The Players of St Peter
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Scenes from
The Wakefield Plays
2001 December
St Clement Eastcheap Church, London, EC4
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The Plays
The Creation
The Fall of Man (from ?)
Abraham and Isaac
The Prophets
The Annunciation
The Play of Caesar Augustus
The Salutation of Elizabeth
The Second Shepherds' Play
The Offering of the Magi

The Players: on stage - 2001
God                             Mike Waring
Cherubin                        Judith Elboume
Lucifer                         Jamie Moreno
Bad Angels                      Jo Greene
                                Sue Chapman
Good Angels                     Helen Rendall
                                Eve Haughton
Adam                            Jason Henry
Eve                             Christy Koleszar
Narrator                        Judith Elbourne
Abraham                         Brian Hunt
Isaac                           Peter Evans
Servants                        David Coster
                                Irene Deeks
Angel                           Olive Stubbs
King David                      Doug Dickson
Sibilla                         Eileen Mills
Gabriel                         Olive Stubbs
Mary                            Christy Koleszar
Caesar                          Dennis Erdwin
Counsellors                     David Coster
                                Irene Deeks
Lightfoot                       Ted Moat
Elizabeth                       Eve Haughton
    Coll                        Oliver Clement
    Gib                         Mike Waring
    Daw                         Peter Evans
    Mak                         Roger Haworth
Gill                            Jo Greene
Sheep                           Eve Haughton
Angel of the Gloria             Peggy Forsyth
    Jasper                      Andrew Dobson
    Melchor                     Edward Weedon
    Balthesar                   Eileen Mills
Nuncius                         Ted Moat
Herod                           David Nathan
Doctors of Law                  David Coster
                                Irene Deeks
Other parts played by members of the cast

The Players: offstage - 2001
Adaptation and Direction        Olive Stubbs
Solo Singers                    Peggy Forsyth
                                Jan Goodkin
Folk Singers                    Ted Moat
                                Sue Chapman
                                Judith Elbourne
                                Helen Rendall
Wind Instruments                Ted Moat
Organ                           Brian Hunt
                                Patrick Mills
Music Co-ordinator              Patrick Mills
Front of House Manager          Ken MacLeod
Stage Manager                   Ted Weedon
    Assistants                  Jason Henry
                                Doug Dickson
Lighting                        Mike Waring
    Assistants                  Simon Reynolds
                                Ken MacLeod
Props Co-ordinator              Eve Haughton
    Assistants                  Sue Chapman
                                Ted Weedon
Costumes                        Patricia Reader
    Assistants                  Jeff Bannister
                                Angela Bird
                                Michael Smith
Ticket Office                   Ted Weedon
Booking Leaflet and Programme   Olive Stubbs
                                Ted Weedon
Leaflet Distribution            Judith Elbourne
                                Ted Moat