A modernization by

Chester N. Scoville and Kimberley M. Yates

Copyright © Chester N. Scoville and Kimberley M. Yates, Toronto, 2003



The Pageants

  1. The Barkers' Play: The Fall of the Angels

  2. The Plasterers' Play: The Creation

  3. The Cardmakers' Play: The Creation of Adam and Eve

  4. The Fullers' Play: Adam and Eve in Eden

  5. The Coopers' [Barrel-Makers'] Play: The Fall of Man

  6. The Armourers' Play: The Expulsion

  7. The Glovers' Play: Cain and Abel

  8. The Shipwrights' Play: The Building of the Ark

  9. The Fishers' and Mariners' Play: The Flood

  10. The Parchmentmakers' and Bookbinders' Play: Abraham and Isaac

  11. The Hosiers' Play: Moses and Pharaoh

  12. The Spicers' Play: The Annunciation and Visitation

  13. The Pewterers' and Founders' Play: Joseph's Trouble about Mary

  14. The Tile Thatchers' Play: The Nativity

  15. The Chandlers' Play: The Shepherds

  16. The Masons' and Goldsmiths' Play: Herod and the Magi

  17. The Hatmakers, Masons, and Labourers' Play: The Purification

  18. The Marshals' Play: The Flight into Egypt

  19. The Girdlers and Nailers Play: The Slaughter of the Innocents

  20. The Spurriers' and Lorimers' Play: Christ with the Doctors in the Temple

  21. The Barbers' Play: The Baptism

  22. The Smiths' Play: The Temptation

  23. The Curriers' Play: The Transfiguration

  24. The Capmakers' Play: The Woman Taken in Adultery/The Raising of Lazarus

  25. The Skinners' Play: The Entry into Jerusalem

  26. The Cutlers' Play: The Conspiracy

  27. The Baxters' Play: The Last Supper

  28. The Cordwainers' Play: The Agony in the Garden and the Betrayal

  29. The Bowers and Fletchers' Play: Christ Before Annas and Caiaphas

  30. The Tapiters' and Couchers' Play: Christ before Pilate I: The Dream of Pilate's Wife

  31. The Liststers' Play: Christ Before Herod

  32. The Cooks' and Waterleaders' Play: The Remorse of Judas

  33. The Tilemakers' Play: Christ Before Pilate 2: The Judgement

  34. The Shearmen's Play: The Road to Calvary

  35. The Pinners' Play: The Crucifixion

  36. The Butchers' Play: The Death of Christ

  37. The Saddlers' Play: The Harrowing of Hell

  38. The Carpenters' Play: The Resurrection

  39. The Winedrawers' Play: Christ's Appearance to Mary Magdalen

  40. The Woolpackers' and Woolbrokers' Play: The Supper at Emmaus

  41. The Scriveners' Play: The Incredulity of Thomas

  42. The Tailors' Play: The Ascension

  43. The Potters' Play: Pentecost

  44. The Drapers' Play: The Death of the Virgin

  45. The Weavers' Play: The Assumption of the Virgin

  46. The Hostelers' Play: The Coronation of the Virgin

  47. The Mercers' Play: The Last Judgement