruyce.178
Primus Tortor
with that prynce-fowll myght he fall-179
Must we haue at do.180
I shall go to hym and call,181
And loke what ye will say hym to.182
My lord, my lorde!183
what, boy, art thou nyse?184
call nomore, thou has callid twyse.185
my lord,!186
what mytyng is that that mevys me in my mynde?187
I, lord, youre counselloure, pight in youre saw.188
Say ar ther any catyffys combred that ar vnkynde?189
Nay, lord, none that I knawe.190
Then noy vs nomore of this noyse;191
you carles vnkynde, who bad you call me?192
By youre mad, maters I hald, you bot boyes,193
And that shall ye aby, els fowll myght befall me.194
I shall not dy in youre dett!195
Bewshere, I byd, the vp thou take me,196
And in my sete softly loke that thou se me sett.197
Now shall we wytt, and that in hy,198
If that saghe be trew that thou dyd say;199
If I fynde the With lesyng, lad, thou shall aby,200
fforto mell in the maters that pertenyth agans the lay.
Nay, sir, not so, withoutten delay,202
The cause of my callyng is of that boy bold,203
ffor it is saide sothely now this same day,204
That he shuld dulfully be dede,205
Then may youre cares be full cold,207
If he thus sakles be slayn.208
ffare and softly, sir, and say not to far;209
Sett the with sorow, then semys thou the les,210
And of the law that thou leggys be wytty and war,211
lest I greue the greatly with dyntys expres;212
ffals fatur, in fayth I shall slay the!213
Thy reson vnrad I red the redres,214
Or els of thise maters loke thou nomore mell the.215
Why shuld I not mell of those maters that I haue you taght?
Thoug ye be prynce peerles withoutt any pere,217
were not my wyse wysdom youre wyttys were in waght;
And that is seen expresse and playnly right here,219
And done in dede.220
Why, boy, bot has thou sayde?221
yee, lorde.222
Therfor the devyll the spede, thou carle vnkynde223
Sich felowse myght well be on rowme!224
ye knaw not the comon cowrs that longys to a kyng.225
Primus Tortor
Mahowne most myghtfull, he mensk you with mayn,226
Sir pilate pereles, prynce of this prese!227
And saue you, sir, syttand semely suffrayn!228
we haue soght to thy sayll no sayng to sesse,229
Bot certyfie sone;230
ye wote that ye demyd this day apon desse,231
we dowte not his doyng, for now is he done.232
ye ar welcom, Iwys, ye ar worthy ay war;233
Be it fon so of that fatur, in fayth then am I fayne.
Secundus Tortor
we haue markyd that mytyng, nomore shall he mar;235
we prayed you, sir pilate, to put hym to payn,236
And we thoght it well wroght.237
lefe syrs, let be youre laytt and loke that ye layn;
ffor nothyng that may be nevyn ye it noght.239
Tercius Tortor
Make myrth of that mytyng full mekyll we may,240
And haue lykyng of oure lyfe for los of that lad;241
Bot, syr pilate peerles, a poynt I the pray;242
hope ye with hethyng that harnes he had243
To hold that was hys?244
That appentys vnto me, mafa! art thou mad?245
I ment that no mytyng shuld, mell hym of this.246
Primus Tortor
Mefe the not, master, more if he mell,247
ffor thou shall parte from that pelfe, thar thou not pleyte.
yit styrt not farer for noght that ye fell;249
I aske this gowne of youre gyfte, it is not so greatt,
And yit may it agayn you.251
Secundus Tortor
how, all in fageyng? in fayth I know of youre featte,
ffor it fallys to vs four fyrst will I frayn you.253
And I myster to no maner of mans bot myn.254
Tercius Tortor
yee, lord, let shere it in shredys.255
Now that hald I good skyll! take thou this, & thou that,
& this shall be thyne,257
And by lefe and by law this may leyfe styll.258
Primus Tortor
O lordyng! I weyn it is wrang,259
To tymely I toke it, to take it the vntyll260
The farest, and the fowllest thy felowse to fang.261
And thou art payed of thi parte full truly I trowe.
Primus Tortor
It is shame forto se, I am shapyn bot a shrede.263
Secundus Tortor
The hole of this harnes is holdyn to you,264
And I am leuerd a lap is lyke to no lede,265
ffor-tatyrd and torne.266
Tercius Tortor
By myghty mahowne that mylde is of mode,267
If he skap with this cote it were a great skorne.268
Now sen ye teyn so at this, take it to you269
with all the mawgre of myn and myght of mahowne!270
Primus Tortor
Drede you not doutles, for so Will we dow;271
Grefe you not greatly ye gett not this gowne,272
bot in fower as it fallys.273
Secundus Tortor
had I a fawchon, then craftely to cutt it were I bowne.
Tercius Tortor
lo it here that thou callys!275
It is sharp with to shere, shere if thou may.276
Secundus Tortor
Euen in the mydward to marke were mastre to me.277
Primus Tortor
Most semely is in certan the seym to assay.278
Secundus Tortor
I haue soght all this syde and none can I se,279
of greatt nor of small.280
Bewshers, abyd you, I byd you let be!281
I commaunde not to cutt it, bot hold, it hole all.282
Primus Tortor
Now ar we bon, for ye bad, withhald on youre hud.283
we! harlottys! go hang you, for hole shall it be.284
Tercius Tortor
Grefe you not greatly, he saide it for gud.285
wyst I that he spake it in spytyng of me286
Tytt shuld I spede forto spyll hym.287
Secundus Tortor
That were hym loth, lord, by my lewte,288
ffor-thi grauntt hym youre grace.289
No greuans I will hym.290
Primus Tortor
Gramercy thi gudnes!291
yee, bot greue me nomo;292
ffull dere beys it boght293
In fayth, if ye do.294
Primus Tortor
Shall I then saue it?295
yee, so saide I, or to draw cutt is the lelyst,296
and long cut, lo, this wede shall wyn.297
Tercius Tortor
Sir, to youre saying yit assent we vnto;298
Bot oone assay, let se who shall begyn.299
we! me falles all the fyrst, and forther shall ye.300
Secundus Tortor
Nay, drede you not doutles, for that do ye not;301
O, he sekys as he wold, dyssaue vs now we se.302
Tercius Tortor
Bewshers, abyde you, heder haue I broght303
thre dyse vs emang.304
Primus Tortor
That is a gam all the best, bi hym that me boght,305
ffor at the dysyng he dos vs no wrang.306
And I am glad of that gam; On assay, Who shall begyn?
