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Medieval Mystery Plays – The Players of St Peter: Information & contacts
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On this page, you will find addresses postal and email, a booking form when the time is right (we usually start taking bookings in mid-October), directions to St Clement's, and details of the next production.

In addition, acting on a suggestion from a member of our audience, we make a poster in Acrobat (.pdf) format available for people who might like to print and display it — at a church or in a staffroom, for example, or wherever might be appropriate. Download the 2008 poster.

Our next production

In 2008 we will be presenting a selection from The Chester Plays.
There will be two performances a night from Monday November 24th to Friday November 28th, starting at 6.30 and 8.30.

Street map

Directions to St Clement

Two minutes from Monument Underground station (leave via the King William Street exit) or five minutes from Bank Underground station (leave via the Lombard Street exit).

Our postal address is:

The Players of St Peter
PO Box 3040

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Email addresses:


Formally, this website's address, or URL, is
However, you can save your fingers and time simply by typing

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Mailing list

If you live in the United kingdom and wish to be kept informed (once a year, as a general rule) about Players productions – to join our mailing list, in other words – please send a note that includes your name, address and telephone number to "Mailing List" at the postal address above (not to St Clement's, please), or to the "info" email address if you are happy about the slight risk involved in transmitting personal details in plain text over the leaky old internet.

If you change your address or lose interest, please let us know. Quite apart from the issues of intrusion, there's no point in wasting money writing to the wrong address or direct to your waste-paper bin.

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Taking part

Currently we have about 80 members, not all of them actively involved every year of course, but we are always glad of new talent, so if you think you might like to become involved in any way at all – on stage, backstage, singing, front of house, helping with costumes, or any of the myriad jobs necessary for any show – we can promise you a warm, friendly welcome.

Although our material is based on the Bible and we perform in a church, the emphasis is dramatic and historical rather than theological. Having said that, we do try to remain true to the spirit of the originals, which were religious in intent and liturgical in derivation, and of course we accord due reverence to our surroundings. Still, we have plenty to offer people who are not especially concerned with the religious aspects, but may be interested in, for example, the language or the medieval history – or the stage-down party. Above all, we enjoy ourselves! So if you are interested, do write to the postal or email addresses given above (again, we would emphasise not to the church). Or simply keep an eye on this website for details of the next production and come along to the readings in July and September.

Membership is free for the first year, and £5 annually thereafter.

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Our policy is brief, simple and unambiguous: we use personal information submitted to us purely for our own mailings. We do not share it with or distribute it to any third party under any circumstances, except where required to do so by law or a court order.

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Performance photo (detail) Performance photo (detail)
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