The Players of St Peter
 2006  |  Index  |  2008  
Scenes from
The York Mystery Plays
2007 November
Saint Clement Eastcheap Church, London, EC4
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The Plays
1 m v  The Fall of AngelsBarkers
11m v  Moses and PharaohHosiers
12m v  The Annunciation and Visitation  Spicers
14m v  The NativityTilethatchers
15m v  The ShepherdsChandlers
22m v  The TemptationSmiths
47m v  The Last JudgementMercers
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The Players: On stage
God the FatherOliver Clement
LuciferFelix Pring
Angel SeraphimOlive Stubbs
Angel CherubinOrlanda Marsden
Angel ThronesMegan Thompson
Bad Angels:Roger Haworth
Sue Chapman
AdamPeter Evans
EveRebecca Stevenson
King PharaohPeter Skinner
Counsellors:Laura Barber
Judith Elbourne
MosesMike Waring
Jews:Tom Holmes
Gillian Roy
Dennis Erdwin
DancerSue Chapman
Egyptians:Carrolle Jamieson
Jamie Moreno
Deborah Pollard
Jo Sanders
DeathEve Haughton
Doctors of Lore:Andrew Dobson
Irene Deeks
Angel GabrielRobert Reeve
MaryRebecca Stevenson
ElizabethOrlanda Marsden
JosephPatrick Gaskell-Taylor
1st ShepherdDavid Coster
HuddEdward Weedon
CollDennis Erdwin
SheepEve Haughton
ChristPeter Evans
Ministering Angels:Peggy Forsyth
Helen Rendall
Angel of the TrumpetMegan Thompson
Angel of the AssizeOlive Stubbs
Good Souls:Eve Haughton
Orlanda Marsden
Dennis Erdwin
Bad Souls:Laura Barber
Deborah Pollard
Jamie Moreno
Judith Elbourne
Apostles:Tom Holmes
Mike Waring
Devils:Felix Pring
Roger Haworth
Sue Chapman
Other parts played by members of the cast
The Players: Off stage
Adaptation and Direction Olive Stubbs
Directors of Singing:Peggy Forsyth
Jo Sanders
Solo SingerPeggy Forsyth
Singers:Sue Chapman
David Coster
Judith Elbourne
Dennis Erdwin
Tom Holmes
Helen Rendall
Gillian Roy
Jo Sanders
Rebecca Stevenson
Megan Thompson
Mike Waring
RecordersOrlanda Marsden
OrganAndrew Pink
Stage ManagerTed Weedon
   Assistants:Sue Chapman
Alan York
LightingMike Waring
AssistantSimon Reynolds
PropsEve Haughton
Assistants:Sue Chapman
Derek Mills
Ted Weedon
Graham Whatley
CostumesPatricia Reader
Assistant:Michael Smith
Publicity, Programme and Tickets:
Laura Barber
Olive Stubbs
Ted Weedon
Front of House ManagerKen MacLeod
WebmasterSimon Reynolds
IndisposedRobert Hayward