The Players of St Peter
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Scenes from the
York Mystery Plays
2002 November
Saint Clement Eastcheap Church, London, EC4
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The Plays
Prologue – from the Barkers' Play of the Fall of the Angels
The Shipwrights' Play of the Building of the Ark
The Fishers' & Mariners' Play of the Flood
The Spicers' Play of the Annunciation & Visitation
The Pewterers' & Founders' Play of Joseph's Trouble
The Tilethatchers' Play of the Nativity
The Chandlers' Play of the Shepherds
The Smiths' Play of the Temptation
The Masons' & Goldsmiths' Plays of Herod & the Magi:
    1 – King Herod at Home
    2 – The Magi Meet
    3 – The Kings at Court
    4 – The Presentation & Departure of the Magi
Epilogue – Adoration from the Hatmakers', Masons' & Labourers' Play of the Purification
The Players: on stage
GodMike Waring
LuciferJo Greene
NoahOliver Clement
Sons:Clem Boden
Tom Meagher
Roger Haworth
Daughters-in-Law:Eve Haughton
Sue Chapman
Helen Rendall
Mrs NoahJudith Elbourne
Angel of the RainbowPeggy Forsyth
FriarSimon Reynolds
NunIrene Deeks
GabrielPeter Lloyd
MaryJamie Moreno
ElizabethEileen Mills
JosephDavid Coster
Joseph's BrotherJames Hardwick
Angels of the Birth:Peggy Forsyth
Olive Stubbs
First ShepherdAndrew Dobson
HuddDennis Erdwin
CollMike Waring
SheepEve Haughton
Angel of the GloriaPeggy Forsyth
HerodRoger Haworth
Kinghts:Clem Boden
Tom Meagher
Kings:James Hardwick
Peter Lloyd
Oliver Clement
NunciusHelen Rendall
DancerSue Chapman
CounsellorJo Greene
AncillaJacqueline Harris
Angel of the KingsEve Haughton
Other parts played byAilsa Pain
and members of the cast
The Players: off stage
Adaptation and DirectionOlive Stubbs
Solo singerPeggy Forsyth
Folk singersSue Chapman
Judith Elbourne
Peggy Forsyth
Helen Rendall
Mike Waring
Ted Weedon
Folk singing arrangements
Ted Moat
Organist and original organ music
Patrick Mills
RecorderHelen Rendall
Music co-ordinatorPatrick Mills
Front of House ManagerKen MacLeod
Stage ManagerTed Weedon
Jason Henry
Christy Koleszar
Sarah Ong
LightingMike Waring
AssistantsSimon Reynolds
Ken MacLeod
Props Co-ordinatorEve Haughton
AssistantSue Chapman
Animal heads and birds
Derek Mills
CostumesPatricia Reader
AssistantsJeff Bannister
Angela Bird
Ticket OfficeTed Weedon
Booking leaflet and programme
Olive Stubbs
Ted Weedon
WebsiteSimon Reynolds
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