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Lambeth Players
All photos on this page by Bernard Dandridge
1981 - The Chester Cycle - The Passion
Mike Stevens (Annas or Caiaphas), Roger Haworth (Pilate), Herbert Wanbon (Caiaphas or Annas)
Herbert Wanbon (as above), ? (courtier to Pilate), Roger Haworth (Pilate), ? (courtier to Pilate)
Herbert, Mike and Roger as above.  Richard Luxford (Jesus).


St George and the Dragon
Medieval Mummers Play
(Actually the script was by Ceres Squire from various traditional sources.)
In Myatt's Fields, Lambeth.  That is Mike Stevens playing St George so it must be me, Roger Haworth playing the Turkish Knight.
We did this show so often, I used to turn up for performance and ask 'which part am I playing this time'.
I remember once, after we had performed in Epping town centre, Bernard Dandridge asked us to do a run on this green for the video camera.  We started with no audience, playing to the camera but soon a few spectators stopped and we began to play to them.  And I am sure we bottled them when we finished!
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