The Players of St Peter at Holy Trinity
Holy Trinity Church, Sloane Street, London, SW1
50th Anniversary Production
Selected Scenes from the Medieval Mystery Cycles
December 1996
The Scenes
This year the scenes used to create the whole production have been taken from a number of medieval Play Cycles and existing fragments. Listed below are the towns and cities these came from and the civic craft guilds which originally performed them five or more centuries ago. The 'N-town' plays, probably from Lincoln, were not written for performance by the guilds (or mysteries).
Creation and Fall
    Creation of the WorldBarkers, Wakefield
Fall of LuciferTanners, Chester
Creation of MankindBarkers, Wakefield
Fall of ManCoopers, York
Expulsion from ParadiseGrocers, Norwich
Noah's ArkShipwrights, Newcastle
Lucifer's TemptationSmiths, York
Parliament of HeavenN-town/Lincoln
Salutation and ConceptionN-town/Lincoln
Joseph's Trouble about MaryPewterers, York
The NativityTilethatchers, York
The Shepherds' PlayPainters, Chester
Three Kings and Herod
Three Kings from the EastVintners, Chester
Herod's ProcessionN-town/Lincoln
Herod's CourtVintners, Chester
Offering of the Kings
(The Treasure Chest)
Mercers, Chester
Arrival of the Magi (extract)Goldsmiths, York
Offering of the Kings (The Adoration)Mercers, Chester
Presentation in the TempleWeavers, Coventry
On stage
The Trinity:
   The FatherNeville Bealing
The SonMike Waring
The Holy GhostSimon Reynolds
Good Angels:
CherubinPeter Evans
1st Good AngelHelen Rendall
2nd Good AngelHelene Blair
LuciferTony Barnfield
1st Bad AngelBrian Hunt
2nd Bad AngelEve Haughton
AdamSteven Carter
EvaCatherine Shepherd
SerpentPatricia Reader
GriefJudith Elbourne
MiseryRoger Haworth
NoahDavid Coster
Mrs NoahEileen Mills
ContemplationJames Hardwick
Daughters of God:
TruthPatricia Reader
MercyAlison Liney
JusticeJudith Elbourne
PeaceIrene Deeks
GabrielPeter Evans
MaryJo Greene
JosephJeff Bannister
1st WomanJamie Moreno
2nd WomanEve Haughton
HankinRoger Haworth
HarveyMike Waring
TudAndrew Dobson
GarciusSteven Carter
DotinowleEve Haughton
SheepJamie Moreno
Angel to ShepherdsPeggy Forsyth
1st KingPeter Evans
2nd KingSimon Reynolds
3rd KingDavid Coster
CitizenJudith Elbourne
HeraldJohn Povey
King HerodBrian Hunt
DoctorJames Hardwick
Doctor's ClerkPatricia Reader
Court SingerPeggy Forsyth
AncillaIrene Deeks
SimeonMike Hiller
AnnaEileen Mills
Temple ClerksMike Waring
Tony Gore
Spirit of 1946Patricia Reader
Spirit of 1996Olive Stubbs
Other parts played byColin Pollard
Edward Weedon
and members of the cast
Off stage
Music CoordinatorPatrick Mills
SingersPeggy Forsyth
Justin Arundale
Angela Dickson
Dcmg Dickson
Judith Elbourne
Tan Forsyth
Helen Rendall
Catherine Shepherd
InstrumentalistsJeff Bannister
Tony Barnfield
Peggy Forsyth
James Hardwick
Patrick Milk
Patricia Reader
Helen Rendall
Catherine Shepherd
Mike Waring
Front of House ManagersSue Taylor
David Stevenson
Stage ManagerTed Weedon
AssistantColin Pollard
LightingMike Waring
Stephen Martin
Props Co-ordinationEve Haughton
AssistantsSimon Reynolds
Lesley Webster
Ted Weedon
Design ConceptsDerek Mills
Sharon Brookes
CostumesPatricia Reader
AssistantsJeff Bannister
Helen Berry
Angela Bird
Jennifer Kiek
Michael Smith
Sharron Tingey
PublicityJeff Bannister
Ted Weedon
Ticket OfficePeter Evans
Ted Weedon
ProgrammeOlive Stubbs
Ted Weedon
Eileen Symes, Patricia Bannister