The Players of St Peter
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Selected scenes from
the Medieval Mystery Plays
2006 November
Saint Clement Eastcheap Church, London, EC4
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The Plays
The Creacion of Eve (Norwich Grocers)
The expellynge of Man and Woman from Paradyce (Norwich Grocers)
Noah's Ark (Newcastle Shipwrights)
The Procession of Prophets (Wakefield)
The Temptation (York Smiths)
Salutation and Conception (N-Town - from line 219)
Joseph's Trouble about Mary (York Pewterers)
The Nativity of Christ (Chester Wrights - from line 477)
Shepherds (Shrewsbury)
The Three Kings from the East (Chester Vintners)
Herod's Procession (N-Town)
Herod's Court (Chester Vintners - from line 152)
The Offering of the Kings (Chester Mercers)
The Arrival of the Magi (York Masons and Goldsmiths - from 'Handmaid')
The Offering of the Kings (Chester Mercers - from line 136)
The Judgement on King Herod (N-Town - from line 232)
Presentation in the Temple (Coventry Weavers)
Epilogue (Norfolk Reynes extract B - plus Olive Stubbs)
The Players: On stage
God the FatherOliver Clement
Angels:Peggy Forsyth
Helen Rendall
ManPeter Evans
WomanDanielle Gillett
LuciferFelix Pring
SerpentJamie Moreno
Angel of the SwordMegan Thompson
GriefJo Sanders
MiseryJanet Cowen
God the SonAlan York
Holy GhostTom Holmes
Angel to NoahMegan Thompson
NoahBernard LawrenceBernard Dandridge
Mrs NoahJudith Elbourne
SibilLaura Barber
DavidAllan Yeoman
GabrielMaggie Robson
MaryJo Greene
ElizabethIrene Deeks
JosephRoger Haworth
Women:Laura Barber
Eve Haughton
TebellJo Sanders
SalomeJanet Cowen
Angel to MidwifePeggy Forsyth
ShepherdPeter Evans
Kings:Oliver Clement
Andrew Dobson
David Coster
Angel to KingsMaggie Robson
CitizenJudith Elboume
HerodMike Waring
Doctors:Bernard Lawrence
Megan Thompson
Ancilla, a maidEve Haughton
DeathJamie Moreno
Angel of the DovesHelen Rendall
Angel to SimeonPeggy Forsyth
SimeonDennis Erdwin
AnnaIrene Deeks
Clerks:Peter Evans
Eve Haughton
Epilogue PlayerOlive Stubbs
Other parts played byDeborah Pollard
and members of the cast
The Players: Off stage
Adaptation and DirectionOlive Stubbs
Directors of Singing:Peggy Forsyth
Jo Sanders
Solo Singers:Peggy Forsyth
Maggie Robson
Singers:Sue Chapman
David Coster
Janet Cowen
Helen Rendall
Jo Sanders
Megan Thompson
Mike Waring
Edward Weedon
Allan Yeoman
Alan York
Percussion/RecorderJo Sanders
OrganAndrew Pink
Stage ManagerTed Weedon
Assistants:Sue Chapman
Alan York
LightingMike Waring
AssistantSimon Reynolds
PropsEve Haughton
Assistants:Sue Chapman
Ted Weedon
CostumesPatricia Reader
Assistants:Jeff Bannister
Angela Bird
Michael Smith
Ticket OfficeTed Weedon
Booking Leaflet and Programme:
Olive Stubbs
Ted Weedon
Front of House ManagerKen MacLeod
WebmasterSimon Reynolds