Primus Tortor
ffyrst shall ye, and sen after we all.308
haue the dyse and haue done,309
and lefe all youre dyn,310
ffor who so has most this frog shall he fall,311
And best of the bonys.312
I assent to youre sayng; assay now I shall,313
As I wold, at a wap wyn all at ones.314
Secundus Tortor
A, ha! how now! here ar a hepe.315
haue mynde then emang you how many ther ar.316
Tercius Tortor
thretteen ar on thre, thar ye not threpe.317
Then shall I wyn or all men be war.318
Primus Tortor
Truly lord, right so ye shall;319
Bot grefe you not greatly, the next shall be nar320
If I haue hap to my hand, haue here for all!321
And I haue sene as greatt a freke of his forward falyd.
here ar bot Aght turnyd vp at ones.323
Primus Tortor
Aght? a, his armes, that is yll! what so me alyd,324
I was falsly begylyd with thise byched bones;325
Ther cursyd thay be!326
Secundus Tortor
Well I wote this wede bees won in thise wones,327
I wold, be fayn of this frog myght it fall vnto me.
It bees in waght, in fayth, and, thou wyn.329
Secundus Tortor
No, bot war you away!330
Tercius Tortor
here is baddyst aboue, by mahownes bonys!331
seuen is bot the seconde, the sothe for to say.332
Secundus Tortor
we, fy! that is shortt.333
Tercius Tortor
Do shott at thi hud! now fallys me the fyrst,334
And I haue hap to this gowne, go now on gud;335
The byched bones that ye be I byd you go bett;336
ffelowse, in forward here haue I fefteen!337
As ye wote I am worthi, won is this wede.338
what, whistyll ye in the wenyande! where haue ye beyn?
Thou shall abak, bewshere, that blast I forbede.340
Tercius Tortor
here ar men vs emang,341
lele in oure lay, will ly for no leyd,342
And I wytnes at thaym if I wroght any wrang.343
Primus Tortor
Thou wroght no dyssaytt, for sothe, that we saw,344
ffor-thi thou art worthi, and won is this weyd At thyn awne wyll.
yee, bot me pays not that playng to puf nor to blaw;
If he haue right I ne rek or reson thertyll,347
I refe it hym noght.348
Tercius Tortor
haue gud day, sir, and grefe you not yll,349
ffor if it were duble full dere is it boght.350
Sir, sen thou has won this weyd. say will thou vowche safe
Of thi great gudnes this garment on me?352
Tercius Tortor
Sir, I say you certan this shall ye not haue.353
Thou shall forthynk it, in fayth;354
ffy, what thou art fre!355
vnbychid, vnbayn!356
Tercius Tortor
ffor ye thrett me so throle,357
were it sich thre358
here I gif you this gud.359
Now, gramercy agayn!360
Mekill thank and myn and this shalbe ment.361
Primus Tortor
Bot I had not left it so lightly, had play me it lent.
No, bot he is faythfull and fre, and that shall be ment;
And more if I may,364
If he myster to me,365
amend hym I mon.366
Tercius Tortor
I vowche safe it be so, the sothe forto say.367
Primus Tortor
Now thise dyse that ar vndughty / for los of this good,
here I forswere hertely / by mahownes blood;369
ffor was I neuer so happy / by mayn nor by mode,370
To wyn with sich sotelty / to my lyfys fode,371
As ye ken;372
Thise dysars and thise hullars,373
Thise cokkers and thise bollars,374
And all purs-cuttars,375
Bese well war of thise men.376
Secundus Tortor
ffy, fy, on thise dyse / the devill I theym take!377
vnwytty, vnwyse / With thaym that Wold lake;378
As fortune assyse / men wyll she make;379
hir maners ar nyse / she can downe and vptake;380
And rych381
She turnes vp-so-downe,382
And vnder abone,383
Most chefe of renowne384
She castys in the dyche.385
By hir meanes she makys / dysers to sell,386
As thay sytt and lakys / thare corne and thare catell;
Then cry thay and crakkys / bowne vnto batell,388
his hyppys then bakys / no symnell389
ffor hote.390
Bot fare well, thryfte!391
Is ther none other skyfte392
Bot syfte, lady, syfte?393
Thise dysars thay dote.394
Tercius Tortor
what commys of dysyng / I pray you hark after,395
Bot los of good, in lakyng / and oft tymes mens slaghter!
Thus sorow is at partyng / at metyng if ther be laghter;
I red leyf sich vayn thyng / and serue god herafter,
ffor heuens blys;399
That lord, is most myghty,400
And gentyllyst of Iury,401
we helde to hym holy;402
how thynk ye by this?403
well worth you all thre, most doughty in dede!404
Of all the clerkys that I knaw, most conyng ye be,405
By soteltes of youre sawes, youre lawes forto lede;
I graunt you playn powere and frenship frele,407
I say;408
Dew vows [garde], mon senyours!409
Mahowne most myghty in castels and towres410
he kepe you, lordyngys, and all youres,411
And hauys all gud day.412

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