Beardyman line drawing
Beardyman photo
Beardyman – Peter Evans

Peter Evans, the Hon. Secretary of the Players, became the subject of somebody's obsession in 2007 November. Somebody in an office opposite Peter's office created the We red heart Beardyman blog. They asked for pictures so I gave them these links.

In each of the following pages, if you click on the link immediately below the picture, it will take you to a thumbnail gallery with more pictures of Peter.

Simon's site is not as so easily navigable. Each year below links to the gallery. He also played Adam in 1988. You can check the programmes archive yourself but as far as I can tell, he first appeared with The Players in the Passion play in 1983.

Peter as Adam Peter as Adam in 2000 Peter as Adam in 2003 Peter as Adam in 2004 Peter as Adam in 2006 Peter as Adam in 2007
2000 2003 2004 2006 2007
Eve played by: Jo Greene Charlotte Fuller Linda Whichelow Danielle Gillett Rebecca Stevenson